Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Rabbit Hole - full transcript

Halstead's partying with Camila unintentionally puts him in the middle of a drug-related homicide. He's forced to choose between loyalty to his unit and his girl. Meanwhile, Voight finally discovers the mole in his unit.

- You work right next to one
of the worst men in Chicago.

- You want us
to voucher for you?

- No, I'll take care of it.

- I'm not a rat, man.

- The second your sister
got popped for that DUI,

we tried to make it all go away.

You could go to jail over this.

- Your eyes, your ears.

- I gotta go meet a CI.

I could use a backup.

- No use looking at me, kid.


You're gonna go
one way or the other.

- Sarge, I, uh...
- Stop.

You don't get to play this one.

- I swear to you,
I didn't have a...

A choice?

- It was my family.
- Uh-huh.

- My kid sister.
- They were gonna take her son.

- I know what he's got on you.

There's nothing
I can do about that.

- What did you give Woods?
- Nothing.

I swear to you.

I tried to give him a BS video
of Halstead in a fight.

He didn't bite.
He wanted more.

So the money at the crime
scene... the 20K... that was him.

It was me.

But I didn't give him the tape.

- The way I see it,
you got two choices.

Serve me up to Woods,

or you can help me take him out.

- Sarge, I am with you.

I've always been with you.

Is that it?
Are we good?

- I didn't say that.

- That is not true.

Okay, that's not who she is.
That guy just really liked her.

- He gave her $500, like,

ten minutes
after having sex with her.

That's called "prostitution."

- He told her to go get a dress.

They were going out that night.
It's called being generous.

- Ryan, please,
would you say something?

- I'm not going
anywhere near that one.

- That means he agrees with me.

- No, that means
he's under your spell.

- I should get going.
- Come on, stay.

- It's like 2:30
in the morning.

I gotta be up early.

Let me show you something.

- Is that...
Wait, is that coke?

- I'm sorry, it's on my gums.

- I really gotta go.
- Mm, fine.

It's just, things are always
better when you're here,

with me.

- That was so funny.

- Oh, sorry.
- No worries.

Yo, Camila,
where you been hiding?

- I'm really going this time.
- I'm coming with you.

Let me just say bye to everyone.

- All right,
I'll meet you outside.

- Okay.

- I've been looking for you
for, like, an hour.

- Camila, it's me, I'm outside.
- Let's go.

Hey, man, you all right?

- I didn't hit her, I swerved.

- She was crawling
across the street.

- Call 911.
- Call 911!

- Gunshots...
- What?

Damn it.

It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.

You're all right.
Who did this?

All right, just hang in there.
Hang in there.

Help's on the way.

You're okay.
You're okay.

You're not alone.
You're not alone.

- Ryan. Ryan!
- What happened?

- I don't know.
- I don't know.

You gotta go.
You can't be here.

- No, you're high.

And the cops are about to be
all over this place.

Just get out of here.

- Voight, it's me...
- I need help.

- Hey.
- What's going on?

- Female victim.
- Two GSWs.

- No, Jay.
- What's going on, meaning,

what the hell
are you doing here?

- All right, so I was here,
working a CI.

- Camila Vega,
from the Veil Club.

- The girl from
the kidnapping case?

Luis' sister?

- News to me.

She on paper?

- No.

- Was the victim at the party?

- Yeah, I believe so.
- You believe so.

You've been drinking.
Anything else?

- Just drinking.

- Okay, go back to the office.
- Don't talk to anyone.

Write up your IPR.

Okay, work the body.
I'll talk to homicide.

- Copy.

What do we got?

- Two GSWs.
- First shot, center mass.

Second, lodged in her spine.



Well, if this was a robbery,
they didn't do a very good job.



- I was working her
as an unwitting.

She works at Veil.

A lot of drugs
move through that place.

She told me about the party.
I saw an opportunity.

But you're absolutely right.

I should've put her
on paper first.

Uh, I screwed up.

- Are you sleeping
with this girl?

- No.

- Okay.

Document it.
Start working the case.

You're already working the girl.

May as well stay under.

Figure out who killed this
young woman, right?

- All right.
- Mm-hmm.

- Hey, I was just trying
to call you.

You good?
You need another?

- No, I'm leaving.

- Cool.
- Uh, this is Ryan.

Ryan, this is Wallace.

- See you later on tonight?
- Maybe. I'll be in touch.

- He used to work here.

So, what the hell happened?

- The cops took me down
to the station.

They started drilling me
with questions, like,

did I see anything?

Did I know the girl
that got killed?

- Maggie.

Don't know her last name.

Did you see who she left with?

Look, they were
asking me if I saw...

- Ryan, I didn't...
- Anything suspicious.

- I didn't watch her leave,
okay? I...

- All right, I'm sorry.

- I can't believe she's dead.

I've never seen anybody
get shot before.

- It's always better
when you're here.

No traces of anything?

- No, tox was clean.

No drugs or alcohol
in her system.

- So our junkie that died
at a West Humboldt party

died completely sober.

No signs of that?

- No, no tearing.
- No body fluids.

No trace of anyone else's DNA.

But UV light did pick up this.

- "Echo."

- I talked to the bouncer
from Club Echo.

He says Maggie comes
in all the time.

He remembers because
he's always yelling at her.

Girl's a hundred pounds.

Walks to the dank-ass club

the filthy-ass hood solo.

These are his words.

Uh, I couldn't get her leaving,
but I did get her arriving.

It's a little weird.

This is her walking up
to the club.

Tracked her backwards
from there,

to where she got out of the cab.

Now the cabby says she got on
the Wilson red line.

- There's an 'L' stop
a block away from Echo.

Why get off early
and take a cab?

- Yeah, the 'L' camera shows
she got on at the Jackson stop.

She had to walk a mile
to get to Jackson.

- It's like she didn't
want someone knowing

where she was going.

- So I used the, uh,
traffic PODS,

followed her backwards
from the Jackson stop.

Looks like her night
started right here.

This is an apartment building
on Wells Street.

- Thank you, sir.
- We'll take it from here.

- Does this look like
the apartment of a junkie?

- Mail's addressed
to Ella Porter.

I don't see the name "Maggie"
or "Margaret" anywhere.

- Chicago PD.
- DEA, drop your weapon.

- Okay, let's take it
nice and slow.

Like she said, we're Chicago PD.

- I'm gonna show you my badge.
- While you show us yours.

You got something
going with Ella?

"- Yes."

Something happened?

- Ella's dead.

Someone shot her
earlier this morning.

- No, no credible leads yet,
but the good news is we've got

a detective undercover
in this crowd.

He's got lots of access.
Lots of contacts.

I'm confident we'll find
the killer very soon.

But we'll need your cooperation.

- Any idea what the motive was?

- No, I mean, we've only been
at this 12 hours, but...

Look, I know what
you're asking, Jim, I...

I understand the law,
and believe me,

if we confirm
that Ella was killed

because of her undercover work,
you'll be my first call.

- We'll get you a copy
of her case files,

DEA 6s generated,

and everything else we can
think of.

- Thank you.

Question, though.

Why was Ella out
by herself last night?

- Not sure.

She was off-book.

- Maggie's real name was
Ella Porter.

Grew up in Chicago.
Joined the DEA two years ago.

- Yeah, and based on the
information we have,

it looks like she was trying
to ID the distributor

supplying cocaine
to these five clubs.

Her main target
is this guy, Alex.

He's the manager of Club Echo.
Low-level dealer.

He sends Ella a text
last night at 12:30.

"I'll get you
the intro you want.

Meet me at Echo.
We'll go from there."

- For now, we're assuming that
intro was with Alex's source,

- the distributor.
- Mm-hmm.

- So, Ella gets to Club Echo
around 1:00 a.m.

Witnesses put her and Alex at
the after party at 2:00 a.m.

Jay saw her at 2:30.

And she was in the alleyway
around 3:00.

Not a wide window.

- Hell, I'm thinking something
went wrong at the party

between Ella, Alex,
and the distributor.

So let's go back to Echo,
talk to this guy Alex.

Work his ass.
Figure out who his supplier is.

- Sarge, I know Alex.
- I met him through Camila.

So, uh, let me work him.
Make an undercover buy.

- Okay.
- You're taking Upton.

- All right.

- Adam.

Listen, when you meet Woods...

- Right.
- Just give him what he wants.

- Wait, wait...
you want me to give him

the tape of you
taking the money?

- Yes.
- Boss, I don't...

- How many times
you want me to tell you?

- Whatever you want, Sarge.

Is there anything else
you want me to know?

- Yeah.

I put in papers for Atwater

so he's next in line
for detective, not you.

Maybe you can use that.

- You want us to voucher that
for you?

- Nah, I'll take care of it.

Honestly, I can handle it, boss.

- That 20K is still missing,

- Yeah, I checked the inventory
logs and ERPS this morning.

- So what prompted this new,
enlightened worldview?

- Anger.
- Voight screwed me over.

Told me I was next
in line for detective.

Found out this morning that he
passed me over for my partner.

Told me straight up
I was next in line.

And he passes me over
for Atwater?

Didn't even give me a heads up.

So the way I see it,
I don't owe him a thing.


- This is my friend Hailey.

- Nice to meet you, Hailey.
- You, too.

- You only roll
with pretty people, huh?

- Try to, anyway.

- Ask me, it's a solid strategy.

You two looking to party?

'Cause I'm feeling some pretty
good vibes right now,

especially from Hailey.

- Aw, sorry, Alex.
- You're not my type.

You're welcome
to try a little, but she's gay.

- I don't judge, Ryan.
- Or label.

Let's get some drinks, yeah?

- Yeah.

- Oh, she's working Veil.

I might stop by later.

Um, yo, I came by
'cause I wanted to see

if you could hook me up.

- I wanna buy some blow.

- Because I know you.

- You know Camila better.

Oh, huh, she didn't tell you?

- She sells, too.

And, I'm just guessing,

she'll probably give
you a better deal,

since you're
sleeping together and all.

- Look, man,
I know what Camila does,

but I don't like to mix
business with pleasure.

I think it makes things messy.

So this is more than
just recreational.

- Yeah, I'm looking to buy
some big product.

I got a lot of eager customers
who want quality stuff.

- We have eager customers,

We're in this together.

- What kind of weight
you thinking?

- Quarter key.

- I don't have that
kind of weight with me.

I can get it.

Nine grand.

- Come on, man,
don't do me like that.

We both know eight's
the right number.

- Meet me here
tomorrow at 1:00.

- All right.
- This stays between us, right?

- Did you really know
that Camila was dealing?

We're gonna talk about this,

- No, I didn't know,
but I'm not surprised.

That's why I've been
working her.

- You're not working her, Jay.
- You're dating her.

And you got her on paper now.

You screwing her
is a fire-able offense.

And now she's mixed up
in all this?

What, are you gonna lie
to the Feds next?

- My relationship
with Camila got us here.

It got us the buy with Alex,

who's gonna lead us
to the shooter.

- So, you are sleeping with her?

What are you doing?

- I'm fine.
- I'm fine, all right?

And I can figure this out.

Let's let Alex take us
to the supplier

who might be good
for the murder.

In the meantime,
I'll talk to Camila,

and I'll see what she knows.

- We gotta talk
to Voight about this.

- No, not yet.

Give me a few hours.

- A few hours, that's it.

- We set up a buy with Alex at
1:00 p.m. tomorrow, which means

he needs to buy a quarter key
from his supplier.

- All right, and we already
got him hooked up.

We got a wire on his cell
and his burner phone.

- GPS tracker on his car too.

- So if this guy moves,
we'll know it.

Hopefully we track him
to his source.

We can bust them both.

- Well, we stay
on top of him until then.

He moves.
We move.

Hey, where's Jay?

- He's with Camila.

- He's working his source,

Trying to figure out
what she knows.

I feel like I haven't
eaten in, like, ten hours.

You okay?

What's wrong?

- Look, um, I've been talking
to some people,

and that woman who died, Maggie,

she was undercover DEA.

I think she was
working Veil too.

- So if you know something...

Camila, what the hell
is going on?

- Nothing.
- Nothing, I just...

- Look, if you know something,
you gotta tell me, please.

Maybe I can help you.

- After Luis died, I couldn't
afford this place, all right?

I knew some people
who were selling coke,

so I started dealing.

Just a little, here and there.
Just to make rent.

I'm going to jail, aren't I?

- No. No, not for selling
an eight ball here or there.

Absolutely not.

But if you know
something about that woman,

that is something
completely different.

- No, of course I don't know
anything about that.

All right, if I did
I would've called the cops.

- Then why are you
so worried right now?

- Because she was a Fed, Ryan.

All right?
She was probably taking names.

I need to get out of here.

- Leave town.
- That's not a good idea.

- Look, it's better
than staying here, all right?

Broke and scared.

I've been thinking
about it for a while.

After Luis died,
I was gonna leave anyway.

I probably should have.

But I...
I stayed.

Because of you.

I love you.

I do.
Crazy as it is.

- He's out of the car.

I don't see any movement
down here,

so maybe he's going down
to another car for a handoff.

Walking down the alley,
just past 45th.

- I'm pulling in the alley
down the street.

- Walking up to a garage.

- He's going for the keypad.
- He's gonna access the garage.

- Keep slow and steady.

- We've been made.
- We've been made.

- Go!

- Get those hands up.
- Get those hands up high.

Turn around.
Turn around.

- You got me?
- Yeah, you're good.

- All right, let's go.

- We look clear.

- Aw, damn it.

- Okay, we might have action.

We got a quarter key,
right off the brick.

What you got?

- These things open up the
drop-off garages for the cash.

There's, like,
six of them in here.

There was never gonna
be anyone here.

- You need to stop playing,

This is murder, okay?
Murder of a federal agent.

- I got nothing to do with that.

- "I'll get you
the intro you want.

Meet me at Echo
and we'll go from there."

- It's a text message.

Had nothing to do
with anybody dying.

- The text message is enough to
lock you up, plus the drugs.

- Guys, I'm a nobody.

I go to a garage to pick up blow

and grab a garage door opener.

When I sell the blow, I go
to the address on the opener

and drop the cash.

No faces.
No names.

- I'm losing my patience.

Tell us something about
the night of the murder,

or we're locking your ass up.

- I was just making an intro.

I make a thousand bucks
every time I make an intro.

That's it.
That's all I was doing.

- The person who recruited me.

- We need a name.

- Camila Vega.

- Good.

- Hey, no.
- You can't talk to her.

She's a suspect now.

- No, she is not.

She would not do
something like this.

I know her.

Just let me talk to her,

'cause maybe I can figure this
out, I can get a name.

- Jay, no, hey.
- You are not thinking straight.

Whatever loyalty you have to
this girl, it is not worth it.

You have to let it go, man.

- Hey, do you have a bag packed?

What the hell is going on?

- Grab your bag.

Take the 'L' to the train
station near Grant Park.

No phone, no car.
And I'll meet you there.

- Just meet me there.

We have to find
a way out of this.

Just me and you.

- I don't know
what she told you...

- You think she needed
to tell me something?

Jay, you're not that good.

So I'll ask you again.

What the hell
are you doing here?

- I'm going to see Camila.
- I know that.

I ran your muds and tolls.

My question is, "Why?"

- To see what she knows.
- Okay.

Well, here's what I know.

She's a suspect
in the murder of a DEA agent.

- She didn't kill anybody.
- You don't know that.

- You're gonna work her.
- You're gonna wear this wire.

You're gonna find out
exactly what she knows

and bury her ass.

You understand me?

Why are we meeting here?

I don't understand.

- Look, I talked to Mike.

He said Alex got busted
and I should tell you.

You gotta be kidding me.

I lied, okay?

I don't... I don't just
deal a little, okay?

I recruit dealers.

I hook them up with product.

- Okay, so you messed up.
- You're moving drugs.

What does that have to do
with the DEA agent?

- I was recruiting her
through Alex, okay?

That's why she was at the party.

She came to talk to me.

Did you talk?

- No.

- No, I got nervous.

I heard someone call her
by a different name.

Uh, Ella.

So I told the guy that I work
for that something was wrong,

that she wasn't
who she said she was.

- Then she was dead.

What's his name?

- No.
- Yeah.

Cam, you gotta tell me his name.

You gotta tell me his name.
Maybe I can help, all right?

But I need to know who shot her.

No one can.

And I need to get
out of here now.

Are you coming with me?
Yes or no?

- Yeah.

Yeah, but first we gotta
get out in front of this.

The only way out of this,
for both of us,

is if we get proof
you didn't know

that dealer was gonna kill her.

- He'll kill me.
- He'll kill both of us.

- No, I am not gonna
let that happen.

I love you.

I know I didn't say it before,
but it's true.

- His name is Wallace Blake.

- The guy you were talking to
at the club the other day?

All right,
here's what we're gonna do.

You're gonna text him,

and you're gonna tell him
to meet you at Veil.

- We're gonna get a confession.

It's the only way
to clear your name.

- It's our best chance
at making this case.

- Let's go.

- Eyes up, he's here.

- We're headed out of town,
so he came along.

What's so important?

- I just wanna talk to you

about the other night.

- No, we're not doing that here.

- Yeah, we are.

- Who the hell are you again?

- Yo, man, we're just trying
to do what's right.

The way I see it, you got
more to lose than we do,

so it's in your best interest
to talk to us.

- I just wanna know
what you want me to say

if the cops come get me.

Don't jerk us off.

We both know
what we're talking about.

That woman you shot,
she's a DEA agent.

- Man, he is pushing
way too hard.

- Back off, Jay.

- Well, you must have me
confused with someone else.

I mean, I don't know nothing
about a dead DEA agent.

- You're just gonna walk
out of here like a punk?

- Get out of my way.

- Just talk to us.

- Shut up,
and get out of my way.

- Chicago PD.

Hey, hey, come here.

- Put those hands back.
- Get 'em back!

- Back up.

Hey. Come on.

- Come on.

- You got five minutes.

- Yeah.


- I don't know what to say.
- You make me sick.

You know what it's like
to be with someone

who doesn't really exist?

Do you know how that feels?

- Camila.
- Get away from me.

Don't touch me.

Don't you hear me?
Get away from me.


- I didn't kill that lady.

And I wasn't anywhere
near that alley.

- How'd you know
she was killed in an alley?

- I read the papers.
- Wasn't in the papers.

- Well, I read it somewhere.

- I didn't kill her.
- Good.

- Camila did.

- Mm.

- Yeah, she was freaked out.

She told me someone called
that lady by a different name.

She seemed scared,
thought she was a cop.

- Hmm.

- All I know.

Y'all obviously don't have
enough evidence,

else you wouldn't have tried
to work a confession out of me.

You guys don't play poker,
do you?


The thing is,

you're not supposed
to show me your hand.

- I heard someone call Maggie
by a different name.

All right?
Ella, I think.

So I panicked because
I thought she might be a cop.

I told Wallace to be careful,

but I didn't think
he was gonna kill her.

- When's the last time
you saw Ella?

- Around 3:00
in the morning.

She was heading out
the door with Wallace.

- That's good testimony.

Problem is, Wallace says
you killed her.

- That's crazy,
I don't even own a gun.

- All right,
that's not good enough.

When the murder was happening,

I was in the back room
screwing your partner.

Is that good enough?

- These are from
the floor of your car.

- Driver's side.
- Yeah.

See all that stuff
that's glowing?

That's blood.

It's Ella's blood.

Must've been on your shoe.

- I'm not stupid.

You guys are bluffing.

- You know how hard it is
to get rid of blood?

I mean, you can wash it,

vacuum it,
wash it again, it'll...

- Lawyer.

- Okay, but then
we can't help you.

Camila's words get set in stone.

- We're talking about
a federal agent here, man.

That's the death penalty.

Last rites, needle in the arm,
the whole bit.


Now, this is your one chance
to get out in front of this.

Tell your side of the story.

Just help us understand
why you did it.

'Cause you do that,

tell the truth,

and we talk to the Feds,
make you a good deal.

You know, you...

I mean you think about it,

this moment, right now,

you decide if you live or die.

- I knew that girl was lying.

Then she just walked away.

I told her to stop.

She kept walking,
so I grabbed her.

She, uh...
she hit me.

And I...
I shot her.

So How do we make that deal?

- We don't.

You said...

- I lied.

- But you know, your instincts
were right about one thing.

The photos. They were fake.

So I guess we do know
how to play poker.

Wh... hey!

Get off!

What the hell kind of game
are you playing with me?

- I don't know what you're
talking about!

Gah! I don't know
what you're talking about!

- That 20K Voight took
was in evidence all along.


- The property clerk said

he wrote down
the wrong case number,

so Voight played it by the book.

This time, anyway.

But you and me, we still got
some business to do.


I said understand?

- I understand.

You know, Lieutenant,

what is this?

Why do you hate Voight so much?


We're two dogs in a cage
and one bowl of food.

That's not hate.

It's survival.

We do all the work and the...

- And the Feds swoop in
for the attaboy.

It's the way it goes sometimes.

- Yeah.

- But that's not
what you're worried about.

Look, you did what you could.

Jay was over his skis
on this one.

It's not on you.

- Yeah.


- I'm sure you heard.
- Feds took the case.


- Are you seriously looking
for drugs right now?

- Yeah.
- Drugs, alcohol.

Or something might explain
what the hell just happened.

- I'll stop you right there.
- I don't do drugs.

I never have.

You have my word on that.

- Well, your word doesn't mean
too much, does it?

Now, I asked you point blank,

"You sleeping with this girl?"

You looked me in the eye,
and you lied.

You put this whole unit at risk.

And you dug a hell of a hole.

I just hope there's a way out.

- Doesn't matter.

- Does to me.

- Jay.

You got lucky.
Wallace confessed.

You're off the hook
for the murder.

- But you will be charged with
felony drug distribution.

And more than likely,
accessory to murder.

However, if you cooperate,

I can probably convince them
to look the other way on that.

And help you out
with that drug charge.

What do you mean "cooperate"?

- Just keep
your mouth shut about Jay.

He's a guy that came
into your bar, asked questions.

The night of the murder,

you were at a party
with a bunch of your friends.

One of them was Ryan.

you found out he was a cop.

No sex.
No back room.

- What, like I never
even knew him?

- You didn't.

You do that, I'll give you
a chance to have a life.

You don't, I'll bury you.

- I won't say a word.

Like hell if I didn't know him.

The person you know,
that's the lie.

.srt Extracted, Synced and Corrected
by Dan4Jem, AD.I.MMXVIII