Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Politics - full transcript

A Congressman who's friends with Voight is found with a dead Ukrainian girl.

- Thanks for coming, Hank.

I know this isn't your style,

but I like to show you off
from time to time.

- Listen, I'm glad to be here.

There's not too many

willing to publically support
the police these days.

- I got to go press the flesh.
- Do it.

- Hey.

- How'd you get dragged
into this?

- Uh, my friend--
my boyfriend invited me.

He worked with Congressman
Graynor a few years back

at the State's
Attorney's Office.

- Well, you look great.
- Thanks.

I mean, the last time I wore
this was my aunt's funeral.

- Oh, glad you're getting
some use out of it.


- So where is this new guy?

- Running late.
I don't know.

- Busy man.
Federal prosecutor now, right?

- Yeah, it's very fancy.
- Mm.

- Oh, there he is. Matt.
- Oh, hey.

- Hi.
- Wow.

You sure you're really a cop?

- Okay, Matt, this is
Sergeant Hank Voight.

Otherwise known as my boss

so be nice.
- Ah.

Nice to meet you,

- Hank.
All right, have fun.

- I'm sorry I'm late.
It's just been a crazy day.

I'm in the middle of that RICO
case, and it's heating up so...

- Oh, I knew how this goes:
too much work.

Too busy, no time
for a relationship.

- Wow, well, that's a jaded way
to look at it.

- Oh, yeah? What's the rosy,
optimistic way?

- The fact that I didn't cancel
tonight in the middle

of the most important
investigation of my life

on the cusp of taking
down the Odessa mob

is an obvious indication
of how important you are to me.

- Ooh, you're good.
- I know.

- Thank you all for coming.

And thank you to our host,
Jason Cassidy,

for opening up his lovely home.

I am running for re-election.
That's no secret.

Neither is Chicago's

We have fallen on hard times.

Quite simply the Chicago Police
Department is under fire.

Rather than attacking them,
we should be supporting them.

Because they are the best
in the business.

I know that first hand.

As a prosecutor,
I have worked alongside

these selfless and
courageous folks for years.

Like my friend,
Sergeant Hank Voight.

Make no mistake.

These brave men and women

are and will continue to be

our precious city's
saving grace.

- I don't want
to bother you with this,

but I'm just giving you
a head's up.

I just got a call from IAD.
- About what?

- About the fight at the bar
when I was undercover.

- The kidnapping case?
Who knew about that?

- Upton, Atwater,
the two narcotics cops we used,

and Ruzek.
He wrote the paper on it.

But I know for a fact
that he didn't put anything

in the case
report about it.

- Just keep it simple.

You were undercover.
Fight broke out.

Guy rushed at you
with a beer bottle.

You were in fear
of imminent bodily harm

so you defended yourself.
Hold on.


Right now?

I'm on my way.

- Hey.

Everything okay?

- I'm just...

I got to ask, you didn't file

anything about the fight,
did you?

- Are you seriously
asking me that?

- I didn't think so.
I just wanted to check.

- Look, I think after
everything that happened

you should consider talking
to somebody.

- I'm good.

Thanks for the suggestion.

- You sure?
Things got pretty intense.

- We saved a kid's life.
That's all that matters.

- Yeah, I agree,
but you just want to make sure

that nothing got triggered.

- Hailey, I appreciate
you looking out for me.

I do, really.

I'm fine,
and I don't need a babysitter.

- Copy you.

- All right, what do
we know so far?

- Somebody complained

that there was an alarm clock
that wouldn't shut off

so a hotel manager knocked
on the door,

didn't get a response,
and when he opened it

he found a dead girl

and a male guest
passed out on the bed.

- Gun?
- Nine millimeter.

It was there next to the bed.

- Where's the male guest now?

- In here, Sarge.


- Congressman.

- I know what this looks
like, Hank, but...

I didn't do it.

I swear to God.

- Victim's a Jane Doe.

Prints weren't in the system.
No cell phone.

Only thing they found
in her purse

was a fake driver's license.

The name on it was
Yasmine Molt.

- We'll run it.
We'll see if anything hits.

- Anything on the gun?

- Unregistered.
Suppresser attached.

And the serial number
was defaced.

The only print they lifted off
of it was Graynor's.

- GSR on his hands?
- Negative, but you know what?

He could have washed up
before patrol got there.

- 16 round mag,
assuming it was full,

at least two bullets
were fired.

- Yeah, the victim
was only shot once.

Did you find the other bullet?
- Mm-mm, no.

No shell casings either.
- Run ballistics.

Who knows, maybe it will
connect to another crime.

- Okay.

- Start at the beginning,

Just walk us through
what happened.

- I came back from the party.

I had a drink at the hotel bar.

Started going
through some emails

and then this young lady
started talking to me.

- You get her name?

- I think she said
it was Yasmine.

- Hooker?
- Possible.

She had an accent.

It was eastern European,
maybe Russian.

- So what you guys talk about?

- Not sure.

- Well, explain that to me.

- My memory's...

- You remember inviting her
to your room?

- No, but I can't imagine
that I really did. I...

I don't cheat on my wife,

and yes, I know that sounds
absurd given the circumstances.

She must have drugged me when
I got up to go to the restroom.

That is the only thing
that makes sense.

I have never
blacked out before.

- Okay, so...

She drugged you.
You went upstairs.

Then you passed out,

and some guy other than you
comes in, shoots the girl,

puts the gun in your hand, gets
your fingerprints all over it,

then tosses the gun
on the ground and walks out.


That's a hell of a theory,

- Somebody must have set me up.

It is the only plausible

to this totally implausible

- Any idea who might
want to do that?

- Too many to count.
- How's that?

- I voted against a major
construction project

in the 53rd Ward.

And after that the deal
fell apart.

Then the people who lost out
came after me.

There was verbal attacks
on social media, slashed tires.

Every builder and union rep
and alderman in this city

would love to see me fail.

- Look, guys,
Congressman Graynor

clearly needs some rest.
I assume he's free to go?

- We're gonna keep him
in custody

a little longer
until we can clear this up.

Just sit tight, Scott.
Let us do our job.

We'll figure out what the hell
really happened here.

- Unless he's under arrest,

we're walking out of here.

- No, it's all right, Mike.

I trust Sergeant Voight.

Do what you need to do.
I got nothing to hide.

The only thing I ask is...

keep this out of the press.

- I'll do my best but...

the evidence goes against you,
all bets are off.

- This is a feed
from last night.

There's your man
at the bar.

- Well, Graynor seems
to be enjoying himself.

- Hell yeah.

Wait, wait, what happened?
- No idea.

- Uh, can you fast forward
that for me?

Let's see
how long it stays off.

- Oh. Okay, went out at 10:02.
Came back online at 10:46.

- Same time the Jane Doe
was murdered.

- Yeah, that is a hell
of a coincidence.

- You know who was
on duty last night?

- Guy named Luke Ivey.

He's been with us
for about three years,

but he's a pretty mellow guy.

Can't imagine he's involved
in this.

- All right, well,
we're gonna need

his contact information
right now.

- I got a medical prescription
for the weed,

so it's totally legit--
- We're not here

about your weed.
- We're actually here

about last night.
You were working security

at the Bainbridge, right?
- Oh, right.

I heard a girl got killed
or something?

- Yeah, and it just so happens
that the surveillance system

was shut down at the time
of the murder.

- Yeah, you know anything
about that?

- You think somebody

shut down
the security system?

- It crossed our minds, yes.

- You were working between
10:00 and 11:00, right?

- Yeah, on and off.

I spent half the time
in the back room,

watching a fight on TV.

- Luke, you ever seen
this woman?

You recognize her?
- No.

She the one that got killed?

- Listen, the way this works is
that we ask the questions,

you answer.
- Sorry.

My bad.
Ask away.

- All right, so
you didn't shut it down.

Do you know who did?

- Could have been anyone.

Lots of people have access
to that room.

- Scott Graynor?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I know him.
- You like him?

- No. He's a racist,
right-wing prick.

- I'm not sure I agree
with that,

but that's not
why I'm here, Ray.

- So why are you here?

- Off the record, we're looking
at him for a homicide.

The facts are a bit odd.

But Graynor claims he didn't do
it, thinks he was set up.

- That is possible.

Ol' Scott isn't too popular
around here,

not right now anyway.

- Yeah, I mean, I heard
about the construction deal.

- Yeah, mixed-use,
urban village,

cafes, apartments, offices--it
would've been a game-changer.

- All right, what happened?

- Graynor redirected all
the federal dollars elsewhere.

Gave some half-assed speech
about how he wanted

more investments
in more rural areas.

The truth is the man
doesn't believe

in urban revitalization.

The only thing
he wants to build in my ward

is a damn prison.

- So Graynor's telling
the truth

about having a lot of enemies.
- Yeah.

You're damn right.

- Any idea who might be
at the top of the list?

- Bill Mahoney.

He's the head
of the Iron Workers Union.

- Appreciate it, Ray.

- No surprise,
C.O.D. is exsanguination

due to the bullet
entering her chest.

- Huh. Any evidence
of sexual activity?

- None. No traces of
third-party DNA, either.

But I did find this
implanted in her upper arm.

You don't see this every day.

- M.E. found a GPS chip
in Jane Doe's arm.

Like something you put
in a prized pet.

we can't track it.

- Someone was tracking her.
- Yeah, probably the pimp.

- That's a
pretty sophisticated pimp.

- Hey, tox report came back.

Graynor was right,
about the drugs anyways.

They found Ketamine and Oxy
in his blood.

- Well, that explains
the blacking out.

- Yeah, but now the question is
did he drug himself?

Or was he drugged?
- I don't know, even if he took

the drugs himself,
it still doesn't make sense.

This shooting was premeditated.
The gun had a silencer.

The odds of someone doing
a murder in that state of mind?

Pretty remote.
- Yeah, I agree.

Either Graynor is
the dumbest criminal ever

or somebody set him up.

- Bill Mahoney, how you doing?

Just need to ask you
a few questions.

- About what?
- Congressman Graynor.

- Did he wind up dead
or something?

- Well, that's
an interesting response.

- I'm busy. What the hell
is this about?

- Do you mind telling us
where you were last night?

- Yes.
- Well, we're happy to take you

down to the station
if you prefer.

- You gonna tell me
what this is about?

- Your name came up as a person
of interest in a homicide.

That's all I can say right now.
- Homicide?

You think I'm involved
in some murder?

That's crazy.
- Okay.

So tell us where
you were last night

between 10:00 and 10:30.

- At the hospital.

My sister had a baby girl.


Six pounds, nine ounces.

Mom and baby are doing great,
thanks for asking.

Now, if there's nothing else...

- Mahoney's alibi checks out.

He was at Chicago Med
from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am.

- Which brings us back

to Graynor.
- I don't know.

Whether or not you agree

with his politics, he's clean.

Served in the marines.

Active in his church.
Married 17 years with two kids.

- Yeah, 'cause church-going men
never cheat on their wives.

- All right, what about
our Jane Doe?

We find anything new?
- I talked to a pimp CI.

He couldn't ID her,
but he said there are lots

of Eastern European girls
working the Gold Coast hotels.

- Which jibes
with Graynor's story.

He said the girl had an accent.
- Thanks.

The gun that
killed our Jane Doe

just showed up in another
shooting, a woman, late 30s.

Someone found her
in a car last night

two blocks from the Bainbridge.

- She going to make it?
- Yeah.

She just got out of surgery.
She's in stable condition.

- Let's go.

- Her name's Irina Petrova.

Still a little groggy,

keeps asking
about her daughter.

- Thanks.

- Okay.

- Ma'am.
I'm Sergeant Hank Voight.

This is Detective Olinsky.

- We want to ask you
a couple of questions.

- Is my daughter okay?

- Your daughter?
- Yes.

I'm very worried about her.

- That's our Jane Doe.

- Ma'am, I'm so sorry.
Your daughter's dead.

- Sasha?

She's murdered?

- I'm afraid so.

I think I know who he is.

The man who killed her.

- That's great.
Who is he?

- A man came

and offered my daughter

and her friend
modeling contracts.

So they came here to Chicago.

Three months I hadn't heard
from her.

And I called and called.

And then two weeks ago,
I got a message.

Sasha said she was...

a hostage.

That this man took
her passport and money

and that he was watching
her every move.

- Well, what'd you do?

- I bought a ticket,
and I came here myself.

She's my daughter.

- I know this is hard, but...

Do you think you could identify
the man who shot you?

- He's not here.

He was younger and bald.

And he was Ukrainian.

- How do you know that?
- He called me "sooka."

Before he shot me.

That means bitch.

- The mom canvassed
the Ukrainian village

with a photo
of her daughter Sasha.

Found some guy works at a
grocery store recognized her.

- Apparently, she and
the other girls buy food there.

- Yeah, so Irina paid the guy

100 bucks to smuggle a burner
phone into her groceries.

- Sasha texts her mom
and they hatch an escape plan.

- But someone found the phone
before they could pull it off.

- Hey, guys.

I got something.

All right, I pulled this
from a security camera

two blocks away
from the Bainbridge.

That's Irina in her rental car.

Look at the time stamp. 10:22.

- It's around the same time
Sasha was killed.

- Yeah, but first he tries
taking out the mom.

So he shoots Irina, and then
he walks over to the hotel

and he kills her daughter.

- All right,
blow that image up,

see if we get a hit on
facial rec of our bald friend.

If not, get the picture out
on the streets.

I want to find this son
of a bitch.

- Hey, so I just talked
to Robbery-Homicide.

There's a ring
of Eastern European women

that have been active
in the Viagra Triangle

over the last six months.

- Yeah, my pimp CI
said the same thing.

- But they're not hookers.
They're identity thieves.

They target wealthy men
in high-end hotels.

Drug them, clone their
credit cards, steal watches,

loose cash,
whatever they can grab.

The scam is run
by the Odessa mob.

- That makes sense.

Sasha and her friend
were recruited

from a village not far
from there.

Hey, you run Graynor's credit
cards yet?

- Yeah.

All four were maxed out,

and starting yesterday,
all the charges

originated in Eastern Europe.

- Free to go, Scott.

- You found the killer?
- We got a few solid leads.

We do know you're
not responsible

for what happened
to that young lady.

- I appreciate you saying
that out loud.

I still can't believe
this really happened.

- Listen, I want you
to go out this way.

It leads to a back alley.

I called your lawyer.
He's waiting for you.

- So no one knows
about any of this?

- No.

- I appreciate that, Hank.

Man of his word.

Rare commodity.

In my business anyway.

- Thank you.
So what's going on?

It sounded important.

Are you breaking up
with me at the coffee cart?

- I wouldn't break up
with you at a coffee cart.

Come on, I'm too classy
for that.

Uh, no, there's a case we're
investigating that I think

might intersect
with the one you're working on.

I ran it through facial
recognition, didn't get a hit.

I'm thinking you might
recognize the guy.

- What's the case?
- Homicide.

Young Ukrainian woman.

This guy's our prime suspect.

And we think
that he's connected

to the Odessa mob.

- Right.

- Hey.
Do you know who he is?

- I can't answer that.
- Why not?

- All I can say right now is
he's a person of interest

in the case
we're investigating.

- Yeah, us too,
and it's a murder

so I'm pretty sure
that we win.

- Yeah, it's not that simple.

Okay, uh, I need to talk to
a few people about this,

and you should talk to Voight.

I think we should all sit down

and figure out the best way
to move forward.

- We're on the same team,

If you know who this guy is--
- Kim.

It's important, please.

Just talk to Voight, okay?

I'm gonna set up a meeting.
We'll go from there.

Hey, would you just trust me?

I'm protecting both of us,

- Got it.

- I'll call you later, okay?

- You talked to your boyfriend
about our case?

- Well, Matt is investigating
the Odessa mob.

They're building the RICO case.

So I thought he might be able

to identify the suspect
in our homicide.

- Let me guess...he couldn't.

- No, he thought
that we should meet

and discuss the best way
to proceed.

I was trying to help, Sergeant.

We needed the name
of the shooter.

I thought he might know,
and so yes,

I told him about our case.
- Look, Kim.

I could give a damn
who you sleep with,

but I care a whole hell
of a lot

who you share
our information with.

- I thought he could help us.

- The Feds help the Feds.
That's it, end of story.

Come in.

- I got something.
- What is it?

- Been looking at surveillance
video from the past month.

Found footage of Sasha
and the bald guy,

the shooter from the bar.

And I just found a shot of him

with our good friend,
Luke Ivey.

Security guy.

That pothead was lying to us.

- Get his ass in here.

All right.
- Okay.

- We got an open door.

Hey, Luke.


Where you at, man?

Hey. Hey, Chicago PD.

Get your hands up.

Hey, Luke.

Son of a bitch.

- I'll go call it in.

Damn it.

- Ivey took one right to the
back of the head, close range.

- Any sign of a break-in?

- No, sir. No struggle.
Straight execution.

- I spoke to a neighbor.

She said she heard a gunshot.

Looked out the window,
saw a white, bald guy

get into a black Mercedes.

She couldn't get the plates

- You show her
the surveillance photo?

- Yeah, she says she's
pretty positive it was him.

- So our guy gets nervous.

Dumps his inside man
at the hotel. Makes sense.


I got a meeting with the FBI.

- The Feds helping us out?

- I said I had a meeting.

I didn't say anything
about getting any help.

- Like I told Kim, given
the potential conflicts here,

it makes sense for all of us
to get on the same page.

- So, from my understanding,

your Unit is investigating
a homicide

that may be connected
to the Odessa mob.

- Actually, it's two homicides,
but Kim was just speculating.

We don't have any evidence
connecting him to this group.

- We do. I recognized
the photo Kim showed me.

He's a low level player, runs
their cyber-fraud division.

- That's great.
Just give me his name.

We'll scoop him up.
Save you the trouble.

Well, you said yourself,
he's just a low-level punk.

- We can't reveal
that information.

Not at this point in time.

- We've been investigating
these pricks for two years.

We're this close to taking down
the whole damn organization.

- And we don't want
to spook anyone.

We need them to think
everything's normal.

- Look, we get it.
You've been working

this a long time--
- But when the case is over

we'll give you everything
you need

to nail this son
of a bitch.

I give you my word on that.

- The thing is, guys,

I got a dead girl,
18 years old.

And I highly doubt her mother

gives a damn about
your RICO case.

- I get it, I get it.
I really do.

But like I said before,

we can't let a local case

with this investigation.

- You asking me to sit
on my hands?

- Yes. Just for the time being.

- Okay, you win.

- Thank you for being
so understanding.

- Yeah.
- We appreciate it.

- Mm-hmm.

- All right, the good news is,
we now know

our suspect is part
of the Odessa mob.

Call Antonio, get boots on the
ground in Ukrainian Village.

Circulate the photo of Sasha
and that male suspect.

Believe me, someone's
gonna know so...

- Wait, you just said
we were gonna stand down

until they made their case.
- Listen, Kim, you got a chance

to make a murder case,
you make it; you don't wait.

- So the investigation
is still on?

We're gonna pretend like
that meeting didn't happen?

- Is that a problem?

- No.
- So keep your mouth shut

around Matt,
you hear me?

Not a word.
- Yeah, I hear you.

- All right, head over
to the hospital,

show Irina
that surveillance video.

Maybe she can ID
her daughter's friend.

- Um, do you mind taking
a look at this?

I got it.

It's from the night
that Sasha was killed.

She was so beautiful.

- I'm sorry to make
you watch it.


You told Sergeant Voight

that Sasha came to Chicago
with a friend.

- Yes, Olene Zelenko.

- Olene.

Do you see Olene anywhere
in this video?

- There, that's Olene.
- Okay.

Thank you.
That's very helpful.

- Are you going to rescue her?

- We're gonna try.

We're gonna show this photo
to people who work at hotels.

Hopefully, someone's seen her,
can help us find her.

And then once we find Olene,
hopefully she can help us

find the man
that killed Sasha.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- Her name's Olene Zelenko.

She's being held captive
by the Odessa mob.

She's doing ID thefts
at various high-end hotels

on the Gold Coast so let's
get these photos out there.


- Thanks, Trudy.

- No problem. Hey, um...

I heard about your issue
with your new beau.

- Oh, it's not an issue.

- Right, good.
'Cause you should be careful.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- It means things
get complicated.

We do the same job as the Feds,

but we are not
on the same team.

So if you really like this guy,

you might want to step away.
- Step away from what?

- The case.

- No.

I'm good, but thanks.

- Okay.

- So, the word is you've moved
off my favorite congressman.

- You're even more connected
than I thought.

- Here's the problem, Hank.

My developer friends
have told me

they're still interested
in the West Side project.

But the problem is
we need Graynor on board.

- Then talk to him.
- Yeah.

Right here.
- I have about 20 times.

The man just doesn't
believe in it.

- He's entitled to his opinion.

- Not when it's bad for
business--my business.

- Look, you two don't see
eye to eye.

It's got nothing to do with me.

Sure it does.

- How's that?

- You owe me a favor.

I kept my mouth shut
about that Irish cop.

You remember him?

- I do.

- Framed that young brother
for his own suicide.

Hell of a thing.

Don't worry, Hank.

I didn't say a word.

I just sat there and watched.

All you boys in blue
saluting his ass,

treating him like
some damn hero.

- What's the ask?

- I want a picture.

- What picture?

- The crime scene photo.

Of Graynor and the dead girl.

- I already told you,
he's innocent.

- Yeah, of murder,
but he was still there.

- He was a mark.

- Who gives a damn?

The public sees that picture
of a dead hooker

in his hotel room, hell.

The damn Pope couldn't
get out from under that.

- It was good to see you, Ray.

- Price wants to see
crime scene photos.

- Yeah, so he can blow up

Wants to build some sort

of fancy office project
in his ward.

- Just tell him to go to hell.
- I wish I could.

- I didn't know he had
a marker.

- Yeah, it's a pretty good one.

- I like Graynor.

- Yeah, so do I.
Straight shooter.

Supports the police.
I like him, too.

- Maybe, uh, Price is bluffing?

- Maybe, it's possible, but...

If he's not, he can do a lot
of damage.

He may ruin a few careers.

- Hey, just got off the phone

with the manager
at the Langston hotel.

He said he just saw Olene
get into an elevator

with a middle-aged

- Sound credible?
- Yeah.

He said she has an accent
and has the same dress

Olene was wearing
in the picture we sent over.

- All right, grab Antonio.
Check it out.

- Okay.

- She showed up about an hour
ago with two other girls.

A man was there too,

- Is it him?

- No, somebody else.

This guy had way more hair.

- When did she come up here?

- Mm, about 20 minutes ago.

Room 2603.
- Great. Thanks.

Olene Zelenko. Chicago PD.

- Please, don't arrest me.
They make me do this.

- No, no, no. It's okay.
Hey, we're here to help.

- Thank you.
Thank God.

- He's out cold.

- He took our passports.
We have to do what he says.

Bring him money.

- Do you know who this man is?

- Yes.
But I can't say anything.

He will hurt my family.
He tells us that all the time.

- What's his name, Olene?

Tell us his name, and he won't
hurt another soul, I promise.

- Yuri.

Yuri Remnoff.
He's a monster.

So tell me.

I give you his name,
so what happens now?

I just want to go home.

- We know,
and we're gonna help you.

- We need to leave.

The man who watches me, Alex,
he will be here very soon

to check on me.
- Okay, we need to find Yuri

and all the other girls
that are working for him too.

- But we need your help.

- If you give me a gun,
I will shoot him.

- No, no.
- I know how you feel.

But that's not what we meant.
- He deserves to die

for what he did to Sasha.

To all of us.

- We just need to know
where he is.

- I don't know.

Alex, he takes us to Yuri

whenever we get
the credit card information.

- Where's that?

- The location changes
all the time.

He keeps moving.

- So, you'll see Yuri tonight?

- Yes.

- If you're okay with this,

take the credit cards,
meet up with Alex,

like everything is normal.

- You want me to go back there

with those horrible men? No.
- We'll be following you.

- We're gonna be there
the whole time.

We're not gonna let anything
happen to you.

- Let's go, ladies.

- Don't touch me.
- Relax, pretty girl.

Quicker we get this done,
quicker you're home.


- They're walking towards
the front door.

- All right, copy.

How's your Ukrainian?

- I can barely speak English.

- What about Olene
and the girls?

- Where's Yuri?

- He's not coming.
- Why?

- He's hiding.
The police are looking for him.

So he told me to come instead.

- Back in the car.

- Sounds like Yuri
got the heads-up.

- From the Feds, no doubt.

- What do we do?

- All right,
everybody listen up.

Stand down.

- What about Olene
and the girls?

- Keep her in play for now.

- Sarge, they're scared.

- Just stay with the driver.

You and Antonio hold the main
eye, find their location.

But unless she's in danger, we
are not moving in, understand?

- Yeah, copy that.

You good with this?

- No.

But it's the right move if
we want to find Yuri anyway.

- So we lost him?
- Yeah, he's in the damn wind.

- Burgess, come on in here.
- What happened?

I thought Yuri was supposed
to meet up with the girls

after they got
the credit cards.

- What happen is the FBI

and you boyfriend screwed us.
- What?

- They tipped Yuri off.
- How do you know that?

- Because I know.

I have been spelling it out
for you,

but you still don't get it,
do you?

The Feds don't care about
our humble little murder case.

Not even a little.
They never will.

I mean, all that talk about
helping us down the road,

it's crap.
It's never gonna happen.

They're gonna flip Yuri
to help their own case.

He'll get five years.
If that.

- Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm really sorry.

Like I said before,
I was trying to help us--

- I know that, I know.
And you still can.

As a matter of fact,
right now

you're the only person
who can fix this mess.

But I need to know.

Are you with us or them?

- I'm with you.

Just, you tell me what you need
me to do, and I'll do it.

- Right answer.

- Hey.

- Hey.
- Hey, everything all right?

Voight was coming down
on you pretty hard last night.

- Yeah, I'm good.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

- Kim.

It's me.
Tell me what's going on.

- Adam, this is case is falling
apart, and it's my fault.

- That's not true.
- It is. It's my fault.

So now I have to, um...
- What?

- I have to sell out
my relationship with Matt.

I know that this
isn't something

you want to hear but...

I like the guy a lot.

- Let me guess, Voight
wants you to pick us or him.

- Yeah. I mean,
something like that, yeah.

- This unit, we're family,
plain and simple.

Life gets in the way,

makes things
a little more complicated.

- Yeah.

- I guess what I'm saying is

you got nothing
but bad choices.

No matter what you do,
you're going to hate yourself.

- Kim.

Bottom line is you are one

of the best people
I've ever known.

So you do what you think
is right.

And that will be good enough.

All right?
- Okay.


- So what's going on?

- I don't even know how
to talk about this.

- It's okay, just say it.

- My boss, Voight, he doesn't
play well with others.

- Yeah, I, um--I kind
of sensed that.

- And he doesn't think
that you're going to

help us find
our murder suspect.

He thinks you're going
to flip him,

use him as a cooperating
witness in your RICO case.

- What are you really
saying here?

- He wants us to start
hitting doors, making arrests.

- Arrests?
Like who?

- We've been surveilling
the girls and the bodyguards.

We have their names
and addresses.

And we figured
we'd start there,

see if we can figure out
who the shot callers are.

- All right, well then,
obviously, that's not

what we discussed
the other day.

- I know.
That's why I'm here.

- Well, I appreciate
you telling me.

I know it couldn't
have been easy for you.

- You're right.
It wasn't.

- Hey, you did the right thing.
Thank you.

- Yeah.

- I'll see you tonight, yeah?

- Yeah.
- All right.

- Burgess is a pro.
The guy doesn't have a clue.

All right, bingo.

Ol' Matty is dialing up
a storm.

- Okay, we got lucky, guys.

Traced a series of calls.

Found our boy Yuri's hideout.

He's holed up at 4821 Briscoe.

It's a small house,
looks like he's there alone.

Upton, Halstead, stake out

the flophouse where the girls
are being held.

We get word we got Yuri,
move in.

Get Olene and the other girls
out of there.

Bust everyone else.
- Copy that.

- All right, let's vest up.
- Hey.

I see you made your choice.

- Yeah, now I just got
to live with it.

I lied to his face, Adam.

I played him like a fool,
and for good measure, I just...

blew up the biggest case
of his career.

My God, I screwed him.
- You didn't screw him.

Nah, you made a choice.

You made the right choice.

- Yeah.

- Okay?

- Yeah.
- Chicago PD!

- You all right? Kim?

- Yeah, I'm good.

He's on the move!

- 5021 Ida Ten One.
Shots fired at the police.

Offender fleeing eastbound
on the south alley.

- Copy that, 5021 Ida.

- You good?
- I'm good, good. Go!

- Go.

- Move!


Get out of the way!

- Chicago PD!

Move, get out of the way.

- Police!

- Nice work.

- Hey!

Yuri Remnoff.
You're under arrest, pal.

- Good job.

- That's what
I'm talking about.

- So you arrested him?

Are you kidding me?
We just had this conversation.

- Well, it wasn't much
of a conversation, Brian.

- Excuse me?

- Seemed to me more
of a speech.

You told me what you needed,
why you needed it--

- Are you trying to pick
a fight with the FBI?

Have you lost your damn mind?
Are you stupid?

- We had reason to believe
a murder suspect

was gonna flee the country
so we moved in.

I'm sorry that--
- You're sorry?

That's all you got?

You jeopardized
a two year investigation

over some Ukrainian hooker--
- Hey, watch yourself, Brian.

It's never a good idea
to speak ill of the dead.

She was 18 years old,
being held hostage--

- I don't care if she was
a saint; she is one person.

The case that we're chasing...

We're talking hundreds...

Thousands of lives at stake.

- Hold on a second.

Is there anything else
I can do for you, Brian?


You sure about this?

- I am.

I like you, Hank.

But please, don't make me
play hard ball on this.

- Is that a threat?

- Oh, come on, Hank.

You and I are friends.

I'd never threaten you.

But I do intend to cash in
on that favor.

Now you and me, we had a deal.
- I know.

I intend to honor it.
- Good.

- But we're not friends.

Not after this.

- These are
the crime scene photos?

- We're even.

- I'm not sure
why you're so upset.

This is no different
than any other deal we've made.

- Oh, sure it is.
- How's that?

- Those other deals...

The people we blew up
were criminals.

- If it was easy, Hank,

it wouldn't be called a favor.

- Hey.

Can I come in?

- Matt, please, just let me
explain, okay?