Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 16 - Emotional Proximity - full transcript

Intelligence works to find the arsonist behind a warehouse fire that left Olinsky's daughter fighting for her life.

Excuse me. You know
where Lexi Olinsky's room is?

It's right here.

- Sergeant.
- Chief.

- OFI has a conclusion.
- And?

That fire was intentionally set.

This was mass murder.

Dr. Halstead!

Chief. Sarge.

Lexi. What's going on?

Do something.

Hey, watch out. O2 sats are tanking.
She's unable to oxygenate.

- Lexi! Hey, Lexi! Lexi?
- Al, come here. Come here.

- Do something.
- Al? Al.

Hey! Step out.

Do something, man. Lexi!

- Come on.
- Lexi!

- Al.
- Please!

Get another blood gas,
drop her tidal volume to 300,

and increase her rate to 25,
and up the PEEP to 10.

- Start paralytics. 50 of Atricurium.
- Lexi.


It's okay.

- Doc, Doc, please...
- Close that curtain.

- Scissors.
- [machine beeping]

Her chest can't expand to accommodate
the breath from the vent.

- We need to release the skin.
- Chest escharotomy?




Air pressures are coming down.

Sats are coming up.

All right.


How's Lexi? Is... is she okay?

What? Tell me.

Tell me.

She's in critical condition.

- What?
- She's in critical condition.


- Where is she?
- Okay, it's okay.

Can I see her?

I need to see her.

- Hey, hey.
- I need to see her.

This is Meredith, Lexi's mom.

This is Dr. Halstead, Jay's brother.

So Lexi has burns over 60% of her body.

Ohh, what?

We had to make incisions in
the burned area of Lexi's chest

to improve her ability to breathe.

I'll continue to update you
every step of the way.

And you're going to save her. Please?

We're gonna do our best.

- Oh.
- Let the man do his job.

Come on.

Take a seat.

Hey, take care of her.

You take good care of her.


Now you find whoever set that fire,

and I want him alone.

Detectives and arson investigators

from across the city will not
rest until the individual

or individuals responsible
are brought to justice.

This cowardly act has robbed many of
our Chicago citizens of their future.

I'm being told that
the structure was a home

to many young and talented artists.

If those responsible are watching this,

they're about to feel
the full strength and scope

of the Chicago Police Department.

Any questions?

- Stone.
- Hey.


The entire State's Attorney's office

and investigators are at your disposal.

- Good.
- What do you need?

Just have your people in Felony Review

- ready to sign some warrants.
- Done.

Hey. I know Detective Olinsky's daughter

- is among the injured.
- Mm-hmm.

But when I get this case file,
it's got to be legit,

by the numbers and tight.

Hey, Sarge!

Hey, when we responded to
the call, this door was locked...

so we thought...
so we just pried the door open.

- And you see these scratches?
- Yeah.

Whoever did this when they exited...

they jammed these metal wedges
underneath the door.

- Excuse me a sec.
- Yeah.


- Chief Lugo.
- We have a task force assembled

but I want you and Intelligence
to run your investigation.

- Understood.
- Right.

Find the son of a bitch who did this.

[footsteps approaching]

I got a relief sergeant
to cover the front desk

- so I'm here to help.
- Great.

Uh, these are our 36 DOAs.

And the 18 over there
are in the ICU at Med.

All right, thank you. All right, hey,

that was a parole officer
in East Garfield Park.

She has an ex-con named Nathan Delano

who did 18 years for arson

and attempted homicide in Stateville

because he lit his family
on fire back in 1998.

Including three of his own children.

So this guy failed
to report in yesterday.

She marked him down for the violation,

but his last known address
was 4133 South Wells.

That's six blocks
from the Kimball Factory.

There's a active warrant
out for his arrest.

Yeah. Let's go.

Nathan Delano? Chicago PD! Open up!

[shotgun cocks]

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5021, Ida emergency.
Shots fired at the police.

4133 South Ida.

Advise responding, there are plain
clothes officers on the scene.

Ready, boys?


All right.

Many of the victims had only
recently moved to Chicago.

Family members are still arriving

from around the country,

heartbroken, searching for answers.


Son of a bitch.

[footsteps fleeing]



- Stay down!
- [panting]

Get off of me.

- Pigs! Get off me!
- Get up.

Get up!

That's not Delano.

- Uh!
- What's your name?

Oh, no, no, no.


What is your problem?

Lane Cromwell.

He and Nathan Delano were cellmates

- at Stateville for four years.
- Mm.

He's wanted on an extraditable
felony warrant from St. Louis.

He beat a cab driver half to death.

Priors for unlawful restraint,
aggravated battery,

assaulting a police... you get the idea.


Yeah, I'm gonna head back upstairs.

- That's probably a good idea.
- Uh-huh.

You spit on that floor again,
you're gonna be

licking it back up, trust me.
[door closes]

Nathan Delano. Where is he?

I know you know who I am.

I know I'm going back to prison
for the rest of my life.

- So save it.
- Hmm.

You got nothing to offer me.

That's a fair point.

Fair point.

But your little brother...
what's his name again?


He's doing six years
at Menard, isn't that right?

Yeah, it says here he's in, uh,

administrative segregation.

Apparently he's having some
problems in gen pop.

I don't know, but, uh,

judging by his intake photo,
I'm guessing he's just...

just a little too fetching.

You can't touch him.

- Oh, no?
- No.

You wanna hear something really funny?

The warden at Menard
used to be my Deputy Chief.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

See, his wife, she wanted
to move out to the country,

so he took the warden gig

and she finally got her garden.

So I'd say inside of 30 minutes,
I could have your baby brother

tossed in that yard
like a little dog treat.


I don't know where Nathan is.

He packed a bag real quick and drove off

two minutes before
your cop buddies rolled up.

Did he torch that warehouse?

Did he torch that warehouse?

- I have no idea.
- I wasn't there and I didn't ask.

So why'd he blow off his check-in

with his parole officer yesterday?

He'd been using.

He knew he wouldn't pass the piss test,

so we were gonna skip town.

Head up to Alaska, where a buddy
of mine owns a fishing boat.

Okay, what's he driving?

What's he driving?

Suit yourself.

A '94 green Toyota.

Stolen out of Wisconsin.

Copy that. Thanks. Okay, Sarge,

we got a statewide BOLO
out there on Delano

and the stolen Toyota.

So here's what we're up against, boss.

The warehouse was without
any residential permits,

so there's no records,
no lease agreements,

no video cameras and the person
who knew the most

was the owner, Barry Kimball,
who shot himself in the face

yesterday at Firehouse 51.

Right, Delano's previous
arson, he tried to kill

his own family members.

So it's a good bet if he's
behind this one,

he has some personal connection
to someone inside.

Hey, this is interesting. Barry Kimball

took out additional commercial
property insurance

on the warehouse six months ago.

He doubled his policy.

Insurance scam?

Somehow crosses paths with Delano

and then gets him to torch the place.

It says he has a live-in
girlfriend, Stacia Mulaney.

- We can check his apartment.
- Do it.

She almost came home.

We had lunch last week.

I said, you know,
you've given this guy two years.

It's time, you know,
to pursue your own dreams.

And so I went back that next day

and she had her bag packed.

So I opened the car door but, uh,

she just shook her head.

She was crying.

You know, she couldn't leave him.

"He needs me, Dad."


This is a nightmare.

Yeah, for a lot of people.

Barry was just trying to help.

They were artists and musicians
who couldn't afford regular rent.

You know, they made a community there.

Do either of these men
look familiar to you?


Why did Barry take out
extra insurance on the warehouse

- six months ago?
- I don't know.

He kept me out of that stuff.

When he killed himself at the firehouse,

he had an unregistered gun.

Why would he be
walking around with that?

He was being threatened.

- By who?
- He didn't say,

but he started to get really paranoid.

Threatened about what?

Money. I don't know.

Like I said, Barry kept me out
of all of that stuff.

Okay, Stacia, I'm gonna
ask you something

and I'm only gonna ask once.

Do you know who was after your boyfriend

or who could have started that fire?



Keep your phone on. Don't leave town.

We'll be in touch.


[computer beeping]

I got a hit.

I ran the Wisconsin plate
on Delano's stolen Toyota

through NVLS plate reader

and got two consecutive hits,

both indicating
the 3400 block of Pulaski.

All right, Lindsay and
Halstead should be right there.

- Have them respond.
- Yeah.


- [gunshots]
- [grunting, shouting]

Get out of the way!


- [grunts]
- [horn blaring]

Stop, police!

[tires screeching]

5021 George.

Armed offender fleeing westbound
on 29th Street.

Get me some cars!

Out of the way!


Do not move!

Let go of the gun. Let go of the gun.

Let it go!

5021 George. Shots fired by the police.

Offender is down.
4000 block of West 29th Street.

- Roll an ambulance.
- Copy that. Ambulance on the way.

5021 George's other half...
can you tell that ambulance

to kick it in the ass, please?

Hey, partner, are you all right?

Jay, are you there?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- 5021, squad be advised...
- You're gonna be okay.

Offender didn't make it.

Copy that, 5021 George.
We'll notify coroner.

- Hey.
- Oh, I got something.

We were able to pull some video

off one of the phones
recovered from the warehouse.

[indistinct chatter]

[explosion booming]


Okay, back it up.

That guy was leaving fast.


Zoom in.

That's our killer.


We're up to 38.

So based on the proximity of
the suspect to the stairs...

which we measured at the warehouse...

he should be about 5'9,
figure 150 pounds.

And how tall was Delano?

Oh, Delano was a little over six feet.

[cell phone buzzing]

Hey, guys, um, so there's gonna be

a candlelight vigil tonight
at the warehouse.

At 8:00, FYI.

So the block the warehouse is on.

Strings signify security cameras
from private companies

and what angles they access.

All right, I want footage
going back one month.

And I want access to all these cameras.

- All right.
- [phone chimes]

Hey, it's my C.I. I'll be right back.

- What's up, man?
- What you got for me?

Yeah, man, you know the dude who owned

- the warehouse, Kimball?
- Yeah.

You know, we know each other
'cause I used to supply

some folks who live in the warehouse.

Right, right, right.
I understand that, Rashad.

That's why I called you.

Well, he hit me up a couple weeks ago.

Wanted me to take care
of a situation for him.

You know, turns out,
these dudes were trying

to shake him for some money.

Wanted me to step in, intervene,

- you know, do my thing.
- Okay, wait, wait.

When did I ask you for information

- about the warehouse, Rashad?
- This morning.

Honestly, I think somewhere
down the line,

a miscommunication developed between us

and I take full responsibility for that.

I get it. But I'ma clarify
for you right now.

We in business, together.
You work for me.

You understand that?
You give me information,

I give you cash and keep your
ass out of jail.

- Yes or no?
- Yes.

Of course.

Thirty-eight people died, Rashad.

You can't slow walk this to me
six hours later, bro.

I swear on everything I love,
if that happens again,

your life is gonna change.

- Do you copy me?
- Copy.

Now, you were saying.

Look, this dude named K.D.
was trying to shake Kimball down, man.

- Mm-hmm.
- That's all he told me.

I never saw the dude.

Just told me to be ready.

He might about to put the ball
in K.D.'s court.

[alarm sounding]

She's bradying down.

Milligram of Atropine.

It's not working. Get one of Epi.

Heart rate, 20. She's a peri-arrest.

Stats are down to single digits.

[flatline sounding]

- I can't get a pulse.
- Asystole!

Get on her chest. Start CPR.

- Another dose of Epi, now.
- [machine beeping]

[speaking indistinctly]

I'll be right back.


Now, I've had to give
a lot of notifications

to family over the years,
so I know how hard it is.

So you don't have to sugar coat
anything for me.

All right?

Okay, so...

is Lexi gonna make it?

Her heart already stopped.

And, uh, we were able
to get it going again.

She's in multi-organ failure.

There's just nothing more we can do.

I'm so sorry, Al.

[flatline sounding]

Lexi died 20 minutes ago.

So we can mourn when the scumbag
who did this is in cuffs.

Till then, what do we got?

- Mm?
- Uh... yeah.

Right... yeah. Um...

The lab did an enhancement

on the suspect leaving the warehouse.

They were able to identify the logo

on the right shoulder
of the suspect's jacket.

The brand is ForeRange.

The cargo jacket looks like
the one the suspect is wearing.

There's five retail stores
in Chicago that carry the brand.

They're sending me the last six
months of security footage

and all their cash and their
credit card transactions.

All right, Kev, what's up with
the tip you got on K.D.?

Yeah, we got 85 registered gang bangers

with those initials in our database.

And I cross-referenced the initials K.D.

with everyone who's contacted
Kimball's phone.


These are all
in-service calls and any paper

generated on the warehouse.

Most of the calls came from
the same landline.

Same woman. Claire Burke.

She's made over 40 suspicious
persons calls.

The last was three nights ago
and she lives

down the block from the warehouse.

You and Jay.

This is how it always happens.

Y'all don't show up
until it hits the fan.

Uh, Detectives Lindsay and Halstead.

- Are you Claire Burke?
- Yes.

And before you leave, I wanna get

the correct spelling of your
names, your badge numbers,

and what unit you're assigned to.

Not a problem, ma'am.

We're here about the warehouse fire.

The gentleman who owned it
was named Barry...

I know who he is.

And he packed them damn kids
in there like sardines.

Treated them about as good, too.

Did you notice anything
the night of the fire?

- Anything suspicious?
- The night before, I did.

- Okay.
- Barry had been having

this heated conversation
with another man,

right down the street.

I was sitting in that window,
and I could see it all.

This man kept thumping
Barry's chest like this.

And I told that old hair bag
Officer Keating

when he finally showed up
45 minutes later.

But did Officer Keating
follow up with me?

Hell no.

Okay, any other details about the man?

White gentleman. Brown hair.

A little shorter than you,
looked like...

How much shorter?

Oh, so you interrupt people.

- Sorry, ma'am.
- I didn't have

a measuring stick,
so I can't say for sure.

But he was in his 20s, though.

And I got his license plate number.

- Wrote it down.
- Really?

Any chance you have security cameras?

What am I? Fort Knox? No, I don't have

any damn security cameras.

But I got eyeballs.

And that guy had been by here

three times to talk to Barry.

He was bringing nothing but bad news.

Next thing you know,
39 young people get called home

way before their time.

I'll go get you
that license plate number.

Appreciate it.

Boss, ran the plate.
Came back to a Kade Davis.

- Kade Davis?
- Yeah.

26 years old, 5'8, 170 pounds.

No criminal history, though.

- Get a photo array together.
- Okay.

Him. No doubt in my mind.

Thank you very much for your help.

Finally, a cop does something
in this city.

Lock him into the area,

dump his phone, run his vehicle.

I want everything on this prick
before we move on him.


We're so sorry.


Well, listen. Let's get you home.

- Be with Meredith.
- No.

Alvin, do you wanna get some coffee?

Or maybe talk to the chaplain
or... or Peer Support?

No, I just wanna know
what's going on with this case.

Well, we're, uh,
we're moving in on a suspect.

But it's nothing rock solid yet.



- Hi, how are you?
- I'm great. Thanks for asking.

Do you have a reservation?

It's all good.

I'm looking for the Davis party

and I'm wondering if they're here.

- Yes.
- Don't look.

Just tell me where they are.

By the window. He's having dinner
with a pretty Asian woman.

Thank you.

Stay right here.

- Kade Davis.
- Can I help you?


You need to stand up for me.

I'd like to know what this is about.

- What's the problem here?
- Back up.

- We can keep this civil.
- I'm not going anywhere...

The hell do you think you're doing?

Hands up.

- Huh.
- [laughs]

- [handcuffs ratcheting]
- Where you taking me?

Where do you think? Move your ass.

- [chuckles]
- Let's ride.

Al. Al!

- What?
- Hey.

Hey, you can't go in there, buddy.

I'm just gonna watch, man. Hang back.

No, but just...

Look, the observation room, that's it.

I got it.

Come on, man.


Quite the family tree you got.

[door closes]

So your Uncle Patty,
he was a Ward Superintendant

till he got swept up
in Operation Silver Shovel

for felony theft and racketeering.

The paperwork says he flipped
on a couple of aldermen

for a reduction in sentence.

Your cousin, Finn.
One time city inspector.

He got pinched for bribes,
money laundering,

threatening a witness.

What am I doing here?

Barry Kimball.

Don't know him.



you're gonna deny to my face

knowing or interacting
with Barry Kimball,

whose warehouse got torched.

That's what I said.


Here's what I think went down:

You tried to squeeze money
out of Kimball.

Told him you'd rat him out to the city

'cause you have connections.

And he refused to pay
or he stopped paying.

So you went back to your dirtbag
relatives for advice

and they told you you had to get tough.

So you went back to that
warehouse during that rave

and you torched that place.



if the next thing out of your face

is, "I don't know Barry Kimball,"

we're gonna go for a ride.

All right. I squeezed Kimball for money.

He wouldn't pay. And yeah,
I had people in my ear

telling me what the next level
should be, but it wasn't arson.

And no way did I light that place up.

I didn't start that fire.
You look all you want.


Yeah, your brother operated on Lexi.

So please tell him I said thanks.

I know he gave it everything he had.

- I will.
- Yeah.


All right, I want
a full work-up on this guy.

Search his apartment. Let's tie him

- to that brown ForeRange jacket.
- Okay.

That was patrol.
Tamra Collins just woke up

in the ICU at Med.

And she wants to talk.

All right. Kim, you go with.


Sweetheart, the police are here.

Hi, Tamra.

My name is Erin Lindsay

and Kim Burgess is here, as well.

You had something you wanted to tell us.


I was there at the rave.

And this guy stood... stood next to me.

He was wearing a dark jacket

and a... and a hat.

And he was holding a paper bag.

He walked over to the side and he...

he dropped the paper bag on the floor.

And then stepped on it.

Then he kicked it behind the couch.

He... he started to walk away

and then the bag burst into flames.

Do you remember anything else about him?

Uh, he was a little bit taller than me.

So, 5'8, maybe.

And a white guy.

In his 20s.

He had a... a silver skull ring
on his right hand.

I... I noticed it
when he wiped his eyebrow.

That's really good.

Is there anything else, or...

Yeah, he... he had blue eyes.

Blue? Are you sure?


When he looked at me, it was like

he was looking right through me.

Thank you.

All right, we're looking for
a male, white, 20-25,

owns a brown ForeRange cargo jacket.

He wears a silver skull ring
on his right hand,

he's about 5'8, and he has blue eyes.

We'll run everyone in the city
with that description.

All DMV, city,
county, and state employees,

anyone with a public record.

Kick Kade Davis?

Charge him with the gun first.

So we're nowhere.

You got that vigil in an hour, Sarge.

All right, everybody get ready.

I've got someone.
Male, white, dark beanie,

moving to my right.

- That one, there.
- Right there.

Halstead, coming to you, brother.

Headed north.

I got eyes. He's going
westbound down the alley.

Yeah, you can stop right there.

[gun cocks]

Put him in the cage.

Dylan Oates, 22.
He's got an apartment on 8th.

Call Felony Review, get a warrant.

Chicago PD!

It's clear.


Jay. In here.

Metal wedges.


I work with a detective...

I mean, he's a...

he's a really good friend of mine.

You killed his daughter in that fire.

I mean, I knew her her whole life.
She was...

just one of those people,
made the world a better place.

I mean, she just...

she had a glow.

A chief at CFD,

he told me arsonists like to return

to the scene of the crime,
but I had a real strong hunch

you would anyway.

Because I know this crime was personal.

You wanted to hurt someone
'cause someone hurt you.

Tell me if I'm wrong.

[grunts] Tell me if I'm wrong!

So who was it? Hmm?

Who pissed you off, huh?

Who broke your little heart?

I have the right to remain silent.

I understand that right and
I do not wish to speak with you.

You're gonna tell me
why you lit that fire.

Believe me.

Or you're gonna feel pain

like you never imagined was possible.

- I have the right to remain...
- Which you have!

- Al, Al, Al! Al, come on, Al.
- Get off me!

- Come on, let me...
- Come on, Al!

- Get off me! Get off me!
- Al. Al! Come on, man!

- Get off me. Come on.
- Al, come on, man.

- Get off me!
- Hey, it's okay, we're good.

- Door's locked, we're good.
- Hank, take a walk, man.

- Give me the keys.
- Al.

- Give me the keys!
- Al, listen to me.

I'm gonna turn him over
to the state's attorney...

- No, we're not!
- Yes, we are!

- No, we're not.
- Look, it's killing me.

- But it's the only way, Al.
- Hey, when Justin was killed,

what did you do?


Would you have let anybody
stop you if they tried?

We got 39 families looking for
justice, not just one.

Oh, so you don't think
that they'd be happy to hear

that this animal was dredged
out of the river?

I don't know that!

I don't know that, and neither do you.

And that's why it's gotta
go down this way.

- Give me the keys.
- I can't do that, Al,

- I'm sorry.
- I'm warning you, man.

Well, then you're gonna have
to go through me to get him out.

- Go ahead.
- [door opens]


Heard you had a suspect.
Wanted to check in.

- There he is.
- He confessed.

- Okay. To who?
- Me.

[indistinct chatter, jeering]

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