Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - Seven Indictments - full transcript

When a burnt body is found in a torched house along with an injured boy, Intelligence works to find the cause.

Clear and holster your safe weapon.

When your weapon is safe,
raise your hand.

The line is safe.
Remove your eyes and ears.

Bring your targets up-range.
Watch your heads.

Police your brass.

Bring your targets up
for requalification.

You can frame this if you want,

you know, for younger
generations to marvel.

- Detective Lindsay, right?
- Yeah.

- From Intelligence?
- Yeah.

You got a new guy, Kenny Rixton?


Watch your back.

We got to roll. How'd you do?

Son of a bitch.


You both passed re-qual.

- Stay safe out there.
- Thank you.

- Um...
- Erin, we gotta go.

- But it's all we have.
- Thanks.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Body inside the house.

Or, you know, what's left of it.

Reynolds is the LGBT home next door.

- LGBT stands for Lesbian...
- I know what it stands for.

Okay. Everyone in there was evacuated

to the school basement,
which is down the block.

- Okay. Thanks.
- Yeah.

- Sergeant.
- Randy.

Another day at the office?

Yeah. These natural gas
explosions are no joke.

I've seen one take out
half a city block.

Any indication how it happened?

Gas flex hose was removed
from the kitchen wall,

so looking like this was intentional.

Okay, so what did Rixton do?

Guy didn't say.

What? They got to know.

Where's Rixton now?

He's in the back of the house.

Guys, I'm just saying
let's not go on the warpath

until we know what happened,
if anything.

You're right.

Paint thinner. Could be the accelerant.

CFD says there were two more
like it in the basement.

Your guys at the gang unit must be proud

with you making the jump
over to Intelligence.

Yeah. Yeah, they are.


Hey! Hey! Over here!

- He's alive!
- Medics, trauma victim.

Delta side in the gangway.
Board, collar, jump bag, now!

- Copy that.
- Okay, ready?

Lift! You're gonna be okay.

Help's on the way. Just hang on.

Just hang on.

All right, the tenant
is Dan Llewellyn, 35.

He's a contractor.

Now, we didn't find a cell phone

anywhere on the body or on the property.

All calls to Llewellyn's cell
have gone unanswered,

and we can't get a signal location.

We've reached out to his family.

Body's at the M.E.'s office right now.

They're trying to track
for dental and DNA.

Preliminary report says
we got a male, 6'2 ", maybe 6'3."

That matches Llewellyn's height.

All right, and the other victim?

Was he from that LGBT home?

Yeah, he's at Med.
I'm trying to get an ID,

but the home's director says all
their kids are accounted for.

All right, Atwater,
you and Rixton head over to Med.

I want you there
when he's ready to talk.

And have his clothes sent to the lab.

Have them checked for accelerant.

He may be our firebug.

CFD says we're not looking
at a trained arsonist.

All right, the rest of you...
fire's an easy way

to execute a homicide or cover one up.

Let's figure out which

and why we got two bodies at the
same place at the same time.

What do we have on the building's owner?

Fred Teague. He's got six
properties on the south side,

and he's been dancing on and off
with the city's.

Troubled Building Unit
for the last few years.

Copy that. And he's downstairs.

Hit it.


That's convenient.

Talked to a guy who I trust.

He said indictments are
being handed down

to Rixton's old unit.

Seriously? For what?

I don't know. He didn't say.

So, what? Rixton bailed
on a sinking ship?

Yeah, or Voigt threw him
a life preserver.

I mean, what are we all supposed to do?

Just wait around for IAD to handle it?

'Cause I figure
if his old unit is bent,

what kind of cop is he?

What do we even know about this guy,

aside from the fact
that Voigt rubber-stamped him?

I'm gonna call Antonio.

I mean, if indictments are coming down,

- he's gonna know about them.
- Yeah.

I just came from the house.

That was the first rental
I bought, 18 years ago.

Can you believe that?

What was your relationship
like with the tenant,

Dan Llewellyn?


I mean, rest his soul, but...

what a royal pain in the ass.

How so?

Dan was looking to break his lease,

move in with his girlfriend.

But he had eight months left.

- What was her name?
- Vivica something.

You got a couple of properties
with code violations.

I fixed all those.

And the house from this morning
was 100% up to code.

Yeah, except you took out extra
insurance on it two months ago.

I was doing work on the building,

and the extra insurance is

because there was gonna be
people on site.

All right, so where were you
this morning, Mr. Teague?

I had a meeting
with a painter across town.

Are you guys seriously looking
at me for torching my own place?

You're not talking us out of it.

Maybe Dan lit the place

so he didn't have to pay rent
the rest of the year,

and he torched his own ass
in the process.


Name and number of the painter you met.

Dan will screw me yet from the grave.

He'll screw me.


We got a homeless guy
ranting and raving outside.

So get rid of him.

Yeah, love to, but CPD's
new de-escalation protocol

means I got to contact
my immediate supervisor ASAP,

so... it is what it is.

It's about my dog.
She's been gone all this time.

And no one can find her.

And I looked. I did. I did.

And so... so what help are you?

What I'm asking... right? Right?
'Cause Jupiter... Jupiter...

That's what planet he's on.

You have a dog missing, sir?

Dog. My dog. Thank you.

Why is no one looking?
Looking? 'Cause Jupiter...

H-his name is Jupiter?

Marvin. My name's Marvin.

Okay, Marvin, we're gonna
walk inside where it's warm,

and we're gonna get you
something to eat,

and maybe make a few calls...!

What's in your pocket, Marvin?

Look at me.
Marvin, what's in your pocket?


What's in the needle, Marvin?
Are you shooting up?

My dog is gone.

You didn't pat him down?
You didn't search him?

- What are you, a rookie?
- No, no, he comes up and I...

Tell Commander Crowley
I'll have an Exposure Report

when I get back from Med.

But get him inside,

search him properly,

and get his info.

All right, come on.

We just finished unpacking last night.

Why do you want to know about Dan?

Have you spoken to him today?

Not since this morning.
He left at, like, 5:30.

Do you know where his job was
or the name of his firm?

He's self-employed. He's
doing a remodel across town,

but I don't have the address.

What's going on?

Vivica, there was a fire
at his old place

early this morning,
and somebody got caught in it.

Someone died?

My God. Was it Dan?

We don't know yet.

How can you not know?

The condition of the body.

That's him. He was wearing
a blue shirt, grey sweater.

He's tall. Like 6'3".

No. No.

No. Where's the body?

- At the medical examiner's.
- I'll go. I'll know if I look...

You don't want to see the body, ma'am.

Patient's name is Kyle Harvey.

Dr. Rhodes is coming down.

- Great. Thank you.
- Appreciate that.

So, dog,

you still keep up with buddies
from your old unit?

Why is everyone suddenly
so interested in my old unit?

I'ma keep it real with you, man.

We heard about some
indictments coming down, and...

I just want a little clarification.

Yeah, well, you know,
you're not an active cop

unless you got a beef on you.

Yeah, well, indictment's a little
different from beef, but okay.

Hey, fellas.

So, I'm sorry, but your victim
was triple zeroes

when he came in.

We did everything we could, but he died

of massive blunt force trauma
from the explosion.

Thanks, Doc. Think you could
send those clothes

to the lab for us?

- You got it.
- Thanks.

Did you know Kyle?

I'm Angie McCallister, from Reynolds,

the LGBT home next door.

Kyle was one of ours.

Kyle was released two weeks ago.

His mother passed away a year ago.

He and his father were always at odds.

Six months ago,
he tried to take his own life,

and he was placed with us.

We'd been working with Kyle and his dad.

They'd come so far.

Yeah. Um, did you have any
issue with the tenant next door?

Dan? No.

He was a great guy.

He fixed things around the house.

He was really nice to the kids.

And some people in the neighborhood
just weren't as welcoming, you know?

He stood up for our kids.

Did he stand up to anybody
in particular?

One guy, yeah.

Like, two weeks ago,
he and Dan got into a fight.

The M.E. says no dental work

or recent surgeries on our victim.

Canvass says it may have happened
too early for witnesses.

No neighbors saw or heard
anything until the explosion.

Hey, Sarge, um,

we gotta ask you about Rixton.

What about him?

We heard that indictments were
being handed down in his old unit.

What does that have to do with you?

I want to know who's got my back.

Jeez. I imagine Kenny'd like
to know who has his as well.

You'd think that impending
indictments would be something

that he might, you know, offer up to us.

I know I would.

So you question a guy that I
brought in and vouched for

instead of working a case
that killed two people?

I can do both
at the same time. Trust me.

Dan Llewellyn stood up
for a few gay teens

a week and a half ago...

Punched a grown bully who was
threatening them. Harlan Betts.

Betts left, but pissed.

You and Erin.

The guy punched me,
and I'm the one in hot water?

Why don't you go arrest him?

Maybe because you're the one
that likes to taunt teenagers.

Does that make you feel tough?

I got a kid, okay?
She looks out the window,

sees two guys kissing.

What kind of example is that?

What kind of example is it
you attacking them?

I didn't attack anyone.

He hit me. Why am I here?

Because somebody set his house
on fire with him in it.

I'm sorry. Do you find that funny?

Karma's a bitch?

Two people were killed in that blast,

and one of them was a teenager
from Reynolds, so what happened?

Did he kiss another kid in front of you?

You decided to teach him a lesson?


I'm warning you:

Lose the grin,
or I will lose it for you.

You're gonna want to see this.

Hit it.

Dan Llewellyn, tenant from 3507 Wallace.

He's alive. He's okay.

Then... who the hell died in that fire?

Did I hear right
that someone from next door

got killed in the blast?

- That is right.
- Who?

His name was Kyle Harvey.

- Man.
- So you knew him?

Yeah. He was trying to patch
things up with his dad.

How well did you know him?

He'd come around sometimes. We'd talk.

When's the last time
you were at the house, Dan?

A week and a half ago. I took everything

but the heavy stuff
I was gonna sell online.

Can you think of anyone
who might've had it out for you?

Yeah. The landlord.

Well, he alibied out.

Yeah, well, maybe he hired one
of his illegal immigrant workers

he pays 2 bucks an hour.

That could be.

All right, Dan,
I'm gonna posit a scenario

that any objective person
would eventually arrive at.

Torching the place is one way

of getting out of paying
the rest of your lease.

Yeah, it is. But that's not my style.

I already reached out to a buddy
of mine getting into real estate

to see if he could find me a subletter.

- His name?
- Corey Kipton. He teaches yoga

until the real estate thing
kicks in full-time.

So where were you this morning?

On this new job. I was working
in a basement all morning.

Walked out to grab a smoke,
and my phone lit up

with messages and missed calls.

Anybody confirm that?


You know, Kyle wasn't staying
at Reynolds House.

Why do you think he came back?

- What are you implying?
- Nothin'.

'Cause he was gay...

you implying me and Kyle
had a sexual relationship?

- Did ya?
- No.


What difference would it make if we did?

I'm just trying to figure out
what's goin' on.

- Am I under arrest?
- No.

Just having a conversation.

Well, the conversation's over.


- Sarge.
- Yeah?

People are starting to whisper

about what went down in the gang unit.

Don't say a word.

I wouldn't mind coming clean.

Keep your head in the case.
Don't say a word.

What the hell?
They won't buzz me up anymore?

Well, we told them
to keep the riffraff out.

- So?
- Whole thing's sealed up tight.

And I'm not on that case.

But you must have heard something.

Antonio, come on.

We have to work with this guy now.

I heard seven indictments
are coming down.

Rixton was in an eight-man unit.

That's right.

So is Rixton the one
not getting indicted?


If he wasn't rounded up,
maybe he didn't do anything.

Or he's walking because he
rolled on his entire team.

That's not my department.

Man... you miss us, though, right?

I cry myself to sleep every night.


We ran the man's name
with area hospitals.

The VA has him confirmed
with hepatitis C.


They're sending his full record now.

And we'll also check for HIV,

but that's just precautionary.

I mean, I barely got pricked.

We'll keep a good thought, all right?


Yeah, I've been studying
for my real estate license,

so renting houses
and apartments part-time.

"Show the place to anybody 6'3" or so?

Yeah, a guy walked in yesterday.

Does he have a name?

I think it was Bill something.

Couple of first names. John...
Bill Johns?

Anyway, he and his wife said they
wanted to move to the south side.

He wanted the house right then.

Said he loved the red door.

Hey, how about a copy
of that application?

He offered me a thousand bucks
cash to hold the place.

Well, you should at least have
a phone number, right?

No. He said he was gonna call me today.

Does anybody else besides you
and Dan have a key to the place?

No idea. I just use the key

that Dan leaves under
the planter by the back door.

Did this Bill Johns
see where that key is hidden?

Maybe. Probably.

We good?


Your victim didn't die
from smoke inhalation

or blunt force trauma.

He was shot first.

A .22 fired into the eye socket
at close range.

- Okay.
- Any marks to help us ID him?

Too far gone for birthmarks or tattoos.

But I do have a wedding ring.

Congrats on moving up to Intelligence.

I've been meaning to tell you that.

Thank you.

And that super nice guy
you were engaged to, Adam Ruzek?

Is he still there?

No. He's... no.

Because of you?

- Can we move on?
- Of course.


No inscription,

nothing out of the ordinary to track it.

And his watch.

Victim fell on his arm.

It wouldn't have survived otherwise.

Breguet, vintage.
I have a reference number,

movement serial number, and case number.

18 jewels, high-quality
manual wind mechanism.

Sorry. My second husband was obsessed.

Shame about the fire. This was a beauty.

You sold it?

I checked my records after your call.

Sold it a year and a half ago.

To a Bill Johns? William Johns?

No. A Jane Framingham?

And this watch is 12 grand?

It's a deal for what she got.
Mint condition,

authenticated original box
and service papers.

It was an anniversary gift.

She say anything about the husband?

No. Did she kill him?

Did she say she was gonna kill him?

God, no. Don't mind me.

I read too many thrillers.

This is the most excitement
I've had all year.

Mrs. Framingham, we found the watch

on a body earlier this morning.

The man died in a house fire.

In New York?

My husband's travelling there
on business.

Is... is that where this happened?

The south side of Chicago.

We believe the man's name
was Bill Johns.

He was wearing this watch
and a wedding ring.

I don't understand.
Why would a dead man in Chicago

be wearing my husband's watch and ring?

Curt and I talked
on the phone last night.

He calls every night
when he's travelling.

- He called you from New York?
- Yes.

I mean, that's where he said he was.

The body that you found, it's...

it's definitely him?

The real estate agent
confirmed from your photograph

that he showed your husband
that house yesterday.

Do you have any idea why he'd be
using the name Bill Johns?


Why did he say he was in New York?

He's a trader. His company's
at the Board of Trade.

He travels east all the time, or...

Did he ever mention a house
at 3507 South Wallace?

Or moving?

He always wanted
to paint our front door red.

Maybe it was a... a surprise?

Were you guys having any problems?


We were good.

Or, I... I thought we were.

Could there have been
someone else in his life?

Well, I don't know anything, do I?

Curt Framingham worked for Metro
Gold Central for five years.

No employment before here,

and no Curt Framingham
in Chicago before that.

There's no Curt or Curtis
Framingham countrywide.

Not in Lexus Nexus,
Face of the Nation, social media.

However, we ran a multistate
DMV facial recognition

and popped a match for Curt Forrester.

- Kevin, would you be so kind?
- Yes, ma'am.

Great. So, Curt Forrester,
AKA Curt Framingham,

was arrested in Indianapolis in
2010 for running a Ponzi scheme.

He funneled client savings to
these money-losing businesses

to line his own pockets
with finder's fees.

The SEC lost the case when
a key witness died during trial.

It was a boating accident.
Looks like an actual accident.


Run a deconfliction report
on Curt Framingham

and on Metro Gold Capital.

Let's see if the Feds are into this guy.

I got a guy at the Fed who
gets me whatever I want to know.

You want me to call him?

We're good.

Someone want to fill me in
on the office gossip?

Um... your gang unit pulled indictments

for everyone but you, so...

why don't you tell us
how you worked that out?

Well, maybe there was nothing to indict.

Seven guys taken in, and one
in the clear? That happens.

You wanna say something? Say it.

I think I just did.

I mean, there's only
a couple options, right?

I mean, either you're dirty
and you got away with it,

or you worked a deal.
I think we just want to know...

You wrote parking tickets
for two years to get up here,

and you're gonna lecture me?

Come talk to me after you work
seven years on the front lines.

There a problem?

No, Sergeant.

Well, that's good,

'cause if I hear one more person
talk about anything

other than this case and the
two people who were killed,

I'll put you on the next transfer order.

Try me.

- Hey.
- Hi.

I, I notified Commander Crawley,

and Marvin's in holding.

Holding? You had him arrested?

Yeah. Injury was sustained
during a struggle with a police officer.

That's an IOD, right?

We got a guy without a home
in February in Chicago

who just lost his dog,

and you're gonna arrest him?

By arresting him, it meant we could
run a mandatory blood draw.

You compare that with your tests at Med.

I just thought...


Good move.

What about the dog?

Seriously still worried about the dog?

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

I'm sorry.

We're still looking
for your dog, Marvin.

J-Jupiter took my-my-my dog.
He n-never came back.

Jupiter's your friend?

Jupiter went to a home.

What's your dog's name?

Rosie. Rosie!

What color is she?

Red. Red. Red.

- Okay.
- Red.

We're working on getting you
outta here real soon, Marvin.

So, tell me: What do the Feds
have on Curt Framingham?

We made the connection
between Forrester and Framingham

four months ago.

- So, why didn't you pick him up?
- You know the AUSA's office.

They want a 99% chance the guy's
going away before we grab him.

We were finalizing the paperwork
with the company.

Now how much had he skimmed?

Over 300 grand into personal accounts.

But the company was looking
at over 3 million in losses.

Could one of his investors have
figured it out and killed him?


Metro Gold covered their accounts
before any client looked twice.

List of his clients.

You ever hear about him
using the name Bill Johns

for anything... William Johns?

Ballistics got a match. Gun's a .22
registered to Roxanne Cabrera.

Roxanne Cabrera on your list?


We've got an address.

- All right, Rixton and Atwater.
- Yeah.

Sorry. I broke my ankle
in a car accident last night.

I was in the hospital.

No. I'm sorry to hear that.
When did you get home?

An hour ago. What is this about?

Ms. Cabrera, you wouldn't happen

to own a weapon, would you?

I have a gun. It's registered.

Okay. When's the last time you used it?

Two weeks ago. I went shooting
with some friends.

- Whose gear?
- My brother's.

The accident happened late last night.

He came to feed the cat.

Okay. What's your brother's name?

Rafael, but...

Same last name?

Yes. Whatever this is...

Your weapon was used
in a shooting this morning.

That's impossible.
I keep my gun locked in a safe

in the bedroom.

Bedroom's that way?


I... I put it there myself.

Okay. Step back, ma'am.

Let's call Forensics
for prints, bro.

Something else first.

Your brother, Rafael...
has he been in trouble?

Not since he moved here from Florida.

Assault with a deadly weapon,
self-admitted gang member.

Rafi was here last night with my fiancé.

- What's your fiancé's name?
- Bill Johns.


How long have you been seeing Bill?

Six months.

He tell you what he did for a living?


He tell you he was married before?

Married still?


We love each other.

We're moving into a new house together.

And why do you keep talking
about him in the past tense?

Take a wild guess.

He's dead?

Bill wasn't even his name.
He was Curt Framingham.

Before that, Curt Forrester.

He's got a wife named Jane
in the suburbs.

- No.
- Yes.



What happened?

The gun that killed
Curt Framingham belongs to you.

And your brother was in your
house last night. He had access.

Rafi doesn't even know the combination.

It's 7-14-90. It's your birthday.

You don't think
he could figure that out?

Look. You found out Bill or Curt

or whatever he called himself
was married, you got angry.

- Any woman would.
- No!

Okay, your brother found out,
defended your honor.

Okay, where's Rafael?

Where is Rafael?


you got to be a big sister right now.

If we put out a manhunt, this is
gonna go a whole lot worse.

Just tell us where he is.

In class,

at Chicago City College.

He's getting straight As.

He's working so hard.

I want to be there
when you talk to him.



Hey. There's a Jane Framingham

She asked to see you.


I just keep running it over in my head.

Meeting Prince Charming,
falling in love.

Guy who has money, doesn't want mine.

The house thing with the red door...

that was for another woman, wasn't it?

Mrs. Framingham...

Is she pretty? Younger?


Did she kill him?

I mean, just... maybe there's
some justice in this world.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just...

I keep thinking
maybe if I wasn't so stupid...

Just tell me what you know.

Do you know that your husband
had another name

before he met you?


You're kidding me.

You should start moving on.

I've got to get back upstairs.

Well, your sister says
you and her fiancé were

at her place last night.

Yeah. He stayed for an hour, then left.

What, so you followed him
back out to the suburbs,

see his big house, his wife?

What are you talking about?

You found out what he was
up to last night.

This morning, you went over to the place

he was gonna rent for your sister,

and you shot him in the face.

What? No.

Rafael, stop. Don't embarrass yourself.

We know exactly what happened.

Doused him in paint thinner,
pulled the gas hose,

went to class like nothing happened.

Man, I would never do that.

Sure you would. You already have.

Like that time in Florida
you took a baseball bat to a guy

'cause he tried to steal
a package off your porch.

No. I've changed. I didn't hurt Bill.

All right, then explain it to us,

'cause you were the last
person with the guy.

You have motive, no alibi,
history of violence...

Found it in the sister's
building storage. It's a .22.

Serial number matches
the sister's registration.


Should've found a better hiding spot.

Man, somebody set me up!

I swear to God, I've changed.

Well, you didn't change enough.

Get up. We're booking you for murder.

Get up. Let's go.

Hey. April from Med...

test came back negative for hepatitis.

Only insulin found on the needle.

Now, they still got to do
the blood drop on Marvin,

but the VA reports from last week showed

that hepatitis was his only
communicable disease,

so... you're in the clear.

My gosh.

Look at you. Who are you?

I don't believe it.

Come on, little sweet thing.
Look at you.

Look at your little face. Come on.

Marvin? Marvin, I got a present for ya.


You found my Rosie-Rosie!

Rosie! You found her.
You found my Rosie!

How did you... how did you find her?

Well, I didn't do anything.
She found you.

Jupiter took-took-took my dog,
and then he never...

never came back... never, never.

Well, shame on Jupiter, then?

"Jupiter wanted to go
to the home," the man asked.

Okay, well, we're gonna
get you out of here now, Marvin,

get you some help.

J-Jupiter g-g-go to a home...

he go to the home... he go... he go,

and then he always wanted to see...

- Okay, up we go.
- With the big red door.

What did you say?

Jupiter always wanted to see
the house with the big red door.

The-the-the man showed him. He did.

He took my dog. He took my-my-my Rosie.

Jupiter took the dog with him

after a man offered to show him
a home with a big red door?

Is that when she went missing?

Why is your friend called Jupiter?

Jupiter's the biggest of all planets.

How big is Jupiter?

Sit tight, Marvin.

Hi, Rosie. Hi, Rosie.

The house that blew up with
your victim... it had a red door?

- That's right.
- And the victim was 6'3"?

- Yeah.
- Who was he?

Half a con artist living a double life.

Hank, I think you got the wrong guy.

Marvin, is this the man
who approached you last night?

You and your friend Jupiter?

I thought Jupiter had my dog.

M-m-my dog Rosie.

Okay, so you left together.
Do you know where?

I thought Jupiter took my... my dog,

so I followed... I followed Jupiter,

and then the man,
and then they went to the house

w-with the red door.

Is that the place?

That! Yes! The big red door!

The big red door!

Thank you. This really, really helps.

Jupiter okay? I'm not m-mad anymore.

I have Rosie back.

Jupiter okay?

Jupiter's okay.

Way to go, Marvin. You did real good.

Hey, we got a hit on Framingham

at a car rental place
on Lake Park Avenue.

It's rented to a Curt Forrester.

The same credit card was used at a
gas station on 94, heading north.

Is he going to Canada?

And at a motel off 94, half an hour ago.

He's bunking down for the night.

All right, let's roll.
We're gonna get this bastard

before he skips town completely.

Room 125.

124 isn't occupied, but 126 is.

All right, we'll stack at the door.

Hands up! Get your hands up!

- Don't move!
- Hey! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!


Police! Keep your hands
where we can see them.

Get against the wall.
Against the wall, now!

Against the wall.

Put your hands behind your back.

You totally had me fooled.

- All right, get her dressed.
- Sit down.

Sit down.

Your husband...
is he actually your husband?

Your partner-in-crime?

He just lawyered up.

I want a lawyer as well.

That's fine. We have plenty enough
to ring you up on as it is,

so you don't need to say anything,

but you are gonna listen.

Leon Tremaine. Also known as Jupiter.

He was a boxer who almost made
the Olympic team in 2000.

All the fighting gave him brain damage

and turned him homeless.

He wandered to Chicago
all the way from Indiana.

He had just reconnected
with his daughter,

who'd been looking for him
for ten years.

That's who your husband
put a bullet into.

That's who you put a bullet into,

because you're gonna
get charged the same.

Kyle Harvey was 18 years old.

He lost his mom right before
his dad kicked him out

of the house... twice,

and he was coming back to the only place

that had ever treated him well

when he died in the fire
you guys rigged.

That's how Kyle died.

Look at him.

Look at him!

You're hurting me.

You don't know what hurting is.

Do you want me to show you?

I'd be happy to.
Just nod your head at me.

You knew the Feds were closing in,

so you decided to fake
your husband's funeral.

Well, guess what, sweetheart.

This is your funeral now.

Hey, um,

I'd... I'd like to publicly apologize.

There were some whispers
and some gossip.

I ran with it,
and I shouldn't have, okay?

You know, this... this whole nonsense...

I was leading the charge on this.
I'm sorry, man.

I had a bad experience
with a guy in my unit

when I was overseas,

who was not who he claimed to be.

And that's my problem. That's not yours.

You're a solid dude, and a good cop,

so whatever happened in the gang
unit doesn't matter, all right?

Man to man, and to the whole team,

um, I'm sorry.

Yeah, you can count me in on that, too.

My bad, dog.

The sister of one of the
gang unit cops was beat up

after she turned in a banger
for robbing her place.

ASA didn't have enough to
convict the guy who did it,

so Rixton's unit went after him.

But Kenny wasn't with them.

Two cars belonging
to other members of the unit

were spotted by plate readers

one block from where
the payback beating went down

at the same time it happened.

And one of those...

one of those cars was approached
by a patrolman

who was told they were
on a narcotics sting,

but they'd already clocked out.

So it had to be a lie.

That's how they got caught.
Not by anything Kenny did.

I was approached by IAD,

but turned down a deal,
and I never said a word.

Not that my unit believed me.

Why didn't you just say that
in the first place?

Because I told him not to.
We were working a case.

Plus, his last unit iced him out
over a rumor.

I wanted to see if you guys
were any better.

How did we do?

I'll see you at Molly's.



- Hi.
- Hi. How are you?

- I'm good.
- Good.

And... and the undercover assignment?

It's over. Yeah.


I kind of ran from Intelligence.

I'll admit I wasn't ready
to work side-by-side with you.

It was stupid.

It's like my family up there.

I'd really like to come back.


- Is that okay with you?
- Yes.

- You sure?
- Yes.

- Okay, 'cause that was kind of quick.
- Yes!

Welcome back.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx