Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - Ghosts - full transcript

Upton resumes an undercover identity to take down a meth ring run by a former criminal contact; Voight calls in a favor for Olinsky when pressure from Woods mounts.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Listen, I heard from
a connect in the Ivory Tower.

And there's rumors flying around

about they're convening a grand jury.

I'm not letting you take
the heat for this, Al.

It keeps going, I'm turning myself in.

Look, I knew what I was getting into...

helping Erin move that body,
that was my call.

That's not where it started. It's on me.

Oh, Antonio.
Infiltrated the Latin Players.

He's about to do a buy
with a guy named Perez.

Liquid meth shipment
arriving from Texas.

Halstead, what's your position?

100 yards out, and we have audio.

- Atwater?
- 10-4.

We got ears and an anchor down.

Once the truck from Texas arrives,

wait for Antonio's signal,
then we move in.

There you go.

- ¿Sí?
- Diez minutos de distancia.

- Where are you?
- Near the south entrance

of the... whoa! Out of the van!

Whoa, what the hell was that?

Move toward the south entrance now.

Let's get over there
and see what's going on.

No way, ese. You heard those gunshots.

We got one down here, boss, but no van.

Keep going.

Hey, he's the cat

that Antonio's guy was just talking to.

It's Perez's number.

All right, so he's in the car
with the liquid meth.

It's Emmanuel Garcia.
It's a Mexican license.

Guys, we got fresh blood over here.

All right, Ruz, you're with us.

- Kev, stay with the body.
- Got it.

Chicago PD! Don't move!

I can't.

Who shot you, huh?

5021 George, emergency. Got a man down.

GSW to the abdomen.

Roll an ambo to 1152 Edison Street.


you're a cop?



Scotty, are you working with Booth?

He's gone.


How do you know this guy?

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You knew one of the victims?

Yeah. Scott Jansen.

He was part of a meth distribution crew

run by a guy named Ron Booth.


I was under in Booth's crew
three years ago.

Busted him for distro.

Do you think Booth's behind this?

It's possible.

He just got out of prison
two months ago.

Early parole for good behavior.
It's a joke.

So you keep tabs on this guy?

Sort of.

Let's just say I'm not a big fan.

All right. Three white males approach.

Close-quarter shootout. Garcia gets hit,

but he gets a few shots off.

- Hits my boy Scott Jansen.
- And then Offender One

leaves in the van.

Offender Two leaves in the sedan.

- And they leave Jansen to die.
- Right.

Do you recognize Offender One or Two?

No, I've never seen them before.

They weren't part of Booth's old crew.

We didn't get any hits on facial rec.

Anything on the vehicles?

The sedan had no plates.

Van had tags, but it was registered

to a bogus address in Texas,

so I got a BOLO out on make and model.

All right, we got a rip crew

who knew about a van with liquid meth,

and they knew when and where
the deal was going down.

My money's on Booth.
He likes doing rips.

"Better margins when
the product's free."

He used to say that all the time.

All right, give it a shot.

But let's not spook this guy.

You tell the press the homicide
was a road rage incident.

- Copy that.
- Get eyes on Booth right away.

That's Booth on the left.

Yeah... okay.

Okay, thanks.

- That was Atwater.
- Oh, yeah? What's he got?

He ran the DOA's burner phone.

He made 15 calls to Booth's work phone

over the last three days.

You guys see the camera above the door?


You think he's cooking in there?

He's smarter than that.

- Huh.
- Well, either way,

we gotta get eyes inside.

How about mine?

You wanna dust off your old cover?

Best way to chase this, Sarge.

Okay. You never testified?

No, we had enough to prosecute

without me needing to blow my cover.

And you're sure this Kelly character

is alive and well in Booth's universe?

As far as Booth knows, Kelly got scared

when the cops busted him
and scurried back home to Iowa.

What about this Garrett Thompson?

Copper out of Rosemont
you were partnered with.

- What about him?
- It says here

you were under as his girlfriend.


He got killed during that operation.

There's a note in the GPR that says

rumors were going around
that Garrett flipped

and he moved to Mexico?

He was good police. Booth murdered him.

What happened?

They never found his body,
so we couldn't make a case,

but it was Booth.

He never liked Garrett,

then one day, Garrett was gone.

Look, once Booth turns
the liquid meth into crystal,

he's gonna have
a lot of product to move.

If I get in, I pitch Jay
as a potential buyer,

and we bust his ass.

All right, let's do it. But listen.

I want you going under
to bust a drug dealer,

not get revenge for Garrett's murder.

- Understood.
- Good.

All right. Get apartments set up.

You still backstopped?

Driver's license,
family photos, you name it.

Kelly's good to go.

All right.

Do you see this?

Kelly's a former tweaker.
It's all she can afford.

Two words: takeout.

Is that Garrett?


You guys look like a real couple.

All for show. You know the drill.

All right, so how are you
gonna come at Booth?

Scotty Jansen's funeral is tomorrow.

Booth'll be there.

Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord,

and let light perpetual shine upon him.

William, one, Sam,
six, three, one, five.

Okay, I got a hit.

Car belongs to Tyler Whitlock, 19.

Two stints in juvie,
recent bust for possession,

and he's Booth's nephew.

Family business. How quaint.

Through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

"Rest in the Lord.

"Let your intellect,
your judgment, your reason...

"in God personal and possessed
of every perfection,

"almighty and all-knowing.

"Rest in the Lord

"as He reveals Himself in the Gospel,

"merciful and gracious.

"Faith in God is good,

but faith in Him
as our own God is better."



Cemeteries really are haunted.

I'm no ghost, Ronnie.

I never thought I'd see you again.

I was watching the news.
Saw Scotty's picture come up.

It's a shame.

They said it was road rage?

Yeah, that's what the cops say, anyway.

He was a good guy. I really liked him.

Thought I'd pay my respects.

You living here now?

Yeah, uh... I just moved back.

I...I went back home for a little while.



I went back there
right around the time...

...I got locked up.


I got nervous, so... I left.

I'm glad you're out.

And look, I know it doesn't
mean much now, but...

I feel bad about what happened
at that New Year's party.

Things happen.

We were all a little crazy back then.

So what are you up to
now that you're back?

- Back in business?
- Paint business.


Listen, I have a friend
that's in from Iowa.

- He's a dealer out there...
- Hey, are you deaf?

I'm in the paint business.

Okay. Got it.

It's good to see you again, Ronnie.

Still no luck with Booth.

Hailey thought that he bit,
but so far, radio silence.

We got nothing on the drug rip, either.

There's no chatter on the streets.

No intel from Narcotics or Gangs.

You guys are lucky I work here.

- You got something?
- Yeah.

I think my unwitting, Perez,
was in on the rip.

- What do you mean?
- I ran his vehicle

through NVLS. Turns out,

his car was parked outside
Booth's paint warehouse

three different times in the last week.

Pretty sure they weren't
talking about color palettes.

So you think Perez and Booth
planned the rip together?

He knows lots of dealers.
Be a perfect partner for Booth.

So Booth steals the product, cooks it,

hands it over to Perez to sell? I mean,

- that's a match made in heaven.
- Yeah, but the problem is,

if Perez is the distributor,
we got no angle to play.

Hailey pitching Jay as a buyer
doesn't mean anything.

We gotta do something about Perez.

'Sup, primo? You okay?

Still trying to figure out what happened

to our product, man.

Whoever did that rip has to pay.

We don't do business like that.

So you got no idea who was involved?

No, none.

That's good, because I hear

those boys from México got a bounty out.

50K a head.

- ¿Estás seguro?
- Seguro.

And also heard that the rip...

Get down, get down!

- You hit?
- No!

What the hell was that?

I think that was the cartel, man.

Dude was rocking a full auto.

- Are you sure?
- Positive.

They gunning for you?

- You in on the rip?
- Yeah, man.

I've been trying to do my own thing.

You crazy?

Them Mexican boys gonna
hang your ass from a bridge.

I know, I know!

You got someplace to go?

My sister's place in Philly.

All right, if I was you,
I'd start packing now.

And don't come back
till I tell you it's cool.

- Go.
- Yeah, man.

Hey, honey.

Those were blanks, right?

Hell yeah. How's Perez?

- He's changing his shorts.
- He bought it?

It looks that way.

I'll double back
by his place to make sure.

Cool. Be safe.

How'd you get in here?

I slipped a Jackson to your landlord.

Told him I was your brother.

He actually said we look alike.

People do anything for money.

That's not cool, Ronnie.

Packing light.

Yeah, not a lot to pack
when you're starting over.

Oh, that's thoughtful.

Brought me a coffee.

Are you serious?

Come on, Kelly. I'm just playing.

What kind of a maniac you think I am?

You still in touch with Garrett?

No, I haven't talked to him in a while.

He was a good guy.

- He was a liar.
- Really?

Yeah, one minute
he's talking ring sizes,

and the next, he's gone,

so... screw him.

So why keep the picture?

To remind me to never
make the same mistake again.

Why'd you move back to Chicago?

- What are you doing?
- I'm just curious.

I lost my job.

- So now you're broke.
- How'd you guess?

Look, I'm ready to get back in the game.

We could help each other out,
you and me.

I don't know.

There's something about you.

I'm not that mysterious, man.

Just looking out for number one.

No one else is.

Let's start small.

Pick up a package.
I'll text you where it's at.

Bring it to my office,

then we'll talk about other things.

- Like meeting my friend?
- Yeah.

Like that.


It's good to see you again, Kelly.

Where's she going?

I think she's got heat.

First rule of tailing, Ty.
Don't be seen.

He told me to follow you, okay?

Can't believe you're
working for him again, man.

I thought you were going to
college to play baseball.

Yeah, well, it didn't really work out.

I got booted my senior year
of high school 'cause...

they found crank in my locker.

Now you're pushing product
for Uncle Ronnie.

Ah... can't talk about that, Kelly.

Uncle or no uncle,
he'll put one in my ear.

- You know how he is.
- Yeah.

I didn't think I'd ever see you again...

especially after that night.

- You know, New Year's Eve?
- That was a long time ago.

I gotta get this back to Ronnie.

Do you want a ride, or do you want me

- to pretend I never made you?
- Could you just pretend

- like you never saw me, please?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Iodine crystals?

Garrett taught you well.

It's really just a food supplement.

Purely legal.

So you're testing different mixes.

Of paint, yeah.

You don't have to be coy with me.

Just want you on a need-to-know.


But I picked up your package...

so now you need to meet with my connect.

How do you know this guy?

We went to high school together.

No priors. Smart.

Like I said, he's got money to burn

and lots of buyers in Iowa.

So he went to high school with you.

- Taft.
- The Eagles.

You know my high school mascot?

- I'm flattered.
- I remember everything...

even your parents' names.

Emily and Robert.

That's their names, right?

You know... when I think about parents,

I think about that time
you told me about your father,

and how he used to beat you
with an old fishing rod.

I must've been drunk.

No, you were just being real.

Call my guy. His name is Ryan.

I'll think about it.


So, was I right?

Emily and Robert?

No. Joanne and Richard.

Jeff Rafferty?

You must be Halstead.

Thanks for meeting me
on such short notice.

Murphy from the tenth says hi.

What can I do for you?

All right, so as I know, you, uh...

you were Hailey's case officer

on the Ronald Booth investigation.

You handled her UC work?

- You read the file.
- I did.

You speak to her recently?

I reached out after
Booth got an early release.

- That was probably upsetting.
- Yeah, to say the least.

We both needed to vent.

Then Hailey said she was back under,

so I checked in.

How's Murphy doing?

He ever tell you about the time

that he gave a citation to a horse?

- Taste of Chicago weekend.
- Please don't do that.

I'm not going anywhere unless
you tell me what's going on.

Let it go, son.

She's my partner,
so if you know something

that's putting her in danger,
then I need to know.


Hey. I got here as fast as I could.

What's the emergency? You okay?


Time-stamped December 31st.

New Year's Eve.

What the hell happened?


What are you doing?

We gotta talk about this.

You called Rafferty behind my back.

You know you didn't
really give me a choice.

Look, I get that you... you hate Booth

and you want to nail his ass,
but... this... is too dangerous.

- It's part of the job!
- Just tell me everything.

I wanna help, okay? I promise.

Booth just got back from Saint Louis.

He was there talking to a major player

the feds were trying to ID.

So, New Year's Eve... there was a party.

I got him alone. He was drunk.

I thought I could get a name.
He had other things in mind.

Did he?


I got away.
Garrett got me to the hospital.

- You gotta tell Voight.
- I can handle this, Jay.

That's exactly what I said to you.

You remember that?
And then you called me out

and you told me I was full of crap.

Let me put the camera in Booth's office,

and we'll take it from there.

I'm fine.

Okay? Promise.

Can you guys hear me?

Loud and clear.

Hey, Ty. Big man in there?

- He's done for the day.
- Oh, really?

I thought he'd be here.

I wanted to talk to him about something.

Hey, he's got a bathroom
in there, right?

Yeah, but he's a little crazy
about guests.

- I'll be two seconds.
- Ah, I don't know, Kelly.

Is that the key there?

Thanks, buddy.

- You got picture?
- Negative.

Hailey, Booth's coming back!
You gotta get out of there.

Hey. Don't be mad at me, please,

but, uh... Kelly showed up.

She said she needed to use the bathroom.

She's in there right now.

All right, she did it. I got visual.

Hailey, he's approaching.
You gotta move.

Get out.

Hi. There you are.

The hell are you doing in here?

I came to see you.

I... sorry, I just had
to use the bathroom.

No one comes in here without me.

I'm sorry.

I didn't think it'd be a big deal.


You touch my desk?


You're not lying to me, are you?


Prison made you paranoid, man.

Prison... made me careful.

- We gotta go.
- Wait.

- Jay, we gotta...
- Just wait! Wait.

I just did three years

because someone talked to a cop.

I never talked to the cops...

Shut up. Shut up.

Now, I like you.

I thought about you
when I was on the inside,

and I want us to be friends.

But if you lie to me...

I'll kill you.


Uh, I'm looking for Kelly?

Kelly can't talk right now.

Who is this?

Kelly's friend Ron.

Ron? It's Ryan, man.

She told you about me, right?

She did.

Look, man, you just gotta
give me five minutes.

You won't regret it.

I'll tell her you called.

Was that Ryan?

I told you. He's legit.

Set it up.

We met in high school. Uh, Cedar Rapids.

- Taft High School.
- Home of the...

- Seriously?
- He does not play.

Eagles. Home of the Eagles.

- Okay, let's go.
- All right.

Let's go inside. Just me and him.

Are you sure? I'm happy to...

Just me and him.

It's all good. Nothing to worry about.

Let's go.

- Go ahead.
- What the hell's down there?

- A quiet place to talk.
- I'm good talking right here.

No, we're going down there. Come on.

Go ahead. Sit down.

Give me your wallet.

Ryan Spencer. When's your birthday?

June 8th.

- What's your sign?
- My sign?


Gemini. What's yours?

Tell me about Cedar Rapids.

It's cold and flat,

and there's a lot of miserable farm boys

looking to get high.

You met Kelly in some restaurant?

She was a waitress,
you were a bartender?


We met in high school. Taft.

That's right.

The Taft High Crusaders.


But it used to be
the Crusaders, way back,

and then somebody got nervous
and I think they changed it

to Eagles in, like...'96?

One last question.

How many times you screw Kelly?

- Excuse me?
- Answer the question.

Look, man, when you're ready
to talk paper and product,

- give me a call.
- How many times?

Get your hand off me.


Deal's off. Take a walk.

I think he's got a thing for her.

Like, he's obsessed.

He asked me if I slept with her.

We can use that to our advantage.

Play him a little bit,
get the deal back on track.

"Play him"? What are you talking about?

He's vulnerable. He needs buyers.

- We can exploit that...
- No. No.

Enough is enough.

We know what this guy is capable of.

Look, Kelly is moving
back to Iowa, end of story.

Boss, I think that you should
reconsider, because...

Hailey! It's over.

Now shut down that UC apartment tonight.

Hey. It's me.

You heard from Upton?
I can't track her down.

I thought you were together,
closing up the apartment.

Yeah, that's the plan, but, um...

between you and me,

I can't find her,
and I got a bad feeling.

I think she's making
an off-the-book move.

Okay, I'm gonna ping her phone.

I'll call you right back.

You don't give up, do you?

I was just talking to Ryan,

and he said you guys
were about to do a deal,

and then you went a little crazy.

- I don't trust him.
- Well, I do.

With my life.

He's as solid as they come.

Good husband. Good father.

- He's married?
- Yeah.

Has been for, I don't know, five years?

Maybe more.

Sweet girl too.
Has no idea he's in the game.

That's why he does all
of this... to keep her happy.

Yeah, good luck with that.

What, you don't believe in romance?

I don't believe
in things I can't control.


You don't trust him. I'm done pushing.

Hold on.

If I do this for you...

maybe we could, you know... connect.

That could be nice.

What's wrong, Kelly? Scared?

No, I'm not scared of you, Ronnie.

I'm just broke,
and I need to pay rent, so...

business first, okay?

What's he doing here?

Give me one reason I don't shoot.

How about 25,000 reasons?
They're all in my trunk.

Kelly told me she was coming down here

to get the deal back on track.

I figured I'd show up,
get the good news in person.

Ronnie, put the gun away.

Just consider it
a good-faith down payment.

Okay. We're on.

Five kilos.

I'll call Kelly with
the details in the morning.

Hey. What the hell was that?

- What the hell was that?
- Keep your voice down.

"That" was getting a deal back on track

and putting a murderer back in prison.

Voight told you to shut this down.

Yeah, well, I'm doing my job.
Voight shouldn't have

- a problem with that.
- He will, trust me.

But forget about that.
I have a problem with it.

If I can't trust you, I can't do my job.

You can't trust me? Are you kidding me?

Hailey, you are way too emotional!

- I'm not emotional!
- You're not thinking straight!

- This isn't about me.
- Then what is it?

We are really close to nailing him.

Can we just play it out? Please?

I need this.

What's up?

I know you told us
to shut down the UC apartment.

but, uh... the meet's back on.

Booth called me out of the blue.

- When?
- A couple hours ago.

- I'm worried about Hailey.
- Yeah, me too.

Booth's dangerous.

Hailey's solid, though. I'm sure of it.

Hmm. Well...

I mean, if you're sure...

I am.

- So let's do the deal.
- All right.

Hailey's meeting with Booth later today.

She's gonna call me, set up a meet time.

We'll show up with the cash,
take the son of a bitch down.

Glad we're finally doing this.

It's all there.

Yeah, bring it over.

How about dinner tonight? To celebrate.


Blue pickup rolling your way.

All right, we wait for a visual exchange

or Halstead's signal.

Hey, hey.

12 cans of paint. Dig in.

Hey, hold on a second.

Let's just take a moment
before we proceed...

- check a few things.
- Like what?

Like wires.

Come on, man.

You don't gotta do it like that.

Hey, hey, hey! He's got a gun!

- Back up, man!
- I don't have a gun.

- Hey, calm down.
- Back up!

- Take it easy, man.
- Get back!

Take 'em.

- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good. Go!

Tyler, drop the gun.
Let me get you some help, man.

I knew you were a cop.

I just didn't want to believe it!

Believe it!

Admit you killed Garrett.

Admit it!

You'll never find him.


Hailey. Hailey.

Hailey, he wins if you do it.

This is not how you beat this.

Please, Hailey. Please.

This is not the way.

You gotta trust me.

Get up.


Uh... everybody's asking
for you at Molly's.

Yeah, I don't really feel
like being social right now.

Well, Platt offered to buy shots,

which is a once-in-a-decade thing,

if you wanna reconsider.

I'm all right.

I just kind of feel like being alone.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.


Wanna pour me a drink?

How's your head?

It's all right. A little sore.

It's over, Hailey. You got him.

Yeah, I know.

It just doesn't feel as good
as I thought it would.

Stirred up too many ghosts, you know?



He was the one that pulled
Booth off me that night.

He stopped him from...

raping me... killing me.

I'm sorry you lost him.

He sounded like a great guy.

Yeah, he was.

You loved him?

Anyway, uh... thanks for coming by,

but honestly, I'm fine.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx