Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 21 - Allegiance - full transcript

Halstead and Atwater go undercover to prevent military-grade weapons from hitting the street. Meanwhile, Voight calls in a favor as a last-ditch effort to clear Olinsky's name for Bingham's murder.


- [sighs]

- Now they want to do this
at a bar?

What happened to outside?
Somewhere more neutral.

- Man, my connection's
on their side.

But we'll be good.

- You cool with this?

- Lamar say we good,
we good.

- You known him a little
over three weeks.

And already this
your best friend?

- Malik,
talk a little less,

listen to
your brother more.

He's obviously a terrific
judge of character.

Let's get this done.

[rock music playing]

Party's in the back.
Let's keep it moving.


- Got eyes on Atwater.

He's headed towards
the back room.

[knock at door,
door opening]

- How we doin'?
What up, Ryan?

- You're late.
- I don't know my way

around Canaryville like that.
You know that, bro.

- [scoffs]
More like Crackerville.

- Yeah, right.

- What did you say?

- Nah, man, Malik just
be playin', bro.

You're a funny dude.

- Just playin'.

- Yeah, bro, and that's
his brother, Shabazz.

He's my dude
I told you about.

- All right, cool.
This is Dexter.

That's his cousin, Nate.
- What's up, gentlemen?

- All right, so where
the M4s at?

- [chuckling]

Why don't we
get a drink, you know?

Play a little nine-ball.

Get to know each other
a little better.

- We just came
to do business.

Not have
a tea party.

- I like to know
who I work with.

- What's this?

Yo, what's up, man, trying
to play us like

a bunch of punks.
- Watch yourself.

- Watch myself?

- All right, chill, man.

- Why don't you make me
watch myself?

- Yo, Malik, man, chill out.

- Yo, hey, hey, yo!
- Easy, come on, man.

- The hell are you doin' man?

- Sarge, we got action
in the back room.

- Just stand down.
No one said the safe word.

Let Atwater and Halstead handle it.

- Hell is this, man?

We just came
to get these guns

and get out your way.
You wanna put that down?

- I'm just showing
Malik the merchandise.

M4-A1 carbine,
fully automatic.

30 rounds in three seconds.

- Hey, come on, man.
Cut it out.

- Cuts through
the side of a tank

like a stick of butter.

Imagine what it would
do to your head.

- You so tough,
pull the trigger.

[tense music]

- Look, guys, let's, um--

Let's get that drink, huh?
Let's play some pool.

- Come on, man.

- We ain't finna play pool
with these punk-ass bitches.

- [grunts]
- [groans]

- Dude!
- Come on, bro,

you know that
was uncalled for.

- Who's the bitch now?
- Hey, come on, man--

- Say you're sorry.
- Yo, just leave it!

- I want him
to say it.

- I'm not
saying nothin'.

- You ain't worth
the bullet, bitch.

- Come on, let's go.
Nah, we out of here.

Let's go,
let's go!

Come on!
Here we go.


What the hell
is going on, man?

We came in to make a deal.
What they playin' games for?

- Hold up, man!
It was a go on our side, too,

all right?
Get your boy in line!

- Really, dawg?
- Hey, wait, your guys

have the guns, right?
- The gun that Nate pulled

was definitely an M4,
that much I know.

I don't know how many
they actually have, though.

- All right, so were
these guys being careful,

or were they just
trying to buy time

'cause they don't have
the guns in their possession?

- It's unclear--Dexter plays
everything close to the vest.

- Okay, so let's
keep this thing alive.

All right? Jay, Kevin,
you stay under.

Try to make
this gun deal happen.

'Kay? We have gotta get
these M4s off the street.

They're too powerful.

- Let's go.

- What the hell
do you want?


- Bad news, Al.
Grand jury voted to indict.

- You're under arrest for
the murder of Kevin Bingham.

Stand up.

- We're gonna need
your weapon and badge.

- What, are you kidding me?

He's got 30 years
on the job.

- Weapon.
And badge. Now.

[somber music]

- Slowly.

- Let's go.

- I got this.

- Docket 3942.

People of the state of Illinois
vs. Alvin Olinsky,

single count of murder
in the second degree

and felony concealment
of a homicide.

- Your honor, Peter Manetti
for the defendant.

- How does
your client plead?

- Not guilty.

I'd like to request that
the defendant be released

on his own recognizance.

He's a decorated
police officer,

with over 30 ye--
- Bond hearing

is in two days, counselor.
Give your speech then.

[gavel bangs]
Next case.

- Come with me.

- Al, Al, please.

You've gotta end this now.
- Let's go.

- Docket Number 4523,
people of the state

of Illinois vs.
Donald Odem.

Three counts
of felony battery.

All parties present?
- Yes, Your Honor.

- So, you ready
to talk, Hank?

- You know Olinksy's innocent.

You know he didn't kill
that piece of garbage, Bingham.

- Oh, yeah?
Then who did?

Olinsky flips
or he rots in prison.

- I know, I know.

Beige isn't my color.

- Well...

You're not gonna have
to wear it long, I promise.

- Nah, I'm good.

I mean, they don't
have a case.

The evidence is weak.
We all know that.

I'll make bail.
We go from there.

- Okay, listen.

I'm hiring a lawyer.

I'm getting you out of here.
- I don't want that.

- Al...I don't really
care what you want.

- Listen, man, just make
sure I get bail.

All right?
That's all I ask.

I mean, we've
been through worse.

And every time, we find a way
through to the other side.

All right? Listen, man,
this is no different.

- Yeah. Listen. I appreciate
your loyalty, but--

- Hey, we're gonna--
We can beat this.

We will beat it.

All right?
It's Chicago.

- I need something.

- Olinsky.
- Listen, the bail hearing

is in two days.
I mean, I don't care

what the number is.

I just need to make sure
he gets out.

- Talking about
murder here, Hank.

- We're talking about
a cop here, Tommy.

- Yeah.

These days, that might
work against him.

You know what the hell
it's like out there.

- I don't care what it's like.
You understand?

I just need to make sure
he gets released.


I need you...

to make sure
he gets released.

- Hank, this is
a really hard ask.

- You know
what's a hard ask?

- Hmm?

- Looking the other way
when a respected judge

shoots a drug dealer
in cold blood.

- Yeah.

He killed my daughter.
He got what he deserved.

- Yeah, I know.
And I agree.

That's why
you got a pass.


I need this.
You understand? So...

Whatever you
have to do, just...

Make sure Al makes bail.

- Any update, Sarge?
- Yep, bond hearing's

in two days.
He'll be released then.

- I don't know about that.

- Well, I do.

I said, he'll be released then.

Any more questions?

Now's the time.


I'm not gonna lie.
It has been...

A tough day.

But we still have
jobs to do, right?

The world
continues to turn.


Who's got an update
on these M4s?

- I just talked to Halstead.
He confirmed Dexter

did not have the guns
in his possession.

They were supposed to be
dropped off yesterday,

but his connect
in Indiana got hung up.

They will be
dropped off today.

- Okay.
Do we know who his connect is?

- Not at this point.
- All right, Atwater,

These bangers you're hanging
with, do they trust you?

- Yeah, Shabazz does.
I saved his life.

- Well, I was the guy holding
the gun threatening him, but.

- So, how about we
get this deal back on track?

- Okay, well, they answer
to this dude named Wes.

Wes calls
all the shots.

And his boys just got punked
by some white dudes,

so he's hot as hell,
but...I got it.

- Good.

- You good?
- Yeah, uh-huh.

- So wait a minute, you want me
to overlook what happened?

Just smile?
Turn the other cheek

and let them boys
just piss all over us?

- Homie, I ain't
never sayin' that.

- Then what you sayin', then?
- What is you sayin'?

Why we even
discussing this?

They played us
like some damn fools.

I say we go over there
and do what's right.

- What, you wanna
start killing people?

- You damn right.
- There's no profit in that.

And it'll bring too much heat.

- Well, at least
let me square away

the white boy,

Cracker think it's okay
to violate me like that, us?

- Look, I know you ain't
askin' me, Wes,

but I feel like we missing
a big move right here.

Now why would we get revenge,
when we could just use

that whole situation,
that whole beat-down,

as some kind of
bargaining chip or something?

Let me go over there
and talk to Dexter.

I'll tell him
that you pissed off.

Naturally he expected
you to clap back,

but you smarter
than that, right?

You ain't no bitch.
You a business man,

and a business man
is willing to overlook

this whole Malik situation,
if he down to give

you a discount
on the heaters,

and do the whole deal
right here in your club

where you comfortable.
Come on, boy, we win.

- [laughs]
- That's what's up.

- What, is you serious?
Y'all serious?

- I'm gonna need you
to back off.

No retaliation, no nothing.
We clear?

- Yo, my man.
I'm supposed to just

let him talk to me
like some type of bitch?

- Malik.

- I ain't gon'
ask you again, man.

Are we clear?

- Yeah, we clear.

Loud and clear.

- Cool.

Let me hit Dexter now.

- No.
I'll hit him up.

I'm tired of dealing
with the middle man.

- All right, as long as I
get my cut, I ain't trippin'.

- Oh, you gon'
get your cut.

I'm a man of my word.

- I'm impressed.
No way I thought Wes would

still be open
to doing business.

- I told you, man.
He's smart.

- He ain't that smart.
Even with the 20% discount,

dumbass is still paying
50% over market.

It's good, though.

You know,
if this works out,

we can use Wes to distribute
to the other black gangs.

- So what's up, the guns
are inside with Nate?

- That's not your concern.

- I'm just trying to make sure
we do the deal right.

This time, anyway.

- Relax, it's all
gonna work out.

Yo, Nate!

Yo, Nate!

Let's go, man,
it's game time!

[foreboding music]

- Yo, check this out.

- Those punks
want to start a war,

they came
to the right place.


- They're supposed to be
here an hour ago.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know, we got you.

- Keep telling y'all.

Dudes don't respect nothing.
They can't be trusted.

- Let me do this, man.
- Got it.

- I got it.

What the hell is goin' on, man?
We waitin' on you, bro.

All right.

- What happened?

- That deal ain't
going down today.

- Why not?

- Nate just popped up dead.

- Please tell me

you ain't as stupid
as I think you are.

- Hell no, I ain't had
nothing to do with that.

- You sure about that?
- I'm positive!

- You asked permission
earlier today

to pop off some cracker-ass
gun seller named Nate.

And tonight, that same
cracker-ass gun seller

wind up dead, and it ain't got
nothin' to do with you?

- Wes, chill man.

It is what it is, man.
It's just a coincidence.

- Well, I don't believe
in coincidence, man.

Shabazz, you--you believe
in coincidence, man?

- Not sure, all right?

Man, I know Malik
didn't do the murder.

- Why you say that?
- 'Cause you told him not to.

All right, 'cause I was
with him all day.

Never left my sight.

And I ain't seen him kill
no white boy named Nate.

- Yo! Wes,
I didn't do it, man!

- You better hope...
You better hope

he's telling
the truth, man.

- [pained grunt]

[sinister music]

- Of course Malik
didn't cop to it.

- Man swore up and down
he had nothing to do with it.

Almost convincing, too.

- You believe him?
- Not for a second.

- All right, so let's get
a search warrant

for Malik's house.

Maybe we find
some blood, a gun.

Build a murder case
that way.

- We go in now, we blow
Atwater's cover.

- I know, but, you know,
we're talking murder.

- I'm not gonna blow
a major gun case on a "maybe."

- So now what?
Sit back and wait

for Dexter and his boys
to start a gang war?

- Well, hopefully he's
too smart for that.

- I'm not so sure, Sarge.

He had fire in his eyes.
[phone buzzing]

He said he was gonna
kill everybody involved.

- Talk to him.

Persuade him to think
like a businessman.

Hey, man.

- Got your own
private room.

Hopefully you won't
be here long.

Look, you probably know this,
but cops

are targets around here,
so I'm gonna personally

do what I can to help out.

I always wanted
to be a cop myself.

Corrections was
the next best thing.

- Right.
- Oh, one more thing.

You don't wanna
eat the food,

because these animals
are gonna piss in it.

- Thanks.

- I got your back.

[slamming on bars]
- So you're the pig?

It's coming.

Just a matter of time.

And we're gonna find
your wife, too.

[grunting in pain]

- You ever mention
my wife again, I'll kill you.

- Hey! Back it up!
- I'll kill you, I'll kill you.

- Let him go!
- I'll kill you.

- Let him go!
- I'll kill you.

[dramatic music]

- Hey.

There's good news.
I just got word

that Judge Gladchuck
is in charge

of bail hearings tomorrow.

- Gladchuck?
He's a hard-ass.

- I know.

Tomorrow, he's
not gonna be there.

He's gonna contract
the stomach flu.

The really bad kind.
- Ah.

- Fever, nausea,
the whole thing.

- Oh, that's a shame.
- Yeah.

It's probably not gonna hit him
till 8:55 or so,

just before court convenes,
at which point he'll reach out,

ask me to cover for him.
And I will graciously agree.

- You sure
he's gonna come through?

- Doesn't have a choice.

- You got
something on him.

- I got something
on everybody.

Just like you.

- Thanks, Tommy.

- Spring in Chicago, huh?
- Yeah.

- Say what you said
one more time, Ryan.

Say what you said
one more time, Ryan,

'cause I don't think
I heard you right.

So say it one more time.

- I think you should still
do the deal with Wes' crew.

- And ignore the fact
they killed my cousin?

- I didn't say that.

All right, hold up.

Let's say
they did the murder.

You're gonna get revenge,
you're gonna do it

after we do the deal,
not before.

You got, what, seven days
to pay off the supplier?

- And what has that got
to do with anything?

- Right, if you go cowboy
and you pop Malik

or you pop Shabazz, the cops
are gonna be all over you.

Then you can't
line up a new buyer,

which means you can't
pay off the supplier.

- Shabazz,
what up, dog?

So, uh, it's kinda early
to be drinking vodka,

but whatever.
I already rapped with Ryan.

All right, he talked it up
with Dexter,

and Dexter's still down
to do the deal.

Okay? Regardless
of what happen

to his cousin,
we in it for good money, baby.

- Yeah.
- All right.

So why you trippin', bro?
You good?

- 'Cause Dexter made
a new demand.

Told Wes the only way
he'd move forward is if

he evened things out.

- Evened things out--
what are you talking about?

- The bodies.

Wes saying
Malik has to go.

And I gotta do it.

- Wait, what?
- Yeah.

I have to kill
my little brother.

- No, no,
you gotta walk away--

- It don't
work that way.

You know that.

[somber music]

- I know you think
this is gonna go away.

But it's not.

You need to wake up.

This is your life.

If you don't tell the truth
about what happened,

you will die in prison.

- Look, I don't wanna talk
about this now.

- Why?

- Well, you don't understand.

- I d-don't
understand what?

- You don't
understand me.

- I do.
Trust me.

- All right, then why
do you keep asking me

to do something that
I'm not capable of?

- Why?

'Cause despite everything
we have been through,

I still love you.

And I just want you
to love yourself.

Just a little.

Just enough to make you realize
how stupid it is

to sacrifice your life
for Hank Voight.

- Listen, honey.
Please, I love you.

And I know you're trying
to look out for me.

But I'm gonna beat this.
I am.

But I'm gonna beat it
the right way,

the only way
that I know how.

- Hey, man.

Here to see
Alvin Olinksy.

- You're too late.

- Listen, I'm Sergeant
Hank Voight, Intelligence.

Just wanna say
hello to a friend.

- Sorry, inmate visiting
hours are over.

- Yeah, well, he's not
an inmate, he's a cop.

- If he's in here,
he's an inmate.

- Hey.


- You sure there's nothing--
- I'm sure.

But feel free to swing by
tomorrow morning.

- Meredith.
How's Al?

Come on, talk to me.

- It should be
you in there.

Not him.

And it makes me sick.

I wish he was
just a regular guy,

not someone who lived
by some stupid code.

Would make everything
so much easier.

[door slams]


- Hey.
Any update on Al?

- Case is all over the news.

- Yeah, I think that's to be
expected, Hailey.

- I just hope the judge
gives him bail.

- He will.

- Well, statute for murder
is pretty tough.

- Well, I said he will.

Listen, I'm done talking
about Al, understand?

Somebody wanna talk
about these M4s,

I'm happy to engage.

- Mm.
- Well,

the whole operation just got
a lot more complicated.

- What do you mean?

- Wes just ordered Shabazz

to kill his little brother,

- Huh.

- Dexter say that's the only
way he's gonna do the deal.

- All right,
so where's Shabazz on all this?

He gonna carry out the order?

- Of course he's not gonna
carry out the order.

He doesn't wanna
kill his little brother.

But Wes told him
to do it.

So if Shabazz doesn't
kill Malik, then...

Wes kills Shabazz,
simple as that.

- Doesn't sound simple to me.

- We can't let this man
take out

his own flesh and blood,
not like that.

- Why not?

- Excuse me?
- We're about to take

some serious guns
off the street.

Guns capable of killing a lot
of innocent civilians.

The cost of doing that
is losing one gang-banger--

- [scoffs]

Shabazz is
a good dude, Sarge.

Now listen,
I understand he's in the gang.

But he's just a cat from
the hood that got caught up

doing the wrong thing.
He's not a killer.

Halstead's still under
his cover, it's still good.

We can get the guns that way.
- No.

I want you
staying under, okay?

Until Shabazz actually
moves on his brother,

it's business as usual.

- Copy that.

[tense dramatic music]

- Hey, hold up.
Hold up.

Got a little
present for you.

[clears throat]

It's a burner.

So I've been
reading your case.

Seems like you're
gettin' set up.

They say you're
taking the fall

for somebody else
in this Bingham murder.

Point is, if you got
a chit to call in

or someone to sell out,
you gotta do it,

'cause you're
not safe here.

- I'm a big boy.
- Don't matter how big you are,

not in here, not when there's
a target on your back.

Look. I'm just
shooting straight, cop to cop.

- But you're not a cop.

'Cause if you were,
you'd never say

what you just said.

- Sure hope
you make bail, Al.

- Bazz, soon as you get this
message, bro, just call me.

Okay? In front of your crib.
This is Lamar, man.

I'm looking for you.

My mind's feelin'
a little nervous, dog.


- 5021 Ida, emergency.
Shots fired

at 1249 South Fillmore,
plain-clothes officers

on the scene.

- You hear that?

We up here.


Hold on, man,
hold on.

Got you.

- I'm going out the back.

Police! 5021 Ida,
we got a male, black, 6 feet,

black jacket,
fleeing in a black SUV.

Can't get plates.
Headed west-bound, down 46th.

- Bazz?

- [hisses in pain]
- What happened?

- I don't wanna die alone.

- Shabazz, who did it?

- Wes.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't kill Malik.

- That's because you
a good brother, Shabazz.

- [hissing in pain,

- Shabazz is dead.

- Shabazz, not Malik?
- Just found him in his house

with two in his chest 'cause
he wouldn't kill his brother.

Right before he died,
he told me Wes did it.

I say we go
get his ass right now.

- Not until we
smoke out the M4s.

- He's a killer, Sarge.
We got a dead man's word.

- Look, we will nail
Wes for murder

after we get the guns,

- Hey.
- What?

- Dexter just told me
that Wes sent him a picture

of Shabazz with
a bullet in his chest.

- See, that's proof
he delivered his end

of the bargain, which means
the deal's back on.

- Yeah, they're meeting at
the old Kagen warehouse

in an hour.
- All right, get the rest

of the team up to speed.

Let's meet over
at the warehouse.


You good?

- Yeah, I'm good.
Let's get 'em.


- Okay, I got Halstead
arriving with Dexter.

Just stand by.

- No eyes, moving
for a better position.

- We're in position
in the back.

- Sarge, this Olinsky thing.

Can't imagine how hard
it must be.

If you need something--
- I just need you

to do your job, Hailey,
that's all.

[suspenseful music]

- Wes is arriving.
Wait for my signal.

- All right. Game on.
So the guns are here, right?

- [whispering]
Hell nah.

- Whoa.

What's Malik
doing here, man?

- Malik?
- Yeah.

He don't know
his brother's dead.

- Or that he's standing next
to the guy that killed him.

- My man, Wes.
- Hey. You must be Dexter.

- What's he doing here?

- Oh, that's my business.

- He gonna
behave himself?

- I'm cool as long
as you are.

- You got the product, man?

- You got the money?

- Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

I need to see
the product first.

- Come on over.

[cell phone ringing]

- No.
- What?

- Somebody shot my brother.

- I'm sorry to hear that, man.
I really am.

But right now, we got some
business to handle, all right?

- What you smirking at?

- Nothing.

- Sarge, we got
a blue van approaching.

- Okay, van is approaching,

We wait for it to park
and move in on my signal.

[tense music]

- You mother--you killed--
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!

[all yelling]
- Take it easy, chill, chill!

- Whoa, whoa, we got a gun.
Gun, gun, gun.

- Move in, now.

- Go, go, go.

- Chicago PD, don't move!

- Chicago PD, drop your weapon!
- Police! Put it down, Dexter.

- Drop the bag.

- Antonio, heads-up,
blue van heading your way.

[alarm beeping]

- Get out of the van!

Let me see your hands!
Get out of the van!


- Kim!
Antonio, are you good?

- Yeah, we're good!

Merry Christmas.


- Can't believe you a cop.
- My bad, dog.

It be like that sometimes.

- Who killed my brother?
- You did.

- What?
- You did.

- What you talkin' about?
I ain't have nothing

to do with that.
- Brother, if you would have

kept it 100 from the jump,
and admitted to it,

then Bazz wouldn't be dead.

You would.

- Can't put that on me.

- I just did.

I just did.

- [sighs]

- I can't believe
we're really here.

- Gonna be fine.

- Right there.

- All rise.

Court is now in session.

The honorable Judge Maddox

You may be seated.

State of Illinois
vs. Alvin Olinsky.

Murder in the second degree,
case #542234.

Mr. Osha?

- Your Honor, given the serious
nature of the charge,

and the fact that the defendant
was a veteran police officer

with unique knowledge of
the criminal justice system,

as well as having access
to confidential informants

and members of
organized crime syndicates,

we believe he poses
a significant flight risk.

And as such,
we would request that

no bail be set,
and that the defendant

be remanded to Cook County Jail
until trial.

- Mr. Manetti?

- Your Honor,
the state's request

is both preposterous
and punitive.

This case is built on sand.

The only evidence
connecting Alvin Olinsky

to the homicide victim
is a single strand of hair

and the testimony of
a drug-addled witness.

As such, to hold
Mr. Olinsky in prison

to leverage some sort
of plea bargain

is unconscionable.
Moreover, Mr. Olinsky's

put his life on the line
for the people of this city

for over 30 years.
- Mr. Manetti,

this is a bond hearing,
not a closing argument.

Defendant is remanded
into the custody of

the Cook County Jail,
pending trial.

Next case.
- The state of Illinois

vs. Juan Medrano.
Aggravated robbery

Case #3320843.
- Let's go.

[tense music]

- Excuse me, can I help you?
- I got it.

- Where the hell were you?
- Hey, I tried to call you.

- We had a deal!

- Keep your voice down,
for God's sake.

I did everything that I could.
- Well, it wasn't good enough!

- When Judge Gladchuck
called in sick,

the Mayor called him, told him
to appoint Judge Maddox.

- The Mayor.
- Yes.

- The Mayor called Gladchuck.
- Yeah.

My guess is,
Woods smelled a rat.

Wanted to make sure that he
had the right judge in there

for the bail hearing.

- Well--I mean,
can we appeal the ruling?

- Yes, but...
You know.

Our odds of prevailing
are close to zero.

- So Al just stays
in custody till trial?

- Yeah. Yeah, it's what
the prosecution wants.

- [muttering]

[melancholy music]

- All right, so what's
the next step, Sarge?

- Did you talk
to Al or his lawyer?

- Is he gonna
appeal the bond hearing?

Is he gonna appeal
the bond hearing--hey!

I asked you a question!

- Okay, um...

Al's gonna be out of there.

Real soon.

- What's that mean?

- It means I'm
taking care of things,

but I can't get into
the details right now.

- Why not?

- I appreciate your concern.

But you gotta back off now.

- I wanna know what I need
to do to help Al.

And all I'm hearing from you
is nothing--

- Because you don't know
what you're talking about!

- Get off! Really?
- Everyone knows--

- Watch yourself!
- Enough! Enough.

[somber music]

[foreboding music]

- [weary sigh]

[alarm buzzing]

- There he is.

- Hey!

Not here, not today.
Keep moving.

I said, keep moving!

[doorbell rings]

[somber music]

- So what's
on your mind, Hank?

- Olinsky.

It's time
to set things straight.

- Sounds good to me.

Why don't you walk me through
everything that happened,

from beginning to end.

- I will.

First, I want
some assurances.

Olinsky is released,
first thing in the morning.

No other charges
are filed against him.

Or anyone else.

- I can do that...

After I hear
what you have to say.

If it's compelling,
I'll call the prosecutor

and we will
make it official.

- All right,
let's do this.

- That's why I wanted you
to walk back early, Al.

These guys are animals.

You okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.

[cell phone vibrating]

- Hey.

- [hollers]
[both men grunting]

[suspenseful music]


[groans in pain]


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]