Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Promise - full transcript

A young Latina woman is brutally murdered and it's suspected she have been working as a drug mule until a different motive for her death is discovered.

Just so we're clear, if
you're gonna live with me,

you have to be self-sufficient.
I'll help however I can,

but my hours are a little crazy.

I'll be fine.

- This is a big year for you.
- I know. You keep saying that.

Because it's true.
How's the college essay coming?

My counselor said I should
write about being a Latina.

- All the obstacles.
- That's a good one.

I think it's BS, but if it'll help me

get into Northwestern or Brown, fine.

Wait, you don't think there
are obstacles for Latinos?

I do, but not for me.

Trust me. The world is not
as color-blind as you think.

Why are you so mad? I don't...

I'm not mad. I just don't
want you to forget who you are

and where you come from. That's...

We have to take a rain check
on the movie, come on.

Come on, let's go.

Stay in the car. I won't be long.

Hey. Just talked to the homicide dicks.

Homeless guy found her, no witnesses.

Yo, Antonio, I heard
you were back on the beat.

- How you doing, Jerry?
- Better than her.

Cut the drugs out of her gut

and threw her away
like a piece of trash.

Welcome to America.

Same M.O. as the Sinaloan Cartel.

They use young women
that can swallow a key.

That's why I texted you guys.

Foreign drug mule is the last
thing I need on my books.

We're just following
the smuggling angle.

Don't feel like picking
up the trash, huh?

Oh, my God.

What are you doing?
I told you to stay in the car.

- Who is she?
- We don't know.

Come on. You can't be here.

He called her trash.

He meant the case is trash.

Because she's Latina?

No! Because these cases
are hard to solve.

Now come on.

But you're still going to try, right?

Eva, please.

You just said our job was
to help other Latinos.

We'll take it.

Come on.

So our Jane Doe is Latina.
Mid to late 20s.

Negative on the prints.
Nothing in our databases.

M.E. is still processing the body.

But it appears she was a drug mule?

Yeah, and they had a problem
recovering the product,

so they gutted her like a farm animal.

Dope's worth more than the carriers.

Rigor puts time of death

between 6:00 and 8:00 last night.

Crime scene techs found very
little blood on the scene,

so she was killed someplace
else, and then dropped here.

Why's homicide passing this off on us?

I said we'd take it.

Mm. I bet Homicide was real
sorry to see this one go.

All right.

All right, send out patrol to
canvass the neighborhood

where the body was found.

Check pod cameras, missing persons.

This young lady didn't
just fall from the sky.

I got a C.I. deep
in with these cartel guys.

Good. Oh, Antonio, Burgess...

you two are gonna partner up now.

Ah, it's a lovely game
of musical chairs.


Aww, I'm on duty.

Gustavo, listen, a drug mule
was murdered last night.

She was sliced open.

Look, man, I'm not
on the roster anymore, right?

I worked it off, remember?

I still need to know.

All right, man. Look, maybe I did hear

something about some mules.

I'm all ears.

But first, let's talk business.

Having your daughter come live with you,

that's a big deal.

She and her mom...
and her mom's new boyfriend...

they weren't getting along.

Eva's a good kid.
Straight A's, top of her class.

I was a nightmare when I was 17.

I find that hard to believe.

I was.

I was a... I was a rebel.

Who's the bus?

Do you see what I see?

Copy that.

Everybody take it easy.

Just hold. Just hold.

All right, move in.


- Go! Go! Go!
- This is 21 Eddie, emergency!

- Ambulance to 5500 Kolmar!
- Go!


Come on!


I mean it's really your call, bro.

Heard you're working with my brother.

Yeah. So far, so good.

It's only been a few days, but...

Hi, I'm just gonna ask
you a few questions, okay?

- Do you recognize her?

She's afraid to go to jail.

She says she was forced to swallow

drugs to pay off her coyote.

Okay, tell her if she cooperates,

we'll see if we can get the
criminal drug charges reduced.

Okay, uh...

She doesn't recognize the woman,

but she's certain she's not a drug mule.

- How does she know?
- She's too old.

The drug mules that work
for this gang are 15 or 16.

Got it. Thank you.

So, Willy, the woman
you were going to pick up,

she had a key of heroin in her gut.

I don't know what you're talking about.

But I was just gonna give her a ride.

Yeah? Were you gonna give
her this kind of ride?

Whoa. No, no.

I had nothing to do with that.

No way you could prove it.

Oh, you'd be surprised
what we can prove.

Especially when it gets leaked

that you've been feeding us information.

But I'm not.

You probably ought
to tell that to your bosses

after we toss you.

I'm sure they're reasonable men.

I take them to hotels,
give them laxatives,

and wait for the balloons to come.

That's all I do.

Except sometimes they don't
when clock's ticking, right?

Got $100,000 worth of heroin

stuck in some nameless girl's belly.

Why not just slice her open?

Wouldn't happen like that.

No? How would it happen?

Cut the other way.

Drugs are here. You don't slice across.

You slice down, then take them out.

She's not a mule.

According to the girl,
all the mules are around 15.

The DOA looks closer to 30.

And if there were drugs inside her,

they would've cut down,
not across, apparently.

You know what else
the cartel doesn't do?

Rape drug mules.

Just got the M.E. report.

The DOA had significant vaginal tearing

and the cause of death
was strangulation.

So the slice across her stomach?

Must've been done after the fact.

You're saying that someone
raped her, killed her,

cut her open to make it look
like she was a mule?

Who's gonna cry over some
anonymous Latina drug runner?

Patrol just found
bloody clothes in an alley

near where the body was dumped.

Hit it.


Garcia. Garcia, hey.

What's up, Kim? Don't come too close.

The reason I smell like I've
been in 27 dumpsters

is because I have been.

I warned you about the rookie life.

Come on.

Saw you at Toma's memorial.

Yeah, that whole thing's crazy.

Can't believe he's really gone.

All right, what do we got?

All right, a woman's bloody clothes.

Found them two blocks down from the DOA.

You didn't touch anything, did you?

No, just took some photos,
and then I called you.

Great. I'll look.

Check this out. Gloria Morales.

Must've fallen out of the pocket.

It's a fake ID, but it
might be right address.

- Good job, Garcia.
- Thanks.

There's no law they need
papers to rent an apartment.

We know that, señora.
How long has she lived here?

- Six months.
- Which bed is hers?

That one.

This looks like blood.

Let's make sure to get
those into evidence.

Did Gloria ever mention
being threatened?

No, not to me. She kept to herself.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It's okay.

Who are you?

That's her son.

Oscar, I'm Sergeant Platt.

You can call me Trudy
if you want though, okay?

You hungry?

So, Oscar. Here's the deal.

You're gonna be here until we
figure out where you should go.

Hopefully a relative.
Do you have family here?

Why won't you talk to me?

My mama told me
never to talk to the police.

Got you.

All right. Gloria Morales,
she came from Guatemala

six months ago with her son Oscar.

There's no border crossing,
so she entered here illegally.

Landlady thought she worked
at some factory.

Said she paid her rent on time.

We canvassed the neighborhood.

Nobody wanted to talk.

- Mm.
- Yeah, they're freaked out.

They think anybody with a badge
is trying to deport them.

Hey, so the M.E. ran those
clothes from the dumpster.

Now the blood in the dumpster
definitely matches our DOA,

but they couldn't find any
other evidence on the clothes.

What about the blood on the
jeans in the apartment?

That blood matches a pig. Yeah.

More precisely pig, cow, and
lamb, believe it or not.

Maybe she worked at a restaurant?

Okay, I ran the old bus card
that we found at the apartment.

She took the 127 Blue Line
every day to West 132nd.

All right, so let's run every
business within a mile radius

of West 132nd.

Let's find out where she worked.

There's only one large
company around West 132nd.

It's Bukowski Meat Packing Company.

They specialize in lamb, pig,
and cow products.

Boots on the ground. Hit that factory.


Gloria Morales! Did she work here?

Hey, look. We're not here
to arrest anybody.

Just help us out.

Okay. Gloria Morales. Do you know her?

- Gloria Morales.
- Nope? Anyone?

You recognize her?

How about you? Did you know her?

Hey. Did you know her?

I just want to know
if something happened.

Yeah, well, why don't we go somewhere

we can talk in private?

No, I can't.

They're not going to talk to you.

They're scared of cops.

Do you know her?

No. Sorry.

Hey! What the hell are you guys doing

barging in here like this?

You gotta be frocked to be in here.

I'm gonna get fined!

All right, everybody back to
work! Basta!

That's it! Break's over!
Come on, come with me.

Gloria Morales. She worked here.

I got 300 employees.
They all wear masks.


Here's my son, Michael.

- You know this woman?
- No.

I might've seen her on the cutting line.

She was murdered last night.

- Oh my God.
- That's awful.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Get in touch with her family.

Let them know that we'll cover
all the funeral costs.

According to OSHA records,
you've been fined 17 times

in the last two years for
unsafe workplace violations.

- We paid all the fines.
- I'll do the talking.

English major, doesn't know

that much about business. Not yet.

As for the fines,
we do our best to comply

with thousands of
meaningless regulations,

and from time to time we fall
short of this noble objective.

Anything else?

You know, I get it. You hire
undocumented workers.

They do the worst jobs
for the worst pay,

and keep their mouths shut, right?

That's how immigrants
make it, my friend.

They do the jobs that
other people don't want to do.

And you know what?

They're thrilled to have the work.

If that's what helps you sleep.

Look, if you don't have a warrant,

would you please leave?

Dig up everything we can on Bukowski,

and run his alibi for last night.

Do you think he's a
legitimate person of interest?

He's a legitimate prick,
that's for sure.

Hold on.


Do you mind if I talk to you, por favor?

Look, you know something
about Gloria, I know it.

She's my sister.

Did something happen?

Why are you asking questions?

Your sister was murdered last night.


- No, no.
- I'm so sorry.

I knew it, when she didn't come home.

What's your name? What's your name?


Lucia, please come with us.

We really need your help.

- No, I can't.
- No, look, it's okay.

I mean, we don't care
if you don't have papers.

We just want to find
out who hurt Gloria.

Where's my nephew?

If you come with me, I can show you.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Platt, this is...

- Tia!
- Oscar!

Oscar! Estas bien? Estas bien?

- I just talked to DCFS.
- Yeah?

They're going to put Oscar
in a group home.

No. Why can't he go with his aunt?

She's illegal, which means
we gotta jump through

a bunch of new hoops.

Hold them off as long as you can.

Let me talk to a friend
who works over there.

Okay. I'll do my best.

Did you see Gloria talking
to anybody last night?

No. I work days, she works nights.

I almost never see her.

Is there anyone you know

that wanted to hurt your sister Gloria?

I'm sorry, I can't tell
you what you want.

Lucia, who are you afraid of?

Is it the owners of the
company? Someone else?

I need to make sure Oscar is okay.

That I can take care of him.

That we can stay here as a family.

Look, we will do everything in our power

- to make that happen.
- Yeah.

But please, tell us what you know.

I will protect you.

I promise.

I told Gloria not to go out with him.

But she wouldn't listen!

When she tried to break it off,

he wouldn't take no for an answer.

He got aggressive. Made threats.

Who was it?

It's okay. Who was it?

- Chicago PD.
- Everybody stay where you are.

- What do you want?
- Your son.

My son? For what?

He lied about knowing Gloria Morales.

We want to know why.

And we want the names and phone numbers

- of all your employees.
- Sure.

Soon as you show me a search warrant.

I'll have them for you in the morning.

Let's go.

Not a word 'till the lawyers
get there, Michael. Not a word.

It's nothing.
It's a big misunderstanding.

English major?

Bet you never thought you'd wind up

back in the family business.

My father instructed me to
wait for the lawyer.

- Mm-hmm.
- Well, you don't always do

what Daddy says, do you?

I mean do things your own way.
Follow your bliss.

Probably kept your romance
with Gloria secret, right?

I mean, 'cause from what I understand,

your dad is not really a follow
your bliss kind of guy.

We know you two went out a few times.

Yeah, I liked her a lot.

Oh, she was beautiful. Smart. Strong.

I mean, here she is,
in this country six months,

and she has the courage
to fight your old man.

To make the work conditions safer.

Yeah, I know. And that's what

I was trying to help her with, but...

You were afraid of your father.

- You don't...
- It's okay. You liked her.

Admired her. Then what?

I didn't kill Gloria!

But she didn't feel the same
way, and that bothered you.

- I get it.
- You know, I really... I...

I need to wait for the lawyer.


I need to wait for the lawyer.

I say we keep the pressure on him.

A kid like this spends 48 hours
in a cell, he'll break.

All right, I'll hold him, but
we need more evidence, fast.

So grab Burgess, head back to the plant.

Somebody had to see something,
or hear something, okay?

Just keep banging the drum.

We're city police, we
don't care about immigration,

green cards, any of that.

Voight, we have a problem.

Yeah, we just got an anonymous call.

Detective Dawson, Chicago PD.
What's going on here?

We got a tip about undocumented workers.

Listen, we are investigating
a murder of an employee.

We need to talk to these people.

Sorry, we take
our orders from Washington.

- Proceed as ordered.
- Antonio, there she is!

- Lucia!
- Where are they taking me?

- It's gonna be fine.
- You lied!

You said this wouldn't happen!

This was you!

You're damn right it was.

You dropped a dime
on your own employees?

It's called self-reporting.

Oh, no, no, no, no,
it's called witness tampering.

My son had nothing to do
with Gloria Morales' death.

- He doesn't have what it takes.
- Unlike his old man.

What? Now I'm the killer?

Well, if it wasn't your son,
you're next on the list.

Gloria was planning on filing a lawsuit.

I'm guessing that pissed you off.

You really think I'm gonna
risk all of this

for some half-assed lawsuit?

I got insurance for that!
Now get the hell out of here.

Sarge, I.C.E. just
grabbed up Lucia Morales

and about 20 other workers.

I heard.

Wait. I talked to my old boss

at the State's Attorney's office.

He's afraid to get involved.
Sensitive issue, he said.

Look, the feds are just doing their job.

Whatever side of this thing you're on,

these people are here illegally.

I promised her. I looked her in the eye

and told her I'd protect her.

That's a tough check to cash, bro.

Well, it shouldn't be.

I mean this is a sanctuary city.

We're not even allowed to ask
about immigration status.

Now how did I know the old man
was gonna call the feds

on his own workers?

Well, you ask me,
it makes perfect sense.

I mean, he's trying to protect his son.

I'll see what I can do.

I ran Michael Bukowski's alibi.

He was at the Thirsty Raven
from 6:30 till 9:00,

just like he said.

I mean the crime techs
already went through

his room and his car.

So far, we can't even connect
Michael to Gloria.

- What about the father?
- His story's pretty tight too.

He was at home all night, with his wife.

He's got video surveillance
to back it up.

- Any luck with Lucia?
- Nope.

She's on a plane back to Guatemala.

What? Wait, you said you were
going to talk to someone.

Turns out Lucia was deported
three years ago.

Came back illegally, which is a felony.

Automatic deportation.

I tried.

Okay, any new evidence?

Okay, kick the Bukowski kid.
We got nothing on him.

Or anyone else, for that matter.

Next time you grab a case from Homicide,

let's make sure it's one we can solve.

It's the family court order.
Sign at the bottom.

Why can't I go with my aunt?

Your aunt had to go back home
for a while,

but these are really nice people

and they're going to
take very good care of you.

I don't want to go in that van!

I understand, honey.
But there's nothing I can do

about that right now.

- I don't want to go in there!
- Hey, hey. Whoa.

Oscar, what's the matter?

My mama went into a van like that,

and she never came back.

One, two, three. Okay, good.

Now, Oscar, we're going to go over

everything you remember
about that night, okay?

My mama gave me a kiss,
and then she went to work.

She leaves you alone?

Only until my tia gets home.

You said she got into a van.

I watch her out the window every night.

She went with a man.


Do you remember what he looked like?

He was Latino, fat, bald.

Would you recognize him
if you saw him again?

Remember anything else about the van?

It had a cow on it.

My son's not here.

We're looking for someone else.

Does that mean he's no longer a suspect?

Not at the moment,

but we need to talk
to one of your drivers.

A van with your logo on it was spotted

outside Gloria Morlaes' apartment

on the night she was murdered.

Now, the driver was described

as overweight, Latino, and bald.

Yeah, actually a guy named Lopez...

Hey, where's Frank Lopez?

He took out his van two hours ago.

Okay, we need the model
and license plate right away.

Does he have a phone?

I've been trying to call him,
but no answer.

All right, what about a locker?

Yeah, inside.

All right. Come on, come on.

Kev, it's me. The suspect's
driving a white van.

Bukowski logo on it, license
plate is King-9-4-Frank-7-7.

It can't be that hard to find
a white van with a cow on it.

He's probably halfway
to Florida or Mexico.

All right, van was spotted.
5600 block of Trumbo.

- Well, like I said.
- Yes, sir.

What the hell?



Okay, go.

Chicago PD!

Is this about the stolen truck?

- It's about Gloria Morales.
- Who's she?

Why don't we go for a ride?
Maybe it will jog your memory.

I was making a delivery,
left my keys inside.

You know, I was so embarrassed.

Nothing like that's every
happened to me before.

- I called 911. You can check.
- We did.

Why didn't you call your boss?

Well, I was hoping you guys
would find it

before I had to tell him.

Mm. Maybe you were trying
to destroy the evidence

linking you to Gloria Morales.

Come on, we talked to you at the plant.

You lied. You said you didn't know her.

I didn't recognize her.

You gave her a ride in that company van.

We have a witness that saw you
with Gloria two nights ago.

I give lots of illegals rides.

They have such a hard life, you know?

You were born in Mexico.

I came over when I was a baby.

- I did it the right way.
- Oh! Oh, okay!

I got my papers, and became a citizen.

I'm an American!

You're also a person of
interest in the murder

of an immigrant woman from Tucson.

There's no evidence.


What's all this? What's that mean?


You're a real peaceful guy, huh?

That's right.

Tell me, why do you hate
your own people so much?

They're not my people.

They're illegal aliens.

They break our laws and take our jobs.

They make my life worse;
they don't make it better.

And if she would have stayed
where she belonged,

in her own country,
she'd still be alive!

If she never met you,
she'd still be alive.

Come on, let's go.

I don't know if you got the memo,

but big brother's
watching everything we do.

Yeah, well, that son
of a bitch is a killer.

Yeah, you may be right,
but we got no evidence.

There's no DNA match
on the woman or the van.

Because he blew it up.

I get it! Bro, you gotta slow down.

What does that mean?

What do I mean?

So far the only thing we've gotten

out of this investigation
20 innocent people deported.

Hey, you and Upton
head down to the morgue,

see if there are any other
Jane Doe victims

cut open the same wrong way, okay?

- On it.
- All right, look.

Grab Ruzek, Burgess.
Recanvass the neighborhood

where Gloria lived,
and where her body was found.

This time, get Lopez's picture
out there too.

These two fit the description.

Killed six months ago
and three months ago.

Both Latina, both sliced horizontally

- along the abdomen.
- Same weapon?

Same type of knife.
Extremely sharp, clean wound.

Like a butcher's blade.

You said there was another
woman who fit the description?

Yeah, she was cremated a year ago.

Do you have any personal effects?

I think so.

Homicide detectives never
bothered to collect them.

Which women did these belong to?

Monica Delgado,
the one who was cremated.

Do you still have her photos?

Let me check.

Do you by any chance know
where these women were found?

One was found in a dump
near 16th and Kedzie.

The other two in some industrial park

in Little Village.

Let's run with the subway pass.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Thank you.

Excuse me, do you recognize him?

Excuse me, do you recognize him?

- Nope.
- No?

Sir? Police. Do you recognize this guy?

- No.
- What about her?

- She's dead?
- You recognize her?

I don't know her name,
but I used to see her

hanging out on 18th and Ashland.

Great. Thank you.

Thank you. Can we get your information?

If you could write down your
name, address, phone number...

Kim, it's Jay. You guys are
down near Pilsen, right?

Look again. You're sure
you've never seen her?

Definitely not. Could we go?


So much for community policing.


Hey. Worth a shot.

Excuse me. We're with Chicago PD.

We're here about a young woman
who was killed a few days ago?

Do you recognize her?

No, I don't.

Wait, what is it? You can trust us.

They killed my niece too.

It was a year ago.

She had only been here for a few months.

- What's her name?
- Monica.

They sliced her belly.

Did your niece have another job?

Yeah, she was cleaning machines

at the meat plant in Pilsen.

- Bukowski Meat Packing.
- That's right.

She said there was a man
who kept wanting

to give her a ride.

He wouldn't leave her alone.

Wait, do you recognize him?

I never saw him, but Monica
said he was fat and bald.

And he had a necklace that said "Paz."

"Paz" like peace.

That's what she said.

So you didn't tell the police?

I was afraid. We've been here 21 years,

but we don't have papers.

Tia, why you talking to them?

Chico, they're here about your sister.

Now? After all this time, right?

Look, we just want to find out

what happened to your sister.

Yeah, well, she's dead, so it's over.

Maybe we can exhume the body.
See if there's any evidence.

- There's things that we can...
- No, you don't get it.

We dumped her ashes over Lake Michigan.

Now, my aunt, she's done talking.

Look, we just want to find the man

that killed your sister.

- Yeah, trust me.
- So do I. Come on.

And Monica and Gloria both worked

at the Bukowski Meat Packing Plant,

and Monica told her aunt that
the guy that was stalking her

wore a necklace that said "paz,"

just like the one Lopez wore.

You ran this?

- Yeah, it's clean.
- And the aunt never saw Lopez?


So we got no DNA to link Lopez,

we got no murder weapon,
no eyewitnesses.

All we got is hearsay testimony.

And we got the kid. Oscar.

I mean, he can put Lopez with his mother

the night she was murdered.

If the kid can make a positive ID,

then we can start to build a case,

we can get warrants, but short of that,

we're gonna have to let Lopez walk.


We got one chance to nail this guy.

I figured why take any chances?


The kid is ten.

He's gonna be nervous.

Well, Oscar said
he got a good look at him.

Why roll the dice?

What do you mean?

I got a heads up.

Lopez is gonna be number three
in the lineup.

Antonio, Antonio, hey.

Lopez walks, he'll disappear.
He'll hit another city.

He will kill again.

Number three.


Right this way.

Oscar, I want to tell you something.

You're gonna see six men in there.

But they can't see you,
so don't be afraid.

All you have to do is...

All you have to do is tell the truth.

If you see the man who was
driving the van that night,

just point at him.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Right this way, son.

Son, do you see the man

who was with your mother
the other night?

That one! Number one!

For the record, the boy
did not identify my client.

Oscar, take your time. Look again.


Oscar, that's not the way
you described him.

Hey, he already made his choice.

It was him! Number three!
I know it was him!

There. Let the record show he pointed

to suspect number three.

Come on, the policeman's
coercing the witness!

No, he had no time! He wasn't ready!

All right, all right,
let's shut it down.


Look, I know the ID wasn't perfect.

It was a disaster!

We just find another way
to get this guy.

Okay. How?

We got no evidence
linking him to the crime.

To anything!

The forensics all blew up with the van!

The employees,
they're all being deported!

Neighbors too afraid to talk.

Bro, we don't have enough

to get a search warrant
for his damn house!

So what? We just let him go?

We had one shot!

- We blew it.
- No.

You're just gonna walk away?

Let this punk Lopez win?

Looking for Chico.

Who the hell are you?

Hank Voight. I'm police.

Yeah? Well, I got nothing to say, homie.

Look, I'm not here about you.

I'm here about your sister Monica.

They never found the guy who killed her.

Yeah, I know.

That's 'cause you guys
don't care about illegals.

So let's take a walk.

For what?

I'd like to update you

on the status of our investigation.

Huh, all right.

This is your new home, buddy.

- I'll come visit.
- Do you promise?

I promise.

Go on.

Thank you so much for taking him.

And if he needs anything... or
you... anything, you call, okay?

- Gracias.
- De nada.

This was at the morgue.

Monica's name is engraved on the back.

I thought you should have it.

Thank you.

The policeman that was here,
why didn't he bring it?

Which policeman?

He said his name was Hank.

He came to talk to you?

No. Chico, my nephew.

When was this?

Last night.

Hank, it's me.
We need to talk right away.

Come on, come on, come on.

Hank, it's me again. Call me!

Kim, meet me at Lopez's house!

I'm headed there now!

Chicago PD!



What the hell happened?

You wanted this to happen, Antonio.

You're just afraid to admit it.

Why are you still up?

Working on my college essay.

- Oh.
- It's cold.

Sorry. I got stuck at work.

We found the guy who killed that woman.



Good. That's good.

I'm gonna go to bed.

Want to hear what I wrote so far?

Yeah, yeah.

Okay, so, "My grandmother came

"from the Dominican Republic
with no education,

"no money, and no family.

"All she had was a dream.

"And her dream was me.

"She didn't even know me,
because I wasn't even born,

"yet I am the dream she had.

The one she worked so hard for."

That's all I have so far.

That's a really good start.