Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will - full transcript

Intelligence re-opens a case when a grieving father seeks to avenge his daughter's murder.

Hey, boss. How's things?

Well, if it isn't the invisible man.


Well, my undercover assignment,
it's wrapped.

How was it?

It was great.

Yeah, I learned a lot.

Glad to hear it.

So now I'm back.

All right, well, dig out your blues.

Talk to Platt in the morning.

Welcome back.

You're knocking me back down to patrol?

You know, actually, Adam,

you were never assigned up here.

You had the privilege to be detailed.

All right.

I mean, I feel like
I did good work up here.

I had to find out from
the commander in Seven

that you'd been detailed
to Detached Services.

You left me one man short

with a bunch of people asking me
questions I couldn't answer.

Fair enough. I apologize for that.

I do. It's just here's the thing.

My ex-fiancé was coming upstairs,

so I freaked out a little bit.

I needed to clear my head,

which I did.

So, boss, I mean,

Intelligence, this is
where I want to be.

I'll keep that in mind
if something opens up.

All right, appreciate it, Sarge.

Hey. I'm Rixton.


- Listen, I... I didn't mean for...
- Hey, no sweat, man.

Just keep doing the job.

What's up, Scrap?

Another day in paradise.

I told him you got my tab.

If it's worth me coming
all the way down here.

Thank you.

What's going on?

There's a guy in town,

looking to hire a hit man.

How did you go from
boosting cases of liquor

to being a triggerman?

It was a friend of a friend
who was approached,

and they reached out to me
to see if I know anyone.

There are a lot of things that I can do,

but pretending to be
a hit man is not one of them.

So if I call
another detective down here,

you better not be jerking me off.

I'm telling you, Erin,

it's for real.

Al, this is Scrap.

We've known each other
since we were kids.

Am I hearing right, you got
a solicitation for murder?


But I need a promise from the PD first.

My kid brother, Frankie,
he owes some guys money

who you don't want to owe money to.

He went south to pick up a car for them.

He got popped, with
100 pounds of weed in the trunk.

100 pounds?

You said it was a little bit of weed.

I'm offering you murder-for-hire.

That's gotta trump any amount of weed.

I'll give you this guy
who wants a hit man,

but you got to get Frankie out of jail.

Look who it is. It's him, the guy.

Do we got a deal?



Hey, that thing
we talked about, I got a guy.

I'm with him right now.

- First thing, no names.
- Okay.

- Heard you need something done.
- Yeah. Yes.

- Um, when can you...
- Not over the phone.

I'll come to you.

You guys got eyes?

Flash 'em.



you said be holding two...
two cups, right?


I didn't know if
you like cream or sugar, so.

So how does this work?

We go to your room, talk details.

Um, yeah, I'm not looking for that.

I'm looking for a wire.

Well, cops don't tape microphones

to people's chests anymore.

What do I call you?


You have a daughter, Pulaski?


I did.

Two months ago, this
piece of garbage, Omar Fry,

murdered her,

and walked.

She was only 22.

Her life was just beginning.

I'll pay you 50 grand to kill him.

Rebecca Clark.

That's the girl that moved here

and was gunned down in Bronzeville

a couple months back, right?

That's right, she'd only been in Chicago

six months before she got killed.

Happened when she pulled over

to buy a bottle of water
at a corner store.

Shot with a .45 semi-auto.

Father is Donald Clark.

He is a poetry professor
at West Michigan College.

Mother's in a mental institution.

Checked herself in
after Rebecca's death.

She couldn't handle it.

So who's he want dead?

Omar Fry.

He's a documented South Ave hustler,

prime suspect in Rebecca's murder.

Gang Intelligence and
Area Central Homicide

both cleared him, so he
was released a few weeks ago.

Since then, open murder investigation,

no other suspects.

Now, Clark is convinced

that Omar Fry's the guy
who killed his daughter.

All right, Jay, you
and Atwater hit Homan Square.

See if you can dig up
the original gang file.

Kenny, you and Burgess
go pay Omar Fry a visit.

What's the next step with Clark?

Let's see if we can get some perspective

on the original homicide first,

shed some light on who
actually killed his daughter.

For now, just...
just string Clark along.

Yo, Sarge, I heard Ruzek's back.

Yeah, he's back at 21, yeah,

but he's not back up here.

Copy that.

Good morning, Sergeant.

Hey, Erin.

So I have a CI,

put us onto a major felony.

In exchange, I need to get
his brother out of Cook County.

Well, you know, I'd love to help
but there's more steps than this.

Especially since it's
a snitch's relative

and not the actually snitch.

Come on, Sergeant, I made a promise.

I made a promise too, Detective.

I promised to truly serve
our sovereign county and state

as a police officer
without favor, affection,

malice, or ill will!

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?

So I, had a PI friend
look into Rebecca's case.

Omar Fry, he was cleared on all charges.

You... you do know that, right?

Yeah, that's what the detective said.

You know, with the murder rate
here, what the hell

do Chicago cops know, right?

All right.

But now if it turns out that

this Fry isn't the guy,

you know, you don't get a refund?

I know in my heart he did it.

All right, I'm gonna need,
10% up front

for a new barrel and a set of wheels.

You know, you already have a gun.
Why can't you just get this over with?

Listen, you want this
not be traced back to us?

I'm gonna need an untraceable gun,

and I'm not gonna pull up
in my own personal vehicle

to do this, all right?

Look, it's your job, it's fine.

That's 5,000. I think I've got it.


All right, so, just so
we understand each other,

once you start this,

there's no turning back.

Just bring my little girl some justice.

You guys got your work cut out for you,

dealing with all these cliques?

So what do you got for us?

Rebecca's murder wasn't a typical

"mutual combatant" killing.

It was an innocent girl new to the city.

So the mayor's office gave us a
directive to saturate the area.

And you guys like Omar Fry for it?

Well, we did at first.
He's a banger with a ton of priors.

He was recorded on a security camera

at a corner store buying a tallboy,

where Rebecca had purchased
a bottle of water

approximately a minute later.

We assumed he followed her to her car

and it was a robbery gone sideways.

So now you cleared Omar?

Yeah, we never found a murder weapon.

He passed the gun residue test.

We got no confession.

Have we given Rebecca's dad
this information?

He's in town now,
asking a lot of questions.

Yeah, he showed up
after Omar got released.

Almost had him arrested,
he was so worked up.

Even when I showed him the
evidence, he wouldn't listen.

We don't want to step on any toes.
You mind if we take a stab at it?

Stab away.

I got ten cases here that
I haven't even read yet.

Thank you.

I got a medical card
around here somewhere.

Wanna see it?

Save it. We're not here for that.

After what you all put me through,

accusing me of shooting that girl,

doctor said I got PTSD.

Only thing that cures it is the kush.

Omar, we have to ask you
about that case.

Been there, done that.

I spent two weeks down at 26th and Cal,

ducking shanks and
eating bologna sandwiches

for something I didn't do.

Daddy, who are they?

Just some police officers, baby,

making sure we all right around here.

Go back and read your books.

You know, only pimps
still carry money clips.

So any idea who
might have killed Rebecca?

I'm supposed to help you guys now?

Just take the money.

Buy your kid some new books.

The gang detectives,

I didn't like how they disrespected me.

So there's something I didn't tell 'em.

I walked out of that corner store,

sipping my beer.

I'm halfway down the block
when I hear this pop-pop-pop.

'Course I knew it was
something going off,

so I looked back.

You saw who did it?


But I saw this dude in a shiny hoodie

run to the other side of the street

and duck into the Red Line tunnel.

The one on 47th and Wentworth?

Running like he was just shooting.

And I know what that looks like.

All right, search the drainage grates
along all the stairwells.

Bangers file the gates loose,

use them to hide contraband.

They get spotted topside, come down here

to sling away their guns or drugs.

I suggest you all split up.

I got three pennies

and half a dozen cigarette butts.

Well, I got a used condom
and four rat-sized roaches.

So don't complain.


I ran into Ruzek last night.


He came looking for his desk.

Just curious, where
do you stand on that?

Him coming back?

I don't know, it sounds like Voight just
shut the door on that, so.

Well, yeah, but...

where do you stand on it?

You've been great, Kenny.

A real asset.

Bob Ruzek, that's...

that's his old man, right?

Yeah. Why?

Just asking.

When I was stationed
in Kabul, I lost a bet,

and I had to cover up the latrines
with a shovel for like a month.

And I would take this over that any day.

Hold up.

Check this out.

What is that?

I think we have a murder weapon.

Had the lab rush the test on our gun.

The ballistics are 100% match

to the rounds they pulled
out of Rebecca Clark's body.

Any prints or DNA?

- Nothing usable.
- But we may not need them.

I ran the gun through the CAGE unit

and it came back registered
to a Thomas Kade.

Turns out he has been on CPD's radar

the last few weeks, identified as

"a person of interest"
in illegal gun sales.

Yeah, but what's
his connection to Rebecca?

We're still working on that part.

Kade has a fake Federal Firearms License

and he's a known straw buyer.

So he's probably not our shooter.

More likely, he sold the gun
to whoever killed Rebecca.

You got an address?

Yeah, it's a business

called Smoke Bliss on 44th and Calumet.

Wait, the head shop?

I drive by it on my way to work.

Let's go have a look.

Hey, Hank, I got to be honest.

Something's not equating with me.

What's that?

Well, Donald Clark.

Why don't we let him loose?

He solicited a murder, Al.

Not like we haven't done worse.

You know, for our kids.

Let's see how it plays out.

C-can I help you guys?

Thomas Kade.

Where is he?

I don't know who you're talking about.

He's not here! He's not here!

He just comes in once in a while

to do business!

Which business?

Weed or guns?

I don't ask any questions, man.

I just run the shop!

Take it off the hinges.



Either you tell me where Kade is,

or I'm thinking these are your guns.

CPD, hands in the air!
Let me see your hands!

- Go up there! Go up there!
- Go on, hands up!

Yo, I'm gonna need two upstairs!

- Hands up!
- Don't move!

Hey, seize these weapons.

Thomas Kade.
We're looking for Thomas Kade.

Where's he at? Where's he at?

- Coming down. Atwater, on me.
- I got you.



Nice and slow, drop your weapons.

- Everybody get your hands up!
- Drop your guns!

Hands up on your head
and get down on your knees.

Drop it, come on. Come on.

Yo, I ain't kneeling
for nobody in my own home.

What, are you gonna shoot me?
I'm not armed.

Put your hands behind your back.

- Put your hands behind your back!
- Get off me, man! Come on.

- You got them?
- I got 'em.

Don't move.

What's up with Frankie?

Why's he not been sprung yet?

I told you I'm working on it.

Well, work harder.

My brother don't
deserve to be locked up.

Dude, I don't just
snap my fingers and he's out.

There's a process to this.

When I got news, I'll call you.

Call me?

How about I call
this Donald cat right now,

tell him it's all a setup?

Tell him he's meeting
with an undercover cop?

Go home, Scrap. I'll be in touch.

Nah, I think I'll call him right now.

You want to be stupid?

Turn around.

For what?

You're under arrest.

Turn around.

What am I under arrest for?

For having a big mouth.

Hey, those crates of guns

we found in the back of
Smoke Bliss, they came back

seized from the ATF in multiple states.

They were stolen from a melt-down truck

on their way to be destroyed in Indiana.

So this guy, Kade, ripped off a load

of seized guns from the ATF?

And then he got himself
a fake Firearms License

and started selling them?

I know, Sarge, something doesn't add up.

Rebecca Clark.

Never heard of her.


Well, one of your guns
was used in her murder,

so either you shot her yourself

or you sold that to her killer.

I know people.

I'll never do a day in jail.

He knows people.

In that case, we should let him go.


Who'd you sell the guns to?

I like this kind of party.

Yeah? Then let's go all night.

- Hank? Hank?
- Sarge. Sarge!

This is Group Supervisor
Greg Hammet from the ATF.

You need to release him right now.

You gotta be kidding me.
This is our offender.

He's not going anywhere.

Well, he's an undercover federal agent,

so it's best you uncuff him.

Told you.

I know people.

All right, back up a second.

So what is this operation?

It was initiated last September.

We got over 1,000 hours of
manpower on this case so far.

So I understand,

the ATF didn't deconflict this operation

with CPD or any other agency?

No-no-no, it's classified deep cover.

No offense, look, guys,

as soon as we tell local PD, we,

we know it's burned.

I've seen the G do some crazy stings,

but intentionally putting guns in the
hands of criminals? That's a new one.

Yeah, man, I was just
getting into character.

You know how undercover works,
you gotta sell it.

All right, guys, look,
we surveil all activities.

You understand, any guns sold

were tracked by their serial numbers.

Arrests were made
if they were used in a crime,

taking major offenders
off of your streets.

One of your guns was used to kill
an innocent 22-year-old girl, so exactly

how many firearms
have you lost track of?

No, we don't lose track of anything.

Then you should be able to tell us where

we found the .45
that killed Rebecca Clark.

All right, look, look,
is any operation 100% ironclad?

You know, maybe a few guns
fell through the cracks,

we lost track, but we have made
over 80 felony arrests so far.

What's important here is the victim.

We're in agreement on that same page.

So what can we do to help?

I need the reports
on everyone you sold guns to

and every piece of surveillance you got.

So you're gonna jeopardize
our whole operation?

Your operation is jeopardized.

You're through in my city.

I mean, you got a problem with that?

Just ask around about Hank Voight.

Yeah, we already did.

Listen, you can have the files.


preserve the work we've done here.

Hey, Sarge.


Looks like I'm working
down here for a while.

Commander Crowley wants you

to report to the 27th District.

They need bodies for their third shifts.

The graveyard shift.

- Are you being serious right now?
- It's what's open.


Graveyard shift.

Come here.

Come over here, come on.

Look, you did the right thing.

You were uncomfortable
with the situation,

so you removed yourself from it.

All right, well,
if I did the right thing,

then why am I getting punished for it?

Because that's life, Adam.

So you know what you do?

You put your head down, you do the job,

and you work your way back,
one shift at a time.

My God, I just gave myself
goose bumps. Feel that.

Yeah. All right.

27th District?

Like I said, one shift at a time.

Go on.

Thanks, Sarge.

My, PI guy,

he says it might not be Fry after all.

So I came by to ask you one last time.

You sure you want to do this?

You know, I was...

I was just thinking about Rebecca.

This one time, she broke her leg.

We were camping.

And I had to carry her

into town in my arms.

And she was crying, you know?
I felt helpless.

I felt...

It's a feeling you'd only understand

if you had kids, but...

Hey, man, if you
ever want to call if off,

we can.

I mean, I already spent
the up front money,

but you keep the rest and you
pretend that we never met.

No, I mean, I... I've come this far.

I don't know. Give me a night, okay?

I, I'll be in touch with you.

All right, the ATF supplied us
with all their UC reports,

including listings of
all the weapons and individuals

that they sold to, including
photos and video surveillance

of every purchase.

Now, this is Maxwell Clay,

AKA Gold Fish.

This guy has priors for
gun and narcotics possession.

And three months ago, he bought
a batch of over 20 guns

from Agent Tucker, including the .45
that was used to kill Rebecca Clark.

This guy preparing for war?

Well, he's his own mini-straw buyer,

so he buys the guns from Tucker
and sells them out of his bar.

Gold Fish is definitely the worst
street name I've ever heard.

I knew a guy named Poodlehead.

Poodlehead, that's definitely
the worst street name I've ever heard.

Okay, Gold Fish runs a dive in Kenwood.

All right, let's go snatch his ass up.

Your car got downed by the Area.

They're switching out
some of the old 1505 cars.

What do we get to replace it?

GMC Sierra,



Please, can we talk?

Okay, this is my dream rig.

You know this, I've probably
mentioned it in my sleep.

Now, I've rode shotgun since day one,

with no complaint.

It's time you drove, grasshopper.

You're my angel.

- Chicago PD!
- Don't even think about it.

- Everybody, get up.
- Outside, now.

- Let's go.
- Hands where we can see 'em.


That's nice.

Yeah. Leave it there.

Hands up.


This better be good.

I got all my permits
up to date with the city.

Yeah, well, we're
here about guns, Goldy.

Man, I just sling drinks.


What, like a nine millimeter
with a .380 chaser?


Remember this?

That's you and Thomas Kade.

You're buying 23 guns.

Well, guess what.

Kade is an ATF agent.

You telling me that
gacked-out white boy was a cop?

That's right.

And one of the guns you sold

was used to murder this young woman,

Rebecca Clark.

Everybody wants a strap.

So I sell them on the side
for a little bit of cash,

but I ain't never shot
at nobody in my life.

All right. Then who'd you sell it to?

A .45 Taurus.

You better think hard

or you're gonna be
charged with that murder.

Look, I'm not gonna waste your time.

Yeah, I bought the hardware.

I sold the .45 to my cousin, Big O.

We're gonna need a real name
and address.

He's dead.

Sold him a piece 'cause he said
he was feeling heat on his block.

A week later, they shot him off of 51st.

- Who is they?
- I don't know.

Some Latin Player he was beefing with.

But you know how that go.

No one saw nothing.

Hey, what happened to the gun?

I never found it.

Picked it off his body
after they shot him.

All right, bring him in.

Check his story.

And write him up for every
single one of those weapons.

Think I get this Gold Fish thing now.

Hey, you got State's Attorney Jefferies

in your office looking for you.

And he's looking for you too.

So where are we with this
murder-for-hire case, Sergeant?

Donald Clark, yeah, well, we're just

keeping him on the hook
for now until we can

shed some more light on who
actually killed his daughter.

I'm confused.

Well, we traced the murder weapon

back to the guy who bought it.

Turns out that he was killed

two weeks before Rebecca Clark,

so we're back to
square one on our murder.

These are two stand-alone cases.

Totally independent.

If you solve her killing? Great.

But this man came to Chicago,

with the express purpose
to hire a hit man

and pay for a murder, correct?

He put a hit on the wrong guy.

He could have targeted
Bozo the Clown for all I care.

You don't think we're obligated to

find the actual shooter?

After you have Donald Clark in custody.

Listen, the guy, he's not a criminal.

Because he's a white poetry professor?

No, it's not that.

He's a grieving father.

Let me ask you this.

If it was a black man
put a hit on a white kid,

would you still feel the same way?

Come on, man.

You got some balls asking me that.

You didn't answer my question.

You know, next month I've been
on this job, what, 28 years?

And not once did I ever arrest somebody

based on race.

I mean, there's the law,

and then there's doing the right thing.

Hey, no one said Clark is gonna walk.

I don't care about right and wrong.

Finish the sting. Bring Donald Clark in.

Or we're gonna have a problem.

All right, get Omar Fry down here.

Set up a fake hit that
you can show Donald Clark.

Get him on tape giving you
the rest of the money.

Listen, Hank, I think
I got through to Clark.

- I think he might back out of this thing.
- Al.

Set it up.

Remember the Family Secrets sting?

When I had to cover you in, what,

two gallons of pigs blood over you

because you were supposed
to be stabbed to death?

Hey, so

did Detective Lindsay
explain everything to you?

Yeah, I'm supposed to get
dolled up like I'm dead,

and you're gonna take pictures.

But I ain't agreed to nothing yet.

Hey, it only takes 30 minutes.

I give you an execution-style makeover,

you lay down,
close your eyes for a minute,

and I take a few shots.

I don't gotta do nothing for free.

Especially after the police
almost ruined my life.

So I hear you got a little girl.

Isn't she gonna be proud
when you tell her

you helped the CPD?

Think you're tugging
on my heart strings?

Two G,

or y'all can find
somebody else to play dead.

All right, go sign out

two dimes from the 1505 fund.

Listen, Al, I...

I know how you feel about Rebecca's dad.

I don't want to hear this.

Just go get the money.

So the .45 we picked off
Gold Fish's cousin, Big O,

he says it was gang related,
apparently some Latin Player.

So we had CPIC and Gang Investigations

pull the cards of all known gang members

in the Bronzeville area.

It's a dead end on Big O.

They couldn't find any player

who was a documented enemy of his.

But they did tell us
that the 54th Street Gangsters

and the Latin Players have been
at each other's throats lately.

So we took a closer look

and found something interesting.

Jeremy Reynolds.

26, multiple gang cards,
arrested a dozen times.

He was a hardcore 54th Street G.

- "Was"?
- Yeah, until about a year ago.

Then he became inactive.

He got a civilian job
at Pioneer Machining.

Guess where that's located.

Ten miles north in Logan Square.

Which is right across
the street from Grainger,

which is where Rebecca Clark worked

as a clerk in Shipping and Receiving.

Well, I mean, we know the
Players and the 54th Street G's

do have a pretty long history
of gang warfare.

How Rebecca Clark got involved,
I have no idea, but

this could be a retaliation hit, Sarge.

Yeah, well, why don't you
start by asking him?

Hey, excuse me, we need to ask
you some questions, Jeremy.

About what?

About her. You know her?

I'd say that's a yes.

Let's clock him out for the day.

Yeah, come on, let's go.

You know what a nexus is, Jeremy?

It's just a $10 word meaning connection.

Like how you're connected
to Rebecca Clark,

or, more to the point,

to her homicide.

I didn't kill her.

But you admit you did know her, right?

We met on a lunch break.

Where we worked, it's all industrial.

Everyone goes to the same
strip mall for lunch.

So we went on a date
that night, that's all.

So you admit that
you were with her that night.

Your first date

and she ends up killed.

You see how you're the nexus, Jeremy?

We have a gang card in there that says

that you're connected
to the 54th Street G's.

You better update your records.

I got out of the life a while ago.

Yeah, but that life always follows you.

You know that.

That's gang retaliation.

What we don't know

is were you the target

or were you the instigator, Jeremy?

You never saw her like that

because you ran as soon as
you heard gunshots.

You left that girl to die,
didn't even call 911.

Which, by the way,
the medical examiner said

probably would have saved her life.

Who shot at you, Jeremy?

Who killed Rebecca?

Getting out of the life,
that doesn't make me a snitch.

Yeah, what about a human being?

You want to do right by her?

Then help us out.

It just might give you and her

some peace.


Let's do it.

You sure?


Carlos Brigante, 26,
lifelong Latin Player.

Turns out he's been
gunning for Jeremy Reynolds

ever since Reynolds shot his
baby brother, Pikey Brigante,

in the ass two years ago.

Reynolds say what went down?

Yeah, talk about random.

After work, Reynolds and Rebecca Clark,

they go out to dinner.

Now, Reynolds doesn't have a car.

So being the nice girl that Rebecca is,

she offers to drive him home.

They stop at the corner store
just as Brigante

happens to be walking by.

He spots Reynolds, pulls
his gun, shoots up the car.

Reynolds dives out the passenger side,

doesn't get hit once.

So Brigante is our silver hoodie?

That's right, emptied his piece,

ran into the Red Line station.

- Rebecca was just a casualty.
- Intelligence.

Wrong place, wrong time.

All this over some old beef.


Gang Unit has the location on Brigante.

A Players stash house in Pilsen.


Chicago PD!

Get down! Get down on the...

Turn over!

Hey, he's got a vest on.

- Aim for his head.
- Got it.


we got shots fired by
the offender and police.

Offender is down with
a gunshot to the head.

You all right, girl?


You all right, just breathe.

It's done.

Two in the back of the head.

My God.

The back half of what you owe me.

Yes, o... okay.

My God.

It's all there, it's there.

Listen, I... I... I guess I should say

thank you.

Thank you.

You know, Omar Fry,

he didn't kill your daughter.

What do you mean?

But we caught the guy that did.

You're a cop?

I'm sorry.

- Hey...
- Up against the wall.

Donald Clark, you're under arrest

for the solicitation of murder.

Come in here.

All right.

This is everything you came in with.

It's $33 cash, a Metro pass,

your phone, and your shoelaces.

I spoke to the state's attorney.

Your brother's gonna be out in an hour.

Next time I get something,

I'm taking it to my guy in Narcotics.

He won't lock me up
for bringing him a score.

I got your brother out
on 100 pounds of weed.

And that old man you set up
is gonna do ten years

for trying to avenge his kid.

Come on, Scrap.

Don't be a sore winner.

I'll be seeing you.

I worked with your old man.

Fresh out of the academy.



Good ol' Disco Bob.

My first days were spent

shotgun in your old man's patrol car.

Small world.


we locked up this drunk kid one night.

And I'm... I'm uncuffing him
to put him in the tank,

and he takes a swing at me.

And of course I teach him a lesson,

sent him back on his ass.

Turns out he's
my desk sergeant's godson.

The desk sergeant threatened
to send me down to Hegewisch.

And only later did I find out that,

that your old man played poker with him.

Worked it all out.

You know, if you send him

a bottle of something barrel aged,

he'll appreciate you for it.

This sergeant I know, he's,

he's putting together a narcotics team,

wants me to be his number two.

It's lots of surveillance,
which, you know,

means lots of overtime.

Put your stuff back in your locker.

What? No.

Brother, you don't owe me.
You don't owe me a thing.

Look, my last gang team,

we were tight for five years.

And I thought

that that's... that's where I belonged.

And I lost that.

I know how this feels.

So as far as your desk is concerned,

I was just holding it down for you.

Tell your dad hi for me.

I will.



Dad, I know why you called.

I'm not moving back home.

Hold on, slow down, slow down.

I didn't call you because of that.

Then what's the deal?

I've got Jason waiting for me outside.

All right, um.

I just wanted to say
how much I love you.


You could have told me that
over the phone.

I know.

Just give me a hug.

Well, look who's classing up the joint.


What can I get for you?

Vodka tonic.

And, I've got his next one.


We had this case.

Black kid, 14,

was killed by this white store owner

up in, Rogers Park.

They got into this argument
over the price of milk,

and it escalated.

Store owner

thought the kid was pulling a gun

when the kid was going for his wallet,

and he shot the kid dead.

Claimed self-defense, and he walked,

this morning.

I came at you with a full head of steam.

I want to apologize.


You know, I got two daughters...

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