Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - Anthem - full transcript

Intelligence investigates the murder of a basketball player following an anti-police rally and the case gets complicated when Woods' daughter gets involved.

As Americans,
we don't just have the right

to protest racism and injustice.

We have the duty.

But when Jamal Tate
and Chris Taylor took a knee

to protest police violence,

they were suspended.

They cannot suspend
our freedom of speech

and our freedom to protest.

Denny Woods' daughter running
an antipolice demonstration.

I think that's the actual
definition of irony.


Racism is so American...

That when we protest racism,
some people think

we protest America.

But protesting injustice, that's
what the flag stands for.

I got no respect for this kid.

I got six friends
who died for that flag.

Any sign of David Dixon?

Nothing yet.

I didn't come all this way
to get herded like cattle.

- Where you from?
- Battle Creek.

You mean where David Dixon's from?

Yeah. That's right.

- You a follower of David's?
- Am I?

If white men don't draw a line today,

tomorrow we won't exist.

- I'm Brian Walsh.
- Amos.

Got eyes on Dixon. He just got here.

Those people over there,
they hate our country?

Disrespecting our police,
disrespecting our flag, right?

And my question to you is,
what are we waiting for?

Let's go do something about it!

Heads up, these guys are on the move,

heading your way.

You don't deserve
to call yourself an American.

That's right.

You heard what I said.

Go get your mom's welfare check, boy.

Come on. You heard me?

So, what's up? What you wanna do?

You got watermelon in your ears, boy?

I got you.

I got you.

Attention, this is
the Chicago Police Department.

You are hereby ordered to
leave this area immediately.

Anyone failing to disperse

will be subject to immediate arrest.

I repeat. Anyone who fails to disperse

will be subject to arrest.

29 arrests so far,
disorderly and battery,

Dixon isn't one of them.

We finished sweeping the area.
No sign of Dixon.

Units at 21, we have
multiple calls of shots fired

at the CCU West parking structure.

- West.
- Floor unknown.


5021 emergency.

This is Antonio Dawson of Intelligence.

I need the entire campus on lockdown.

We have an active shooter
and one dead body.

He's a black male, 20's.

I believe he's the basketball
player that was kneeling.

Chris Taylor.

One shot to the heart, no witnesses.

Tact, Patrol, SWAT swept the area.

Shooter's in the wind.

Talk to Campus Security.

- Get surveillance.
- Yeah.

A lot of people here today.
Somebody saw something.

Well, we know David Dixon
and Chris Taylor

got into a fist fight.

It set this whole thing off.
We can't find Dixon.

Man, I'm texting Ruzek now.

He said he's still working undercover

with that gang in Michigan.

Tell him to stay under.

Maybe get a lead on Dixon.


I just talked to Brianna Woods.

She may have seen something.

- Yeah.
- Okay, thanks.

Hey, Brianna. It's been a while.

I'm Hank Voight.

I remember who you are.

So y'all gonna find out who did this?

Well, you got anything
that might help us?


I mean, this whole thing
just went off the tracks.


The team is meeting with the chaplain.

Coach, I can't.

- I gotta stay here.
- No, go ahead.

It's fine. Your team needs you.

You sure?


Let's get you to a doctor, okay?

Come on.

Listen, we just wanna ask you
a few questions, all right?

- I know the drill.
- All right.

You saw Chris get into
a fight at the demonstration?

Yeah. One of those Neonazis.

Told Chris he was gonna kill him.

- This guy?
- That's the one.

Did you... Did you catch him?

No, we're still looking.

Listen, is there anything
we should know about Chris?

We were friends.

I've known him since we were freshmen.

That's how I met Jamal.

Jamal is your boyfriend?


I wrote the article about them.

Which article?

Two friends take a stand.

Chris and Jamal came
from a tough neighborhood.

Got the golden ticket
to a fancy college,

and then they started
protesting the anthem.

The boosters, the fans, the coaches,

they were not happy.

They were getting threats?

There was just so much hate out there.

- They became a symbol.
- Sergeant.

- Hey.
- I hope these officers

are treating you with respect.

Hi, Daddy.

- Doctor take a look at that?
- Yeah.

Said it was fine.

I heard you jumped into the fray.

Couldn't help it.

Well, some things don't change.

You're lucky the police were there.

Couldn't resist?

Sarge, can we talk?

I know you and I have our differences.

But this is about her.

All that crap needs to be left behind.

We need to solve this murder
before it sparks a race riot.

Chris Taylor was a point guard at CCU.

Local kid from the Wild Hundreds.

Smart kid, too.

He was pulling 3.5 as
a Political Science major.

Any priors from the neighborhood?

One. He got popped for a possession

in high school,
he did community service,

he was clean after that.

Brianna said Chris was getting threats

for anthem protests.

All right, well check
Campus Security, social media,

see if any threats are credible.

The one person we know
was blogging threats

against black athletes was David Dixon.

Dixon's been on the FBI's radar
for hate crimes.

He got busted beating
an immigrant in Indiana.

Put him in the hospital
with a skull fracture.

Never went to trial because
the victim got deported.

Dixon and Chris got into
a fight at the rally,

and Dixon's still in the wind.

Hey, is Ruzek still
under with these guys?

As far as we know.

Okay, I just finished
with Campus Security.

I got something.

This is a basic timeline
of Chris' murder.

It starts at 10:42. This is 10:47.

And there's Dixon.

Now, this is a different camera
ten minutes later.

Two minutes after that...

Can't see his face.

Yeah, but you can see his jacket.

I mean, it looks a lot like Dixon's.

Let's find this guy.

We already got him, Sarge.

Ruzek arrested his AltRight
ass five minutes ago.

Good, let's have a talk with him.

I don't get it.

We were fighting for your side.

We're pro police, man.

Yeah, well, I'll tell you
what I don't get.

I don't get this whole
white supremacy thing.

I mean, judging from your record...


your contribution to society...

Aside from beating up immigrants

and blogging a bunch of hate,

why exactly do you feel superior?

I don't. That's why I'm not

a white supremacist.

I'm a white nationalist.

Come on.

People were meant to live
with their own tribes.

There's nothing wrong
with saying that aloud.

You and me.

We're the same tribe.

The same color, maybe. Not same tribe.

All right, well,

then explain something to me, officer.

Black man can wear a shirt
that says, "Black Power."

Lady wear a shirt that says,
"Female Power."

But if I wear a shirt
that says, "White Power,"

I'm a racist.

David Dixon.

My brother.

- How you doing today?
- I'm good.


Big fan of your blog.

A lot of anger, though.

I mean, according to your words,

you came to the city of Chicago
with intentions

on starting a race riot.

Um, I came to Chicago to exercise

my first amendment right of free speech.

Free speech. Now, listen.

I don't really know
too much about the Constitution

but I know free speech.

And it ain't homicide.

- Guys, that wasn't me.
- Okay, but this is you.

And that looks like you, too.

Following the young
Chris Taylor into the garage

- where he was shot to death.
- Not by me.

David, I know you like
that first amendment.

And if I know anything about
brothers like yourself,

you love the second amendment.

I'm not a gambling man, but I would bet

that you own a gun.

- Right?
- All right, all right.


What's wrong, Dave?
You own a gun, right?

All right, yeah. I did follow him.

- To kill him.
- Nope.

No, I was gonna give him a beat down.

Because he took a knee
for the national anthem?

Because he disrespected our country.

I got a brother, I got a uncle,

I got two cousins in the Army,
and that flag,

that means everything to us.


So you followed a young
Chris Taylor into that garage.

Yeah, and then when I got there,

I heard a gun go off,

and I saw a man come running out.

And guess what?

It was a black man.

- It was a black man?
- That's right.

Well... well, you obviously
ain't color blind.

You got a height, weight,
and age for him?

No, all I know is he was black.

But y'all don't wanna believe
a white guy, do you?

I just want the truth.

I don't care what color it is.

Yeah, well,

truth is you can silence me,

but others who believe in the cause,

they're gonna continue to fight.


I'm sorry about your friend.

I appreciate it.

I saw you at the demonstration.

In case you're wondering,
you don't pass for antifa.

I know how cops think.

You know how your father thinks, maybe.

I'm sure you've got
no sympathy for athletes

who kneel for the anthem.

All right, to be honest,

I don't know why people
are kneeling anymore at all.

I mean, is it about freedom of speech?

Is it about the President?

It's about the police.

It's about violence against black men.

Then why disrespect the flag?

No, you're wrong.

Kneeling is actually a sign of respect.

Kneeling, not kneeling...

I don't think it's gonna
change anything.

It's bringing more violence to the city.

It's the last thing we need.

Get down, get down!

- Are you hit?
- No, I'm okay.

All right, stay here. Don't move.

5021 George. I got a plate for you.

74 Paul Nora Tom 97.

Shots fired at the police.
Black Jeep Wrangler.

They're headed southbound,
4600 South King Drive.

I got the plate,
but I didn't see the shooter.

He had us dead to rights.

He was a piss poor shot.

Or he's just trying to scare us.

Any other witnesses?

No, not yet. We're still looking.

Crime techs are processing some
of the shell casings.

All right, get them to ballistics.


Hey, Hank.

So you're sure you didn't see anything?

All I saw was a black car.

It happened really fast.

Dad, I'm kinda freaked out.

Of course you are.
But you're okay, sweetheart.

Hey, they were just trying
to scare you, all right?

Put a car at her place.

Where are you going?

I gotta go to the Mayor's office.

He's, worried this thing
might spin out of control.

- You're good.
- She's in good hands.

Yo, Sarge, I think we got a hit

on that Jeep Wrangler that we like.

POD cameras just got tripped up
in Rosewood.

All right, let's get on it.

Come on.

Hey, I appreciate you
looking out for her.

I just pushed her to the curb.

How'd you know it was coming?

I was in Afghanistan.

- You get a feeling.
- So, are you a soldier?

Used to be.

I respect all that y'all do.

You know, you putting
your life on the line

for your country and everything.

That's legit.

Man, look, I love this country.

You know, that's why I'm kneeling.
I wanna make it even better.

Brianna, we just have to ask,

is there anyone that you can think of

that would wanna come after you?

Anyone that has a grudge against you?

Like, do I know someone
who would shoot me?


I assume it's the same
Neonazis who went after Chris.

Before today, no other specific threats?


What about you, Jamal? Any threats?

No, I mean, other teams would talk trash

to us for kneeling, but...

We got the ballistics.

Bullets in the driveby are a match

to the bullet that shot Chris.

Dixon couldn't have been
the shooter, then.

He still could have ordered it.

- Yeah.
- Or maybe not.

We found the Wrangler from the driveby.

The VIN numbers were defaced,

and the plates that Halstead gave us,

stolen off another vehicle.

Somebody wanted this car to disappear.

Yeah, and it had a custom V8
LTI Corvette engine.

Only 112 of them were sold in
this city the last two years.

Only three were installed in Wranglers.

And one of them belonged
to Marcus Bradley.

The assistant coach of CCU.

Let's talk to him.

Coach Bradley.

Thanks for taking the time.

Where's the team?

We suspended all basketball activities.

Players are meeting
with the grief counselor.

This about Chris?

Actually, it's about you. Your car.

2015 Wrangler.

That's not my car anymore.

I sold that last year.

Sold it?

You remember the buyer?

No, I don't.

I'm sorry, but how is this pertinent?

It is pertinent because your
Wrangler was used

in a driveby shooting and
the target was Brianna Woods.

- You know her?
- She wrote that article

about Jamal and Chris
protesting the anthem.

The bullets shot at her

matched the ones that killed Chris.

I'm not sure what this
has to do with me.

I sold that truck.
Any further questions,

you can take it up with my lawyer.

Let's track his phone.


Call just went through.

- What's up, Coach?
- Yo, K, how's it going?

It's all good. What's the problem?

Yeah, the cops, they know about the car.

We gotta keep our distance.

All right, that call was made
to a Kendrick Gaines.

Yeah, what do we know about him?

Nothing much but
some petty drug stuff.

You know what? I got something.

The possession charge that
Chris got in high school?

The bond was paid by Kendrick Gaines.

Let's grab him up.

There we go. Get in it.

Press, press, press.

That's money, man. That's foul money!

Watch his hips, homie. Watch his hips!

Come on, man! Be strong with the ball!

Go ahead, man! Do that!

Hey, hey. Kendrick Gaines?

That's me.

Check out the kid in the red shorts.

Little man can ball.

You a scout?

Africa they dig for diamonds.

In the Wild Hundreds,

we dig for Michael Jordans.

What do you get if you find one?

Satisfaction and free tickets.

And a new Jeep Wrangler
from Coach Bradley from CCU.

You helped Coach Bradley
recruit Jamal and Chris, right?

My boys wanted to stay close to home.

Maybe too close for Chris?

I mean, maybe sometimes
it's better to grow

away from your roots.

Y'all never had beef?

No, we were cool.

Hey, y'all go look,

I ain't have nothing
to do with what went down.

It's just that we checked
the phone records,

and the last person that Chris
talked to before he was killed

was you.

I talk to my boy all the time.

- It's just coincidence.
- Coincidence?

Yesterday your Wrangler
was used in a driveby,

and the bullets that were shot
from the vehicle

were the same ones
that killed Chris Taylor.

Look, on my soul,
I had nothing to do with that.

My car got took last week.

Well, that's incredibly convenient.

You reported it, right?

Like the CPD was gonna make
it a top priority.

Look, I wasn't into it with Chris,

and my car got took.

What else y'all want from me?

I think we're good.

Unless you got alibi
for yesterday morning.

I was right here with my boy, Trey.

- Trey?
- That true, Trey?

You heard, folks.

Trey confirms.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

Hey, Ops.

- Ops!
- Is that us?

- You gotta be kidding.
- I think so.

It's a shame what happened to Chris.

For real.

He lying his ass off.


Now we just gotta prove it.

Black kid at a white college
kneels for the anthem.

Risks suspension for something
he believes in.

Takes a lot of guts. I'll give him that.

Did you see this?

Let's find out.

I'm sorry, Brianna,
we need to talk to you.

Yeah, what is it?

Do you know a guy named Kendrick Gaines?

No, doesn't ring a bell. Why?

You're on his Facebook page.

How do you know Kendrick Gaines?

I don't really know him.

Maybe I saw him at some party.

We checked your phone.

You called him three times last month.

Look, Brianna, I'm trying to help.


You need to be honest with me.

Why'd you call him?

I was just trying to score some weed.

You're a college student.

You don't need a gangbanger
from The Wild Hundreds

to find pot.

Honey, someone just tried to kill you.

You need to be honest with me.

What in the hell is going on in here?

- Daddy...
- Do you remember the talk?

Denny, we're just having a conversation.

Do you remember the talk?

- Of course I do.
- You never run from a cop.

You never talk to one without a lawyer.

- He's your friend.
- Is he a cop?

I can't believe you started without me.


What is this really about, Hank?

This is about me trying
to solve a homicide

and trying to help your daughter.

Nothing more.

You ask me, she's in trouble
with some very rough people.

Must be related to her boyfriend, Jamal.

Comes straight from the hood.

Well, all we've got so far is
she knows our lead suspect.

It's a gangbanger named Kendrick Gaines.

We don't know how or why.

Let me talk to her.



Can we go now?


We need to get to some truth.


You're an idealist.

You think you can change the world.

But I'm a cop. I see the darkness.

And the only thing that scares me...

The only thing is that
the darkness will find you.

Brianna, you are my life.

And you're in trouble.

But how do you know Kendrick Gaines?

I was trying to protect Jamal.

So he could play basketball.

All right, go ahead.
Just tell me what happened.

A couple months ago,
I found lots of cash

in Jamal's drawer.

I knew it was suspicious,
so I confronted him.

- Drugs?
- No.

- Gambling.
- What do you mean?

Chris and Jamal had been
getting money from Kendrick

since they were kids.

Then Kendrick wanted some payback.

Wanted them to shave points.

You know, miss a few shots
here and there.

I knew I was right about this Jamal.

No, it's not his fault.
He didn't want to do it.

He was scared it would hurt
his chances of turning pro.

Kendrick threatened him.

That's why I called.

I'm not following.

I told him if he didn't stop
squeezing Jamal and Chris

that I was going to tell my father.

That's why Kendrick tried to shoot you.

I thought I could handle this.

I didn't... I didn't know... I...

Yeah, well...

Now you do.

Man, this is a nightmare.

My worst dream is actually coming true.

You were shaving points.
What did you expect?

Not the last game. Coach benched me.

Took money for other games?

A few.

Kendrick has been giving me
money since I was 12 years old.

When I didn't know no better.

Once you start, he don't let you stop.

And Kendrick told you
and Chris to fix this game

- two nights ago?
- That's right.

And you knew the coach would
bench you if you knelt

during the anthem.

So taking a knee was your way
of shaving points?

- No, that's not why we did it.
- Okay.

We was gonna play, make sure we won.

Just not by too many points.

Then why'd you take a knee?

Because Brianna showed up.

She wasn't even supposed to be there,

but when I saw her,
I... I couldn't back down.

You know? I couldn't let her down.

All right, you took a knee for Brianna.

Yeah. I mean, that wasn't

the only reason, but...

She opened my mind to a lot of things.

All right, why'd Chris take a knee?

Because he my friend.

And we always had each other's back.

I thought it would still work.

You know, I figured we wouldn't
score so much

if neither one of us played.

But then this freshman, Freddy Mosely,

goes off for 36 points.

Has the best game of his life.

Kendrick lost a lot of money.

He said me and Chris had to pay.

Look, Jamal,

we can help you.

You gotta help us.

We need you to wear a wire, man.

We gotta get a confession
out of Kendrick.

You already know he killed Chris.

But we don't have proof.

Kendrick was smart. Covered his tracks.

If I do this wire...

I get to go back to playing ball, right?

Yeah, Jamal's willing to cooperate,

but the ASA is playing hardball.

- Well, what is she offering?
- Not much.

Look, there's the gambling,
plus obstruction,

he's got a prior for possession.

She's pushing for jail time.

I need your help to push back.

Yeah, but if the ASA thinks
jail time is appropriate,

we should honor her recommendation.

Denny, it's all a negotiation.

- You know that.
- Yeah, well,

Jamal broke the law.

We're talking about
your daughter's boyfriend.

Boyfriends come and go, Hank.

Brianna was sowing
a few wild oats in college

with a bad boy from the Wild Hundreds.

But now it's time for my
daughter to get serious

and start a new chapter in her life.

And Jamal will not
be part of that chapter.

He does not get a pass.

So Sarge, we gonna work out
that deal for Jamal?

The ASA's working on it.

Okay, you think it's
gonna happen, though?

I said ASA is working on it.


Jamal just talked to Kendrick.

The meet is set at Squire Lounge

on the south side at 7.

I'm checking the layout out now.

We've got one street entrance,
one exit out the back.

Antonio and Olinsky are setting
Jamal up with a wire.

As soon as we get Kendrick's confession,

on my signal, we scoop him up.

And we're not taking any chances.

This guy is dangerous.

Dad, I really appreciate
everything you've done.

You're my daughter, sweetheart.

I'm just so glad this is gonna be over.

Jamal can finally get back
to basketball and his career.

Brianna, there's something

that you need to know.


Jamal is not going to be
able to come back from this.

What do you mean?

It's gambling.
That's the one sin in sports

that is never forgiven.

But I just talked to him.
They gave him a deal.

They said if he just cooperated...

He might avoid jail time. He might.

If he's lucky.

It's time for you to stop
worrying about Jamal

and focus on yourself. On your life.

Excuse me?

Jamal's path and your path

are going in completely
different directions.

You are an extraordinary young woman,

and one day you'll find a man
who deserves you.

And you don't think Jamal deserves me?

Because he kneeled for
the national anthem?

- Brianna...
- Taking a stand

- bothers you that much?
- Of course it bothers me.

I'm a cop. He was protesting me.

No, he was protesting racism.

He was giving me the middle finger.


I have known you longer
than you've known yourself.

I know things about your heart
you have yet to discover.

Sweetheart, he's wrong for you.

You mean because he comes from

the wrong part of the city?

Or has tattoos?

Or he's the wrong kind of black?

There's more to it than just that.




You all right?

You seem a little distracted.

Yeah, it's this Bingham thing.

Woods said they found a slug
in the body.


They traced it back to a gun
registered to this punk

I pinched five years ago.

Never recovered the gun.

Makes me a suspect.

- He's bluffing.
- No, he's not.

He's coming after me, Al.

I thought you two had a truce?

Yeah, well, it ain't gonna last.

He wants me too bad.

All right, listen up.

Suspect is on location.
He's with another male.

African American, blue coat.

I don't know if I can do this, man.

I think maybe I need to be
talking to a lawyer.

Who's blowing up your phone?

Yo, Kendrick.

- You wanted to talk.
- Yeah.

Look, the thing is,
ever since Chris got killed,

there's been a lot of police around.

And what'd you tell them?

- Nothing.
- That's right.

Nothing for them to know.

The only thing you gotta worry
about is getting me back

that money I lost.

Bro, I can't keep doing that.

I keep throwing up bad games,
it's gonna kill my career.


You still think you're going to the NBA?

That is no longer happening.

- I still got a shot.
- Had a shot.

But that knee injury you got
when you were a freshman,

you lost half a step.

Half a step, that's...

That's 100 miles in the NBA.

- That's... that's a lie.
- Sadly, it's the truth.

And when all this is over, my brother,

I'm all you got left.


Why'd you think you could play me?

Bro, I didn't...

Freddy Mosley went off for 36 points.

Who in the world could have
saw that happening?

That was a act of God.

You and Chris were supposed
to control that game.

And then you knelt for the anthem

and got your dumb asses benched.

And here we are.

Is that why you took Chris out?

I liked Chris.

I didn't want it to go down
the way it did.

I went to tell him he owed me money.

He reached for my gun,
and it just went...


You don't wanna be a fool like Chris.

All right, we got it.

- Let's prepare to move in.
- Hank, hold on, hold on.

That's Woods' daughter.

What is she doing here?

Antonio, we got a situation.

Hey. Did you get my text?

Hey, what you doing here, Brianna?

I just came to meet Jamal for a drink.

I didn't know he was with you.

Brianna, hey. How you doing?

Let's you and me get outta here.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Who the hell are you?

Yo, I got the confession! Arrest him!

Hey, man! Hey, hey, hey!

Hands! Hands!

You're the damn police!

- Take it easy.
- Let's see some hands.

- Put your hands up!
- All right.

- Put them up!
- Okay.

On everything I love,
you better not move.

Where'd they put the wire?

Guys, it ain't like that, bro.

Hey, man, where'd they put the wire?

On the ground.

Bro, Brianna ain't got nothing

to do with this, brother...

Hey, hey! Sit down!

Don't move! In the chair!

Nobody leaves. Nobody.

I got word. Brianna?

She's inside.

How in the hell did that happen?

- You tell me.
- Wrong time, wrong place.

Denny, she knew exactly
what was going down,

and she didn't get it from us.

I told Brianna what was likely to happen

after Jamal cooperated.

Maybe he called her
and told her where he was.

She came down here trying
to talk him out of it.

She blew up our operation.

Don't put it on her, Hank!

That's not where I'm putting it.

How do we get her out?

I got Antonio inside.

Seeing blue. This is bad, G.

Hey, just chill, man.

I got this.

No, you don't got this.

You know, I have told you
to shut up, man.


You talk too much, man.

Listen to me.

You wanna live?

Work with me.

I'm your way out.

There's a lot of white police
officers out there

with itchy trigger fingers
waiting to shoot you.

You won't make it 2 feet.

Let me call my Sergeant.

Talking's the best weapon
you got right now.

No, no, no.

- She's the best weapon I got.
- No!

- Now.
- Brianna!

- No!
- Denny.

- I'm going in.
- No, you can't!

Get the hell out of my way!
My daughter is in there!

Denny, there's 15 people in there!

You march in with a gun,
it's gonna be a bloodbath.

Get your hands off me right now.

- That's an order.
- Boss, boss...

Look, we're not gonna just sit here!

Denny! You've got to trust me!

I've got a man inside!

Just hold on.

Talk to me, Antonio.

No, this ain't Antonio.

This is Kendrick.

And just so we're clear, I'm in charge.

- You feel me?
- I feel you.

But it's my job to make sure
everybody in there stays alive.

You lay down your weapons,
this all ends peacefully.

Peace? That's dead.

I got a cop, and I got
the daughter of a cop.

I just want freedom.

Yeah? You release those hostages,

I can help you get it.

Help? I don't need your help.

You need my help.

You need my help to keep
these people alive.

I'm listening.


I want y'all to clear out.

Miles away.

And I want a car
with a full tank of gas.

I can get that.

But you and your friend gotta get

in that car alone, Kendrick.

That's the only way this thing works.

You feel me?

Whatever, man.

Just get me the car.

All right, you heard him.

Look, it's your daughter in there.

I'll do whatever you want.

We can move in right now.

Get him the car.

Hang tight.

It's almost over.

You all right?

I'm good.


I am so sorry for bringing you
into all of this.

- I'm sorry for everything.
- No, it's my fault.

I didn't know Kendrick would be here.

Hey, hey, you're coming with.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey!

Hey! One more word, Mally Mal.

One more word.

You're a damn fool, you know that?

We had something special, man.

I took care of you.

- You took care of yourself.
- Let's go.

No way they agreed to this.

Hey, I ain't going out there
without protection.

So let's go, and shut up.

Matter of fact,

Mal, get your goof ass in the bathroom.

Everybody in the bathroom right now!

Y'all wanna get hit?
Get in the bathroom right now!

Look at me. Don't try to run.

Stay perfectly still. You hear me?

Don't try to run.

Open the door.

Come on, let's go. Open the door.

Relax. Slow.

You cannot let her get into that car.

I won't.

Talk to me, Jay.

No shot, Sarge.

- Stop moving.
- Dad, are you there?

Brianna, just stay calm.

Do what they say.



Hey. Hey, baby.

Get a squad car!

We gotta get her to the
hospital right away now!

Copy that.

Come on, baby. Just stay with me.

Come on, baby. Come on.

We got you. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, that's my girl. That's my girl.

That's my girl. Yes.

How's Brianna?

I wanna see her.

Go home, son.

What you mean?

It means you're not going to see her.

- I'm her boyfriend.
- No, you're not.

I said go home.

Officer, this man is causing
a disturbance.

Hell, no. You can't do that, man.

Remove him.

- What... I just...
- Come on.

- Let's go.
- Yeah?

Hey, hey, let's go!

You can't... bro, stop shoving me.

Let's go!

How is she?

She's not good, Hank.

She's dying.

I'm so sorry, Denny.

We did everything we could.



It wasn't good enough.