Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Fallen - full transcript

A picture perfect family is shot dead in their home and the team goes in search of a drug dealer with a likely connection. Voight asks for the help of Vice Sergeant Sean McGrady who has an ...

- And Community Play is about
more than just providing gyms.

It's about building bridges
between law enforcement

and at-risk kids.

It's a place where
kids get to know

the person
behind the badge.

And police aren't making
arrests and asking questions.

Instead they're giving their
perspectives on leadership,

conflict resolution, empathy,

and most importantly, trust.

Community Play thrives
on good folks like you.

And when I say good folks,

I mean caring,
compassionate people

who are also willing
to open those wallets.

You know, earlier tonight
I was taking a little walk

on beautiful streets
here on the North Side.

This is the Chicago
we all want.

Family friendly. A safe
haven from gun violence.

And with your help, we've made
this little organization

a safe haven as well.

So thank you for coming
tonight, and God bless.

Thank you.

- Yo, let's get out of here
and get a real drink.

- Hey, how are Vinessa
and Jordan doing?

- They're actually
doing pretty good.

I told 'em though, if
they become Cowboys fans,

they can't come back.

- Is that a possibility?
- You wanna roll?

- We're off the clock
in ten minutes.

Unless you know another place

serving free
Chantal de Laroque?

- Wow. You're really um...
Oh what's the word?

Le snob.

- The Lake Forest
in me escaping.

- What? I thought you were
from Greektown.

- That's just a story
I tell in bars.

- Hmm.
- Just kidding.

We moved there when I was 11.

- You know that guy?

- Yeah. Sean McGrady.
Sergeant out of narcotics.

Couple years back

I was assigned to
his joint investigation.

Good police.

- She says with hesitation.

- No, he is. He's just--

Competitive. Always looking
for an angle. Drove me nuts.

- Hank! Glad you came.

I appreciate
all the time and effort

your team has
put in around here.

- It's a good cause.
Happy to help.

It's a hell of a shindig.

- Well, you got to
spend money to make money.

- Mm.

- Sean, we need
to talk about this!

- Oh you want to talk?
- Yeah. Tonight!

- You want to talk
about this now?

What, are you out of your mind?
- Hey! Hey! Whoa!

What's going on?
- No, we're good.

Right? We're good.

It's good to see you, Hailey.

- You okay?

- Yeah. It was just a

- We got shots fired nearby.

Active shooter.
- Okay.

- I've got it.
- Stairs.

- I got two down!

- Cover me.

- Anything?
- They're both gone.

- He got a pulse.
Call an ambo.

- This is 5021 Charlie.
Roll an ambo to our location.

3 GSWs, one still breathing.

- Nine mil casings. Male takes
one to the back of the head.

Female takes two to the chest.

- Dad gets beat, then popped.

Wife walks in. Goodbye witness.

- Son Ryan, he's hiding out
in the bathroom.

Killer finds him.
He takes two to the chest.

- Anything on the victims yet?

- Yeah. Grant Hammond,
wife Margaret, son Ryan.

Grant was a corporate attorney.

Looks like he spent a lot of
time at his church.

- Hey. I think we found what
the killers

were looking for upstairs.

Praise the Lord.

- Two keys. That's about
200 grand street value.

- I've seen guys kill
over a lot less.

- So much for the safe haven
of the North Side.

- Oh, Mia, huh?
You got a new honey, dawg?

- It was more like a
one night acquaintance.

Good evening, ma'am.
I'm Officer Ruzek,

this is Officer Atwater, we--
- I was about to call you.

- Oh. We don't get that a lot.

Did you see something?
- I was in the kitchen.

At first I heard shouting,
then three loud pops.

I went to the window, and a few
seconds later, a man ran out.

- Okay. What does
this man look like?

- He was tall.
Um...dark skinned.

- Black?
- Yes.

He had a hat on.
I couldn't really see his face.

He got into a black SUV.
Drove away.

It happened so fast.
- Okay.

Were you friends
with the Hammonds?

Did you know them well?
- Yeah. Yeah, we were friends.

He and Margaret were over
two weeks ago for dinner.

- Okay. Did they
mention anything?

Have any problems with anyone?

- No. No, they were
on top of the world.

They were so proud of Ryan,
their son.

How well he was doing at Yale.

I saw Ryan taken out
on a stretcher.

Is he okay?

- As far as we know he's alive.

He's in surgery right now
at Chicago Med.

Have a good night.
Thank you.

- So far
no surveillance or PODS

caught sight
of the shooter.

- Anything on Grant Hammond?

- Asset Forfeiture, they ran
the round robin on him.

He was broke, he was
juggling five credit cards.

Hasn't received a check

from his last employer
in over a year.

- That would be his law firm.
They let him go last year.

- Okay. Any cash deposits
to his bank account?

- No, he was a little
smarter than that.

He was using a
safety deposit box,

but the bank filled out an SAR
on him for frequent visits.

- Okay, so he is dealing
on the side

to make ends meet.
- Mm-hm.

- Or to keep up his perfect

Fancy brownstone.
Kid in college.

- Guys, I think I have
a lead on the supplier.

- Good place to start.

- Techs ran GPS
on Hammond's car.

He'd been making multiple
trips to Englewood.

- Got an address?
- 6241 South Racine.

Stash house is linked
to a Quinton Kane.

Apparently he's a pretty
serious player.

Moves a lot of product
through the Gold Coast.

- All right.
Get the details on Kane,

then get some eyes on him.

Oh, you should probably
contact McGrady in Narcotics.

His team covers that area.

- Sarge?
- Huh?

- Makes for a crowded van.

- You saying you got a
problem with McGrady?

- Yeah.

- Well, work it out.
You got a job to do.

- Oh, this seems
like old times.

- Look I know
we've had our differences,

but let's just focus
on the job.

Keep it professional,

- So what do we know
about Quinton Kane?

- Well, he's a main suspect
in three homicides

that I've been chasing.

We get close,
but you know, no indictment

thanks to the
brave ASAs.

- You know what flag he flies?
- Yeah. It's the 100 Syndicate.

He has a couple
of legit businesses too.

- Any priors?
- Mm-hmm. Two.

Five years ago agg battery.
And then three months ago DUI.

Case still pending.

Listen this is how I want
to run it, all right?

I'm gonna take the main eye.
Hailey, you handle the log.

Jay, I want to do
stills and video,

'cause we want to prove
that it's an open-air market

that Kane's running,
all right? Let's go.

- We're so sorry
for your loss, Ryan.

- Yeah. The doctor says
you're doing great.

- Do you remember anything
about last night?

A few things.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Take it slow.

All right, you had dinner
with your parents?

- Yeah.

I went to my bedroom.

I was tired from my flight.

I was FaceTiming with a friend.

Then I heard the door buzz.

My dad let someone in.

I heard arguing.

- Was your dad
expecting anyone?

- No.
- Did you recognize the voice?

- No.

He kept yelling,

"This ain't how it works."

- What happened next?
- I heard gunshots.

I didn't know what to do.
- It's okay.

- I ran towards
my bathroom... to hide.

I got hit.

- Ryan...

did you see
the man who shot you?

- There he is.
- Hm.

Can I--
Can I see it?

Oh, hell, yeah. Yeah

. The guy on the left,
that's Quinton Kane.

He's a stone cold killer.

The guy with him
is Bernard Ward, AKA "Bay Bay."

- That's the black SUV.
Just like the neighbor said.

- Great. Well I think it's time

that we should have a little
chat with Citizen Kane.


Okay. Got it.

The son Ryan Hammond,
he just ID'd the shooter

as a tall black man
with some sort of dog tattoo

on his right forearm.

- Oh.
- Check the file.

- That's Kane. Dog claw.

That's the 100 Syndicate
initiation tattoo.

- That's good enough for me.
Let's grab him up.

Thanks for coming in, Quinton.

So how well do you
know Grant Hammond?

- Grant who?

- Don't disrespect me
like that, Quinton.

He had you on speed dial.
He was your Gold Coast connect,

and we got a lot of people
whispering around here

saying he's running
dope for you.

- Oh, that Grant Hammond.

He just gives me legal advice.

See I'm incorporated now.
- Well good for you.

So where were you last night?

- You gonna tell me
what this is about?

I got places to be.
- Well not anymore.

- What? You don't recognize
him? Ryan Hammond? 19?

Come on. You shot him
in the chest last night.

Right there.

Guess what?

It turns out that this kid
is a fighter.

He survived.

And he just ID'd you
as the shooter.

- I didn't shoot no one.
- Quinton. Come on.

I'm throwing you
a lifeline here.

I'm giving you a chance to tell
your side of the story.

Come on. All right.
I'll help you out.

He owed you money.
No, I got it. Right.

He shot at you, and you were
just defending yourself.

- That's a really good one.
- Mm.

- Am I under arrest?

- You're free to go.

- Two dead bodies,
a dying college kid,

and we got to kick
Kane free

because Ryan Hammond's
ID is too vague.

- Yeah, well, we're lucky we
got what we got when we got it.

- What do you mean?

- I just talked to Med. Ryan
Hammond died 10 minutes ago.

- He's 19 years old. He's just
back home from college.

- Without Ryan's testimony, we
don't have a case against Kane.

So that son of a bitch might
actually get away with it.

- We just gotta get back out
there, find new evidence.

Hey, did you talk to McGrady?
- Yeah. I just talked to him.

He said he wants to meet up
and go over the case tonight.

- Meet up and go over the case?

Did he bring up new leads,
new evidence?

- No. He didn't
mention anything.

- Is this really
about the case?

- I'll see you tomorrow.

- Okay.

[melancholy music]

- Ten one! 6245 squad.
Shot fired at the police.

I'm at 5392 South Hoyne.
I've been hit! Oh God.

Officer down!
Oh, my God. Agh.

- This is 5021 Charlie.
I'm en route

to the officer
calling the ten one.

I will respond.
I'm five blocks away.

- Copy that. Copy that.
6245 hang in there.

- 5021 Charlie. I'm at the
scene of the ten one.

- Copy that, 5021 Charlie.

Mac? Mac.

Oh God. Mac! Mac!

I got an officer down!
I repeat, officer down!

Send me some help now!
- Copy that.

- Stay with me, Mac.
Stay with me.

Come on. Come on.
No, no, no, no. Mac! Mac!

- [sputtering]

- Mac. Mac!


- Yeah,
so what's the latest?

- I got Area South, tact, gang,

and patrol officers
out in full force,

going door to door searching
every gangway and garage.

So far no sign of the
offender, no witnesses.

- Well, you tell me what you
need, I'll make it happen.

- I know you will, Denny.
We're good.

- Okay, look. I know
everyone is hot.

One of our very own
was just killed.

But keep it on the up and up.

Hey, Ray. Thanks for coming.

- Any way I can help,
just let me know.

I have the church
down the block.

It's open for your officers.
Coffee and bottled water.

- Hey, thanks.
I appreciate that. Excuse me.

- Any leads?

- Nothing solid.

Maybe connected
to the Gold Coast murders.

Listen. The slain officer's
name was McGrady.

He was working a lead
on Quinton Kane.

Runs in your ward.
You heard of him?

- I know the name.

- That mean he helped finance
your redevelopment projects?

- It means I know the name.

- If this bastard killed
a police officer,

a guy I worked with,
a guy I respected,

I expect your full cooperation.

- Goes without saying.

- Talk to me.

- Yeah, so apparently what
happened, Sarge,

McGrady got jumped in the
front seat of the vehicle,

and then from there it was
just a fight for his weapon.

- Offender shot him twice.
One in the vest point blank,

one in the neck,
through and through.

That's what shattered
the glass.

The only prints we could find
on the gun were McGrady's.

- There was blood
on the grip of the gun.

We sent the gun
to the crime lab already.

- This might have just been
a random robbery.

- Or maybe he got
into it with a CI?

- All right, so dump
McGrady's phone right away.

Identify everyone he was in
contact with the last 24 hours.

- I talked to one witness.

Saw a black SUV around the
building about 20 minutes

before McGrady was shot.
Black male behind the wheel.

- Kane?
- It's possible.

- All right. So start digging.

Find out where he was when this
whole thing went down.

- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah. I'm okay.

- Hey, Jake, give me
a second alone with her.

- Yeah. Sure, Sarge. Let me
know if you need anything.

- Thanks. Hey.

- Tough thing to go through.
I'm sorry.

But I gotta ask.

Why did you let McGrady
drive in alone?

- Excuse me?

- You were supposed to be
working with him.

- I was working with him.

He knew I was coming.
We just got off the phone.

I told him to wait for me.
- While you stopped for coffee?

- He was supposed
to wait for me!

- But you were late!

- That's not fair.

And I wasn't late.
I was ten minutes early.

- He's dead, Hailey.

I don't really care about fair.

- I'm so sorry.

If there's anything you need,
anything I can do--

- Thank you.

- Ladies.

- Hi.

- Why don't you go sit down?
Have something to eat?

Maybe a glass of wine,
all right?

Nice of you to come by, Hailey,
but I think we're good.

- I was on my way
to meet him, Arnold.

He decided to go in early.

- I'd rather not
discuss that now.

Not here. Not in front of Anne.

- Look, I know you guys were
partners for a long time.

You ever known him to go
in solo like that?

- No.

- He told me he was meeting
a snitch

about the Gold Coast murders--

- I don't want to discuss
any of this now.

Just get the hell out of here.


- That's it?
- Uh-huh.

- Hey, Sarge, you want
to hear this.

- Okay.
- We dumped McGrady's phone.

And this is the only
cat that popped up.

An informant named Damon Briggs
that wasn't on the books yet.

- I spoke to McGrady's partner.

Briggs is a catch and
release on a gun charge.

Slinging a lot of attitude.

McGrady was about to toss
him back into prison.

- This man called McGrady
three times over the last week,

and was on the phone with him
two hours before he got popped.

- All right. Grab Halsted,
find this Briggs, bring him in.

Let's not back off Kane though.
Do some digging.

Check his alibi.
- All right.

- You're a hard man
to find, Damon.

Why you hiding?

- G, I'm just trying to see
Sunday morning.

White cop killed in my hood.

I'm the brother
beefin' with him.

Yeah, I did the math.

- Where were you last night,
10:00 p.m.?

- I drove to Wisconsin.
Good for the tires.

Got gas. Came right back.

- Great alibi.

When was the last time
you spoke with McGrady?

- A month. Two.
Been a minute.

- What about when you called
him yesterday

on his undercover phone?

- Oh. That was personal.

I thought y'all was
talkin' business.

I lent him a grand.
Hadn't paid me back yet.

You know that's why
we was conflictin'.

I think dude was in
with some serious people.

Know what I'm saying?

- Did he say why he
needed the money?

- He didn't have to.

We spent most of our time
talking Vegas odds.

Far as I can tell, he wouldn't
pass up a sports bet.

Dude was betting on
little league games.

- Stay in town, Damon.
We'll be in touch.

- I ain't going nowhere.

- You believe this guy?

- I do.
- Why?

- The money thing.
Makes sense.

McGrady asked me to borrow
a few grand last month.

- You lent him money?

- I didn't say I lent him
money. I said he asked.

He sounded like he was
in a really bad place.

- How bad?

- Well, he likes to gamble.
And he loses a lot.

There's a lot of potential
suspects here.

- All right. Let's follow up

on Briggs' alleged
trip to Wisconsin.

- That's Kane. End of the bar.

- This could be another night.

- Right. I mean, my grandma
can click a mouse

and change the
date on this thing.

- I didn't change nothing.

That's the 10:00 news running
behind him on the TV.

Do yourself a favor and find
another black man to arrest.

Kane was here.

- Right. In the bar he owns.
Did you work that night?

- Yeah I did. I saw him.

And I'd testify to
any judge you name.

- I'm sure you'd be paid
handsomely for it too.

- Have a good night, handsome.

- All right. What do we got
on our snitch Briggs?

- He totally was on a joy ride
going to scenic Wisconsin.

- Credit card receipts,
gas station surveillance

puts him at a Kenosha gas
station at the same time

McGrady was shot.

- All right, so cross
Briggs off the list.

Where are we at with Kane?

- Sarge, Kane's alibi
checks out.

- Yeah, we got Kane
on surveillance video

at 10:21 entering the dive bar.

- He owns that place.
You sure that video's legit?

- Looks credible.

They got the 10:00 news on in
the background. It checks out.

- All right, we know
McGrady's 911 call

came in at 10:11, right?

So how far is the dive bar
from where McGrady got hit?

- We basically just drove that
route. It was about 4.8 miles.

We were driving fast.
It took us about 27 minutes.

- There's no way in hell
he made that in ten.

- All right. Just talked
to the techs.

Blood on the gun
that killed McGrady

is a match
for Quinton Kane.

- Well blood is blood.
Let's arrest this prick.

- Quinton Kane!
Chicago PD! Open up!

- Quinton ain't here.

- We'll see about that.
Wait there.

- I got two kids!
- Now hold up!

Y'all can't just come
up in here like this.

Don't need to take all y'all.

- Kitchen's clear!
- Clear.

- Clear.

- No sign of Kane,
but I found something.

- Oh. That's
a parole violation.

Straight to the pokey,
no hearing.

- It ain't mine.
I don't do drugs.

- Okay. Look at me.
We can help you out,

but we need to know
where Quinton is.

- Oh so you want me to rat out
the father of my children?

- No we want you
to rat out the guy

who just killed
a police officer.

- He had kids too.
Four and six. Real cute.

- Come on.

- Quinton was here last night.

He came to get his guns.
- Was he with anyone?

- He left with
his friend Bay Bay.

- Where did they go?
- He didn't say.

But I never seen Quinton
act like that before.

- Act like what?
- Scared.

- He knows y'all are looking to
kill him over that white cop.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I've got the 21st district tact
team sitting on every location

Kane's known to frequent.
Aunties, cousins, grandmas.

So far, nothing.

- Yeah, us too. Dumped his
phone, ran his credit cards.

He's off the grid, unless
he's using a new burner.

- How you holding up? I hear
Voight came down pretty hard.

- If you ask me,
he was out of line.

I did everything by the book.

It's not my fault McGrady
wanted to play cowboy.

- If I were you,
I'd keep that to myself.

Everyone's a little raw to hear
your side of the story.

- Hey, we got a lead
on Kane's boy Bay Bay.

He was spotted in a stash house
on South Wolcott.

- Let's go.

- Chicago PD! Don't move!
Get your hands up!

- Everybody hands up!
Everybody hands up!

- Move through, move through.
- Hands up! Get up!

Let me see 'em up.

- Put your hands in the air
now! Do it now!

- Hey! Where you going? Drop
the bag, get the hands high.

Come on. Drop the damn bag,
baby. Don't make me do it.

Drop the bag! Turn around!

Don't look at me.
Here you go.

Come on. Come on back, Bay Bay.

This your house,
you know where to go.

Hands up. Face on the fridge.
Come on! Let's do it, Bay Bay!

Hands high!
There you go!

- Hey, where'd you get this?
Playing checkers?

- Huh? If you tell us
where Quinton Kane is,

we can forget all about
that cash, bro.

- Hey, man. I ain't
seen him in days.

- We know you helped
him get away.

- Yeah, sounds like you were
harboring a cop killer to me.

We taking you in.
- Get your hands off me, boy!

- Hey!
- The hell's wrong with you?

- We good?
- Yeah, we good. I got him.

- Hands behind your back.

- See we ain't playing
with you, bro.

All right? Talk to me about
Quinton Kane right now.

- Man, I dropped him off
around 65th and Loomis.

- When was that?
- Like two hours ago.

- You sure about that?
You ain't seen him since?

- Kane called,
like, 15 minutes ago.

He told me to gather
as much cash as possible,

and that he would call me back
later with the meeting spot.

- He called you?
- Yeah.

- You got phone?
- It's in my pocket, bro.

- In your jacket?
- Yeah.

- Man, get on your knees.
Get down on your knees, baby.


These look like government
extensions to me, bro.

Kane probably has somebody
on the inside.

- What the hell is going on?

- Hank, come on in. I was just
about to call you.

- Why are you talking
to Quinton Kane?

- Because I'm trying
to save his life.

Okay, I reached out to some
of Kane's associates

and told them that he needed
to surrender peacefully.

And I said that
I would help so he called me.

- Where is he?

- Before I share that with you,
we need to discuss process.

- Listen to me.

This is a police operation.

We will take him down
our own way.

- He won't come in your way.
I promise you that.

The best approach is for you
and me to go in together.

- Ray, that is not a good idea.

- He claims he's innocent,
and he wants a fair trial.

Quinton's no dummy.

He knows that if he
blinks the wrong way,

the men in blue are gonna light
his ass up

like a Christmas tree,
which as we just discussed,

is no good for anyone.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

- Don't worry, Ray.
I got your back.

- Yeah. I appreciate it.

Those country boys
up there with the guns,

they know the suspect is tall
and thin, right?

- I believe they do.

It's cool.

- Should be down at
the end of the hall.

- All right. I'll go in first,
you stay behind me.

- Let me see
those hands up high.

- No! Quinton!

- I'm not carrying.
- Raise your hands!

- Quinton, you have my word.
Calm down now.

Come on now, Quinton.

You have my word. Calm down.
- Turn around.

- I didn't shoot that cop.

- Yeah, well, I'm not here
to discuss the case.

You know why I'm here?

To make sure you get
out of here alive,

get a chance to tell
your side of the story.

- Are you saying
you don't believe me?

- I'm saying it doesn't matter
what I believe.

- If you're innocent, Quinton,
put down the gun,

walk out with us, and
no one's gonna hurt you.

- Nah.

Nah, not yet. Not yet.

I'm gonna wait 'til
I'm outside.

So everybody can see
that I'm cooperating.

- You're cooperating?

Let's go.

Are you ready?
Here you go.

We're coming out.
Don't shoot.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey, stand down!
Stand down!

Put your guns--
Put your guns down!

Hey! We are all gonna walk
out of here alive.

Every one of us.

Put your weapon down.

All right, Quinton. You too.

- Calm down, Quinton.
I got it.

- Come on.
- You got my word, Quinton.

- You want to walk out of here
in one piece?

Come on.
Look at this.

- You got my word.
- Come on. Be smart.

Come on, man.

There you go.

There you go!
Come on in.

All right, turn around.
Turn around.

Put your hands up.
- You got my word.

- Let's get out of here.
Come on.

- Thanks, Ray.
- Thank you.


- Tonight, Chicago
sleeps safer.

Quinton Kane is in custody
for the murder

of a Chicago police officer.

I was very close with
Sergeant Sean McGrady.

He was everything that
we as police strive to be.

He was honest.
He was dedicated.

He was courageous.

We must never forget
Sergeant McGrady's sacrifice.

Thank you.

- Hey. You sent in a tactical
team without telling me?

- We got our man.
- We already had our man.

You just needed
to get the credit.

- Well, I needed to make sure

we apprehended
a cop killer,

and that we got you
and Ray out of there alive.

That was my only agenda.

- Well, that's good to know,
'cause for a minute there,

it felt personal.

- Pick up your feet, please.

Thank you.

All right. You first.

- Anne.

- I'll be just a minute.

- If there's anything that
you need, you, the kids,

please call me.

- Thanks. I appreciate that.

And I'm--I'm sorry
about the other day.

I didn't mean to be so abrupt.

- It's all right.
- I just--

Mac really liked you.

He always said
how smart you were.

- That's nice to know.

Anything you need, let me know.

- Actually there is something
I would like to address.

- Yeah. Name it.

- It seems so meaningless now,
but I can't let it go.

Mac came home from
Community Play one night...

really upset.

The treasurer accused Mac
of stealing money.

- That's terrible.

Do you remember the guy's name?

- Mike Adams.

- There were some checks
made out to cash.

It looked like Sergeant McGrady
was responsible.

- Hm. You thought
he was stealing money?

- Yes.
- How much money was missing?

- Close to $10,000.

I told him we were going
to file a police report.

- Is that what you were
fighting about

the night of the party?

- Mm-hmm.

- I assume after everything
that's happened

that you're gonna
let this go now?

- Of course.

Especially now,
after the case is closed.

Killer's in custody.

You know I read they found
his blood on McGrady's gun?

Sounds like a no-brainer.

- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.

- Hey. Detective Upton,

I have two cases
on the docket today.

I found something important.
We need to talk about it now.

- Got your message.

- You'll wanna check this out.

- Okay, an ISP sign-in sheet.

- That's McGrady's signature.

- So?

- Quinton Kane was popped
for a DUI two months ago.

His blood's been sitting
in an evidence cooler.

One of the vials is missing.

- You're saying McGrady
stole Kane's blood?

- Yep.
- Why?

- So he could frame him.

- Frame him for his own murder?

- No. Frame him
for his own suicide.


- I hear the funeral is today.

- Yep. Starts in an hour.

- I'm sure McGrady is gonna
get a hell of a send-off.

Those bagpipes always
make me tremble.

"Coming Home."

Everyone thinks it's Scottish.

It's actually an
African-American spiritual.

- I didn't know that.

- Things are never
what they seem.

- Huh.

- You know, I heard a rumor
that McGrady was stealing cash

from Community Play.

- That's news to me.

- I'm just thinking aloud here.

Maybe I'm right,
maybe I'm wrong.

McGrady's circling the drain,
knows he's about to be exposed.

So he frames a black drug
dealer for his own suicide.

He goes out a hero,
and his wife and kids,

they get to collect
a healthy pension.

- That sounds far-fetched.

- I also heard
there's a surveillance video

of Kane drinking whiskey at
a bar damn near the same time

McGrady got shot.

- Hmm.

- Until last night, that is.

When someone broke
into the bar,

and the video disappears.

- Yeah, well, now it's
my turn to muse.

You don't care about Kane.
I mean, not even a little.

He's an old-fashioned criminal.

Doesn't believe
in paying tribute

to enlightened aldermen.


And with Kane gone,

another banger's going to
take over that territory,

and I think with
the correct help, guidance,

he'll come to
understand the wisdom

of investing in his ward.

- Maybe you're right.

But that doesn't mean
my silence is free.

- Ray, Ray.
What is it that you want?

- What do I want?
What do I want?

I want you to remember.

I'm doing you a favor.

That's it.
That's all I'm asking.

I'm gonna talk
to you soon, Hank.

- No doubt.

- There should be
more cops like Mac.

- Yeah. We used to play horse
over at Community Play.

I always kicked his ass.

- Well, you know
he let you win.

- Exactly what I wanted
him to think.

- All right.

- How's Upton dealing
with all of this?

- I'm not sure.
She keeps a lot in.

- We all do, right?
It's part of the job.

- Call from Mia, huh?

She ain't playing with you.
- Hello?


Yeah, I can be there
in an hour.

- Not easy raising kids
on your own.

- Hey, guys.
Can you go upstairs, please?

- She's a strong woman.

She's got lots of friends.

If anyone can pull
it off, she can.

- Mm.

Hailey. Hailey, hold up.

So I know I came down
kind of hard on you

about this coffee thing,
letting McGrady go in alone.

Well, I get it now, so.
- It's not really

what you want to talk to me
about though, is it?

- You and me gotta get
on the same page.

Either we disclose
this evidence,

or we take it to the grave.

- Wait. Doesn't it bother you
that everyone looks at him

like he's a hero?

- Yeah. It bothers me.

McGrady was a good man.
- Mm.

Good cop? Sure.

Good man? No. Not so much.

He gambled away his savings,

he cheated on Anne,

tried to sabotage my career.

Every time I was up
for a promotion,

son of a bitch did his best
to jam me up.

- I know.

He wasn't perfect.

But he was a good cop.
I know that for sure,

'cause I saw him in action.

I watched what he did
when the bullets were flying,

and believe me--

Hailey, he's got
two little kids.

Think about what happens
to them if this comes out.

All they have is his legacy.

And his pension.

I mean, you want to blow
all of that over some jackass

who mowed down
a family of three

over a couple kilos of coke?


This city could use a hero
in blue right now.

Someone the people
could admire.

Even if he's a fraud?


To the grave.

- Thanks for finally
taking my call.

- I've been a bit busy.

- Yeah, well, you
don't get to be busy.

Or unavailable.
You understand?

Like I told you last week,

I own you.

The second your sister got
popped for that DUI

with your little nephew
in the backseat,

you tried to make
it all go away,

your right to being
agitated or inconvenienced

came to an abrupt end.

You falsified official reports.

Buried evidence.

Hell, if I weren't so

you could go to jail over this.

- What do you want?

- Your eyes. Your ears.

- No. Uh-uh. No.

I'm not a rat, man.

- No? You don't think so?

- No.

- That's my dear friend
from IAD.

But if you don't want to

I just call his cranky ass
right now.

[phone ringing]

- Hang it up.

- There you go, son.
That's a good decision.

Now let's talk details.

[wolf howls]