Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Reform - full transcript

Intelligence attempts to bust a gun deal that results in innocent bystanders getting shot.

Remember what I told you
when you were 16

and you first came to live at my house?

Never forget I love you.

Him and his wife took me in.

They saved me.

You go pulling a thread,

there's no telling what all unravels.

Don't you want to know what happened?

I do not regret what I did here.

I'm gonna ask Erin to marry me.

She's been there for me,

and I want to be there for her.

I'm FBI Special Agent Jennifer Spencer.

I'm here with a job offer.

They want me in New York.

You know about this.

Well, I knew I needed to do something.

Don't look back.

The truth is, I'm not really sure

how I feel about it.


I'm not really good at that stuff,
though, you know, how I feel about it.

Expressing feelings.

I know I had no choice.

I mean, she had to go.

So... in that sense,

I don't really regret what I did.


I mean, now that she's really gone,

I'm just feeling...




She was like a daughter to me.

It's gonna be tough.

Really tough.

I'm sorry.

I gotta go.

The gun dealers
are two bikers out of Indiana.

Buyers are gangbangers
associated with Southside Hawks.

We don't have any names yet.

Deal's going down
inside the old seminary.

It's been abandoned for five years.

Two adjacent buildings
are abandoned as well.

Once we're inside, Al and I

are gonna enter here from the west.

Ruzek, you and Atwater going in here.

Upton and Halstead, you go in this way.


we have got movement on the west side.

One male, white. One male, Hispanic.

"Both 5'10" to 6,' about 170 pounds,

tatted up, carrying large duffle bags.

They just got out of a black SUV with...

with Indiana tags.

Copy that. Here we go.

101, 101. Shots fired at police.

4533 West Archer.

- You ready? You ready?
- Yeah.



- I got these guys.
- All right. Go.

- I'm going to find Jay.
- Copy that.

Out of the way! Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

5021 George, I'm taking heavy fire.

I got two civilians down
in the north alley

behind the building.

This is sergeant Hank Voight.

Advise responding to shut down

- a twoblock radius.
- Copy that.

- We'll set up a twoblock...
- Help! Help!

We have multiple armed offenders.

Approach with extreme caution.

- What happened?
- I don't know. I heard crying.

Get these kids out
the west exit right now. Now!

All right, I'm gonna call an ambulance.

We don't have time. Get your car.

I'm gonna meet you up front.

She's in bad shape.

But we're doing everything we can.

What are the odds?

Like I said,
we're doing everything we can.

We know. What about
the other two victims?

- Are they okay?
- Walk with me.

James Pell, the bullet grazed his leg.

He's fine; We're just
finishing up some paperwork.

Hey, what about the other victim?

She didn't make it. Dead on arrival.

I gotta sign the papers,
or can I go now?

Just sit tight.

Mr. Pell, we'd like to talk to you

about what happened earlier today.

I got shot in the leg,
that's what happened.

Did you see the men who shot you?

- No.
- Not even a quick glimpse?

Look, Officer, I was just involved

in a traumatic incident.

I'm still in a state of shock.

So, please, no more questions.

All right.

We'll get your contact information.

Call you later on.

Okay, we have three gunshot victims:

Female, black, 20s, dead on arrival.

Male, black, mid20s, named James Pell,

treated and released.

The bullet just grazed his leg.

And a little girl around eight.

She's in critical condition.

All right, the guy who
got nicked, we talk to him?

We tried. He wasn't too cooperative.

He claims he's still in shock.

And what are those kids
doing there in the first place?

It turns out the building was used

as an offthebooks day care center.

For ten bucks a day,
someone in the neighborhood

will watch your kid.

Boss, two bikers killed at the scene.

One was Anthony Jonas, 24.

Other Mike Scola, 26.

Both from Gary, Indiana.

And they're both affiliated
with the Gargoyle Kings.

That's the biker gang
your CI told us about.

All right, hit the streets.

Talk to your Cis.
Let's find these shooters.

- Hank, got a sec?
- Yeah.

Your team's all over the news.

You talking about
the thing this morning?

Three innocents hit, one dead?

We're taking down a gun deal.
The suspects opened fire.

The independent auditor
will be reviewing this incident.

Independent auditor?

Part of the new reform package.

Nice to see you, Hank.


Mayor just made it official.

Denny's the independent auditor.

You wanna give us
a couple minutes to catch up?

- Sure.
- Thank you, Chief.

So it's been, what, six months?

Yeah, something like that.

Well, they finally looked into my file

and realized I'm a good cop.

And the only case in question...
the Ruffalo thing...

it just went away.

And now they've got me overseeing

the whole Chicago PD.

Independent auditor.

Makes me sound like somewhat
of a, an accountant.

More like a judge.

Hank, I just want to say
that, the past...

is the past.

All that nonsense
that happened between us...

It's over.

That's good to know.

Be seeing you, Hank.

Hey, what's going on? Who is this?

He's here to install cameras
in the interrogation room.

Direct order from the superintendent.

Yeah, after his new

independent auditor gave him the idea.

Well, whoever it was,
they want it done today.

First hall on your left.

If I wasn't so doeeyed and optimistic,

I'd say we have
a trust issue on our hands.

Anyway, I've got 20 officers
on the ground in the vicinity

looking for the two shooters.

I'll let you know when I hear something.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

- Any witnesses?
- Not yet.

- What about the kids?
- They didn't see anything,

except that little girl get shot.

How long has the daycare been here?

Don't know.
Still looking for the parents.

Excuse me, sir.

This is an active
crime scene investigation.

Active? Hell, I see
five cops sipping coffee,

two smoking cigarettes, and one
having a roast beef sandwich.

- Please step away.
- Who's in charge here, you?

I'm Detective Olinsky.
Just don't let anybody else in.

I heard a woman
got shot here and was killed

and the little girl's
in critical condition.

We can't comment on the investigation.

So it's true?

I'm gonna need you to step back, sir.

Why don't you just fill me in,
Detective Olinsky?

Why don't I fill you in?

Two gangbangers
opened fire on the police.

They killed a young woman

and critically injured a little girl.

- That's what happened. Okay?
- I see.

So you're gonna put it
on the gangbangers?

Yeah, that seems pretty obvious, sir.

Must be nice...

to be so naive and beautiful too.

One hell of a combination.

Did you just say that?

- Did you just say that?
- Hey, hey, hey.

- Excuse me, Officer.
- Everything okay?

- What did you say?
- Excuse me.

- We're fine.
- What's going on here?

Your people were just
bringing me up to speed.

Alderman Price is an old friend

and an important member
of the community.

Hey, we're looking
for a Kimona Williams.

She's over there.

Kimona Williams?


Ma'am, we need to talk
to you for a second.

Ookay, um... just...

What's the matter?
Did something happen...

It's your daughter, Morgan.


- She was shot...
- No. No.

At the old seminary this morning.

- She's alive.
- It's okay.

But is she okay?

She's being treated
at Chicago Med right now.

We can give you a ride, okay?

Who did this? Who shot her?

We're not... we're not sure.

We're gonna do everything
in our power to find him.

- I promise.
- Okay. Okay.

Okay? We should go now.

Come on.

Hey, sorry. I just got your call.

Finally located the girl's mother.

Shut the door.

What's up?

I just talked to Ballistics.

The bullet that hit the little
girl was a ninemillimeter.

Thought the bangers were firing .45s.

They were.

You saying I shot that little girl?

The gun that fired
the bullet on the right...

the one that hit the little girl...

fired the one on the left too.

I'm sorry, but gun barrels don't lie.

Thanks, Morty.

Doesn't make sense.

I was under fire, and I took cover...

- Shh.
- And I fired one round,

and I watched the offender drop.

And then I ran over to the woman
who got shot and radioed for help.

- Okay.
- I didn't hear any kids.

I didn't see any kids.

I didn't just shoot
my gun off in the air.

If that's what happened,
you got nothing to worry about.

Take some time off till
the shooting team clears you.

How long is that gonna take?

I mean, it might take a minute or two.

Things are tricky right now.

Are you saying I need to worry?

I'm saying things are tricky.

Yeah, Sammy,
that text message was clutch.

What you got for us?

I might have something
on that shootout this morning.

I just stitched up a young gang member.

Bullet wound to his lower
abdomen, went right through.

How'd you know it was a gunshot wound?

Please. You know how many
gunshots I've seen?

I make a living turning
dead bangers into Boy Scouts

so their mothers
can give them proper burials.

All right, and about what time was this?

About 10:00 or so.

He was waiting for me when I got here.

How'd he know to come to you, Sammy?

For them, my morgue's
a lot better than a hospital.

No paperwork, no police...

not to their knowledge, anyway.

You got a name for me, right?


He wasn't exactly in the mood

to give out personal details.

But I did get... a license plate.

- Okay.
- I'll go run it.

- Thanks, Sammy.
- See you.

So you really like this guy?

You jealous?

Yeah, a little bit.

I expect to see some more of these

when you make the arrest.

Okay, we're going to Royal Towers, okay?

Apartment 2632.

Offender's black male,

wiry, about 5'9", early 20s.

He's got a bullet hole in his abdomen.

Okay? So y'all take the perimeter.

You cover the back,
and we got the apartment.

Let's roll.

Chicago PD. Open up!


You all alone?

Is there anyone else in there with you?

No, I'm... I'm by myself.
But why are you...

Okay, well, ma'am, we're gonna have

to step inside and ask you
a few questions.

It's very important, okay?

Thank you. Step back, please.



All right, we're clear in here, guys.

- Copy that.
- See?

No one else is here.

Can you tell me
what the hell is going on?

An offender wanted for murder

was driving your car this morning.

Car registered to this address.

Maybe you can explain.

I sure can.

My car was stolen last night.

I filed the police report
literally two hours ago.

Case number's right there.

Okay, we understand. Sorry about this.

You don't know anything
about what happened

at the old seminary this morning?

All I heard was, some people got shot

because the police screwed up.

You'll notice how they give

these buildings prestigious names.

All right, Royal Towers,

Queen's Gardens, Sunset Vista.

- Pay attention, dog.
- Yeah.

It's hilarious. Hey.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Mind if we talk to you?

About what?

There was an incident this morning

at the old seminary.

I don't know nothing about that.

All right, then you shouldn't mind

if we ask you a few questions.

I should, and I do.

Stop walking.

Step away from the child.
Get on your knees.

Keep your hands where I can see them.

I'm not getting on my knees
for you or for nobody.

Do not reach in your pocket.

It's a phone.
I want my son to record this.

Sir, do not reach in your pocket.

Or what? You gonna shoot me?

Kill me in front of my son over a phone?

- I'm not gonna ask you again.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Simple question.

- Did you get shot today?
- What?

Answer the question, yes or no.

Did you get shot today?

- No, man.
- All right.

Just lift up your shirt.

What the hell are you even...

Lift up your shirt nice
and slow, just a few inches.

Come on, man.

I'm about to lift
my shirt up for this officer.

I hope somebody's got
a phone to record this.

Okay. Okay.

We straight. You're good to go.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

All right?

All right, little man?

Sorry about that.

All right?

We got a PR nightmare on our hands.

Well, the optics weren't good
when the gangbanger

was the shooter, let alone a white cop.

Look, given the time constraints,

we did everything we could.

Help us understand why you were engaged

in a dangerous operation
so close to a day care center.

An illegal day care center.
We had no idea it was there.

Well, you should have.

Your men need to understand the culture

of the neighborhoods they police.

Places like that are common
in urban areas.

Detective Halstead was under attack.

He drew down on a suspect.
He fired one round.

The bullet went through the suspect,

then through a piece of wood,
and then hit the little girl.

Well, I talked to ISP.

They got one hit of DNA

on the bullet that hit
the little girl... hers.

Yeah, but it still
could have hit the offender.

Bullets don't always collect DNA.

But you already know that,
which tells me...

Which tells you

we're taking this very seriously.

Hey, Kev, you know, before...

that guy and his kid...
I was just doing my job, right?

I'm questioning a murder suspect.

He's noncompliant,
puts his hands in his pockets?

- Come on.
- I mean, he got noncompliant

because you were a little
belligerent, that's all.

It's okay.

All right, well, you know what?

Next time, I'm gonna offer him
a blueberry scone.

Dog, I...

Look, bottom line is, it's not easy

for a black man to get
on his knees for a white cop,

especially with his son
right there, so...

What if he was the offender

and I'm out there softpedaling,
being all politically correct,

and I take two to the chest or you do?

What then?

No, I'm not gonna let that happen.

In this situation, I think it's better

to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Hey, man.

How'd the interview
with the shooting team go?

I'm not sure. It was pretty short.

They didn't ask me too many questions.



How you doing?

I'm just trying to stay positive.

Um, I was at the hospital earlier,

and my brother said
there's a good chance

- the little girl's gonna be...
- You didn't hear?

She died, Jay.

It's all over the news.


I was just about to call you.

You said she was gonna make it.

- Hey.
- You said she was gonna...

Hey, I said she had a chance, okay?

She was in bad shape,
lost too much blood.

I know.

- There's only so much we can do.
- I know. I'm sorry. I just...

Hey. Any luck with the gang unit?

No. We looked through
lots of photos, but...

These bangers must be
new to this clique.

It's been eight hours.
We still got no lead on the shooter?

I got something.

I dumped the biker's phone,
found two texts to a burner

discussing a deal for some thumpers.

Recipient's name is Lil GG.

May be one of our shooters.

- Track the burner?
- Yeah, to a mini mart

about three blocks from the crime scene.

Good. You two.

Excuse me. Hey.

Looking for someone
who bought a phone here.

His nickname's Lil GG.

Don't know anyone with that name.

Well, he's affiliated
with one of the local gangs...

Southside Hawks.

Guessing they buy a lot of burners.

Ring any bells?

No, nothing? Come on, man, help me out.

I told you, I don't know them.

All right.

Well, I'm gonna need
your video surveillance.

Not necessary.

I screwed up. We're at the wrong store.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

It's really best
if you get out of here, Jay.

I was told I could work desk duty.

Sarge, caught a break at the mini mart.

The owner's wife knows Lil GG.

His real name's Calvin Shaw.

Get an address and an arrest warrant.

- It's already done.
- Good.

All right, you two go
with Ruzek and Upton.


Let's pay this Lil GG a visit.

We got you.


Go home.


Hey, Sarge,

have you heard from Lindsay?

Nope. You?

I left her a message.

I didn't hear back.

Probably on assignment.

She's not coming back, is she?

Look, it was time for her to move on.

It just was.

You need to make peace with it.

- Go.
- Chicago PD!


Got a body!

All right, crossing.

- Clear.
- Got two to the head.

What about the stomach?

DOA is Calvin Shaw, AKA Lil GG.

Two bullet wounds to the head,
none to the abdomen,

so he's not the guy
Halstead shot, unfortunately.

It sounds like Lil GG's
partner got nervous.

Maybe blamed him for the CI leak.

- Maybe.
- Follow up with Ballistics.

I was going over the evidence
from Lil GG's place.

There's a text message between him

and the guy who got shot at the scene...

James Pell, the guy
who won't talk to us.

Well, now we know why.

Get his ass down here right now.

- Kev, you wanna come?
- Yep.

James Pell?

We've been trying to talk to you.

Like I told the other cops,
I'm in pain from the shooting

and focused on my recovery.

You were treated
and released in 15 minutes.

I believe the world's record is ten.

How much pain could you be in?

I got nothing to say.

Look we just wanna talk
about your friend Lil GG.

I don't know anybody by that name.

You were texting him this morning

right before that shootout
at the seminary.

I want a lawyer.


You deaf?

I said I want a damn lawyer.

So go.

Get out.

Alvin, this is Alderman Price.

I know who he is.

Yeah, nice to see you again,
Detective Olinsky.

Is James Pell in there?

I'm sorry. You are...

He's the guy I was telling you about.

Yeah, he's back there.

- Has he been arrested?
- Nope.

Then I suggest you release him.

You know, I heard you were a politician.

I didn't realize you were a lawyer too.

You don't have to go
to law school to see that

the Chicago PD is once again
harassing an innocent man.

He's free to go.

Thank you, Detective...

Actually, it's Sergeant. Voight.

Voight. Ray Price. Nice to meet you.

Now, I understand that
your unit is under pressure

for the unfortunate incident
that happened at the seminary.

And I sympathize with that.

But do not harass

the hardworking men and women
of my ward.

That is a hell of a speech, Ray.

It's too bad the cameras
weren't rolling.

They will be soon enough.

Trust me on that.

Al, why don't you
show these gentlemen back?

Thanks for your help, Sergeant.


This guy.

Hey, you guys talk to Halstead lately?

A few hours ago. What's up?

Well, as the kids say,
he is blowing up the Internet,

and not in a good way.

"Child killer is racist too."

Racist? What?

"Racist cop punched

African American Cop for no reason."

No, no, no, no, no,
that guy was harassing Lindsay.

He sent her a bunch of perverted texts.

Wow, that didn't take long.

"The ACLU and NAACP are now demanding

that Chicago PD fire Halstead."

Are you serious?

Now, that's how you smoke brisket.

Thanks for coming down, Hank.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

Has a little of that Cajun kick to it.

I didn't mean to be

so confrontational today.

But the truth is, you and me,

we're on the same team.

Yeah, how do you figure that?

Well, we both love this city,

and we both would do anything
to protect its citizens.

Unless, of course, you're a cop

and you accidentally shoot a kid.

You know all those headlines today,

accusations of racism?

See, I'm guessing that's you.

Sure is.

You know, Halstead...

you know, he seems like a good cop.

Good guy too.

Hell, I had five people

digging in his ass all day.

The only negative thing
they could find was

a fistfight he had
with some degenerate black cop.

Thank you.

This is made right here,
five miles away.

Black owned, black financed.

Bourbon is damn good too.

100% corn. That's why it's so sweet.

So we come down here to drink bourbon?


We came here to solve the problem...

- you and me.
- Okay.

Somebody has to pay
for that little girl.

And all the other little boys and girls

and the police shootings
and the ass whuppings.

More than ever, this city
needs someone to blame,

and that person is a young,
goodlooking white cop

named Jay Halstead.

And you want me to help?


I want you to get the hell
out of the way.

Wow, that really is good.

Thanks for the drink.

Easy. Just relax.

- Man, what the hell are you...
- Just relax. I'm here as a friend.

- I got enough friends.
- Yeah.

Well, none that can get you out
from under a murder rap.

A murder rap?

You were lookout in a gun deal

where two innocent people were killed.

That's felony murder, my man.

As a friend,

I can convince the state's attorney

to charge you with a lesser crime.

You don't have enough

to charge me with jaywalking.

Well, not yet.

But we will.

Look, you help me,
I'll return the favor.

If you don't,

I'll convince the state's attorney

you're the mastermind.

Yeah, you're the one responsible
for the murder of that woman

and the little girl.

What do you need?

All right, one more time, just for fun.

The two dead bikers are
Anthony Jonas and Mike Scola,

my younger brother, and we're from Gary.

We deal meth and guns.
You and I met in Branchville.

You were in for armed robbery.

I was doing time for aggravated assault.

And we're here...

To get compensated
for what happened the other day.

- All right.
- This is gonna be fun.

Listen, Marcus.

I lost $40,000 worth of guns,

a friend named Tony Jonas,
and my little brother Mike.

That shootout really cost us.

Sorry, bro, but I don't know
anything about no guns.


'Cause my brother said he was dealing

directly with you
and a friend named Lil GG.

You must got me confused
with someone else.

If you're gonna lie, Marcus,

why did you even take the meeting?

'Cause I wanna do some new business.

I need heaters.

So why don't we leave
the past in the past

and we just talk about the present?

'Cause my man Pell
said you ready to deal.

Not yet.

We still got business to do.

I rapped with one
of your boys yesterday.

A dude named Harold.

Said you got a lot of guns to sell me.

- You know Harold?
- I know I'm here to talk...

Do you know Harold, yes or no, bro?

My little brother was killed

because you got a leak in your crew.

You're gonna question whether I'm legit,

make up some dude named Harold?

What you looking at, cuz?

Who the hell you talking to, fam?

Talking business. Why don't you...

Wasn't nobody talking to your white ass,

- so you can shut up.
- My white ass?

- I'm talking to this clown...
- Man, who you calling a clown?

Are you serious? Why I gotta go?

I ain't even do...

Okay, I'm outside. I'm outside.

I'll see you there!

- Right here.
- You're good. Calm down.

- You good? You good?
- Yeah.

I just don't like when people
interfere with business,

you know what I mean?

It's all good. It's okay, man.
I understand.

So how we gonna do this?

Easy way or the other way?

Hey, look.

I'm sorry about your brother
and the other dude,

but I don't know anything
about no guns and no money.

The best thing I can do
is just offer $1,000.

For two lives

and 40 grand worth of merchandise?

Hey, look.

It was crazy for me too.

I almost lost my life.

Cops rolled up. Bullets started flying.

The whole thing was just a mess.

I appreciate your honesty, Marcus.

$1,000 it is.

Great job, bro.

Thanks, the wire good?


- It's been a while.
- Yeah.

- Thanks for helping out.
- Sure thing.

You know, maybe I should stick around

and help you bust this punk too.

I'm on loan. Might as well
get your money's worth.

Sounds great.

Hailey Upton.

Hey, nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.

Sorry about that, man.

- No, it's okay. I get it.
- No, no, no.

- No, it was the right move.
- He was reaching for his gun.

All right, listen up.

First we get a warrant.
Then we grab Marcus.

Let's go.

Good job.


- Come on.
- Come on, get up.

- You don't wanna do that.
- Let's go.

Come on, you ain't got nothing

better to do than running in my crib?

- Come on.
- Hey, hey, hey.

You're under arrest, man.
Shut your ass up.

Damn, bro.

Hey, how you doing, Marcus?


Don't look at me like that.

What's this?

My goodness.

Where'd you get that, playing polo?

- Lawyer.
- Lawyer?

- Stand him up.
- I need my lawyer.

Truth is, you're lucky.

'Cause if you didn't have
that bullet wound,

I was gonna shoot you myself.

Through and through.
Lower left side of the abdomen.

Just like Halstead said.

So he's right.

About shooting Marcus Kelly, anyway.

Doesn't make it good police work.

There were five children in
the day care center, 15 feet...

Are we really still talking about

that illegal day care center, sir?

A little girl is dead.

15 .45caliber rounds were
fired in Halstead's direction.

A woman... a woman standing

20 feet away from him was killed.

If you're teaching a class
at the academy

on how to handle
this situation, you'd say,

"Do it the way Halstead did it."

There's a lot of pressure
on this one, Hank...

from up high.

Yeah, I'm sort of getting that feeling.

I imagine you already heard
we arrested Marcus Kelly.

Yeah, got him on tape
talking about the gun deal.

Found the murder weapon too.

Yeah, I read about that.

You read about it?

Yeah, I felt sure he would
have called you directly.

Excuse me?

Yeah, found this on his phone.

Doesn't surprise me.

I've known him for years.

His gang donates to my campaign.

But, you already know that?

You already talked to Marcus about me,

- our relationship.
- Yes, I did.

Truth is, I don't have a choice.

Rich white folks aren't
pouring cash into this war.

So I need to do what I need to do

to save the people around here
who want to be saved.

It's just a part of doing business.

The Southside Hawks donated
$200 grand to this place.

- Really? Wow.
- Yeah.

It's a place where, as we speak,

kids are playing basketball,
learning how to read,

using the computers.

Without the big, bad, evil gang,

this doesn't get built.

I get it.

I really do. I get it.

But I'll tell you what.

Most people won't.

I mean, a picture like this...

this kind of thing gets out,
I mean, arm in arm

with a murderer, child killer?

I mean, it's the kind of thing
people don't forget.

Make it real hard
for you to do business,

to help the people of your ward.

What's your proposal?

Just back off Halstead.

I can do that,

if you back off Pell.

Pell, the lookout?

He's more than that.

He's the brains of the whole crew.

He doesn't deal drugs, shoot people.

He focuses on making money.

So I need him out there on the street

making sure that
the cash flow continues.

And Marcus?

Bury his ass.



Morgan Williams' senseless death

has caused this city great distress

and pain.

And as a result,
we've gone to great lengths

to find someone to blame,

someone to hate.

And no one has wanted
to hate Detective Halstead

more than me.

But the more I learned

about what actually
transpired that morning,

the more I'm convinced
Detective Halstead

did nothing wrong.

In fact, his actions

saved several lives...

several black lives.

- Excuse me.
- We really want to...

Nice try.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I'll see you around, Hank.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Sorry, I got here as fast as I could.

It's over?

Yeah, just ended.

How'd it go?

It was good. Really good, actually.

Price was very gracious.

I'm not really sure
what prompted all this, but...

Hey, take yes for an answer.

If there's anything you need,
please let me know.

I'll be okay eventually.

I think I just gotta
make sense of all of it.

Yeah. It's tough.

Trust me.

Have you...


Different circumstances, but...

Talk to Morgan's mother yet?

No. I don't think I'm ready.

Man. You're never gonna be ready.

You just have to do it.

Detective Halstead
is not the man to blame...

Sounds like good news.

- Not the man to hate.
- Yeah, yeah.

Makes you think, though.

I mean, Halstead's just doing his job,

he almost gets killed, for God sakes,

and they try their best
to throw him under the bus.

It's a tough time to be a cop.

In Chicago, anyway.

Yeah, I'll drink to that.

Wait, no.

I say we drink
to something else instead.

I agree. To Halstead.

To Halstead.

Kim, you want another beer?

No, I'm good.

Maybe later, we could...


It's just not a good idea.

Well, I never said it was a good idea.

I met someone.

That's great.

You... you sure you don't
want another beer?

I'm good.

All right. Have a good night.

The last time we had dinner,
you said you weren't too happy

over at the state's attorney's office.

Those longtail investigations
get a little boring.

Well, if you're looking
for a little more excitement,

you're welcome back
in the unit fulltime.

Might have to juggle a few things,

but that sounds great.

I found Morgan's necklace.

I wanted you to have it.

I'm very sorry.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx