Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Ride Along - full transcript

Burgess must choose between listening to Voight or potential new ally when a ride along goes sideways.


- Stop by tonight?
- Three nights in a row.

- That'd be four nights
in a row.

- Well then, forget it.

- You're gonna cut me off
at three nights in a row?

- Uh-huh.

- There's no way.
[door opens]

Good night.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Long day, huh?

- Did you guys hear,

the detective exam
was just announced?

- Yeah, I heard something
about that.

- Oh, man, that exam
is brutal.

- Really?
- Yeah.

If you're gonna take it,
start studying now.

- Oh, that's encouraging.

So can I walk you out?

Do men still do that?

That's not sexist
or anything, right?

Look at that,
it's a gentleman's arm.

- Stop it.
- Stop it?

- Been talking to my dad,
he's not so sure

the detective thing's
a great idea.

More lawsuits.
More eyes.

But that big city badge--
that would look...

pretty good on my hip.

How 'bout you?

- I don't know.
I'm thinking it over.

- You're "thinking it over?"

You've been dreaming
about this

since your first day
in the Academy.

I don't believe you
for a second.

- Officer Burgess?

First Deputy Brennan
would like a word.

- With me?

- Yes, ma'am.
This way.

- What happened?

- Gun violence isn't
the whole story.

Overall crime is down 9%.

No, it's not fake news.
Do you know what?

I am sick of people
saying it's fake news.

I gotta jump.

Hi, Kim.

I wanted to congratulate you

on the Jorge Luna bust.

I read all the IPR's and
the supplementary reports.

- You read all of our reports?

- I read everyone's reports.

That's how I know you got
those kids out of harm's way.

- That was a team
effort, ma'am.

- Don't run away
from a compliment.

Gets you nowhere.

I need a favor.

Last week...

I met a pastor--
Aqueela Barnes.

Have you heard of her?
- Yeah.

She has quite a following
on the West Side.

- Yes, she does.

Her daughter wants
to be a cop.

- Oh. Okay, I can arrange
a ride along with Patrol.

- Or you could take
her out yourself.

As a part of his campaign,
Kelton is rebooting

the Explorers Program.

We've put a lot of time,
a lot of resources into it.

I wanna show it off.

Preferably with
an up-and-coming young,

female cop
on our most elite unit.

Here's her card.

In case you find
the time in your schedule.

- Yeah.

- Whoa-oh, look at you,
sporting the old blues.

Just like old times.
They look a little tight.

- Don't expect a coffee run.

- Your ride along's here.
You clear it with Voight?

- Yes. I know what
I'm doing, Trudy.

- You remember the rules.
Civilian in the car.

Do not engage.
And bring me back a latte.

Real milk.

- Hey, Kendra.

Hi, I'm Officer Kim Burgess.
How you doing?

- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Thank you so much
for this opportunity.

I know how busy
you must be, ma'am.

- Ooh, let's lose
the "ma'am," okay?

- Oh--sorry.
My mom likes me to be formal.

- That's okay.
Grab your backpack.

It's cute. K for Kendra?

- Nah. It's actually um--
it's actually K for Kendrick.

- I like it.
- [giggles]

- So why do you wanna
be a cop, Kendra?

- I'm just tired
of people being shot.

So, rather than bitch
and moan and just--

Oh, sorry.

- That's okay.
Cops are allowed to curse.

- Well, rather than complain,

I just figured I'd
do something about it.

You know?
Try to make a difference.

- Just like your mom.

- Mmm--not exactly.

I mean, I believe
in God and everything,

but he's not gonna
fix Chicago all by himself.

- I got a hit
on a robbery crew.

Guy named Clay Young.
Drives a red 2004 Mustang.

Illinois tags.
1-4 Eddie Paul Sam 9-6.

My CI thinks they're
going to hit a house

on Stone Street, like soon.

- Stone Street.
We just passed that.

- If anyone's close, take a
peak. Stay in the shadows.

- We're gonna check
it out, right?

- No, not with
you in the car.

- Come on, Officer.

- No, Kendra.
It's not a good idea.

- But how am I supposed to
learn if I don't see anything?


- Now we're gonna put your
police skills to the test.

Okay Kendra.
See that red Mustang?

- Yeah.
- Does that match the plates

we're looking for?
- Sure does.

Eddie, Paul, Sam.

- Whoo.
Nice work, Officer.

I got our Mustang.

- Any sign of our suspect,
Clay Young.

Male, white, six-feet tall?

- No. The car's parked
on the corner.

No one's inside.
I gotta head out.

[gunshots firing]

- Get down!
Get down!

- 5021 Eddie.
Emergency, multiple shots fired

coming from
1520 West Stone Street.

I am pinned in.
I got one down.

Roll an ambulance!

- [heavy breathing]

- Kendra?
You stay here!

You understand me?
Stay here!

Sir, are you hurt?
- No.

- Get behind me, now!

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

That's right--
go, go, go, go!

Sir, I saw you're hurt.
I saw you're hurt.

I'm coming to you.
Can you hook my arm?

Let's go, come on.
Let's do this together, buddy.

You got this!
Help me out.

All right. Don't worry,
an ambulance is coming.

You stay with me.

All right.
Hold on, okay?

Hold up--
Chicago PD!


Drop that weapon!

10-1, 10-1! Shots fired by
offender and the police.

Offender on foot
in the alley,

heading eastbound towards
State. Gray hoodie.

Sir! I'm coming back
to you, sir!

You're okay.
You're okay.

Stay with me.
I'm not leaving you.

Stay with me.
- [winces]

[intense music]

[tires squealing]

- What do we got?

- He took one to the chest.
Clear that house!

- Copt that.
[indistinct chatter]

Are you all right?

It's me, okay?

[heavy breathing]


- Two offenders broke in
through the back door.

They entered the dining room,
started opening drawers.

- Homeowner comes in,
surprised 'em.

- Yeah, he took two
to the chest.

Name's John McCaffery.

Looks like
the third shot missed,

went through the window.

- And that's the one
that hit the pedestrian?

- Yeah, bad time for a walk.

McCaffery fires back,
clips Offender Number One.

Meet Clay Young.

- Do we know what happened
to the second offender?

- He hightails it
through a side door,

engages with Officer Burgess.

- Okay. Anything else?
- Talked to Robbery.

They think this
is the same crew

that's been hitting the Gold
Coast the past few weeks.

- Yeah, I figured.

All right, thanks, Cullen.

Hey, uh, what about the wife?

- Once the shooting started,
I hid in the bathroom.

I should have done

- No, no. You didn't
do anything wrong.

- I tried to save him--
- Detective?

She needs to get to Med.

- I'm so sorry
for your loss.

- Hey.
Where's Burgess?

- I don't know.

- All right,
what do we got?

- Two offenders
that we know of.

They came in through
the back courtyard.

The wife didn't see much.

- We've got
two DOAs inside.

The homeowner, John McCaffery,
and one of the bad guys.

A, uh, Clay Young,
male, white, 37.

He's got a long sheet.
Burglary. Meth distro.

No gang ties, though.

Wife said her husband
had a gun,

and he's the one that opened
fire on this Clay Young guy.

- And during the shootout,
a bullet came through

the window and
hit a civilian here.

- Wife get a look a look
at the other offender?

- She caught a glimpse, but
she ducked into the bathroom

when the bullets
started flying.

She said, white male,
tall, gray hoodie.

- Same guy that opened
up on Kim.

I have two witnesses
that saw a big guy

with a gray hoodie
run out of the house,

shooting at
a police officer.

- All right, chase Young's
knowns, dump his phone.

Talk to neighbors,
check all nearby PODS.

- Excuse me!
- Hey! Are you all right?

- Look, it all happened
really fast, okay?

There was a man
down, bleeding.

I told Kendra to duck,
to stay in the car--

- Hold on a second, the girl
was in the car with you?

- Yeah, I was
on a ride along.

But now I can't find her.

I went back to check on her,
and she's gone--

- Go find her now.

We'll talk about
the other stuff later.

- Excuse me, sir,
have you seen this girl?

- Uh-uh, no, sorry.

Did something happen to her?

- If you do see her,
can you please call me?

- Oh, sure, sure.
I'll ask around.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- Yo. I heard you
took fire.

You okay?
- I'm fine.

- Kim.
Kim, look at me.

You don't look fine.

Are you sure?

- I had a ride along
with me, she ran.

- Well, just find her.
- I've been looking.

- It's okay.

There's a bus stop right there.
Maybe she took the bus home.

Let me see the picture.

- Maybe...



- Can I help you?

- Mrs. Barnes,
I'm officer Burgess.

We spoke yesterday.
There's been an incident--

Are you okay?

Mrs. Barnes,
may I please come in?

I would love to speak
to Kendra.

- I'm sorry about
all of this.

When that guy started
shooting at you,

I got scared.

So, I ran into
a coffee shop,

and I started freaking out
a little bit.

But then this nice lady
walked into the bus stop.

Gave me some money,
and told me to go home.

- So, let me get this
straight, Officer Burgess.

You were out with
my daughter on a ride,

and you drove smack-dab
into a shootout?

How does that happen?
- I'm sorry, Mrs. Barnes.

I certainly didn't mean
for this to happen.

There was an emergency call,
a man was shot.

I did what I thought
was right--

- No disrespect,
Ms. Barnes, but my partner

is being extremely humble.
She tried to save a man's life.

- And almost got my daughter
killed in the process.

- Mom.

I appreciate you
stopping by.

But if there's nothing else--

- There is.
I'm sorry.

Kendra, I have to ask you:
did you happen to see

the man with the gun?
He was wearing a gray hoodie.

- No, I didn't.
I'm sorry.

- There.

- Thank you.

- So, we recovered a laptop
in Clay Young's apartment that

traces back to a Gold Coast
robbery from two weeks ago.

- Well, that's good.
But Young's dead.

Do we have anything on
the second offender?

- Nothing so far.
- Nah, we got a name.

This is, uh,
Trent Stow.

Techs found his fingerprints
all over the Mustang.

- Record?
- Long and impressive.

He's a repeat violent
offender, this guy.

- Two armed robberies,
three narcotics charges.

Looks like he's into
meth, coke, and heroin.

- All right. That makes sense,
'cause the M.E. said

they found high doses
of meth in Young's system.

- All right. So we've
got two hopped-up junkies

robbing to support their habit.

Besides drugs, we find
a nexus between Stow and Young?

- Yeah, they were busted
ten years ago for a robbery

when they were
in college at CCU.

Stow actually played
quarterback for a season.

- He was a pro prospect
until he beat

a kid into a coma at a bar.

The judge was an alum,
so he got off with probation.

- He's been busted a few
times for robberies,

never convicted.
This kid's been getting

a free pass
his entire life.

- Hey Kim,
you recognize this guy?

- No.
All I saw was a hoodie.

- All right.
Bring in Trent Stow.

See if the wife of
the victim can ID him.


How's your
ride along doing?

- Oh, she's fine,
thank God.

I never should have engaged
with her in the car.

- Technically, yes,
but, you did

what you thought
was right.

- Yeah. Well, let's hope
the review team

feels the same way.

- When you meet with them?
- Tomorrow.

Any advice?
- Yeah, just tell the truth.

Look, you tried
to save a man's life.

Ride along or no
ride along,

they're gonna understand.

- Thanks.
- All right.

Now get with Antonio.

Grab this punk
who shot at you.

- Hey.

- We got the back.

[dramatic music]

[pounds on door]

- Chicago PD.
Trent Stow, open up!

- No movement inside.

- How's the back?

- Pretty quiet back here.

- Yo, let's go get
the ram.

- No.
We don't have a warrant.

- I don't know,
I might have heard her

screaming inside just now.

- We go in now
without paper,

we could blow
the whole case.

- That's Trent's
truck right there.

- Ruz, Ruz.
Hold off, Ruz.

Hold off.

[suspenseful music]

Trent Stow!

Shut off the vehicle.
Step out of the truck.

- Okay, I got the back.
Go for it.

- I don't got eyes.

I don't got eyes!
- Just hold your position!

- Everybody stay back!
Stay back!

- Yeah, I can't see
inside, man.

I got nothing.

- Step out of the truck!

Hands in the air!

- Don't shoot!
- Put your hands out.

Right there!
Is there anybody else in there?

Is there anyone else in there?
- No! No!

- Clear!
- Kim, you good?

- Yeah.

- What the hell
is going on?

- We're looking for Trent Stow.
Look at me.

- Trent's out of town.

- Who are you?

- Shelby.
- Watch, watch.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Show me some ID.

- House is clear.

- Give it to me.
I'll run it.

- What are you doing here,

- Feeding the cat.
- "Feeding the cat."

Really? That's what
you're doing here?

- Hey.


- You like to party,
huh, Shelby?

- Is that an invitation?
- No. It's an observation.

You got two DUIs
on your record.

A third one
puts you in prison.

You tweaking right now?

- Come on, dude.
I drove to the 7-Eleven.

- Oh, we can do a little
blood test down at the station.

- Wa--wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait.

Unless you tell us where
he's hiding right now.

- What did he do?

- Where is he?

- Staying with his
brother, Vince.

- You got an address?

- Yeah.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- Kim, get her
out of here.


- You think breaking
up a kid's birthday party's

on the detective exam?

- Come on in, bouncy
house is in the back, and--

- Vince Stow?

- Can I help you?
- Yeah.

we're looking for your
brother, Trent.

- It's my son's birthday.
Can we do this later?

- No.

- Listen, I've got a lot
of friends here,

a lot of business colleagues--
- Oh yeah, Vince.

How do you want to
play this?

- Excuse me?
- We can be real quiet,

or we can be real loud.

Make sure everyone knows
what's going on.

It's your choice.
- Okay.

You can talk to Trent,
but only if

I'm there with him,
I'm his lawyer.

- Yeah. Yeah,
I know Clay Young.

I haven't seen him in months,
since I've been sober.

- You don't look sober.

- Where were you
this morning?

- I was at an N.A. meeting.

- Where?

- A church off of Wabash.
St. Mary's.

- You own a gray
hoodie, Trent?

- Don't answer that.

- What's this all about?

- There was
a home invasion murder,

and a guy, married man,
two kids, was shot and killed.

- Well, I got nothing
to do with that.

- Trent's been working
as a quarterback coach

at a high school.

He's had his share of
trouble in the past.

He's not that guy anymore.

He's clean and sober.

You people are making
a big mistake.

- Okay, then I assume
you wouldn't mind coming

down at the station,
doing a lineup.

- Oh, do you have a warrant?
- No.

But since he's so innocent,
I'm assuming

that he'd want to do
it of his own free will.

Prove to us
that he's not involved.

- Okay, we're done talking.
- Are we?

- Please try not to disturb
my guests on your way out.

[phone buzzing]

- What's up?

- Brennan.

- What's she want now?

- Kim.
Come on in.

I just got off the phone
with Med.

The man you helped,
he's gonna make it.

- Well, that's really
great news.

Um, the EMT did
a hell of a job.

- Now what did I tell
you about compliments?

- S--sorry.

- Have a seat.

So, when do you
go to the IRT?

- Uh--I go, um, tomorrow.

But look, I talked
to Sergeant Voight,

and he said
just own it.

Tell the truth about Kendra
being in the car.

- That's good advice.
For a man.

Sad news is,
the review board looks

at women differently.
It is what it is.

But I guess I'm a little
worried about them jamming

you up for engaging
with a civilian in the car.

In the eyes of the city,
you're a hero.

Female hero.

The Department could use

that kind of publicity
right now.

I would hate to see
that narrative distorted.

Because of a technical

- So I shouldn't say
Kendra was in the car?

- Oh...

Why ruin a good story?

[dramatic music]

- Let me get this straight.

This guy, Trent Stow,
is our lead suspect,

but we can't get
him in for a lineup?

- All we have are
his prints in Young's car.

No gun was recovered.

No DNA. So, we got nothing
tying him to the crime.

- Have we run his alibi?

- Yeah, we got three
people that put him

at that N.A. meeting,
but it ended at 9:00.

Gives him plenty of time
to pick up Young,

and get all the way
to the Gold Coast.

- All right,
so use what we got.

Get a search warrant.
- Already tried.

Judge says we don't
have probable cause.

- All right, let's work
the stolen property angle.

He has to be selling
the stuff

he's stealing to
somebody, right?

Find out who and work
our way back to Stow.

- I think I got something.

Talked to Robbery,
they gave me

the addresses of ten
suspected cleaning houses.

Got a hit off of this
South Side auto body shop.

- How's it connect to Stow?

- Oh, NVLS records
put Stow's pickup

outside of it three
times last month.

- How soon after
the break-ins?

- It's always the next day.
- All right, who wants to shop?

- John Randall.

He's got a long sheet.
Paroled two months ago

for felony possession
of stolen property.

- All right.
Grab this Randall.

Rip the place apart.

- Yeah, we're looking
for John Randall.

- Back there.

[drill buzzing]

- John Randall?

Chicago PD.
We just wanna ask you--

[suspenseful music]

Target's running out
the back.

[tires squeal]

- Ow!

- All right.
We got him. We got him.

[tires squeal]

- Stop!

- He's going over.
- Son of a bitch.

- Ow!
- You good?

- Are you kidding me?
Go, man.

[tires skidding]

- [groaning]

- All right!

You move,
I shoot your kneecap.

- All right, all right.
I'm done.


- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- Yeah, you are.

- All right.
Thanks, guys.

- How are you doing?
How's the wing?

- Uh, I just tweaked
it when I tried to go

over that fence.
I'll be fine.

- Good when you left this
morning though, right?

- What are you saying?

- Look, man, I just want
to know you're gonna be okay

when we're out here
on the street.

- Of course I am.
Look, I was feeling great

until I tried to go
over that fence.

- I'm just asking.

- Hey.

I would never put
you in jeopardy.

- I'm not--
- Ever.

- I'm not questioning that.
I'm just worried about you.

Do you want me to leave
the shoulder out of it

when I write up a report?

- No.

You say what happened.

Cover up's always worse
than the crime.

- All right.

All right.

- Okay.

- Then I applied pressure
to the civilian's wound

and did my best to
stabilize him.

- What happened next?

- The offender emerged
from the residence,

opened fire.

I engaged with the suspect.

- Where was your partner
at the time?

- He was on duty,
Detective Chen.

Back at the 21st.

- Why was that?

- Because I was asked
to assist

on the Explorer's Program.

- So you were alone?

- Yes.
I was alone.

[soft string music]

- Okay.
Thanks for your time.

You did the city proud,
Officer Burgess.

You're excused.

- Thank you.


- Found those hidden
in your mechanic bay.

- They ain't mine.
- Yeah, we know that.

They belong to
John McCaffery.

This man.

Bled out in front
of his wife.

Trent Stow did that to him.

- Who the hell is Trent Stow?

- Him.

- Never seen him before.

Well, you might
wanna reconsider.

- Why's that?

- Because you're staring
down murder charges.

- Murder?

- The way I see it,

you're part of a conspiracy.

- Nah, that's ridiculous.
- Yeah?

Stow and Young do the
robbing and the killing.

You do the washing
and the selling.

- No. I didn't kill anyone.

I don't kill anyone.
And I don't rob.

I just buy things,

- Who sold you
the watches, then?

- A woman.

And I didn't get a name.
She was just a runner.

What'd she look like?

- Pretty blonde.
High as a kite.

- She look familiar?

- Yeah, that's her.

[dramatic music]

- Sarge, Shelby Jarvek's
in the wind.

We got no known residence.
Went by Stow's place.

No sign of her, but the pickup
was in the driveway.

- Well, I just ran her phone.

It pinged early
this morning at 2:35

in Englewood,
near Elm and 112th Street,

but it goes dead
shortly after that.

- You know there's
an open-air drug market

right there on Elm.
- All right, head over there.

See if you can track
it her down.

- Burgess, there's someone
here to see you.

- Okay.

[dramatic music]

- We live across the
street from the McCaffery's.

Uh, I got your card from Zeb.

He owns a chocolate
shop near us.

- Right, okay.
And you saw something?

- Not exactly.

When I heard the shots,
I ducked into a coffee shop.

There was a girl in there.

She was really upset,

She said she bumped
into the man with a gun.

Got a look at him
in the alley.

- And sh--she was talking
about the shooter?

- Yeah, she was terrified.

- Did you get
the girl's name?

- Uh, no, I just walked
her to a bus.

- Okay.
What did she look like?

The girl,
what did she look like?

- Cute. African American.

She had a pink backpack
with a "K" on it.

- Yeah, thank you.

We're gonna try and find her.

- Sure.
- Thanks for coming in.

- Gold Coast witness?

- Possibly, yeah. I need to
dig into it more, though.

- Good.

Get on it.

What's up with Burgess?

- What do you mean?
- She seems a little off.

- Yeah, well,
that ride along thing

shook her up pretty good.
No good deed.

- But she already talked
to IRT, right?

Told 'em what happened?
- Don't know.

I haven't seen any paperwork.

- Hmm.

- Thank you.

You're sure she was
talking about Kendra?

- Positive.

- Did you reach out to her?

- No, I wanted to
talk to you first.

- Have you gone in
front of the review board?

- Yeah, a few hours ago,
and I didn't mention Kendra.

Like you suggested.

- Excuse me?

- When we spoke
the other day--

- I congratulated you
on a job well done.

[dramatic music]

- Right.

- I'm confident that you can
find a way to solve this case

without involving Kendra.

Thanks for keeping me
in the loop, Kim.

- [barks]

- Hey, hold up!
Hold up!

Where are you going?

- What you need, man?

- Just some information.

- I ain't got nothing for ya.
- No, it's not like that.

We're not here to jam
you up, all right?

- Have you seen this woman?

She a customer?

- What's in it for me?
- How about we search you?

See what you got on you.
Take ya down to the station.

- Okay, okay, okay.

I seen her around.
She was partying last night.

All right?
What'd she do?

- Nothing.
We just wanna talk to her.

Where was she partying?

- That place on the corner.

There's always something
going on over there.

Can I go now?

- Yeah.
Hey, have a nice day.

- Ready?

[tense music]

[faint music]

- It's clear.

It's coming from in there.
- Yeah.

- See anything?

- Not really.

- Yeah, go! Go!

- She's gone.

[intense music]


- Hey boss?
- Yeah?

- M.E.'s office is ruling
the Shelby Jarvek's

death a homicide.

- Found rat poison
in her smack.

- Well, maybe she
caught a bad batch.

- Yeah, we don't have
any other 911 calls

or ODs in the area,
so it's possible,

but it doesn't look like
anyone else caught a hot batch.

- Stow knows Shelby
talked to us.

He also knew she's
running his stolen goods.

I think he got nervous
and cooked her up a hot shot.

- Well, we got anything
that puts Stow with Shelby

near where you found her body?
- Nothing credible.

I mean, two junkies said
they saw a tall, white male

enter the building with Shelby.
They couldn't make an ID.

- Then this Trent Stow
has gotta be

the luckiest man alive.

That's three homicides
on this piece of garbage.

All right, get back out
to the McCaffery crime scene,

widen the perimeter,

Re-interview every witness
around the Gold Coast.

- This is glamorous.

- Oh, Stow was last
seen around here.

So here we are.

- Your shoulder looks
better, huh?

- Acupuncture.
- Really?

- Yep, don't knock it
'til you try it.

- What happened to pain
pills and a shot of vodka?

- That's not my style, bro.

Hey, check it out.
Might be Stow's gun.

- What do you got?

- Stapler.
False alarm.

Hold up.

See that?
Security camera right there.

- Now how did patrol
miss that?

All right, we might get
this son of a bitch.

- Yeah.

[intense music]

- Wait.
Run it back, freeze it.

Freeze it when he
bumps into the person.

Enlarge it.

- Is that who I think it is?

- Yeah, that's Kendra.
That's my ride along.

- Well go talk to her.

I mean, you okay
with that, Kim?

- Of course.

- Take Kevin with you.

- Let's go.

- Kim.

You okay?
- Yeah.

You seem quiet.

Everything good?

- I screwed up, Kev.

With the IRT.
I didn't mention...

Kendra in the report, so...

- Why?

- Brennan told me
not to mention her.

- The Deputy Superintendent
told you not to mention it?

- Yeah,
and now if Kendra

takes the stand,
the whole case is compromised,

because I left her
out of that report.

I left her out
of that report.

She's not a credible witness.

I'm not a credible witness,

and a cop is only
as good as their word.

I could lose my job.

- How, when you were only
taking Brennan's lead?

- No.
I was trying to cover my ass,

or kiss Brennan's,
I'm not sure which.

- Well, don't beat yourself
up about it.

Maybe Kendra didn't
actually see Stow.

- Don't do that.

- Don't do what?

- Root against our
own case.

- I'm not rooting
against the case,

but I'm trying
to be here for you.

- And I appreciate that.

But this one's on me.
Nobody else.

- Did you see a man
in a gray hoodie

near the coffee shop,
the day of the shooting?

- I told you,
I didn't see anything.

- Is this you talking,
Kendra, or your mom?

'Cause if you don't wanna go
against your mom, I get it.

But just don't lie.
It only makes things worse.

But if you want to put bad
guys away, now is your chance.

You have to level with me,
Kendra. Cop to cop.

[dramatic music]

- She didn't see anything.

Thank you for talking
to us, Kendra.

- Kim!

I saw him!
I...I saw him.

He ran right into me.

I'm sorry I didn't say
anything before. My mom--

- It's okay.
Hey, it's okay.

Do you think you
can ID him?

- Yeah, I can try.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- Take your time.

- That's him.
Right there.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, and I remember

he had a skull tattoo
on his right hand.

- Great memory.

- I could've
told you that.

You're gonna make
a great cop, Kendra.

- Thanks.

So now what?
- Now what?

We get you to sign
a statement.

It's called an affidavit,
swearing that you saw

that man, Trent Stow,
wearing a gray hoodie,

holding a gun,
running down an alley.

- And then we take that
affidavit to a judge,

the judge gives us
a warrant,

and we arrest his ass.

- Cool.

- Nice work.

- Hey.
Need to talk.

- What's going on?

- It's Burgess.

Look, she's in a tough spot.

She talked to IRT,

but she never told them
about Kendra.

- So I'm guessing you want me
to reach out to Louisa Chen?

[engines roaring]

[suspenseful music]

- Antonio, take the back.
- Got it.

- Let me know when
you guys are set.

- Hold, Kev.


- Go, Jay.

- Ready?

Chicago PD! Open up!

- Help me!
- I got a body.

5021 Eddy, emergency.

Roll an ambulance
to 843 Timber Lane.

- Did Trent do this?

- Yes.
I came home.

He broke into the garage.
He stole my car.

- Take it easy, Vince.
- He's out of control.

- He's completely high.
- I understand, Vince.

I need you to just
take deep breaths, okay?

An ambulance is coming.
- I swear to God...

You were right.

I thought he was trying
to get sober.

I'm sorry.

- I'm so sorry.

- Don't worry
about that now, Vince.

Don't worry about that.


- All right, thanks.
Hey, Patrol found Vince Stow's

car crashed in Cicero.

There was blood
on the driver's side,

and no sign of Stow.
- When did it happen?

Passerby called it in
20 minutes ago.

- Well, let's get on the horn
with Cicero Police.

Let 'em know we're en route
running code.

Get them a pic of Stow.
I'll call Voight.

We'll get on the ground there.
- All right, we got this.

- Okay.
- All right.

[dramatic music]

- Atwater. CPD.
Talk to me about the offender.

- Yeah, we just got word.
Witness saw a man

covered in blood running
on Cleveland Ave.

- Which way is that?
- Down there.

- Yeah, that makes sense.
Fresh blood going that way.


- Whoa, whoa, whoa--
call your people here!

I think it came from that way.
- That motel, for sure.

- Okay, let's get it.

- Help!

- Kev, cover me. Cover me.
- Gotcha.

- [moans]
- Send an ambulance.

Same address. Man down.
- Copy that, ambo en route.

- Are you okay?
- Think so.

- We have an ambulance coming.
Tell me what happened.

- I found the guy
in one of the rooms.

Um, he broke in,
and I--I grabbed him,

and he just started shooting.
- What room? What room?

- Uh, 208. Second floor.

- Okay, can you make it
over there with me?

I'll help you.
- Take him.

- I'll help you.
Come on. Come on.

You're okay.
- You ready?

- Yeah, let's go.

208, he said?
- Yeah.

- All units, be advised.

Suspect is reported to be
in room 208.

We're moving in.

- Hey! Come here, come here,
come here, come here.

Get behind me.
Both of you, you too.

Come on now.
Get behind the car.

Get behind the car.
- Get back behind the car.

Get down.

- Okay let's go.
- 202.

- Down there.

- 208.
- 208.

- Here we go.
- Okay, let's go.

- Locked.
- Stand clear.

All right, let's go.

- Hold, hold, hold, hold.

- Okay, talk to me.

- We're good.
Move! Move!

I got two doors.
- Chicago PD.

Trent, if you are here,
put your hands up.

- I think he's dead--
oh my God!

- Hey!

- He dragged me in here!
He's crazy!

- Go, go, go!

- Clear.

I see you in there!

Get your hands up
and come out!


- Cross him! Cross him!
I'm getting that gun.

- Get up!
Get up, Trent!

Get up!

I'll call the M.E.

- I got a pulse.

- What?

- It's faint,
but it's still there.

He's alive.


We can call it in.
It's up to you.

- What's going on
in there, you guys?

Talk to me.

You guys all right?

What's your status?

- Kim, Kev--come back.

- Kev...

- Officer, are you
carrying Narcan?

[melancholy music]

- [deep inhale]

- Where am I?

- Under arrest.

If you would have let him go,
I wouldn't have blamed you.

- Believe me, I wanted to.

I just couldn't.

- If it all starts to
fall down on you,

you know I got your back.

- Thanks, man, but I'm going
to the review team right now

I'm telling them everything.

I don't care
what happens to me.

- Huh.

- Hey.

How 'bout getting
that shot of vodka?

I could use it.
- Not tonight, bro.

- No? You good?
- Yeah, all good.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- All right, man.

- [wincing]

[solemn music]

- Hey, thanks for
picking up, Doc.

Look, it's still bad,

so I'm gonna need a refill
on the hydrocodone.

Will do.

- Hey.
Boss, you got a sec?

- What's up?

- I went back to Detective
Chen at the review board

top come clean about Kendra.

She said it was
taken care of, so thank you.

You didn't have
to do that for me.

- I didn't.

It wasn't on me
to clean up your mess.

- Excuse me?

- Yeah, I heard about
what you told the IRT.

Anything else?

- No. I...

Listen, I should have listened
to you in the first place--

- I don't give a damn
who you listen to.

But don't you ever
compromise a case again.

You hear me?

You copy?
- I copy, Sarge.

- You were sitting
on the fact

that Kendra was a witness?

I mean, if you ever do
anything like that again,

I'll bury you.

- Understood.

- You okay?

- Not really.

- I talked to Atwater.

You know...

Detective Chen and I,
we go way back.

- Trudy, I am so ashamed.

- You were in a tough spot.

- No, that is no excuse.

It's not.

Thank you.

- It wasn't a hard sell.

No one's looking to take
down a cop who caught fire.

But next time, if it's between
Voight and Brennan,

listen to the cop.


Let's get that damn latte.
I'm buying.

- Thank God.

[wolf howls]