Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Don't Bury This Case - full transcript

Severide is brought into the District for questioning after his car is found to have caused a deadly crash. As the investigation gets underway, the team works to uncover a group of car-jackers who may be the key to Severide's innocence. Meanwhile, Voight pairs Burgess with Olinsky, who has a hard time feigning his excitement about this new partnership, and Lindsay considers meeting her estranged father who is now out of prison.

I have not always been proud of the way I've lived my life.
This is something that I'll never regret.
Kelly's your donor.
Oh, my God.
We had to take Anna off chemo.
That's it? You just let her die?
I'm sorry, Kelly.
Can I get another pour?
Got a young girl, nonresponsive.
That's Severide's car.
- This is bad. - Yeah, I know.
- What's wrong? - You got to come with us.
I'm not going anywhere.
You can either come with us now
or wait for some uniforms to come down here
and put you in cuffs.
What did I do?
- Didn't ask for a lawyer? - Not yet.
Sure you're okay with this?
Yeah. Kelly and I dated for a minute.
It's not a conflict of interest for me.
- Huh. - And the only reason he hasn't
asked for a lawyer is because he knows
I'm gonna be in on the interview.
You okay? You need a cup of coffee or...
No, no. I just want to get out of here.
Then we're all on the same page.
Would you take us through last night?
I gave an autologus blood donation
because I was gonna donate bone marrow
to this girl, Anna.
You know this.
But the surgery...
they couldn't go forward with it.
The chemo started killing her.
They cancelled it.
51 says you didn't come to shift.
I was in a bad mood
because of the cancelled surgery,
so, no, I took the shift off.
Where'd you go?
Tap on Rush.
How many drinks you have?
I don't know. I didn't count,
but I started feeling...
Like I'd had enough.
So, you left...
in your car.
- That's the thing. - Okay. What is?
Um, I don't know if it was giving blood or the alcohol
or both,
but I don't remember.
You're saying you blacked out?
From the car wreck?
No, because I wasn't in one.
Well, how'd you cut your head?
- I don't know. - Kelly, we've got a mother
and daughter in critical condition at Med,
and their minivan was hit by your Mustang.
Don't you think that I would remember
if I crashed my car into them? Huh?
You can't remember how you cut your head.
Look, guys, I've spent the better part of my adult life
responding to accidents,
Woken up from a dead sleep in the bunk room,
and I'm half-awake on the way there.
And I do it. Every time. Instinctively.
So there is no version... there's no scenario...
there's no way that I go to an accident, I see one,
and I run away from a mother and her daughter in need of help,
especially if I'm the one who caused it.
- Yeah? - Hey.
Give me a second.
Just got a call from Med.
Elsa James, the mother...
left side of her body crushed.
She's just coming out of critical condition.
And the girl?
Erin, I didn't do this.
Chloe James, the little girl in the back seat...
she just died from her injuries.
This just went from hit-and-run
to vehicular homicide.
What are you doing?
Uh, Voight wants us to build a timeline.
Yeah. Can I have that a sec?
We just don't know what happened yet.
I think we have a pretty good idea based on the facts.
If it was you, wouldn't you want the benefit of the doubt?
If I got plastered and I killed a little girl,
I wouldn't deserve it.
All right, we're looking for witnesses
that can put Severide at the scene or in the car.
Start at Med. The mother's out of surgery.
I started a cell tower dump,
trying to triangulate his locations.
Yeah, and I called Accident Investigations.
They're doing a workup on Severide's Mustang right now.
Look. Just to put it out there:
word is Severide's had a history
of substance abuse in the past.
He says he had a blood draw that day,
had a few drinks...
I don't think that's enough to black out.
So, he could've been on something else.
Tell them to put a rush on the tox report.
Severide is a first responder.
We owe it to him and the 51 to keep an open mind.
be thorough, get to the truth.
Sorry. Am I late?
No. We're early.
Come on in my office.
- Okay. Hey. - Hey.
Uh, I apologize, Sergeant. I was with the Chief of Patrol.
There was a mistake on my transfer order.
They thought I was moving to another district, so...
Okay, just so you know, you're on short paper up here.
That means grunt work, tech stuff, writing warrants,
just till you prove yourself.
Yes, sir.
Okay, I'm not looking for the "yes" police.
I'm looking for the real police,
which we both know you are.
No, Burgess, you're over there. You take Adam's desk.
Adam's moving over to Antonio's.
- Give me that. - Thank you.
- Where is Adam? - Said he had to step out,
make a call.
Okay, here's how we're gonna partner up.
Jay and Erin.
Kevin, you're with Adam.
Al, you got Burgess.
It's good to be working with you, Detective...
or Al.
You too, kid.
Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. James.
I'm Officer Ruzek. This is Officer Atwater.
We're from Intelligence.
Do we have to do this right now?
I'm sorry. We have to ask a few questions.
Richard, it's okay.
Let's get this over with.
Um, where were you right before the accident?
It was Chloe's birthday, so...
so I took her to a concert at the Double Door.
Okay. About what time did you leave Double Door?
It was a little after 11:00.
I wanted to get Chloe home. It was a school night.
That car... it came out of nowhere.
When I looked back,
she was bleeding and gasping.
Were you able to get a look at the other driver?
White guy and dark hair.
Can I show you a few pictures?
Is that him, baby?
Ma'am, is that him?
I can't say for sure.
Chloe would've known.
I heard her scream and I saw her point before it...
All right. It's okay.
You've been very helpful.
- What was he drinking? - His usual. Bourbon.
Was he with anyone?
Not initially. He was in a mood.
He just wanted to throw 'em back,
but then a couple of Oak Street chicks started chatting him up,
so they drank together.
- How long were they here? - All day.
So, was he visibly drunk when he left?
I'm a bartender in a bar.
Most people are visibly drunk.
Are you getting cute with me right now?
- No, ma'am. - Then answer my question
before I have to shut this place down all night
to do a license premise check.
Kelly was drunk.
Drunk drunk.
You gave the guy his keys when he was a stumbling drunk?
Come on, man. I'm running my ass off
all night out here, okay?
So, no, I didn't stop and check on the guy.
I'm sorry.
I went and got his car, he got into his car,
and away he went.
Are we done here?
Hey. The valet just told me he gave Severide his keys
and he watched him drive off alone.
Erin, I think you got to start wrapping your head around
the likelihood that Severide did this.
And you've got to stop being so quick to condemn him
just 'cause he and I have history.
This is not about him.
It's about the little girl in the morgue.
That's him.
What time was that?
Uh, 12:09 a.m.
13 minutes after the accident.
We're gonna need that footage.
Don't you need a warrant?
Burgess, you bring the warrant?
I didn't...
How much you got on you?
Okay. Um...
We're in a hurry.
- Mm-hmm. - That's plenty of time
to get from the scene of the accident to here.
Yeah, talk about another nail in the coffin.
Hey, I want you to know I'm not gonna be one of those partners
that you have to school all the time.
I know what that's like.
Get the footage and meet me in the car.
I got Severide's tox reports.
What he said about giving blood... that checks out,
so his count was low.
What was his blood-alcohol level?
Whew. That's over twice the legal limit.
And he was on painkillers.
We got what... 48 hours before we got to put him
before a judge for probable cause?
I don't want to charge a decorated firefighter with this,
but can't have it look like I'm giving him
preferential treatment.
I'm giving you 24 hours.
After that, he gets shipped down to 26th and Cal.
What do you mean I can't see him?
Am I not speaking clearly?
He is in custody.
- No visitors except his lawyer. - I'm his union rep.
Vehicular homicide is not a union matter.
I don't have a hacksaw blade hidden up my wazoo.
I just want to check on him.
- Randy... - I am asking...
bend the rules this one time,
or I'm not coming home tonight.
You heard me.
You okay?
Not really.
You talk to Boden? Where is he?
Oh, believe me. He is all over this.
He's talking to the IG's office right now.
What have you told them?
Everything I can remember, which isn't much.
Okay. From now on, just keep your mouth shut.
Gonna get you a lawyer.
A lawyer? I didn't do this.
They're talking homicide here.
So, like I said, not another word.
Visit's over.
Yeah. Thanks.
- You so owe me. - I know.
It's crazy how one bad decision can
ruin your whole life, huh?
True that.
- So, um, Adam... - Yeah?
What did he say about me moving upstairs?
Um, seemed pretty delighted, actually.
I know that you got your bro code and all,
but you and me... we go way back.
Okay, maybe "delighted" is the wrong word.
Um, honestly, he seemed a little freaked out
that his ex-fiancée who he still has feelings for
might be upstairs right beside him.
I knew it. I knew it.
Hey, check this out.
- Yeah. - You see that?
GPS tracker.
Someone was following Severide.
Who could've put it there?
I have no idea.
All right, you make any enemies at 51?
Sleep with someone's wife or girlfriend?
Come on. Help yourself out here, Kelly.
Maybe someone stole my car. You consider that?
Sure. But if someone stole your car with your keys in it,
how'd you get back into your apartment?
I keep a spare set in the fire extinguisher box
in the stairwell.
So, you remember that?
Some of it's coming back.
Okay. Do you remember driving home?
A little, yeah. I drove about a block
and I realized...
I realized I shouldn't, and I pulled over.
Okay, and then what?
I don't know.
Okay, why'd you leave out the oxy you popped?
I forgot.
They gave it to me a few days ago
for a shoulder injury that I got on a call.
Why didn't you tell us about that?
- I want a lawyer. - Ugh.
Kelly, I got to ask you this. We're trying to help.
- It doesn't feel like it. - If you lawyer up,
there's nothing we can do.
I'm done talking here. I want a lawyer.
Real quick.
Okay, so, I subpoenaed the tracker company,
got a name and address listed on the purchase order,
- but it's all fake. - And then what?
And then they gave me historical information
on the device, and at first,
I mean, it just looked like a bunch of numbers,
but then I realized it's longitude and latitude.
Okay, you're doing great, Kim, but just give us the punch line.
The tracker was turned on at 10:45 p.m.
at Tap on Rush.
Okay, we're probably looking
at a robbery crew that's targeting patrons
in the Viagra Triangle area of Rush Street.
Right. Auto Theft Unit says thieves have been
placing trackers on luxury cars so they can jack them later.
All right, we're gonna split up into two teams,
set up surveillance.
Nice work.
Team effort.
Hank, do me a favor, man.
Put Burgess with somebody else.
Well, there is nobody else.
Then let her run plates or write up warrants or something.
Come on. What's the problem, Al?
This job is gonna rip her heart out,
and I don't want a front row seat.
Either it will or it won't,
but she's earned the right to find out.
Anybody got eyes on this valet?
Valet just pulled out of the parking lot in a black Maserati.
He is climbing out.
What's he doing, Kev?
He's got a tracker.
Valet just put a GPS tracker on the Maserati.
He's getting in. He's coming your way.
In five, four,
three, two, one.
Move in.
Chicago PD!
You remember me?
- You get lost a lot? - Those aren't mine.
You're gonna end up in that trunk in about two seconds.
All right, all right, um...
listen, I only put on the trackers.
Okay. For who?
I don't know. A guy named Mike.
Guy named Mike?
That's the best you can do?
I didn't ask a last name, okay?
He didn't tell me one.
He was offering 500 bucks a tracker.
He said he only wanted primo cars.
Well, the tracker on that Maserati's still hot.
Whoever's monitoring those things is probably close by.
All right, this surveillance just turned into a decoy sting.
Get up.
You're gonna call Mike and tell him you got a primo.
My bad.
I didn't know that you had feelings like that for Severide
when you guys dated.
I didn't.
My, uh, my real dad...
is out of prison and wants to meet.
Bunny just sprung all this on me.
That might be why I've seemed a little off.
You gonna meet him?
I don't know.
It's like every time my life starts to feel normal
there's another pothole.
Game time. We got a suspicious vehicle.
We see him.
Illinois tags.
Four, five, Victor, Boy, Sam, six, seven.
I'll run them.
This is Officer Kim Burgess.
Run an Illinois plate.
Four, five, Victor, Boy, Sam, six, seven.
Just a second.
This vehicle comes back hot.
All right, as soon as they move on that Maserati,
we surround him.
Copy that.
What's he doing?
He got spooked. Move in.
Atwater, force him onto Columbus.
Coming around now. We got him, boss.
Halstead, get over to Michigan in case he pops up there.
10-4. Headed that way.
Clear on the left. Go!
Go around it. Go around it.
Dispatch, this is Officer Kim Burgess.
We have an accident involving a bus
at Columbus and East Congress Parkway.
Copy that.
- You got eyes? - Nothing.
Dispatch, this is Sergeant Hank Voight
in pursuit of a stolen black Camaro.
Hank, Hank, back up.
Dispatch, stand by.
Copy that. Standing by.
- Cover. - Chicago PD!
Dispatch, this is Voight.
I need all patrol units in the area
in search of two male offenders on foot.
Do you have a description, Sergeant?
All right, don't get comfortable.
We got beat tonight Glike a rookie tact team.
No one goes home till we get these guys in cuffs. Understand?
Now, is there any way to reverse the signal
from the tracker on the Maserati?
I don't know. I can call the tech guys from Homan Square.
All right, where we at with the Camaro?
We know that the plates were stolen.
And I can try to get the registered owner down here,
see if we can stumble on something else.
I think we've stumbled on enough tonight.
I want something solid.
I already started working on the BOLO.
I'll have CPIC and the state police
put out an All Call message over ISPERN and all the city-wides.
- Your office, Sergeant. - Yeah. Come on in.
Heard you found some sort of tracker on Kelly's car
and that car thieves were responsible for this.
Yeah, well, my team's looking into that,
but we still don't have enough to release him yet.
- Why not? - Look, a carjacking crew
may well have put that tracker on Kelly's car,
and they may well have intended on stealing it later.
But Kelly may have frustrated those efforts
by getting in the car accident first.
He wouldn't have gotten into an accident and run.
That's what we're trying to prove.
Can't you release him and then continue to investigate?
- I can't. - Why?
It'll look like favoritism.
You know what, Hank? It feels like I'm being stiff-armed here.
You and me got history. Is that what it is?
I thought we'd buried all of that.
So did I.
Let's try and make sure it's not preventing Kelly
from getting a fair shake.
Why don't you take a look out there?
None of those people are going home
until we figure this out.
Now, if you want, I can have this transferred
over to Homicide,
but let me tell you something:
at best, Kelly'd be sitting in a jail cell
waiting for trial.
At worst, he'll be doing five years for murdering that girl.
All right, let me ask you this, Sergeant.
Do you think Kelly did this?
No, I don't.
But listen, it doesn't matter what I think.
It matters what the state's attorney can prove.
And right now, that's putting Kelly behind the wheel.
Hey, Sarge.
Well, look at you, all overdressed.
Okay. Um, look, I was just wondering
do you need a Title III or a search warrant
to dump information off a cell phone?
Well, gosh, one of your fancy friends upstairs should know.
Come on, Sarge, you're my homegirl.
You know that!
Title III is for a wire tap.
What you want is a search warrant,
and since a judge needs to sign it,
you better proof it first.
Got it. Yes. Thank you, Sarge.
Hey. How's it going with Olinsky?
Um, it's great.
He's a legend.
Uh-huh. Word of advice:
just ride it out with the old dog;
he's got '74 syndrome.
What do you mean?
March 1, 1974,
the day females started to ride patrol.
Lot of old-timers resented us gals
being considered equal in their car.
I never got that hit off Olinsky.
Well, he's come a long way,
but some things get hard-wired.
Pow! Thank you, Sarge!
That was the AIU Tech.
He said the blood on the dashboard of Severide's Mustang
came back inconclusive.
So, we still can't clear him from being behind the wheel?
- No. - If we can figure out
who this crew is selling cars to, we can find them.
I actually got a guy. He fabricates keys and chips
for stolen vehicles.
I've been slowly cultivating him into a C.I.
Yeah, well, speed it up. Put a fire under his ass.
All right.
What the hell, Kev?
Reece, what's up, dog?
How you doing?
You working on these?
This for a beemer?
Man, you coming up in the world now, Reece.
That's what I'm talking about. Who's this for?
Tell me who it's for,
or you're gonna get the matching one.
- Zadra. - Zadra who?
Michael Zadra.
Runs stolen rides out of Rogers Park.
He usually deals in the basics, you know? Hondas and Toyotas.
But the last few months, he's been wanting
- these high-end copies cut. - Mm.
Okay, so, you cut the keys. Who jacks the cars?
I don't know.
He gives me cars' computers,
and I make them new sets of keys and fobs.
I don't ask his life story.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Kev! My man.
He's waiting on new car keys to be delivered, right?
You're gonna help us deliver them.
And what do I get?
You get to not go to jail.
Let's ride.
Yo, Z! It's me.
I got your keys.
Chicago Police! Get down on the ground!
- CPD! Let me see your hands! - Down on the ground!
Get down. Keep your hands where we can see them.
- Hands up! - Get down!
Hey, hey, hey! You two! Right there!
- Get down! Get down! - Walk towards me.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Right there!
Hands up! Move forward!
Hey, hey! Keep your hands where we can see them.
Walk towards me. Reece.
- Walk towards me. Get down. - Jay, two coming at you.
Everyone on the street...
they're gonna know you're a snitch.
Don't worry about him. You got your own problems now.
Single file. Watch your heads.
If you're lookin for a low bond,
I suggest you keep your mouth shut in front of the judge.
- Hey. - Anything?
Not yet, but...
Sarge, at least let me take him to 26th and Cal myself.
Unless you are ready to cut him loose,
it's against regulations.
He rides with the others. I'm sorry.
if it turns out that I was behind the wheel,
don't let anyone try and make a deal for me.
let me rot.
Let's move it.
Well, you've been a busy boy.
Re-tagged and sold almost 100 stolen cars this year.
You ship them over to Poland?
You coming into my garage like that...
I never saw a warrant.
I'd say that's trespassing.
You never saw a warrant? You never showed him a warrant?
I did, but everything happened so fast, I guess.
Well, we got one. Trust me.
But you're not here for selling stolen cars.
You're here 'cause we need the guys
that are jacking them for you; you understand?
You give us them, you walk.
Certain people bring me cars. I give them new VINs,
ship them overseas.
Know what a Maybach goes for in Warsaw?
Who steals the cars?
I've only dealt with Ryan.
I had an argument with him this week over prices.
He wanted more money per car
'cause he has to split it with his partner.
To smooth things over, I fronted Ryan some cash.
50 grand for three nice rides,
which he never delivered to me.
How do we get ahold of him?
It ain't easy.
He gives me a new burner phone every time we do business.
I put a call out. He calls me.
Well, the problem is that your guy Ryan
stole a car from a firefighter,
crashes into a mother and daughter.
Now that firefighter's facing homicide charges.
Well, that's his problem.
No, actually...
actually it is your problem.
See, there's a thing called reasonable suspicion.
If he's filling your shopping list,
then you can be held responsible
for whatever Ryan did on the street.
- Whoa. What? - So, you ain't going anywhere
until we get Ryan.
You understand?
Ryan Novak. He's the guy Zadra was getting cars from.
Did three years in Menard for GTA
and aggravated carjacking.
Paroled a year ago.
And if it's dark and this guy speeds by you in a car at night,
you could easily mistake him for Severide.
- You got an address? - Yeah.
LKA was his mother's house.
Katrina Novak. She owns a house up on Lawrence.
I already got a warrant signed.
You and Atwater grab Ruzek, hit that house.
Here you go.
Chicago PD!
There's someone moving around in there.
- Clear. - Hey!
Thought you were going somewhere?
Huh? Where's your son?
How would I know?
There's a warrant. That's your copy.
You can keep it. We're gonna have to go through your bag.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
You been selling a lot of Amway?
Hey, you see this?
Tools for the entire operation right here.
A girl was killed in a car wreck,
and we know your son is responsible.
We've got you holding his gear and his cash
and ready to blow town,
so we know you've been in contact with him.
Found these in the lining of her bag.
There's got to be at least half a dozen identities here.
Most of these track back to stolen property
at pawn shops and cash-for-gold places.
Got a Kimberly. Got a Donna. You got a Susan.
Start running those ID, I bet we come up with a few felonies.
Or we can charge her with vehicular homicide.
- Got plenty to go on. - Mm.
What do you want?
Call your son.
Tell him turn himself in. We'll let you go. No charges.
I wouldn't waste my time.
Ryan will never give himself up to the cops.
There's always Plan B.
All right, you said Novak ripped you off for three cars, right?
- Yeah. - It's payback time.
Wait. What's this?
I'm not waiting around to triangulate cell phone signals.
You want a deal or not?
All right. You're gonna send that picture to Novak.
Tell him you got his mom.
You're trading her for the cash you fronted him.
What if he hates his mom?
Then we're all screwed.
Keep your eyes open.
Does the name Jimmy Sanguinetti
mean anything to you?
Yeah. What about him?
Apparently he's my dad.
Bunny says he's out of prison,
in town, wants to reconnect.
I ran into Sanguinetti a couple times.
It was back when he was crashing with your mom.
I thought that you met Bunny
when you pulled me off the street.
I knew Bunny before you were born.
Most of the young cops in the District knew Bunny.
I mean, there was always a domestic
or disturbing the peace call at her place or at her bar.
Why didn't you ever tell me that?
Never came up.
All right, get in position.
Snatching my mom?
Talk about a punk move.
Got your attention, didn't it?
I got your money. Let me see her.
CPD, asshole.
Turn around.
Let's go.
Still nothing, huh?
He's not much of a talker.
Just like mama, huh?
Yeah, well, maybe I'll just have to go next door
and make a new friend.
You tell him it's his lucky day?
- Not yet. - Oh.
Go ahead and tell him.
- It's your lucky day, Mike. - Yeah. That's right.
Witness says that the driver of the Mustang
plowed into that minivan...
he had dark hair.
That blond mop of yours might have just saved you
from vehicular homicide charges.
Unless you were wearing a wig. Were you wearing a wig?
I think he was wearing a wig.
I'm gonna go confirm it with Ryan.
I wasn't wearing a wig.
Oh, no?
So, Ryan was driving?
So, Ryan was driving?
I'm talking to you.
Yeah. Ryan was driving.
How'd you get the car?
Well, me and Ryan, we were all geared up
waiting in our work car.
We get a call from this valet we had in our back pocket,
says he tagged a classic Mustang,
so we track it from Tap on Rush, and we get behind this dude...
We was gonna hit him at the next stoplight like we usually do,
but two blocks out, he pulled off on this side street.
So, there was no one else around,
so we weren't gonna wait any longer,
and as we're rolling up on him,
he starts getting out.
And dude was fumbling with his keys,
so I pulled out my .45 and I said, "Hand it over,"
and he looks at me like he's gonna fight back.
So, boom,
I gave him a little pistol whip,
he hit the ground, and I grabbed his keys.
Where'd you hit him?
Right there.
Then what?
Ryan drove.
Ryan drove the Mustang.
I followed.
And we were heading north on Ashland,
and then just...
this minivan came out of nowhere,
ran a red light.
Ryan smashed into it, so he bailed.
He hopped into my car, and we took off.
According to the report,
the Mustang was going 70 miles an hour in a 35 zone,
and it was the vehicle at fault,
- so it was the Mustang that... - into a minivan.
The name of the driver was Elsa James.
She was with her ten-year-old daughter.
Her name was Chloe.
And you killed her.
No. Ryan did.
I wasn't driving.
Mike Cox just confessed to carjacking Severide.
Only says he wasn't doing the driving.
Ryan Novak was.
Even if that's true, Cox can still be charged
as an accomplice to vehicular homicide
and face the same charges.
Fine with me. What about Severide?
I already made the call. He'll be released soon.
Good. Oh...
Novak might say something
about us sticking his mom in the trunk.
Hank, I've heard enough. I got it from here.
Try to keep your feelings out of it
when it comes to the interviews.
Okay. Done.
Anything else? Because I'm 100% open
to any advice or suggestions or criticism.
Okay, um, tell me, Kim:
out of 13,000 other coppers,
why do you think you deserve to be up here?
I've paid my dues.
I've been shot, run over, almost lost my partner,
and I've... I've arrested more people
than most police officers combined in this district, so.
See, you know, that's the thing.
Real police... they don't boast
or expect any medals pinned to their chest.
- You asked. - Yeah.
Well, you know, between Ruzek and Roman,
you've been a badge bunny,
so I don't know if you're tough enough for Intelligence.
Well, then get ready to eat some crow, Al.
How are you?
Better now that you're here.
The fact that I was in that car for even two blocks...
I got to get my act together.
Well, however I can help.
Catch the guys that did this?
Yeah. They're shipping down here right now
to take your place.
How old was the girl...
who died?
She was ten.
Thank you for believing in me.