Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Fathers and Sons - full transcript

While undercover, Ruzek discovers his father is working for a suspected drug dealer and is forced to question if his dad is involved.


- So, okay, uh, graduated
magna cum laude from Loyola,

played varsity soccer
in high school,

sang karaoke with Mike Ditka
at Franky's Tavern.

"You Don't Send Me Flowers."
Barbra Streisand. Neil Diamond.

- Okay.

Ditka don't do karaoke
so that's the lie.

- No, definitely not.
It's soccer.

The woman hates moving.
- Yeah, there's no way

you played varsity soccer
in high school.

- Well, they didn't even have
girls' soccer back then, so.

all: Whoa!

- Up high.
- Who was your coach?

- [laughs] Oh, my...

What is it?
What is it? What is it?

- It's the Loyola thing.

[phone vibrating]
I dropped out after two years

so I could move to LA
with my boyfriend.

I played keyboards in
a heavy metal rock band

called Black Ice.
What could possibly go wrong?

- 25 years, I think
that's pretty amazing.

- Yeah, well,
it's actually insane

and by the way,
it feels more like 50

so get out while you can.

- Hey, guys, sorry
to break up the party.

I got a call from the CI.

Drug mule just
showed up at his motel.

We gotta roll.

[chairs squeaking]

- Girl got here an hour ago.

She's been seeing two guys
that were here before.

- Any photos?

- No.
Uh, one was young, like, 20.

The other is 35, maybe 40.

Both Hispanic.
- They still here?

- Not sure.

They, uh, checked in room 204.

- All right,
thanks, Greg.

Room 204.

- Copy that.

[suspenseful music]

- Sir, can you stop
right there, please.

- Hey!

Chicago Police.
I need you to stop right there.

- Hey, hey!

- Hey, get behind me.
- Don't move, stop!

- Don't move!
- Stay down.


- Offender jumped downstairs.

- Chicago PD!
[gun shots]

- Drop the weapon!


- Call it in!

- Get back, get back.
- Hey, clear this floor.

- Go, go, go!

- Oh, my God.

What kind of animal
does something like that?

- Kind who doesn't
lose his drugs.


- Got an ID on the female DOA.

Name is Gloria Sanchez, 19.

For now, the male DOA
is a John Doe.

- So John Doe takes
the trip with the mule,

delivers her to the buyer,
make sure nothing goes wrong.

- Sounds right to me.

- Poor kid had enough cocaine
in her system to kill a horse.

Stomach acid ate
through the latex.

- Was she alive when
they cut her open?

- [sighs]
Looks that way.


I did find something else
you might be interested in.

- All right, this was found
on the back of Gloria's hand.

Guessing it's one of those
invisible nightclub stamps.

- Okay, but why would a girl
with a kilo worth of blow

inside of her
walk into that nightclub?

- Manifest came in
from Customs, guys.

I got the name
of the John Doe.

It's Miguel Lopez, age 29.
Lists his recent place

of employment as
the Scorpion Club.

Occupation: bartender.

- Anything on this girl
he gutted, Gloria Sanchez?

- Yeah, also Scorpion Club.
Occupation: dancer.

- Yeah, that's the place
on 6th and Steward, right?

- Yeah, that's the one.

The logo matches
the hand stamp.

- All right, so run the
owner and every employee.

Look, this is a homicide now.

We bust the guy
moving the drugs,

we can nail him
for murder too.

- Bartender's name is
Larry Wozniak.

He's got one prior
for possession

with intent to distribute.
My CI heard,

he was the one moving
coke at the Scorpion.

- Larry, got it.
- Yeah, he's tall.

Black hair.
- Got it.

- This guy got busted
for a half ounce,

like, two years ago.
You sure he's

a shot caller now?
This guy?

He's running
drug mules from Mexico?

- We gotta start
somewhere, right?

Right now,
somewhere is Larry.

[club music]

[indistinct chatter]

- So how long you been
dancing, Riley?

- Me, dancing?

Yeah, uh, that's not
really my thing.

I just like to party.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery.

- Well, there's nothing
wrong with that.

- Uh-huh.

Uh, I got a question for you.
- Mm.

- My girl said that you're the
guy to come to for some...

party products.

- Oh, yeah,
and who's your girl?

- Katie, stage name August.
She used to work here.


You remember her.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, she said there was a
hot bartender at the Scorpion

who has top-notch blow and
I just assumed it was you.

- Hey, cover for me.
- Okay.

- Come with me.

Price is 250 an eight-ball.

- 250? That's pretty steep.
- That's what it costs.

Unless, of course,
you're willing to trade it

for something else of value.

- [chuckles]
No, thank you.

- Aw, come on, Riley.

This powder's pure as snow.

Sex on this stuff
will blow your mind.

- [chuckles]

- [chuckles]

This guy's pushing his luck.
- It's all right.

She knows how to handle
idiots like that.

If she needs backup,
she'll use the safe word.

- Uh, I'm--

This is very tempting
but, uh--

- Come on, Riley.
You're killing me.

- I'm seeing somebody

so you should step back...


[tense music]

But I'll still
give you the 250.

- Fine.

I like cash too.

- [whispers]

Hey, look, I don't know
if you're interested

but the guy I'm seeing--
He, um...

he's looking to do some deals.
Some big deals.

- Nah, I'm good.

- He'd be a good customer.
- Oh, why's that?

- Because he's rich.

Our third date,
he gave me this.

Costs ten grand.

[car approaching]

We're up.

- What's up, Riley?
- Larry.

This is Jake.

- Larry.
- Good to meet you.

- Tell me, how does
a bartender get his hand

on 95% pure coke?

- Well, I got friends...

and they got friends...
in Juarez.

- Okay, I'd like to get
my hands on some.

You think you could
help me with that?

- Sure.
How much you looking for?

- Three kilos.

- Three kilos?

That's a lot of weight.
I can maybe hook you up

with a few ounces,
maybe a quarter key.

- Quarter key.

I'm sorry, Riley made
it sound like

you were more connected
than that.

I think we've had
a misunderstanding.

- Oh, no.
Hold on, hold on.

If you want...

I can hook you up
with my source.

His name is Spiro.
He runs the Scorpion Club.

He can get his hands
on all kinds of weight.

- That sounds good.

- But I want 10% commission
on every purchase you make.

- All right.

If the product is as good
as what I sampled, Larry,

you have yourself a deal.

- All right.

I'll be in touch.

- Spiro Dalon.
Grew up in Greek Town.

He's got a clean record.
He owns the Scorpion Club

and he does pretty well
for himself.

- Suspiciously well.

I had Asset Forfeiture
run the financials

for his club
and the numbers don't add up.

He's in the hole until
six months ago and then

there's this huge surge
in profits.

I mean, there's no way
that's legit business.

They'd need, like, a revolving
door for all those customers.

- Right, so I checked
with Immigration.

Along with Gloria Sanchez,
I got a dozen other temporary

work visas for exotic dancers
from Juarez this year.

They all list Scorpion Club
as their place of employment.

Frequent border crossings.
Multiple trips, it's a pattern.

- Okay, so Spiro uses
his own girls as mules

to smuggle the coke
in his own club

to launder the money.
Smart hustle.

- Well, now it's your turn
to hustle.

Once you get in with this guy,

get him to trust you
and make a deal.

[heavy bass dance music]

- Spiro...

this is guy I was
telling you about, Jake.

- Yeah.

The kid with the Aston Martin.

And who's this?
- I'm Riley.

- Nice to meet you, Riley.

Thank you, Larry.

Have a seat.
- Whoo!

This is a nice place
you have here, Spiro.

This is a nice place.

- That's very nice of you.
Thank you.

Yeah, I put a lot of time
and money into this place.


You know...

Larry tells me that you're

interested in doing
some business.

- I am.
Very much so.

- Where you selling now?

- Up and down the North Shore.
Evanston, Winnetka.

All my clients are white
upper-class professionals.

So premium price,
premium product.

- So what do you need me for?

- Seems like you got
it all figured out.

- I did...
But, uh, my supplier--

He got into a little
disagreement with his friends

down south and he split town
in a hurry,

leaving me with a lot of
very unhappy customers.

You know what I mean?
- Mm-hmm.

And this, uh...

does he have a name?

- Oh, I don't give out names.
No disrespect.

I'm sure you can
appreciate that.

- Fair enough.

Let me see your
driver's license.


Well, you know, Jake,

you seem cool.

You know.

let me do
my due diligence and...

see if we can
work something out.

- [taps]
All right.

All right!
- Hey, Boss.

Rita's downstairs.
- Oh, good.

[tense music]

- What happened?
We just lost audio.

- Tell her I'll be down
in a sec.

Something wrong?

- No. No.

I get jumpy around cops.
- [laughs]

Relax, He's with me.

He's my security guy.

- Oh.

- You know it doesn't hurt
to have a cop

around every once in a while.
- Sure.

- I'm gonna keep that in mind.
Thank you for your time.

- My pleasure.
We'll talk soon.

- Hey, everything okay?
We lost signal

for a few minutes toward
the end of the conversation--

- Yeah, yeah.
My, uh, battery died.

We're good. [knocks]
- All right.

- What the hell
just happened in there?

Do you know that cop in there?

- Yeah.

- Who is he?

- That's my dad.

My dad's a cop.
Did I ever tell you that?

- No.
- Yeah, so I guess...

he must be moonlighting here.

He just never told me about it.

- Okay, so let me
get this straight.

Your dad, who's a cop, works
security at the Scorpion Club.

- I think he works for Spiro.
- What?

- Spiro said "he's with me"
so I assume

he works for Spiro.
I don't know.

- Adam,

is there a chance
your dad's dirty?


[fence rattles]

[door creaks]

[door clicking]

- Dad?


[door creaks]

What are you doing, old man?

You know you can
hire people for that.

- Yeah, and they cost
100 bucks an hour.

Hey, that was a hell of
a surprise last night, huh?

- A little bit, yeah.
Made me a little nervous.

You didn't give me up, did you?

- No, you think I'm an idiot?
No, I didn't give you up.

I mean, I figured
you were undercover.

Why else would you be
dressed like such a jackass.

- [laughs]

- So, uh...


This case you're working on got
anything to do with the owner?

- Why would you say that?

- I'm just asking,
that's all.

- I can't talk about the case,
Pops, you know that.

- I'm your father.

- I can't talk about the case.

I would like to know
what the hell you're doing

working for the owner
of a strip club, though.

- What am I doing?
I'm getting paid.

- Getting paid to do what?

- Work security.

- Right, well, there's nothing
else I need to know about?

- You asking me if I'm dirty?
- I'm asking if there's

anything else I need
to know about, that's all.

- No.
- Okay, good. Good.

- And I assume my name
isn't going to appear

on some police report.
I mean, I know it's not

a big deal, but technically
it is a violation

to work for some guy who owns
an establishment like that.

- No, you're good.

What do you do for him,
exactly, day to day?

- Hang out.
Run errands.

Sometimes I take a girl
to a bachelor party

make sure no one acts like
an idiot, that kinda thing.

- Speaking of girls,
who's that Rita

you guys were talking about?

- Rita Moore.

That's, uh,
Spiro's lady friend.

- His lady friend.

[tense music]

- This is Rita Moore.
Spiro's current girlfriend.

Found these pictures
on her Instagram feed.

- This was posted two days ago,
right here, 4:00 p.m.

This is Spiro, of course, Rita,
and back here...

- Huh. Gloria Sanchez.

- Less than an hour
before her murder.

- Looks like Rita just became
our number-one eyewitness.

- What do we know about her?
- She's an exotic dancer,

uh, single mother,
two drug priors,

and she's got a pending case
for a DUI.

- Good work.
Hailey, bring her in.

- You got a DUI trial
comin' up, Rita.

- It's your third offense.

- I know I messed up but
my lawyer says if I plea out,

I might get probation.
- No.

Your baby was in the back seat.

You're looking at two,
maybe three years.

- Which means time away
from your daughter.

- Uh-huh.

- What the hell
are you talking about?

My lawyer said I'd be fine.

- Your lawyer is wrong.
- Now, look,

hey, the good news is,
we can help.

But you gotta help us first.

- Help you how?

- We need information...

about Spiro.

- No.

No way.
Spiro is a good guy.

- Sure about that?

You know this girl?

- Yeah, her name is Gloria.

Haven't seen her around
in a couple months,

and she came by the club
the other day.

- Hm.
- So what?

- [under breath]
Oh, my God.

- Turns out, he's not
such a good guy.

- All right, come on, Rita,

tell us what happened
that night. Hm?

Come on, what'd you see?
What'd you hear?

- Gloria showed up...

said that she needed
to see Spiro right away,

that she wasn't feeling well.
- Mm-hmm.

- Spiro came over,

started talking to her...

Then he called someone.

- Did he use his cell phone?

- Yeah, but...
not his normal one.

It was a different color,
I think.

- All right,
then what happened?

- Spiro and Gloria left.
I don't know where they went.

- Yeah, well, I do.

They went somewhere where
Spiro did that to Gloria

so he didn't lose his precious
cocaine stuffed inside her.

- Yes or no, Rita?

- Okay.
[deep breath]

I'll help you.

[deep breath]

Tell me what you need me to do.

[upbeat dance music]

[indistinct chatter]

- Rita just walked
into the VIP room

with Spiro and another male,

30s, Latino, average build.

- Yo, bro,
I gotta ask, man.

Why you lying about
the COH thing?

- What do you mean?
- I checked it.

Your battery wasn't dead.

- Oh, that's my bad.

I made a mistake.

- Really?

Like that?
What kinda mistake is that?

- I can't talk about it, bro.

- No, I hear you. I hear what
you're saying, man.

- Vodka soda, thanks.

Hey, baby.
Can I borrow your phone?

- Hang on.
- I took some photos on it

the other day and I wanna
send them to myself.

- Okay, you know what?

Go get yourself another drink.
- No!

- I got some business
to take care of.

- Rita's pushing
too damn hard now.


- All right, Hailey.

Pull Rita.

[suspenseful music]

- We're calling it.
It's not gonna happen tonight.

- What? Spiro doesn't
suspect a thing.

- We'll try again tomorrow.

Go back in there, act normal.

Don't bring up the damn phone.
- What about our deal?

- Deal's still good.
We'll talk tomorrow morning

and we'll figure
something else out

- Okay.

- Okay.

Any news from your dad?

- Any news from my dad?
What do you mean?

- You talk
to him yesterday?

- No.
I'm trying to keep

as much distance as possible
until we're done with the case.

Why, was he at the club?
- Yeah.

- What was he doing?
- I don't know.

But I gotta be honest.
He's making me nervous.

- All right, fair enough.

- Adam.
[baby crying]

- Son of a bitch.

- Clear.

- Clear.

- Clear.

- Ah.

[baby crying]

- [baby crying]
- Okay, okay.

- 5021 Ida.
We got a DOA at our location.

Notify Forensics.

- [baby cries]
- Okay.

- Damn it!


- Someone slit her throat.
- Not someone, Spiro.

- DCFS is looking
after the baby,

and I got three patrol guys
outside knocking on doors

and looking for witnesses
but so far, nothing.

- So there's no sign
of forced entry,

no sign of struggle, so...

it seems like she let
her killer in the door.

- Or he had a key.

- I'll get an emergency
ping on Spiro's phone.

- We did everything
we could, Hailey.

We pulled her out.
- No, we pulled her in.

We used her kid as leverage and
forced her to push too hard.

Look, I hope I'm wrong
about your dad.

- Yo, don't go there
with me right now.

- Last night, your dad saw me.
He saw me nod to Rita.

Okay, hey!
He looked right at me...

and now Rita's dead.
- Okay, so what?

So my dad, who's a cop,

what, he outs you as a cop,
he outs Rita as a snitch,

he goes and tells Spiro?

You don't know how off base
you are, right now.

- We have to look
at the facts, Adam.

You like it or not, your dad
is working for this prick.

You need to talk to Voight.

- I already told you--
- Today!

- I'll take care of it.
- Or I will.

[dramatic music]

- You being serious right now?


It's me.

- Don't do that.
- Do what?

- Don't try and play me.
- Play you?

- I don't care if
we're sleeping together

that doesn't change
how I do my job.

- You should've told me sooner.
- I know.

I know.
I wanted to, but, just--

- Didn't wanna jam your father
up for working at a strip club.

I get it.

- Boss, we're--we're good.

I mean, he's just working
security, he doesn't know about

the drugs, he doesn't know
about the murders.

He thinks that Spiro
is an idiot party boy.

You know what I mean?
That's all.

- I assume you didn't
tell him who we're after...

or what we're after.
- No, no, I never talked

about the investigation.
I never would.

- He should be all right then.

We are gonna play
this one out, though, Adam.

And we're gonna follow
the facts,

no matter where they lead...

or who they point to so...

If you have any doubts--
- No.

- Spiro was at
the Scorpion Club all night.

He left around 4:15 a.m.

We even have the surveillance
footage to back it up.

- Right, and according to
the ME, Rita died at 2:00 a.m.

which takes Spiro off the hook
for the murder, at least.

- I got something.

This is from a resident's

home security camera
near Rita's apartment.

A man in a baseball cap
enters at 1:50 a.m.

exits again nine minutes later.

- Can you get any closer
to his face?

- No, and I have been trying.
But working backwards

from PODS and footage
from other buildings,

I was able to piece
together his path

and pulled
a plate from his car

which is registered
to a Juan Morales.

- Who the hell is Juan Morales?

- Male, 37, Hispanic.

He's get quite a rap sheet.
Two narcotics related charges,

and one aggravated battery
with a deadly weapon.

- I saw this guy
at the club with Spiro.

This guy.

- Well, looks to me like
Juan Morales is our alpha dog.

- Uh, hold on, I mean...
The only problem is,

other than his car being near
Rita's apartment, we don't have

any real evidence tying him
to either of these murders.

- All right, so...

We lay off Morales for now.
We focus on Spiro.

And you have gotta do,
whatever you gotta do

to make a drug deal
with this guy.

Listen, we catch Spiro dirty,

maybe we can get him to give up
Morales on the murders.

- Right.
[indistinct chatter]

- Hey.

[tense music]

So I'm gonna ask
one more time.

You sure your old man
is just holding doors?

'Cause that's your dad
with the killer.

[indistinct chatter]

[door shuts]

[indistinct chatter]

- Who the hell is he?
- Nice to see you too--

- Dad, I need you
to answer the question.

- Whoa, whoa, watch the tone.
- Dad, stop!

Who the hell is this?

- It's a friend of Spiro's.

His name is Juan.
Why? What's this about?

- You're done.

No more Spiro.
No more security.

It's over.
- What are you saying?

- We're looking at these guys
for multiple felonies.

So you're done.
- Like--like what?

- It doesn't matter what.
These guys are bad,Pops.

Like, reallybad so you're
getting out, all right.

Get out!

I love you!


- Spiro.

- Hey.

- Listen, I was, uh, hoping
for a moment of your time.

- I actually got to go audition
this new chick right now.

- It won't take a minute.

- Come on, check it out.

Ladies, give me
the room, please.

- You sure you wanna
talk with the, uh...

the young lady in the room?

- She's Ukrainian.
She don't speak English.

- All right.
[clears throat]

I was hoping
that we continue talking

about that thing
that we discussed.

- Yeah...

You know, I've been
thinking about that.


I want you to be able
to come here

and enjoy the club,
enjoy the ladies,

but I don't think
we can do business together.

- Can I ask why not?

- I don't wanna do business
with preppy rich kids

from the North Shore.
Makes me nervous.

- Preppy rich kids from--
All right, honey, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Preppy rich kids from
the North Shore? No, no, no.

You got the wrong guy.
- Do I?

- I grew up in Cicero,
I grew up with nothing.

I did three years in Stateville
for aggravated battery.

- I mean...

It was your girlfriend who told
Larry that you were a rich kid.

- Yeah, well, I was trying
to impress her, wasn't I?

Come on, man.

Seemed like a much better angle
to play than ex-con.

You know how dumb that girl is?

She thinks that I got this
with my frat brothers...

in grad school.

Certainly didn't tell her
got it while I was on G-block.

You got me all wrong, man.

- Or you had me fooled.

You're actually very convincing
as the rich douchebag.

- [chuckles] I appreciate it.
Thank you very much.

- All right, I'm glad
we got this cleared up.

- [claps]
All right!

- I'll call you later
with the details.

No, no, no.
Sit down, sit down.


Make sure you tip the girl.

[foreboding music]

- We're in position
eyes to the front.

- We got the back.

- There's a vehicle

Silver SUV.

It's Spiro.

He's got a driver with him.

Adam, it's your dad.

- No, no, no, are you sure?
- Positive.

- No, no, no.


I told him, Boss.
I'm sorry!

I don't know how you
wanna play this but I told him.

I told him he had to quit.

- Hey!
- I told him.

- We don't do this deal

these guys aren't coming back
to the table, no way.

You understand?

But you think your father
might be dirty,

that he could compromise you
or Atwater,

I'm not letting you go in.
- No, no, there's no way, no.

He's a good cop, he's my dad,
there's no way he's--

He can't be dirty.

- Nice neighborhood.
What are you doing here?

- You know, just a little
real estate deal.

Like they say,
"Buy low, sell high," right?

I'm telling you, this is
the next big neighborhood.

Stay with the car, Bob.

- Kevin.

- I'm with Adam.

If he says he's good,
I'm good.

- All right.
Go in there and do your thing.

[suspenseful music]

[train rumbles]

[engine revving]

[horn beeps]

[garage door cranking]

- Who's your boy, Jake?

- Well, I got a lot of
money on me, Spiro.

He's my protection.
Where's the... product?

[car door slams]

- My partner's bringing it.
He'll be here in a minute.

- All right.

- Morales just pulled up

with two, three
unknowns with him.

- All right, get ready.
We go in on my signal.

[garage door cranking]

[car doors shutting]

- Yo.

- Nice ride.

- Thank you.

We do enough business together,
I'll buy you one.

- Let's see the cash.

- I wanna test the product.

- Where's the love, Jake?

- Nah, business is business,
that's all.

- Okay.
I like careful more

than I like stupid.
Test away.

- Okay.

- [clears throat]


[knife snaps]

- What is he doing?

What is he doing?

We got a problem!

Bob's going into the building.

- Everybody hold.


- See, I told you.
These are good guys.

You know, he's a quiet--

- [grunts]
Get your hands off me.

Come on!
I wasn't doing nothing.

[tense music]

- Caught him creeping around.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Slow your roll.
This--this is my guy.

It's my driver.
- Everybody just take it easy,

all right, I'm just looking
for a place to take a leak.

- It's all good.

It's all good.

Bob, it's a big warehouse,

you know, find somewhere
else to take a leak.

- I got it.
I got it.

- Now, you didn't see
anything right, Bob?

Right, Bob?

- No.
I didn't see anything.

- Sorry, I apologize.

You know, it's hard to find
good help these days.

- Hey, Spiro.

Kiss my ass.

- Wha--what the--
- Guys, guys,

are we gonna get this done?
Are we gonna do this deal?

Get him out of here
so we can get this done!

This is too much drama!
- Give me a second, all right.

- What the hell
is happening here?

- Shoot him!
- Freeze!

- Ah!

- Go!


- Hands in the air!
Turn around, turn around!

- Go.
- Kevin!

- I got him.
Put your hands up!

- 10-1, 10-1, officer down.

Shots fired by offender
and police.

Roll an ambulance
to 2322 West Lincoln.

Where the hell is Morales?

- I got Morales taking off
on foot rear west exit.

[suspenseful music]

- We're on it.


- I'm gonna go around the side.
- Yeah, yeah, go!

Hey, stop.



- Chicago PD.
Drop your weapon!

Drop your weapon, now!

- Put it down!

- Get on your knees.

- Bullet went right through me.

Doc says I'll be out tomorrow.

- Yeah, I heard.


What the hell happened?
What happened?

I told you to get out.
Why didn't you quit?

- Umm...

I'm broke, okay.

- What?
- I--I'm busted.

I'm few weeks away
from losing the house.

- You--

What are you talking about?

How could that even happen?
- I made some bad investments.

And, uh...
Next thing you know, I'm--

maxed out credit cards.

I just needed to stay...
a few more weeks.

I needed a few more of
those envelopes from Spiro.


I didn't realize you were
so close to busting him.

Adam, I'm sorry
I screwed things up.

- No, you didn't, Dad.
- I saw the cars.

I saw the people.

I--I know he was doing
something illegal.

And I got nervous.

Look, son,
I knew that you were...

That I were probably in there
and I--I wanted to help.

You know, give you some--
some backup,

in case things went south.

If something ever
happened to you,

I couldn't live with myself.


- Why didn't you come to me?

Why didn't you ask me for help?
I would've helped.

- What kind of man takes
money from his own kid?

- Hey.

- Hey.
- How's your dad doing?

- Um, yeah, he's okay.

He's gonna be good.
Bullet went right through, so.

- That's good.
How you doing?

- [clears throat]
- You okay?

[elevator dings]
- Nah.

Thanks for coming, Hailey.
I really appreciate it.

- What are you
still doing here?

- [groans]

Catching up on some work.
- Oh, catch up tomorrow.

It's late.

- Boss...
- Hm?

- I need to tell you I'm sorry.
- Hm.

- I feel awful.

I need you to know that
my father, you know, he--

he's not perfect
but he's not dirty.

- I know.

- What do you mean?

- Oh, Spiro told us everything.

Gave up Morales
on the two murders.

But he also told us your old
man didn't know a damn thing

about the drugs,
murders, none of it.

- [sighs]

All right, well,
that's good to hear.

I mean, it's not gonna help
with Internal Affairs

but it's something.

- Yeah, he'll be fine.

I mean, he was working
undercover with us, right?

Helped us crack
a vicious drug ring.


- You'd do that?

- Already did.

Backdated the paperwork.

he's your father.

Means he's family.


[wolf howls]