Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Payback - full transcript

A string of stash house robberies lead back to an unlikely individual; Voight confronts a key witness in the Bingham investigation.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- Hey, man.
- Hey.


What's this?

I got a source in the ivory tower.

She gave me that.

Recognize him?


It's the junkie I caught
breaking into my car...

the night me and Erin
moved Bingham's body.

Well, his name is Ruben Gilbright.

My guess is Woods is gonna use him

to try and build a
homicide case against you.

You really think these
guys are that far along?

I'm not sure,

but I'd rather not take any chances.

Right, I'm gonna

look into this Ruben,
see what he's about,

maybe catch him dirty.

Destroy what little
credibility he has left.

Hopefully, we'll put this
thing to bed, once and for all.

Let me handle it.

You can't get anywhere near it.

I got this, Al.

I got it.

You know,

it's against the law to loiter.

No, actually, it's not. I can stand

right here all day if I want to.


It was a joke... Meaningless pleasantry.

Yeah, I'd prefer you be on time

rather than crack
meaningless pleasantries.

- You know what I mean?
- Yeah, well, I got jammed up.

But if it's a problem,

we can figure it out.

You got a problem?

- Excuse me?
- I don't like your tone,

or the fact that you owe me two grand.

Two grand? What the
hell you talking about?

I want my money.

Your money?

Whoa, Ray.

Whoa, whoa. Just chill, chill, chill.

Don't tell me to chill!

I want my paper in my hand.

All right, all right,
I'll get you your paper.


Okay, I'll get it to you today.


What the hell, man?

- The hell was that?
- Never mind.

- That wasn't cool, bro.
- Really not sure.

All right.

The hell is wrong with Ray, man?

That was uncalled-for, right?

I'll handle it. I'll handle it.


What the hell was that?

Look, Ruzek, I'm sorry. Was a banger...

He was down the alley. He was watching.

He was making you to be a
cop. I had to do my thing.

So you put a gun to my head?

You just put a gun to my head!

Look, all right?

Dude is a shot-caller
for the Latin Hoods.

I've been working too hard for too long

to get in with these guys.
I couldn't jeopardize that.

Ray, I'm 15 feet closer,
I put your ass down.

You understand that, don't you?

I know what I'm doing. I'm a cop.

Used to be a cop.


you were protecting
your cover. We get it.

All right, let's all move on. Yeah?

- All right.
- Great.

Ray. Ray.

The rips on the stash houses...

Bodies are piling up.
What are you hearing?

Crickets. I hear nothing.

Okay, can you some digging for us?

Yeah, but people are shook.

They scared.

They're gonna need a
little bit more spinach

if you want them to get talking.

Well, you know the drill.

You get more spinach when
we get more information.

You ready to go?

Hey, look, Adam...

Come on, you know I'm good for it.

I always deliver gold.

Ray, this is the last advance.

You hear me?

Don't ever pull a gun on me again.

Hey, I feel sorry for the man too,

but what happened to Ray

is his fault, not yours.

Let that guilt go.

Units on the city wide,

we're getting multiple
reports of shots fired

at 1360 South Waycrest.

That ain't far. Come on.

5021 David.

This call appears to be bona fide.

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Keep these cars coming.

- We're moving in.
- You ready?

- I have a body.
- Copy.

- Kev, door, door.
- Door, door, door.


I see a gun.

All right, we're clear.


We got two down, both nonresponsive.


Active shooter in the building.

This sucks.


- Kev?
- Chicago PD!


- Please, you gotta help him!
- Clear!


All right. All right.

All right, he's got a light pulse.

- Open your eyes, papi!
- Come here.

Come on, kid.

- Look at me?
- 5021, emergency.

Come on, come on, come on.

We got a third victim down.

Talk to me, bro.



- No!
- Gunshot wounds to the head.

Tender age victim. Roll
CFD down here right now.

Hurry the hell up.

No, my baby!

Ambo on the way.

My God!

Happened right before we got here.

By the time we arrived,

shooters were already in the wind.

It's another stash house rip.

Yeah, and they got the hell
up out of here, too, sarge.

Dropped a couple bricks
of heroin on the way out.

No cash.

Bricks have a cobra logo this time.

Both guards were dead,
just like the other rips.


Okay, get the casings to ballistics.

See if they're a match
with the other robberies.

- Copy.
- Door down the hall

may as well have been paper.

Bullets went flying through it.

Little boy in there
was collateral damage.


- What's going on, guys?
- Kenny.

Hey, what brings you out here?

About to execute a search warrant.

Looks like we're late to the party.

Why you guys here?

We've been chasing a rip crew.

They're hitting stash houses,

stealing drugs... So far, mostly heroin.

These gangs are eating their own.

- Yeah.
- There he is.

Happy to turn over what we got.

Good to see you, Kenny.

You letting Intelligence take this?

Rachael, relax.

If you guys have been working this,

why didn't you de-conflict it

with HIDTA?

Guys, this is Detective Rojas.

I did the paperwork. There
were no direct conflicts.

We got an in-service call.

Said shots fired. Here we are.

Intelligence is taking the lead.


Look, Rojas is good police, right?

She's just a little
rough around the edges.

Hey, there's nothing
wrong with that, Kenny.

All right, we'll keep you in the loop.

- Good to see you, man.
- Thanks, Hank.

Ms. Montero.

I'm Officer Burgess.
This is Detective Upton.

We're so sorry about your loss.

If it's okay, we'd like
to ask you a few questions.

- I'm okay.
- All right.

Thank you.

Did you see what happened?


I was in the shower.

Then I heard loud
bangs from the hallway.

Do you know who's
living in the apartment

where the shooting happened?

We just moved in.

It was supposed to be
a better neighborhood.

Okay, did you see anyone suspicious?

Someone running away, someone...

They always tell you, whatever happens,

you never talk to the police,

but I don't care.

These animals took my boy.

What did you see, Sarah?

Two men going down the fire escape.

Can you describe them?


Young, like, 20.

Okay. Anything else?

- They had ski caps.
- Ski caps...

And they drove off in a dark car.

After I heard all the shooting,

I... I went to look for Felix.

He wasn't feeling well.
He was taking a nap.

And there he was,

blood everywhere.

- My God.
- Hey, hey, hey.


Ai, no!


No, my boy!

Ai, no!

We're gonna stay with you, okay?

Come with us.

My boy. My baby.

My baby.

Today's rip followed the same MO

as our previous two.

They blast the doors open,
kill everybody inside,

grab money and product, and
get the hell out of there.

Just ran the prints
of the two dead guys.

These two. Nothing.

No names, no criminal history.

That makes six dead bangers.

And Felix Montero.

Just turned ten.

We talked to Felix's mom.

She says she saw two Latinos, 20,

jump into a dark car,
but that's all we got.

Somebody had to see them. They didn't

just disappear into thin air.

All right, so let's double down

on the traffic cams,

start canvassing for more witnesses.

Ask me, we should assume
this is an inside job.

You don't get the
address of a stash house

in the yellow pages.

He's right.

I mean, these guys
aren't just getting lucky.

They know where to go and when to go.

You know, it could be someone
inside the Latin Hoods.

I'ma reach out to a buddy in Gangs.

Good. Chase that.

- All right.
- Everybody else,

reach out to your Cis,

and put some money on the street.

So I dug into this Ruben Gilbright.

He's staying at a
halfway house in Pilsen.

Got his address.

What are you thinking?

You're the subject of this grand jury.

Somebody sees you nail this guy,

they're gonna hit you with a
tampering with a witness charge

on top of everything else.

Al, believe me. I got this.

Hey. Hey!

Grab the fence! Grab it.

- Spread your legs.
- All right.

- Spread your legs!
- They're spread, man.

You got anything in your pockets

- that's gonna stick me?
- No, I'm clean.

What'd I do?

I saw you selling drugs.

No, I do... I wasn't...

What're you selling, coke?


No, it ain't like that.

He was just my friend.

- That's Ruben.
- Shut up.

Do not look at me.

- Okay.
- What's this?

- Ruben gave me that cash.
- Don't look at me.

What is this? He gave me that cash.

Really? He just gave it to you?

No, he didn't give it to
me. He loaned it to me.

I'm broke.

He's just helping me out.

This never happened. You understand?

- Yeah?
- Do you understand?


Damn, this place is a step down

from his spot in Lincoln Park.

Denza used to have this sweet pad

overlooking the zoo.

He ain't the king of the jungle no more.

- Help you?
- Yo, we're looking for Ray.

For God's sake, Crystal,

put some clothes on
before you answer the door.


What are you guys doing here?

People see you with me...
Could blow my cover.

Ray, I called you. You didn't pick up.

Never occur to you I might be busy?

- I got other clients, you know?
- Ray, the rip crew.

They just hit another stash house.

A tender age boy was
killed in the crossfire.

- They killed a little boy?
- Yeah.


And her mom said that she saw

two Hispanics leaving out of a dark car.


Yeah, with a cobra insignia on it.

Does that ring any bells with you?

Nah, but I could

- start doing some sniffing.
- All right.

We're talking about Mexican cartel here,

which means I'm gonna
need some hazard pay.

- No.
- What?

No, no, no, no, no.

You get payment when
you deliver information,

which needs to happen soon.

Like I said, I'ma start
doing some sniffing.

Well, I'ma need you to have
a more powerful nose, then.

For real, dog, like one
of them damn truffle pigs,

'cause me and my partner

already $500 in the hole, homie.

Your partner knows I
always deliver gold.

That don't got nothing
to do with me, though.

It's been too long of a
day for this crap, man.


This apartment's just part of my cover,

you know what I mean? It's
not how I usually roll.

Yeah, sure. That makes sense.


Get the information!


Hey. Good to see you.


I just talked to my guy in Gangs.

The stash house that got robbed today

belonged to the 16th Street Boys,

not the Latin Hoods.

So much for the inside job theory.

Yeah, which puts us back to square one.

All right, my CI's got
intel on two Hispanic bangers

moving product out of a house

on 47th and Racine.

- Cobra label.
- Get a warrant.

We don't need a
warrant. House is vacant.

Let's hit it.


Chicago PD!


- Hey!
- Hey!

Stop right there! Chicago PD!

Hey, l... hey, hey! Chicago PD!


Come on, let me go!
I didn't do anything!

- We didn't do nothing!
- You stay right there!

You stay right there! Don't you move!

So, Antonio, you got me?

- I got you.
- Come on, don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

- Get on your knees.
- Where are the drugs?

- We ain't got no drugs!
- Where are the drugs?

We ain't got no drugs.
Get out of my face.

These the drugs?

That's legal.

Get him out of here.

Let's go.

The heroin is here somewhere.
Let's tear this place apart.

Jay, you guys good back there?

Yeah, we're good out here.

Other hand.

I got something.

Typical go-to trap.

Like Denza says,

he delivers gold.

All right.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

I ran the two offenders, Miguel Soto

- and Juan Fernandez.
- Yeah.

They both have priors for possession.

Hey, you recover any weapons?

No, there was no guns.
Techs are still on the scene.

They're looking for blood and hair.

- So far, nothing.
- Any gunshot residue?

Negative, but it's been a while,

so doesn't mean anything.

The good news is, the heroin we found...

It's a match. It's
got the cobra insignia.

Hailey, get the little
boy's mother down here.

See if she can make a positive ID.

All right, Jay, you
and Kim talk to Soto.

You two take a run at Fernandez.

Bro, I need you to take point for a bit.

- Cool?
- Everything all right?

Yeah, just got some
stuff I need to handle.

I'm telling you, man, if we
were holding that much dope,

we wouldn't be laying up in that dump.

Yeah, the law says your house,

- your dope.
- It's not my house.

We was just crashing there.

I'd be crashing there too

if I just killed three people,

including a little kid.

We ain't got nothing to do with that.

Where were you this afternoon?

I was having a beer with my
carnal at the house.

Right, at the house that isn't yours,

with the drugs that you
didn't know were there.

- That's right.
- "That's right."

"That's right."

You got anybody who can verify that?

We're alone.

Just me and him, drinking cervezas.

I know you're trying
to hang this dead kid

on me and my boy,

- but we're clean.
- You ran, G.

That's usually what guilty people do.

Come on, man. Somebody comes to the door

without knocking, it usually ain't

a friendly visit.

This is Felix.

He's ten years old.

He lived in an apartment

down the hallway

from the stash house.

He caught a stray bullet

in the head.

He was taking a nap.

What could possibly be funny?

Nothing. Nothing's funny, man.

Nothing? Nothing?

I want to know.

You want to know what's funny?

I do. Please.

What's funny is a Chicago cop

pretending to care about a Mexican boy.

Hey! Hey, man!

Get off me, man!

- Hey, you can't do this!
- No?

Get your boy! Get your boy, man!

- Hey, you can't do this!
- Hey, man.

Hey! Get your man!

Hey, let him go.

You can't do this!

Ruz, let him go.

He gonna get his.

We're gonna leave these here

for you,

so you can keep laughing.

So where are we at?

Both dudes are sticking to the script.

They got nothing to do with the rips,

- the murders.
- Alibi?

Drinking beer in the abandoned house.

Hey. I just talked

with Sarah Montero, Felix's mom.

I showed her a photo
array of our suspects.

- Get a positive ID?
- No.

Nobody familiar.

So either she didn't get a good look,

or these aren't our guys.

My money's on choice B.

Choice B? Why?

So I just checked out the store

the guys said they got their beer from.

Timestamped 9:33 a.m.

Stash house was hit at 9:36 a.m.

So it's a 20-minute drive
if they hit every green light

and no traffic.

We got the wrong guys.

Who the hell gave you the intel?


Kind of game you playing here, Ray?

Now what are you talking about, man?

You deliver gold, right? Yeah?

You deliver fool's gold!

Those two guys you put me
onto... they're innocent.

- Are you sure about that?
- Yeah, I'm sure about that.

- They have airtight alibis!
- Well, I'm sorry.

Look, I was just passing along info.

Where'd you get the info from?

From a junkie. He knows the neighborhood

- inside and out.
- You gave me

- a tip from a junkie?
- Of course I did!

Where else would I get
it, a heart surgeon?

How'd the heroin get in the house?

Well, maybe they bought
it from the real rip crew.

Why the hell would I know?

No more weak-ass info.

All right?

You put me in a real
bad spot with all this.

Let me get this straight.
I put you in a bad spot?


What is that, some kind of joke?

Dude, don't put that on me.

All you had to do was testify.

You could've covered my back!

I didn't see the shooting.

All you had to do

was saw that you saw
him reach for his pistol.

I was a block away.

I didn't see a damn thing.

All I heard was gunshots.

IAD would've figured out.

It would've hurt you.

- Hurt me?
- Yeah!

Well, look at me, homie.

I'm not exactly rolling
in high cotton, am I here?

I'm trying to help you out.

Give you work.

You're giving me pity.

All right, you know what, then?

We can end this arrangement right now.

Go our separate ways.

No, I'm good.

I'm just...

I'm sorry, all right?

Let me get back out there,

let me shake up some bushes,

and I'll make this right.


No charge this time.

All right.


Yeah, it's me.

Listen. I want to apologize to you.

All right, what happened?

My CI... He got bad info

from somebody he trusted,

but he's going to make it up to me.

- I'm on him.
- Copy.

I gotta go. I'll call you later.

My name is Ruben. I'm an addict.

Hi, Ruben.

I'm, also a father.

Got a nine-year-old daughter.

I've been sober for 14 months

and six days,


after all those years of being absent,

being high,

my daughter and my wife

have let me back into their lives.

I'm so blessed they've
given me another chance

to be the husband and father

I know, deep down, I really am,

and their faith in me

makes life worth living,

and helps me battle

this cruel and unforgiving disease.


Just talked to the gang
unit. No chatter, no leads.

Nothing from the crime lab, either.

There's gotta be some link,

something that connects

these three rips to each other.

I just talked to a fed at HIDTA.

Think I have a connection.

Turns out Marino's narcotics squad

had sealed search warrants

for each of the three stash houses,

but somehow, the rip crew

was able to hit the stash houses

before the search
warrants were executed.

You're saying someone
tipped the rip crews off?

I'm saying the rip crew knew exactly

where the stash houses were

and that they were loaded with product.

Because of the search warrants.

We got a dirty cop in Narcotics.


Hey. Hey, Kenny.

Thanks for coming in early.

No problem.

I'm guessing this isn't a social visit.

Wish it was.

Come on, let's take a walk.

Tell me, what the hell is going on?

Well, we think someone in your squad

is leaking warrant
intel to the rip crew.

Listen, Hank, you come to
me with something like that,

you better not think
that. You better know it.

Well, here's one thing I know.

Last few months, your shop
has more negative warrants

than any other squad in the city.

That's because we did more warrants.

Or it's because the rip crew
got there before you did.

Here's another thing we know.

Look, the three rips
we're putting on this crew,

where bodies were dropped,

they happened

while search warrants
were being drawn up

by your guys on those very spots.

They knew exactly when the stash houses

would be fat with product,
and there'd be no eyes on them.

Come on, look? We
all know that there's lots

of way for the intel to get
to the rippers, all right?

Somebody in the courts,
the ASA's office...

Listen, listen. The problem is,

there were different
ASAs on each warrant,

and the judge was different

on two of the three cases.

The only common denominator
here is your squad.

It is what it is.

All right, so what's the play?

Set up a stash house.

I mean, you tell your guys
you got some good intel

but the drugs won't be there long,

so you need an emergency warrant.

And if the rip crew
shows, we take them down,

and figure out who's behind the leak.

Right, let me know when everyone's cozy.

Copy that.

Talked to Jimmy O'Shea

down in the pension
station this morning.

Anything you want to tell me, Al?

No, it's not what you think.

Well, you put your papers in.


pretty black and white to me.

I'm not looking to pull the pin.

I'm just seeing where
Internal Affairs is.

Little canary-in-the-coal-mine
kind of thing.

Application gets flagged, then we know

the case they're building is real.

Boss, we're all set.

Me, too.

In position, nice and cozy.

Right, what about you, Jay?

Yeah, I'm good to go.

Copy that.

Catching Gilbright dirty is gonna be...

It's gonna be tough.

I mean, he's been sober over a year.

There's no sign he's using.

He's got a daughter, job.

So? We improvise.

Guy's trying to go clean, Al.

Hey, we'll find another way out of this.

We'll figure it out.

Got two male Hispanics,
20s, dark clothing.

Look like they're wearing ski masks.

One of them's got
something in his pocket.

These are our guys.

We wait for them to hit that door.

Hailey, you say when.

Not yet.

Hang tough.

Police! Drop your weapons!

- You good?
- Good!


Everybody okay?

All good.

Guy inside is down.
He's not getting back up,

not ever.

This one's still alive.

5021 George. Shots fired by the police.

Roll an ambo to 3627 West 47th Street.

We got multiple offenders down.

Copy that, 5021 George.

Okay, so this Maldonado...
Is he gonna live?

We don't know yet, sarge.

Soon as he's done with surgery at Med,

Jay and Upton will let us know.

Maldonado's weapon is a match

to the Beretta 380

that killed the little boy, Felix,

so we're pretty positive

these are the guys doing the rips.

All right, what about their apartment?

- We search it?
- Yeah, and we found

30 grand in cash and
three keys of heroin,

and the brand matches the one

taken from the last stash house, Cobra.

Okay, so we got the rippers.

We just got to figure out
who they're working with.

I got a lead on that, too.

Did some digging with the OCD techs.

You sure about this?

Look, all I see here is paper.

Well, that paper don't lie.

There's a pattern of queries
on your OCD admin terminal

for warrants generated by your squad

that later turned up negative.

And each and every login

comes from the exact same person.

This... this... this
doesn't make any sense.

Kenny, she was logging into cases

her team wasn't involved with.

It's all right here in the folder.

Just make sure

you give her a fair shake.

I will. You have my word.

Excuse me, Detective Rojas.

Can you come in here a minute, please?

Come on in.

Thank you.

Sergeant Voight and Detective Dawson

just want to go over
a few things with you.

Yeah, you want to have a seat?

No, I'm good.

Well, we caught that
rip crew a few hours ago.

One that killed a little boy.

I heard. Congratulations.

Thank you, but,

case isn't closed.

Turns out they're
working with someone else.

Yeah, someone was feeding these guys

intel on the stash houses.

You ever have any previous dealing

with these two punks?



No, never.

You know anyone who runs with these two?

Wait, what the hell is this?

It's just a conversation.

Conversation, my ass.

You saying I'm a dirty cop.

Are you?

I don't care who you are,

or what your rank is,

you say that out loud
again, I'm coming for you.

So either slap on the bracelets,

or I'm walking the hell out of here.

I didn't think so.

Everything we have points to Rojas,

and no one else in Marino's crew.

A'ight, before we can move on her,

we got to find a firm connection

with either Maldonado or Gutierrez.

Well, we dug deep, boss.

Computer forensics saw nothing unusual.

No common numbers between her phone

and the burners that we
pulled off those guys.

I mean, she's basically the
rising star of narcotics, Sarge.

Her disciplinary report is perfect.

Highly decorated. I don't see

any irregular bank deposits

or anything that shows

she's living above her means.

Well, she is one of us. She knows

how to cover her tracks.

Okay, if that's the case,

why would she be careless enough

to log into the OCD admin terminal

with her own code?

Forget about getting
anything out of Maldonado.

ME's got a toe tag with his name on it.

Hold on. I might have something.

A frequent call made from the land line

at Maldonado's apartment
comes back to his cousin,

"Big Frank" Bennett.

He's out on bail, awaiting trial

on a distribution charge.

Might be a long shot,

but maybe he was unloading
product for his cousin.

Means he could've met
Rojas along the way.

Let's chase it.

Right there.



Chicago PD!

- Let me see your hands!
- Don't shoot, don't shoot!

- Don't shoot me!
- Put your hands on your head.

- I didn't do nothing, man.
- Put 'em on your head!

- Come on.
- Lock your fingers!

All right, all right!

Come on, man. I didn't do nothing.

Come on, none of that
stuff belongs to me.

It does now.


And they say crime doesn't pay.

- Just take it.
- What?

I'll make believe you guys weren't here.

I'm gonna make believe
you didn't say that.

I got one question.

Don't get it wrong.

Who was feeding your
cousin the stash houses?

I don't know.

You listen to me.

A ten-year-old boy caught
a bullet to the head

because of that crap you were flushing,

so you, my friend, are looking at

- a felony murder charge.
- Come on.

Last chance to help yourself.

I'm not gonna ask again.

Look, all I know is
that it's a dirty cop.

They would meet at
some bar named Nemo's.

Footage is on a 72-hour loop,

but those guys were definitely
in here two nights ago.

Okay, what about her?

Was she with them?

I'm not sure.

We were slammed.

Hold on. There they go.

Right there.

Can you fast-forward
beyond this, please?

Hold up.


Zoom in on that back table.


Hey, it's a simple question.

Were you giving Ray Denza information

about suspected drug locations?

What does Ray have to do with this?

- My...
- He was hanging out in Nemo's

with Maldonado and Gutierrez

the night before the last rip.

Denza? You sure about that?

Yeah. We got it on video.

Look, I'm guessing it's
just a matter of time

before he gives you up.

Guys, I don't know what
you're talking about.

Denza's number's all over your phone!

Boss says you were paying
him for information.

I use him as a CI.

He-he... he's broke,

so I helped him out, but that's it.

Okay, so help us out.

Help us understand why somebody

logged into the OCD database

using your code, your password.

How's that happen?

Son of a bitch.

He played me.

Played you how?


I let him crash at my
place for a few days.

I even gave him a key.

So you're saying he stole
your computer password?

That's the only thing that makes sense,

'cause I didn't leak a damn thing.

On my baby girl.

No wonder he gave me bad information.

He's the one who planted
the heroin in the house.

How'd I not see that?

Trying to help a brother out.

Yeah, like an idiot.

- Where is he?
- He's gone!

Where the hell is he? Ray!

I don't know, I swear!
Okay, he came this morning.

He was all freaked out.

He packed a bag and said
he's never coming back.

So you don't know where
he is or how to find him?

No, I don't know. He just left.

You understand, as soon as the cartel

finds out who's behind this,

they're gonna hang
your man under a bridge

unless you help us find him.

Ray is a grown-ass man, okay?

He's got to live with
the decisions he's made.

That's cold as hell.

I'm just telling you how it is.

You know, Crystal, I know you think

you can tie this off, move on,

find another dude,

but I'm here to tell you,

it's not that simple.

You see, you've been helping
a drug dealer and a murderer.

Which means that you stand down to face

felony conspiracy charges.

You understand that?

- It's like that?
- You know what?

You think we're playing with you?

- Because we not.
- Come on with us.

Come on.

- Let's go.
- Wait.

His grandfather has a boat
in a boatyard in Chinatown.

He keeps it there in the winter.

Ray sleeps there sometimes.

- You telling the truth?
- Yes.

Yeah, copy that, boss.

We'll sit tight. A'ight.

Don't get too comfortable.

They're ten minutes out.

Copy that.

Hey, there he goes.

We can't let him get in that car, dog.

Go right. Go right!



You know the drill.

Nice and easy. Keep your hands

where I can see them.

Come on, Adam. It's
not even what you think.

Just turn around and look the other way.

Let me go. You never see me again,

I swear. We'll call it even!

Get on your knees.

It was just bad guys killing bad guys.

Yeah? What about the kid?

He was ten years old!

That's not my fault! You and I both know

bullets don't got no names on them!

No, Ray.

It's over.

Get on your knees.

Get on your knees!

A'ight, you're right.

It is over.

Yo, don't get stupid.

Stop walking at me.


Let me see your hands!

You can see my hands.

But what you can't see is my gun.

Don't do this.

- Do what?
- Ray, don't play with me.

What if I'm bluffing?


- What if there is no gun?
- No, don't do this to me!

Do not make me shoot you!

Don't go out like this.
It was a good shoot, Adam.

Clean, by the book.

I know.

I saw him reach.

I know.

- Yeah, but nobody helped me!
- I know!

Nobody cared!

You want to know what the kicker is?


- In jail...
- Ray!

- I'm still a cop.
- Ray!

Which means I'm a dead man!

- I won't last a day...
- Ray, I will shoot you!

How's that for some ironic bullshit?

Stay down.

No gun. No gun, you son of a bitch.

Why didn't you just shoot me, man?

- Why?
- Get up.

Get up!

You should've just shot me, man.

You shoulda just shot me, man!

Hey, what's up with Olinsky?

What do you mean?

A confidential letter
came across my desk

for the commander's eyes only.

I'm a policeman. I'm naturally curious.

Alvin's pension got flagged.

You know why?


Come on. It's me.

Look, I'm sorry, Trudy. I can't.

I can't.


Chicago PD! Let me see your hands!

Get 'em up! Get 'em up high!

Wait, w-what's going on?

What is this?

I'm here to pick up my daughter!

What did I do?

What you got on you?


Look what I found.

What's going on? Ruben.

- Get her.
- No!

- No, that's not mine!
- What's going on?

No, you guys planted it there!

One of you planted it there!

This is not happening! Ruben?

It's not mine! Kathy...

You promised.

- It's not mine, I swear!
- How could you?

Ma'am, stay back, please.

This is all a mistake!

Kathy, that's not mine!

- Hey.
- Hey, man.


Caught a break.

Looks like Ruben started using again.

Narcotics got an anonymous tip.

Found half a gram of heroin in his car.

Poor guy.

- Tried his best, right?
- Yeah.

It's not easy to outrun your demons.