Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Bad Boys - full transcript

The team tries to rescue a teenage girl kidnapped by robbers; Voight and Platt attempt to clear Olinsky.


[cell phone buzzing]

- [sighs]

- [groans]

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Uh, I got to go.
I got to meet Jay.

- All right.

- How did I not know you went

to the University of Chicago?

- My dad wanted me
to be a lawyer.

Adam, I got to go.

- I-I don't have pants.

- Pants.
- Thank you.

- Mm-hmm?

How do you want to play this?

- Uh, low-key.

Like, um...

Like really low-key,

don't say anything to anyone,

this didn't happen low-key.

- Okay. Copy that.

I will grab my stuff and leave.

Look, I, uh...

You know, just for the record,
that thing that didn't happen,

that was pretty fun.

- Yeah, it was.

- Yeah, it was.

[dramatic music]

- What's up, Sarge?
- [sighs]

- What are you guys doing?

That's Al's desk.
What are you doing--

what are you doing
with Al's desk?

- The district is doing
a yearly audit.

They're going to reallocate it.

Here we go.
- Sarge...

- I...

- They left us his hat.

- Has there been
any progress

on Olinsky's letter
of exoneration?

- I'm working on it.

- If there's no letter,
there is no pension.

They're cut and dried
about that--

- Trudy,
I said I'm working on it.

- Okay.

- Hank.
- Yeah?

- My CI's story checks out.
There's been incident reports

at six different restaurants
in Little Village.

They have to be robbers.

- Then why aren't
the Robbery Dicks on it?

- Well, if it's Little Village
that means it's immigrants.

Probably too scared
to file a report.

Don't want to get deported.

- That's right.
No complaint, no crime.

So I say we put
boots on ground,

monitor calls over the zone.

Maybe we catch 'em in the act.

- Maybe we find a needle
in a haystack.

- We're dealing with
a crew that's preying on

the most vulnerable people
in the city.

- I know and I feel bad
for 'em,

but we got a lot going on.

If they're not gonna
work with us--

- It's our job to find a way.

- Wait--wait, there's a call
going over City-Wide right now.

Possible armed robbery
in progress

saying shots fired
in the Little Village.

- Okay, so let's roll on this.

As a team.

[radio chatter]

What happened?
- Mom and pop joint.

Pop caught a bullet
to the throat.

Carlos Coto.
He's the owner.

- Waitress said two guys
showed up,

told everybody to hit
the floor,

and then they started shooting.

- She make an ID?
- They were wearing masks.

- Hey, this witness said
the robbers grabbed a hostage

on the way out--
a woman.

- He give a description?

- Yes, young Caucasian,
denim jacket,

definitely not
from the neighborhood.

Pulled into a blue Honda.

- All right,
let's hit the streets

look for witnesses.
See if any blue Hondas

show up on surveillance cams.

- Crime techs found
a key fob by the door.

- Hm.

[car alarm blaring]
Let's go.

- People in glass houses
shouldn't throw stones.

This is the same guy who sued
the Chicago Police Department.

- Evan Gilchrist?
- Yeah.

- Sergeant Hank Voight,
Chicago PD.

You mind if we come in?

- W-what is this all about?

- Well, we found a BMW
registered to you

in a parking lot
in Little Village.

It's at the scene of a crime.

- Yeah,
that's my daughter's car.

- Is she here?

- Look,
what the hell is going on?

- We think she may have
been abducted.

- What?

[dramatic music]

So they dragged Valerie
into a car

and drove away,
and that's all you know?

- Well, at the moment, yes,

but we're still gathering

- Let me ask you,
this taco joint

in Little Village, that's in

a pretty rough neighborhood.
Any idea why

she might be there?

- Yeah, she's a foodie.
So she travels

all over the city
looking for dives

with exotic cuisines
and she blogs about it.

I warned her about
some of these neighborhoods.

- All right,
we're gonna need consent

to search all of Valerie's
electronic devices.

- Yeah,
I'll give you her passwords.

I keep tabs on
her social media.

- Is there any reason
that you're monitoring

her so closely?

- Yeah, she's my only child,
so I tend to err

on the side of over-protection.

Look, I know when
someone goes missing

there's only
a short window now.

I have 400 employees.
I have access

to all kinds of data.
I can help here--

- I understand the impulse,
but the best thing you can do

right now is just sit back,
let us do our jobs.

Anyone contacts you,
you call us right away.

- Sergeant, can I just talk
to you for a second?

- Yeah.
What's up?

- You know I'm the one
who financed

the Police Transparency

- What's your point?

- Well, I just want
to make sure my politics

don't get in the way
of you doing your job.

Doing everything you can to,

please, find my daughter.

- Sarge.

- Just leave your phone on,

- We just got a ping
on Valerie's cell phone.

[camera shutter clicks]

- We found Valerie's phone
in the car, Sarge.

- This car was stolen from
Little Village this morning.

Same make and model
as the one seen

fleeing the taqueria.

- Give me a minute,
will you?

First Deputy.

- Any update on
the Gilchrist girl?

- Well, we just found
her phone,

but she's still
in the wind.

- Kidnapping?

- No demands have been made,

but we do know
she witnessed a murder

and the robbery crew
grabbed her.

- All this crime,
this situation,

is gonna attract
a lot of attention.

- I know.

- Evan Gilchrist has been
a royal pain in our ass.

I wanna get this buttoned
up quickly.

- Don't worry,
I haven't forgotten

your boss is running for mayor.

- There's a girl missing.
Let's find her.

- This mean I get more boots
on the ground?

- Whatever you need.

- Hey, what happened
this morning?

- What do you mean?
- You're, like, never late.

Everything okay?
- Yeah, sorry.

It won't happen again.
- What do we got?

- Valerie Gilchrist,
19 years old.

Just graduated from
the Culinary Institute.

No priors, no red flags.

Her sister died
when they were kids,

but other than that,
she's led a privileged life.

- Do we buy her dad's story

that she was there
in Little Village

to blog about tacos?

- Her social media's
mostly about food.

Best salsas, hole in the wall.

According to "The Reader,"

Coto's has the number three
ranked taco in Chicago, so...

- Wrong place, wrong time.

- Check this out.
We looked at the pattern

of the previous robberies.

The crew knew when these places
would be fat

and how to slip away
without being detected.

They case these joints,
probably ate there.

Makes sense they're
from the neighborhood.

- If they're worried about
her being a witness

why not just silence her there?

- She's a white girl.

Maybe they thought
she was worth something.

- Or they grabbed her
for other reasons.

- When we find this crew,
we find her,

so search databases
for anyone convicted

of robberies living around
Little Village.

Now let's get some extra
patrol units in here,

and pull in every banger
with an open warrant.

- Hank, these are going up
all over Little Village.

[phone rings]

- Hey.

- Sergeant, any news?

- I asked you to sit back,
let us do our job.

- I'm not gonna sit on my hands
while my daughter's missing.

- You put 500 grand
on the street.

Now everyone's gonna try
and grab it.

Unless that reward
is coordinated with us

it's gonna pull this

two separate directions.

- I don't want the reward tied
to Chicago Police Department.

Okay, there are a lot of
undocumented immigrants

in Little Village and they're
scared of being deported.

- Look, sir, I understand
you want to find your daughter,

so do I.
But it's my job

and you're getting in the way
of me doing it.

[phone rings]
- Look--Hello?

Right, give it to me.

- I'm sorry, but that's
probably a different woman.

Thanks for your help.

- No, I don't think
you need to be

a legal resident
to collect the reward.

- Do you remember seeing her,
or are you chasing the money?

- [speaking Spanish]

But do you have any more

- What, are we a bunch
of telemarketers?

- Hank, the phones
just started blowing up.

People are calling us directly.

- 500 grand's got
a way of making people

remember things
they've never seen.

- Hang up the phones.

How 'bout we focus
on police work?

- I got something.
I checked

the traffic cams
by Coto's Taco

and I got a hit
on that blue Honda.

- Nice work.
Hayley, you and Jay

head over to Streets and San.
Get this guy's name

and go talk to him.

- This girl was in
the blue Honda

parked next to your truck,

and you're sure
you didn't see her?

- Like I told you,
I can't help you.

- That's the girl
on the posters.

Did you see her?
- Mama, leave us alone.

- Hugo,
there's a $500,000 reward.

Did you see her?

- Answer your mama, Hugo.

- Okay.

Yeah, I saw her.
Earlier today.

She was out
on the street, running.

Some guy was chasing her.

- Can you describe the man?

- Latino, 30, little chubby.

Never seen him before.

- And which direction
were they going?

- That way, toward a warehouse.

- You saw a man
chasing a woman

and you didn't call the police?

- I get paid
to pick up garbage.

I don't get nothing extra
for solving crimes.

[dramatic music]

- Over here.

There's blood.
Looks recent.

- Body.

- [coughs]
- Victim, gunshot wound.

- Roll an ambo.

- 50, 21, George, emergency.
Roll an ambo to our location.

We got a female victim,
gunshot wound.

- Copy that.
- [coughs]


- Okay, just--you know,
take your time,

and then tell us what happened
at the restaurant.

- Um...

went there to, uh,
get a taco.

I was...

walking in.

I didn't... realize
what was happening.


I saw two men.

They had masks.
- Okay.

- One of them had a gun
and, um...

the other guy came out
from the back

and he started screaming
in Spanish and, uh...

Uh, the larger one shot him.

- You didn't run?

- I was--
I was freaking out.

The one with the gun

grabbed me.

Shoved me in the back seat
of his car.

Forced me to keep my face down.

One man said
that they had to...

kill me.


He pulled over.
He had to pee, and...

I just--I took off running
and I...

remember going into
this building and...

[exhales sharply]

- Do you remember anything
else about them?

Any tattoos, any scars?

- No, I'm sorry.

- Don't be sorry.

Okay, thank you.

- I'm gonna grab Halstead

and dig back
to the other robberies,

the ones
that didn't get reported.

- Makes sense.
Someone somewhere

had to have seen something.

- Two weeks ago someone
from this restaurant called 911

and said that was
a robbery in progress.

- I already told the police
when they came,

there wasn't a robbery.

- Why would someone
make that up?

- Don't know.

I... was arguing
with a customer.

Maybe the person who called
got confused.

Thought I was being robbed.

- Look, Miguel we know
that there's a stickup crew

going around targeting

Hispanic restaurants
in the neighborhood.

You have nothing
to be scared of.

This has nothing
to do with ICE.

- I'm not scared of you.
I've got my green card.

- Why don't you, uh--
why don't you tell me more

about this misunderstanding.

[conversation continues

- You were here
for the robbery, weren't you?

Miguel's a victim.

We want to help.

You're his wife?

- Engaged.

- Okay.

Can you tell me what happened?

- They're taking everything
away from him.

- Who? The people
that did the robbery?

- No, the guys who came after.

They asked for
protection money.

I told Miguel
to go to the police,

but he didn't listen.

- Because you don't
have papers.

- If keeps paying
those ladrones

he's gonna lose his business,
his dreams.

That's not right.

- Can you help us?

- Yes, I can.

- Okay.

- Shh.
Get up.

Yeah, straight up.

- Johnny Marquez.
- [groans]

What is this?

- I'll you what this is.

This is you
on surveillance cam.

Looks like you're running
a protection racket, Johnny.

- It's a rough neighborhood,

We provide a service.

- Oh yeah? Well, it proves
you're the shot caller.

And that means you ordered
those robberies.

I need the names of that crew,

- Ain't got nothing to do
with robberies.

- Yeah? Well, we just
locked up 32 bangers

from this neighborhood
and let me tell you something,

they're singing.

- They're lying
to save their own asses

and you know it.

- Well...
- [coughing]

- I'm about to tell you
what I know.

You're Aunt Gloria Valdez,
she's keeping

15 guns over at her place
on Maple Street,

and you're ex-baby mama,

she's got a few kilos
over at her house.

But me...

I got a team of guys
and they're waiting

to take 'em down right now.

So give me the names
of that crew.

- Okay.

I know something
about the stickup guys,

but I ain't part of it.

I just get a little taste.
That's it.


- I need names, Johnny.

- Pablo Sosa.
According to Marquez

he's the leader
of the stickup crew.

He's got a rap sheet
to the floor.

He just did four years
of Stateville

for accessory to murder.
No current address.

- Yeah, and Marquez says
that he thinks Sosa's

working with a young banger
named Jorge Luna.

- Pablo's the fat guy,
so that's our shooter.

- All right, we got any leads?

- Yeah, Jorge Luna
has one prior for possession,

sentenced last month;
200 days of community service.

- Right, and didn't
his parole officer say

that's he's working off
that case

at Clean Up Chicago?

- Well, find out
where they're cleaning

and pick him up now.

- Strike two!

- Hey, Coach.
- Yeah?

- You need you to move the kids
out of the way.

Get 'em off the field.
Do it now.

Stay calm.
- Time!

[whistle blowing]

- All right, everybody,
bring it in. Come on.

- There's lots of families
and children out here,

so we do not engage
under any circumstances.

No weapons.

We box this guy in
on my orders.

Are we clear?

- We got eyes on the target.

- Guys, he made us.

- Don't engage.
- He's gonna jack that van.

- Stand down!

Stand down!


- Stay down.

- Hey, Adam.

What was that?
- We caught the guy.

- I told you to stand down.

There were civilians.
He could have had a gun.

- Yeah, I thought he was gonna
jack that van, so...

I mean, we caught the guy--
- That's not the point.

- Are we seriously--
we're gonna do this again?

And again and again--
- I gave you an order.

- [groans]


- Thank you.

Detective, you're working on
the Gilchrist case, yes?

- Yes, Officer Kim Burgess.

Um, we have
a person of interest.

I showed Valerie some photos.

Unfortunately, she wasn't able

to make a positive ID, so...

- Mr. Gilchrist.

Kate Brennan,
Deputy Superintendent.

I hear your daughter's
going home today.

That's great news.
- Thank you.

- I just got off the phone
with Superintendant Kelton.

He wants you to know
that he's doing everything

he can to make sure
that the men

that hurt your daughter
are apprehended.

- Well, I-I appreciate that.

- Well, we may not be perfect,

but we deliver.

If you need something,
give me a call.

- If you're looking
for an attagirl, Ms. Brennan,

you're gonna be disappointed.
My daughter's safe

because I put out a reward.

That's why the witness
came forward.

That's why you found her.
- That's not true.

We found your daughter
bleeding to death

in a warehouse
through our police work.

- Garbage man talked
because of the money.

I mean--if you think I'm gonna
shill for your boss

or for Chicago PD,
it's never gonna happen.

- I told you already.
I was at Pablo's yesterday.

We didn't have nothing
to do with those stickups.

- Then why'd Johnny Marquez
hang it on you?

- 'Cause Marquez,
he's an old head,

he thinks he owns
the neighborhood,

but he don't own me.

I don't follow his orders
and he don't like that.

- Why'd you run at the park?

- Simple.

You were chasing me, right?

- Jorge, stop.

We know Pablo organized
the stickups,

and a witness said
Pablo's the one

who shot the manager,
so if you confirm that,

you give us Pablo,
we'll help you out.

- I mean, you'll do some time,
but you're young.

I mean, you still have
a good life.

- [scoffs]

I'm not talking.
- Hm.

Well, you may want
to reconsider 'cause...

the girl...

the one you thought you killed

can put you at the crime scene.

So even if you didn't pull
the trigger,

we can still hang
the murder on you.

- You screwed up, bro.
- No.

I had nothing
to do with that.


I would never hurt a woman.

I'm not saying another word
till I get a lawyer.

- Okay, so Jorge said
he was chilling with Pablo

at the time of the murder,
but that can't

be confirmed
'cause Pablo's in the wind.

- Phone records?

- Neither one has
a registered phone.

I'm assuming they have
burner phones.

Jorge had one
when we busted him.

- This kid's lying.

We just gotta push
a little harder.

- Yeah, but we have no prints,
no surveillance,

nothing to put Jorge
at the scene.

- All we got is the word
of Johnny Marquez,

which, at this point,
ain't worth too much.

- Jay,

you find that
sanitation worker, Sanchez?

- Yeah, I did,
but he won't be much help.

Patrol found his body.

- Any witnesses?
- No, but we'll keep looking.

[woman sobbing]

- Well...

Hugo Sanchez just got popped.

- Looks like Pablo's silencing
all witnesses.

- Tough way to earn 500k.

- All right,
let's get Valerie in here.

- What for?
- Make an ID.

- I already showed her a photo
right at the hospital.

- Well, this time
we'll show her a line-up.

Maybe if she's Jorge in person,
something'll click.

- Got it.

- I already told you,
they had masks on.

- No, we know,
but maybe there's

some other physical

like--like their arms
or their neck--

maybe their hands.

- I already said
I-I don't remember.

- Valerie, they can't see you,
so don't worry.

Okay, you're protected.

- I don't know. Sorry.

- Look, why do you keep
hammering her?

- We're trying to ID a killer.
Get him off the street.

- Yeah, I understand,
but she didn't see the guy.

- Can I go, please?

- Come on, hon. You're okay.

- I mean, there's no good
reason to drag her down here.

She already looked
at the photos.

- Look, man,
we are just trying

to nail the guy
who hurt your daughter.

- Yeah, well,
it sure doesn't feel that way.

- Explain to me
what that means.

- Reporters out there.
- Oh.

- Your boss is trying
to use my daughter

for political profit.

- You know what?
That might be.

Then again...

those reporters
might be there

to talk to you about
that $500,000 reward.

The one that got
the sanitation worker killed.

- What?
Hugo... Sanchez?


- You posted that picture
on Twitter.

Come on,
there's a back exit.

There's no press.

Kim, take 'em out the back,
will you?

- Hey, Sarge,

we pulled footage
from the Sanchez homicide.

We got a positive ID
from facial rec.

Pablo Sosa is definitely
our shooter.

- Okay.
- Problem is,

we still don't have an address
on this guy.

He's a ghost.
We have Tact and Gang officers

hunting him down
and so far nothing.

- Then we try
a different angle.

It's your lucky day, Jorge.

You're good to go.

- You mean I don't need
no bail?

- Nope.

Here's the thing, though,

as soon as you leave,
you're a marked man.

Pablo's gonna think
you're a snitch.

- I ain't no snitch.

- Well...

that's not what
Pablo's gonna think

'cause we're putting word out
on the street that we own you.

You're a cooperating witness.

- Nah, Pablo knows
I ain't no snitch.

- Yeah, well, then you got
nothing to worry about.

Get out of here.

- I bet the first person
he talks to is Pablo.

- Well, that's the plan.
- I got you.

- All right, Jorge just turned
on Race Street.

- We relocated. We got him.

All right, he just went
into an apartment

at 1200 Race Street.

- We're running everyone
in the building,

So far, no nexus
for either target.

- Copy that.

Yo, bro, I been wanting
to rap with you

about this Antonio thing,

- [scoffs]

- It's time to move on.

- I know. I get it.
I'm trying,

but--I don't know, man.
It's pretty tough.

He's always judging
and critiquing.

- He plays by the book.

True, but that doesn't make him
a bad person or a bad cop.

In my humble opinion,

he's a baller.

He's always the first one
through that door.


- 50, 21, Henry, shots fired,
emergency 1200 Race Street.

- [coughing]

- It's Pablo.
[heavy footsteps]

- Out the back.
- We can't leave him.

You go.

- Police! Freeze!

- Offender out the back!

Jorge, stop! I will shoot!

Westbound in the alley.

[dramatic music]

- Hey!
[engine turns over, car starts]

- 50, 21, Idaho, carjacking,
on-site, gray pickup truck.

Stop the truck!

- Plates are 8, 4, 9--
that's all I got.

Plate's 8-4-9,
gray pickup truck.

Be advised, offender is armed.

[tires squealing]

We lost Jorge.

He jacked a gray pickup truck,
so I put out a flash message.

- Pablo didn't make it.
I found this next to the body.

It's a .380, same caliber
as the other murder.

- Yo, I just got a hit
on that gray pickup.

It's in a restaurant
in the West Loop.

- Let's go!
- We'll meet you there.

- Went to the restaurant.
Jorge's gone.

He's in the wind.
- Check this out.

Valerie works at the restaurant

The manager said
that he was looking for her.

- He's looking for Valerie?

- Yeah, we got a beat car
sitting on it

just in case she comes back.

- How does he even know
where she works?

- Hey, guys, they're dating.

- What?

- They're dating?

- Yeah, they're dating.

- I found a private DM app

that she downloaded
so messages stay off the radar.

According to this, they've been
hooking up for about a month.

- Find Valerie now.


- Maybe we should wait
till my--

my dad's lawyers get here.

- Maybe you should tell us
what the hell's going on

since you've been screwing us
around this whole time.

- I'm sorry,
but my father told me

to always ask for a lawyer.

- All right, look, Valerie,
the choice is yours.

We can do that,
but then the gloves come off.

We put you in handcuffs,
charge you

with felony obstruction
and take you to jail.

And there's nothing that
your father can do about it.

- But...

we'd rather not do that.

We know things aren't always
what they seem, so...

just help us out.

- We had this...

really amazing connection.

It was, like, intense,
like there was no way

to stop us from happening
even though

I knew he was a little crazy.

Do you know what I mean?

- Yeah.

You fell for the bad boy.

Felt good. Felt right.

And you said to hell
with the consequences.

- Did you know
he was a criminal?

- No.

I knew he lived in
a tough part of town,

that he'd been in trouble.

- Why don't you tell us
about the robbery.

- I was...

out with Jorge.

He got a-a phone call.

He said he had to go back
to Little Village


I drove him to the restaurant

and he met up
with this--this guy.


Yeah, that's him. I, um--

I think his name is Pablo.

So I...

I dropped off Jorge...

You know,
he told me to go back home,

but I stuck around 'cause

I wanted to spend
the night with him.

And then I heard

all of this yelling
and I went

to see what was happening

and that's when, uh,
Pablo shot...

the guy.

Yeah, that's him.

Everyone was--

was freaking out.

Pablo was yelling
and screaming, and...

he pulled me into the car.


He dropped Jorge off.
He said he would--

He would take me back
to the house, but--

uh, but he was lying.
He tried to kill me

and that is why I ran.

- Where's Jorge now?

- I don't...

I don't know,
but he is not what you think.

He's always been
very respectful,

and Pablo,
that is the killer.

- Valerie, you need
to tell us where he is.

This thing with you and Jorge,

it's not gonna last.

It never does
with the bad boys.

The sooner you realize that,
the better.

[gun clicks]

- What's your take?

- She's a stupid kid
who fell in love

with a handsome punk
and stumbled onto a robbery.

- I think she's hiding

- All right, so dig back into
her phone records,

social media accounts,
anonymous and otherwise.

See if she tried
to make contact.

- Hank, you got a sec?
- Yeah.

- I had one of the FOP lawyers

draw up a full letter of
exoneration for Olinsky.

All it needs is one signature.
It's on your desk.

- Trudy,
I said I'm working on it.

- I know that,
but the signature it needs

is sitting in your office.

[dramatic music]

- First Deputy.

- I just want to make sure
that my intel is correct.

Gilchrist's daughter
is dating one of the offenders.

- Well, dating might not
be the word for it, but...

they had a relationship.

- She lied to us.
It's called felony obstruction.

What are you waiting for?
- We need her.

She's our best shot at
catching the offender, Jorge.

He's still out there.

- We have two dead innocents.

She's in the middle of it.

Get her booked.
- Huh.

I get it.

If we put Gilchrist's daughter
in jail,

his criticism of CPD
becomes meaningless.

He's just another bitter father
with an axe to grind, right?

- I don't like coddling
the rich.

- Huh.
- Makes us look bad.

- You know what else
makes you look bad?

- Hm?
- If Jorge kills more people

and the press founds out

that you had a chance
to use Valerie

to get him off the streets,

but you decided
to play politics instead.

- What are you saying,

- You know what I'm saying.

- I got something, Sarge.

That was four hours ago.

- Get Evan Gilchrist down here.

- You grab my daughter?
You drag her down here

and you don't even call.

- Hey.
- No heads up

- I'm trying to help you, okay?

Listen to me.

Your daughter is shacking up
with the killer.

- Killer?
- Yeah.

And it looks like she's trying
to help him get away.

- What are you talking about?

- I'm telling you
this wasn't a kidnapping.

It was a date gone bad.

- Look, I don't know
what kind of game

you guys are playing--
- I am not playing a game.

I'm telling you
she is head-over-heels

in love with this guy.

Look, she withdrew five grand
in cash this morning.

- Wha--so? It's not a crime
to withdraw money.

- Yeah, well, it is
if you give it to a fugitive.

A killer.

If it turns that she's helping
this guy Jorge,

I am telling you...

there is no way
to walk that back.

She'll do time.
You understand?

I mean...

real time.


All I care about
is catching the killer.

That's it.

If your daughter can help us,

I'll make sure
she doesn't get jammed up.

You have my word.

- [sighs]

- Jorge, where are you?

- I'm almost there.

- I'm at the place
we were at last week.

I have the money.

- Look, there's something
I need to tell you.

- Just keep her talking
till we locate him.

- What is it?

- I had no idea
Pablo was gonna do that.

He told me he was gonna
take you home.

But then the police...
they showed me that picture.

I saw what he did to you.

That's why I killed him...

Because I love you.

- Bingo.

- I would never
let anybody hurt you.


I love you so much.

- Jorge, I'm so sorry.

- No, no,
I'm the one who's sorry.

- It's a trap!
You have to drive!

Right now! You have to go!
You have to go!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go. Go. Okay--go...

[tires squealing]

[dramatic music]

- Go! Come on. Come on.
Come on! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Run, kids! Run!

Come on. Move. Move. Move!

Move. Move. Move. Move.
Come to me!

Faster, kids. Come on!
Come on. Come on. Come on!

There's kids inside.


[tense music]

- Kids.

- He went that way.
He went in there.

- You get the ones in front.
- Okay.

- I'll go in front.
Go in there.

- Go. Go outside!

- Kids, I want you to get
behind me now!

Get behind me now!

Get behind me, kid!
Get behind me!

Now hold hands, hold my hand.

I want you to walk quickly
and walk me to that door.

- Y'all got it?
- Walk me to that door.

- Yeah.
Get him out.

- No. No. I'll go.
Stand down, that's an order.


[tense music]

- Go, you go.
- Come on.

- Shh.

[door creaks]

[whispering] Come on.
Come to me.

Come to me.

Stay down.

Come on.
Come on.

Come on.

Come on.


- [yells]

- Go. Go.

- Let's see.
You're gonna have to hold.

- How's your shoulder?

- Ah, it's okay.
I just hit it wrong.

- Shouldn't have hit it
in the first place.

That's what the young guys
are for.

- [chuckles]

- All right,
I called ahead to Med.

They're expecting you.

- Appreciate it.

- Hi.

- Hey.

- Dad. You have to help me.
- Wait--

What the hell's going on?
Why is she in handcuffs?

- You can't talk
to her right now.

- Please, I'm sorry.
- She's under arrest.

- Are you kidding me?
- Felony obstruction.

- We had a signed cooperation

- Well, she didn't cooperate.

Deal's off.

I'm very sorry.
- You're sorry?


[dramatic music]

- Thank you.

Hey, Hank.
- Hi.

- I'll meet you inside.

- Ma'am.
- Thank you for coming.

I hear you arrested
the Gilchrist girl.

- Felony obstruction.

Talked to the ASA,
she's gonna write

the full ticket.
She'll do time.

- All right, do you really
think that's necessary?

- I thought you'd be happy.

- At the end of the day,
she doesn't really pose

a threat to the city,
does she?

- Huh.

So she walks?

She walks
'cause her daddy's rich,

and he's gonna play ball.

- Because she's a kid.
She deserves a second chance.

- I need something too.

- It's good to hear.

Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

[laid-back rock music]

Antonio got released
from the hospital.

- Oh, that's good.

Hey, I want to revisit that
thing you said about bad boys.

- Mm-mm.

- Something about
they're, uh, fun,

but they never last.
Something like that.

- First of all,
you're not a bad boy.

- Well...
- Second of all,

I was questioning a suspect.

- All right,
I was just asking.

Damn it.

You're up.

- But since we're talking about

the thing
that never happened...

- Yeah?
- Um...

What's the deal
with you and Burgess?

- Well...

I don't know.
Kim's an amazing woman.

I love her.

We had a lot of bumps
in the road,

and, at the end of the day,

she didn't want to be with me,
so we're friends.

Simple as that.

Yo, you know,
if you want to tie this off,

I get it.
I'll respect that.

But I personally think
we should keep it going.

Have some fun.
See what happens.

No pressure.

You know?

But I will do whatever
you want to do.

Okay? It's up to you.

[dramatic music]

- We expect our police
officers to be perfect,

but they're just human.

They deserve our respect
and support

and, in my case, gratitude.

Thanks to the CPD,
I got my daughter back.

- Does this mean that you're
gonna bury the hatchet

with Brian Kelton?

- Well, I'm gonna do
a lot more than that.

I've actually decided
to support him for mayor.

[reporters clamoring]

- Hey.

You wanted to see me?

- Yeah.

- "The Internal Affairs

"into criminal allegations

"Detective Alvin Olinsky...

"revealed the detective
violated no rules,

nor general orders.

"He is hereby exonerated
of all charges

"and his reputation restored.

Signed Deputy Superintendant
Katherine Brennan."

I'm impressed.

- Don't be.

- Does this have anything
to do

with the Gilchrist kid

- [sighs]

Sometimes things just work out.

- Uh-huh.

To Al.

- To Al.


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]