Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Thing About Heroes - full transcript

Anonymous A Muslim patrol officer is suspected of causing a van to explode during a Chicago street festival when he goes missing and evidence points to his being involved.


we're going to get
our big boy detective badges

and then we won't have to do

these ridiculous
uniform details anymore.

- But today is not that day.
- No, it is not.

So where am I getting

these pastries for the boss?

Uh, Voight likes Ferrara's.

I personally think
that Scafuri's is better.

- Is that what you think?
- Of course.

Ferrara's it is.

Ferrara's it is.

- Ferrara's it is.
- Oh, wait. Just a sec.

Wait right here. I'll be right back.

Toma! Hey! What are you doing here?

I thought, uh, today was your day off.

I got offered the detail on overtime,

couldn't pass it up.

Yeah, a little time-and-a-half

- never hurt anybody.
- Right.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah. Just...

just a little hungover, that's all.

Stayed out too late.

- Okay.
- Kim, I, uh...

- Kim!
- I just want...

Come on! Let's go.

Yeah, j... I will be right there.

Sorry. We have to check in
with the command post.

Listen, when you get over that hangover,

you call me and we get that drink, okay?

- Sounds good.
- And water.

Plenty of water for that hangover.

You got it.

Who's that guy?

Seen him around the district.

His name's Frank Toma.
I was his FTO officer

when he came out of the academy
last year.

Good guy.

He's not the guy,

if that's where you were going.

I wasn't, but now that you mention it...

His name is Matt Miller.

Wait, the prosecutor?

I believe you mean
"assistant US attorney."

How fancy.

Mm. Met him in court last year.

Hey, we got a dark van
with no plates, 5 o'clock.

All right, well,

that alley's supposed to be
closed to traffic.

Hey, yo, gentlemen!




Kim, you seeing this?



Son of a bitch. All right.

Clear this area and go. I got Kev!

5021 Eddy. 10-1, 10-1.

Roll us a bomb squad.

We've a van with a
possible explosive device.

Frank, I need you to move

and help me get these people
out of here.

- Copy that.
- Frank! Frank!


Move, move, move! Everybody go!

- Move!
- Careful!

Now, go! Move, move, move!

Let's go. Keep going!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Hey! Police!

Stop! Police!

Go! I got him!

Toma, it's me. It's Kim.

Where are you? You still here?

You know, shoot me a text.

I just want to make sure you're okay.


Sergeant Hank Voight, Intelligence.

Special Agent in charge, Steve Burns.

Hey, what do we know?

Negative on a secondary device.

We got two civilians DOA.

Two dozen injured, some severely.

One suspect on the table at Chicago Med.

Could've been a lot worse,
if not for your people.

The bomb is reasonably sophisticated,

but with all
the Internet sites these days,

you could probably
build a bomb like this

in your garage after a couple of visits
to a hardware store.

So we're calling this
what it is? Terrorism?

Appears that way to me.

I don't think we're dealing
with Osama bin Laden,

but they're not stupid, either.

They got a bomb into a secure location

loaded with civilians.

All right. Anyone claim responsibility?

Not yet.

That usually means they're not finished.

Once we clear this scene,
we can run leads

out of the 21st.

Look forward to working with you.

Let's get these bastards.

I guess I get out
of buying the pastries.

That's the silver lining
I'm talking about.

- Well, what do we have?
- The van was reported stolen

from the Gage Park area last week.

And apparently, they parked this van

in one of these garages down there,

because the traffic camera on the corner

picked it up coming down the alley

five minutes before the blast.

So either they got real lucky,

or they knew that the garage

was inside the frozen zone.

What, you mean
they got someone on the inside

with access to our ops plan?


Offender who got hit by the car

is Bashir Wateef.

He's 25. A few arrests on his rap,

but mostly misdemeanor property crimes.

Nothing close to this.

He lives in Gage Park,
the same neighborhood

the van was stolen from.

Listen, grab Upton, head over to Med.

Get me some names.

All right, the rest of you
head over to Gage Park.

Hit some wards, twist some arms,
talk to your CIs.

Somebody out there knows something.

There's a lot of Arabic
speakers out that way, boss.

We could use someone
who speaks the language.

Toma. He was working the detail too.

He's fluent. Helped us out with a
Syrian witness a few weeks ago.

Good find. Grab him up,
then make the rounds.

Probably makes sense to start
with the local mosques.

- Okay.
- A'ight.

No matter how many times you call,

answer is still the same. He's not here.

I will absolutely have him call you

when he gets in.

Yeah. This is a madhouse.

Remind me again why I shouldn't retire.

We need to borrow
Frank Toma for a canvas

- over in Gage Park.
- He's all yours,

if you can find him.
I've been trying to get him

for the last 15 minutes.

OEMC can't raise him.

Either his radio is off,

or the battery's dead, and his phone

just goes straight to voice mail.

You know, he was at the detail with me.

He helped me clear civilians,

but I didn't see him after that.

Could be lying in a hospital somewhere.

No. He's in uniform.

We would have been notified by now.

I assigned his partner, Danny Rose,

a little while ago.
He's doing a foot post

by Oz Park. He might have
heard something.

- Great. We'll run over.
- I'll check the hospitals

again, just in case.

Thank you.

Sorry. You can't go in there.

- Not yet. He's too...
- April,

you heard what happened.

Unless you want these bays
filled up again tomorrow,

you need to let us talk to him.

He needs to be treated.

He just blew up a damn street festival.

I get it, trust me.

But right now, he's a patient.

Our job, our duty,

is to help him. Now please, back off.

For you, maybe hem down this way.

You just go down this block.

Keep your eyes open.

Hey, Rose. Rose.

- Hey.
- Hey. What's up?

My partner okay?

We're trying to find him.
Thought you might

be able to tell us something.

I've been blowing up his phone

since I heard about the attack.
I go straight to voice mail.

When's the last time you spoke with him?

Last night. The bar.

Does he have a girlfriend?
Someone else he would call?


Girlfriend? No.

Don't think so.

He's pretty religious.
Prays a lot, or chants,

or whatever the hell they do,
some mosque.

Spends a lot of time
at home, too, with his parents.

Okay. Well,
if you hear from him, call me.


Sure thing.

Let's try the parents.

When's the last time
you talked to your son?

This morning, before he left for work.

We knew Frank was working the festival,

and when we saw the bombing on the news,

we tried calling to see if he was okay.

He's our only son.

You know? If anything ever happened...

Mrs. Toma, we are checking
with all the hospitals

and the clinics... so far, nothing,

which is good news, so try not to worry.

Do you mind if we have a look
in his room?

Maybe check his computer?

If you think it might help.

- It could.
- Please.

How does a cop just disappear

in the middle of a terrorist attack?

Oh my god.


This... this doesn't make sense.

He was at the festival, a bomb exploded,

and no one has seen him since.

Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense.


I don't know what
he was doing on that site,

but I thought I should call you.

- I'm glad you did.
- Antonio is still searching.

Certainly doesn't look good.

Sarge, there's no way.
There's got to be another explanation.

Like, maybe he was just being curious.

Yeah. Or maybe he was involved.

Gave the bombers our ops plan.

Or maybe they watched every other event

we've held there
for the last five years.

We do it the same way every time.

Okay. You like the kid.

You got to take
the blinders off, understand?

I sat in a patrol car with him

for eight hours a day,
for a month straight.

You never really know

what's going on inside someone's head.

Go back in there, talk to the parents,

see what you can find out.
But don't tip your hand.

Ruzek, start digging.

Okay, like I told you on the phone,

rookie patrol officer
Frank Toma... he's gone missing.

Phone's dead. Got a BOLO out on his car.

The last time he was seen
was at the festival.

Toma was working the festival

and you found jihadist websites
on his browser?

Not surprised.

What do you mean?

Toma's been on our radar.

He's been attending evening prayers

for several months at the
Malcolm Shabob mosque,

the same radical mosque
that Wateef goes to.

So you've been tracking him?

No, he was just a blip. Till now.

We'll take the lead from here.

Wait a second. Toma's one of ours.

We're not going anywhere.

Fair enough.

Let's agree to keep each other informed.


Okay, where are we?

Have you ever been
to the Malcolm Shabob mosque?

No. We go to prayers

right here at the community center.

Okay. And what about Frank?

No. He comes to services with us.

What are all these questions?

Have you noticed
any new friends recently?

Maybe someone you haven't seen before?

Are you suggesting
that Frank is involved

in the attack?

- That's ridiculous.
- No.

No. There's just certain questions

that I need to ask.

It's just standard police procedure.

Well, either they are

Academy Award-winning actors,

or they don't know a damn thing.

Look, I-I think we're letting
our imaginations run wild.

I mean, does this look like

a terrorist to you?


Come check this out.


So they're... love letters?


I'm guessing from him.

Oh. That's Brian Mooney.

He works patrol at our district.

I had no idea.

Let's find this guy.

You best listen to me now.

We don't have a lot of time, Mr. Wateef.

We need to know the names of the people

involved in the bombing.

We need to know where they are

and what else they have planned.

I can't tell you what I don't know.

I don't think you understand
what you did.

Hundreds of people are dead.

Women. Children. Police officers.

I didn't know about the bomb

until we got to the garage, I swear.

That doesn't matter!

Right now, you are the face
of the biggest mass murder

in the history of this city.

How long have you known Frank?

That's Jawean. He's a cop?

What's Jawean's last name?

Don't know.

Met him a few months ago at the mosque.

He's nice. Likes to talk.

About what?

- I don't know. Stuff.
- What, like

"I want to help you blow up a
street festival

and kill innocent people" type stuff?

- No.
- So he wasn't a part of this?

I don't know. He doesn't tell me

- who else is involved.
- Who's "he?"

The other guy in the van with you?

I can't.

You obviously know
the other guy in the van.

So what is his name?

What's his name?

You know what? Call the FBI.
Get them down here.

His name is Azul.

Azul what?

All right. This is Azul Rahim.

This is the guy that got away.

He's done time for assault
and for robbery.

This is his wife, Nadia.
Their last known address

is now a vacant apartment
in Archer Heights.

Wateef met Azul at a mosque last year

when he recruited him on social media.

So he says his only involvement

in all of this was to
provide security for Azul

and to drive the van from
the garage to the festival.

Okay. What does he say about Toma?

He recognized Toma as "Jawean."

- "Jawean"?
- Yeah.

He said he's not sure if he's connected

with the bombing.

Why would Toma use an alias?

Well, maybe it was his terrorist name.

Wateef confirmed

that Toma also knows Azul and his wife.

But, Sarge,

we might have a location on Azul.

I found a car.

It's registered to Nadia under her name

under an old address.

NVLS has tagged it seven times

in the Gage Park area.

Also, a neighbor has placed the couple

in a small apartment on Maplewood.

I got a hot and ready warrant

and we got patrols
sitting on it right now.

All right. Let's hit it.

All right, keep your eyes peeled.

We're going in blind.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Police! Don't move, ma'am.

Drop it. Drop it!

Drop the hammer!


Drop it! Drop the hammer!

Male offender fleeing around the back.

Do it now!

Drop it. Drop it!

Okay. Okay.

Last time! Drop the hammer.


Don't shoot.

Put it down!


Turn over.

All right, listen.

I want you to sit in with Halstead,

see what you can get out of this guy

before DHS comes to scoop him up.


Hey, get into those laptops
and phones, you hear?

Any word on Toma?

No. Um, we're trying to
track down his boyfriend.

He's a cop named Mooney.

Okay. Where the hell is he?

He's in New York, visiting his mom.

He's not answering his phone,
but we're all over him.

We have calls into his mother
and sister.


Tell us about Jawean.

What's his part in all this?

Did Jawean help you in any way?

Tell us where he is

and make things easier for yourself.

I got nothing to say.

I want my lawyer.

And I want to speak to my wife.

What are we doing here, Hank?

There might be another attack
coming soon.

Toma is still out there.

We're talking to this guy
like he's the king of England.

You got a sec, Hailey?


- Hey.
- What's up?

Al and I are going to step in.

Take Azul on a little bathroom break.

- We're just getting started.
- We don't have time.

He doesn't know his wife is dead.

Jay and I can use that.

Guys, I get it.

I want to beat his ass too.

But we don't get carte blanche
for that kind of thing.

We'll get what you want.
Just give us more time.

- Five minutes.
- Great.

Five minutes.

She's beautiful.

Detectives picked her up from school.

She's safe and sound.

On her way here right now.

Your wife is in another room, waiting.

It's a sweet note.

"Nothing will ever
take your place in my heart."


But did you mean it?

Or is this jihad crap more important

than your little girl?

You're going to prison forever.

There's no way around that.


But you can still do right
by Nadia, by your daughter.

If you cooperate,

we will help you. Give them a life.

- Nadia isn't involved.
- Really?

I got a pile of smashed-up electronics

that say otherwise.

You know if the feds dig deep enough,

they're going to find something else.

And then what happens
to your little girl?

Foster care?

Or maybe we ship her back to Syria,

to a refugee camp? You want that?

She didn't ask for any of this.

I want to speak to my wife first.

After you give us something.

I want this in writing.

No problem.

First, we need information.

Mukesh Hassan.

Who's that?

He made the bomb. Put it in the van.

How do we find him?

You don't. He finds you.

Do better than that.

Do better than that.

There's another attack coming.

When they put the bomb in my van,

there was a second bomb. I saw it.

Where? What's the target?

No. No more. I'm done.

I want a lawyer. I want the deal

in writing,
and I want to see my wife, now.

Party's over.

Homeland Security is here with paper.

You want to see your wife?

There you go.

Don't be sad.

She died for the cause.

Mukesh Hassan.

Mukesh Hassan?

He's high up the ladder.
He's responsible

for several major attacks in Europe.

I'm just telling you what he told me.

And I'm telling you, the odds

of Hassan working with Azul
are 1,000 to 1.

Yeah, I'd take that bet.

Excuse me?

Forensics just got back
with the prints off the bomb.

A small piece of the timing
mechanism, and it's a match

for Mukesh Hassan.

Meet Mukesh Hassan.

He's an Iraqi nationalist.

Fingerprints showed up
in the TEDAC database.

- It's a lab, in Virginia.

All IEDs recovered from the Middle East

are sent there to be processed

for fingerprints and DNA.

So what else do we know about him?

He's an ISIS sympathizer.

Uh, he's on everybody's watch list.

Homeland Security is now saying

that there are unconfirmed reports

that he entered the US over
the southern border in April.

Sounds pretty confirmed to me.

Yeah. Welcome to Chicago.

Instead of catching a Cubs game,

he sets up a terrorist cell
with Azul and Wateef,

and they recruit the perfect
homegrown sympathizer.

A Muslim cop, Frank Toma.

Their inside man?

So any new leads on Toma?

They got his face out to patrol

and every city transportation agency,

but right now, he's a ghost.

Well, any updates
on his boyfriend? Uh, Mooney?

Yeah. He's on his way back to Chicago.

Lands at O'Hare in 20 minutes.

Make sure you're waiting for him
when he gets home.


- Kim.
- How you doing?

Antonio Dawson. We're here to talk...

I know why you're here.

Okay, good. Where is he?

I don't know.

I wish I did, but...

When I heard about the bombing,

I knew he was working the festival.

So I tried calling him,
but it went to voice mail.

I called the district, but it was crazy.

They couldn't tell me anything.
So I flew right back.

When I landed,
I had a voice mail from Frank.

What'd he say?

Didn't make sense.

He was upset.

Rambling about making a mistake.

Kept saying he screwed up,

that he could've prevented the bombing.

That he hates himself,
that it's his fault.

Look, he was rambling.

It wasn't rational.

Can you think of any other reason

that he would disappear?

He's been really depressed lately.

He's had a rough time with his partner,

Danny Rose.

His dad is Commander Rose.

Yeah, I know who he is.
What kind of problem?

At first, it was just rookie hazing.

But when Danny found out
Frank was Muslim,

he went next level.

Smeared bacon grease on his locker.

Hung up racist cartoons.

Then a few weeks ago,
he found out he was gay.

Things got worse.

How so?

It started getting physical.

Frank started freaking out.

Uh, on the voice mail,
did he say anything else?

Like, where he was,
or where he was going?


He sounded sad.


Like he was saying "good-bye."


All right. Thanks, Kim. Keep looking.

When were you going
to tell me about Frank Toma?

We still don't have all the facts.

The superintendent wants us
out in front of this,

and every other damn thing that happens

in this department.

Now, I know you find it
hard to comprehend,

but this transparency thing is real.

Meaning what?

They want me to
make a statement to the press

about Toma's involvement in the bombing.

We're still not sure how,
or even if, he's involved.

Right now, he's just AWOL.

Let me connect a few dots.

He was there at the scene.

He's been AWOL since the explosion.

We've connected him
to known terrorist groups

and jihad websites. I miss anything?

I'm just looking out for one of our own.

Remember when you used to do that?

Denny, you put his face out there,

you could drive him
even further underground.

Or we could prevent another attack.

Hey, boss. I need a word.

Give me a minute.

You don't need another minute.

We're done here.

I'm putting it out, Hank.

Uh, we got a hit on Toma's car

down by the river promenade
about ten minutes ago.

All right. Let's go.

Plates match. That's Toma's car.

Frank, are you in there?


It's Kim. You in there?

Uh, it's clear.

All right, let's fan out
and find this kid.

All right. Let's go.

This way.

Heads up, guys. Boss just called.

Feds are on their way.
They're rolling in heavy.

Still no sign of Toma.

Upton and I will cover
the north end of the park.


Hey. Go left.

Frank. Frank, are you out here?



It's me. It's...


Put that gun down, Frank.

I can't. I can't do that.

Frank, everybody's worried about you.

Whatever it is that happened,

whatever it is you're involved in,

- we can fix it.
- It's not what you think.

Okay, then just tell me what it is,

but can you put the gun down?

Okay? So we can talk?

Just put it down.

It... it doesn't matter anymore.

Those people are dead.

They're dead. Everything got messed up.

Frank, it's me. Okay?
You can trust me, okay?

Everyone is going to call me
a terrorist.

You know me. I'm not a terrorist.

I believe you. You're not a terrorist.

I wanted...

I was trying to stop this.

I... I should've...

I should've seen it coming.

Seen what?

I waited. I waited too long.

It's my fault.

I just want you to calm down, okay?

Help me understand.

We think there's another attack coming.

Do you know anything about that?


In my backpack.

There is an envelope.

The envelope will explain everything.

But what's in the envelope,
Frank? What will it explain?

Everything I did.
Everything I wanted to be.

Frank, for God's sake,

put the gun down. The feds are coming.


I want you to be the one
to tell my mom and dad

what happened.

We'll do that together.

We'll explain together.

Thank you for always being kind to me.



Look, I know what it looks like,

but it still doesn't make any sense,

because he ran into the action,

towards the van, to save more lives.

Keeping up appearances.
If he's Hassan's mole,

then his part in getting
the ops plan was done.

No. 'Cause I saw into his eyes

before he killed himself.

He said he was trying to stop them.

He had no reason to lie to me,
and he said he had an envelope

- in his backpack...
- He was playing you.

He was about to take his own life.

Why the hell would he play me?

He was stalling.

Probably thinking about killing you,

and then decided
to take the easy way out.

Is that what they teach you

in your profiling class at Quantico?

- Kim. That's enough.
- How you ever looked

a real killer in the eye?

Do you even know what that looks like?

Are you benching me? Seriously?

What the hell are you benching me for?

No, no, no, don't say it.
Just keep walking.

I had RCFL mirror the hard drive

from the laptop
we found in Toma's backpack.

They found all these IP addresses

from radical jihad websites
on the dark web.

It looks like

Toma was definitely using
the alias Jawean Al'asad

on some social media accounts.

Yeah, so Jawean and Hassan

were definitely rolling around
in the same sandbox.

Yeah, but these are all
really well-encrypted.

So without the passwords,
even the tech guys

are having a tough time getting in.

That's gonna take some time.

There's gotta be something else.

Hey, Burgess said there was an envelope

in the backpack.

Oh, didn't see one.

Kim, this is a bad idea
on so many levels.

We should let Voight know
what we're doing.

We'll let him know if we find something.

What if this is a set-up?
What if it's booby-trapped?

What if Hassan and his guys are inside?

Toma sent me here for a reason,

and it wasn't to kill me. I trust him.

You didn't know him well enough
to trust him.

He may have become a cop just for this.

That's what these people do.

"These people"?


He had a story to tell, Antonio,

but he didn't think anyone
would believe him.

So I'm going into that apartment

to get the rest of that story.

If you trust my instincts, come.

If you don't, stay here. It's your call.





Oh my god. What the hell's all this?

You still trust him?

Antonio, check this out.

It's a journal. Um,

with surveillance photos, dates, times.

Okay, hear me out.

Toma's running his own
little undercover operation.

This is his cover apartment. Look.

Look, there's numbers for Intelligence,

FBI, JTTF. Why else would he have that?

Okay. That might explain the alias.

Exactly. Look, he's working the mosque.

He's working the jihad sites
to... to get an in,

to build a case.

He was trying to stop them.

Let's call Voigt.

It's Burgess. Where the hell are you?

I'll explain everything later.

Put me on speaker.
Everyone needs to hear this.

Okay, we're listening.

Okay, we're in an apartment in Oak Lawn

that Toma was using to run

a solo undercover operation

on Hassan's crew.

Hank, he was doing
surveillance on these guys.

We have dates, times,
locations of meetings,

photos of different players,

license plate numbers.

Guys. I'm looking for a password

to access Toma's social media accounts.

Do you see anything like that
in the journal?

Yeah, maybe.

Antonio's sending it to you now.

All right, I got it.

All right. I'm in.

That's the van from the festival.

Toma had these guys in his sights.

He just didn't know it yet.

That's what he was talking about.

He blamed himself for the deaths

of the people at the festival.

Hey, what's going on?

We found some photos
taken three days ago

at the old Quincy's Coffee Warehouse.

All of our players are there,

plus two vans, one of them used

in the festival bombing.

I'll send a picture now.

That means there's another van out there

with a bomb in it.

I got the address of the warehouse.

255 Engler Road.

All right, everybody, gear up.

Ruzek, Atwater,
you stay here and run point.

Dig into those files.

Figure out what the next target is.

Copy that.

Don't say a word, or you die.

Hands on your head.

Ready? Go.

Where's the other van?


What's the next target?

You're too late. It's already happening.

Before the day is out,
you will be burying

many of your own.

Say that one more time.

Voight! Sergeant Voigt...

Say it!

Hank, Hank. Hank, Hank, Hank.

Not like this, man. Not like this.

A'ight, put a BOLO out on that van.

Then contact state police.

We need all available eyes we can get.

Sarge, a worker a few doors down

says he saw two Middle Eastern males

take off in a blue van
ten minutes before we got here.

All right. Hold on a sec.
Ruzek, what do you got?

Uh, we're in a chat room.

There's all kinds of chatter
about the police academy

graduation today. It's at Navy Pier.

All right, put that out
to patrol right away.

And set up roadblocks
in every direction.

Copy that.

Hey, what time is the graduation?

Uh, two hours, Sarge.

Something's wrong.

You heard Hassan.

He said we'd be burying our own today.

Guy like that doesn't just
hand out clues.

He and his friends
are chatting up a storm

for a reason.

They're pointing us

in the wrong direction.

Kim, are you there?

What's up, Sergeant? We just left.

We're on our way to the pier.

All right, look in Toma's journal.

See if there are
any other possible targets.

Let me see.

Got some coffee shops.


The names of a couple mosques.



We've got Azul and two of Hassan's guys

in the stands of, uh,

Smithville High School stadium.

- That could be it.
- Yeah.

Okay, we're five miles away,
and there's a game today.

It starts in two hours.

Okay, go there now.

I'll notify aviation.

Keep me posted.

We're on our way. Hold on.

Air One to all units in the zone.

I have a subject vehicle
just turned onto Lake.

They're stopped in heavy traffic,

heading westbound on Erie,

just west of Huron Street,

approaching Cherry.

We're a block out.

We have eyes on the suspects.

Let me see your hands!
Show me your hands!

- What'd I say?
- Don't move!

I'm talking to you.

Put your hands on the dash!

Put 'em up!

Kim, you okay?

I'm good.

Get out.

Hands behind your back.

Get out!

The bomb in the van has been disarmed.

Just make sure the paperwork's clean

before you drop it off to the feds.

Copy that.


You okay, Kim?


I just...

I wish I could've stopped Toma from...

I was right there.

You did everything you could.

Hear me?

Without him, who knows
what would've happened.

Mrs. Toma.

Do you mind if I come in?

I'm sorry about the mess.

They just let us back in the house.

I'm sorry you had to go through this.

They called us horrible things.

Our neighbors.

The people we've known for years.

They called my son a terrorist.

I thought I knew Frank...

so well...

Mrs. Toma, listen,

here's the thing
that you need to know, okay?

No matter what the papers say,

no matter what your neighbors say,

your son was a hero.

Go for it, little man. Don't be scared.

Good boy.

You know, I've always hated bullies.

Hell are you doing here?

He was your partner.

You were supposed to protect him,

not abuse him and humiliate him.

He didn't belong on this job.

No, he belonged.

More than you ever will.

You put that gun in his hand

and you pulled that trigger.

And I want you to think about that

every time you close your eyes at night.

Oh, if it wasn't today,

it'd be next week, or next year.

He was always going to eat that gun.

He hated himself.

No, he hated the way
that you made him feel.


It's time for you to go.


One day...

your dad won't be around
to wipe your ass.

And when that day comes,

I'll be waiting.

- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah. Shut the door.

I heard you went after Rose.

Yeah. I needed to say my piece.

Yeah, I get it.

Look, Rose is going to get
what's coming to him.

Okay? Just, for now...

I need you to stay away.

No. We need to file a report...

Kim, I said, stay away.

Listen, you go after him,
your entire career

goes up in smoke.

You understand?

It is what it is.


All right, maybe someday,

but not today.


Come on in.


Well, congratulations
on a job well done.

Thank you.

But it was that kid.


He's the one who broke
this case wide open.

Hank, I had no choice.

I had to put that information out there.

I get it.

The press is still out there,
calling him a terrorist.

I mean, now that we know the truth,

we gotta do something about it.


There's the realm of what we want to do

and the realm of what we can do.

Frank Toma gets a full honors funeral.

That is in the realm
of what we can't do.

That's not good enough.

He's got parents.

A family.

I'll do what I can.

You know, I admire you, Hank.

You always know
when to fight and when to run.

Guess that's why
you've survived so long.

I never run, Denny.

I just wait.