Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 20 - Saved - full transcript

When Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a woman who's somehow connected to his past, Intelligence searches for a connection between the kidnapping and bank robberies.

- Hey, man.
- Hey, man.

- You brought me coffee?
- Yeah.

You realize, I think the last
time you brought me coffee,

we were riding in a squad together.

Well, return to basics is good.

That right?

I didn't realize either one of
us missed your burnt coffee.

What the hell's is going on, Al?

Terry from Narcotics
called me last night.

Ruben Gilbright's
possession charge was dropped.


My plan didn't work.

Woods is protecting him.

Wants to make sure
he can testify against me.

All right.

If Internal Affairs is gonna
show up on my door with...

- an arrest warrant...
- Al, I'm not gonna...

I'm not gonna let it get that far.

Yes, you are.

For both our sakes, yes, you are.

Hank, we let it come.

Because in the end,
they won't have enough.

So we let it hit me.

I go through it. Deal with the hell.

And we come out the other side.

That's the way we both get saved here.



All right, so my contact
in the ASA's office

is in court until this afternoon.

As soon as she's out, I'll have answers.

If it's on the move,
she'll know about it.

Listen, I need more than
just confirmation.

I need details if I'm gonna
outrun this, okay?

Copy that, yeah.

All right, no one can know
it came from me.

- No, of course.
- Hank.

- Yeah?
- A teenage girl was just here

looking for you.
Said her name was Hannah.

- Hannah?
- Yeah, I tried to get her

to stick around while I called
you but she said she couldn't.

She ran out of here and left you that.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

You okay, boss?


Come on, let's take a ride.

Hannah Cates, no priors.

Last known address is
from a few years ago.

Apartment in West Clearing.
This is her...

- Yeah.
- Yeah, she's 18 now.

This is a kid you gave your card to?

No, it's just a kid I met.

I mean, a long time ago.

She involved in anything?

No, never was.

All right, this is the place.

I'll take inside, you take out.

If she's not there, I'll give her 20.

- Then we'll call it.
- Sounds good, boss.


Adam, I got her in sight. Hang tight.

- Copy that.
- Hannah?


Here, have a seat.

Sure you don't want any coffee?

- Yeah.
- Breakfast?

- Got good eggs here.
- No, I can't.

I'm good. Thanks.

What's going on?

I was just wondering

what would happen if...

if I needed help.

Then I would help you.

Listen, I'm sorry.

I mean, I know it's been a while, I...

That's okay.

You never owed me anything.

My aunt told me what happened.

With your son.

I'm sorry.

It must have broke you.


Whatever it is...

We can work it out.

I'm gonna help you.

Guess I could eat some eggs.

Okay, good, let's do that. Okay?


I just need to run
to the bathroom first,

- and then we can order?
- Sure.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Some menus?
- Yeah.

Excuse me.

Ruz, keep an anchor down out front.

Yeah, I'm here.

- All good?
- No, she bolted.

All right, keep your eyes open.

Grey hoodie, blue jeans.

I got her.

She's heading east in the alley.

Hannah! Hey!


5021 Emergency Squad, we are in pursuit

of a silver Toyota Land Cruiser.

Last seen headed southbound
on Noble and Hubbard.

High rate of speed.


Offenders wanted for
possible aggravated kidnapping.

One male, Hispanic, armed.
White male driver.

Boss, what the hell is going on here?

Copy that, 5021 squad.

Sarge, we have 112 hits
on that partial plate.

We're sorting through them
looking for one registered

to a Land Cruiser.

Hailey's accessing the traffic cams,

but we don't have a bead on Hannah.

Now, she doesn't have
a cell phone registered to her

so I can't do an emergency ping...

Kim. Late model silver Land Cruiser

8-4-2, passed a traffic camera

six minutes ago, 16th and State.

Hailey, we don't have them.
Did the eye in the sky

- get them past 16th?
- Checking.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Behind, behind, behind.

5021 Ida, we got shots fired
at 16th and State.

officers responding.

Copy that, 5021 Ida.

5021 Ida, those shots fired
are coming from

the South 1600 block,
North Schiller Credit Union.

It's locked.


- Ruzek, you okay?
- I'm good. Stay down.

10-1, 10-1, we got shots
fired at the police.

We got a bona fide robbery happening

at North Schiller Credit Union.



5021, Land Cruiser fleeing
southbound towards 18th street.

Young, David, Henry, 8-4-2.

All right, just stay calm.

Keep pressure right there, all right?

You ready? This is gonna hurt.


Get me an ambulance.
1656 South State Street.

Copy that.

Hailey, we backing up
Robbery Homicide on this?

No, we're taking it.
Voight and Ruzek were here

when it kicked off. It was on the heels

of an abduction.

All right, Hannah Cates. She's 18.

Left my card and a note
at the front desk this morning,

wanted help, I met her. She bolted.

And was grabbed right outside
the coffee shop.

Stranger abduction?

It felt like she knew these guys.

So, where was Hannah during the robbery?

Tied up in the backseat, trunk.

Dropped at a second location.

We lost eyes on that car
for like 12 minutes.

The employee's on his way to Med.

Bullet severed his femoral, so...

Witnesses say it happened quick.

Credit Union opened,
offenders barged inside.

No one mentioned seeing
a teenage girl, though, boss.

All right, Hailey, head up
the scene inside.

All right, let's talk to
the FBI, see if this matches

a robbery pattern.

Antonio, get a bead on Hannah for me.

Her aunt is Anne Cates.

That's her legal guardian
but the last known address

on file is vacant.

I'll track her down.

My contact in the
ASA's office is out of court.

I can hold off.

No, go now.

You got it.


Hey, what did Voight mean,
Hannah had his card?

His business card?

That's his thing.

He's given out a bunch over the years.

Usually kids that grew up
in rough neighborhoods.

Looks after them.

Gave one to Lindsay when she was 14.

That's why she said Voight saved her.


That is a thing.

They couldn't have gotten much
out of the registers.

Yeah, teller said there
was less than three grand.

Real payload was in the back.

Well, it's not a good sign.

They should've used
both employees back here.

One opens the registers,

the other accesses the back door.

Helps obey the Two Minute Rule.
Lessens the small bills.

They didn't need
to fire 80 rounds, either.

Damn hard for a man who's bleeding out

to open a security door.

I hated ones like this
in Robbery Homicide.

Worst crews, highest body counts.

They're the ones that
don't know what the hell

they're doing.

No match on ballistics, at all.

AK's are clean,
the SUV popped up stolen.

Cold trail, so far.

I know you saw a Beretta

on the offender who abducted Hannah.

But they didn't use it at the scene.

Yeah, and there's no trackers.

Or dye packs on this money.

IDOC did send me a list of
cats on parole

with similar backgrounds,
but we can't do anything

with this list, Sarge.

Nobody's staying in jail anymore.

Hannah's aunt is proving
difficult to find.

The vacant on file
was cleared out a year ago.

Anne left a forwarding address.

I checked, but the landlord
said she was only there

- a month.
- Well, that's not good,

because every piece of paper
we have on Hannah is dated

from that move. Health insurance,

cell phone registration,
school enrollment.

And the last time Anne filed
taxes, she made about 14 grand.

That's well below the poverty line.

Probably crashing with family.

No, there is no other family.

Anne's brother,
Hannah's dad, he's in jail.

Got busted for dealing four years ago.

Is that how you met Hannah?

No, I've known her since she was seven.

Got a whole lot of nothing.

No DNA, and the gloves they
wore gave us zero fingerprints.

About the only thing
they did by the book.

We didn't have eyes in the back alley

but we got footage inside.


That's all of it.
That's not a lot to go on.

Look, 12 minutes before that robbery,

those two men forced Hannah into a car.


Okay, until something
pops on the robbery,

let's start with the abduction.

So find Hannah's aunt.

Where they've been living.

Who have they been in contact with?

That's gonna lead to
who the hell took her.

She give you an answer?

Special Grand Jury has
already been summoned.

Who's the prosecutor?

James Osha.

Boss, hey...

They're gonna convene in 48 hours.

We'll be fine.

I don't even understand how
you guys tracked me down.

Well, your Link card is
registered to this address.

So something really
happened to my niece, Hannah?

I saw you guys and I just
figured you were cops he sent.

Cops, who sent? What?

That sergeant.

But Hannah doesn't live with me anymore,

so I guess there's no need for
a check-in?

Sergeant Hank Voight
checks in on Hannah?

Yeah, he did, but like
I said, she's not here, so...

She's 18.


When was the last time you saw her?

I don't know, she's on her own.

Wait, but you don't
remember when you saw her last?

Okay, what about her current address?

She just said she found a place.

She didn't give me an address.

Look, Anne...

I'm sorry if we miscommunicated
with you,

but we believe that Hannah's in
some pretty serious danger.

So, anything you can tell us...

Last time you saw her,
who she was with...

Any of that might help us.

- Anything.
- Come on.

When's the last time Hannah
actually lived with you?

Hannah's 18.

Yeah, but that's not what he asked.

Look, I took good care of
that girl for a real long time.

She's not even my kid.

You wanna call Child Services?

Go ahead. She wanted to be on her own.

She was old enough
to take care of herself.

She was 16,

a whole year older than
I was when I left home.

All I know is that she left
to live with her friend...

Addie. Something... Sumpter.

Last I knew they were squatting
somewhere in Canaryville.



- Hey, Addie.
- Cops, cops!

- Let's move!
- Hey, wait.

- Calm down.
- Hey, hey.

Addie! Addie!

Come on. All right?

Chill out.

Okay, turn around, were you...
is that your space over there?

All this destroyed area in here?

You got stuff somewhere?

Yes or no?

You can't search my stuff.

Actually, this property's
not yours, so...

So just have at it then.

Just sit down.

Okay, we're not here to arrest you.

We don't want to bring you in.

We just wanna ask you
some questions about Hannah.

Okay, does she live here?

She's not here.

So, when was
the last time you've seen her?

No idea, I'm sorry.

Well, I saw her this morning.

Right before two guys with guns
shoved her into an SUV.

And then they went
and robbed a credit union.

Shot the place up. Left a guy for dead.

Addie, this is your best friend.

You know where she is?

Addie, if you're
scared of somebody or any...

I'm not scared. I don't know jack.

I haven't talked to Hannah.

- All right, come on.
- Wait, I thought you said

- you weren't gonna take me in?
- Well, no, we didn't want to,

but now we need to.

That girl's scared, but I feel
like she knows something.

She said that Hannah never
lived there with her

but other squatters said they
did see another female there

that matched Hannah's
description, but they can't

recall a man ever being with her.

Right, but it doesn't mean
they didn't meet men outside.

Area Central's had that address flagged.

And Vice has been doing routine sweeps

in the adjoined alley each month.

- You're thinking pimp?
- Maybe.

The truth is, these girls
have been on the street

for a year and a half, and
they've been exposed to a lot.

You yourself said that it
looked like Hannah knew 'em.


It's possible that
this guy was grooming her.

And she didn't take well to it.
So she stepped out,

went to your for help,

and then they pull her
to keep her in line.

I don't know, Jay.

Pimps who sideline into armed robbery...

These guys are not
professional bank robbers.

They made that clear.

This could be "anything for a buck."

All right, where's Addie?

She's with Ruzek. Not talking.

Except to call the media.


Listen, get on the horn with
Vice, run all this past them.

- Hey, grab the door, will ya?
- Yeah.

You've reached James Osha.
Leave a message.

Sarge, a robbery in progress
just came over the zone.

The hold up alarm was activated
at the Currency Exchange

in Logan Square.

Squads are in route but
the 911 caller is saying

masked offenders with assault rifles.

What the hell happened?

Things went sideways fast.

The kid was new. Started last week.

Didn't have a key to the back vaults.

There wasn't a manager on site?

Well, you rob the place at closing.

They could have just left but...

Two masked male offenders. AK-47s.

There were three offenders.
Two males, fit, 30s.

And one female.

Is that Hannah?

She participated?

Case should immediately be handed over

to Robbery Homicide.

Should have been theirs from the get.

No. This whole case jumped off

from an aggravated kidnapping

that I witnessed while on duty.

And now you've got three dead
and one in critical condition

to show for it, Hank.

It is not gonna serve anybody

to yank this from Intelligence

when we've been knee deep in it
for 24 hours, you know that.

We got leads invested.

Now please, just...

have Area Central back us up.


I'm gonna get Hannah's ID out

with the robbery footage,
state wide to the media.

Danny, you do that...

This is gonna end like
90% of crime sprees do:

- In bullets.
- You worried about

- reform optics?
- No, I'm worried about

an 18-year-old girl who
I think is being coerced.

A girl I know,

who came to me for help.

Denny, I saw how she
reacted to the offenders.

She was scared of them. They took her!

You saying she's Patty Hearst?

How do you even know this girl?

Someone introduced me
to her a long time ago.

And I haven't talked
to her in a few years.

So, you don't know her
that well anymore?


I'm gonna put Hannah's ID out,
with the robbery footage.

- All right?
- Denny...

You know, Chief Lugo
just told me to call.

But I figured I shouldn't waste
an opportunity to come by here

while I still can.

Because pretty soon you
and Al are gonna be...

Tied up.

Damn shame about the girl.

But you lay down with lions,

you get hunted with them.

What are you all waiting for?

Tell me what we got.

Um, ballistics was a match
at the credit union.

We went back a month in security footage

for both locations, nothing.
And no service calls

of suspicious persons.

I've been checking
PODS, traffic cams, CTA...

nothing yet, Sarge. But they had to flee

- the currency exchange somehow.
- All right, anything new

- on Addie?
- Addie ain't

talking, Sarge. She said she don't know

those guys or what the hell
Hannah was doing with them.

All right, well I'm gonna
take a run at it.

Put a folder together for me, will ya?

Get that footage from
the currency exchange for me.

You know, if Addie's not gonna talk,

then we'll just narrow
their IDs off Hannah.

I mean, she knew these men.
Means she met them somewhere.

Check every address that she lived at,

hostels she crashed in,
her summer job at

Harold Washington Library,
classes at Andrews High School,

Jefferson Elementary...

All places she potentially met them.

All right, good, chase that.

Hey, but let's not get tunnel vision.

It's still possible Hannah
didn't know these men well

- before they took her.
- Wait, you still want us

running this like it's an abduction?

I just wanna run wide.

She participated.

Come over here.

Tell me something.

That look like willing
participation to you?

All right, it looks like a scared kid.

But it also looks like
a girl who stood two feet

from an open door for seven minutes.

Who held a weapon. Could have ran,

screamed for help, but she didn't.

Yeah, she asked for help when
she walked in this district.

And we didn't give it to her.

I want it run fast and wide.

You know who that is, right?


That's your friend.

That's Hannah.



Who are they?

This is your friend.

Who are they?

I have no idea.

No idea?

You know how long I can keep you here?

I can make sure you never leave.

I can make your life hell.

And you still got
a lot of life left to live.

He can't help you.

He works for me.

I can make this a lot of things, Addie.

Obstruction of justice, conspiracy,

accomplice to murder.

- But I didn't...
- 'Cause I can already

prove you're lying to me, Addie.

I can charge you for that too
but we're talking about

three homicides during a bank robbery...

- But I wasn't there!
- And that makes you

an accessory, which comes
with federal charges.

- No, that's insane!
- And that is

- the death penalty.
- But I'm not doing anything.

You're getting your friend killed!



The taller of the two's name is Mike.


But the other one goes
by the name of "TT."

I don't know their last names.

But Mike's... Hannah's boyfriend.

Boyfriend or pimp?

Don't tell me. I mean, he's holding her.

Running her?

Does he hurt her?

Mike doesn't hurt her, he...

He loves her.

And she loves him.

If she's doing this, it is only...

Because he is.

I believe you.

I believe you.

All right, all Addie knows
is Mike and TT.

She doesn't know their last names,

never been to their apartments, nothing.

TT's got a bunch of tattoos.

Mike sounds like he's from Chicago.

All right, well, these are violent men.

Let's assume they live violent lives.

Damn, I got 3,276 Mikes
in this criminal database.

Okay, well, the OCD tech
estimated Mike's height

at 6'1", weight 180. Eye color brown.

- Does that help?
- Nah, not really.

I mean, it trims it down a little bit,

but it's still too wide for me.

Age was estimated 32 to 36.

Hey, the Land Cruiser that
was used in the initial robbery

was stolen from a residential
garage in Blue Island.

The owner says you couldn't
see the garage from the street.

Could be someone local,
talks like Chicago.

Okay, okay. Copy Blue Island,

Now we have 84 with a five mile
parameter around Blue Island.

Guys, we still need
to narrow it down more.

Any crosses with "TT"
in the jail nickname system?

We've got tons of those,
but nothing that run up

- against that 84.
- What about tattoos?

Hold up.

- We got seven.
- Whoa...

Yep, got his ass. Okay...

Look at that,
Trent Tagerty, 33 years old,

tattoos of the T's on his neck.
He did a year with

Mike Sheffield at MCC.
Mike Sheffield was pinched

for armed assault and attempted robbery.

All right, print those pictures.

Get a confirmation from Addie.

Yeah, and neither has
a last known address.

Hannah's ID is everywhere,
the footage of them...

They can't be out on the street.

They'll go to someone they know, trust.

Someone that's helped them before.

Trent Tagerty has a cousin.

Warren, he's 42 years old,

rents an apartment in Canaryville.

He's posted bond for Trent four
times and has an open warrant.

All right, gear up. Let's hit it.


Listen, I want you to hang back
and swing by Osha's house.

Wait, seriously,
you want me to go to his house?

Look, just tell him I sent you.

I know him. He's a stand up guy.

Say I'll meet him anywhere he
wants; We'll talk in private.

But it's gotta be now.

Okay? I am done calling his ass.


Chicago PD!

- Hey, get the girl.
- Hey, don't move!

- Get out the bed, come on.
- Clear!

Get your arms off the bed! Come on!

He ain't here. You just missed him.

Get on the floor!

There's a garage downstairs.
He took my car.

Had to be five minutes ago.

Please, he ain't here.

Where is he?

Get your hands against the wall!

- You heard him. Hit that garage!
- Hurry up! Against the wall!

- You good, Hailey?
- Good.

Where are they?

Where's Mike and Hannah?

Where are they?

It's clear. Hannah's not here.

So, here's what's going to happen.

We recovered a gun
in your cousin's apartment,

matches ballistics
for the first robbery.

Cash in your duffle

has got the same bands
as the currency exchange.

See where I'm going with this?


You're starting out six feet under

and we got you dead to rights.

So, anything you tell us,

any way that you help us find them,

it's gonna dig you
a little above ground.

You want me to talk so bad?

Get me a lawyer and get me a deal.


So you want a deal?

You want a deal? Okay, so...

The deal is...

You're gonna talk.

You understand?

- You understand now?
- Yeah, yeah I do.

- I understand.
- Okay.


Where are they?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

I don't know where they went.

Come on.

Where did you last see them?

Running like hell down 30th street.

I don't know where

they were going, I swear.

It wasn't supposed to go down like this.

Two robberies, split three ways.

That was the plan. It was easy.

And then Mike just starts shooting

and there's the footage
all over the news.

Hannah's picture...
I knew we had to get out.

I tried to convince her to come with me.

And she wouldn't leave him.
She thinks that's love.


Thanks. You swing by?

He waved me off.

- You told him I sent you?
- I did.

He told me that
you're wasting your time.

And that he can't help you
get in front of something

that you're already in the middle of.

Then this Mike, he's quite a guy.

He spent more of his life
inside institutions

then out of them.

He's got a few family members

still in Chicago.

I ran them through Lexus Nexus.

He's got about seven addresses

he could be hiding out at.

Got teams en route, Sarge.

Transport teams posted up too...
Midway, Greyhound, O'Hare.

They try to leave the city,
we'll know about it.

Trent said they were on foot,

so they're gonna get spotted eventually.

They'll trip up.

Well, how about we find them
before they do?

- I was just speaking to...
- A possibility that

we're gonna prevent.


We're gonna find them first,
so we're on the scene first,

and we're gonna bring them in quiet.

Chances are, Hannah's gonna be armed.

She held a gun before.

This might not be a quiet arrest.

Look, I know you feel guilty
because you gave her your card.

I didn't give her my card.

My wife did.

So let's hit every address
they could run to.

Try every hotel, pay by night, hostel.

They haven't had time to run far.

Let's find them.

You going where I think you're going?

Excuse me, sir?
Sir, you cannot go in there.

Sir, sir!

What's the matter with you, Jim?

Hank, what are you doing?

This is not the time to be doing this.

- You ignore my calls.
- You need to walk

- out the door.
- I called and asked for help.

- Hank, you need to leave now.
- You owe me!

No, let him stick around.

He's... we're good.
Hank was just leaving.

Yeah, well, I don't believe that.

But go right ahead.

All of this, he can use in court.

Intimidating a prosecutor.

So, you wanna stay for
the grand jury review?

All right, all right,
we're not doing this.

You wanna tear me down,
Denny, tear me down.

- But you got no stake in Al.
- I know that.

But Al's had the poor fortune
of having had you

- as his partner.
- Tear me down!

- Enough!
- You want him on the stand?

- Come on, I said enough!
- Come at me!

- Go ahead and confess, Hank.
- Not here.

- Walk away.
- Confess, Hank.

- Hank.
- 27 years on this job

and we both know
that you did not do it clean.

Well, the bullet is
finally coming for you, Hank.

Just has to go through Olinsky first.

No, no, no, no. Come on, Hank, let's go.

Let it go. Let it go.

- Sarge.
- Man, what are you doing here?

Al asked me to check in on you.

You think I need a babysitter?

- Just do your damn job, Adam.
- Boss, I've been trying

to call you but your phone's been off.

Car lot on Jackson recognized
photos from the news.

Male, Hispanic, 30s, and a
teenage female with dark hair.

They came in looking for a car.

Let's go.



Hold on! Wait, wait, wait, wait!


- Jay, you good?
- Yeah, I'm good.

5021 George, 10-1, 10-1.
Shots fired at the police.

Copy that, 5021 George.

There's no one else inside.
There's two exits,

one in front and one in back.

- Any demands?
- They don't have any.

Now, we have access to the
landline but they won't answer.

Haven't said a word to us.

All right, start a line of communication

at the front.
I'll move up through the back.

- Sarge, they're both armed...
- Start a line of communication

at the front.

Mike Sheffield, this is Antonio Dawson

of the Chicago Police Department.

I'm here to help you.

I just wanna make sure all of us

walk away from this safely.

Everybody gets out of here unharmed.

So that means, I'm the guy on your side.

I'm the guy you talk to.

- I'm going in alone.
- I need to know...

what we're looking at here, Mike.

How do I get you and Hannah out
of here safely?

Mike? You listening, Mike?


I'm gonna take care of it.
I'll always take care of it.

It's fine. Do you see a door back there?

- Look, baby, do you see a door?
- I don't see any.

No, okay, that's okay.

All right, they're not coming in.

They're not coming in,
you know why, you know why?

Because we're going out.
We're going to go all out.

All right, I did all of this for us.

All right, I got a plan.
I got a plan, we're gonna...

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
You stay away from us

- or I'll shoot your head off!
- Take it easy.

Take it easy!

Take it easy.

Look, you fire one shot,
that door gets busted down

and you are both dead,
so just take it easy.

Hey. Look, take it easy.


- Antonio, I'm inside.
- Copy that.

Mike, put your weapon down.

Just put your weapon down,
kick it over here,

and we can have a conversation.

You do that, I can come in
there, we can talk.

Hey, we can figure a way out of this.

Mike, there are
dozens of cops out there.

All the exits are covered.

You can't walk outside armed.

You will be dead before
you hit the ground.

- Okay, listen...
- No, Hannah,

Hannah, listen to me.

Hannah, you came to me
for help... I can still help you.

- I'm gonna help you.
- Look, I'm sorry

I wasn't there for you
the last few years.

And I know Mike was.

Look, I get it.
You don't want to lose him,

I understand.

But he led you wrong, Hannah.
This is not you.

Hannah, you don't have
to go out this way.

- There's still time.
- On three.

No, Mike! Do not take her out of there!

Do not make her go out there!

- No!
- Gun!

Drop your weapon!

- Stand down!
- Move in!

Stand down, stand down!

Police, coming out!

Police, coming out!

My God.

I'm so sorry.

Camille was Hannah's teacher?

First grade.

Yeah, Camille... Camille loved her.

I mean, she always came home
with stories about her.

How she was "a menace."

"A nightmare."

Camille really looked out for her.

She got sick, I took over.

I checked in on Hannah
every year until...

until Justin died.

I just...


I wasn't there for her.

Someone else was.

You can't save everyone, Hank.