Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Care Under Fire - full transcript

In the wake of several gang-related child abductions, Intelligence must race against time to find a kidnapped boy. Owing to their swiftness and military precision, the team scours the VA ...

- Go. Go. You gotta go faster
than that. Come on, man.

Keep it going. Oh!
That's illegal.

- You're faster
than Jim at school.

- Of course I'm faster
than Jim at school.

Jim at school is rubbish.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

No cheating here.

I gotta go.

- Mom, Uncle Adam's
gotta go to work.

- Don't say it like that.

What, are you trying
to break my heart?

Huh? It's working!

I'm gonna see you
on Tuesday, okay?

- Okay.
- Yeah?

All right, I love you, pal.

- Want me to pack
up some breakfast?

- No, I'm okay. Thanks.

- Is everything all right?

- Yeah. Yeah, it will be.

- Jay.

- Jay. Hey, man. Wake up.

Hey, it's all right. Whoa.

Ho ho ho! Whoa.

You okay?

You all right?

- Yeah, man.
I just came in to take a nap.

- A nap? It's 7:30
in the a.m., man.

- What are you doing
here so early?

- I had to do some paperwork.

Are you sure you're all right?

- Yeah, man. It was just...

a bad dream.

- Need a car
at 5490 South Ellis.

Drunk and disorderly.
2221, you close?

- 2221. 10-4,
We're riding on it.

- 1831, just threw one
in your queue.

Handle the three-car pileup
at Wacker and Wells.

One of the drivers is being
transported to Med.

I'll send another car
for traffic--

- Disregard. Incorrect
pass code by resident.

- Units in 21 and units
on the city-wide,

we have multiple calls
of a man with a gun.

Randolph Park.
Male, black, 5'11",

wearing a hoodie
and blue jeans.

- 5021 George,
hold me down on that.

Advise responding; plainclothes
officer will be on the scene.

- Copy that.

Hey! You got shots fired?
- No shots fired.

No eyes on him yet.
- Get a perimeter set up.

Tell him to keep the cars

- I got you.
- Move, move, move.

5021 George.
I've got people running

out of 1014 Randolph Park Ave.

Send me some help now!
- Copy that.

Where is he?
Where is he?

- Up there, up there!
- All right, go. Get outside!

5021 George, shooter's on the
second floor of 1014 Randolph--

- Chicago PD!
- Police! Police!

Take the exit!

5021 George. Emergency.
We got one down.

Roll an ambulance.
- Copy that.

Ambo on the way.

- How you doing?
- Hey.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Offenders are in the wind.
The way this went down,

there's gotta be
more than one of them,

'cause he couldn't have
got behind me that fast.

- How many victims?

- One. Her name
was Theresa Mattel,

she was a student at
Central Chicago University.

Sarge, the offender
fired three rounds.

Two center mass,
one head tap.

- Doesn't sound like
a mass shooting.

- Yeah.
It did not feel like one.

He used a military
stun grenade. M84.

- Huh. You were the first
detective on scene?

- Yeah. I was right
around the corner.

- Huh. All right. Start pulling
footage from the park,

inside the building.
Let's find out

where they were coming from.
- Sarge.

We have a witness
who saw our female victim

running inside with a kid.

She hid, heard gunshots,
looked up,

and saw the offender
running for an exit

with a boy over
his shoulder.

- Any sign of the boy?

So this is a kidnapping?


Tell me we got an ID
on this boy.

- Not yet, but we do know
more about the DOA.

She is originally
from Dayton, Ohio.

Biology major, worked
part-time as a nanny.

So I assume the boy was
under her watch.

- We're dumping her phone.

Got a car on the way
to her dorm.

Local police are on the way
to talk to her parents.

- Anything that
might make us think

our DOA was the
intended target?

- No. Sarge, it looks like
these guys were there

to kidnap the boy, and
Theresa just got in the way.

- Huh.
- Look.

There's Theresa and the boy.

- Right.

- There's our shooter.

There's our shooter's ghost.

When this guy comes in,
he scans all the exits

like he's never been
there before.

Then he goes up as cover.

I don't think they meant
to go in.

I think this went wrong.

Theresa saw them in the park
and she ran to protect the boy,

and it got her killed instead.

- It might be a long shot,
but Narcotics has had a bead

on a kidnapping and ransom
crew they can't make.

- I heard about this.
They're going after kids

connected to
west-side dope gangs.

- Right. The crew,
they nab a kid,

set ransom, banger pays
them with drug money,

never calls the cops.

No victim, no crime.

All they got is what they're
hearing on the streets.

Crew's three males.
Black, Hispanic, white.

20s, trained.

I mean, if we're to assume

our guys had a getaway driver,
it's a match.

- Dig into it.

- Hey, boss.
- Yeah.

- We ID'd the boy.
Theresa's calendar says

she picked up a Cody Barton.

He was at a music lesson two
blocks away from Randolph Park.

Olinksy's on his way
with the mom right now.

- Hey, tell Lugo keep a lid on
this to the press.

If there's a crew
out there working a ransom,

we don't want word
of it to hit.

- Copy that.

- Yes, that's Theresa.

She helps my ex-husband
driving, babysitting, but I--

Cody's dad hasn't called.
Cody was with him all weekend.

- Yeah, we're trying to track
down your ex-husband right now.

Can you tell me what does
Ben do for a living?

- He's an accountant.
- Okay.

- So...Theresa--

she's dead?

- I'm afraid so.


Amy, can you think
of anyone who might do this?

- No. Of course not.

Not someone who would want
to kill a young woman

and take my son.

- Hey, Amy, please. Hey.

I want you to try
to stay with me.

Just one more question,

When you and Ben
were getting divorced,

were there any custody issues?

- No.

Ben was a terrible husband,
but he is a good father.

Cody's the only thing
we ever agreed on.

This doesn't make sense.

We're just a normal family.

This can't be happening!

- I'm so sorry.

- Ben Barton!
Chicago PD, open up!

00:08:37,651 --> 00:08:40,654]

Keys and cell phone
are on the table.

- Oh, God.

- Take a look.

- Get that away from me, man.

- Looks like this K&R crew
just snatched another kid.

- You said you needed to talk
to me about a stash house.

- I lied. Now, Rey...

I know your nephew was
kidnapped six months ago.

- I am not talking
to you about this, bro.

- They sliced his finger off

and sent it to your
brother in a cardboard box.

Come on, man.
- I'm not talking to you

about this!

- This crew just grabbed
another kid.

Tell me how they work!

How about I file that case

I got sitting in my drawer?

Violate your parole?

- Relax, okay?

My brother got a call.

They said they had his kid.

They told him
look on the porch.

It was Bruno's finger
in a box.

They gave him 48 hours
to get 400K.

They told him where to place
the cash, where to drop it.

Pricks got the cash.

And they dropped Bruno off
on the side of the highway.

All he remembers is that one of
these guys had a messed up arm.

He said it looked like
his whole right forearm

had been burnt up.
Like it was melting away.

And that's it, bro.

- So what do we got
on the crew?

- Well, these guys are trained,

so ran a query through the VA.
- Uh-huh.

- There's 350 soldiers injured

with similar age,
weight, and burn.

But only four
of them live in Chicago.

And only one matches this well.
That's Luis Vega, 28,

1st Ranger Battalion.
- Luis got booted last year

due to an IED injury.
Right forearm burned through.

After he got out,
he spent three months

in South America
on contract as security.

- AKA, he did kidnapping
and ransoms.

- Yep. Height and weight
match this guy to a T.

- We got someone headed to him?
- Covert car en route.

We'll get eyes.
- Good.

- Okay, but what's the plan,

'Cause we can't grab him up
on what we got,

and odds of him talking
are not good.

Plus if we spook the crew,
we could get this kid killed.

- Well, that's why we get eyes
on Luis right away.

- Or you put me under.

He was a Ranger.
We served at the same time.

I can connect with him.
- That's a bad idea. No.

An undercover would
only heat him up.

We don't have enough info.
- That would be the point.

I'd get it.

- Al?

What about you?
You got a take, Hailey?

- No. I'm neutral.

- Okay. Let's give it a shot.

- Ruzek will log everything.

I'll stick by you in the field,

and Antonio will be there
as a second.

We'll have eyes on you even
if you can't see us.

- Why the neutral?

- Just been a little
concerned lately.

- About what?

- About you.

You cover well,
but I got eyes, Jay.

You sure you're solid?

- Yo. We just got

the undercover narcotics
up to speed.

We got the coverts trailing
Luis to the Veil Club.

Bartender there named Camila.
That's his sister.

- Let's roll.

[rock music plays]

- Can I get you a drink?

- Yeah. Just beer. You pick.

- Hey, you like that
scrawny dude over there?

Well, that's my brother.

I mean, he doesn't usually
swing that way,

but I can make an intro.

- No, just the beer is fine.

Was your brother in the Army?

- Yeah, he was. Ranger.

- Me too. I must have seen
him at Benning.

- Hoorah!

- That's the Marines.

- Ha.

Hey, Luis.

Luis, this is, uh...
- Ryan.

- 75th. 3rd Rangers
out of Benning.

I must've seen you there, man.

I was there the
tail end of '06, '07.

So where'd you serve?
- Hey, man. I just came here

for the drink,
not to swap stories.

- That was so nice.
Is he always like that?

- A dick? Yeah. A solid
98% of the time.

I just thought
it'd be fun.

- Thanks.

- Yo, man.
Watch where you're going.

- What, you got
a problem, tough guy?

- What you think?

- Hey, does your brother
know those guys?

- Oh, you a tough guy, huh?
- What's going on?

- Bitch, get your ass
back to the bar.

- What'd you say?
- Calm down.

- I said get back
to the bar, bitch.

Unless you want to come
to my house--

You do whatever you want.
- Hey, watch your mouth.

- What are you gonna
do about it?

- You wanna go?
- Take it outside.

- Yo, man!
Hey, hey!

Your six!
- Need some help?


- Get out of here
before the cops come!

- You all right?
Come on, I got ya.


- Four tours?
Damn, man.

That's a lot of time
in country.

So what's it like
being back home?

You working anywhere?

- I do private security.

- Me too, man.
Where you at?

- Nothing formal.

I just work for another vet.

Where the hell is she?

- Hey, man. Who's
this other vet?

And is he hiring?

Look, my current job,
I make 7.50 an hour.

And I gotta wear a
frickin' nametag that says,

"Hi, I'm security friendly."

- It's a small group.
I'm sorry.

- Yeah. Right on.

- Hey!

I lost my keys.

- Whoa! You all right?

- Thanks for having
my back today, man.

- That's it?
You going to bed?

What are you doing?

- Snooping.

It's a bad habit.
- You going through my mail?

- Either you didn't tell me
your name or I forgot it, so...

Yeah, I'm goin'
through your mail.

I was just trying to be

- Camila Marie Vega.

- I even get the middle name.

- I don't want you
digging around

for my birth certificate.

- Is, uh, your brother okay?

He seems a little--
- Wasted?

- Just alcohol?

- Excuse me?

- Well, usually it's alcohol
and opiates, you know?

If you're stuck at orange
all the time,

Oxy's the only that
brings you back to white.

Evens you out.
- Numbs you out.

But thanks for your input.

- Sorry, I'm not trying to--

- Pry? Give me advice?
Yeah, you are.

- I've just been there.
That's all.

I spent
about seven months

doing nothing but drink,
smoke, screw, fight.

- So is this how you
usually hit on women?

- What? It's not working?

- So how'd you get over it?

- I got no idea.

- Yeah, well my brother,
he just--

he hasn't come back
all the way.

- I don't think
anybody ever does.

I think you just kind of...

fill up whatever's missing
with something else.

- You need some help?


- Halsted caught
that dude flush.

- Innocent bystander too.

Wasn't he only supposed
to throw one punch?

- If that. Upton said it got
a little hairy in there.

No wonder she was pissed.

That undercover
must be mad as hell.

- Mm-hmm. And that Good
Samaritan's probably gonna sue

when he finds out
that Halsted was a cop.

You're gonna delete
that, right?

- Of course.
I'm not logging that.

- All right,
anything on Cody's dad?

- Not yet,
but he likes to visit

the bank a lot.
- Okay.

- His finances show
a hell of a lot

of cash deposits.
All 9 grand,

so that's just under
the federal threshold.

- All right, have Antonio and
Burgess hit up their CIs.

Someone in Players
gotta know this guy.

- Copy that.

- And Halsted?

- Uh...he's all good.

He actually just got in contact
with Luis a few hours ago.

- Good.

- I ain't never gonna
get rid of you, am I?

- Do what I ask?

- Yeah, I asked my cousin
about Ben Barton.

He washes money for us.
He ain't smart at it.

- How's that?

- He lost a million
about a month ago.

Got played on some
restaurant thing.

Guy on the other end
ran off with the cash.

- And Barton's still alive?

- He paid the money back.

- He's got that kind of cash?
- He did till then.

- You saying he's broke now?

- He called one of my cousins'
people about an hour ago.

Ernesto. He asked
to borrow 500 grand.

- Ben Barton.
Sit down.

- I told you they'd kill Cody
if I talked to cops.

- Hey, listen to me.
It's all right.

Nobody knows you're here.

- I just want to get
my son back!

- So do we.

We know you wash money
for gangs, we don't care.

Not now, anyway.

- Look, I'm trying to do
what I can, but I'm broke.

I can barely scrape
together 100 grand,

and none of my associates
are willing to help!

- All right.
How much did they ask for?

- $1 million!

The man said I had 48 hours or
he'd shoot Cody in the head.

- What time did
you get the call?

- Yesterday. 2 p.m.

- All right, we got 26 hours.
Listen to me.

We will do everything
in our power

to help you save your son.

But you gotta help us.

- How you holding up, man?
- I'm okay.

- Hold on, let me get this.

- How's your hand?

- It's fine.
It was the right move.

- Yeah. It was a move.
I'm not sure if it was right.

Pulled everything
I could find on Luis.

Psych history, medical,
details on ops.

Served in Iraq
during the surge.

Korengal Valley, '08.
Probably saw some--

- I did a tour there too.
I know what he saw.

- So that stuff you told Camila
about when you got back.

Is that true?

- All right, talk to you later.
All right, man.

This number's Antonio.

He's talking to Lugo,

trying to get his hands on 900K
so we can make the drop.

We need you to ID these guys.

- Are these lookalikes?

You want me to give
Luis actual drugs?

I'm assuming we all know
that's illegal.

- We need an easy in.
This is it.

Just make sure your wire's off.

- What's up, man?
Is Camila home?

- No. Working.

- Really? We were
gonna hang out.

Yeah, she was gonna help me
celebrate. I got fired.

Apparently, I'm not
friendly enough. know what time
she's coming back?

You mind if I stick around,
wait for a while?

- Yeah, I do mind.

- I've been very respectful.

- You're a soldier, bro.

I know what you've seen,

My sister don't need another
person like that

in her life, you know?

- All right, if that's
how you feel,

I'll back off, man.

- All right.

- Yeah, um...

You want a drink, man?

You wanna have a few shots?
I got a bottle of vodka.

Help me celebrate.
Come on.

Damn, man. Simmons
with the uh...

- With the face tic, yeah.

- I can't believe that guy
made it in country.

- He made it out, too.
A lot of people didn't.

Hell of a lot that died that
didn't sign up, you know?

Kids, the women.

- Yeah, kids are the worst.

I still see this, uh...
this eight-year-old girl.

I have nightmares about her.
Beautiful face, dark skin.

- Eight?
- Mm-hmm.

- That's young.

- Yeah. My nine, it went
through a combatant,

and then it went
through a doorway,

and it ripped open her neck.

She didn't die right away,

Now, if I slow down,
I see her.

And I see all of it.
I see the valley.

I see the kids, dogs.

- For me it's a 17-year-old.

Kid used to kick it with us.

Town leaders
killed him with an IED.

Nobody wanted
to touch him after,

so I scooped up the pieces.
Used a trash bag.

Ain't never gonna
leave us, man.

Hey. Your friend Ryan is here.

He said he was supposed
to meet you.


See you then.

You were supposed
to meet Camila tonight?

At the apartment?

How come she didn't know that?

- 'Cause I didn't tell her.

Man, I was gonna show up.

Be all vulnerable, charming.
She was gonna love it.

I ended up talking about
all this depressing crap

with your ugly ass.

I should get going, though.

Look, man. If you ever need
something to like

take the edge off,
I got you covered.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

- With what?

- Right now all I got
on me is some Oxy.

- Yeah? How much
you want for it?

- No, man.
It's on the house.

If you set me up with your
private security buddy.

- You know I don't really do
private security, right?

- Man, I don't care.

I just need a job.
Some excitement.

I'm gonna lose my damn mind.
Come on.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay. Deal.

- All right.

- It's a burn bag.

- Best I can do, Hank.

- Yeah, well Lugo already
approved the 1505 funds.

- Well, he made a mistake.

Since the new reform
package went through,

all requests for cash
run through me.

Unfortunately, I just signed
off 700K to Narcotics.

- Denny, listen to me.

If I go to these people with
a bag full of phony cash,

they're gonna kill this child.

- You know I suggest
you slow down--

- There's an eight-year-old boy
out there!

You come in here
with your ego?

The hell is wrong with you?

- This 700K that I gave
to Narcotics,

that money's going
to a cartel buy

that's gonna take down
three bosses--

each one of them wanted
on multiple murders!

Not to mention the dope
we'll get off the street!

Dope that has caused 246 ODs!

So that is where
the cash is going.

I wish we had another 900K
sitting around, but we don't!

I know you've got a guy under.
You just have to figure out--

- I got it.
You made your point.

What, are you waiting around
for a thank you or a I'm sorry?

'Cause it ain't coming.

So you should probably go.

- How the hell did
you get in here?

- The neighbor buzzed
me in since you didn't.

You were supposed to
swing by this morning.

- Yeah, well thing's changed.
- No, man. We made a deal

and I already gave you my end.

- And you'll get your end too,
but not now.

- No, man. That's not how
it's gonna work.

A deal's a deal.
So what's up?

- You made your damn point
already, man.

I don't need a leash--
- Who the hell are you?

- It's my boy Ryan.
He was just stopping by.

We were at Benning together.
He's a Ranger.

- And you thought today
would be a good day

to have a little date?

We're gonna go.

- Okay. Here we go.


Victor, seven, three,
Nora, Andy, four, six.

And nine, Mary, one, William,

x-ray, five, one.

- Okay, first plate is
registered to a Josh Miller.

28. No priors.

Second plate
is Marcus Tate. 25.

Height and weight match
our college shooters.

He's got two DUIs and an
assault charge

in the last two years.

- Angry guy. We could use
something there.

- Marcus is former
Army Infantry

and Josh is a Marine vet.

We got them.

- You want us to pull Marcus?
- Yeah, if you guys pull him,

I can get Luis to get Josh
to use me.

You get him out, I'm in.

- No.
- No? What the hell

does that mean?
- It means it's too risky.

You're not seeing straight.
You trust this guy,

and you shouldn't.
You went offline at the club,

you punched a civilian.
- I didn't have a choice.

- Yes, you did.
- All right, all right, enough.

Okay. We pull Marcus.

- Sarge.

- This is our only play,

Okay. We're done talking.

- You know you should never
come to this place

in the daytime, right?

It doesn't look good
without makeup.

- Wait, what do
you mean makeup?

- Hundred people
in a drug haze.

- Oh. Oh yeah, it's definitely
depressing in here.

- Heard you've been hanging
with my brother.

- Yeah, we're talking
a few work type things.

Do you know where
I could find him?

- Oh, that's why you're here.

For a second, I thought
it was for me.

- Nope, it's all about Luis.

- Ouch.

- Okay, you know what?

Actually it's 50% Luis
and it's 50% you.

But just between you and me,

he's not excited about you
hanging out with an ex-Ranger.

- No?

Yeah, well, I make
my own decisions.

- I do need to talk
to him, though.

Do you know where
I could find him?

- That's your response?

- I'm sorry, I say really
stupid things

when beautiful women kiss me
out of the blue. You're right.

- Try Donahue on Wells.

- Thank you.

- What, are you
stalking me now?

- No, man. Your sister
said you'd be here.

What's wrong with you?
You look terrible, man.

- It's fine, I--

My boss is freaking.

Third guy apparently left town.

They got a job in an hour.

- That's great, man.
Tell him to use me.

- He's not gonna use you.
- You don't know that.

He's gonna want
to use me over nobody.

Right? He's not gonna want
to change his tact plan.

All you gotta do
is convince him.

And you sure as hell don't look
like you want to do

whatever this is with just him.

Now we've had
the same training,

so you know I'm gonna
have your back.

It's gonna be like
any other op.

If you don't want
to go in alone, don't.

- I don't know him from Jack.
- I do.

- You think that
that means something?

- Man, it's him or nothing.
You want six eyes?

- Look, you guys can keep
arguing about me,

or you can tell me
what you want.

I'm here to do you a favor.
Tell me yes or no.

I'm not gonna waste my time.

- He's not gonna
waste his time.

Okay. You want the plan?

I'm gonna make a call,
then we're gonna go.

It's a simple security job.
Gonna get a location,

a photograph of the man
we're gonna meet,

You keep a bead on his
forehead the whole time.

When I say it's time to leave,
you leave.

Think you can handle that?

- Yeah, I can handle it.

- This is on you.

- Is that all
he's gonna tell me?

That's all he's
gonna tell me?

- You'll be fine.
- Are you kidding me?

What is that?
What are you doing?

- It's one pill.
- No! No, man.

No, no, no, no.
This is not happening.

I'm gonna do this thing
with you, all right?

But I'm not going
in there blind

with you jammed
out of your mind,

so tell me something.
Give me some details, man.

- I can't give you any details,

- Tell me what the job is!
- I can't!

- I'm useless to you!
Come on!

- Fine, it's a K&R,
all right?

Kid's elsewhere. We're just
picking up the money.

- You kidnapped somebody?

- Hey, lower your voice!
- Are you--

- It's fine. Simple.

There's not one thing
linking any of this to us.

The kid's being held.
I don't know where.

With one of Josh's connects,
I don't know who.

Guy doesn't even have a phone,
all right?

- There's no way in hell
I'm saying that!

- Listen, this is our best--

This is our only shot.

Look, I know neither
of you know me,

but you can trust me.

This is what I do for a living.

Look, I lost my son.

And I promise you I'm doing
everything I can

to make sure you don't.

[phone rings]

- Hello?
- Right now, you're gonna

drive to Grant Park.
Michigan and Eighth Street.

On the corner, you're going
to see a red trash can.

You walk to that can,
you put the money in that can,

and you walk away.

You get in your car,
and you drive home.

You follow these instructions,
and we will release your son.

Do you understand?

Do you understand me, Ben?

- No!

No, I'm not giving
you anything.

I'm not giving
you a damn thing.

I'm calling the police!


- Let me ask you something,
if he axes this,

does he kill the kid?

- We've done this before,
all right? It's--

- Don't tell me it's fine!

He's gonna kill this kid,
isn't he?

if I gotta convince you

where you need to be on this,

then so be it! We are
not killing a kid!

We're gonna stop this,
do you understand me?

- We can't stop it.
I don't know where the kid is.

Even if I did, anyone who goes
through that door

that's not Josh,
they're getting shot.

- So what? So what?

How many doors have
we gone through?

Not another kid, man.
I can't carry another kid.

Can you?

- Luis!

No, no, no. Not you.
You stay there!

[softly] The mission's over.
- What?

- It's over.
- So, what--

- You know it is.
- So we gotta kill everyone?

I don't want to kill
everyone, man.

- Give me your phone.

- Why?

- Give me your phone.

Now give Luis your gun.

- Hey--hey, I'm not
giving you my gun.

- Relax, we're just going
for a ride.

- I'm not giving
you my gun, Luis.

- Shut up, man.
- You're not getting it, man.

- Ryan, give me your gun.

- You know
what's about to go down.

- Give me your gun.
Get in the damn car.

- Get out.

- I'm not getting
out of the car.

- You get out,
or we get you out.

- We gotta tie him up,
come on.

He's got this place wired up.
There's a camera right there.

He probably already
knows we're here.

- All right, then we move fast.
I got your back.

- Cover.


- Stay on me. Stay on me.
Watch out.

- I want my mom!

- Cover!

Police officer.
Let's get you out of here.

Come on, let's go!

- Chicago PD!

- Ryan!

- Luis!

- Take him down!

- You're okay.

- Come on!


- Come on.

- Jay!



- No!

- I got it.
- He's really okay!

He's really all right?
- He's fine.

- I don't know how I can
ever--I owe you!

- You don't owe me anything
right now.

We'll talk about
all that later.

Go see your son, Ben.
- Mom! Dad!


- See you back at the district?
- Yeah.

- This is it, okay?

I couldn't get the bug planted,
but that right there--

it's enough for a case
of official misconduct,

so you and me, we're good.

- You're gonna tell me
when we're good?

- I've done everything you've
asked, so...yeah!

Just let my sister
off the hook.


- Young people like you
hang around Hank Voight

long enough, you start thinking
he's real police.

Old timer. Tough. Invincible.

Rubs off on you a bit, huh?

Who in the hell do you think it
is taught him to be that way?

You don't talk to me
like that ever.

And you and me are not good.

Until I say we are.

- Did you hear?
I mean, I don't understand.

None of it makes sense.
The police said

they were with
some guy and they were--

- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

- Were you there?


- No, I wasn't.

- Come in, Ryan.