Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Snitch - full transcript

While investigating a drug-related homicide, Intelligence is stonewalled by the 'no-snitch' culture of the neighborhood. And Atwater discovers a personal connection to the case. Meanwhile, ...

♪ Happy Birthday ♪
All right, now you gotta blow during the that candle out, boy,
All right, all right.
There you go. First try.
15's a big year, Jordan.
Yeah, man, it's a powerful year.
You gotta do your thing in the classroom, on that court.
Always preaching.
Nah, that's advice.
Yeah, it's a big difference.
- Says you. - Vinessa.
- Ah, happy birthday, lil' dog. - Ooh, you know what I wanted.
- Yes, boy. - Oh, my God.
Look at these.
This number 8... it worked for Kobe a little bit.
It worked for me; it's definitely gonna work for you.
Thanks, bro.
Yo, um, I think Ruzek needs me
to do that undercover thing he got a bite on.
Oh, I'll go.
Uh, actually, you might have the wrong paint job.
Oh. Okay.
I can, um, stay here and help them eat cake.
Copy that. Hey, check this out.
I wanna send a toast to my little brother Jordan, okay?
Oh, yeah.
Let's make 15 the most powerful year ever.
- No doubt. - No doubt.
Aw, dude, I forgot to tell you,
I tried the barbecue sauce you sent me.
- It was good, right? - Come on, man.
Look, it's gonna be big someday,
I'm trying to tell you... just need to line up the financing.
I got your financing right here.
Speaking of which, why don't you show me a few stacks?
- Make me feel at ease. - You don't trust me?
I don't trust my own mama when it comes to
money and drugs and she's a damn saint.
All right, all right.
Look, I'm doing this for you, bro, but Kurtis don't play.
Like, not even a little bit.
Especially when white boys get involved.
Yeah, I picked up on that.
I thought he was all right the other night though.
No, he don't dig white people.
I'm telling you like it is, Billy,
so just show me what's in the bag, please.
- You know the drill. You know the drill. - Come on, man.
Oh, my goodness. I'm not holdin'.
I'm never holdin'.
I'm a broker, baby, like them dudes on Wall Street.
I set the deals up and get a little taste, that's it.
Yes, sir. As a reminder, you know I'm...
- $3,000. I remember. - Okay.
- We good? - Good.
- We good. - All right, I'll call Kurtis.
My man. Let's do this.
Englewood, Englewood.
Yeah, yeah, up to no good.
Come on, man. Come up with something new.
And that song ain't even talking about...
I know.
It's talking about a different Englewood.
So, this kid Kurtis is moving real weight?
He's more of an up-and-comer.
He's got a direct line to the Sinaloa cartel.
It's not easy to get a kid from this neighborhood to flip.
Till he's staring down ten years at Stateville.
Got something to say now.
- 'Sup, Andre? - What's happening?
Good to see you.
What's up, big dog?
How you feeling, Billy?
I'm great. How you doing?
Cell phones in the basket.
Have a seat, fellas.
So, the West Loop, huh?
It's a huge, untapped market.
Tons of rich white dudes looking to party.
The only problem is there's no quality product there.
What's Eddie's cut?
Three grand.
I forgot, uh...
How'd you two meet?
Yeah, the spot with the disco balls and the dancer poles.
On 28th and Jefferson, you know?
- Oh, that kind of ballet. - I was dating one of the ballerinas.
Yeah, me too.
Uh, sorta.
I had to pay her a little something-something
from time to time, but she was worth every penny.
- Yeah, she was a fox. - Yeah.
Well, I'm glad you two hit it off.
It's nice to see you again, Billy.
What happened?
I don't know. It felt good, and then bam,
he was out the door. Meeting over.
You think they made Kev?
Nah, I mean, I was staring at my cheeseburger the whole time.
Who knows, maybe he's just careful.
Hey, good news is Eddie's still on board.
He just texted me, wants me to swing by his house in a few hours.
Good, play it out. Kev, keep an eye on him.
Hey, man, don't push it. There's other dealers we can work with.
- Not like Kurtis, there's not. - Oh, yeah? Why's he so special?
He likes killing as much as he likes dealing.
He enjoys it.
Eddie, where you at, man?
Call number three.
Listen, I'm getting a little nervous.
I don't know if you noticed I'm a preppy white dude
from the northern suburbs, so you need to hit me back.
I'm at your door.
Eddie. Hey!
- Kev, cover the front. - Copy that.
Kev, roll an ambo. Right now.
- Eddie? Eddie? - Copy.
Hey, what happened, man? Who did this?
Jesus. Eddie.
We're gonna stop the bleeding. You just hold on, man.
Eddie, listen, I'm sorry to tell you this, but I'm a cop.
I got help on the way right now, okay?
You just gotta stay strong.
No, Eddie, stop, man. Stop. Stop.
- You're a cop! You're a... - I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You gotta talk to me. Tell me who did this.
Was it Kurtis?
...your real name?
It's Adam.
Adam Ruzek.
Hey, brother. Listen, look at me.
Who did it?
Tell me, was it Kurtis who did this?
- Was it Kurtis? - No.
I ain't going out like that,
Like what, man? Hey.
Like a snitch.
Nah, man, no, no, no.
Eddie, come on, man.
Come on, man!
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- What do we got? - What's up?
Two to the chest. Nine millimeter.
The casings are right here.
- Find a gun? - Not yet.
You okay?
This was Kurtis or somebody that worked for him.
It had to be.
Well, now we follow the evidence.
Grab Upton and Halstead. Start knocking.
We need witnesses.
He was alive when I got here.
He was alive, right there.
I was trying to help him. Told him I was a cop.
The way he looked at me, man.
Pushed my hands away.
He knew why he got shot... 'cause I got made...
And he picked up the tab.
I understand.
I get it, I mean, you really liked Eddie.
But this isn't on you, dog.
You didn't pull that trigger.
- All right? - Thanks, bro.
We'll get him.
I didn't see anything or hear anything.
You live across the street, 20 feet from his house.
I was watching TV, had the volume up.
Anything else?
You knew Eddie, right?
Yeah? Was he a good guy?
- Great guy. - Yeah?
Why not help us find the man who killed him?
Not my job.
Oh, you're okay with him getting killed?
Didn't say I was okay with it. I said it's not my job.
There's a difference.
Not really.
I mean, you live right next door, right?
You didn't hear anything?
All right, hey, just tell us what you heard, please.
I didn't hear anything.
You didn't hear anything?
All right. Hey.
- Have you seen this guy? - No.
You didn't even look yet.
Have you seen this guy?
- No. - Never?
Thank you so much.
This no snitch thing gets worse and worse.
There's no trust. There's no cooperation.
Remember a few years back when they at least
gave a courtesy look, and then a respectful lie?
So this is spotter-cam video.
It's not perfect, but here's the shot.
- There's our guy. - Yeah. Sure looks like Kurtis.
Mm, about the same height, same weight.
Yeah, but we can't see his face.
Definitely not enough for a warrant.
It's enough for you to grab Antonio and pay him a visit.
Well, let's watch this again.
So, what happened... Kurtis shoots Eddie,
he goes running out the back?
Yeah, but the bloody footprints that I saw...
they went out the front door.
It could be two shooters.
One goes out the front, the other goes out the back.
Hey, you two... head over to that restaurant
and figure out what happened, will you?
- Okay. - Something spooked these guys.
Kurtis Washington, Chicago PD.
We'd like to talk to you about a friend of yours,
Eddie Greene.
Got nothing to say.
He was killed last night.
Got nothing to say.
We have reason to believe
that you were with him earlier that evening.
Maybe you could help us find the man who killed him
since you two are friends?
Got nothing to say.
Do you know what a spotter cam is?
- I got nothing to say. - Okay.
It's this amazing new piece of technology.
When a gun is fired, a video camera just
automatically swivels towards the direction of the sound.
And the dude running away
sure looks a lot like you.
Like I said, officer...
I got nothing to say.
Okay, don't worry. We'll be back.
How can I help you?
We wanna talk to you about one of your regular customers,
Kurtis Washington.
Chicken, extra spicy, French fries.
Arnold Palmer.
More lemonade than tea.
We're more interested in his business dealings
than his food choices.
You got a men's room?
What about Andre Walker?
Ham and cheese sandwich, extra swiss.
Back to food, huh?
That's my business. Food.
Nothing else.
May I say...
You might be the prettiest damn police I've ever seen.
Might be?
Okay, you are.
That's better.
So, Kurtis and Andre came in yesterday with Eddie Greene
and another guy. White guy.
Don't know Eddie.
Or the white dude.
Anything unusual happen?
Didn't even notice they were here.
You're good.
That's why I'm still standing, baby.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Your insights and observations were invaluable.
Found a counter-surveillance device in the restaurant.
The kind you can buy for five bucks at some
half-assed spy store.
Must've read the transmission from Ruzek's wire,
so Kurtis cut the meeting short.
They probably thought Eddie was snitching...
working a case, so he popped him,
Two in the chest.
Hey, techs lifted two fresh prints...
one off of a beer bottle in Eddie's living room
and the other off the front door knob.
Both are a match to Roland Garrett.
Male, black, 36. One felony charge.
Aggravated assault with a firearm.
Track him down, now.
- Roland Garrett? - Yes?
- Chicago PD. - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Keep your hands up. - Man, what's going on?
We need to talk. Step down to me.
- About what? - Eddie Greene. Turn around.
- Someone killed him last night. - I know.
Oh, you know he's dead.
He's my brother.
My fingerprints are on a beer bottle, so what?
Well, the beer was still cold when we bagged it.
That means you were there when your brother got shot.
So, either A, you did it,
or B, you saw who did.
Or C, I was there,
but I didn't do it and I didn't see it.
- Hey. - Bro, what's up, Kevin?
You good?
Roland owns the mini mart on my block.
- Mm. - Good people.
Um, so, yeah, we just wanna know what happened.
And actually the more we know, the more we can help out,
so, what you know, dog?
I was there.
I went to see Eddie, you know, to say hi.
Pay my condolences,
'cause I ain't seen him since his pop passed.
We got the same mother, different fathers.
So, what happened?
We were catching up.
Eddie was, uh... He was nervous.
Said he had some deal with somebody
and somebody got spooked or something like that,
I don't know. I don't really pay attention.
You know, I loved Eddie, but he's always hustling.
Anyway, some... some guy shows up.
But he... he knocked at the back door; I didn't see him.
Uh, I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich.
- You didn't see him? - No, sir.
Size 11?
We got your footprint, Roland.
Bloody footprints.
That means you were near Eddie's body.
After the dude shot Eddie, I...
He ran out the back door.
So I walked over to Eddie,
and I saw he was shot.
He was...
He was crawling towards the door.
I got scared.
So, I ran out the front door.
But yo, I-I called 911 like two minutes later.
Y'all can check the records.
Yeah, we will.
I-I gotta ask this.
Why not help save your brother's life?
I sell... I sell condoms and candy bars, homey.
I'm not equipped to save nobody's life.
But if you saw photos, you could recognize the guy.
I didn't... I didn't see his face.
This is your flesh and blood, Roland.
I know.
But he's gone.
I still gotta live there.
- Kev, you know how it is. - Yeah.
You know, I know.
There's a difference this time.
All right? This is me.
And I can help you on this side.
You're good, bro.
I ain't no hero, Kev.
Just another brother trying to pay his rent,
maybe have a little fun,
stay above ground.
I don't care how much you hate the police.
If you got family involved, you gotta come clean.
The victim himself wouldn't even give me a name
and he's lying there dying and the last thing he says is
"I ain't no snitch."
Talk about taking it to your grave.
Hey, guys, found some video surveillance
from the night of the murder.
It's not perfect, but it shows a distant image
of the man we believe to be Kurtis Washington
hopping into a BMW two blocks from Eddie's house.
- You make out the plate? - Already ran it.
It's registered to Maya Spriggs, girlfriend of
Andre Walker, mother of his three children.
Oh, so Andre was the getaway driver, that makes sense.
They're partners.
All right, get that car. Maybe we can find some blood.
There's a warrant for the car.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Baby, that's my car. - I got this, baby.
- Wait, why does he need to? - Go back to the kids.
Keep them away from all this police harassment.
'Sup, Billy?
Long time no see.
What you doing over here, huh?
Thought you lived in the West Loop.
Word is, there's a huge,
untapped market for blow up there?
Just so you know, Eddie... he had no idea I was a cop.
No idea.
You know, I liked Eddie.
Kurtis did too.
We feel real bad you got his ass popped.
You better watch yourself, Andre.
Sounds like a confession to me.
I ain't killed nobody.
And I don't know nobody who killed nobody.
But word gets out around here.
And snitches like Eddie get dealt with real fast.
Well, let's go.
Listen to your girlfriend,
We'll see you soon.
Andre's BMW is clean. No blood evidence anywhere.
Yeah? What about Eddie's house?
Techs are still working on it... so far, nothing.
There's gotta be something.
A print? A hair?
We know that Kurtis popped him.
We know that Andre picked him up in the BMW.
Yeah, well, knowing doesn't mean a damn thing.
So, go out there and find something.
Hey, Adam.
You gotta let it go.
I mean, good guy or not,
Eddie was in the game. He knew the risk.
- Yeah. - Hey.
One of my CIs just told me that Andre's girl, Maya,
deals dope out of a unlicensed beauty salon
and she's got two priors.
- That's something. - Yeah.
Take Burgess and Upton.
- Let's go. - All right, copy that.
Chicago PD!
- Everyone show us your hands now. - What the hell is going on?
- Hands up, we have a warrant. - Turn around.
Maya, right? Turn around for me.
Turn around for me. Just wanna see what kind
of beauty products you're pushing out of this joint.
All right, sorry about that, ladies.
Come on now.
- Baby. - Baby, come get me.
Look, I will. Just sit tight.
Ask for a lawyer and keep your damn mouth shut.
This is harassment!
You know that, right?
It's not our fault your lady runs a salon without a license.
And sells blow in her spare time.
What'd you find, huh?
What, a couple grams? Eight ball or something?
- She don't move no product. - The problem is, she's got two priors.
With this new charge, she's going away.
She's a three-time loser.
Mother of your children.
Unless, of course, you got something to tell us.
Something that might, I don't know,
inspire us to drop the case?
Not a damn thing.
You know, I'm getting sick and tired of her ass anyway.
Truth is, you're doing me a favor.
Wow, hell of a guy...
Shut up, bitch, I wasn't talking to...
You got a smart mouth, you know that!
Stand up! Say that again, right now!
- Enough! - I'll take this badge off.
You and I could do this right now, man!
Come on, Hailey, what the hell is wrong with you?
- What are you doing? - What is wrong with you?
Reform, federal oversight, independent auditors.
You can't just hit people because they piss you off.
Not in front of me, anyway.
Get in the car.
Andre's not gonna flip.
He didn't even flinch.
In Pilsen, they don't talk 'cause they're afraid of getting deported.
In Englewood, they're afraid of getting shot.
Look, I'll be in late tomorrow. I have a parent-teacher
conference thing I have to be at.
Yo, Sarge, let me grab Roland one more time.
I mean, I think deep down he wants to talk.
I can convince him to if he can just wrap his head around it.
Not a lot to wrap your head around.
Someone shoots your brother twice in the chest,
- you bury his ass. - See, it's deeper than that.
Oh, my God, it was his brother.
Somebody shot his brother, he's the only person
that can help us, and he's gonna protect the killer?
That's not what I'm saying.
What I'm saying is, where I come from,
or where Roland lives, if you don't trust the cops,
- you're not gonna cooperate. - It's called being a coward...
Enough of this crap, you hear me?
I don't care about what's right.
I care about making this case.
You understand?
All right, good.
So, talk to Roland.
- A'ight. - He comes forward,
maybe we can offer witness protection.
We might have to come up with another plan.
What's going on?
Male, black, late 20s. Two to the chest.
- Victim's name... - Roland Garrett.
Hey, boss... two nine millimeter shells on the floor.
Surveillance video?
Yeah, there's two cameras in here. but neither one of them work.
- The register? - It's full.
Shooter just walked in, took two shots, and walked out.
This was Kurtis. We all know that, right?
He obviously figured out Roland was at Eddie's house
and didn't wanna roll the dice he'd keep his mouth shut.
Hey, patrol found a witness who says they saw a guy
run from the scene, drop something in the dumpster
- behind the building. - Go check it out.
You two start knocking, see what you can find.
Someone had to see something.
Yeah, but will someone talk to us?
You got it. Come on.
- Kev. - Huh?
Is that Jordan?
Damn. Hold on.
Yo, what the hell are you doing out here, man?
Hey. Come here.
Man, what the hell is going on, bro?
It's damn near 11:00.
What you doing out here?
I was walking back from Michelle's house, and...
we were studying and I fell asleep...
Fell asleep my ass, Jordan.
Now we done already had this conversation, dog,
I'm your big brother and the last thing...
I know, I know.
What happened?
Nothing good.
That's Roland?
I liked him, bro.
I mean, when I told him I made the basketball team,
he gave me a bunch of free food.
He even said he'd make it to a few games.
Who shot him?
A local dope dealer.
Roland saw something he shouldn't have saw.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
All right, an eyewitness saw an unidentified male
flee from the scene, toss an object into a dumpster.
Detective Halstead recovered that object one block
from the scene... a Glock, nine millimeter.
- Ballistics? - Same weapon used
in the Eddie Greene homicide.
- Prints? - Negative.
Does it connect back to Kurtis Washington
or Andre Walker or anyone involved with this gang?
No, it was stolen from a registered owner in Wisconsin.
No forensics, no witnesses...
Yeah, I get it, but it all goes back
to that undercover meeting with Ruzek,
which we got on tape, by the way.
Kurtis gets spooked, calls off the meet.
Two hours later, Eddie gets popped, two in the chest.
The next day, the only eyewitness,
his brother Roland, gets popped two in the chest.
Same weapon both hits.
I'm with you.
Kurtis is the shooter, Andre drove the getaway car.
Check, check. But...
We still don't have enough to move forward.
I'm sorry, Hank.
Any luck with the warrant?
Nah, Valdez says we need more.
- Ah, what else is new, right? - Yep.
Hey, how was that parent-teacher conference?
It was great.
Eva's doing really well. Getting all A's.
Tell her I said hey.
- Adam. - Yeah?
Give me a second.
What's up, boss?
Got a call about you this morning.
Someone saw you punch Andre Walker.
That someone filed a beef.
IAD's opened an official investigation.
Boss, this prick Andre, he was pushing his luck...
Stop talking now.
An active resister refused to comply with your orders.
He tried to overpower you.
In order to protect yourself and others, you used
physical force to regain control of the situation.
All right, copy that.
As to Upton, that's on you.
All right.
Spilled coffee.
Memo to self... invent a lid that doesn't drip.
Hey, so, listen, that thing from yesterday...
it's become a little bit of a situation.
Somebody saw what happened, they filed a report,
Now I got a CR to deal with.
I just wanna make sure you and I are on the same page.
Same page.
I know you know what I mean.
I'm gonna have to think about it.
Just shooting straight, man.
There's iPhones and cameras everywhere.
It's not so easy to just make up a lie anymore.
And I know a lot of good coppers
that have been stripped for falsifying...
No, you do what you gotta do, Upton.
Caught a break. Found some surveillance footage
from a camera about a block away from the mini mart.
Thanks, man.
That is Kurtis, no doubt.
That's 'cause you know it's him.
If you're in a jury, that's a skinny man,
black, wearing a hoodie.
All right, let me play with it,
see if I can get a better angle.
Well, there's the gun.
All right, play it again, regular size.
All right, hold it. Stop. See that?
There's someone else there.
Yeah, probably Andre being a lookout.
Let me mess with it. Hold up.
Yeah, all I can make out is his sneaker.
Straight up.
You saw the face of the man who threw the gun in the dumpster.
If I showed you photos, you can identify the guy?
I mean, I can, but...
Bro, look what happened to Roland.
Look what happened to him.
I mean, he winded up dead, dude.
People hate snitches and you know that.
I understand that, but that's not gonna happen to you, okay?
I'm not gonna let that happen to you.
I mean, I know you wouldn't but it still could.
What do you want me to do?
First of all, you didn't do anything wrong, Jordan.
So, as far as I'm concerned, you're not a snitch.
You're brave.
You're willing to help put away a man who did a bad thing
to a very good person, so...
All I want you to do is have self-respect.
I want you to be able to look in the mirror
every day for the rest of your life
and know that you did the right thing when it mattered.
That's all I want.
You all good, right?
Hi, Jordan.
I'm Anna Valdez; I'm with the State's Attorney's office.
Your brother told me you saw
someone toss a gun into a dumpster.
I heard gunshots, and...
Then this man came out of the store,
and threw a gun into this big, green dumpster.
Finally caught a lucky break.
Hey, let's get you set up in here, all right?
- You hungry? - Yeah.
You sure about all this?
Why the hell are you doing it?
Because it's the right thing to do.
Forget what's right.
You do what's best for you and your family.
That's what's right.
Yeah. Appreciate it.
Okay, if you see the man
who tossed the gun into the dumpster, just say so, okay?
Thank you, Jordan.
Type up the warrant. I'll get in touch with the duty judge.
Proud of you, Jordan.
5021 Charlie, 10-1, 10-1.
Shots fired at the police. Male, black.
Hoofing it down the alley.
Copy that, 5021 Charlie. Shots fired.
Offender just ran into an alley off of Loomis,
headed west.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
Please, pick it up.
He might have another weapon on his ankle.
Be careful.
It's all right, Kevin, I got you.
Stand down.
Get up.
You're under arrest for the murder of Roland Garrett.
Let's go.
Come on.
Have I ever told you you're faster than you look?
You think I'm overweight?
Dude, I needed this.
Thanks, man. You did a hell of a job today.
Hey, appreciate that.
Buy you a drink?
Not this time.
I think I should probably take Vinessa and Jordan to dinner.
- Fair enough. - Yeah.
I hear you boys had a nice pinch today.
Appreciate that.
Long way to walk for an attaboy.
Nah. Need the exercise.
All this sitting around can actually
shorten your life span by 20%.
But, uh, there is something we need to discuss.
In private.
Okay. After you.
- Congratulations. - Sir.
- I'll see you guys in the morning. - Thanks, boss. Have a good night.
- Molly's? - Yes.
Tofu chicken.
Chinese medicine.
I'm not sure where you're going with this, Denny,
but I am intrigued.
I am just listing a few things that I'm guessing
you think are ridiculous.
So far, so good.
- I got one more for you too. - Hm.
Police reform.
You know your man Rowzek?
The case we filed the other day just went away.
Seems the only witness, a young woman named
Yvonne Wallace, changed her mind.
It's news to me.
Is that right?
You know, it's always better to cooperate up front, Hank,
when it's just a conversation between two old friends.
Otherwise things can get more formal.
More contentious.
Like I said, I don't know.
You ever read a book called "The Prince"?
Written by a cat named Machiavelli back in the 1500s.
I haven't read that one.
Well, me either.
But there's one hell of a quote in that book.
Goes something like...
If you aim at the king,
you better make damn sure you kill his ass.
Yeah, I am familiar with that one.
The thing is, Denny,
I never took aim at you.
You only think I did.
I'm pretty sure that's what lawyers would call
"a distinction without a difference."
Have a good night, Hank.
To Eddie Greene.
And to Jordan Atwater.
That kid's got guts.
Testifying, going against some ridiculous ingrained code...
It's not easy.
What are you really saying, Hailey?
Not the time, man.
It's not the time? No, it's right.
I think it's the perfect time. Just say it.
All right.
Just let it go, man.
Let it go.
Hey, Hailey, look.
If you're gonna throw me under the bus,
just give me a heads up, huh?
I took care of it.
- What do you mean? - Case went away.
- It just went away? - Mm-hmm.
I found the witness.
I talked to her. She agreed to recant her story.
She just agreed just like that?
I didn't say that.
Thank you.
I didn't do it for you.
Copy that.
So I...
I ran that, uh...
Plate you were asking about.
Antonio's friend?
He's a State's Attorney.
A guy named Nathan Potter.
Rising star.
Word is...
He's done a lot of work with your pal,
Denny Woods.
You don't think Antonio's, uh...
The morning I saw him with this prosecutor Potter...
he lied.
He told me he was at some parent-teacher conference.
This much I know.
They're coming after us, Al.
From all sides.
You coming to the game this Wednesday?
'Cause you know I'm getting some play time with varsity.
It's gonna be crazy. It's gonna be hype.
And I'm really excited for the showcase.
Kev, can we get some dessert?
Go for it.
Do they have milkshakes?
You jumpy, huh?
I'm good, I'm good.
- Little scared there, Kevin? - Not bad.
All right, I'm getting ice cream.
Ice cream with some chocolate sauce.
Banana pudding. You wanna share with me?
I only had it once, it was...
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