Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - A Shot Heard Round the World - full transcript

A highly trained killer declares war on the Chicago police department.


- 5021 George, hold us down
on a personal at 4800 Hazel.

- 10-4, we're holding you down.

- This is silly.
You've already met her.

- But now we're dating,
so it's--

Hold on, this was your idea.
- Yeah, I know.

But I was a little drunk
and feeling sentimental.

We don't need to do this.

- It's gonna be fine.

- Okay, there was zero parking
on the street

and when I went around to
the parking lot,

it was $20 a day,
flat fee.

- Okay, Mom.
Nobody wants to

hear about parking
problems, ever.

- It's good to see you, Bunny.

- Jay, nice to
meet you formally.

- So...Jay and I are
living together now.

- I've heard a lot of good
things about you.

- No, you haven't.

- Okay. Let's just
keep this short and sweet,

even if we all have to fake it.

- Sweetheart, I've been meaning
to call you beca--

Jay, would you mind?
Could we just have one minute?

- Sure.
- No.

What is wrong with you?

What do you need?
Do you need to borrow money?

You can't just come
have breakfast with my boyfriend

and be nice
and leave it at that?

- We need to talk.

- Then talk.

- Uh--10-1, 10-1,
2622, shots fired.

- Patrol 2622,
you have the air.

I need a location.
- I need to talk.

- Officer down,
my partner's been shot.

650 North State.
- We gotta go.

- Officer shot.
Please send help!

- All units stay off the air.

- We have to get him up!

I can't move him on my own.
I can't--I can't get a pulse!

- All right, all right,
come on, come on!

Let's go, let's go.

- Where did the shot come from?
- I don't know!

[sirens approaching]

- 5021 George,
we're on scene of the 10-1.

Keep the cars keep coming.

We got an active shooter
in the area.

Notify responding units there's
plain clothes at the scene.

I need all intersections
blocked to Med.

Have a supervisor initiate
an officer down detail.

Come on, buddy.
Come on!

[overlapping shouting]

- It's gotta be
a south-facing balcony.

[sirens wailing]

- See anything?
- Nothing.

- Stay with me!

- No, back inside,
back inside.

- All right, hey,
no one leaves this building.

Get me some units around back.
Have them cover all sides.

[suspenseful music]


All right, go door-to-door.
Gather everyone in the lobby.

[thud, crash]
Everyone gets interviewed.

- Hello, Sarge.

Probationary officer
that was shot

is Anthony O'Sullivan.

He was responding to a man
in the lobby with a gun.

So we're searching
the whole complex right now.

He was only two months
out of the Academy, Sarge.

- What's his
training officer say?

- He's on his way
to Med right now,

but he said he didn't
hear or see the shot.

- Well, the original call
was a man with a gun.

Get me the time and location.
And make sure the kid's family

is headed over to the hospital.
- Copy.

- Sarge,
we need you up here, boss.

Eighth floor.

[ominous music]


- Single .223 round.

Probably an AR-15.

[ominous music]


This was an execution.


- Shooter's in the wind.
It's unknown

were lying in wait.

Only one shot fired.
- If this is like Dallas,

we need to worry about

Sympathizers, copycats.
I'll keep details limited.

- We're in contact
with CPIC, FBI and Homeland.

Running every active threat
against police.

- Hank, I want you
running point on this.


- Yeah.

- Forensics and the crime lab
are processing

the scene right now.
- All right.

I'll canvass the alley for
personal security cameras

and I'll run pods, all right?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I knew this kid, O.

He was in the search warrant
class I taught at the Academy.

He was gonna be good police.

- Come on.

Gotta keep moving.

Come on.

- Yeah.

- We pulled up
down the block.

Anthony got out
of the squad first.

I was right behind him.
- Okay.

- I glanced down the street,
and then...he dropped.

- After the shot,
did you see any movement?

- I didn't see.

- You didn't see
or hear anything?

- There wasn't anything.

There was no gunshot,
no muzzle flash.

It happened so fast,
I didn't see--

I was his eyes.
I just didn't see.

- Nothing you could have done
would have prevented that.

Know that.

- That's Anthony's parents.


- My God.


- I'm sorry.

We did everything we could.

[somber music]


I'm sorry.
- Ohh. Oh.


- Anthony O'Sullivan.
He grew up in Sauganash.

Still lived there
with his parents.

He was class commander and
graduated first of his class

from the Academy two months ago.

Here, I only pulled
our latest and greatest

active threats to police.

- Yeah, we got two
White separatists

aligned with
two anti-government groups.

- And our top six
are bangers who attended

a summit last month.

Three west side gangs
were in attendance.

They vowed to kill police
officers for the killing

of young black men.

- Word on the street
is they had snipers

on the roof last night.

- So patrol still has
no suspects.

There was no 911 calls
for shots fired.

So we're thinking
that the shooter used

a flash suppressant
and a silencer.

And most likely
was monitoring our radios.

- Nothing off ballistics.
Bullet doesn't match

a gun on file.

- Your office.

- So start narrowing.

Who has access to a gun,
who's online spewing hate.

And I don't care if that crime
scene was licked clean.

There's a path that leads
straight to that balcony.

- Hey, man, um--


Jeremy at the State's Attorney's
office has been

running his mouth.

He said that you're
taking a job over there

as their lead investigator?

Is that true?

- I did take the job.

- What?

- Yeah.

Start Monday.

I was gonna tell you guys
earlier, but--

Come on, we got work to do.

- Superintendant wants
a press conference.

- What happened to
limited details?

- We need to consider
Chicago's climate.

- That's exactly what
I'm considering.

Have you seen
the board out there?

I got a white cop
shot from a rooftop

and a half a dozen
black males as suspects.

- Got a pop off cell towers
at the shooting site.

Booker Ford.
He's on our short list.

Associated with
the Corner Hustlers.

CPIC's got him pinged
for making

online threats
towards the police.

He's got a failure to
appear warrant out on him,

and his cell hit the tower
within two hours of shooting.

- Hit it.
- We got it.

- [sighs]

[tense music]

- Ruzek, get the front.


- All right, hit it.

- Chicago PD!

- Chicago PD!

[muffled rap music plays]




[muffled rap music


- Uhh!

- Don't move!

Get on the ground!
On the ground!

Don't move.
Don't move.

You good?

- [panting] Yeah.

- So it's all true.
Great and mighty CPD

throws me in a black site
for resisting arrest. Mm!

- "Gut them pigs
and give 'em wings."

I like this one.

"We need to slit them
end to end."

- That's just talk.
- Well, that's not just talk

when a cop gets shot.
- I didn't kill any cop.

- Your cell phone puts you
right in the area.

- I was out driving
this morning.

I didn't kill anybody.

- "Going out to slaughter
the first pig I see."

I watched every video
you posted online.

You seemed awful sure
of yourself.

Now it's just talk?

Now that it's real,
and the blood's dry?

What, you gonna just curl up
in a little ball?

Own up to it.
- If I killed the police,

I wouldn't waste a bullet
on a kid.

I'd go after one of
the old-timers.

Just like you...

where all our problems
really started.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

Beat another black man
who's cuffed.

Show me what we both
already know.

- Boss.

- What?

- We got something.

- [laughing]

- So a pod caught the truck

leaving the alley
right after the shooting.

It was the only vehicle
to do so within our window.

Next thing we know,
this traffic light

snaps the truck two miles away.
- I ran the plates.

It was stolen from an auto park
in Downers Grove ten months ago.

Tact team found it parked
one block north.

- And they're still
sitting on it.

- All right, take it.

Bring Jay and Lindsay.
- All right, Sarge.

Anything from Booker yet?
- Take it means go now.

- Copy.

- They don't want cops
in this city?

That's fine. Let's pull out.
Let's pull out.

Let them police themselves.
See how long that lasts.

- Right down there.

Car's parked at the tail end
of a dead end alley.

No one's approached.
- Did you see any movement

inside the vehicle?
- No. Plain clothes walked by.

Car looks cold.
- Looks like he ditched it.

We almost missed it back there.
- We'll approach with you,

just in case he's in there
laying low.

- All right.
- Let's go.


Chicago PD!
Anybody in the car,

come out with your hands up.

- Is that your radio?

- I think so, yeah.

[static, feedback]

- Wait, wait.
Hold up.

Something doesn't feel right.

Erin, check your radio.


- Get down!
- Riley!


- Riley!
- We're going! Cover us!

- Go get your squad!
Go get your squad! Go!

- Where is he?
Where is he?

- Ten o'clock on the roof!

- I got her!
Go, go, go, go!

[bullets ricocheting]

- Hold on! Hold on!
Riley, hold on!


- Cover us!

- We got you!
- Come on, come on!

Come on! Come on, get us
the hell out of here!

- He's moving!
- Garcia, you get on the horn!

You call a 10-1 right now!
We need backup!

- Copy that!
- Lock down the block!

- Let's go, let's go.
- Go, go!

[suspenseful music]


- You're clear.

- Uh, we got a rope.

He rappelled down.

- Need a location.

- 5021 George, we're on scene
of the 10-1.

We got an officer inbound with
a gunshot wound to the head.

Offender believed to be on foot,

heading westbound
on the rooftops.

Roll Air One.
- Easy.


- Talk to me!
- She's been down eight minutes.

- All right, let's get her
on the gurney.

- Will,
I can't move my hands.

- All right. I got her.

- Okay.
- I got her.

- Let's go, keep moving.

[phone clatters]

- Um, Will...

Will says that she, uh,

she died before she hit the
ground, for whatever the--

- Okay.

So we know area central
and patrol

shut the whole block down.

I know a perimeter search
is underway,

but every camera in the area
was vandalized.

The highway was spitting

- Did we get a look at him?
- Boss, he kept low.

This guy, the way he shot...
he was trained.

- He was military!

The truck was a lure!
It was bait!

We never should have
been in the alley.

That son of a bitch
knew we'd come in hot.

We had no cover.
He had a remote vantage point.

Triangulated us from above.

And then we were fricking
target practice!

- He jammed our frequency.

- All the cell phones and
the radios, they were all down.

- Put a call into OEMC
and tech lab.

Let me know as soon as
you hear.

- Ballistics are a match.

Bullets came from the same
gun as the weapon

that killed Anthony.

Truck's being processed
for prints.

- It's possible Booker
maybe had an accomplice?

- I mean, that cat
might hate the police,

but he never left
the west side of Chicago.

I checked his financials
and his online movements.

I mean, his only online
fingerprint is Facebook.

I just don't see this cat
hooking up with an army sniper.

- We hold him for 48,
but we go with what we know.

There's an active shooter

targeting the Chicago
Police Department.

We got 200 more enemies
just like Booker.

So we keep narrowing down
this board,

based on training in military
and law enforcement.

And we hit every single one.

- Hey, I got one. Robert Dean,
pinged from the tip line.

Two neighbors overheard Dean
boasting about the shootings.

He's a dishonorable discharge
from the Naval Reserves.

He's been jailed twice since.

Believes he was set up
by the cops.

CPIC's had him on watch
for six months,

and he's on parole
for resisting arrest.

- Okay, so we move on him first.

Call Crowley. Tell her to go
ahead with the press conference.

- And today,
two Chicago Police officers

were targeted and murdered.

For one reason only:

Because they were
police officers.

Those officers...
will never return home.

- Every day,

you risk your lives
for this city.

For the people you love.

For your families,
your friends.

And for strangers.

And for those who resent you.

Your job is to
still protect them.

No threat changes that.

You serve. You protect.

And you all come home tonight.


[dramatic music]


- Okay, bring it in.
Listen up!

Listen up.

Our target is Robert Dean.

We're gonna hit him quick
and clean.

All right, let's do it.

- Place is empty.


- Nobody's home.
We got eyes?

- Nothing yet.

- Erin.

- Black four door sedan,
coming your way.

- That's a positive.
That's him.

What's he doing?

- He made us.

[intense music]


- Do not move!
Turn the car off, nice and slow!

- Now put your hands
outside the vehicle.

Do it,
or we will light you up!

Do it now!

- [grunting]

- Pop the trunk.

[dramatic musical sting]


- I hope every cop
in this city gets smoked.

- Shut up.

- Get him in the cage.


- The average citizen
is 60 times more likely

to be killed by a cop
than a terrorist.

60 times!

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

If you guys are gonna keep on
murdering innocent people,

and we don't fight back,
it's gonna get worse.

We'll be living
in a police state,

if we aren't already.

So yeah, sorry.

Glad two of your own
were killed.

Blood needs to spill
in a revolution.

- That what you're hoping for?

Shot heard 'round the world?

- This is the part
you're gonna hate.

It wasn't me.

- Your guns are being

and checked as we speak.

- It wasn't me.
I keep those guns for defense.

And I seen the news.
I wasn't anywhere near all that.

I had breakfast at Forman's this
morning, out with some buddies.

All right?

Receipt's in my wallet.
You can check.

- Yeah. We'll check that.

- Yeah.

- It should take
about five minutes.

- Yeah, right.

- Your story falls apart,

I'ma come back downstairs.

Every fear you ever had
about cops is gonna come true.

- Oh, you'd love that,
wouldn't you?

- You have no idea.


Oh, I was checking into
your...into your file.

I saw a report
about six months ago,

you had a little altercation
at your house.


I think your girlfriend's
ex came over.

He made threats,
knocked you around a little.

- Yeah, well--that's right.

- Who'd you call
to clear it up?

[tense music]


[fence rattles]

- Yeah, I will. Yeah.

Don't even bother.
I need you back out.

- What? We just left Med.

- Yeah, Mike, I'm aware
of your schedule.

I need you back out.

- No.

- Excuse me?
- I'm not going.

I wanna talk to somebody
from peer support.

- Okay, okay, look.
I understand we're all grieving.

And we will have time for that.
But right now,

I need every available officer
out there

trying to find who killed
two of our own.

- I said no!

- Mike!

Don't do this now.
- No--

- You don't have to
do this right now, okay?

- I got 20 years, I'm vested.

I will sign my PAR papers,
and I will get them

to you tomorrow.

No. No, no, no.

- I'm done.

I'm sorry, guys.

I'd rather be a living beach bum
in Tampa than...

than a dead cop in Chicago.

[somber music]


- Anyone else wanna quit?

No? Me neither.
Let's get back to work.

- My mom.

- Sarge.

Receipt checks out.
Two waitresses confirm

Dean was there for two hours.

Restaurant's sending over
the security footage,

but it's looking like
he's not our guy.

- Okay. Crime scene?
- Still processing it.

We're running every pod,
sweeping every building

and we've got knock-and-talks
going for two square miles.

- Well, we got another option.

It's not gonna lift
any spirits.

- Um, we checked with OEMC.

Now, the jammers that were
used to interrupt

our radios and our cell phones,
they're easy enough to buy.

But for them to work that well,
you gotta know

police frequencies.
- The shooter was too prepared.

You know, SUV was stolen
ten months ago.

It's methodical.

Those two shots weren't easy.

- So you think we trained him.

- Yeah. We re-tracked
all fired employees.

Five stood out.

There's three
that moved out of state.

They're accounted for.

One's in jail
on an assault charge.

And then, uh,
there's this guy.

- Carl Dougherty. Son of--
- Mark Dougherty?

- A cop?

- Whoa.

Mark Dougherty was killed
in the line of duty.

The night he died
at Chicago Med,

the line of cops waiting
to pay their respects

wrapped all the way
around the place.

- Yeah, he was a solid cop.
Even a better man.

- Well, Carl tried to follow
in his dad's footsteps.

He was kicked out of the Academy
after four months

for exhibiting erratic behavior.

- Wha--so, what? Then he goes
on a killing spree?

- He filed two complaints
with the department.

Last year for wrongful

Both went unanswered.
CPIC hasn't been tracking him

for ten months because he shut
down all of his social media.

But up until that point, he had
been posting vague threats.

"They'll pay."
"One day they'll pay."

- Carl was recently diagnosed
with delusional disorder.

So we're waiting to get
those records now.

- We know where
he's hanging his hat?

- He's with his mom, Cathy.

- Okay.

- Now I don't understand.
Is Carl okay?

Is he in trouble?
- We need to know

where he is, ma'am.
- He wanted to try living alone.

Just for a few months.
The hospital said it was okay.

I found him a cheap rental
online with a roommate.

Just for a few months.
- Do you have that address?

- What is going on?
Is he really in trouble?

- Ma'am, we need his address.

- Chicago PD!

- Body!

- It's the roommate.

- Clear!
- Clear!

- I gotta get this door.

- Get that door.
- Ready.

- Go.
- Yeah.

- Go, go, go!

[suspenseful music]


- This is our cop killer.

- Oh, man.

[intense musical buildup]


- Body found is Martin Fuller.
He's Carl's roommate.

There was a 9mm at close range.

M.E. believes
he was killed 36 hours ago,

before the first officer
was shot.

- Now, Ruzek said Carl's
journals spelled out his plans

to the letter.

Blueprints, escape routes.

He's got everything down
in detail.

- Yeah, except his endgame.

Which he referred to over
a dozen times in his books

but never spelled out.

- Carl's picture's been sent
to the news,

and all call messages
are out all over the zone.

Now we flagged his financials.

Bank accounts, credit cards.
Guy's gone dark.

His phone's off and
he hasn't used a single card

in the last ten months.

- Well, he knows better.

What about family?

- We've got cars sitting
at his mother's house.

His aunt's in Edison Park,
and his mom's on her way in.

- Thanks for coming in,
Dr. Charles.

- Of course.

Look, I know you guys
are up against it,

so I'm just gonna
start talking okay?

- Please do.

- Based on Carl's age
and previous diagnosis,

it appears that he is no longer
able to differentiate

between illusion and reality.

Records indicate
that he was diagnosed

with a delusional disorder
of the persecutory type.

Meaning that even though
he appears organized,

he is functioning under a fixed
but false set of beliefs.

- Based on?

- That's where it gets
a little murky.

Most people who suffer
from this disorder

build a system
on a foundation of slights.

Right? Some incredibly minor.

The guy on the El
who took your seat.

Some not so small.

The company
that took your job away.

These are all dramatically
amplified to this fellow, okay,

representing those who have
neglected, maligned,

even conspired against him,
all right?

Those who've caused him pain.

- Like the Chicago Police

- His dad, his job.
I mean, it's highly possible

that this guy thinks
that the CPD

is responsible
for his suffering.

How that might play into
his delusion is hard to say.

- He believes killing cops
is righteous.

- It's likely.

- Mark raised him right.

We both did.

- I remember Carl
when he was a kid.

From the FOP picnics.

- All Carl ever wanted to do
was make his father proud.

He just...

He just wasn't built the same.

- Look...

I'm sorry you're having
to go through this.

I mean, I know this is
a lot to grasp right now, Cathy.

the last time you saw Carl...

I mean, did he say anything?

I mean, anything
out of the ordinary?

Like a plan.
Maybe a person.

- He said he wanted
to go home.

- Okay.
- I told him,

"Sweetheart, you have a home.

If you wanna move back,
that's fine."

He just shook his head and said
he wanted to go back home.

- How long have you been
in your home in Rogers Park?

- Eight years.

We moved there after Mark died.

- Where did you live
prior to that?

- Bridgeport.

- Is that the house
Carl grew up in?

- Yes.

- We're gonna need
that address.

- If you find him
and he did this...

Please don't kill him.

[somber music]



- Remember the night we lost
Mark Dougherty?

- Yeah. Shut down
the entire city.

Tracked that son of a bitch who
shot him all the way to Gary.

Got handcuffs on him.

Had a confession
before the sun came up.

- Yeah, it was good police work.

All I remember about that night
was the crime scene.

Mark Dougherty,
two bullets in the head,

bleeding out in the gangway.

- Yeah.
- It's just like my dad.

- Hey, Sarge,
we're ready to go.

[line ringing]


- Hello.

- Is this Carl?

- Yes.

- Hey, Carl,
this is Hank Voight

with the CPD.

Are you alone in the house?
- No

I have hostages.

I will kill them.

Please call
a hostage situation now.

- All right,
I'm gonna do that.

But I need you
to talk to me first

so I know what it is
I'm calling in.

Can you tell me who's inside?

Are they safe?
- They're safe now.

- Okay, good.

We're gonna keep it that way.

Carl, what are we doing here?

- You're not
a hostage negotiator.

- No, no, I'm not.

But...I can help.

Look, why don't you tell me
what it is you're after.

- You're supposed to
call in support.

I need the dozen cars,
the command post,

the hostage negotiator.

- Well, that's all coming.

I just thought,
for right now,

lets you and me talk about
how we're gonna end this.

Carl, I knew your father.

He was a good man.

Look, if you walk out that door
right now, hands raised,

I can personally make sure
you won't be harmed.

- Not harmed?

It's too late for that.
You've already done too much.

I know what you've been doing.
- Carl.

- I've seen the news.
You just keep going.

- Look, take it easy, Carl.
- Where are they?

Where are the rest of them?

The cops should be here
by now.

Unless you didn't call them.

- Carl. Carl, you there?

[intense music]

[dramatic musical sting]


- Carl, I need you
to talk to me.

- You all killed him.

You killed him.
You put a bullet in his chest.

And then left.

You scattered until
there was nothing there anymore.

And it keeps going!

- Carl, we can get you help.

We can move past all of this.
- You're supposed to

call in support!

I need the dozen cars,
the command post,

the hostage negotiator.

- He's got the whole place
rigged with explosives.

He's trying to get
as many cops here as he can.

[tense music]


- All right, Carl.
Let's talk about your father.

- You killed him!

I know what you're gonna do.

This little girl in here,
this mother,

all the people outside,
my family,

you're gonna hurt
every single one of them.

You're a cop!
So you can hurt people.

- No, Carl. I didn't become
a cop to hurt anyone.

The exact opposite.

Listen to me.

My father was a cop like yours.

And he died in the line
of duty, like yours.

Look that--that can cast a big
shadow, believe me.

But...what I've done as a cop,

and as a man...

[somber music]

Is to try to make him proud.

You can do that
right now, Carl.

It is not too late.

Just put the gun down
and walk out that door.

Your dad will be proud of you.


Think of your dad, Carl.

- No.

- Carl.
- No.

You're gonna kill all of them.

I can't let you.
- Carl.

- I can't.

I won't let you.
[phone beeps]

[intense musical buildup]


- Take it.

- It's okay.
It's okay. All right.

Let's get you guys
out of here.

Okay. All right, come on.
Let's go.

[somber music]


Come on, let's go!

[emotional music]


- Say it ain't so, man.

- Yeah. It's time
for the next chapter.

- I'm always
gonna owe you, man.

- For what?

- You brought me into the unit.

I just hope I did you proud.

- I brought you on because
you were dating my sister.

I thought you were
gonna be family.

If I knew you were gonna
break up with her,

I'd have stuck you at the guard
shack at headquarters.

- [laughs]

Timing's everything.
- H a.

Knowing the cop
you've become...

knowing that you're here...

that made it easy for me
to take the investigator's job.

- Well, I appreciate it, man.

- Love you, bro.
- Love you, too.

All right, let's go to Molly's.
- Let's do it.

[mellow pop music
in background]

- Oh, nice touch, Christopher.

- Tough day.
For all of us.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- How you holding up?

- Okay. Thank you.

- I heard your partner--
what's his name, Sorensen?

- Yeah.
- That he turned his badge in.

- Yeah.

He's not here to give
his version,

so I'm gonna hold off on mine.

But yeah, he quit.

- Well, I got a spot open
in Intelligence.

- Yes!

I hope that's where
you were going with that.

- I'll see you upstairs
Monday morning.

- Lindsay.
- Yeah!

Oh, hey!
Oh, man.

Man of the hour!

- Hey!
- Ooh!

- Hey.

- Thanks. For everything.

- No, thank you, man.
Thank you.

- Speech!

[soft music]


- It's hard to say good-bye.

Especially on a day like this.


And, um...

Been an honor
working with you all.

Thank you.

all: Cheers.

- To the Blue.
- To the Blue.

[glasses clinking]

- When you say you have
an emergency,

I really hope you mean it.

- Your dad is in town.

And he wants to see you.

[dramatic music]