Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - Sanctuary - full transcript

The investigation of a jogger's murder in the park is blocked by a church offering sanctuary to the prime suspects.

Yeah, so if you want to roll to

the Laugh Factory with me tonight,

I think that would be dope.
I signed up for the open mic.

- Yeah.
- You did it.

- I could use a friendly face.
- That's awesome, man.

I'm excited for you.
Um, give me a preview.

- Yeah?
- Show me what you got.

Okay. Okay, so, um, ahem.

So, what's the only place in Chicago

that has 24-hour police protection?

Donut shop?

- You heard that one?
- A couple of times.

Yeah, donut... donut shop. That gets...

that gets laughs usually.

Look, I thought you wanted to do, like,

more observational comedy.

Yeah, I was... thinking about that.

Kevin, you're funny.

Just do Atwater.


Do Atwater.

You left a working case
file in the front seat

of your covert car.

Yeah, but it was parked
in our secure police lot.

Which is filled with nosy cops

who want to get into our business.

Everything we do in this
unit is confidential.


Be right there.

Patrol found the body of a dead woman

in Washington Park.
We're getting called in.

Spoke to the first officer on the scene.

Said it looks like
she was out for a jog.

Pants are pulled down around her ankles.

M.E. will tell us if it is
what it looks like it is.

- She's still warm.
- First responding officers

called an ambulance right away,

even though they couldn't find a pulse.

They found a phone near the body.

I called 911 and the
dispatcher gave me her name.

- Zoey Sims.
- Zoey Sims.

Yeah. Well, nobody in this neighborhood

leaves a bottle half full.

I want it hand delivered to the lab.

This just happened.

Whoever did it can't be far away.

I saw these two guys near the woods.

- They whistled at me.
- You mean like catcalls.

No, it was more than that.
They tried to get me to stop.

They had a bottle of vodka,
so I just kept running.

Can you describe these guys?

They were black. One of
them had a red hoodie.

Then I saw two black guys running away.

- They went into the trees.
- Can you describe them?

One had a red sweatshirt with a hoodie.

The other had a black baseball hat.


Patrol just spotted the
subjects over on Green Street.

- Let's go.
- Thanks.

5021 David, we have two
male blacks fleeing westbound

on foot in the 5200 block.

Copy that, 5021 David.

Chicago PD!

- We good?
- Go, go!

Chicago PD!

Clear. Go!

I got right, I got right!

Chicago PD.

You seen two guys? Red hoodie?

They went into the church.

Suspects went in the church, boss.

Door's locked.

- All right. Cover the sides and rear.
- Copy that.

I'm sorry, Officers, but
unless you're here to pray,

you can't come inside.

Okay, Father...

I have witnesses saw two
men go inside your church

that are suspects in a rape and murder.

We'll be very respectful, but
we need to go in and get 'em.

First of all, they're
not men. They're boys.

And they now have sanctuary
inside this church.

- Like hell they do.
- Hey, Kenny.

We can't go in.

Father, there's no need to
escalate the situation, okay?

A young woman was just
murdered in Washington Park.

The boys inside your church
were at the scene of the crime.

But I just talked to them.

They said all they
were doing was drinking.

That's great. If that's the case,

- send 'em out, I'll clear 'em.
- I can't.

- It's your church.
- It's God's church.

These boys asked for my protection,

and I've taken a sacred
vow to provide sanctuary

- when it's requested.
- And I've taken a sacred vow

to protect the people of this city.

Now just because
they're inside the church

doesn't mean they're above the law.

Father, I grew up Catholic.

Priests in my church
always respected the police.

And if you committed a sin,

you were supposed to be punished.

I happen to know these boys.

They're in foster care.
They have no parents.

They have no money for a lawyer.

There's nobody to stand
for them except us,

and we're not going anywhere.

We're not going anywhere!

You're gonna have to arrest all of us.

- Amen.
- That's right, amen.

All right, I want
uniforms on every exit.

We're gonna clear and
commandeer this building.

Get CPIC out here,
bring mobile computers,

set up a hard line.

We're not going anywhere either.

We're setting up a one block
perimeter around the church.

There's more protesters on the way.

Let's go to our posts.

Forensics fast-tracked
photos from the crime scene.

The M.E. says the victim's injuries

are consistent with strangulation.

And she shows clear
signs of sexual assault.

Vaginal tearing. They're
running the DNA now.

DOA was Zoey Sims. 27 years old.

According to her Linkedin profile,

she was a saleswoman
at a relocation company.

She's not in any law enforcement
databases, never been arrested.

The guy who does have a
long rap sheet is the priest.

Father Bill McSorely's
been arrested 11 times,

civil disobedience stuff,

most recently for defacing

liquor billboards in his neighborhood.

Hey, Al, don't you
have some kind of beef

with Father McSorely?

Father McSoundbite.

Loves to point fingers at cops.

Threw one of my old
partners under the bus.

It's quite a scene out there.

Thanks for coming down.

Yeah, I understand you
have a couple of suspects

claiming sanctuary
protection inside the church.

How long can they stay?

As long as the priest will have them.

Look at this.

Why are we waiting
around on some custom?

Because, Kenny, it's not
some back alley gang bust.

If we're gonna pull those
boys out of that church

with the whole city watching,
it's gonna be with a warrant

and an airtight case.

All right, check the POD
footage on the park cameras.

And let's find out who Zoey is.

Okay, run her emails,
check her phone records.

And let's notify her family
before they hear it on the news.

Al, you and Burgess.

The parent never wants
to believe it, you know?

Sometimes they push you away.

So, make sure we're inside
before you give them the news.

Anything else?

Yeah, you're about to
shatter somebody's world.

Just gotta deal with it.

- Are you Lisa Sims?
- Why?

We're Chicago PD. Do
you mind if we come in?

What is this about?

It's better if we talk inside.

Is this about the girl they
found in Washington Park?

- Mrs. Sims...
- My daughter jogs in that park.

Is this about Zoey?

- I'm afraid it is.
- God, no, no, no.

Ma'am, please.

- No, no...
- Ma'am... ma'am, please.

Please, please.

When I saw the news,

I kept trying to call Zoey.

When she didn't pick up,
I knew something was wrong.

I'm sorry. I know how painful this is,

but we do have to ask
a few more questions.

When was the last time you saw her?

Two weeks ago.

When she was sad, she would come over

and we'd watch old movies.

- Why was she sad?
- Her boyfriend, Travis.

Zoey wanted to break up,

but she was scared.

Scared? What? That he would hurt her?

That she'd hurt him.

They were high school sweethearts.

She changed, he didn't.


- I just got your message.
- I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm Zoey's stepfather.

- You know who killed her?
- We have two suspects.

Then why are you here?

You should be out talking to them.

Eddie, they're just doing their job.

Yeah, all right. All
right, look, just...

can you just give us our space now?

- Um...
- Yeah.


What was Zoey's boyfriend's
last name though?


Travis James, Chicago PD.

Open up!

What's going on in here?

I put my fist through a mirror.

When I found out, I just
started breaking everything.

Without Zoey, I got nothing.

When was the last time you saw Zoey?

Two days ago.

You didn't see her this morning?

No, I was in bed.

Travis, Zoey's mom said the
two of you were having problems.

That's not true. We
were gonna get married.

Her mom said Zoey was
breaking up with you.

What are you talking about?

Why are you even here?

The guys that killed
Zoey are in that church.

Can anybody verify where
you were this morning?

Yeah, my pillow.

You're gonna have to do
better than that. Come on.

What? You gonna arrest me?

Go ahead. I got nothing left to lose.


Great. Just leave me alone.

Okay, so I went through
all of the POD footage

from Washington Park.

As you can see right here
on the north end of the park,

we find Zoey Sims.

A bunch of different cameras
can capture her along the way.

Right now, there's nobody really around.

But seven minutes later,

We find our witness at
the scene, Jane Henderson,

who claims that she was followed
by an African-American male

in a red sweatshirt who shows up

two minutes later right here.

Now after that, we
don't have any cameras

and we find the body 300
yards ahead in the woods.

Hey, we got a problem out here, come on.

Let's be brutally honest.

The history of justice
for young black men

at the hands of Chicago
police has not been glorious.

If these boys are innocent,
why not let them talk to police?

You don't think the police are
capable of getting a confession

from innocent people?

We're making a stand to bring
transparency to this process.

How dare you!

You're protecting the monsters
who killed my daughter.

Mrs. Sims, I am so
sorry about your daughter.

I promise you I am
holding her in my prayer...

Get the killers out of your church!

Take it easy!

Well, Father, you got a
lot of people stirred up.

They're at each other's throats.

And it doesn't change the simple fact

that the two boys in your church

are suspects in a murder.

Let me clarify something.

I didn't ask those boys
to come into my church.

The situation took on a life of its own.

And those news trucks,

was that divine intervention?

I thought the CPD might
need extra motivation

to show restraint.

Here's all the motivation I need.

Her name was Zoey Sims.

I don't need any more
motivation, Father.

It's horrible what happened,

but I have to give the boys
the benefit of the doubt.


Father, the prints came back

from the bottle of vodka
found near the body.

Miles Vincent.

Jaylen Hines.

They the ones inside?

They're good kids.

They used to play basketball
at the church league.

And they drifted.

You get born into this neighborhood,

it's the opposite of
winning the lottery.

Understand. You're
worried about the boys.

But, Father, I'm worried that this thing

is gonna get real ugly real fast

if we don't open those doors.

When we first met and
you were in the gang unit

and I was holding that little
boy's bleeding head in my hands,

Kenyon Thompson...

he was so scared.

And you and I watched
the life go out of him.

I remember.

We said we would change things,

and we haven't.

It's gotten worse.

We're on the front lines,
and we're just watching,

and nothing is changing.


we're not gonna change anything
by ignoring the victims.

Miles Vincent, 16 years old,

and Jaylen Hines, 15 years old.

They're both in the foster care system,

and they're both in the same home.

These boys have a history
of trouble together.

They got popped for stealing
a car stereo just last year.

What are we waiting around for?

Some angel to whisper
into the priest's ear?


Hey, you know who runs Wash Park?

- Yeah, G-Park Lords.
- All right, see if the boys

were jumped into a gang.

And if we have to start
throwing charges or arrests,

you go at them with both barrels.

All right, I want to start building

a timeline on these boys.

And let's talk to Zoey's
coworkers, her friends.

Let's make sure we haven't
overlooked anything.

This is a tragedy. I do...

I don't even know what to say.

This is Zoey's desk.


How long did Zoey work for you?

Four years. She worked all hours,

and she was loyal to a fault.

Didn't it concern you then

when she didn't show up this morning?

Well, I allow certain employees

to work from home sometimes.

So long as the work gets done,

and Zoey's work always got done.

You know him?

That's her boyfriend.
They were having... issues.

- She looks happy.
- Well, like I said,

she was loyal to a fault.

- Hi, I'm Lara Michaels.
- This is my wife.

I'm the CEO of this company,
and, as I'm sure Kirby told you,

Zoey was one of our
most cherished employees.

So we want to help you
in any way possible.

We're gonna want access
to all of her work emails

- and call logs.
- Whatever you need.

Whoever killed Zoey...

- What's up, man?
- Hey, T.J.

- Your brother here?
- Yeah.

Yo, Dougie.

What up, Rix?

That girl, the one that
got killed in the park.

Come on, man. I'm gonna
kill some jogger lady?

Make it hotter around
here? It's bad for business.

All right, those two guys

hiding in the church, Miles and Jaylen,

they part of your crew?

Man, I seen them shorties
around, but they ain't with us.

Look, man, I'm telling you straight.

All right. Do me a favor.

You hear anything about
who killed that girl,

anything, I want to know.

I'll keep my ears open.

All right.

Gonna be a lot of
eyeballs on this thing.

If I were you, I'd close this store,

I'd pull your guys, lay low
till this thing blows over.

Hey, man, I owe you one, Rix.

You owe me a lot more than one.

Stay behind the line.

Why are you protecting them?

If you don't get them
out of here, we will.

If you cross this line,
you will be arrested.

You will be arrested!

You must stay behind the line.

So, I've been looking into
Zoey's stepfather, Eddie Ryan.

This cat has two priors in
Buffalo for domestic violence.

Let's see if he has an
alibi for this morning.

Hey, you talk to that shot
caller from G-Park Lords?

Yeah, I looked for him,
but he skipped town.

The word on the street
is these boys are clean.

There's no gang affiliations.

I got something. Open case
file on Miles's mother,

Arlene Vincent.

Postal worker, murdered
coming home from work.

No arrests were made, and get this,

it happened exactly one year ago.

You're saying she was
murdered a year ago today?

- Yeah.
- That's why Miles was getting

- drunk in the park.
- Sergeant?

You can speak with the
boys on two conditions.

Inside the church, and no gun.

Excuse the mess. We're in the middle

of the winter clothes drive.

Miles, Jaylen,

this is Sergeant Voight.


Man, what, man? We under arrest?

I just want to find out

how a young woman was killed
in Washington Park today.

Well, I don't know nothing about that.

Well, let's talk about
what you do know, okay?

So you got a bottle of
vodka, went to the park.

Jaylen, what happened out there?

We went to the woods, and I got sick.

- From the vodka?
- And then I kinda fell asleep.

The next thing I remember,
Miles said we had to

get our asses outta there.

- Sorry, I didn't mean to swear.
- It's all right.

So, Miles, you were alone?

And you must have been having
some pretty dark thoughts.

I know your mother was
killed a year ago today.

I can't imagine how...

painful that memory is.

So you were drunk.

And you saw that jogger...

Zoey Sims.

- Recognize her?
- No.

See, the thing is about all these parks,

they have cameras.

See, that's you, that's Zoey.

That picture's taken
right before you chased her

in the woods where she was killed.

Come on, man.

Why is that funny?

'Cause... 'cause you think
you know what went down.

- And you don't.
- So help me out.

All right, man, look.

The... the lady dropped her key.

- Her key?
- That's right, man, her key.

And I... and I went
after her to give it back.

Then I had to get my drunk-ass homie.

Father... Father, I swear
to God that's the truth.

If that's all that happened,

why'd you run when the cops showed up?

'Cause I thought y'all were gonna try

and hang something on me.

And... and look, that's
exactly what happened.

All right, everybody out!

Come on, let's get out of here.

No, we can't take them out there!

We have no choice. Come on!

Atwood! Atwood, get over here!

Peterson, form a wedge!
Get these boys to the car.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, Father.

Let's go!

Let's go!

It's all right. I got ya.

Come on. Jump in there, jump in there!

All right, here we go.

Keep down! Keep down!

Back away. Back up!

Hey, Sarge.

That's the guy that threw
the cocktail right there.

Go, go! Get out of here! Let's go!

Let's go!

Come on! Everybody, move back!

Stay away from the church!

You don't believe their story.

They haven't been
eliminated as suspects.

Still waiting on the DNA results.

At which point, you'll release them.

No. Hey.

Look, Father, even if
the boys didn't kill Zoey,

and that is a big "if,"

that means the killer's still out there.

And if the killer thinks
we're hanging it on those boys,

maybe he'll let his guard down.

You can't hold them for a
murder they didn't commit.

Father, I will use every
legal tool I've got.

And if the boys have to
spend one night in lock-up

to catch a killer, I can live with that.

Well, I'm staying till they're released.

All right, well, there's
a snack room upstairs.

Let me know if you need quarters.

So you threw a Molotov
cocktail into a church...

in front of a hundred cops?

I'm not sure you really
thought that one through.

Well, I was trying to
do what you wouldn't do,

which is get them out of there.

And it worked.

You got an alibi for this morning?

You got the guys that
did this, thanks to me,

so how about a thank you?

Travis, we know that you and
Zoey were having problems,

and now we know you
got a violent temper.

I don't know. Maybe you threw the bomb

to throw attention to the black boys.

All right, you guys
are a couple of clowns.

- Sit down.
- That's the second time

you've jerked me around.

I'm not gonna ask you to sit down again.

One last time.

Who can vouch that you were
home when Zoey was killed?

No one.

Well, then, you got a problem, slick.

Yeah. We got Zoey's
landlord to let us inside.

We'll loop you in.

I can't believe this happened.

Zoey just moved in.

Anything you can tell us about her?

I really didn't know her that well.

She had good references
on her application.

You said you have the
apartment next door, right?

You ever see her with anybody?

Sometimes. Her boyfriend.

- He was here this morning.
- You saw him?

I didn't. I heard them at first.

They were having an
argument. Thin walls.

- I saw them leave.
- This him?

- No.
- You sure?

Yeah. Zoey's boyfriend
is much more put together.

He's a suit type of guy.

Like, um...

- like this guy?
- Yes.

That's who she was with.

I don't understand what I can add.

Didn't you catch Zoey's
killers in the church?

Problem with those guys
is they don't even have

a motive for killing Zoey.

Well, maybe they don't need a motive.

Maybe they're animals.

Did your wife know you were
having an affair with Zoey Sims?

I'll take that as a no.

How long were you sleeping with Zoey?

Look. Me and Zoey?

It wasn't serious.

Now, Kirby, a guy having an affair

with an employee in a
company owned by his wife.

Now there's a motive.

You gotta be kidding.

The landlord heard you arguing
with Zoey and saw you leave.

It's true. I wanted to break it
off and... and Zoey got upset.

She threatened to tell your wife.

- You wanted to keep her quiet.
- No, no.

It... it was an argument.
Between two adults.

I mean, that's all we
were, two consenting adults.

That's not against the law.

After your argument, Zoey went jogging.

Where did you go?

I was in a logistics
meeting at the Public Hotel.

I swear. And there's ten
people who can verify that.

Wh... screw it. Call my wife.

I had an affair with this woman.

But I didn't kill her.

Well, I checked Kirby Michael's alibi.

He was in a meeting at
the time of Zoey's murder.

Anything on the stepfather?

No, Eddie Ryan's airtight, boss.

Three people put him at work
at the time of Zoey's murder.

Violent stepfather, crazy
boyfriend, sleazy boss.

Zoey sure had some winners in her life.

And the M.E. just finished
the DNA test on Zoey.

There's no match for Miles or Jaylen.

So a day into this, and we're
right back where we started.

Throw a wider net.

Go knock on doors.
Talk to everyone again.

All right, check this out.

So Zoey stretches for about a minute

before her jog, right?

And then if you freeze the image...

- right there.
- She's looking at something.


Do we have other angles
from this part of the park?

No, unfortunately.

What is she looking at?

So Zoey took this path into the park.

She stopped here to stretch.

And she looks over her shoulder.

She sees something in
the woods back there.

Or someone.

Who was hiding here?

- Bingo.
- What?

They got cameras in those birdhouses.

Someone in there.

I know that guy.

Yeah. He's the park
worker who put the two boys

at the scene of the murder.

- Russell Tillman.
- Ping his phone.

The number he gave me is out of service,

but I got an address off his license.

3942 Wyoming Street.

Get a warrant. Let's hit it.

- Clear.
- Clear.


All right, we're all
clear, Al, come on in.

Hey, Sarge, you're
gonna want to see this.

So this is the guy you got
the witness statement from?

Russell Tillman? He was white.

Yo, Sarge, all these
magazines are subscriptions

to a John Gleason, but
they're sent to this address.

Yeah, these are utility
bills in John Gleason's name,

but there's other mail here
too going to Russell Tillman.

This is a pay stub from
the Parks Department.

Maybe they were roommates.
Had a falling out.

Guys, all this food here is fresh.

It's like Goldilocks just left.

Yeah, maybe not.

Erin, get these plates
to forensics for prints.

You're gonna bed down here.

I want eyes inside and outside.

If Tillman doesn't know we're on to him,

he just might come home.

A place like this is the exact reason

I've never been on Tinder.

Well, let me, get this straight.

You called Tillman to follow
up on a witness statement?

Correct. But the number
was out of service.

And that didn't raise a red flag?

No, I just... I... I thought
I wrote the number down wrong.

Al, come on. I was gonna chase it,

but then something else jumped off.

You don't leave... something
like that for later.

Would you... I thought
it was my mistake.

It was.

Hank, we got a fingerprint
off the dirty coffee cup.

It's a match for Russell Tillman.

He's got a few priors
all across the south.

Animal cruelty, indecent exposure.

He was arrested for
a peeping Tom in Texas

and did three months
in a psych ward there.

- Drifter.
- Well, the head in the freezer

belongs to John Gleason.

He's also the owner of the house.

Sanitation worker, retired with
full disability five years ago.

Now he only has one living relative.

It's a sister in St. Louis.

The last time they spoke,

he told her that he took on a boarder.

He rented a room to Russell
Tillman, who killed him.

Now it looks like Tillman kept
cashing the disability checks.

The last one was cashed at a BofA

on 40th Street ten minutes ago.

It's right near Gleason's house.

All right, does Gleason have
a car registered in his name?

Yes, he does. 2005 red Silverado.

Hey, Sarge, you gotta hear this.

Sergeant Voight, you've
had the boys for 24 hours.

If you don't release them,

I'm gonna bring the press up here.

Father, we're on to something.

I'm asking you to give
us a little more time.


There's a red Silverado just passing.

Tillman just got here.

Yep, copy that. Alerting
tact team right now.

Is he coming?


No, he's just... staying in his truck.

Come on.

He made us.

CPD! Stop your car!

Continuing westbound!
Continuing westbound!


Got him, got him, got him!

Just turned north on Western!

We lost him going north on Western.

Yeah, we're on it.

There, there, there, go!

Slow down, slow down.

- Clear.
- Clear.

We found the truck
abandoned at Dan Ryan Wood.

Suspect fled on foot, we are in pursuit.

Copy that.

Stay down! I said stay down!

She broke my arm!

I'll break the other one.

I figured nobody would believe
my story in a million years,

so I got rid of the body piece by piece.

And you just... you kept the head

and the hands as souvenirs.

Fingerprints and teeth.

It's the parts they can trace you with.

It was... it was justified.

All you can get me for is
unlawful disposal of body parts,

but I... I had nothing
to do with that girl.

You know what I think?

I think... I think
you've had these urges

for a long, long time.

And you've resisted them.

But when this thing with
your roommate went down,

something shifted for you.

I told you, it was those two black kids.


I've been a cop,

well, a lot of years.

There's one thing I hate.

I mean, I hate it when people blame

the black kid.

I get it all the time.

I'll tell you something.

Please believe me
when I tell you that...

it's not gonna happen today.

'Cause you're gonna tell me

the truth about what really happened.

I need medical attention.

Don't look at me.

It's your shoulder, right? Like this?

You opened an old wound in this city.

Church got burned.

So you're gonna come off your story,

and you're gonna tell
me what happened...

in this room, today, right now.


you're right.


I've had these...

I've had these feelings
since I was born.

I've struggled and I've prayed.

I had a five-second rule.

Five-second rule.

Whenever I saw a woman, I would...

start feeling...

that way and...

I forced myself to look
away after five seconds.

But when... when I saw her
in the park yesterday...

What was the point?

You guys were just gonna

arrest me for Gleason, eventually.

Why deny myself?

And you know something?

It was everything I
could have hoped for...

and more.


Jaylen, you're free to go.

So, we just get to walk out?

Just... just like that?

Just like that.

And I'm sorry.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, hold on, hold on.

Did y'all catch the guy who
killed the lady in the park?

We did.

I'm glad.

- Bill.
- Hank.

- Come on in.
- You wanted to talk to me?


I also know people in South Wash.

I know you talked to Little Dougie.

Yeah. Yeah, I questioned him.

He gave us the information we needed.

The kids had no gang affiliation.

There was nothing else to chase, so...

Why'd you lie about it?

I put a dozen bad guys in
jail thanks to the intel

that Dougie gave me.

I just want to leave his name out of it.

Look, Kenny, I brought
you here for a reason,

and you're doing great so far.

I even expected a little turbulence.

But if you ever withhold
information from me again,

I will bounce your
ass right out of here.

Night, Al.


Thanks, partner.

Yeah, no problem.

So before anyone leaves,

we're taking donations to
help rebuild the church.

Okay, how much we need?

About 5 grand.
That's just materials.

Got a long way to go.

Yeah, so dig deep. It's for the church.

One man's trash is
another man's treasure.

Detective Olinsky, I
was hoping to see you.

Amazing, isn't it?

Sometimes it takes a crisis
to bring people together.

Help us to heal.

I'm just dropping off the beer.

But y'all feel what I'm saying, right?

I understand, but
listen, you don't gotta

look at me like that.
I've run from cops before.

It's okay. I just did it last week.

I was at the 7-Eleven,
and I was, you know,

buying stuff for the house.

Naturally, that's where black
people get our groceries.

I hear the squad car pull
up, I heard it pull up.

I get terrified.

First thing I do is
run right out the door

and I'm down the street.

Took me about, you know,

30 seconds before I hit myself and said,

"Why the hell am I running?
I'm the damn police."

"Hell, I didn't do nothing."

Man, but one day...

one day it ain't gonna be like that.

For any of us.

I just hope I'm around to see it.