Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - I Remember Her Now - full transcript

The body of a 15-year-old girl is found crushed in an abandoned building after she runs away from a treatment center for troubled girls. Voight sends Halstead undercover as a guard to work ...

Homeless couple waved
down a blue and white

a couple hours ago.

What do we got?

A kid.

Multiple contusions,
fractures, damage to the skull.

The M.E. says some of this
might've come from the fall, but

- not most.
- She isn't bleeding. She's leaking.

We got dual lividity.

I think she was beaten
and died face down.

She was probably dumped here after.

There's asphalt, dirt in her wounds.

No ID yet, doesn't match
any missing persons.

Clothes are clean.

Hair's washed.

Doubt she's homeless.

Well, someone should be looking for her.

K-9 unit and patrol did
a top to bottom search.

There's no one here but her.

- She can't be more than...
- Fifteen.

It was outside in the dumpster.
ID looked like a match.

Sam Wells.

I ran it through the system.

She's a resident at Brady.

- Currently?
- Yeah, and hasn't been reported missing.


Am I the only one who
doesn't know what Brady is?

It's in 21. A home for troubled girls.

Wards of the state.

It's the kind of place you
don't forget responding to.

Yeah, and they're supposed to
keep their doors locked 24/7.

Look, our DOA has been a resident

at Brady for six months.

We found cash, a toothbrush,

change of clothes in her bag,

a receipt from a convenience store

stamped 28 hours ago.

It looks like she ran away.

No one from Brady
ever reported her gone.

In 2015, my officers
responded to Brady 185 times.

Habitual runaways, ODs,
suicide attempts, violence.

In the past 80 days, my
officers have been called

to Brady just 4 times.

They were about two police reports away

from getting shut down,
losing all that funding,

so they came up with a solution:

Stop calling the police.

Brady didn't suddenly clean up.

They just got a little
better at being dirty.

You want my permission
to break down their door?


I want the exact opposite.

You're Garry Mintoff's nephew?


I couldn't give a rat's ass
whose kid I'm forced to hire.

I don't really even care
that you got jack experience.

I just care that you can do the job,

and here, that basically
means one thing:

You can handle on your own.
You tell me you can do that,

more than happy to give you a shot.

Can definitely do that.

All right, then welcome to Brady.

All right.

Come on.

Daily reminder:

Today, let's strive to be aware

of even the smallest choices we make.

If we choose to make better choices,

- we will have a better life.
- Vince?

This is Ryan. Ryan, Vince.
Vince is your supervisor.

Take you around, tell
you how not to get fired.

Okay, cool.

- What's up, man?
- Thank you.

- You can follow me. I'll show as I go.
- All right.

Where are you coming from before this?

Graveyard shift at my uncle's auto lot.


He's on the board here. He figured

me smoking pot and banging his secretary

in used station wagons no
longer counted as "work."

So this floor's mainly classrooms.

We've got 72 residents right now.

Youngest is 12, oldest 17.

Most of the girls are here about a year.

Once they get their
medications settled, therapy,

whatever, they'll get transferred
to a lower level placement.

This is one of our day rooms.

It's got a time out room attached.

The cafeteria, therapy,
medication rooms,

- all upstairs with the dorms.
- Okay, got it.

Who's this boy scout?

Tonya, where are we
supposed to be headed?

This should be fun to watch.

The answer would be study hall.


Yes, sir.


You'll get used to that.

We gotta schedule every
minute of their day,

and we gotta lean into the structure.

Bad days happen in down time.

That's a clear history of abuse.

She's got multiple arm breaks

that healed without proper alignment.

I'd guess she was six,

- seven years old for the majority.
- Yeah, matches our records.

This new arm fracture though

that's not from the
drop down the elevator.

Was snapped backwards from behind.

My guess is that they
used a blunt object.

You can tell the skull was
crushed inwards from the fall,

but there's a piece of frontal
casing that fractured earlier.

Hemorrhaged her brain.

That's the cause of death.

- Rest of the beating was bonus.
- Could you give us a range?

Died between 7:00 P.M. and 11:00.

This the tox?

Yeah, you might find it interesting.


Generic tranquilizer.

Girl was high as a bird.

Doubt she could fight back.

Her skull was broken in front.

But her arm was snapped from behind.

It's like she was yanked around?

Killer wanted to see her face.

Hey, Sarge, you got a minute?

For you, but if you see Burgess,

the nod and go policy
is still in effect.

My desk is not a coffee klatch.

- What?
- Somebody said that to me,

that my desk had turned
into a coffee klatch.

A chit-chat coffee klatch.

What's up?

I just wanted to know if
you remembered anything

about our DOA, Sam Wells.

Remember from what?

When you had her last year.

She wasn't here.

You filled out her general
offense case report.

She got popped for vandalism,
and then you put in the notes

she waited behind the
front desk for 4 hours

before her case worker picked her up.

- Can I see that copy?
- Yeah.

I'm sorry, but no. I
don't remember her at all.

Yo, Erin,

911 call just came in.

OEMC just dispatched a vehicle
over to Brady for a missing.

It's probably Sam, so I told
2116 that you can take care of it

- if you wanna get changed and ride out.
- Yeah,

they're only 36 hours late.

Around 2:00, did a sweep

and realized that she was
no longer here, called you.

Okay, do you have any
video of her leaving?

No, girls who want to
run learn our dark spots.

And Sam was one of those girls?

Yeah, she had a few infractions.

She usually comes back on her own.

Do you know if she'd go to
visit anyone in particular?

Hit any one spot?

What my polite partner's asking is if

- she was going to score drugs.
- I understood the question.

I'm not trying to give
you the run around,

- but Sam has a certain privilege to privacy as...
- As a juvenile.

Yeah, we know.

Look, man,

I know that sometimes
when these girls go awol,

the staff does them a favor,

doesn't report them missing right
away so they don't lose their beds.

We get it.

We're just trying to figure out

if we need to spend the next eight hours

looking for this girl in parks

or if she's halfway to her boyfriend's
house in California, you know?

Our shift's almost over,
man. We'd love to go home.

No, Sam couldn't have gone far.

She was checked in
during rounds at 7:00 A.M.

All staff report to a fight
in the cafeteria immediately.

Fight in the cafeteria,
all staff please report.

We good? I gotta get back.

Yeah, do your thing.

How the hell does a girl
get checked in for rounds

- 24 hours after she died?
- Somebody's lying their ass off.

- Know restraints?
- No!


- Hey!
- Get off, get off.

Hey, get off! Get off!

Bitch! You're a little bitch!

Stop, you're done!

You're done, you're done.

Enough, stop, you're done.
Enough, enough, enough.

- Stop.
- The next person that moves

is getting every level dropped.

You wanna get docked? Keep going.

Let me out!

- Let me out!
- Ellie, you know I can't let you out of here

until you calm down.

- If we need to leave...
- Screw you,

- you're a lying sack of...
- That's not gonna work,

that's not gonna work. All right.

I'm getting the nurse. You okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go, go.

Okay, calm down, calm
down, calm down, calm down.

Please, calm down. Please.

Calm down. Calm down.

You okay?

You gonna stop? You're gonna stop?

You okay?

We all right?

I don't know you.

I'm Ryan.

You're new.

Yeah, well, it's my first day.

So I'm guessing you don't know

how things work around here.

Um, no, I'm kind of learning as I go.

What are you doing?

- Showing you how things...
- Okay, stop, stop that.

- Actually work around here.
- Stop that.

Girls here can make you feel good.

As long as you help.

Help how?

Find me, and I'll show you.

Let's go, Ellie.



The way this girl Ellie approached me,

this is standard practice.

I think they're trading
in sexual favors.

Trading for what?

Could be stat drugs.

Yeah, Sam's tox showed
she had benzodiazepine

in her system.

It's the kind of thing you
would find inside of Brady.

These girls could also
be trading for access out.

I mean, we know that Sam
was signed in at 7:00 A.M.,

so somebody is covering for her.

All right, let's build a larger
profile of every employee.

Do financials, online footprints.

Okay, where we at with Sam?

I mean, there is this, Sarge.

Sam's been picked up
three times by patrol

at the North Shore
station in Grant Park.

Okay, well, check it out.

- Hank, you got a second?
- Yeah, yeah.

How would you feel about keeping
me in the loop on this one?

Anything you get on your
DOA, as far as family,

foster placement. I was hoping
to look into their records.

The girl's gonna be
buried in a Potter's field

unless someone out there
is willing to claim her.

I thought it was worth a look.

Don't beat yourself up.

If you could just keep
me in the loop, please.



Get your level up.

This week's chore list and
community opportunities

will be posted on...

Ellie, you gotta go up top for meds.

No, I don't. It's not 4:00.

They told me you gotta go. Come on.

Tonight in the cafeteria,
we will be having

a special problem-solving workshop.

All those currently at
level silver or below

are required to attend.

Okay, so, um,

tell me how all this works.

I'll do whatever you want

long as you get me what I need.

And what's that?

Train ticket out of Chicago.

To where?

Los Angeles.

You can't leave Brady.

I'll take care of it.

- How are you gonna do that?
- It doesn't matter.

Well, am I a part of
that "doesn't matter"?

- Because I'm not gonna break you out.
- It's a yes or no.



not here.

Not here.

Forget it. You're a waste of time.

Look, look,

I want you so bad.

I really do.

But I probably got my
boss, like, right outside.

It's my second day of work.
I don't wanna get fired,

- if it's all the same to you.
- Your boss, Vince?

Trust me, Vince would be fine
with whatever happens in here.

Okay. I still wanna make sure.

Have fun?

- Excuse me?
- You know, you should really

be careful who sees you
screwing the residents.

People might get the wrong idea.

And talk.

- Let's get out of here.
- Hey, hey,

hey, hey, hey, hey, slow down,

- 'cause you don't want me to chase you.
- And if we chase you,

we are gonna have to search you.

Man, we didn't do nothing.

I understand that. We just
got a couple questions.

Have you seen this girl?
She hang around here?

Nah, never.

Can you actually look at the damn phone?

We ain't never seen her before.

I know what time it is.

Here you go.

I'ma need 100.

I'm gonna need you to take this 20,

or I'm gonna dunk you in
that garbage can head first.

Talk to me.

She hasn't been here since Tuesday.

She was here two nights ago.

Yeah, the night it was snowing.

Her cab was late. She was standing
outside for like 20 minutes

like an idiot, freezing her ass off.

- This cab, yellow, checkered, white?
- It was a cab.

- Cab's a cab.
- Was she alone?

Yeah, she was working.

Man, y'all some crack cops.

This girl tricks out of
here selling that ass.

She's here three times a week.

Picked up, dropped off,
same damn spot every time.

Sorry, your girl is a hooker, bruh.

I got a problem.

- Yeah? What's that?
- Tonya.

She saw me leave a room
with one of the girls.

And she implied...

She said that she knew I screwed
one of the residents, man.

Did you?

No, I wouldn't do that.

Yeah, because that'd be a felony.

Yeah, I know.

Do I need to be worried?

That a girl here is accusing
you of statutory rape?

- I didn't...
- Hey, what the hell are you doing, man?

I mean, you're standing here
in the middle of a crowded room,

telling me that on your second day,

you've managed to be accused
of banging a resident.

- She didn't look 17.
- Holy... stop. How stupid.

Look, don't mention it to anyone again.

Tonya's not gonna say a damn word.

Look, have your fun.

It's not like you're
reinventing some wheel here.

Life's already ruined these girls.

But just because they're throwaways

doesn't mean you can't go to jail,

- so shut your mouth...
- Got it, yeah, I, yeah, I got it.

Or you'll be answering to me too, yeah?


Okay, ladies, bed checks.

What are you doing?

You know you're supposed
to be in your room already.


Ellie, can I talk to you?

- What are you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Stop, stop, stop.

What happened?

I fell.

Who did this?

I fell. It was an accident.

No, it wasn't.

Just tell me what happened.

You tell me what happened,
I can go report it

because whatever this
is? That's not okay.

Who the hell said I thought it was okay?

Get out of my room.

All right, look, look, I'm
not gonna do anything but just

ask you to sit here
and talk to me, okay?

I just wanna help.

Don't kid yourself.

- Get out.
- Ellie, we need to report that.

You report it, you get me killed.

Get out of my room.

You're not even supposed to be in
here. I'll call Michael. Get out.

Okay, okay, okay.

That's all I could get
out of her. She shut down.

All right, well, we're doing a
full work up on all employees.

It's Vince.

He's the one keeping her quiet.

If you say that Sam was turning tricks,

then my money's on Vince running her.

He signs her out at bed check.

She goes and works the nights,
comes back in in the mornings,

he collects the cash,
and then, two nights ago,

a date goes wrong. Sam goes missing,

and then her friend Ellie
starts asking questions.

We'll run with that.

There's nothing else you
can get out of this girl?

You serious?

Kid, you know,

you're the one who gets the call done.

We go off your gut.

She's kissing my cheek, and
she's pulling at my belt.

Then call it.

We don't have enough?

Vince's admission to you is
not a confession of guilt.

There's nothing out of
line in his financials,

nothing linking him to running Sam.

So without Ellie or someone
talking to us directly...

We don't have anything.

Hey, like Al said,

it's your call.



You called all ten of them?

Every foster placement Sam had.

None of them are willing to claim her.

I thought, as her social worker,
you might know someone I missed.

I'm sorry, I don't.

But here.

She filled these out in my office.

Maybe there's something
in them that'll help.

How do I not remember this girl?

So that's why you're doing this.

You know, my
sister-in-law's a paramedic.

She says that the only way to
do the job is to treat them,

drop them at the hospital, then forget.

Says otherwise it empties you.

What's up, boy scout?

I just wanna have a talk later.
Ticket's yours either way.

What do you want for this?

I told you, I just want to talk.

About what?


Ellie, wait, Ellie.

Do you want a train ticket?

It's yours, all right? You
wanna get out of here? Done.

I'll lie for you, I'll sneak you
out, hell, I'll even drive you.

But if you want more,
if you want to make sure

that whatever's happening here stops,

then I can help you with that too.

Sam wanted help.

She thought she could get help.

No one helped.

Ellie, I'm a cop.

I will help.


That's why I'm here. I'm
here to find out about Sam.

Prove it. I want to see the badge.

I don't have my badge on me.

You're lying to me. What...
what do you want from me?

- What do you want for this?
- Okay, hold on, do you see this?

Do you see this?

This is a recording
device. It's like a wire.

I am a detective with the
Chicago Police Department,

and I promise you,

I promise you that you can trust me.

You can trust me.

There's a room.

We got it wrong. Sam died at Brady.

Either you open that
door, or I open it for you.

- I just wanna know what the hell is...
- Hey,

we got a car at every exit.

All right, I want every staff member,

every resident separated.
Secure the crime scene.

Not a single person leaves.

You make your decision?

Give me that key.

Back up, everybody back up on the wall.

Back up on the wall.

Okay, someone needs to
tell us what's going on.

No, we don't.

Get back in that classroom.

It's okay. Come on.

- Ellie, what the hell did you do?
- Whoa, whoa, hey, hey!

- Little snitch.
- Hey, stay still!


all you got to do is
tell him what you told me.

I, um...

Three nights ago, I was sleeping,

and I heard something.

I knew Sam was out working, and.

I thought she must
have gotten back early.


I went to check.

It's okay, just...

You take all the time you need.

We have to leave Brady
through Tonya's dorm room.

So I went there.

I went to the back room, and

there was blood.

It was...

the staff van was
pulling into the drive.

There was just so much blood.

- Did you see who was driving the van?
- No,

but I know who it was.

She's been forcing us to

keep the staff "happy,"

to go out,

forcing us to make money.

Sam just

couldn't handle it anymore,

and she knew that.

She knew Sam was gonna talk,

so she killed her.

Who killed her?


Tonya killed her.


Got it.

Tonya Whitley?


I'm gonna need you to stand up,

turn around, put your
hands behind your back.

What? Why?

Stand up.

I fricking knew it.

You're a cop.

Hi, Tonya, I'm Sergeant Hank Voight.

So you gonna tell me
why the hell I'm here?

We know what's been going on at Brady.

The girls you recruited,
the ads you placed,

the room behind your
dorm where Sam was killed.

Is that what Ellie said?

You know, how about I save
everyone a lot of trouble.

Your cop was screwing her.


you have much bigger
things to worry about

than dirtying me right now.

If I'm here because of what Ellie said,

you are seriously the dumbest

boy scout I've ever seen.

I didn't do anything.

Ellie did.

Ellie recruited me.

She recruited Sam.

I wanted to make some
extra cash, so whatever, but

Sam is 15, looks about 8,

so she has a bit of a different buyer.

Ellie had to do whatever she
had to do to keep her in line.

If Sam is dead, Ellie did it.

Okay, then

where were you on Tuesday night?

- Boy scout's heard one fricking fairy tale...
- Tonya, he asked you a question.

- While he's getting laid in a broom closet.
- Answer the question!

Jay, you need to get out of the room.

No, I'm fine.

Out of the room.

Tonya starts making accusations,

that opens the door to this
thing being thrown out in court.

You've got to be kidding
me. You can't actually...

You aren't going back in that room.

She's playing you.

She's dragging me through the mud

- to play you.
- She says she

and Ellie had beef. They've been
going at each other for months.

Says Ellie told her that
she would "get back at her."

Yeah, I don't care what
she says. She's grasping.

She swears she was out on a date

the night of the murder.
Wasn't back until 4 am.

That doesn't match anything
that we got right now.

Yeah, and what we got is
the word of a 17-year-old.

Guys, we have something.

Crime lab's been sweeping
the entire facility.

Olinsky and Burgess
just tested with luminol.

They found trace evidence of Sam's blood

in Ellie's belongings.

So what? That could be planted.

There's also footage.

Ellie goes into Tonya's
room at 7:00 P.M.

Doesn't come out until midnight,

so she was in there
for the time of death.

What's going on? No one's
come in here in a while.

Can you,

walk me through the night
Sam was killed again?

Sure, I

woke up,

- thought Sam was back...
- Before that.

I was sleeping.

I had gone on a...

A date earlier, and

I was tired, so I just passed out.

A date.

Did a cab pick you up?

No, the guy did.

He drove me.

I don't know where.

- Tonya set it up.
- Yeah, what time did you get back?

Um, 9:00 maybe?

I was high, I'm not...
I'm not sure when exactly.

Why all these questions?

What is Tonya saying?

You told me I could trust you.

I don't know, okay?

I'm out.

I believed her, and now...

Let's get one thing
clear: Nothing happened

between me and that girl.
Are we in agreement on that?

No one here is accusing you.

It also doesn't sound like
anybody's defending me.

- That's not true.
- Stop.

It's a pair of 17-year-old girls.

They're not gonna
play our investigation.

One of them is lying.

We find out who.

It's that simple.

Ellie's not on any camera
in a four block radius.

If she left, there is no proof.

What about the scene?

Well, the scene's gonna
have DNA from all 3 girls.

They lived together.
They shared clothes.

What about trace evidence?

We have the car that Sam was driven in.

Thing's soaked with blood, but

all the girls from Brady
have been in that car.

It's not just a murder.

- This was a ring.
- Well, then where's the cash, the phone?

We scoured every dorm room, nothing.

I saw Tonya come out of here twice.

Wasn't a reason for her to be here.

Room was empty.

All right.

I gotta hand it to you.

You were smart.

You forgot one thing.

- Am I supposed to call my mom with that...
- That's your phone.

No, it's not.

- Ellie must have...
- Tonya,

we are way past all that.

This is linked to accounts
that, even with fake names,

are clearly your social media.

Your data, your call logs,
we have your fingerprints.

It's your phone,

and you used it to run Ellie and Sam.

We recovered all of your
deleted text messages.

This one from Vince Dalton
might be my favorite.

"Your bitch Sam is threatening to spill.

Says she and Ellie are gonna
stop with me and all of it."

Your reply?

"I'll take care of it."

You don't have to say anything.

We have enough.

I know that you had Vince
signing you in and out

in exchange for sex and cash.

And I guarantee you, when he's
charged with statutory rape,

his loyalty to you is
gonna disappear real quick.

You're going in for first degree murder.

Even if you get the minimum sentence,

your parole officer
has not been born yet.

You think you're noble?

You all put in the effort now?

You and your little boy scout cop.

You know, six months ago,

those girls were street trash to you.

I cared before. I helped.

And you know what's worse than Brady?

Aging out at 18 with nothing.

You didn't think Sam was grateful.

She knew the deal going in.

Do what you gotta do.

- Where is he?
- He's in here.

You take a walk. Get up.

Dude, what the hell is going on...

That's it?


Tonya's getting charged and
DCFS is gonna shut Brady down.

Everybody there's gonna
get an alternate placement.

We found a really good family
for you in Libertyville,

the Melnicks.

They're coming here to pick you up.


I'll give you a minute.

I'll see you at home.

Is that your girlfriend?

- I'm sorry.
- Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You ever find anyone to claim Sam?

No, I didn't.

So I did.

Last page.

What is this?

She wrote down instructions.

What she wanted to
have happen if she died.

I don't think she thought
she was gonna make it past 16.

Gonna actually do this?

Already done.

I'm coming with.

Doesn't have to be somewhere fancy.

Just some place where
you can't hear the noise.

Some place quiet.


Right when the sun's coming up,

I'd like someone to take me there.

And I think it'd be all
right if, right at the water,

someone left me there to stay.