Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - Sisterhood - full transcript

Intelligence tracks down a vigilante killing rapists and Burgess questions whether the men who attacked her sister have really been punished.

- Dude.

What's up with that, huh?

Yo, why's the deal
walking out the door, man?

- Peña ain't interested
in meet-and-greet.

Not today anyway.

- So he just gonna walk
out the door like that?

Did you tell him I got new
heaters with no heads on 'em?

- Got nothing
to do with that.

He's just got
something else going on.

- Initiation Day.

How long does it take
to beat up some boys?

- To Peña,
it's more than that.

Prison made him
even crazier than he was.

- Okay.
What does that mean?

- It means that he wants
his whole crew to be

straight up evil...
just like him.

Listen, I got long eyes on Peña

and three male Hispanics,

ready for action,
hopping in a silver Caprice.

Can't make the plates out...


You know what
I came here to do.

What you playin' for, G?

- You trying to get to jefe,
but it's not happening today.

So it's best
you keep on moving.

- It's dead.

- Listen, bro...

I'm just a businessman.

I ain't come here for all that.

On God.
Let Peña know,

whenever he ready to do
business, I'm ready.

- Boss, we have a situation.

- All right, listen up.

Atwater's gun lead went south,

but we got something else.

There's two wanna-be
gangbangers out in the wind

looking to do something stupid.

It's initiation day
for the Three Corner Kings.

- Ah, man, with Peña back
in charge that's not good.

- He's only been on the streets
for three months.

He's already good
for six homicides.

- All right, so let's get these
kids off the street fast.

Invent a charge if you have to.

Just bring him in.


- Get a BOLO out on that car.

Late-model silver Caprice.

That's the partial plate
Atwater got.

- 5021 Eddie, all units be
on the lookout

for a late-model
silver Caprice.

- It's not here.

- Dispatch said they picked up
a silver Caprice

on this block ten minutes ago.

- Dispatch confirmed
this is the right address.

- Guys...

Fresh tire tracks.

Looks like they left
in a hurry.

- Guys, check this out.

- Hailey...

Oh, my God.


- That's one hell
of an initiation.

- What kind of animal
does something like this?

- What kind of animal
makes someone do this?

- Looks like they dragged
her inside, raped her.

- This is Peña's
new initiation ritual,

rape and kill women?

- Yeah, control the people,
control the territory.

- She's just a kid.

She can't be 17.

Right. Talk to your CI, get
the names of those two pledges.


- Hey, boss.

So patrol located the Caprice
about ten blocks away

but it's been torched.

- A Michael Landry.
Male, black, 54.

It was reported stolen
last week.

- Huh.
- Found this by the door.

Charm bracelet.
- Hm.

- Hank.

- Hey.
- Thanks for doing this.

- Guys, this is
Detective Scott Hart.

Area Central Homicide.
- Kim.

- Good police.

- He's saying that
'cause my brother

just turned Chief of Patrol.

- Well, we're working
together on this.

Kim, you partner up with Scott.
- Great.

- Fifth one I've seen
this month.


That was my CI.

He swears he can't ID
the two pledges.

- Doesn't matter.

He's not giving them up.

- I got the M.E. report.

The DOA was raped,
then strangled to death.

- No, they were
wearing condoms.

They found traces of spermicide

inside the Jane Doe.

- Her name's Daniella Rios.

How do you know?

- I was researching
local dance groups.

She looked like she was wearing
a dance uniform,

and there was a dance charm
on her bracelet.

Village Dance, it's
an after-school program

for at-risk teens.
Uniform's the same.

- I'll run her name,
get an address.

- I already did.
- So go talk to the family.

- Yes, I'm Ana Rios.
What's this about?

- Would you like
to take a seat?

Why are you here?

- I'm sorry to tell
you this, ma'am, but

we found a young girl's body
inside an abandoned apartment.

And we think it might be
your daughter, Daniella.


Are you...

Are you saying

No, no.
Mi hija.

- Mrs. Rio, we are so sorry
for your loss.

- I know this is hard,
Mrs. Rios,

but the clock is ticking.

Was your daughter
in any trouble?

Was anyone bothering her?

- No. Never.

She was...sweet.
- Yeah.

- She was going to college
next year.

I--I need to go home.

- I know, I know, I understand.

And we're gonna get you
a patrol car home, okay?

I found this bracelet
at the abandoned apartment.

It was Daniella's,
and I thought

you might want to keep it.

- No, that's not
Danni's bracelet.

- I'm positive.

It belonged to
her best friend, Tina.

Danni gave it to her
for her quinceañera.

You think Tina was
at the abandoned house too?

- Have a seat there.

Tina, we want to talk to you
about your friend Danni.

- When's the last time
you saw her?

You know, Danni's mom,

she said that Danni
gave you this bracelet

for your 15th birthday.


- We found the bracelet inside
the house Danni was killed.

Were you there?
- No.

- Then how did the bracelet
get in there?

- Oh, Tina, they hurt you,
too, didn't they?

Look, those bruises
look really bad.

Can I get you to the hospital
and get you checked out?

- If you were assaulted,
it's important

that we do a rape kit.
- I said no.

- I can show you some photos.

So you can help identify
the guy that hurt you

and killed Danni.
- I just want to go home.

- Look, you can go home after--

- Yeah, I think
that's a good idea.

That's fine.

Why don't you go home,

you take a rest,
and when you're ready to talk,

call me.

Come on.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- I heard that Tina girl
got assaulted too?

- Yeah. I mean, she didn't say
that, but it's pretty obvious.

Poor kid's terrified.
- I don't blame her.

- It's just horrible.

- Yeah.

What's up?

- I dealt with this last year
with my sister.

She got drugged and raped.

- Yeah, I heard.

You guys hooked the offender
though, right?

- Oh, we hooked
the offenders, yeah.

We arrested them.

But the judge, he whiffed.

He just smacked him on the ass
and said, "Don't do it again."

Three years.
I mean, out in what

- I'm sorry.
- Me too.

What's going on with the case?

- Ruzek and I have been going
over the Title 3 wiretaps but--

- But he said there's a lot of
chatter the night of the murder

but it's all in code
or something?

- Mm-hmm. All numbers,
no words or letters.

- Got something.


- All right, so I talked
to Gang Intel.

They helped me crack the code.

Each letter's a number.

They split the alphabet
in half, evens and odds

to make it confusing so
A is 1, B is 3.

Then by the 13th letter,
it flips.

N is 2, O is 4,
so on and so forth.

Anyway, we came up with this.

"Matamos a una."
It means "We killed one girl."

That was an incoming text
sent by Miguel Salazar.

A minute later, another
incoming text was sent

from Eduardo Vargas.

"La otra escapo."
It means "The other escaped."

Both of these idiots,
they used their own phones.

Texts were sent to
a burner phone that we think

is owned by Peña.

- Both are 18, both have
impressive juvie sheets.

- Ping their phones,
grab them up.

- Hey, this is open.

Chicago PD, hands up.

Got two bodies.

- Hmm, okay, that's...

That's one way to take care
of rapists.

- You gotta be kidding me.
They cut 'em off.

- Looks like someone got to
our targets before we did.

- Yeah, and that someone was
not playing either.

- Yeah, we heard about it.

So any witnesses?
- No, sir, nothing.

- We confirmed this is where
Miguel and Eduardo live.

- Our friends live
in that house.

We just want to know
if they're okay.

It's our legal right.
- I'm sorry, let them in.

It's your legal right, huh?

Where'd you learn
that, law school?

- We just want to know
what happened.

- I'm happy to talk about it...
with Peña.

You tell him Hank Voight wants
to see him in one hour.

- All right.
All right.

- Okay, they're dead.

So who did the murders?

- Well, I was hoping
you could tell me.

I mean, the way these
kids were killed

it was obviously personal.

Certain male body parts
were severed.

That they--
- That's what I'm saying.

- Damn.

I'd hate to go out
like that, huh?

- Nah.

They didn't know enough
to snitch.

- Hm.

Well, you're at war
with someone?

- We don't do wars, socio.

It's bad for business.

- Yeah, but, uh,

but raping and killing
little girls,

that's good?
- I didn't say that.

But if you want to own
a neighborhood or a territory,

you got to break
its soul first.

- Hm.

Call your CI, get
that deal back on track.

I want to bury
this son of a bitch.


I want to break his soul.

- Yo, yo, so we talked to CIs,
Gang Intel, bangers.

There are no conflicts
with the King crew,

at least not right now.

- Which means
these two punk rapists--

Sorry, victims,

were probably killed
by somebody

to Daniella or Tina.

- You know, the real victims.
- Sure feels like revenge.

- Yeah, looked like it too.

- Okay, so circle back
with the family.

There's got to be
a brother, an uncle,

somebody out there
capable of doing this.

- I wish my sister had someone
like that in her life.

Would have made things
a lot easier.

- I get it.

Just keep your head
straight, okay?

Got a double homicide to clear.

- For the tenth time,
I didn't tell anyone, okay?

So please, leave me alone.

I just want to move on
and forget this ever happened.

- Yeah, I know,
but it's not that easy.

Because the two men
who hurt you are dead.

Someone killed them.

Tina, you are the only one
who knows what happened.

You saw the faces
of these two punks.

- So either you did it

or they told somebody
and they did it.

- I didn't kill them.

Okay? I would never.
That's--that's ridiculous.

- I believe you.
I do.

But I think maybe
you told someone.

Like your mom?

- Sure.
- Please.

She's got enough problems,
trust me.

- That's a sweet picture.
Who is that?

- That's Dante.
My boyfriend.

- No.
No way.

Is he violent?

- Because I love him.

And I would never want him
to know that someone--

- I understand that.

But we do need
to talk to Dante.

Could you tell us where he is?

- At J&P Metals.
He works there.

Don't tell him what happened.

Please, he'd never look
at me the same.

- Chicago PD.

We want to talk to you
about your girlfriend, Tina.

Something happen to her?

- Yes, yesterday she was--
- Her best friend, Danni,

was sexually assaulted,

- Yeah, I know.

What's that got to do
with Tina?

- The two guys that killed
Danni, they wound up dead.

Killer made a real statement
by cutting off their--you know.

- Good.

Ask me, we should tell
the whole city what happened

to those dudes and that other
bitch-ass rapist, too.

- Some janitor.

Lakeside High.

Heard he raped a girl.

He got dealt with too.

That's all I know.

I got to get back to work.
- Yeah.

- You guys...
You guys scared me.

Coming in with those badges,

I thought something
bad happened to Tina.

- No.


Either he's
the best actor alive

or he has no clue
Tina got raped.

- We found the DOA,
Mark Whitmore,

in a garbage bin two blocks
from his house in Wilmette.

Gunshot wound to the chest
and he'd been castrated.

- Wilmette, but he works
in Little Village, right?

Lakeside High?
- Yeah.

He was a maintenance worker.

- Did he have any
sexual assault priors?

- Two. Lot of nasty rumors
swirling around as well.

- Because we found

two other bodies
in Little Village, same M.O.

- So we're probably looking
for the same guy.

- The only lead we got is
the DOA said some gangbanger

was threatening him.

We told him to come in,
file an official report,

but he got killed the next day.

- Do you have
this gangbanger's name?

- Only his nickname: Q.

- Yeah.

The deal is on ice for now.

Kings are on high-alert.

Those two pledges getting
whacked made them nervous.

- We got any intel
on this gangbanger Q?

- Yeah, Sarge, his name came up
on the wire a few days ago.

Exact quote was
"Have Q deliver the guns.

Drop off at the pool hall
on 22nd. Usual price."

- I'm assuming that's somewhere
in Little Village?

- There's this place called
Kedzie Billiards on 22nd.

- Could be Q's hangout.

- All right, check it out,
you two.

- CPD. We're looking
for a guy named Q.

- No, I'm just happy.

There's no law against that,
is there?

- No, but there's a law
against lying to the cops

so maybe you want to rethink
your answer.

- I swear to God on my mother
I don't know a man named Q.

- Uh-huh.

- Excuse me.

We're looking
for someone named Q.

Maybe you could help us out?

- Don't know no one
by that name.

What's that on your arm?

We're gonna need to take you
down to the District,

ask you a few questions.

- Three dead rapists.

- No.
- Hmm.

What about Eduardo Vargas?

- Mm-mm.
- These two fine gentlemen

sexually assaulted two girls.

- Killed one.
The other one got away.

- What's that got to do
with me?

- We just want to know
if you know these two guys.

Two rapists.

- And I already
told you no.

You know her?

- Mm-mm.

- See, she only lives
a few blocks from you.

- Lots of folks live
a few blocks from me.

- Most people cringe
at something like that.

- I ain't most people.

- Yeah.

You're not.

You're tougher.

More fearless.

'Cause you stand up
for your friends.

For women, for young girls.

And then when someone commits
a rape, you kill 'em

and you castrate them.

You ask me,
you deserve a trophy.

But that's not the way
the world works.

Can I go now?

- Isabel Torres, street name Q.
Short for Queen.

- Long rap sheet: drugs,
larceny, aggravated assault.

- She runs an all-female gang
called the Viper Queens,

but for the most part,
they're a delivery service

for the local male gangs.
- Yeah, woman behind the wheel

lowers the risk of arrest
by 50%, maybe 60%.

- Yeah, because like it or not,
we're all biased.

We don't profile women
as criminals.

They're not strong enough,
they're not tough enough.

- That's a little bit
of an overstatement.

Because we never
used "her" or "she"

when talking about suspects
in this case.

It was "he" and "him"
from the jump.

- She kind of makes a point.
- Okay, enough.

We got homicides to solve.

Right now, we got a whole lot
of nothing.

No physical evidence,
no forensics.

So dig into these rape victims.

Find the connection
with this female banger Q.

Rest of you,
canvas the neighborhood

where the bangers
got popped.

Show photos of them, Q.

Maybe someone saw them together
near the time of the murders.

- Hey, Sarge, I'm looking
at this M.E. report,

and based on stomach contents,
it looks like

the last thing the Kings
had to eat was pizza.

So you should let me and Ruzek

check out
some local restaurants.

- Well, there's
a good place to start.

- Yeah, I've seen him before.

They come here a lot.
One of them...

That one.

- Owes me $5.

- You might want to write
that off as uncollectible.

He's dead.
- Yeah, they both are.

- They were just here.

- No.

But they were with a girl.
She was real pretty, too.

- All right,
can you describe her for me?

- Uh, she's Latina.

Blondish hair. Curly.

She was thin but not too thin
if you know what I mean.

- Sure, keep going.

- She was medium height.

And she had
real pretty brown eyes.

- She sounds fine as hell.
- Yeah.

But I didn't want to sound
like a creeper, you know?

- Oh, yeah.
- All right, hey, listen.

We need to look at
your surveillance video.

- Yeah, yeah, that's Veronica.

She and that girl Q used
to run with the Kings.

But they branched out
when Peña was up in Stateville.

Some sort of chick-clique.

All girls.
Viper Queens.

Them bitches don't play,

Especially Q.

- Okay.
- She a stone-cold killer.

- Talk to us about Veronica.
What's her specialty?

- Drug runs.
Works with the Kings.

And lots of black gangs
on the South Side.

- All right, I need you
to do a deal with her today.

Three bricks.

How we gonna find that kind
of weight on short notice, man?

- The grocery store.

Baking soda and Vitamin B.

- Take it easy, man.

- Antonio's CI said 3:00,

- Yeah, which means 5:00,
maybe 6:00 if we're lucky.

- Aw, if you're looking for
punctuality, don't date a CI.

Or an Italian.

I dated a guy from Rome once.

- The more I learn about you,
the more I realize

I have no clue
who you really are.

- Good.
My plan is working.

Antonio's plan
on the other hand, not so sure.

Girls are tough to flip.

- Way tougher.

- So women are
more loyal than men?

- Absolutely.

Looks like this is our girl.

- She's got the backpack
and the money, let's roll.

We'll take the back.

both: Yeah.

- It's open.

- Yep.

- Chicago PD!
- Hey!

Get your hands up!

Hands where I can see them.

- Here against the wall.

- Keep your hands
where I can see them.

All right, you too, over here.

Stay against the wall.
Don't move.

- Upton's coming out!
- Okay.

- No backpack.
She passed it off to someone.

- There!

- 5021 Charlie, be advised,
two plainclothes officers

are in pursuit of a female,
red backpack, black jacket.

- Get down! Get down!
- Move out of the way!

Stay to the wall!
- Get out of the way!

Police! Move, move, move!

- Halt, halt!

- I'm going right.
- Got you.

Straight on the wall!
Move, move, move, move!

Stop, stop!
Chicago PD!

Chicago PD!

Move out of the way!

Move, move, move, move!

- Freeze!
- Stop right there.

- Hands up!
- Do not move!

It is over.
Put the backpack down.

Put the backpack down.

Turn around.


- We saw the handoff, Veronica.

A man pulled up,
gave you an envelope,

and then handed you
a red backpack.

- It had a bunch
of coke inside it.

- I thought it was
school supplies.

- You're staring down
some real time here.

- Got nothing to say.

You have something to say
about this?

Why don't you take a look?

Way we heard it,
you were the bait.

You met up with the pledges
at the pizza joint,

you played with 'em
a little bit,

and then you went back
to their house

where you let Q inside.

- She whacks them
then castrates them.

- I ain't never gonna
switch up on Q.

She's my girl.

My sister.

So y'all can stop
doing the dance.

- Okay.

But someone's got to pay
the ticket for those murders

so if you're not going to talk

then that someone's
gonna be you.

- So charge me.

Knew you was bluffin'.

Am I free to go?

- What do you want
to do, Sarge?

'Cause we can't charge her
on distribution

of Vitamin B
and baking soda.

- Kick her.

- We still got
this other kid.

- Mm.

- She has idea it's fake coke.

Maybe this little trick
will work with her.

- Hm.

- Wait.

You think I did that?
- Well, you're running drugs.

Who knows, maybe you're
doing murders, too.

- No, no.
I could never do that.

- You didn't have
a problem running coke.

I didn't want to.

I didn't have a choice.

Tina, did you ask Q
to kill those two boys?

- I was scared.

I thought they were gonna
come find me and kill me.

So I called my cousin.

She's in the gang.

Told me to talk to Q.

Said that she could
help protect me.

- Good.

It's okay.
It's good.

You were just protecting

Now we can help you
make this go away, okay?

But you have to help us.


- Yeah, so we'll be able
to see and hear everything.

But don't play
with it or touch it

'cause that might make
you nervous.

- Remember, we need her
to confess to the murders.

You find a way to get
her to talk about

what happened
in that house.

- Yeah, but don't push
too hard.

Look, remember,
I'm gonna be right outside.

We're all gonna be right
outside so if anything happens

we'll be right there.

This is Detective
Halstead and Upton.

We're gonna take you back
to Little Village.

- You're gonna walk over
to Q's house and you're gonna

tell her that the cops
brought you in.

They asked you a lot
of questions

but you didn't tell
them anything.

- And they didn't have
any evidence because you

stashed the backpack
before you got pinched.

- Okay.

- Okay, here we go.
She's stepping to the house.

- I hope this kid
can pull it off.

- All right, come on.

You still have the backpack.

- I hid it in a locker
before they could arrest me.

Closed the door so
no one could find it.

- That was smart.
Real smart.

- Thanks.

- So the police,
they just let you go?

- Yeah.

What kind of questions
did they ask you?

- They wanted to know
where the drugs were,

who gave them to me,
and how I knew Veronica.

- I said that I didn't
know about any drugs,

and that I knew Veronica
from the neighborhood.

- Hm.

That's good.


You should feel really proud
of yourself.

You handled your first bust
like a pro.

- Then how come I feel

- You've been through a lot, T.

What those guys did
to you and your friend...

It takes time to get over.

Trust me, I know.

- You saying that--
- Yes.

It happened to me too.

I was 14.

- So that's why you did
what you did to those guys.

- I did that.

I killed them because I wanted
to protect you.

And other future victims.

- Chicago PD!

Nobody move!

- Hands!
- Turn around.

- You make me sick.

- Yeah, she's on the way
to the airport.

She's gonna live
with her aunt for a while.

- Good. All right,
I got Q in the box.

I want you to get
her confession.

Let's put
this thing to bed.

- I want to offer her a deal.

You got to be kidding me.

This woman's got three bodies
to her name that we know of.

- Understood, but it's not
like she's killing choir boys.

She's killing monsters.

She's helping girls
with nowhere to turn

who are afraid to talk
to the police.

She is helping them, Sergeant.
- Kim. Kim.

Either way it doesn't
mean a damn thing

unless she's got something
to give us that we want.

- Well, yeah.

That would be good, but his
entire crew is on lock down.

Been trying to set up a deal.

- Q and Peña used to
run in the same gang.

They know each other.

I think I can get her
to play ball.

- It's worth a shot.

Grab Upton and get
your play together.

- Yeah.

- I did that.

I killed them because
I wanted to protect you.

- So, that's you

admitting to a double murder.

- Look, we know why
you killed those guys.

- And on some level we get it.

Which is why we're willing
to offer you a deal.

- Hell no.
I'm not snitching on my girls.

- That's okay.

Because we want Jorge Peña.


Can you get him?

- Yeah.

That's easy.

You'll wear a wire?

- Yeah.

You just leave the rest
of my girls alone.

They ain't got nothing
to do with this.

I did all the shooting.
I did all the cutting.

It was all me.

- Deal.


- Q put a feeler out to Peña.

He's interested in buying

some guns, so it's a go.
- All we need is

a gaming console.

- It's how Q sets up terms
with big players

and other crews, that way
everyone stays off the radar.

- So grab one
of these gaming things.

Let's get
this operation moving.

- Hank.

- Since that gang chick

I think I'm gonna
head back to Homicide.

- Aw.

How'd it go with Burgess?
- Great.

She's a real pro.

- Thanks for the help.
- You got it.

- Looks good.

- Let me see
your left wrist, please.

Throw this on.
It's a wire in that, okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- All right, just so you know,

there's a GPS tracker
on the car.

There's a kill switch
and the firing pins

have been removed
from the weapons so don't

get any crazy ideas.
- Ain't nothing to worry about.

I'm all about business.
- Hey.

You play this right,
you'll do 15 instead of life.

- And that's pretty good
considering your resume.

- I appreciate this.

I won't let you down.

I hate Peña too.

- Yeah.

- Hey, if you don't
mind me asking...

- Um...
Not so good.

I mean, she's trying.

She is, but it's a process.

A long, complicated process.

I'm trying to be there for her.

I'm trying to support her,

It's like the more I try,
the more she pushes me away.

And those bastards
that did this to her

are gonna be out in...

Like a year?

Going to happy hour...
- Here she comes.

What the hell was that?

- I-I don't know,
the red sedan pulled up

and the driver
passed something to Q.

- It could be.

- How does anyone even know
that she's here?

- I don't know,
the gaming console, maybe?

- We gotta call this in.
We gotta tell Voigt.

- Hailey, this is
our best chance to get Pena.

- Kim, call it in!

- All right, be advised,
we got Peña's car

approaching target location.

- Call it in or I will.

- It could be a weapon; I could
not make it out clearly.

- Correct.

- All right,
then let's just play it out.

Peña's arrived.

- Glad you reached out, Q.

It's been a minute.

- Yeah.

But I've been thinking
about you a lot lately.

- Mm-hmm.

- I was just waiting
for the right time to connect.

- Hmm.

So I hear you got some heaters.

- Yeah, I got a lot.

Got some automatics.

Some nines.

Some shotguns.


- Move in now.

- You ain't got it in you,
little girl.

- Please.

I never did you wrong.

- Drop the gun, Q.

- Drop it!

- Do it!

- Yeah, that's right.

- Don't move.
Hands where I can see 'em.

- You blew it, Q.
You really blew it.

- No, I got what I wanted.

Peña's the one who raped me.

Ain't nothing feel better
than taking back the power.

- Come on.

- Yes, sir,
I will have the file

on your desk in the morning.

And I have been on the phone
with the deputy chief

for the last hour--
- I knew it was a gun.

I saw it, Sarge.

I should have told you,
but I didn't.

Because I didn't
really care...

if Q killed
that son of a bitch.

- Have a seat.

Sit down.
- Okay.

Actually it's more
than that, Sarge.

I kind of wanted her to do it.

Like, I wanted her
to kill that pig.

Make him pay for all
the pain he caused.

I wanted that.

- Well...

Gun or no gun.

Doesn't really matter.


I wasn't gonna let anybody
kill that operation.

You ask me...

Chicago is a better place
with Jorge Peña dead.

Let it go.