Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - You Wish - full transcript

When a mutilated sex offender is found dead, it is unclear if he was the victim of a hate crime, sexual assault or self-mutilation. As Intelligence questions those related to the case, they...



My name is Jimmy Sanguinetti.

I'm here to see Erin Lindsay.


I'm her father.

Does she know this?

She does.

So, if I were to call up there and say,

"hey, your dad's down here,"

this wouldn't be some kind of joke?

Look, if you could just...

Let her know I'm here, that'd be great.


Someone here to see you, Detective.



So, yeah, here's the...

Photo album I was telling you about.

Hey, man. You want a coffee?


Your mom was always really
good about sending them.


Aww, that's, super cute.

Hank. This is...

Jimmy Sanguinetti.

- How are you?
- Hey.

Looking good, Hank.

Still at your fighting weight.


I just want to say...

You did a real good job raising her.

Happy to help.

We caught a case.

That... That means we gotta roll.

No, no. That's...

That's for you.

I kind of like that you
kept them all these years.

- I'll text you.
- Okay.

- Take it easy.
- You too.

This is me running it for DNA, not you.



We gotta know if this guy
is who your mom says he is.

- Hank.
- What do we got?

Victim's a white male, mid 30s.

Streets and San worker
came across the body

on his morning rounds.

Called it in just before eight.

We got uniforms canvassing
the area right now.

Who's the lead for forensics?

Emilio. I already gave him
our Bell and Pax number.

Crime scene photos will be
hand delivered in an hour.

And I put a request into missing
in case someone makes a call.

That's good.

Why is it a potential hate crime?

Because of this.

What's with the gauze and plastic wrap?

His penis was severed.

We've printed the DOA
at the ME's office.

The name's Sandford Greg.

Registered sex offender.

Five arrests for possession.

Three drunk and disorderly.

Two counts strong arm robbery.

And, four different
restraining orders.

Including one from his mother.

In and out of prison since he was 16.

According to the ME,
estimated time of death

was midnight. Initial tox screens

showed a cocktail of different
narcotics in his blood.

Okay, so, this guy either OD'd

or bled out from the
severed... you know.

Well, given his rap sheet,
I'm sure there's no shortage

of people who'd want to do this to him.

And we find out who,

and whether or not it's
a hate crime, sex assault,

or self mutilation.

Erin and I started
canvassing all the pharmacies

and the urgent care in the area.

No walk-ins, no drive-ins,
no ambulance runs.

But we checked every place that sells

gauze and plastic wrap,

and we found a retail theft report.

Basically says a man
covered in blood stole

bandages and medicine
from a corner store.

Good. You and Burgess.

Hey, um, crime scene
photo's on the DOA came.

No, thanks.

So, you remember Jimmy?

Yeah, yeah, it's good
to see him, you know...

What was he like back then?

Erin, that was 30 years ago.

I'm a different person, too.


You just haven't said anything

since I told you he might
be back in the picture.


I want what you want.

If this is filling a void for you,

that's all that matters.


Having lost Justin,

I appreciate the value of family.

I called it in, but by the time

the cops and paramedics got here...

It was history.

No offense, but your
guys' response time sucks.

Thanks for the support, Sir.

Can you, pull the footage?

Manager's a cheap ass.

Those things, they are for show.

Ooh, check this out, though.

Yeah, it had to be shot.

You have no idea the kind of whack jobs

that come into this joint.


He had to have been on something, right?

Yeah, that would be my guess.

I'll have Atwater call OEMC.

See if anybody nearby called 911.

All right, here, here, let me have that.

Come on.

Call came in at 9:51 pm.

Report of a suspicious person,

suspected sexual assault
near Pulaski Park.

Dispatch put it over the
zone one minute later,

two cars rode on the job.

It was coded out as 11 Adam,

not a bona fide incident.

Okay. You think you can pull up

the recording for us?

Along with all service calls of the Park

for the last couple of months,

anything that can be related.

Gotta get the watch
commander's approval on that.

Come back in a couple of hours?

Who knows, Saturday I'm
doing special security detail

at the double door for
a band called Duran.

Are you familiar?

You... Do you mean, Duran Duran?

It's two Duran?

Thought that was a misprint.

No, it's Duran Duran.

Great, good. I figured
you might like them.

Not just because you're a
white woman of a certain age.

But I can get you backstage.

You'd have a great time.

Who do I ask for?

I think if you ask for
the big, good looking,

black dude, you'll be okay.

Caller's name was George Higgins.

Lives at 1856 South Grand.

Copy that.

See you Saturday.

Tell us what you saw, Mr. Higgins.

And the more detail, the better.

I went out to the Lincoln
to get my cigs, right?

My old lady don't
like me smoking inside.

That's when I heard this howling sound.

Like an animal, or something.

Scared the hell out of me.

- Where was that?
- Right over at the Park.

Now, the 911 call said you
suspected a sexual assault.

Why'd you think that?

I've seen this girl
running off the other way.

Somebody screaming, somebody running.

One male, the other female, you know.

Did you get a good look at the female?

Nah, it was dark,
and she was hauling ass.

Kind of golf type chick, maybe.

Looked like she might
have tossed something

in them bushes, there.

Did you go and check out what she threw?

No, man, did one better. Called 911.

The rest is your job, bro.

People walk their dogs over there.

- Okay.
- Right.

Right around...


All right. Just take
a step back, please.

Knife. Blood on the blade.

Yeah, told you. Didn't I tell y'all?

Ain't there some kind
of reward for that?

Helping y'all do your jobs?

A firm handshake and
a sincere thank you,

that's your reward.

All right. We should
get the crime scene techs

out here to photograph that. Yeah.

Which way did the girl run then?

Down 41st toward
the boys and girls club.


All right.

Can you back that up a couple frames?

And also, do you know the
IP address of that camera?

'Cause we're going to need
it for the evidentiary record.

I can get it.

I'm going to circulate this

to all of the patrolmen in the area.

Thank you.

Emily Vega. Minor record.

A couple of pinches for possession.

We quit locking her up.

She's too much of a pain in the ass.

So, she comes here to hook up, get high,

and hang with the other dirt-bags.

All right. This goes where, now?

They call this the canals.

Home away from home for
scumbags, meth-heads,

and every other jag-off
looking to score.

I think she's down there.

Yeah, that's her.



Stop! Chicago PD!

No, you don't.

Let go of me.

- Emily Vega?
- I didn't do anything.

Then why are you running?

Why are you running?

She's in the interview room.


Hey, why don't you let the kid take it?

All right. Come on.

You know him?


We found your fingerprints
on that knife, Emily.


And that blood there
belongs to that man.

How did that happen?

I lost that knife a few days ago.

Who knows what happened
to it since then?

Ask him.

Yeah, well, thing is,

he's not in a very talkative mood.

We found him laying beside a dumpster,

missing part of his
body that I'm assuming

was kind of important to him.

What happened, Emily?

He tried to rape me.


Last night.

I went to Pulaski
Park with some friends.

We were partying a little.

Later on I realized I dropped a 20.

I went back looking for it, and...

This guy came out of the bushes.

He attacked me.

He had his forearm on my throat,

and he was pushing my pants down,

and when he pulled it out,

that gave me a little window
to reach into my back pocket

and get out my knife.

I sliced...

He yelled, I ran.

Had you had any dealings
with him prior to last night?

No. Why?

What's he saying?

Well, he's not saying much.

He's dead.


What goes around, comes around.

Okay. So...

What happened after you sliced him?

I ran. I met back up with my friends.

You see, his body was found
at a different location, Emily.

I can't help you there.

So, we have detectives
headed to the morgue right now

to see what the medical
examiner has to say...

look, he attacked me in Pulaski Park.

I fought for my life, then ran.

I never saw him again.

If it was self defense...

Why didn't you call the cops, report it?

Because every time I've
ever gone to you guys,

you never do anything.

Never! Like, right now.

How about a "hey, I'm sorry
you were almost raped"?

Or "thank God you were
able to fight him off."

No, I get two cops looking at me

like I killed him in
some other location.

Screw you guys.

I am sorry you were almost raped.

Understand your boy covered
a lot of ground last night.


How's that possible? You'd
think an injury like that

would be a night-ender.

There's only one principle
artery in the penis.

An incidence like this,

there's a 60% chance it retracts.

Clamps itself off to
prevent a hemodynamic event.

Re... retracts? Like...

So, if he didn't bleed out...

You're saying it was an OD?



How low do you think
you have to go with that?

Say when.


You see the broken blood vessels

around the peri-orbital area?

Those little purple
dots around his eyes?

They're called petechiae.

They're indicators that
the actual cause of death

was strangulation.

Didn't notice them at first,
but once we got him cleaned up,

I saw the engorgement on his trachea.

See the blue-ish discoloration?


This guy was choked to death.

What's up?

I had my guy at the lab
fast track Jimmy's DNA.

Erin, he's not your dad.

I'm so sorry.

Are you happy?

Emily Vega is claiming she was attacked

around 9:45 pm at Pulaski Park.

After she cut Sandford Greg,

he wandered over to the corner store,

arrived at 9:57,

left again two minutes later.

The... The meta-data

from the clerk's cell phone
corroborates the time-line.

Blood work from both locations
confirms his movements.

Okay, so, according to the me,

the time of death is around midnight.


At around 7:45 am,

the body is discovered here.

That's eight miles from
where the incident took place.

So, if Emily didn't
do it, who killed him,

dumped his body, and why?

Why are we ruling out Emily?

She's 105 pounds, soaking
wet, and this guy's 6'2", 220.

I don't buy that she choked him.

Sure, but she could have
had a friend finish him off.

People lie through their
teeth all the time, don't they?

She's not ruled out. We're
looking at everything.

Let's take another run at her.

Got it.


Lindsay and Halstead are dating, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

That explains everything.


Here you go.

Anything else you want to tell
me about last night, Emily?


Did you go back to Sandford Greg

after you cut him?

You already asked me this question.

But you lied about knowing him

when we showed you his photo, so...

I'm just... I'm gonna ask again.

No, I didn't go back to him.

Okay, what about your friends?

You tell any of them what happened?

I didn't tell anyone.

I would have.

I mean, some animal tries to rape me

and I'm able to pull my
knife and cut his penis off,

damn right I'd tell people.

I can't tell if you're
trying to trap me or not.

I'm not.

Yeah, I told some friends.


No way.

And have you bring them here
and spin them around like me?

No way.

You may need to.

Or what?

Don't you believe me?

I do.

Then why am I still in jail?

You kept pushing for it

even after I told you I wasn't ready.

You know what, Erin, personally,

I would want to know.

So, the next time you want to
leave your head in the sand,

just raise your hand, that's fine,

I'll leave you there.

Is there something I
need to be aware of?

Yeah, I went back through
Sandford Greg's rap sheet.

He got pinched nine months ago

for trespassing and drunk and disorderly

at an apartment complex
a couple of blocks

from where he got sliced up.

It's called the Linden Homes.

Check it out.

I need a personal to handle something.

Me and Rixton will take it.

Sounds good.

Yeah, so, you married?

You got a girlfriend or something?

I got a girlfriend.

We're talking about moving in together.

- What?
- Nothing.

You'll find out.

Can I help you?

Can we talk to you for a second?

This your place?

Yeah. Why, what's up?

Do you remember filing a complaint

about nine months ago

against a man named Sandford Greg?

Before my time, guy.

I just moved in two months ago.

What about the previous tenants?

You know where they are? Nah, but...

If I was you, I would talk to

the "special" police.

If something went down here,

those cats would be up and in it.

- Special police?
- Yeah.

They'll lock you up
for smoking a cigarette.

You'd get along great.

All right, boys. I'm back in.

Let's do the thing.

It seems like the
more condos they build,

the busier I get.

You know what I mean?

So, you're the superior officer, right?

Sergeant Lowdell. How can I help you?

I'm detective Halstead.
This is detective Rixton.

We just gotta ask you
guys a few questions.

Have you seen this man before?

Yeah, we had a couple
of run-ins with him.


You know, guy showed
up a couple of times.

Drunk, high, whatever.

He was asked to leave the premises.

What about last night?

Did you see him last night?

- No.
- The guy in apartment 101

says you run a tight ship, sergeant.

Well, I'd take that as a compliment.

He didn't seem real thrilled about it.

You guys know how it is.

People always hating on the
police until they need us.

And then it's "how
fast can you get here?"

Just like on the streets, right?

If you guys generated any
paper on Sandford Greg,

any reports, we need hard copies.

Well, you got a car?
There's a few of them.

I'll see what I can pull.

Yeah, you know what?

It's an active murder investigation.

So, we need it now.

And we're gonna need
to interview all the...

Whatever you call yourselves...

"special" police officers involved.


Then get a subpoena.

The special police are trained
and sanctioned by Chicago PD,

but they operate independently.

On private property, they
have full police powers.

Carry firearms. Make arrests.

But they're not subject
to our rules and regs.

How is that legal?

There's 2,000 of them in the city.

And more coming if Alderman
Mac Kenzie has his way.

Pretty soon, they'll be
patrolling Lincoln Park.

- Intelligence.
- I think it's complete BS.

With that said, if I ever get fired

'cause somebody gets me on video
for one of the million things

they come after us for, now,
I'll be the first one in line

to get an implication.

- Yeah.
- Copy that.

That was ASA Kot.

He said we don't have
enough probable cause

for a subpoena on
the rent-a-cops.

So, that means we go ahead and get some.

Hey, it's me.

I'm sorry.

Give me a call.

Hey, hi.

What's the matter?

You look upset.

Jimmy's not my father.

I ran his DNA.



Are you... 99.9% sure.

Forensics analyzed a coffee cup

with his saliva on it.

Who sent it in?

That's what matters to you right now?

No. I don't believe this.

All this time, I thought he was.

What game are you running?

Do you think that I'm gonna
send Jimmy pictures of you

for 15 years to run a con?

I thought he was your dad.

Do you want to tell him or should I?

Well, Erin. He...

He really cares about you.


Maybe you don't have to tell him.

Why do you keep doing this to me?

What's going on with you and Erin?

Um, Sarge. That's...

A personal matter.

You should probably talk to Erin.

You know, I turned a blind eye

to you two being a couple in my unit.

So, when I ask one of you a question,

as a courtesy to me,

you can answer for the other.



Jimmy's not her dad.

And I'm the bad guy.

What am I signing up for?

In terms of her mom?

I imagine you got a pretty good idea.

Patrol just picked up
one of Emily's friends.

He says that she got
into an argument...

A screaming match with
Sandford Greg three days ago.

Which differs from what she told you.


I'll take another crack at her.

It's Al's turn.

With me in the room, or?

Just Al.

Well, we've got an eyewitness

that's saying that...

You went off on Sandford Greg

at the Park last week.

- Yeah.
- All right.

He put it out there he had some dope.

I went to buy one off him.

He said I had to kiss him first
so I told him to go to hell.

So, you... you lied to
us about knowing him?

I was nervous, okay?

And I've been very careful
about what I say to you guys.

So, I guess, I just left that out.

You want to get
something off your chest?

I mean, I can tell.

What's going on?

You guys zeroed in on me

the moment I walked in here.

You haven't believed a word I said.

That... That lady cop.

She was just setting a trap. No.

And now here you are, springing it.

Hey, hey, hey. We were
just trying to help you.

That guy tried to rape me.

Who knows what he would have done after?

I don't care how many times

I ran across him prior to that night.

That's what he tried to do.

And I defended myself.

And then I ran.

And I keep telling you guys that,

but you don't care.

You're gonna charge me with murder.

You had your mind made up yesterday.

I didn't have nothing
else to say to you.

Okay? I shouldn't have
said anything to begin with.

I want a lawyer.

A public defender.
Whatever you call them.



Well, now we know.


Listen, I'm... I'm sorry for any...

Like, I don't know. I
don't know what to say.

Look, I'm glad you ran the tests.


It saved me a lot of time.

What the hell was this?

What did you two want?

Nothing. I didn't want...

don't you and Bunny ever call me again.

You do, and I swear to
God, I'll call the Feds.

They got a whole division
for scam artists like you.

- Hey, Sarge.
- Yeah.

There's two homicides
in the Linden Homes.

Both ruled domestics and
cleared by area central homicide.

I came across this, though.

A male OD'd in an abandoned apartment.

He had no drug priors.

Found with a needle
hanging out of his arm.

Guess what officer found the body.


Yeah, the body's still at the morgue.

Hasn't been claimed yet.

There's your boy.

Got in here just in time, too.

Death certificate came in yesterday.

Otherwise, you'd be doing an exhumation.

What'd the original autopsy say?

The detective who responded
said it looked like an overdose.

Walks like a duck.

Mind if we take a look?

Have at it.

What's with all these
spots around his eyes?

Petechiae and tracheal bruising.

Like your other guy.

So, he was strangled?

Odds are.

Anything in your pocket gonna stick me?

Get the hell off me.

Agh! What'd I tell you

about smoking dope back here, Oscar?

You need something?

Hank Voight. Guess we haven't met.

Hey, Chicago PD ain't perfect.

I'm the first to admit it.

You guys provide a service.

Private citizens want to pay for it.

It's all good.

There are laws in this city.

I'm aware of that.

Well, I'm sensing a troubling pattern.

Like, people are getting hurt or worse,

when you guys respond.

Look, before we get into
warrants, probable cause,

and this turns into a pissing match.

I'm thinking, just...

Cop to cop, you and I can
talk about the problem,

how to fix it.

I appreciate you coming
in. I appreciate the offer.

But there's no problem here.

I hope you don't take offense...

I ran your record.

You were on the job in Milwaukee

when a questionable shooting went down.

There's a gag order on that.

Apparently your sergeant
took two steps back,

and you and another patrolman
ended up getting burned,

and taking the fall.

That's what it looked
like to me, anyway.

Look, sergeant, I'm going to find out

what's going on here
and I'm going to find out

what happened to Sandford Greg.

And you digging your heels in,

all that does is make
your men more vulnerable.

And having already been
through that yourself,

I'd think that'd be something
you'd want to protect them from.

I know how overwhelmed you guys are

with the murder rate in this city...

You should spend your time on that.

Don't worry about Linden Homes.

We've got it covered.

This guy.

I talked to a former officer
for the Special Police,

who's now in CPD with us.

He spent a couple of
months at Linden Homes.

Claims Lowdell has a bounty system.

Says cash bonuses are paid out

when problem tenants are evicted.

Can you prove it?

No. He said it was an
open secret, though.

Doesn't do us much good.

Well, thing is, though...

I mean, we ran backgrounds on them.

Everybody who works under Lowdell

seem like pretty good cops to me.

Cops run in packs like wolves.

If the Alpha's a bully...

So, I checked the residence rolls

for the past 12 months at Linden.

The woman who made the original
complaint against Sandford Greg,

she's still there. Just
in a different apartment,

apparently, never reported
the address change.

Charmain Stewart, 966.

Kevin, you and Kenny.

- Chicago PD.
- Charmaine Stewart?

Who wants to know?

I'm detective Rixton.
This is officer Atwater.

You guys Special Police?

We're actually with the City, ma'am.

Sandford Greg. You remember this guy?

You filed a complaint against him.

Not like I could forget that psycho.

What the hell he do now?

He got murdered.

What kind of relationship
did you have with him?

We had a thing for a minute...

When he got violent with
me, I kicked his ass out.

You seen him around at all lately?

He came by last night.

Pounding on my door.

- Did you let him in?
- Hell no.

He was high and hooting
and hollering, and...

Looked like he'd been injured.

- What'd you do?
- What I always do.

Call the Special Police.

Okay, so, what did they
do when they got here?

Their job.

Which is more than I
can say for Chicago PD.

You've got no clue.

This place used to be a mad house.

How many officers responded?

Just one. Moony, I think.

And... hoo! He was
pissed when he saw Sandford.

Can't blame him.

All right. Thanks for your help.

Appreciate it.

James Moony. He's 22 years old.

He grew up in Garfield Park.

All-city wrestler, and he
studied criminal justice

at City College. He's
currently number six

in the hiring list for Chicago PD.

He's been with the
Special Police how long?

Three months and change.

All right. Grab him up.

But don't go in hard. He's
practically one of ours.


Bunny Fletcher is here.

She says she's not leaving
until she talks to you.

Something I can help you with?

You know, I thought
Jimmy was Erin's father.

And you run a DNA test?

How dare you.

You've been drinking, Bunny?

You couldn't have me
so you took my daughter.

And you're still doing it.

You know? I think maybe Erin

should run a DNA test on you.

I'm going to say something

that I probably haven't
said in 30 years.

You wish.

You'd love to think that
that night never happened,

wouldn't you?

Something I can help you guys with?

Put your shoes on, James.
We need you to come down

to the district with us.

- For what?
- Answer a few questions.


Sandford Greg.

James, what's going on?

Is this a friendly conversation,

or am I a person of interest?

- Put your shoes on, James.
- Don't jerk me off, all right.

I've been doing this for a living too.

What's going on? James.

You've got your wife right here.

You want to get hostile, we can do that.

We'd prefer to keep it friendly.


I'll be back, sweetheart.

It's all right.

Not necessary.

We got an eyewitness.

Has you as the last person
to put hands on Sandford Greg

the night that he died.

That doesn't prove anything.

Tox report indicates that Greg was high,

so I don't know what happened.

Maybe you got a little over-zealous...

Restraining him.

You choke him out?

Look, man. Come clean with us,

and we will try to work something out.

You know who that guy is?

What he's done?

Are we seriously
having this conversation

about Sandford Greg?

Yeah, we are. He was murdered.

If you ever want to
become a real cop, James...

Now's the time to start talking.

And who would that be
good for? For you guys?

For your clearance record?

What about me?

Your sergeant.

He put you up to this?

Make it known that he
wanted this kind of behavior?

If that's the case, James, let us know.

I'm not a rat.

I really understand.

I do.

You got a baby on the way.

Know if it's a boy or a girl yet?

A girl.

You gotta start thinking about her.

ASA Kot is here. Would like a word.

- Can I get a water?
- Yeah.

We got a theory?

'Cause if so, I need to hear it.

Everything I've heard so
far is leading to Emily Vega.

Well, it's looking
like the Special Police

at the Linden Homes were behind it.

We got an officer Moony
in the room right now.

He's copping to it?

Not yet.

Okay, so, let's assume he doesn't.

What then?

Keep working the case.

But Emily Vega admitted
to stabbing our victim.

Then she lied about knowing him.

Hey! The door's locked...

- What?
- I need a hand here.

He hung himself. We need help!

Come on! Come on, come on!

21-01, emergency. Roll
an Ambo to the 21st.

Strangulation victim, second floor.


Hey! Come on! Hey!

Hey, no, get down!

Stop moving! Stop moving.

You don't try to hang
yourself unless you're guilty.

I think what you meant to say is,

"thank God he's alive," counselor.

Of course, I'm glad.

But after his psych eval,

we're charging him with
the murder of Sandford Greg.

What about Emily Vega?

Kick her.

Sergeant Lowdell.

- You got a minute?
- I do.

Sixth on the list for CPD.

Got hooked up with the wrong crew.


So Moony gonna recover?

It looks like.

What are you gonna charge him with?


You mentioned Milwaukee.

We were executing a search warrant.

The sergeant's CI had ID'd
the house we stacked outside.

Our sarge says, "don't bother
announcing, just hit the door."

Inside, there was a guy with a gun.

Lawfully, as it turned
out. He had a permit.


He drew.

My partner and I shot him.

Turned out, we had the wrong house.

The CI screwed up.

And afterward, our sergeant
told us to say we did announce.

But when IAD looked
into it, he denied that.

So, we got terminated even
though we were following orders.

I'm sorry.

I've worked with people like that.

This guy, Sandford...

He'd show up, harass
people. Young girls.

He had been warned verbally
and in writing to keep away.

When Moony responded...

What if I was the one
who moved the body?

You'd have to testify to that.

Only if it knocks Moony's sentence down.

I'll push for involuntary manslaughter

instead of murder, but...

You're going to be charged
with concealing a homicide.

- I want it in writing.
- You'll get it.

Moony was following orders.

So, that's... That's it?

That's it. You are free to go.


Emily, it is not too late
to get your life together.

I can help you get into a drug
and alcohol treatment program.

There's... look, there's
residential rehab.

Outpatient, sober living.
Just whatever you need.

And I would be there.

Every step of the way, you have my word.

Food for thought.

Food for thought.

I'll call you. Thanks.

She didn't want to hear it.


Don't let that stop you
from saying it, though.

It's not like she's going
to change at this point,

you know? Your mom is who she is.

Yeah, I know.

Erin... Erin, how long have I known you?

Since we were like, nine, right?

Around there.

You can only try to fix
the engine so many times.

You know, until it's like,

screw it, you know, buy a new car.

Like, Vanessa Reeder.

After everything she went through,

guess where she ended up?


Got her teaching degree.

Is married and has a kid on the way.

She just couldn't get it together

until she left Chicago.

And as much as I love you, and...

It would kill me to have you go...

I don't know, Annie.

I mean, if I could move somewhere,

and start over right now...

I would.

What's stopping you?