Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Monster - full transcript

The death of Judge Tommy Wells' daughter puts Intelligence on the track of a pill mill spreading into the suburbs of Chicago and the doctor enabling it. Meanwhile, Voight discovers who's been leaking information from the 21st.

- You're a good cop, Adam.

You're really good
at catching bad guys.

And yet--And yet you work
right next to one

of the worst men in Chicago.

A man who built his career
crossing the line

and breaking the law.

And yet you can't
catch a criminal?

How long do you think
you're gonna be able

to jerk me around?
- I gave you the video.

The video of the fight.

That tap dance with Halstead
punching a bystander

while he's trying to save
a kid's life?

You told me you
wanted something

that crossed the line--
That crossed the line.

Do you know how hard it was
for me to give that to you?

- I told you I wanted something
on Voight.

Something actionable.

- I can't give you
what you want.

I can't.

- Yes, you will.

Or your sister will go to jail,

and your little nephew will
have to learn all the names

of his new foster brothers.

And the poster boy
for corrupt police in Chicago

will not be Hank Voight.

That will be you.

You got 24 hours,
or I will bury your ass.

- Where are you going?

- Um, I gotta go see a guy
about a job.

Security gig.

- Come on.
We have to celebrate.

- Um, celebrate what?
- Our two week anniversary.

- I can't be late.

- So, Ryan,
I have a question.

Am I seeing you again tonight?

- Hell yeah.

- Good, Caitlin.

So, you just moved here?

- Yeah, last week.
- Hmm.

- Looking for a good league
for my daughter.

- Oh, this is the one.
Good coaches, good families.

You're gonna love
this neighborhood.

- Get in there, Caitlin!
Go for it!

- So, Julianne...

I was told that you
could hook me up.

- Excuse me?

- I just--
I need something for my back.

I got into a car accident,
and I'm in a lot of pain.

- It sounds like
you need a doctor.

- Sarah Rathe told me
that you could help.

I have cash.

- How much do you need?
- How much can I get?

Hey, Sue, I need to help out
our new neighbor.

Um, would you mind dropping
Dylan and Caitlin

back at the house?
- Mm-hmm, sure.

It's $80 a pill.
- That's pretty high.

- It's real Oxy.
None of that Chinese crap.

- Okay.

- Wait here.
- Wait, I'll just go with you.

- No, the guy's skittish.

Don't worry.
I'll be right back.

- Did you copy that?
- Yeah.

Already in the location.

- Uh-huh.

Yeah, okay.

- I got the eye.
I'll stay with her, Hailey.

- So, we're gonna bust her
in front of her kids?

- Do you wanna tell Sarge
we lost 1505 funds

and got played by a soccer mom?

- I don't know.

After the Sinaloan cartel,
this feels like small potatoes.

- 17 ODs in this area
in the last month.

Big potato.
- All right, after you.

- Help, help!
- Somebody--Sue!

- Help!
- Please!

Somebody help!
Please, somebody!

- Help!
- Our mom's inside!

She won't wake up!

- Where is she?
- Please!

She's in the bathroom!

- We're police.

You guys stay here.
Stay put, all right?

- Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, hey, hey, hey.

Look at me, look at me,
look at me!

- This is Detective
Jay Halstead.

Badge number 51163.

I need you guys to roll an ambo

to 4222 South Keller.

We got a female
overdose victim.

She's conv--
Hey, guys, stay back!

- Julianne!
- She's convulsing pretty bad.

- Send help quick.

I'm gonna get them out of here.

- Hey, hey, hey!

- Julianne, stay with me.

Stay with me, Julianne!

She stole our money
to buy her fix.

Looks like she was trying to
get high

before her kids got home.

- We found a straight razor
and a white powder substance.

Field tested for Oxy.

She probably snorted it.

We tried like hell,
we couldn't revive her.

- We'll crack off a vice report
on your attempt to buy.

Dump her phone.

She must have reached out
to her supplier.

- All right.
- Hello, Hank.

- Hey, Denny.

- So he called you, too?

- He?
Just here working a case.

- Good.
Now you own it.

- I'm not following.

- The victim in the case
is Julianne Wells.

Daughter of
the Honorable Judge Wells.

- Tommy Wells?

- That's right.

Daughter of a white judge.

The opioid crisis is finally
going to hit front page

of the "Tribune."

- Hey.
- Coffee?

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

How'd it work out
with your boyfriend?

- Not great.
- Can you fix it?

Yeah, I think it got broke

in a way
you can't really fix.

- That sucks.
- Mm.

- Um, well hey,
you did right by the team.

You did right by Voight.
That's something, right?

- All right, guys.

Julianne Hudson.

Divorced, mother of two.

Been in and out of rehab
for the past two years.

- And you had no idea
she was Judge Wells' daughter?

- She's going by Hudson.
It's her married name.

- We did know she's
a small-time dealer.

Two of the ODs said she
hooked them up with Oxy.

We were flipping her
to get her supplier.

- Yeah, look,
I talked to my C.I.s.

This move into Lincoln Park
is not the cartels.

It's a new player.

Nobody on our radar
or Narcotics'.

Pushing legit Oxy pills.

- Well, we dumped
Julianne's phone,

and the last call she made
before she OD'd

was to a Vance Williams
for 32 seconds.

- We ran muds and tolls on
the 17 ODs in Lincoln Park.

Six of them called this guy
Vance, too.

- Hmm.

- Got his, uh,
social security records.

Been working at the Wolcott
Grill the last nine months.

- All right, so why don't you
two go talk to him?

Listen, it's new turf,
but it's the same game.

Bust the dealers,
flip the minnows into sharks.

- Copy that.

- You know, before Tommy Wells
was a judge,

he was a cop.

We were in the Academy

Good police.

Let's do him right.

- Parent's not supposed
to have favorites,

but Julianne was my favorite.

She loved sports.

That's how she hurt her knee.
- Hmm.

- And then came the operations.

The pain pills.

Spent my whole career
throwing drug addicts in jail

and my own daughter
went down the rabbit hole.

- I'm so sorry.

Listen, uh...

I talked to Denny Woods.

We're gonna pursue
a narcotics induced homicide.

So if you can point us
in a direction...

- I really wish I could.

The deeper in Julianne got,
the more she isolated herself.

It was our drug companies
and our doctors

who got us hooked.

They called it medicine.

We unleashed this monster
on ourselves.

She was my little girl.

- I lost my son
a few years ago.

Pain doesn't go away.

There is some consolation
when justice is done.

Makes the hole
a little shallower.

We're gonna do
everything we can.

- Yeah.

All right.

- Italian Pino grigio here.

- Okay.
- Crisp, dry.

A lot of lemon and lime.

- Even some green apple
in the finish.

I think you're gonna like it.

- I do.
You know your stuff, Vance.

How long you worked here?
- Not that long.

- And you've already made
a name for yourself.

I hear that you
are the man to see.

- Sorry,
tell me your name again?

- Diana.

- So, what do you want, Diana?

- I want to have fun.

And I want to help
other people have fun.

See, I work at a tennis club.

There's a lot of women.
A lot of free time.

Not a lot of supervision.

Virgin territory, Vance.
Without the virgins.

- I'm listening.
- Mmm-hmm.

They wanna party.
They don't like the needles.

- Do you like to party?

- I do.

Do you know where
I can get some Oxy?

- Um...

So, after that thing
with the judge's daughter--

- Yeah?

- Suppliers are gonna
be laying low.

- Okay.

- I have a recreational stash.

- Sweet.

- I'll be free in ten minutes.

Actually, you won't be.

- Chicago PD.

- Bitch.
- Hey.

You good, Kim?
- I'm fine.

- Know her?

- I may have seen her
at the bar.

- 'Cause your manager saw you
talking to Julianne yesterday.

After which, she snorted 600
milligrams of OxyContin.

- That's a bummer,
but that's not on me.

'Cause your recreational stash,

same pills that
killed Julianne.

- I want a lawyer.
- You from Chicago?

- What's that got
to do with it?

- Are you from Chicago?
- Yeah, Wilmette.

- So then you know
how this city works.

I mean, this--this is
the daughter of a judge.

So, someone's gonna pay
for this, right?

I mean, if I were you,

I'd wanna put it
on my supplier.

But if you wanna protect him,

I'm happy to go with you.

And that means
you'll take the full ride

for the homicide charge.

- You know,
I kinda hope he eats it.

'Cause this means
we get to go home early.

- So, who's your supplier?

Last chance, Vance.

Let's go.
- I want a deal.

- And in return
for his cooperation,

aside from his immediate

my client wants full immunity.

- Sergeant, we got him on
Intent to Distribute,

selling to an undercover
police officer,

and you want to release him?

Just long enough
to smoke out his source.

He'll have a tracker on.

- There's no way
I can agree to that.

Your Honor, we are all
so sorry for your loss.

- I heard you were here.

Are you guys making a deal
with my daughter's killer?

- I haven't signed off on it.

- Just so you know,
I'm not a killer, okay?

Your daughter was a junkie,

and whether it was me
or somebody else,

she was gonna find her pills.

- This opioid addiction
is destroying our country.

So, if we have to make
some unsavory deals...

So be it.

- 24 hours, partial immunity.

- Listen to me.

You set up that
meeting tonight.

Or this deal is off the table.
You understand?

- Still no sign
of Frank Barrett.

- Vance and his supplier
decided not to show up.

- Well, we just got here,
but according to the tracker,

Vance is still
inside his house.

- All right, come on.

Kev, you take the front.
We'll take the back.

- Got it.

- Antonio?

Back door.

- Door.
- Got it.


- Body.
- Got it.

Hey, Kev,
we found Vance.

- Forced entry to the rear.

House wasn't tossed.

M.E. puts time of death
at 11:30.

Single gun shot.

Talking to the neighbors.
Nothing so far.

- Any intel
on Vance's supplier?

- No, just what he told us.

Frank Barrett.
We're looking into it.

- So, all crime techs found
was one shoe print.

It's a size 11.

Victim was a size nine.
So it could be the killer.

But it could also be
the FedEx guy.

- All right,
get a cast.

Put it into evidence.
- Yep.

- Got a kill shot
to the head.

Close range,
no struggle.

This was an execution.

- Spoke to the crime techs.
There's no prints.

So the guy was
a professional.

- Bullet?

- I'll get it over
to ballistics.

- All right,
check the neighborhood

for security cameras, will you?
- Yeah.

- Hey, boss?
- Yeah.

- Okay, I'm looking
in the closet,

And there's at least 15 to 20K

in a shoe box on the floor
in there.

- Give me a minute.
- Yeah.

- You want us
to voucher it for you?

- No, I'll take care of it.

- Honestly, Boss,
I can handle it.

- Sarge, we found something.

- What's up?
- This was in the fire pit.

- Is that prescription bottles?
- Yeah.

There's a bunch of them.
Looks like he torched them.

But you can still make out
bits of the label.

- Mmm.
- OxyContin.

And they all look like they
were written by the same guy.

A Dr. Lewis Macy.

- Get them over to the lab.

See if you can find
some more names

and go talk to this Lewis Macy.

- Kim Kelly.
Laura Henderson.

Are those patients of yours?

- Don't ring a bell.

- Hey, do you write a lot
of pain prescriptions?

- Oh, gosh, no.

I call those slippery slopes.
- Hmm.

- One pill can take you
right to the bottom.

- Maybe you can help explain
why we found Oxy prescriptions

for these patients
written in your name.

- That's an easy one.

My office was broken into
six months ago.

They stole my computer,
petty cash,

and my prescription pads.

- Huh.
You reported this?

- Definitely.

A couple of your brothers
in blue came to investigate.

Apparently other doctors
in this city got robbed, too.

This is a real shame,
the times we live in.

- Yeah.

Do you know a guy
named Frank Barrett?

- I don't.

- Doctor?
- Ah, now if you'll excuse me,

I do have patients waiting.

Is there anything else
I can help you with?

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

- Dr. Lewis Macy.
Family doctor.

Two kids in high school.

Divorce, no priors.

And no apparent connection
to our DOA Vance Williams.

No phone calls.
No E-mails.

These two never crossed path

- And I talked to robbery.

Dr. Macy did file
a burglary report.

- And his alibi for the night
of Vance's murder checks out.

It was Parent Night
at Webster Prep.

And he's a size nine.

Not a match for the shoe print
we found at the crime scene.

- Still, I wanna get
a sneak and peek

on the doctor's finances.

What about this
Frank Barrett guy?

- There's eight Frank Barretts
in Chicago, Sarge.

But my money is on the one who
runs this bar called Blazes.

That's where Vance Williams
used to work.

- And two of the names we found
on the prescription bottles

have one thing in common.

They both used to work
at Blazes.

- All right, so let's get some
dirt on him,

then scoop him up.

- Frank Barrett?

- Do I know you?
- Chicago PD.

We wanted to talk to you
about one of your employees,

Vance Williams.

- Oh, yeah.
He's a former employee.

My manager told me what
happened to him last night.

This freaking city, huh?

- Yeah, do you have any idea
who killed him?

- No idea, he's just some guy
who used to work for me.

- So, Vance was pushing
illegal opiods.

We also know some other people
in the ring,

and the one thing they all have
in common--

They've all worked for you.

- Oh, you think that I got
something to do with this?

- You are the boss, right?

- It's not a church, man.
It's a bar.

- Yeah.
Where were you last night?

- I was at my bar.

Till close.

Look, it's tragic what happened
to Vance,

but I had nothing
to do with it.

So if you guys
are done fishing here,

you'll excuse me.
I have to get to work.

- That's a nice ride
for a bartender.

- Bar owner.

A man can make a good living
selling booze in Chicago.

- Why don't we take
a ride to the bar?

Check out his alibi?
- Mmm-hmm.

- All right,
what have you got?

- We have the Trap and Trace
on Barrett's phone.

Like we hoped,
Barrett made a phone call

30 seconds after he talked
to Halstead and Upton.

- Yeah, it's definitely
a Chicago number,

but you're not gonna believe
who it belongs to.

- Chicago PD.

- Mind if we come in?

- Um...

- All right, come on.
Over here.

- What do you want?
- Where is he?

- Who, what?
- Hey, look at me.

Where is he?
- Antonio?

- What's this?

- Sit down.
We have the same question.

- You just got a call
from Frank Barrett.

- Yeah.
Frank's my cousin.

- The Vance Williams
evidence folder.

- I'm doing the case report.

I wanna double-check evidence,

cross reference to make sure
I don't leave anything out.

- Like a real detective.

- Was there any money
vouchered into evidence?

- Is there any listed there?
- No.

- There's your answer.

- Why am I here?
I didn't do anything.

- Don't worry, baby.
It's all a mistake.

- Both interview rooms clear?

- Yeah, we just put in
fresh linens.

- All right, her in one,
Doc in two.

- Wait, is there any way
we can do this together?

- That's not how this works.

- Can't you do something?

- I'm on the case report.
- Good.

- You want us
to voucher it for you?

- No, I'll take care of it.

- Now help me out here, Doc.

Just trying to fit
some pieces together.

So Frank Barrett
is your cousin?

- Yeah, that's right.
On my mother's side.

And Andrea Scott
is your girlfriend?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- She was pretty out of it.
Is she doing opioids?

- No, she has
a legal prescription

for medical marijuana.

- You write it for her?
- It's for her migraines.

- Oh, got it.

Okay, so you and cousin Frank

are partners in
an illegal opioid business.

- No, I already told you
somebody stole

my prescription pads.
- Stop.

You lied to us.

You said you didn't know
who Frank Barrett was.

- I was nervous.

I didn't wanna say anything
against my cousin.

But he's not a drug pusher,
I'll tell you that much.

- All right, listen.

This mild-mannered
doctor shtick?

You're gonna have
to come off it.

- What're you--

- Because you're connected
to two murders.

And you wrote
the fraudulent scripts

that killed the daughter
of Judge Wells.

- I didn't.

- And either you or your cousin
shot Vance Williams.

- I have no idea
who this man is.

- Really?

'Cause we found Oxy
at his place

from prescriptions
that you wrote.

Now, I think your cousin
got you into all this.

If you wanna get out of it,

You gotta give us your cousin.

- Wait, I'm not following.

- We need you to wear a wire.

Get Barrett to talk about
his opioid dealings.

- I'm sorry,
I could never do that.

- All right, fine.

You'll take the
full ride alone.

- That's crazy.

Like I said, they stole my
prescription pads.

- You really gonna
hang onto that?

- I'm telling you the truth.
- We're done here.

- Start with how
you know Lewis.

- I, uh, I met Lewis
at a club.

And then one thing
led to another.

- The age difference
didn't deter you?

- I guess I still
have daddy issues.

- You have a prior
for solicitation.

- Oh, that's not what this is.

I like him.
- That's great.

What's your relationship
with Frank Barrett?

- Um, I only met him
a few times.

He's--He's Lewis' cousin.
That's all I know.

- How long you been using?

- Oh, those are old.

- We can help you.

But we need to know
how bad your habit is.

- I just take a pill
or two a day.

That's it.

Please, I--I don't know
anything else.

- Andrea, I think
you do know something.

And the sooner you tell us
what you know,

the sooner you can go.

- Lewis...
he was acting strange today.

- Did he say why?
- No.

But when he got the call,
I knew that it was from Frank.

And then Lewis told him
that the police

were asking him questions, too.

And then he started
freaking out.

And then the cops came.

- So Barrett got prescriptions
from Dr. Macy.

Then he gave them to Vance.

Vance got the runners,
distributed the pills.

Barrett sealed himself off.

Now, without Vance,

the only way to Barrett
is through Macy.

- And he's not talking.

- All right,
what about Andrea?

- Well, we dumped
Andrea's phone.

And right now,
there's no obvious connection

to her and Barrett.

- What we do know is
she has a serious habit.

She's gonna be sweating
it out in lock-up,

looking for a fix.

- That explains the Oxy we
found at Macy's apartment.

- Yeah, you know what
else we found?

- Love notes from the doctor.
Post-It notes.

"Andrea, you're every pleasure
I've ever imagined."

"No matter how much we're

I can never get enough of you."

- Then that's it.
We got him.

- Mmm-hmm.
- The doctor's in love.

And we use her
to make him flip.

- This is where
he's vulnerable.

We squeeze as tight as we can.

Cut Andrea loose.
Keep eyes on her.

Find something actionable.

- You know, I've been waiting
for your call.

- Are you kidding me right now?
You're gonna talk to me here?

- You know,
according to my timepiece,

you've got about
four hours left.

- Yeah, well I've been busy.

- You plant that seed
I gave you?

No, all right?

It's not easy to plant 20K,

There's too many eyes.

- Come here.

Ah, remove your glasses
when you talk to me.

Sweet Jesus, he took it,
didn't he?

- No, that's not what happened.
- Don't you lie to me.

- I'm not lying to you.
- Then where's the money?

- I need more time,
all right?

I need more time to plant it.

I'm waiting for another chance.

- I think the harpoon
is already in the whale.

Time is ticking.

6:00 p.m. tomorrow,
you bring me the cash,

or proof that Voight took it.

We're done.


Please, please!

- Hey, Jen.
- Hey.

- Hey, thanks for coming.
- Hi.

Hey, I got you the white wine.
- Thank you.

Glad you called.

I wasn't expecting
to hear from you.

- Uh, yeah, you know what?

I didn't actually call
about that.

Um, I need some advice.

- Sure.
Are you in trouble?

- Well, I've got this friend.

Who's also a cop.

And, uh, his sister got a DUI.

And her son was in the car.

Gonna be a mess.

And my friend,
he took care of it.

The problem is,
a white shirt--

he found out about it.
- Mmm-hmm.

- And now my friend's getting
all jammed up.

I'm just wondering
what kind of punishment

he might be looking at.

- Well, falsifying a report is
a Rule 14 violation.

It's a straight felony.

Plus with a white shirt
gunning for him,

I'd say your friend is looking
at five years in prison.

- Okay.


- It's the new world of reform.

Everybody wants
to bury a cop.

- We arrested your girlfriend.

She was buying heroin

on the west side.

- She's been trying
to wean herself off.

She just needs to go
back to rehab.

- Well, you can make
that happen

if you start cooperating.

- I know what you're
trying to do.

- Your cousin is a drug pusher.

He killed one man we know of,

and he's extorting you.

Now, you can save him,

or you can save her.

- When I met Andrea,

that's when I came
back to life.

For the first time I was
finally doing something for me.

And then on top
of everything else,

I had a divorce to pay for.

- Okay, so you reached out
to your cousin Frank, yeah?

- Frank always told me
if I ever needed anything...

I couldn't pay
the loan back.

That is when he asked
for the prescriptions.

Then I didn't know
how to get out.

What about Andrea?

- Listen, you give us Frank,

Andrea walks.
You have my word.

- One day, I'm gonna have this
darn monkey off my back,

and Andrea and I are gonna
be together.

- This is
a transmitting device.

Works like a regular phone.

You can still receive calls.

You press this button twice,
you're ready to rock.

- I don't know
if I can do this.

Frank is my family.

We grew up together,

and now I'm gonna
stab him in the back.

No, no,
this isn't who I am.

- You know who you are.

You're a guy with
no good options.

So you gotta deal with it.

- What I did was wrong.
This is also wrong.

- Yeah, well, sometimes
two wrongs make a right.

Press this button twice.

Let's go.

- Let me know when you got eyes
on the doctor.

- Yeah, we got him.
He's by the bench.

- Got eyes on Barrett, too.

Black jacket,
blue jeans.

He's approaching right now.

- Copy that.



Why'd you wanna meet here?

Eh, cops have been poking
around the bar.

So, what's up?

What'd you wanna talk about?

- About the cops.

You said nothing
was gonna happen.

Nothing has happened.

Let's go take a walk.

- Where?
- Eh, we'll just walk.

Come on.

- All right,
they're on the move.


- So, what do you really want,

- Look, I'm scared
they're going to find out.

- About what?

- About the Oxy pills.

- What are you talking about,

There's no way that they can
connect anything to us.

It's perfect.

Look, all you gotta do
is stick to the story.

- What about Vance?

- I don't know what you're
talking about.

Come on.

- All right, hey,
we got eyes.

I want you to hang back.
We don't wanna heat this guy.

- Copy.

- You know, that's strange,

That person you're
referring to,

I don't remember telling
you his name.

- The police told me
about Vance.

- The police, huh?

How many times you talk
to them?

- Once, twice.

- Well, which one is it?
Once or twice?

- It doesn't matter.
Why did you kill him?

- Why are you trying to get me
to admit to something

I didn't do?

- I just wanna know.
- Huh?

What, did they put
a wire on you?

- No.
- You got a wire?

- No, God, no.

- We can pull him out.

- Wait for my order.

- Did the cops flip you, Lewis?

- No, it's not like that.


- They're going in the tunnel.

- Frank!
- Hey, listen to me.

I don't care
that we're family.

If you ever say anything
to the cops--

- Frank, what the hell
are you doing?

- I will shove this gun
so far down your--

- Move in, now.

- All right, go, man.
Go, go, go.

- Sarge, Macy's down,
but we got him.

Barrett fled out the west side
of the tunnel.

Atwater and Upton
are in pursuit.

I do not believe
that they have eyes.

- I got eyes on Barrett.

He's at the south end
of the park.

You guys, there's a lot
of kids around.

- Barrett is armed.

There's too many civilians
to take any chances.

Apprehend without incident.

- Hey, is that a zebra?
Okay, great.

He's getting on the bus.
The 289.

How's it going?


- Well, thanks to your cousin,

we got you on drug trafficking,

narcotics induced homicide
of Julianne Wells,

and now the murder--
or attempted murder--

of your cousin.

- Ah, come on.
The idiot grabbed the gun

and it went off.

I wasn't gonna shoot him.

- Anything else you wanna say
in your defense?

- You know what?

I think I'll let my lawyer
handle that.

- This is murder, bro.

Vance was your middle man.

You found out
he was gonna roll.

You killed him, too.

- Look, I may have had
something to do with the pills.

But I had nothing to do
with that guy's murder.

- We know Vance set
a meeting with you.

And we got your shoeprint
at the scene.

Size 11.

- Yeah, I do have a size 11.

But I also have an alibi for
the night that guy was killed.

- And we checked it.
You left Blazes at seven.

That's plenty of time
to do this murder.

- Okay, look.

I lied about being
there all night.

It's because I was
meeting a doctor.

His name is Furlow.

Dr. Daniel Furlow.

I was seeing if he might
wanna be in business.

It's not exactly something
I wanted to advertise.

Do you understand?

- Where was this?

- It was at
the Ambassador Hotel.

And you can check that.

- What else did you lie about?

- So, what have you got for me?

- You know, I've thought a lot
about this situation.

I've gone over all the math,

all the possibilities.

And I think I came
to a conclusion.

Screw you.

Oh, that feels good.

Yeah, screw you.

- You know,
you must be lousy at math,

because you got
the exact wrong answer.

- Yeah, well,
you know what?

It's the only one
I can live with, so--

- And what about your family?

- Voight is my family.

That's what you don't
seem to understand.

They're all my family.

And I'm not gonna give them up
for the likes of you.

- Not a bridge you wanna burn,

- No, it is a bridge that
I wanna blow the hell up.

You with all your
high-minded BS.

Your superiority.

Oh, my God.

I mean, the only reason that
you wanna get Voight so bad

is because you realize
you're not half the man he is.

And I'm here to tell you
you never will be.

- Officer Ruzek...

Enjoy your last day as a cop.

- I will.

- Hey, sorry for the late hour.

- Eh, it's all right.

I haven't been sleeping.

- Oh, well,
I do have some good news.

- Yeah?

- Busted Frank Barrett.

ASA's charging him
with the drug induced homicide

of Julianne.

- Thank you, Hank.

There's some cold comfort
in that.

- I'm glad.
Look at this.

Oh, my God.

You remember that time we
chased those robbery suspects

across Wabash,
trapped them under

the El tracks?

Yeah, the inspector
wrote me up

for not wearing my crown cap.

- You still got your
service revolver?

- Uh, no, no.

I lost it.
- Lost it?

- Yeah.
- Just disappeared, huh?

- Well, you know,
it got put into a box,

and then one day it was gone.

- Huh.

Well, that's too bad.

They had that special ammo
for those 357s, remember?

- It was a long time ago.
- Yeah, well...

The reason I think of it is we
just got the ballistics back.

Vance Williams was killed with
a .38 caliber hollow-point.

The same ammo we used
in our service revolvers.

And the thing is...

Only cops got those bullets.

And they stopped making them
in 1994.

Which is the same year you
stopped being a policeman.

You about a size 11, Tommy.

- I'm not sure what
you're getting at, Hank.

You told me that Barrett
was good for the murder.

- Yeah, well, I thought he was,

His alibi checked out.

He wasn't there.


Tommy, I knew you
when you were a cop.

I know what you're capable of.

And I know what it's like
to look into the eyes

of the person that killed
your child.

- If you look really closely,

I think you'll see

that there's no physical
evidence to tie me

to this murder.

And even if you try
to make a case,

I've been a judge and a cop
in this town for 30 years.

All the friends that I've made?

It's an army.

- Tommy, I'm just saying
I know what happened.

I know.

Doesn't feel as good as you
think it will, does it?

I need something.

- I'm listening.

- Hey, man.

I gotta go meet a C.I.

I could use the back up.

- You want me
to call in Atwater?

- No, you and me.

Just like the old days.

- All right, yeah.

I like that.
- Yeah.

- Remember the first
time we met?

- At the Academy?
- That's right.

You were on top
of your instructor.

It was a hostage drill.

We were supposed
to disarm him.

- Yeah, you beat him up.

I disarmed him.

- You know, you've always been
like a son to me.

- I thought we were going
to the south side.

- Yeah, we just changed
the venue.

- That's the C.I.

- Yeah.

Come on.

- Who are we meeting, Al?