Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Don't Read the News - full transcript

After the body of young woman is found with multiple gunshot wounds, Intelligence uncovers details of her case that are similar to other deaths. They work to link all of these murders together to pin down the serial killer, and appease the families of the victims who have been looking for answers. Meanwhile, Lindsay decides to meet her biological father for the first time, and Voight welcomes Kenny Rixton to the team when Ruzek takes an undercover assignment.



Do you want to...


Bunny always said you were locked up.


I've been out ten years.

I was married. That's why
you didn't hear from me.

We had two boys of our own.

Married convict with
a whole nother family.

There's a catch.

Nobody involved exactly
had their stuff together.

But you turned out okay.

So, you're off the hook?

I'm guessing you were my secret admirer.

All the hang-up calls?

Flowers a couple months ago
sent from outside of Leavenworth?

Yeah. Went to visit a friend
who didn't make it out,

which could've been me
about 12 different ways.

I'll be in town a few days.

I wasn't there for you then,

but I'd like to be now,

if you'll let me.

I'm glad we met.

You enjoy Chicago.

Female victim. Young, black...

pretty... not that it matters.

Everything matters.

This school falls in
a safe passage zone.

Two tac teams assigned.

They're rolling in any minute.

All eyes are on us.

This block is supposed to be safe.


Rough one. Grace Johnson, 22 years old.

She's not in the system.
No priors. Nothing.

Found her bag nearby.

She definitely wasn't robbed,

but there's barely any blood here,

so she was probably
killed someplace else

and then dumped.

Well, she fought back. Defensive wounds.

She's got skin under her fingernails.

Three small-caliber bullet wounds.

There's marks around her neck.
Looks like she was strangled,

but the ME's not gonna
know cause of death

till she gets her on the table.

Hey, Kenny, listen.

Bag her hands. Have forensics
run a deluxe, will you? Thanks.

Just another one! Y'all
don't care about us!

Who is that?

It's Kenny Rixton. He's
Ruzek's replacement.

- What?
- Ruzek's replacement.

Look, I'll fill you in later.

Do me a favor... get that
under control, will you?

It's all for show! That's
all it is! All of this!

Work the case.

They don't care about
us. It's all for show!

All right? Look at
this one. Look at her.

She about to come over
here and tell me to shut up.

- Ma'am?
- I have the right to be here.

Yes, you do. Did you know the girl?

I'm trying here. What's your name?

My name is "I'm black and I'm proud."

What's your name?

Okay, my name is Officer Kim Burgess,

and this is a crime scene,

so if you know something and
you can help us in some way...

Help you? They are
killing our daughters,

and you're asking me for my help?

- You're the police!
- Ma'am, I need you to calm...

No... you're supposed to be helping us!

No! Don't touch me!

This snowflake white
bitch don't care about you!

Officer, stand down!
Hey! Holster your Tazer!

- What you gonna do?
- Ma'am!

- You gonna shoot me?
- Ma'am, you need to calm down.

Do you hear me? Holster your Tazer!

And you, walk away.

I need you to walk away.

Take your friend and walk her away,

or you are sleeping in lock-up.

Don't touch me.

Come here.

Do you know her? Is she related
to the victim in some way?

What was that?

Deanna Lewis.

Her niece was killed a few months ago.

They're killing our daughters!

What are you gonna do about it?

Ruzek's replacement?

That's all we heard.

Hey, um, how'd it go with your dad?

Um, fine.

I... I don't know.

I don't even know if
I want this in my life.

Do you want me to dig in?
Go through his financials,

see if he's got a reason to
be coming out of the woodwork?


Okay, this is Kenny Rixton.

He's assigned over from the gang unit.

He and I used to work
together over there.

Where's Adam?

Ruzek's been detailed to an
undercover assignment at his request.

I don't know what the case
is. I don't know for how long.

Kevin, you and Kenny
are gonna partner up.

He's up to speed on the case.

- Hey, welcome aboard.
- Welcome.

Looking forward to working with you all.

Hit it.

Okay, so, Grace Johnson, 22 years old.

She was found dead last night
based on an anonymous 911 call.

The caller did not want to be ID'd.

His phone was a dead
end, and as of right now,

we haven't been able to
turn up any witnesses.

It was 28 degrees out last night.

Hard to determine time of death.

We're trying to locate a vehicle

that would've dropped her
off where she was found.

Well, the ME noted vaginal tearing,

signs of asphyxiation,
and three gunshot wounds.

And no arterial bleeding,

meaning she was raped postmortem.

Who was she?

Yeah, Grace was a hard worker,

receptionist at a doctor's
office in the South Loop,

raising two younger sisters.

Mom's MIA.

Dad got knifed in the day
room at Stateville last year.

Sisters are with DCFS now.

Those sisters need to be interviewed.

I want to understand the
last day of Grace's life.

Every minute.

Check all sex offenders in the area.

Comb her social media. Dump her phone.

Let's go.

Thank you.

So you'll cool with questioning kids?


In the gang unit, half the
bangers we dealt with were kids.

How you doing, ladies?

I'm Officer Atwater.
This is Officer Rixton.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Kimmy and Devon, right?


Devon, you think you might want a snack?

Whatever you want, on me.

You know where the machines are?


So, Kimmy, I feel terrible about
what happened to your sister,

but I'm not gonna lie to you.

I'm gonna have to ask
you a few questions

if you think you're ready for that.

Ask what you got to ask.

So, did Grace come home
last night after work?

She went out to see Vincent.


Didn't see that name in her phone.

She got a different phone for Vincent.

He's this white boy.

I know everybody loves Grace,
and she got a job and all that,

but I know what she does on weekends.

Dances for Vincent at some club.

You mean like a...

Not a strip club.

Lingerie parties.

Girls at school do it.

Dance, take a guy in back for 100.

But they don't dance for Vincent.

Only Grace does.

He's... fancy.

That's all I know.

They said she was raped.

I don't know.

Thought you weren't gonna lie to me.

You know, our dad got killed.

I didn't cry then either.

Hey, hey. CPD.

We're looking for a Vincent Avinell.

Vince Avinell.

Vincent Avinell?

Hey, CPD. Vincent Avinell?

- Where's Vincent?
- Can't come in here.


Chicago PD! Hey, ladies, get down.

Get off the bed. Get off the bed.

Keep your hands where I can see them.

- Don't move. Vincent Avinell?
- No.

- Do you know where he is?
- No.

Two-way mirror.

Don't you move.

Chicago PD! Don't move!

Keep your hands where we can see them.

What's up, Vincent?

- Those ain't mine.
- Yeah?

Maybe we'll hold onto
them. What do you think?

- You got him?
- Yeah.

The problem is, Vincent,

is that we know she danced for you

right before this happened.

Yo, like I did that?

Yo... I was at a bar all night.

I got, like, a dozen dudes
that would vouch for me.

But you did see Grace last night?

Yeah. She came by.
She owed me some money.

Yo, I'm being forthcoming,
so y'all can't come at me

with obstruction charges.

Just drop the street act, Vince, okay?

You're from Winnetka.


Who did she talk to and
who did she leave with?

No one.

She kept it moving.

All the dudes were into her.

You know, I can put
you in lock-up right now

for those guns.

Rubbing elbows with a bunch
of guys who may not understand

the appeal of white
boys selling black women.

It's time to get on the
bus or get under it, kid.


Dude's name is Ricky Barnes.

I might've sent some
stuff to him on text.

You know, that's why I had the guns...

in case he found me.

Who's Ricky Barnes?

He used to go home with Grace.

He was pissed that
Grace was dancing for me.

He made some threats.

Grace went over there to try
to cool things down, but...

I think he killed her.

And I'm next.

Ricky Barnes, 27.

He's been arrested, but
no charges as an adult.

He was a violent kid, in and
out of the juvenile system.

No current address.

Accurint puts his last two arrests

at his parents' house.

Mom and dad live two blocks

from where Grace was dumped.

Dad's a machinist, and mom
works back office for ***.

You and Jay hit it.


Yeah, okay, so, one thing.

Two recent murders on the south side.

Victims choked, shot, then raped.

It's a pattern.

Woman at the tape line put
me onto it... Deanna Lewis.

Her niece is one of the girls.

If it was, Homicide would've known.

Could've fallen through the cracks.

They are overloaded, as we all know.

Chase it down.


You want to arrest our son
off of some text messages?

He made threats. And we can't find him.

We just want to get him off the street

before anything else happens.

Jeanette, does he have a gun?

Franklin, does he?

I don't know.

You tried his friends?

Those young men are always strapped.

Officers are looking
for his friends now.

Well, I'll reach out, but
Ricky didn't make it home.

He's pretty upset about Grace.

Do you mind if we search his room?

I do mind.

If you want to talk to him,
I'll try and make it work,

but this is our home.

Sir, if I may...

help us out here, okay?

Grace was murdered. You knew her.

She probably stood right there
where you're standing at one point,

and what happened to
her is as bad as it gets.

You don't think my
baby killed that girl?


But we think he might know who did.

And the longer he stays out there,

the more he does begin
to look like a suspect.

I let you in here,
but you need a warrant

if you're gonna search my house.

Ms. Lewis, we're not here to search.

We need your help.

Something is going on.

We just need to figure out what.

What's going on is

that my niece was killed six months ago.

The coroner's reports show

that her body was defiled
after she was deceased.

This is Belle.

She was 19 years old.

My sister can't hardly leave the house.

She's beautiful.

She was...

the best thing that's
happened to this family,

and I intend to get her justice.

And that's why we're here.

You said "They're
killing our daughters."

What do you mean by that?

Stay here.

How'd you find her?

She found us.

Should've tried harder to
talk to her the first time.

Three white girls are
killed in Lincoln Park.

It's national news.

A killer comes back to haunt
black girls in Englewood...

one, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten...

and they call me crazy.

What do you mean, "comes back"?

So, Deanna Lewis's niece gets killed.

She starts digging.

And finds ten murders
in 2008 just like Grace.

So far, everything
she gave us checks out.

Victims are strangled, shot with a .25,

raped postmortem.

And all ten of those
murders have gone unsolved.

So, you're thinking the same guy

all of a sudden is killing again?

Okay, so, why did he stop,
and why did he start up again?

- Both good questions.
- In 2008,

homicide didn't call
these serial killings.

Chicago had a bid in
to host the Olympics.

Maybe HQ buried this.

If they did, are we stepping on toes

reopening these investigations?

- Don't worry about that.
- I need to talk to Chilewich

over in Area South Homicide.

This is really good work, guys.

Thank you, Sergeant.

No, the correct response
is "Team effort."

All right?

Yeah, no, I wasn't trying
to take all the credit.

All right.

When did that happen?

What... ten minutes ago?

I can't now. I got to meet someone.

Yeah, send Rico. All right.

Yeah. Look, I got to go.

All right. Call me later. Bye.

Hey, Arnold.

Listen, I don't want your
job... this just fell in our lap.

Yeah? You can have my job.

March 3, 2008.

Cindy Howard.

Agreed, she matches
your murder pretty close.

That's one of ten. You see a pattern?

You thinking this is the same guy

that did more of these in 2008?

I don't know yet.

I'd like to compare
your ballistics to mine.

You want to take all
these open homicides?

I just want to stop
girls from getting killed.

The ballistics... I don't have them.

I know how that sounds.

We lost six years worth of files.

Our offices got moved across town,

and then there was a software update.

You make any arrests in 2008?

Yes, I did, Hank.

One blew up on us. Walter Volman.

The reporter with "The Sun Times"?

Yeah, until we found him

in his car smoking rocks with a pro.

- Claimed she was a source.
- Yeah.

I said, "Where's your pants, then?"

Yeah, he was working
a story at the time...

young girls getting killed.

Always at the wrong
place at the wrong time.

We cleared him.

Could be worth another look.

Hang back on this guy. Okay?

Walter Volman.

Are you here about the girls, Al?

Believe this?

Working from home now.

I'm a blogger.

Ugly word.

Should've never took that
buyout from "The Times."

Yeah. Didn't help you were
a suspect in ten murders.

I never hurt a fly,

as my lawyer showed.


I'm on the clock.

So, we'll have gin.

We're here about your
files for the 2008 murders.

Sorry. This is Patrolman Kim Burgess.

You assume I kept those files.

I was close, you know.

I was the only one who
cared. I liked those girls.

Liked them too much, maybe.

Yeah, so, why help CPD now?

Helps prove your theory.

Ten murders, and nobody
ever saw this guy, right?

Chatter was he raped a
girl but she got away.

Never reported.

I was this close to finding her.

It's in my files.

See, I knew we came all
the way over here for a reason.

I identified 40 missing girls
in Englewood back then, 40.

You keep digging, you're
gonna turn up more bodies.

I could help.

I know those streets.

You already have.

I'll wait here

while you go grab those files.

You seem real nice.

Not sure what you're doing with him.

So, we're trying to link this killer

from the 2008 murders in green...

- Right.
- To the recent killings in red

to include Grace Johnson.

We lost the ballistics
from 2008 to compare

to these fresh murders.

Right, but we do have physical
DNA evidence in storage.

The problem is our offender
isn't in a DNA database.

So, we spoke to Antonio.
He had a great idea.

You widen the DNA search
to include familial matches,

and then you search
every felon in the state.

So, you're thinking our guy
is smart and never got pinched,

but somebody in his
family might have been?

That's the theory. The
problem is: To do the sweep,

you got to petition a judge;

To get a judge, we need a prosecutor.

A familial DNA sweep?

That's half science fiction,

and a good defense attorney
could shred you with it.

It's the only way to ID him.

We got a DNA match from the cold
cases and the recent murders.

It's the same guy, but whoever
he is, he's not on file.

You want to build a serial killer case

off homemade evidence
walked in by a civilian?

And where's our suspect?

Ricky Barnes is still a possible.

He was in Grace's life,

but we're still connecting the dots.

Can you put him near Grace's body?

Not yet. She was with him
the night she was killed.

Her cell phone puts her
there. But that's it.

Where is he?

We're looking.

Meantime, I want that DNA sweep.

I got 13 families denied justice.

You want to stand in their way?

Hey, Sarge.


Hey, I don't know if you heard, but...

I probably heard.

You didn't let me finish.


Adam took an undercover gig.

I heard.

I went by his place.

I called him. They
turned off his service.

And his stuff is just
cleared out of his apartment.

Must be a deep-cover gig.

I mean, I get it. You
don't say no when they call.

But it's just... it's weird not knowing

how long he'll be gone, right?

You're worried he left
to get away from you.


Kim, Adam made his decision
of sound mind and body.

You need to make yours:

Member of this Intelligence Unit

or mother hen?

Hi. We're looking for Detective Lindsay.

She'd like to speak with Ricky.

That's right.

Hey, would you put your hands
on the counter for me, please?


Wait a minute. Wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

No, no, no, no. He didn't do anything.

I thought y'all was
trying to keep me safe!

Get your hands off of
him! He didn't do anything!

Get your hands off of
him! He didn't do anything.

I understand, ma'am, and we're
gonna find that out, aren't we?

- Ricky!
- Why'd you lie to me?

- Ricky, I'm so sorry.
- You lied!

He didn't do anything!

We know about the threats you made,

in case you're wondering,
"What am I doing here?"

You want to tell us
about Vincent Avinell?

Nothing to say about him.

He's scared of you.

Guess you two had a
beef over Grace Johnson?

You have every right to be mad at him...

what he did.

He had her turning tricks.

What did you say?



you got a big problem.

I can put Grace in your
bedroom three nights ago.

Her cell phone records.

Ricky, just tell us what happened.

I ain't seen Grace in a minute.

Ricky, what happened? You argue?

Look. For real, I did not see her.

Okay? I loved her.

She broke my heart.

I heard she got killed,

and I was gonna do something about it,

but I didn't.

So, all you got on me is some lame texts

I sent to the dude,

so if you want to
arrest me on that, do it.

Where's the gun, Ricky?

We know you saw her.

What, you follow her home from the club?

Where's your car? Where's the gun?

Like I said, you got bad information.

The state is charging Ricky Barnes.

He hit on the DNA sweep. 98% match

on all ten cold case
murders plus the new ones.

Hold on.

This kid's not even under arrest yet.

His DNA was logged when
he got grabbed with a gun

three years ago.

No charges filed, but that's what hit

when we widened the
parameters of the DNA search.

I've been instructed.

- Stand up. Up.
- For what?

Hands behind your back.

Ricky Barnes, you are under
arrest for 13 murders...

- What?
- Including Grace Jones.

- Look, I didn't kill anybody!
- You are entitled

- to an attorney.
- I'm innocent!

What, this kid was 16 years old

when he did his first murder?

You caught him? Please
tell me you caught him.

We can't discuss an ongoing case.

These people... look at them.

They've all lost someone.

They deserve to know what's going on.

Ma'am, please know
that we took everything

that you told us very seriously,

and our entire unit is focused on this.

You promised me results.

Ms. Lewis, I didn't
say... I did not say that.

Look, all we can do is we work a case,

we go where it takes us.

Please let us do that.

I'm trusting you.

All of us... we're trusting you.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

This handgun was recovered

from underneath the carpet
lining of Ricky Barnes' trunk.

Preliminary ballistics are a match.

That .25 hit on all
three recent murders.

Thing is, if we lost
the ballistics from 2008,

we still can't tie Ricky
Barnes to those bodies.

We got the gun. We got DNA.

I'd just like it better
if the DNA was 100%.

No, see, I think we may have something.

Now, Walter Volman had some
notes on a girl back in '08.

A witness.

Yeah? Did she actually see the murders?

No. She was raped and shot in the chest,

but somehow she lived.

So the story goes.

But all we have is her nickname, Cherry,

and this was eight years ago.

Well, if she's the only
one who can tie Ricky Barnes

to one of these crime scenes,

find her.

I'm looking for a girl. A prostitute.

We got a street name, but we struck out

in the nickname database.

Nice to see you, too, Jay.

Sorry. Virginia, you look great.

Is that a new scent?

Yeah. My sugar daddy gave
it to me on his private jet.

What's the girl's name?

Cherry. Last seen 2008.

Probably gonna be a hospital report.

She was assaulted.

Nothing. Um,

let me try the juvenile system.

Okay. Sienna Brody, AKA Cherry.

Multiple pops for solicitation.

Admitted to Med August 2008. Two GSWs.

She was 15. Want me to print this?

Yeah. Thanks.

And, one more name.

Jimmy Sanguinetti.

Mr. Sanguinetti, another frequent flyer.

He did this to her?

No. Unrelated.

Detective, I can't
chase personal business

without a case number assigned.

Bit-O-Honey. How'd you know?

Friends know, Virginia. Friends know.

Well, I can have these
delivered to you,

Friday, if that works.

One moment.

Sienna Brody?

I don't think about that day.

I don't read the news.

I got two sons with my husband

from his first marriage.

And I never came
forward before because...

'cause I couldn't sit there in
front of a jury and tell them

how I was so high I
didn't even see the gun.

I was 15.

Now because of that, I
can't have kids of my own.

We're very sorry.


but we'd like for you
to look at some photos.

Can you let us know if you see him?

None of these are right either.


Um, just have a few
more to look through.

That's him.

It's him.

All the girls on that corner...
we knew what the police didn't.

Someone was picking us off.

He wanted pictures.

That's him.

Why'd he let you go? I
mean, how are you different

from the other girls?

He didn't let me go.

He drove me to some garage.

He shot me. Twice.

I blacked out,

woke up,

and he was still on me.

I laid there and I played dead.

He left me to die in an alley.


His wife hasn't seen him.

His phone hasn't moved in 12 hours.

He's running.

All right, call Kot.

Get a search warrant for his house.

We need a solid DNA sample.

Do a garbage pull.

Anything and everything.

We also need to get Ricky Barnes

out of 26th and Cal.

He might know where his dad's hiding.

Just make sure you do it quietly.

I should've done this a long time ago.

- Hey.
- It's my fault

that these girls are dead.

Listen to me. You can't blame yourself.


We're gonna find this
guy because of you.

You hear me?

Ms. Barnes, do you know where
your husband might be right now?

Does he disappear often?

Sometimes it's a day. Sometimes more.

I don't know where he goes.

Is your husband the only
one that drinks these?



All right, we'll clear
everything up real soon, ma'am.

Thank you.

We're missing something.

- Yeah?
- Let's step outside.

Grace Johnson comes here
the night of her murder.

Her cell phone doesn't lie.

Yeah. To talk to her ex-boyfriend.

Yeah, but he's not here,

so she runs into his dad,

Franklin Barnes.

Thing is there's no sign of her inside.

There's no prints.

Could've wiped it down

and planted his gun in Ricky's car.


Or she never made it inside the house.

I got blood.

I got a photo.

Wherever he is,

looks like he's getting rid of evidence.

Your dad kills more than a dozen girls.

How much would you know?

I'm the wrong person to ask.

Until a week ago, I thought
my dad was in prison.

They lived under the same roof.

Well, you can hide a lot if you try.

Just ask Bunny.

Ricky, we think that the reason

that your DNA was a false positive

is 'cause you're such a
close match to your dad.

Do you understand what
I'm getting at here?

No. My dad?

Come on, Ricky.

I am telling you... we are telling you

that your father killed 13 girls.

You didn't see anything?

You didn't know anything?

Look. Ten minutes ago,
it was me locked up.

Now you say... now you
think my dad did this?

Ricky, you loved her.

You loved her, right?

You loved her, and he raped her.

And he killed her.

Your dad did that,
and then he set you up

so you'd go for the ride.

Help us out. Where is
he? Where would he go?

I don't know!

I don't know what you're
saying. I don't know.

I don't know.


I know this is a lot.

If your dad were nervous,

if he were gonna hide out somewhere,

where would he go?

Come on, man, where would he go?

My uncle's.

Not my blood uncle.

He's got a shop.

They drink there.

He's got a key.

You guys go.

You're with me.

Franklin Barnes.

Turn around, Franklin.

Nice and slow.

That'a boy.

Down on your knees.

Stand him up.

Get him out of here.

Why'd you stop?

I don't understand the question.

Ten murders in 2008,
and then you stopped.

Why'd you stop killing
and then start again?

I think you have me
confused with someone else.

You know, you sound like the 911 caller

who spotted Grace Johnson.

Did you call in your own crime scene?

Well, that wouldn't be very intelligent.

And you're an intelligent guy.

Except you left your DNA on 13 girls.

We got your saliva on their breasts.

Tell me something.

What kind of man lets his own son

take the fall for this kind of thing?


this is all just some
big misunderstanding.

He'll get over it.

That guy you're looking for...

I think I've met him.

A long time ago,

he sat down next to me at the bar

and had some wild stories

about how he tricked girls into his car

for nothing.

Five bucks.

Some loose cigarettes.

He gave me those pictures you found.


Never got his name.

What did he look like... this guy?

He was big.

The kind of guy...

you just walk right by him.

Said he killed 100 girls.

Must be some kind of record.

I'm not gonna lay a hand on you,

'cause I don't want to...

I don't want to
jeopardize my case, but...

where you're going...
and you're going there forever...

It's gonna be hell.


I'm gonna make sure of it.

I... I didn't know.

I didn't know.

I'm so sorry.

We have a side door. Come on.

There's too much press out front.

On behalf of the Chicago
Police Department,

I would like to thank you.

And if you can take
some comfort in that,

I would be so happy.


See you tomorrow.


Hey, nice job today.

Team effort.

Olinsky bust your balls?

Yeah, a little.

But you won't see me make
the same mistake twice.

Good to know.

Have a good night.

Good night.

- See you, man.
- All right.

You want to hear some good news?


Jimmy Sanguinetti is a solid,

financially stable,

charitable individual.

You ran his financials even
though I asked you not to?

Pretty much.

Now we know whatever he's here for,

he's not looking for a handout.

You seem very interested.

To figure out where you came from?


Well, since you're all in, you
want to have dinner tonight?

Apparently Jimmy's buying.

I'll have the lobster.

You were getting older,

and Jimmy was married.

And we just couldn't keep up

the "Jimmy as family
friend" thing, you know?


So I heard there was a mix-up

at your mother's storage facility

and they auctioned everything off.

I gave them a forwarding address.

It's not my fault.

Okay, well,

I guess all your childhood
pictures were there,

and those are all gone now.

But I... I saved all
the ones your mom sent me

over the years.

I thought you might like this.


I got them all in a... in a binder.

I'll bring them next time.

Hey, we're, um... we're
supposed to be celebrating.

Your mother and I are
going to buy that salon

that she's been looking at.

She's going to be a job creator.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Thank you, Jay.

Well, I think it's time

the old folks hit the bricks.


It was great to see you, sweetie.

- Bye.
- Jay.

Honey. Mwah.

Just do me a favor.

Let me run a DNA test on him

just in case this whole
thing is a fantasy.



If it is a fantasy, let
me live in it for a minute.