Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 16 - Profiles - full transcript

Intelligence enlists Firehouse 51 to help prevent the latest in a series of bombings targeting the media.

Hey, Antonio.


- Hey.
- Oh, hey.


Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

- I'm good, I'm good.
- Good.

- You good?
- Good, yeah, all good.

- Yeah.
- Are you going in?

- Mm-hmm.
- Good, me too.

- Should we walk?
- Yeah.


Well I for one am very glad
that we can be together

and it's not awkward.

Are you here for Platt's thing?

'Cause I've never seen Mouch so excited

about anything in his whole life.

He made a cinnamon roll casserole
for the occasion.

What the hell's that?

What's the big deal, man?
Just do me this favor.

I'm not live tweeting
a three-minute conversation.

It's a three-minute conversation.

Local access, Mouch, I mean...

Who do you propose
is going to be tuning in

for these live tweets?

What are you doing here?

I thought PD was having
their own viewing party.

She's on in 30 minutes.

As much as I love Trudy.
I'm here for Eva.

- You guys seen her?
- She's down there with Gabby.

Third door on the left.

There you go, Rapunzel.

Get your stuff. We're going.

What? Why?

You said I could hang
with Aunt Gabby all day.

Yeah, she can. She's fine.

You're not staying. You're grounded.

No more phone. No social media.

- Let's go.
- What? What did I do?

All right, that's not
what it looks like.

- I can explain.
- Is that not your profile?

- No, it is, but it's not...
- Under a fake name

- so I can't monitor it.
- No.

It's just a second account.

It's the one I use at my friends...

It's the account where
you posted a dozen pictures

of yourself partying and drinking.

I did not post any of those.

- Last weekend... Hey!
- That was...

Last weekend when you told me

you were studying late at Taryn's house.

- Did you not tell me that?
- I...

Go get your stuff.

Don't look at her. Go.

Eva, give me your phone.

You know you look just like Dad, right?

You even got that
forehead vein thing going.

That's papa.

Come on. Let's go.

Later, Eva.

Every single person
I know has two profiles.

It's just for privacy.

That's not privacy. That's hiding.

You're making those photos
into something they're not.

You can't trust the Internet, Dad.

It always looks worse than it is.

If you would just
let me explain it to you

instead of you seizing
my phone without cause.

Platt's on in two. Everyone! Adam!

- Antonio, come on.
- We're not staying.

I'm gonna do the paperwork at home.

Hey, Eva. What's up, kid?

My father's a fascist.

Okay, I don't know what to do with that.

Okay, everybody be quiet.

Platt's on TV.

Betty's sitting down to discuss

the new friendly face

of the Chicago PD

with Sergeant Trudy Platt.

- What friendly face is that?
- Betty.

Thank you, Sheri.

I'm so excited to be here today

with Sergeant Trudy Platt
from the 21st District...

She couldn't possibly
hate this any more.

Thank you so much
for coming this morning.

It's my pleasure.
I'm hap... I'm happy to be here.

Oh, this is like Christmas.

Those photos don't show
what you think they do.

Okay, we did go to Taryn's
house, and then we got a call

- from Becca that she needed...
- Eva, stop!

You put your whole life on that thing.

I don't need you to explain.

I can see exactly what you're doing

and who you are. And you know what?

I don't like
who you've become very much.

In the neighborhoods that they serve.

Combating crime problems together

along with...

- Is everything okay?
- I think that's coming

- from my office.
- What was that?

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Hey, Officer.

Sergeant Hank Voight.

There's no command post set yet?

- No, sir. Not yet.
- Okay.

- What's your name?
- Joey.

- Mendez. Officer Mendez.
- Okay, listen.

You know how to set up cordon, Mendez?

- Mm-hmm.
- All right, good.

I want you to establish it

around a three-block radius.

No one in or out

- except first responders and victims.
- Yeah.

All right, you set up a holding area.

- Excuse me.
- Get everyone's info.

No one leaves if you don't know 'em.

You got it? Go.


- Trudy!
- Sarge!

Seven minutes since the explosion.

Fire has no reads on gas meters.

And we haven't heard from Platt yet.

Betty? Betty?



Sheri? Sheri?

Hey, it's going to be okay.

Sheri. Sheri.

Sheri, stay with me. Come on.

It's okay, Sheri.

The exits are blocked.

We can't get upstairs.

We'll go in here.

Come on.

Sheri, are you still with me?


Come on, girl. Stay with me.

Stay with me, Sheri.

Come on, girl.

Okay, girl.

Breathe. Breathe.

- Breathe, honey.
- Fire department. Call out!



Trudy? Trudy.

- You okay?
- I'm okay.

- Get her.
- You okay?

I'm okay. Get her.

- I got her, I got her.
- Okay.

- You're okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

- Cruz is right behind me.
- Okay.

He's covering the front entrance.


Stay with us, Sheri. Okay.

- Hey, you good to go?
- Yeah, I'm good to go.

- You sure?
- Good to go.

All right, just follow me, stay low.

I'm gonna get you back to Cruz.

He's gonna take you upstairs, okay?

- Yeah.
- All right, let's move.


Stay with us, Sheri. Here we go.


I need a medic!


I'm okay.

Sheri's wounds are from bolts and nails.

This was a bombing.
First the timer sounded.

Less than 30 seconds later,
the explosion.

All right, get on the zone.
Get 1800 on the scene.

We need Bomb and Arson sweeping
for secondary devices.

Copy that.

- You sure you're okay?
- Go, go, go, go, go.

- She had a pulse.
- Okay, we got it.

It was steady. She should be okay.

Platt. Platt, Platt! We got it.

- It's fine.
- Sheri, you're gonna be okay.


- What the hell happened?
- I'm okay. I'm okay.

- I am. I'm okay.
- Come on, come on.

- Medic! Give me a blanket.
- Yep.

No, ma'am.

Don't try and speak. We got you.

- We're going to the hospital.
- Must talk to...

Don't try and speak.

I won't go.

- Must talk to cop.
- Okay, ma'am, all right.

- We're gonna get you a cop.
- No.

- No.
- Antonio.

- Need a cop!
- She won't let us leave

until she talks to a cop.
We don't have time.

- We got to move.
- I'll come.


Let's go. Let's go.

Ma'am, you understand
that by continuing to speak

you're putting yourself at risk?

I don't recommend it.

- Talk.
- I'm here.

I'm here. I'm here.

I'm Antonio Dawson.

I'm a detective with
the Chicago Police Department.

Listen, we don't have to talk right now.

I want...

I wanna... I want to talk.

Okay, okay. Okay.


was a pa... package...

- for me.
- A package?

I think it was... the... the bomb.

You think there was a bomb
in the package?

For you?

It was delivered to my... my office.

Okay, okay, okay.

I've been threatened.

Do you know who sent it?

Antonio, her heart rate's going up.

No, but there was a man

who I... I've already seen.

- Okay.
- 40s.

Beard. He...


What can I do? How can I help?

Put pressure on her neck.

There's a lot of blood coming up.

Hey. Hey, Sheri, you hear me?

Sheri? Stay with me, Sheri!

All right, we got the initial
report from Bomb and Arson.

It was a single device.

Cardboard box in Sheri's office.

IED, nails, glass.

We're lucky no one
was standing closer, Sarge.

Sheri was pronounced at Med.

She, uh...

Injuries were too substantial.

Two others are in critical condition,

but they're both suspected
to pull through.

There was a dozen more victims
but as of right now

it looks like Sheri and Betty
are our only fatalities.

That bomb was planted in Sheri's office.

She had to be the target.

She was getting threats too.

We recovered four emails all sent

from an anonymous email account.

Bounced around about a half dozen IPs.

They're all death threats.

"Burn, bitch, burn.
Your days are numbered.

You will burn." That sort of thing.

All right, so what do
we know about Sheri?

She's 26 years old, Northwestern grad,

started working
for the station as an intern.

She'd been on the air for two months.

Single, well-liked.
Al's with the family.

Trying to track the package.

Cameras at the entrances of the building

only captured a man from behind.

It's not much, but given that
and what Sheri gave us

I pulled these pod photos.

Could be the same guy

if he ditches the jacket and the hat.

This guy exits the newsroom at 8:42 a.m.

Half hour later a pod
picks him up across the street.

It's eight minutes after the
bombing and he's still there.

Like, he stayed.

He matches Sheri's description.

Yeah, but it's not enough
for visual recognition.

Okay, let's release it to the media.

It's a person of interest.
Set up a tip line.

Are we sure that's the plan?

We got two pictures
of a guy in the vicinity.

That's it.

That can go wrong a thousand ways

if the public has it.

I still have Sheri's blood on me.

You asking me, it's worth the risk.

Someone's gonna know who this guy is.

I'll get on the packs with news affairs.

Have them release it.

We got something.

I interviewed the guard who was working

the front desk at the news room.

He says everyone has
to sign in to get inside.

He only remembers one delivery
from this morning

and he was on the phone
when the guy came in.

But he swears he was white
and he had a beard.

This guy's stopped by security

before he delivered the bomb?

This guy...

signed his name in the in-out book.

Eric Mitchel, he's a journalist

at a local entertainment magazine.

35, white, beard.

Bring him in.

- Nice house for a journalist.
- Yeah.

I thought journalism was
supposed to be extinct.

Depends what kind.

Still have a lot of money

if you make the news entertainment.

Hey, is that Mitchel?

Yeah, those are his plates.

SUV is Mitchel.

So we're gonna approach
on foot, distract him.

You guys come up behind him.

Copy. We're moving in now.

Looks like he shaved his beard.

- Eric Mitchel.
- Yeah?

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.

All right, call it in.

5021 Henry. Emergency.

- We have an explosion at...
- You guys good?

- Yeah, you?
- We got to get him covered up.

Ambulance, CFD, Bomb and Arson.

Could be multiple devices.

Make sure they block off
a two-block radius.

The entire blast hit him
head on. He's gone.

Hey. I saw it happen.

- I was right over there.
- Sir, I need you to step back.

- Can I help?
- Yeah, I know you want to help

- but I need you to stand back.
- What can I do?

Thank you.

Okay, Bomb and Arson confirmed

the bomb was wired to the mailbox door.

It's possible someone saw
the bomb being planted.

Area Central and Patrol are
canvassing the neighborhood.

We're running pods against surveillance

but so far we've got nothing.

We know Eric Mitchel's not our bomber

being we just watched him get blown up.

What the hell are we looking at?

This son of a bitch led us there.

He's screwing with us.

He signed in using the name of

his next target so we'd follow.

That's right. This is not
an isolated incident.

Okay? This could be the start
of a bombing campaign.

This guy's got an agenda.

All right, what do we know
about Eric Mitchel.

Well, he worked in media 15 years.

Journalist at an entertainment magazine.

There's no evidence
of death threats against him,

but that doesn't mean
that it didn't happen

over the phone or face-to-face.

Bomb and Arson and Homicide

are digging up more as we speak.

Seriously, if one more person
asks me if I'm okay

they are not gonna be okay.

I just want to help.

And we'll take it.

Bomb and Arson's got an update.

I'll come with.

Okay, so we're gonna go

- with what we got, okay?
- I'm okay.

- Okay.
- The bombs themselves,

the IDs of these two victims.

We know they're both in the media.

There's some connection
between these two.

There's a reason they were targeted.

So let's find the damn nexus
before another bomb goes off.

Come on, Trudy. I'll give you an update.

I'm talking clean.

This isn't some teenage wank
screwing around

with his dad's Home Depot account.

The wires, the initiators,
the circuit board,

the soldering alone on these things.

It's by someone who knew
what they were doing.

Took their time to do it.

Devices were personalized

based on the location he was hitting.

The first device was an IED
relying on a time switch.

It was created to invoke
as much damage as possible

within an enclosed space.

The ball bearings, the nails, the bolts.

Plus enough gasoline
to spread hefty fire.

All right, so that's
different from our second?

The second is a victim-activated IED.

It was triggered when Mitchel
opened up his mailbox.

So two different models but
you're saying this is one guy?

Yeah, it's the exact same materials,

same signature. It's like handwriting.

Same brain built both of these things.

Okay, so these bolts,
the nails, the wires

the gasoline even, I can purchase

that stuff at a hardware store, right?

You could but you couldn't buy the C-4.

Both bombs used military-grade C-4.

All right, you can't buy
that kind of C-4

over the counter, and the
military keeps strict records

- on theft and storage.
- It had to be either stolen

or bought on the black market.

I'm digging at an angle with ATF.

Yeah, rest of the bomb components

are gonna be hard to track.
They're generic.

- Sold in hundreds of stores.
- All right.

Where are we at with the connection?

Nowhere. Eric and Sheri
never worked together.

They never reported on the same story.

There's no evidence they really
even knew each other.

Antonio, your tip line
sparked something,

but we got to move fast.

Somebody called in,
identified the pod photos.

Mark Tremon. Height, weight.

Match everything the tech lab
already told us about.

He worked security at
the news station for two years

and he went to Illinois State

the same time Eric Mitchel did.

That's the nexus between our victims,

but that's not even the crazy part.

He's army, Sarge.

Did a tour in Iraq. EOD.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal.


All right, you two round robin?

Burgess and Ruzek are already
headed to his house,

but we need to move

because the Internet is blowing him up.

They already ID'd the photos.

He gonna see us coming.

I'll meet them there.

- Nice work.
- Yeah.

Our phone's been ringing off the hook.

We just need to bring your husband in

- to ask a few questions.
- What is all that?

Ma'am, your husband.
Do you know where he is?

We're not giving you consent
to enter our home.

Sir, can you step outside, please?

No, I'm not stepping anywhere.

What the hell is going on?

I want to see both of your hands!

You got to be kidding me.

Get away from my daughter!

Just come through, baby.

She can come through.

Don't put your hands on my daughter.

- Sir, can you...
- Let her... Hey, man!

Hey! Hey! Don't touch my daughter!

- Dad, dad!
- Hey, don't touch my daughter.

Don't touch my daughter!

- No!
- Get off of me!

- Calm down!
- Get off me!

- It's all right, baby.
- You're fine.

It's all right, baby.

- You got his hands?
- Get off me.

I don't want him here.


I got to tell you though,
this room you're in?

It's not a place you get a lot
of things you want.

I mean, you know why you're here, right?

I've already been interviewed twice.

Two of your detectives.

Well you're gonna talk to me now.

I'm here because of you.

Police tweet out a picture of me.

Push me to the ground,
put me in this chair...

You're here 'cause of them.

Three bombing victims, one day.

I told your officers,
I was at that news station

to get someone to fill out
a form of reference.

Yeah, well the problem is

we can't find any evidence of that.

You don't have the form,
and no one remembers.

I threw it out!

I walked in there.
Old boss wasn't there.

- So I walked out.
- Mm.

The Internet tells you I'm some villain

and you believe it?

I'm a regular guy.

You're not a regular guy.

You're a guy who was at the scene

of an explosion that was cordoned off.

Do you know what a police cordon is?

All witnesses and civilians
go into holding,

and you weren't in holding,
which means you bypassed

the police department cordon.

I had to get back home to my kid.

You're a guy who knew Sheri,

knew Eric.

- Who the hell is Eric?
- He went to ISU with you.

What? I went to school for like a month.

That's access to both our victims.

- This is bull...
- And you were EOD.

Excuse me?

You know IEDs!


You defused them.

I'll bet you can make them.

- Give me a lawyer.
- The more you talk to us

- the easier it is...
- Get me a damn lawyer.

All right, tell me we got something

'cause Mark ain't talking

and we don't have enough to charge.

Well, the nexus between Mark

and the victims is real,

but it's just not tight enough
to connect him to Eric.

Outside of ISU,

there's no real link.

All right, what about the C-4?

ATF's report says this
particular batch of C-4

was made six years ago.

Multiple blocks were reported stolen

from the manufacturer in 2012.

Oh, 2012?

So we're six years behind the lead.

No, I got a guy in ATF.
I'll catch us up.

Do we have anything I can use
as leverage on this guy?

Mark's got a DUI from last year.

He chewed out the arresting officer.

He's an angry guy.

But a lot of people are angry,

especially after a few beers.

Doesn't mean they build bombs.

Look, if we're not finding anything

then maybe we're looking
in the wrong place.

This guy's house was cleared
of any bomb-making materials.

And the security guard
at the news station

said he couldn't pick
him out of a line up.

To be fair, the guard at the station

doubted he could ID the guy at all.

He said he didn't get a good look.

And Mark has no explanation

why he stood outside
the bombing for eight minutes.

Mark's got
a distinguished service cross.

You know that doesn't mean anything.

It means he fought
for the country and it means

I give him the benefit
of the doubt, all right?

Maybe we're looking in the wrong place.

I think these connections
seem pretty strained.

- Jay, look...
- All right.

Then cement or clear them.

Do a psychological autopsy on Mark.

Anyone he's talked to in the last week.

Anyone who can speak to his behavior.

Copy that.

If Mark is our man,
someone's gonna know it.

What's all that?

Tracking Mark on social media.

A lot of people coming
out the woodwork saying

they saw it coming, and so I'm trying

to verify if any of it's true.

- And?
- So far, nothing.

Trolls jumping on the bandwagon.

People love to watch things burn.

Yeah, Mark's phone records
indicate that we're friends

'cause we are.

You worked at WNMZ together, yeah?

I was there for a month.
Didn't work out.

Look, guys, I can't do
anything to help you.

And I'm at my job.

We're an hour late getting
this shipment out.

Okay, well, we just
got a few quick questions

and then you can do your thing, dawg.

Did you talk to Mark at all this week?

Uh-huh. About his bike.

And his kid.

Okay, did he seem off to you at all?

Was his behavior different in any way?

Did he seem like he was gonna
blow up a couple of buildings?

No, he didn't.

Mark gets hot, but he's not hard.

He never even talked to that news lady.

If anything, he protected her.

He tried to protect Sheri, you saw this?

Look, some guy came in
to talked to Sheri.

He was all jacked up
and screaming about something

she wrote or some news blog
or gossip blog or something,

and Mark forced him from the building.

Okay, when was this
and what did he look like?

It was a white guy, about my age.

I think he had a beard.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

What are you doing?

Giving Shuman a bathroom break?

How is it every time I give
Shuman desk assignment

his bladder fails him? Hey, Wallace.

You know, if there was ever
a day to take off

it would be the day after
someone tried to blow you up.

You could take a day, you know.
Get your hair done.

- What's wrong with my hair?
- Not a thing.

Not a thing. Just something people do.

Like my grandmother, she takes
a day and get her hair done.

Not that I am in anyway...

- Referring to you as my grand...
- Burgess, Burgess.



Don't key your radios.
Don't touch your phones.

Burgess, I want you to go downstairs

shackle up the prisoners
and lead them outside.

I'll evacuate upstairs.

We need to clear the district now.

Device has been defused.

We're doing a sweep
for any secondary devices.

We'll get you in as soon as we can.

Do we know what it was?

Uh, some cheap, crude IED.

I don't think the thing
would have gone off.

That doesn't fit with our offender.

It does and it doesn't.

Same material. Same signature.

We'll investigate the components,

but this is him.

Just built this one fast.

Get you in as soon as we can.

Built it fast.

We pissed him off.

He gave us a lead. Let's not waste it.

- That device came from somewhere.
- Just give me a second.

All right, we're at a zero
with delivery.

The device was delivered and mailed

from a UPS store by a private shipper.

The order for pickup was made online

with a prepaid money card.
Yeah, I'm back.

Customer requested the box be picked up

at a residential address on Sheirdan.

- House is vacant.
- Check the deeds.

Run every single property owner
in the past two decades.

- Yeah.
- Box and device are being

rushed through for DNA,
but it was wiped with bleach.

Bomb squad said same materials

as our other two devices.

It's generic, store bought.

We'd be running down dead-ends.

Well, run them anyway.

We don't assume anything is dead

- until we pronounce it.
- Hey.

I got copies of the note
that was on the packing slip.

"Once again an innocent man blown up

"by the engine of fake news.

"The CPD, further perpetrators

of the fake news engine will burn."

He's talking about Mark.

The security guard?

Mark's got to be the innocent man.

"Once again." "Once again." I mean...

He's referring to fake news as if it's

blown up someone close to him before.

- It's personal.
- Found it.

The gossip blog Mark's friend mentioned.

Sheri never officially worked for one.

But there was a blog.
"The Chicago Scoop."

It was active Sheri's last
two years a Northwestern.

The site reported on gossip, scandal,

anything that was pull-the-rug worthy.

Whole thing was anonymous,
but the historical data,

IPs, it was Sheri. She ran it.

Sheri wrote a story there

that tore someone's life apart.

And Eric reported on that same story.

I mean, that would fit.

All right, let's run with it.

So we're not gonna hold Mark
on the whole 48, right?

He was in custody
when the bomb was sent.

Doesn't fit the profile,

and he's got a wife
and a daughter at home.

Yeah, I know, but new profile or not

we haven't cleared him fully yet, so...


His life's getting destroyed online.


I mean, one more day won't
change that, so.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You look good.
- No, I don't.

- Rebecca left me.
- Oh.

Now all I do is eat Pizza Hut

and watch reruns of "M.A.S.H."

This didn't come from me.

Guys in my unit are running
a case on this dealer,

so I wanna play it close to the vest.

Ali Beron. He big time?

Eh. Decent.

Mostly deals in artillery,

but he was selling C-4 a year ago.

- Uh-huh.
- It was your stuff.

Now, we were gonna make him,
but he got tipped.

By the time we got to his Midwest hub,

place was empty.

We know where the C-4's at, huh?


If we had a tip, we would
have given it to you.

But we're getting close
to the nailing Ali

because this small time fence
in Indianapolis

says he bought three RPGs
from him a year ago, cheap.

Said there's more to buy,
but he was only interested

in the heavy stuff.

So I'm looking for a small-time fence.

Honestly, the guy selling the C-4s

probably some dude
hocking it from his garage.

Ali just wanted to dump his product.

Gonna be a needle
in a lot of low-life hay.

Well, low-life hay's where I live.

So we think that Eric
and Sheri were targeted

for a story that they both reported on

something inflammatory.

Being as Sheri wrote over 300 articles

for her blog while Eric worked
here at the Telegraph, so...

We were hoping that one of
these would jump out at you

as a story that Eric would
have worked on too.

I'm sorry, most of Sheri's articles

are pop culture and gossip.

When Eric worked here he was a stringer.

- He chased crime stories?
- Homicides.

Englewood, Garfield Park,
daily blood and bullets.

It would have to be something
with enough weight

to disrupt someone's life.

Didn't Eric run the Larry Shepard story?

- What story was that?
- Shepard.

He was a reporter here,
investigative journalist.

Was a good guy,
fired about two years ago.

Why was he fired?

Shepard had been reporting on a murder

and then rumors started
circulating at other outlets

that he was in some way...

that he had murdered the woman.

A journalist being accused

of the very crime he was reporting?

- You can imagine.
- That got press time?

Lots of it.

Look, our paper did the right thing.

It was a PR nightmare.
They had to fire Shepard.

Okay, so Shepard got
arrested for the murder?

No. God, no.

It was nonsense.

So you guys blew up
your reporter's career

based on fake news.

Yeah, he never forgave us for that.

His own paper, his own column.

I saw him a couple
of weeks ago on the L.

Started yelling when he saw me.

Larry Shepard. White male, 40s, beard.

It matches.

Go dark.



Hey, Sarge, put a BOLO out on
every car Shepard's ever owned.

Canvassing every neighborhood
he's ever lived in.

Area Central's talking
to friends and family,

but, boss, I got to tell you this guy,

he was prepared for this.

He hasn't used his cell phone
in over three months.

Not a single credit card.
CTA hit nothing.

He wiped his social media,
bank accounts, email.

This guy's living in the dark.

I don't know how we're gonna find him.

- Sergeant.
- Yeah.

Dawson and Upton are sitting

on Shepard's house, no movement.

Yeah, I doubt there will be. All right.

Just walk me through what we know.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Two years ago Shepard

was investigating the brutal murder

of this young woman in Ravenswood.

- Okay.
- Sheri,

while working her blog, noticed,

I guess you would call it,
an obsessive bent to his story

because in multiple articles
Shepard refers to her beauty,

radiance. Sheri thought it was off.

So she dug into it.

She found out Shepard

knew the woman who was murdered.

She wrote a tweet in her blog.

A joke accusing Shepard of the crime.

"I went ahead and solved
the Ravenswood murder.

Here's a clue: Where was
Shepard the night of?"

So she was murdered
over this two-sentence joke?

Yeah, she never wrote
anything else on Shepard.

Never even met him.

She was killed
over those 140 characters.

The tweet gets spread,
picked up, reported,

and then Shepard, he gets fired.

Our people investigated him.

They found almost none of it was true.

I read the homicide report.

They basically cleared him
from the jump.

They found the real killer
a couple months later.

Yeah, didn't matter though.

Shepard couldn't get another job.

His wife left him, then three months ago

she commits suicide.
I guess he just broke.

He did try to erase
his digital footprint,

but CPIK was able to pull this

from a deleted account.

There comes a time when people pay,

when their actions matter,

when the libel they spit into the ether

of a virtual landscape has a reckoning.

Journalism needs to be accountable.

People need to be responsible.

All right, so he goes on
like that for quite a while.

Do we know where he's
gonna be hitting next?

If we assume that he's gonna target

a journalist that reported on him,

then we got these
half a dozen possibilities.

Now, we're trying to round
these people up, but...

Shepard could have bombs
planted already.

- Right.
- So we're like seven steps

behind this guy.

All right, let's make it a priority.

Bring in anyone who might be a target.

All right, I got a guy
who might know where Shepard

bought his C-4. I had Tact bring him in.

- Could use a second.
- Yeah.

Put the rest of that thing on.

You got it.

No, no, no, no, no.

I don't have to talk to you anymore.

I worked that case off.

I just got a couple of questions...

No, no! I'm better now.

Listen, the thing is, all my CIs,

they pointed me to you, Malcolm.

They say that you're still busy.

No, I ain't. I'm better.

No, they say you're still
making your little gadgets.


So now all I need is the name

of a small time fence dealing C-4.

No, I don't make weapons
no more. I'm better.

Is that a cell phone?

You can't bring that near me,
okay? You can't.

I can't be around those things.
This is how it's gonna end.

- This is how it's all gonna end.
- Okay, okay, hey, hey.

I'll put it away.

- He give you anything?
- No.

Come on. All we need is a name, Malcolm.

No, I told you. I'm better now.

You don't have a choice I guess.

He's gonna... he's gonna search
your place, Malcolm.

Now, if he finds anything
that violates your parole,

chemicals, weapons, whatever,

he's gonna take it.

Or you can just give us a name

and you get to go home
like you never saw us.


- All right.
- What kind?

Military grade in bricks.

Manufactured in 2012.

Small time fence would have probably

just started selling it this year.

George Lehr.

George Lehr. We met this prick.

He was a witness
at Eric Mitchel's explosion.

He offered to help us.

We had him fill out a witness report

on the scene, made him
give a driver's license.

Adam and I checked out
his ID by the way.

- It's legit.
- But he's our fence.

Sold the C-4 Shepard's using.

Which means they were in contact.

Okay, we know this how?

Messages on Lehr's Facebook timeline.

Five in two months, each one posted

from a different dummy profile.

Then three days ago
another dummy profile

posted nothing but an email address.

The email address has since
been shut down,

but I think it was Shepard.

All right. So you want to take him?


I mean, we finally
got a lead to Shepard.

I don't want to blow it.

Look, get coverts on Lehr's house.

Find out everything about this guy.

If these two are on contact,
we got to figure out

a way to get ahead of it
without Lehr knowing.


Hey, you should probably
go ahead and release Mark.

I made myself real damn clear

I'm not talking to anyone
without my lawyer

sitting next to me.

Not here to interrogate you.

You're free to go.

So no charge?

No, sir.

You don't even have
the stomach to apologize.

You're free to go.

Yeah, what's up?


What do you mean she's packing?
I'm on my way.

All right, so what's the plan then?

Well, I don't really want
to spend the weekend alone

on house arrest in your apartment.

- Yeah.
- And I was gonna go to Mom's,

but she's sleeping over
at a boyfriend's.

So just hightail it out of here, huh?

I'm going to Aunt Mara's.

Wait, wait.

In Detroit?

You're gonna take a bus alone

- in the middle of the night?
- Yes.

Yeah, Dad, I'm gonna somewhere

where people can stand who I've become.

Eva, you know I didn't mean...

No, you know what hurts most?

You didn't give me
a chance to explain, okay?

I went to that party
to pick up my drunk friend.

So she wouldn't drive.

Then they all posted
these pictures online

and suddenly it looks
like I was there partying.

But I wasn't.

You can't decide who I am
off of a picture.

Or how people react to a picture.

You're right.

I should have let you explain.

I got that wrong.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

I still deleted
your second account though.

Because that stuff is dangerous, Eva.

No, look, listen.

You have to at least let me
try to protect you.

That's what I want to do. That's it.

I have another apology I have to make.

Hey. Winslow, what happened?

Couple of bricks through the window.

Shattered glass at a 12-year-old.

She'll be fine. She's just
scared out of her mind.

- Do you know who threw them?
- No.

Family says they have no idea.

It's linked to the bombings.

It's the guy the internet ID'd.

They've been getting a lot of
calls addressed to the house.

Guy's one unlucky dude.

Maybe you guys'll be around next time.

Okay, thank you very much for your time.

Nightly, you know.

- Help me out.
- All right.

- Sarge.
- Yeah.

I think I have a way in with Lehr.

It's a bit unorthodox,
but we would get his house,

his emails. He wouldn't know a thing.

Tell Antonio. I want him there with me.


It's a potential of dozens of targets.

I mean we're working
to get those mentioned

prominently into protective custody,

but it takes time.

And we're making
predictions here, Chief.

We can't be confident we know
where he's going next.

All right.
We'll help you any way we can.

- Thank you.
- Squad's off shift.

Severide would be happy
to jump on transport.

I appreciate that,
but it's not what we need.

We need your paramedics.

We strongly believe Shepard's

in contact with a man, George Lehr.

Now, Lehr's a fence.

We believe the pair's actively

- keeping in touch through email.
- Lehr?

- Do I know that name?
- Yeah, you do.

You and my sister responded to his house

three times in the last six months.

- He has a heart condition.
- No.

Chief, look, we need real-time access

to Lehr's emails, his laptop,
without him knowing.

I said no.

Chief, we can do this.


You will not endanger my paramedics.

We need to get inside Lehr's house

to clone his laptop.

I need you to get us in the door.

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