Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Chasing Monsters - full transcript

Intelligence works with a visiting detective to take down a gang from El Salvador that has infiltrated Chicago.

[somber music]
[car door closes]
- Al, it's what we thought.
- All right,
what are we going to do?
- Wait it out.
Probably get in touch
with Lindsey.
Give her a head's up.
- It's going to be okay, Hank.
- Did what I had to do.
- Hey.
- Antonio, good to
see you, my friend.
- Good to see you too, Marco.
Hey, this is my partner, Kim.
both: Hi.
- Oh.
- We met years ago
when I walked the foot post
here in the 10th district.
So what can I do for you?
- The other night,
some animal broke into my shop
and trashed the place.
- Hmm.
- Did you report it
to the district?
- They told me to get
surveillance cameras.
So I did.
Then last night,
after I closed up,
some punk kid
rode up on a bike,
told me
bad things would happen
unless I paid his boss
protection money.
- What did you tell him?
- Told him to go to hell.
And I showed him this.
- Hey, hey, Marco,
what are you doing?
- Relax, I've got a permit.
- That's not the point.
- You think I'm going to let
some kid shake me down?
- I get it, but you need
to let us take care of this.
- Do you know this kid?
- Never saw him before.
- All right.
Let me talk to a few people,
I'll see what's going on.
And then we'll swing by
the shop tomorrow morning
before you open,
and we'll figure something out.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
Leave that at home.
- I will.
And thank you.
- Yeah.
- Okay, thanks.
So, gang investigation says
the 26ers and the Kings
are big dogs
in the 10th district.
But extortion
isn't their thing, so...
- Well, Marco's been in
that neighborhood for 30 years.
People know
not to mess with him.
It's probably just
some wannabe kids
trying to make
a quick buck.
- Units in the 10th district
and units on the citywide,
we have an unknown
number of shots fired,
2553 18th Street.
Responding units advise.
- That's Marco's shop.
What the hell did he do?
- 50-21 Eddie squad,
be advised
plain clothes units responding
to that shots fired on 18th.
[dramatic music]
[sirens wailing, tires squeal]
- Take the back!
- Copy.
Go right.
- Yep.
- Opening the back door.
- Okay.
- Clear?
- Mm-hmm.
- Marco.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
- Antonio.
- [whispers]
Oh, God.
- I got it, I got that.
Did you get the outside?
- All right, what do we got?
- DOA is Marco Rivera,
He owned the place.
Antonio and I
talked to him last night.
Said a local gang was shaking
him down for protection money.
We did find one witness.
He said two male offenders,
Hispanic, ran out the back,
but didn't get a good look
at their faces.
- Marco managed to get off
a couple of shots,
but it doesn't look like
he hit anyone.
- Hey, Joe.
- Hank.
Detective Marcella Gomez,
national civil police
of El Salvador.
She's here observing how the
CPD homicide does business.
- Pleasure.
- Detective Antonio Dawson.
This is my partner, Kim.
both: Hi.
- So these words?
- Kill, terrify, control.
- Hmm.
- The motto for
the Salvadoran gang.
Sicarios Savios,
- You've worked some of
these cases back home?
- Several.
And sadly, they all look
a lot like this.
- So they like knives, huh?
- Machetes.
Their brand is intimidation,
so they come out big.
Make the murders
as gruesome as possible.
- Anyway, Joe.
Antonio was working
an extortion angle
with this victim.
We'd like to run with the case.
- No problem,
just keep us in the loop.
- Thanks a lot.
Nice to meet you.
- I'd be happy to help out,
if you want.
I know how they
operate very good.
- Well, that's your call, Joe.
- Fine by me.
- Great.
All right, welcome aboard.
- These are very bad people.
I heard what they did to Marco.
Everyone has.
- We can protect you.
- Can you?
And my kids, and my wife?
Look, I'm sorry,
but I've got to do
what's best for my family.
- At least tell us
what they look like.
Was there anything
distinct about them?
The ones who collect,
they're just kids.
But once I was late to pay,
and three older men came.
They warned me that
if I went to the police,
that they were
going to kill me,
and my family.
One was the boss, he had
tattoos all over his face.
Um, the letters "SS,"
next to a fist
with two fingers extended.
- Thank you, if you need
anything, you call us.
- Hell no.
They know better than to
come into Franny's place
looking to get paid.
- Okay, but how about recently?
Anybody coming in here
and messing with the store?
- Someone tried to break in
a couple nights back,
Broke a window.
Alarm scared him off.
I didn't bother calling y'all.
- Well, Ms. Franny,
you should probably know
that they'll
definitely be back.
Demanding protection money.
- You think they're the ones
who killed Marco?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-mm-mm.
He was the first person
to come down
and welcome me to the block
when I opened my store.
- All right, so,
maybe help us out.
- I'll help you however I can.
- All right,
thank you, Ms. Franny.
- Appreciate you.
- And thank you for the muffin.
- You're welcome.
- So much for facial rec.
- Go back and freeze it
in the doorway.
- Zoom in on the hands
of the guy on the left.
Get those tats.
And do the same on the
forehead for the other guy.
- Those are pretty unique.
- We have a database
of SS-11 tattoos back home.
I can have my people try
and put a name to those images.
- Yeah.
- All right, let's switch
to the inside camera.
[soft dramatic music]
- [breathing shakily]
- I got her.
You keep watching.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
[heavy breathing]
- Hey, you okay?
- I don't know
what's wrong with me.
- Nothing.
The truth is,
it's a bigger problem
if stuff like that
doesn't get to you.
- [laughs, sniffles]
I'm sorry.
I don't know what
to think about a guy
who carries tissues
in his jacket.
- [exhales]
- [laughs]
- Well, he's either
incredibly sensitive,
or he's got a cold.
Or he's...
Prepared for winter in Chicago.
- Well, I'm going to guess
all of the above.
- [laughs]
- [exhales]
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- [sighs]
- Anything from
the security footage?
- No faces, but we did
capture some unique tats
on their hands and forehead.
Checking our databases
and around the country.
Marcella sent the images
back to her department
in El Salvador.
- If they were arrested
in El Salvador,
those gang tattoos
will be in our system.
- Any locals
willing to get involved?
- Oh, yeah, we actually got
a badass bakery owner
named Franny.
She said we can use her store
to do anything we want.
- She hasn't been
approached by the gang yet,
but her store was vandalized
a few days ago,
so if they follow the pattern,
they should be
hitting her up soon.
They'll send in a chequeo
to make the initial offer.
- Chequeo?
- Yes, a teenager.
They use a network
of young kids
to deliver messages
from the street.
To and from the gang leaders.
No phones.
When the chequeo
comes into the store,
we have the owner
refuse to pay.
And then we try our best
to tail the chequeos
back to the gang's safe house.
- Hmm.
- And hopefully the boss.
- I'm sorry to interrupt, Hank.
I need a word.
- That sounds good.
Let's do it her way.
Set it up.
- Use my desk.
- Denny?
- Super Mart just broke ground
on a new store.
Over on that
old railroad property
down by the 22nd street bridge.
construction was halted.
The builders uncovered
some human remains.
- Yeah, I read about that.
- Well, a medical examiner
just made a positive ID.
- It's Kevin Bingham.
The man who murdered your son.
[dramatic music]
I mean, losing your boy
is hard enough,
but to have your name
dragged in the mud like that?
Internal Affairs out there
digging around the silos,
looking for Bingham's body.
Accusing you of murdering him.
That's a lot to take.
- I got thick skin.
- Yeah, well, I want you
to know that crime lab
is all over this, working
overtime to clear your name.
- I appreciate that.
I figure all this time
in the ground,
it's going to be
tough to find something
to clear my name.
- We'll see about that.
- Mm-hmm.
- I brought in an FBI
forensics team to help out.
It's all hands on deck, Hank.
It's the least we could do
for all you've been through.
- You got anything else?
- Not at the moment.
But you'll be the first
to know when I do.
- Okay.
Marcella's people
in El Salvador
matched that tattoos in the
video to these two guys.
Yovani Valasquez, Alonzo Amaya.
Part of a violent SS-11 clique,
led by that guy.
- That's Raul Martinez,
AKA "El Lobo."
Wanted for murder and
other felonies in my country.
- I notified Interpol,
flagged them with the Feds,
and put their
faces out to patrol.
- All right, so where we at
with the sting operation?
- OCD's got the bakery wired
for video and sound.
Kevin and I
will be inside, baking.
- Yeah, and we'll probably
be in there for a while,
because if these dudes are
smart they might lay low
after what they did
in the pawn shop, right?
- Not SS-11.
They just keep coming,
they keep intimidating.
- Copy that.
- Be careful out there.
- Thank you.
- I didn't see
a ring on your finger.
- You should be
a detective someday.
- Yeah?
- I'm divorced.
But we have two great kids,
a boy and a girl.
Or should I say, young woman.
A very smart, opinionated
young woman at that.
- Well, girls are complicated.
- Yeah, I've noticed.
How about you?
- Complicated?
Oh, yeah, I am.
- [chuckles]
- Oh, uh...
I was, until last year.
- Guess it doesn't matter
where you're a cop, huh?
Job has the same effect?
That wasn't the problem.
With us, anyway.
Our son passed away.
Traffic accident.
He was 13 years old,
and everything kind of
fell apart after that.
- I'm so sorry to hear that.
- Yeah, it's not easy.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it's...
- Come on.
- Yeah.
- How's therapy going? -
- I never thought
I'd say this out loud, but...
I actually kind of like it.
- Wow, I am shocked.
- It's helpful.
Finally dealing with some stuff
that happened in Afghanistan.
And Chicago.
- I'm happy to hear it.
- Heads up,
we might be in business.
[tense music]
- Target went in.
- Can I help you, young man?
- Pretty nice place
you got here.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wanna keep it that way?
Gonna have to pay.
- [exhales]
I am not like
the other folks around here.
I can take care
of my own business.
- Dead man down the block
didn't want to pay.
Could get real dangerous around
here for an old lady like you.
- Don't threaten me,
little boy.
- I'm a little boy?
- Hey, hey, hey, ma,
put the bat down.
Hey, listen.
We don't want
those problems, okay?
Can you just get out of here?
- You go back,
and tell your boss that I ain't
paying nobody nothing.
- Come on, man, just leave.
- Get your sorry ass
out of my store...
- This ain't over, bitch!
- Or I will split your skull
like a coconut!
- Great job, Ms. Franny.
- I've got
number one in pocket,
heading westbound on 18th
towards Wood St.
- Copy, westbound on 18th.
We're taking Paulina.
- Number one just handed
a note to number two.
Male, Hispanic,
holding a skateboard.
Heading north in the gangway
between 17th and 18th.
I need eyes on number two.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Go ahead,
take the next corner.
- Okay.
- I have number two in pocket.
He's moving eastbound in the
alley, approaching Paulina.
[tense music]
Subject made contact
with target number three.
It's a female Hispanic,
about 16 years old,
green jacket.
Blue jeans, dark sneakers.
- Copy, eastbound
approaching Paulina.
- Come on, come on.
I have number two, continuing
eastbound in the alley.
I can't see.
I don't know
if a handoff was made.
I need eyes on number three
who's now northbound
under the El,
heading towards 17.
- In the car heading your way.
- I have eyes on number three.
- Copy.
Stay with her, Marcella.
I'm coming your way.
Marcella, where are you?
Please respond.
Marcella, can you hear me?
Please respond.
- Hey.
Hey, what's going on?
- [exhales]
I lost her.
- Who was going into the yard?
- Someone I thought was her.
She met up with
some kids on bikes,
and they all drove off
in different directions.
I wasn't sure
if she made the handoff,
and I lost her for a minute.
- I was calling you
on the radio.
- Oh, I must have turned
the volume down by accident.
- Any luck?
- No, you?
- They're tough to follow.
- That's the whole idea.
- So what now?
- We wait. Franny's message,
or should I say middle finger,
is on its way
back to the boss.
I'm guessing
he's going to respond.
- Yeah, no doubt.
The question is when.
- Yeah, and with
how many machetes.
You all right?
- Yes.
- I thought you guys
were done for the day.
- Yeah, well,
low man on the totem pole.
Someone has to transcribe
the surveillance logs.
- Detective from gang
stopped by,
looking for the pretty lady
from El Salvador.
He asked me
to make sure she got that.
- You sure it wasn't homicide?
She's not working
with anyone from gangs.
- It was O'Brien.
I know him.
He was really looking forward
to meeting her in person.
[soft dramatic music]
[cell phone buzzing]
- Sorry about that.
- Do you need to go?
- No, no, I'm fine.
Actually, before you called,
I was on my way home
to an empty house,
so this is a treat.
- Well, it's good to know that
I can still beat out
an empty house.
- [chuckles]
[glasses clink]
So you were telling me about
how much you like being single?
- Mmm, oh yeah, it's fantastic.
I love swiping right, or left.
- [laughs]
- It's so romantic, you know.
- Mm.
- I'm not very good at this.
Do you want
to come up to my room?
- I'd like to.
But the question is, should I?
[soft music]
- [whispers]
I think you should.
- Hey, hey.
[phone buzzing]
Your partner's been calling.
- [exhales]
- See you at the office, okay?
- Wait, is everything okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
[phone buzzing]
[door shuts]
both: Hey.
- So I talked to Lindsey.
- Yeah.
- She's solid.
All they got
is a bag full of bones.
This is going to be fine.
- Listen.
Keep your ear
to the ground, okay?
If it's coming, I want to
see it from a mile away.
- All right,
but don't worry, man.
You know I got your back.
All right?
- Hey, what's up?
- A call back
would have been nice.
- I'm sorry.
What's so important?
- I'm concerned about Marcella.
I think she's playing us.
- Playing us how,
what do you mean?
- I don't know,
that's what's so odd.
- Kim, I'm tired.
We have a lot of work to do.
- Okay, um, I think that, uh,
she's been talking
to O'Brien from gangs.
- How does she know him?
- Exactly.
I thought she was here
to observe homicide.
He dropped this off
for her last night.
What the hell is she doing
running our offenders
through him?
And he was supposed to meet her
for a drink last night,
but she cancelled, so...
I guess something
better came along.
- You ask O'Brien about this?
Maybe she crossed with him when
she was working with homicide.
- I have a call into O'Brien.
- There you go, could be
she's just trying to help.
Anything else I need to know?
- Yeah.
Yesterday, when I found
Marcella on the street,
she told me she lost
the kid she was following.
But I saw her watch a girl,
the exact same description
walk through a gate,
into a yard.
It was clear as day.
I asked her about it,
and she lied to my face.
- Why would she lie about that?
- That's what
I'm talking about Antonio.
Something's off.
[tense music]
- I don't know.
Hey, are you talking
to a guy in our gang unit?
- Yeah.
Keith O'Brien.
I asked him to run some stuff
for us on those SS-11 guys.
- Oh.
- Why?
- He dropped it off
at the district last night.
- I know.
He texted me.
I was supposed to buy him a
drink to thank him, but...
I had a better offer.
- How do you know him?
- I met him when I was
working with homicide.
He gave me his card, told me,
call me if you
ever need anything.
I should have run it
through you guys.
I was just trying to help,
I'm so sorry.
I get it.
That's all right.
Just some people were
confused, that's all.
- Hey, thanks for
meeting me, Keith.
- No sweat, like I said,
I was in the neighborhood.
What's up.
- Marcella Gomez.
- What about her?
- Did she ask you
to do the work ups
for the homicide
at Marco's pawn shop?
- Yeah, is there a problem?
- No, I'm just...
I don't know,
I was just wondering
how she got your number.
She's only been here
a week or so.
- Two months ago, she reached
out from El Salvador.
Wanted to know about
Raul Martinez, "El Lobo."
- Wait, she was talking to you
about "El Lobo" two months ago?
- Yeah, an informant
in El Salvador
told her that he was
headed to Chicago.
So I checked it out with
our CI's but came up dry.
Why, what's the big deal?
Look, I'm not trying
to step on toes.
She called me yesterday,
said she just happened
to be here for training,
was working with you guys,
and "El Lobo's" name came up.
- Right, no big deal.
Thanks, Keith.
I owe you a beer.
- I intend to collect.
- Jay.
Guys, we've got company.
Possible targets pulling up
to the rear of the location.
No tags on the vehicle.
- Targets are armed
and moving toward
the rear door of the bakery.
Everybody move.
All right, ready?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Let's go.
[suspenseful music]
- Hey, Chicago PD,
drop the machete.
Put it down!
- Put it down.
Put it down!
- [yells]
- Put it down!
- [grunting]
- Come on.
All right, get up.
- Call that in for me?
- Yeah.
It was a good shoot.
- Get rid of that hat.
That's nice work.
- Thanks.
The other offender's DOA.
Rest of the guys
are finishing up
with the shooting team.
- I need to be at the scene?
- No, it was a good shoot.
All caught on our
surveillance video.
They're just getting
the papers straight.
- So who tuned the kid up?
- He walked into
the bakery like that.
I'm serious.
- Alonzo looks pretty young
for an enforcer.
In the video of Marco's murder,
he looks very
nervous and scared.
I'm thinking
it was his first kill.
- Like some kind of
gang initiation thing?
- Exactly.
After that, there's a ceremony.
Senior members of the gang
beat up the chequeo
for 11 seconds.
If he takes the beating
like a man,
he's in.
- Hmm.
- Whether or not he took
the ass-whooping like a man,
he's a boy, and he's terrified.
Probably never been
in a room before.
- Yeah, so let's use that.
You and me.
Let's find this "El Lobo."
- Well...
We know what happened
at the pawn shop, Alonzo.
We got the whole thing
on video.
- I think...
Valasquez killed him.
He was dead by the time
you got your whacks in, right?
His name was Marco.
He was my friend.
And someone
has to pay for that.
- Right now,
that someone is you.
- [breathing shakily]
- Look at me, Alonzo.
[tense music]
Marco was your first, right?
Yeah, I thought so.
Let me guess.
You wish you
hadn't done it, right?
Wish you could take it back.
- I do.
- Yeah, well...
See, that's the thing
about murder.
You can't take it back.
It stays with you
the rest of your life.
No matter how hard you try.
- How old are you, Alonzo?
Hey, hey.
I know it doesn't
seem like it right now,
but you got your whole life
ahead of you.
If you play your cards right.
- Mm-hmm.
Son, what happens
in this room right now.
Right now.
Determines...if you die
in prison an old man...
Or you walk free
by your 25th birthday.
- And all you've got to do
is tell us where "El Lobo" is.
- Mm-hmm.
So what's it going to be?
- Last night,
"El Lobo" slept in a house
on a street called Sawyer.
- Okay, Sawyer's a big street.
Near it, on it?
- It was on a corner.
Um, it was blue.
There was Chinese
across the street.
- What else was around there?
- Um...
There was a grocery across the
street next to the Chinese.
I think it was
near a firehouse.
- You're sure he
stayed there on Saturday?
- Yeah.
- Is there something
on your mind, Detective?
- But he could be gone by now.
- Yeah.
You lied about losing the kid
you were following yesterday.
I saw her walk
into that building,
and I saw you see her
walk into that building.
- I already explained that.
- You knew "El Lobo" was gonna
be in Chicago two months ago.
Why would you
lie about that, Marcella?
- Excuse me.
- Adam?
- Yeah, I got the photo.
- Can you run
facial rec on that guy?
- Yeah, what's this about?
- That guy just
picked up Marcella.
You know what, can you just
run it, and then I'll explain
everything later?
- Of course.
I'll see what I can find.
- Thank you.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Come on, come on, come on.
Holy crap.
- What?
- Marcella's son
was murdered by "El Lobo."
- Well, I hate to say it,
but that actually makes sense.
- How does that make sense?
Nothing about this
makes any sense.
- Check this guy out, this was
the guy that picked her up.
- Yeah?
- That's Francisco Flores.
Francisco Flores
is part of a Salvadoran
vigilante death squad
called Mano Negra.
Their whole thing is they
assassinate SS-11 bosses.
They're here in Chicago
to kill "El Lobo."
- Jay, you got that address
on Sawyer Street?
- I'm working on it.
- Hey, you need to see this.
[tense music]
- Marcella's son was murdered?
- Stabbed to death for looking
at an SS-11 member
the wrong way.
- She's been playing me.
- She's been playing us.
She didn't come to Chicago
to observe homicide.
She came to kill
"El Lobo," Antonio.
- Kill?
How do you know that?
- Because she has been
running around town
with this guy.
Francisco Flores.
He's the leader of
a Salvadorian hit squad
that kills SS-11 leaders.
El Mano Negra
- They don't just kill.
They also engage in torture.
Sometimes for days.
- I got the address,
1235 Sawyer Street.
It's a blue house
across the street
from Wu's Chinese Restaurant,
and Lopez Groceria.
House is owned
by Guadalupe Diaz.
She's got two young kids.
- All right, let's hit it.
[suspenseful music]
- 50-21, Charlie, emergency.
Man down, multiple gunshot
wounds to the chest.
- Copy that, 21-70.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Don't move!
Hey, hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
You're safe.
- [speaking Spanish]
- Well, Sarge, the blood trail
stops right here.
Maybe this is where
the car was parked.
- Yeah, someone's leaking
pretty bad.
- It's what we thought.
Marcella and
her partner, Flores,
busted in ten minutes
before we got here.
They killed the guy
in the living room,
handcuffed "El Lobo,"
took him out back
and put him in the trunk.
- Where's all the
fresh blood coming from?
- Well, she thinks
Flores was shot, too.
She saw him leaning against the
car, holding his stomach.
- All right,
check local hospitals
and clinics
for gunshot victims.
Put a BOLO out
on Marcella and Flores.
- Copy that.
- Flag their passports
with TSA, now.
- Yeah, got it.
- Okay, what do we got?
- The clinics and
hospitals are negative.
- TSA flagged her passport,
we have a BOLO out,
and every way out of the city
covered the best we can.
- "El Lobo's" body
hasn't turned up yet,
so there's still
a chance they're
here torturing him somewhere.
- Yo, we got into
Marcella's phone records.
Since she's been in Chicago,
she's made about a dozen calls
from her phone
to this burner phone
that we're assuming
belongs to Flores.
- The Flores burner's dead,
but OCD was able to recreate
a digital trail
using signal data
from his previous
outgoing calls.
Those calls originated from one
of three homes
on South Shields.
Kim, can you run
these addresses?
- Yeah.
- 5220, 22, 26 South Shields.
- Okay, 5220
is a single family home.
Owned by Thomas Miller.
He's been paying taxes
since 1967.
Then there's 5222,
Maria Valdez owns it.
She's lived there 10 years.
Is vacant.
- That's the one.
Let's hit it.
- Go right.
- Yeah.
- [breathing heavily]
[speaking Spanish]
- Marcella, put the gun down.
- [grunting]
- Drop your weapon!
- Step back,
or I'm going to kill him.
- Don't do this, Marcella.
It's not worth it.
- Sure it is.
- Marcella, he's going to pay
for what he did to your son.
His life's already over.
You pull that trigger,
your life is over too.
Now put the gun down.
- [crying] I died the day
he killed my son.
- But killing him is not
going to bring your boy back.
It won't make you whole again.
Believe me.
- [crying]
- Give me the gun.
- Do what he says.
Put it down.
- Step back!
Step back!
- Marcella, give me the gun.
- [speaking Spanish]
- Sarge, Sarge, Sarge.
- [inhales deeply]
- Marcella.
Put the gun dow--
[gun fires]
[dramatic music]
- [whispering]
I'm so sorry.
- It's all right.
It's okay.
I think she's
still breathing, right?
- 5021 David, emergency.
Shots fired at the offender
and the police.
- [sobs, breathing heavily]
- You going to be okay?
- Hey, I'm sorry.
You were right.
I was distracted.
You were just
looking out for me.
Being a good partner.
- She was on a mission.
Trust me.
There's nothing you could have
said would have stopped her.
Only thing kept her going
was that hate.
You did what you had to do.
- Yeah.
What she wanted me to do.
[exhales heavily]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[door opens]
- Hank.
You truly are
a creature of habit, my man.
A scotch, and
a Hawks game at Jack's.
Uh, bourbon for me,
another scotch for my friend.
- I'm good.
- You might want
to have another one.
- What do you want, Denny?
- Well, the lab recovered
a deformed slug.
From the soil
around Bingham's body.
I mean, it was
in pretty bad shape
after being in
the ground all this time,
but science has come a long way
since we started out, Hank.
Those folks in the crime lab
can do amazing things.
Thank you.
Well, it turns out...
That slug matches a round
that was recovered
at the scene
of an armed robbery
where shots were fired
at police a few years back.
And, turns out...
That you made the arrest.
But the suspect's gun
was never recovered.
[tense music]
We're getting closer, Hank.
[paper rustles]
Way I see it,
just a matter of time.
Oh, look at that score.
Looks like this game
is just about over.
We'll see you, Hank.
[dramatic music]
[wolf howls]