Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Remember the Devil - full transcript

A hiker leads intelligence to a woman being held hostage in the woods outside Chicago.

You snuck out this morning.

Oh, yeah. I just...

I-I went to the gym kind of early.

Needed to clear my head.

Anything you want to talk about?

No. It's nothing important.


Thought they were rousting vagrants

when this one stumbled in.

Hey, Erin.

What's up, Dr. Halstead?

Oh, you know, just staying
out of trouble.


So... [clears throat]

Abby tracked me down.

Yeah, I...

I probably should've warned you.
She called me a few times too.

All right, so you knew
she was in Chicago.

- She's here?
- Yes, she's here.

She's looking for you.

- Hey, gotta go.
- Does...

Erin know about the two of you?

Um, no, nothing. I gotta go.

All right.

These woods are in CPD jurisdiction,

but the local boys are pretty jacked up

over this whole thing.

You want me to send 'em home?

Eh, might need 'em.

This is Sergeant Hank Voight.

Why don't you tell him what you told us?

I was hiking Northeast.

It's the fifth anniversary
of my dad's death.

We used to do the trail together.

Where was it that you saw this girl?

Not sure. I lost my bearings Wednesday,

saw her Thursday. It's Friday, right?

I tried to help her.

I went after her, but I tripped.

Do you have any other details
about the girl?

She was white, about my age, barefoot.

She was bleeding,
running from something.

It was about 5 miles in when I saw her.

Thanks. Go ahead, Caesar.

Let's go.

All right, so there's a girl
lost in the woods,

she's barefoot, and it's this cold out?

Sounds like the guy's hallucinating.

There's one way to find out. Suit up.

Get everyone together from every
different jurisdiction in five.

Won't be any footprints,
but maybe we get lucky.

[helicopter blades whirring]

[rescue dogs barking]

[metallic clanging]

Hank, we're a couple hundred
yards north of you,

approaching a cabin.
We may have something.

Copy that. Be right there.


We heard something,
but the cabin's empty.

Huh. Check that container.

That lock's new.

That's weird, right?


- Hey, we're the police.
- Don't come in!

There's a bomb! It's a trap.

He rigged it. Please!

Please, we're all gonna die! [sobbing]


- Check it out.
- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, it's clear.

I got nothing.

All the walls in here are intact.

Hank, what am I doing here?

It's your call.


Fall back.

- Erin!
- I'm already in here.

Just fall back.


[sobbing] I can't leave, just go.

We need to get you out of here.

[sobbing] Just go.

No, please, you can't cross that line!

I can't leave. Just go.

It's okay.


It's all right.

It's all right.


Come on, you're okay.

Let me look at these, okay?
Can I see this?


I don't understand.

He said that... He...

he would... he said
I couldn't take 'em off.

- [sobbing] He said I couldn't...
- It's okay, it's okay.


Come on, we're gonna
get you out of here.

I can't leave.

If I leave, then he's gonna kill me.

No, that's not gonna happen.

Why aren't you listening to me?

It's okay, it's okay. You're safe,

you're safe, you're safe. It's okay.

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The doctor said
you refused the rape kit.

Now, we can't force you to do it,

but it might help us catch
whoever did this.

He didn't touch me.

Thank God, but... just in case...

I'm not stupid. He didn't touch me.

Okay. What did he want?

For me to stay in the trailer.

Juliana, let me ask you,
can you picture the man?

Had you ever seen him before?


He put an ad up on Craigslist,

a caretaker for his cabin.

I drove up there to meet him,
and he locked me up.

I escaped. [chuckles]

Okay, so you got out,

and that hiker found you,
but you didn't want his help.

Why not?

He said he was gonna find the police,

and Austin said no police.

What about your car, the one
that you drove up there in?

He must've taken it. My phone too.

He's gonna come back.

He always comes at noon,
and he said if I'm not there

he's gonna find my little sister.

I have to go back there.

All right.

We need to get her working
on a composite sketch.

Is she ready?

Uh, she is lucid, her CT is clear.

She is doing her best to offer

whatever details she can remember

without reliving the trauma.

I don't think we should push her.

So she kept it together
well enough to lie to us.

That's not what she's saying.

N-no, it's not.

But given Juliana's state,

it's possible she could be lying.

It doesn't matter.
We gotta try to ID the guy.

We have her clothes.
Let's swab 'em for DNA,

see if Austin is in the system.

Can you run a pregnancy test?

She doesn't need to consent for that.

What do you think is going on with her?

Is she protecting someone?

That is where we exit
my area of expertise.

You really don't trust her, do you?

No. This is a crazy tall tale.

Let's just start with the test
and go from there.

All right.

Look who's here.

Hey, Al...

Man, you don't have to be here.

Take time,

mourn your daughter. We got your back.

Oh. Honestly, if I don't
find something to do,

I'm gonna wind up in a ditch. [chuckles]

All right. Come on up.
We caught a weird one.

All right.

- Hey, Alvin?
- Yeah?

If you ever want to not talk
about it, I'm your gal, okay?


Okay, okay.

Our kidnapping victim's been
ID'd as Juliana Parks.

She's 20 years old. No priors,

grew up in Indiana
where her parents still live.

And they never reported her missing?

No, they did, in Indiana,

and there's a lot of money there.

Her dad runs a law firm,

but they were never
contacted for a ransom.

Juliana says her head and her palms

were injured from falling.

Running back to the cage
where she was locked up?

That's her story.

She escaped, ran into the hiker,
then went back to her enclosure.

All right, any details on the cabin?

Very, very little. It's owned
by an LLC based in Wyoming,

but we cannot figure out
who's behind it.

All right, so find out who sold it.

We gotta start putting names
to this thing.

Who was Juliana Parks in contact with

before she disappeared?

Who knows her in Indiana?
Who knows her in Chicago?

And get historical locations
on her car from NVLS.

On it, boss.


Um, I'll meet you inside.

What are you, signing autographs?

I'll explain later.
I'll meet you inside.

Abby, what are you doing here?

Just waiting for you.

Uh... well, it's negative 5 out.

You want to talk inside?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Gonna lock me up?

- Do I need to?
- [laughs]

I'm good.

So what's up?

I'm getting married in July.

He's a lawyer, a partner
at a firm in Philly.

That's great.

Well, the reason why I had to see you is

I need you to sign our divorce papers.

Wh... am I hallucinating right now?

I thought I signed 'em,
like, eight years ago.

Well, I-I didn't
countersign them exactly.

We're still married.


Oh, don't be so dramatic.

Just... just sign the thing
and I'm gone.

Um, sure, yeah.

Where am I signing? Let's do it.

Well, I-I don't walk around
with divorce papers.

How about a drink?

I'm in town for two days.

Um... yeah, sure. All right.

- Yeah?
- Let's get a drink.



Okay. Until four years ago,
that cabin was owned

by Darren and Geraldine Crane.

They're both local.
She's a retired school teacher,

full pension.


Deceased as of last year.
Over the Road trucker.

All right.

Ruzek, let's go.

Let's see if she can enlighten us

on this, uh, mystery buyer.

Al, come on, did I do
something wrong, or...

No, you're eating. Um, it's cold out.

I'm eating too.

But I don't care about that.

[laughs] Zip up.

- Please.
- Thank you.

Now, that's terrible. Tied up?

She wasn't tied up.
She was chained to the wall.

[sighs] Well, the cabin
was Darren's place,

before they called it a man cave.


He'd disappear out there for days.


That's what he said,
but I never got my fur coat.

But you sold the cabin, right?

Darren's decision.
He used to drive a truck.

He got laid off.

He was in an accident, right?

Which was not his fault,
but they let him go.

I think that's what killed him,
losing his purpose.

Ma'am, the buyer of the cabin,

they shielded their identity
behind an LLC.

I-I don't know what that means.

It just means that
they didn't want to be known.

Were you by chance at the closing?

- Did you meet the buyer?
- No.

Darren kept everything;
you can look in his office.


Can't barely bring myself
to set foot in there.

I'll leave you to it.

Thanks very much.

Just crack a window.

Dog found it, started going nuts.

[sighs] This whole area's a crime scene.

Anybody who doesn't need
to be here should step off.

- Copy that?
- Yeah.

This body's still getting worked on.

This is a male victim.

Tech thinks he was young,
maybe 25 at the most,

based on the development of the skull.

Been buried here for a year.

Juliana did say to Dr. Reese
that Austin was bragging,

that this wasn't his first time.

So she was telling the truth.

Bad vibe out here.

Yeah. I'll race you back to the city.


This is weird, right?

I mean, you're selling your house.

Wouldn't you want to know
who was buying it?

Well, we're not most people, so...

You know, Al, I don't...
really know what to say

about Lexi.

Can I give you a hug?


Hey, man.


[clears throat]


Here you go.

Austin Forchette.

Paid to have the cabin inspected
before the sale.


Your girl said they were feeding her?

Yeah, that's what she said.

Breakfast, lunch, sensible dinner.

You say so,

because these poor specimens
were starved to death.

No sign of external injuries,

just decreased bone mineral density.

Mm, and the other body,

how long ago you think she was buried?

Three to four years ago.

Hmm. And what's that
right there, a break?

Multiple compression fractures indicate

the severity of the bone loss.

And they didn't heal,
so we can see the extent.

And they didn't heal
because he was starved.

Most likely cause of death.


We have a BOLO out on Austin Forchette,

24 years old. Kid's barely a citizen.

This is him his last year
in the foster care system.

He's got no driver's license,
dropped out of high school...

no cell phone, no bank account,
no political party,

no known address.

Yeah, in summary, we can't find him.

So you're telling me
that a kid with no job,

no education forms
an out-of-state corporation

just so he can buy himself
a little cabin in the woods?

We're still waiting on a judge
to tell us who owns that LLC,

but this guy, he makes sense

as far as snatching up
Juliana Parks is concerned.

I don't know,
because whoever snatched her up

took care of her.

That doesn't match
the victims that we got

over here that died of starvation.

I want to take another run at this girl.

Maybe she's protecting him
for some reason.

Um, you guys, you're not
gonna believe this.

The Media Department just forwarded it.

My name is Daniel Jung.

I'm a U.S. Military-trained
hostage recovery specialist,

and I've been hired by a third party

who offers $50,000

for the return of Shanee Wallis.

Now, she was taken
with her friend Juliana Parks

in the Chicagoland area five days ago.

Juliana has been recovered,
but Shanee is still being held.

I am not law enforcement.

I do not represent law enforcement.

I only want Shanee Wallis
returned to her family.

I want this one.

Who's Shanee Wallis?

Hey, Daniel Jung.

So, you want to do what I do?

Who are you?

I'm Detective Alvin Olinsky.

This is Sergeant Hank Voight,
Chicago Police Department.

So, what are you doing

in the middle of our investigation?

[chuckles] Well, hold on, boys, okay?

Look, I-I'm just trying to
locate Shanee Wallis,

same as you. You know,
we should compare notes.

The first time we ever heard that name

was when you went public.

So who's paying you,
and what do they want?

[chuckles] I have the right to conceal

the identity of my client.

Sit down.

What's your angle here?

Have you ever actually
recovered a hostage?

Look, I'm just trying to help.

We found a little girl
chained up like a dog.

So if you know what's going on,
this is your last chance

to do right, or you're gonna be
charged with obstruction.

Okay, look, a guy called me, all right?

He had a voice modulator,
gave me five K up front.

I get another ten
when I get Shanee Wallis back.

Okay, the money's real.

It hit my account this morning.

Y-you can trace the deposit.
You can trace the call.

Shanee Wallis wasn't reported missing.

Her friend didn't mention anything.

Well, then someone's lying.

But it's not me.

No, it's none of these.
He's older, he's bald.

I'm sorry, I should have
said that earlier.


Why did he separate you and Shanee?

Why don't you want us to find him?


I'm sorry, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Your friend, Shanee Wallis,

he took her, and she's in danger, right?


He said if I go to the police
he's gonna kill her!

That's why I went back to the cabin.

He's gonna kill her!

You gotta take me back!

You've given us
the bare minimum for days...

- [sobs]
- And you are lying to me

right now. Is he on this sheet?


Which one is Austin?


If your friend's dead now,
that's on you.


Hey, Juliana? Hey.


Any detail will help.

Nothing is too small.
We just gotta find your friend.

He drives a green Jeep,
Indiana license plates.

He said it belongs to his brother.


Please find her. She's so scared.

Sarge, our victim saw Austin Forchette

driving his brother's car.
It's a green Jeep.

The odd detail there

being Forchette doesn't have a brother.

Right, but he did spend
five years in foster care

with this guy, Marcus Walker,

and he drives a '91 Green Jeep Cherokee.

He lives right here on South Calumet.

All right, move fast.
I want him off that block

before anybody knows he's missing.

- All right.
- All right,

have Lindsay and Halstead
meet him over there.

- Yeah.
- Copy that.

Green Cherokee.

Maybe she finally came around.
Let's hope it's not too late.

Are they cool?

I don't know, ask her.

No, sir. You ask her.

No thanks.

Marcus Walker!

Hey, hey, hey. Where you going?

What is this?

You're here for Austin.

- Where is he?
- He went out the back.

I'm trying to get to my car.

5021 George,

advise responding units
that the wanted offender...

All right, hold him down.

All right, put your hands on the roof.

We are pursuing in covert vehicles.

Copy that, 5021 George.

What are you doing?



I got movement! He's still alive.

Austin Forchette! Turn the car off,

put your hands outside the vehicle!

Do it nice and slow!

- Gun!
- No!

Lincoln, 5021 emergency.

Roll an ambulance
to 100th and Avenue N...

N as in Nora. We have an offender

with a self-inflicted
gunshot wound to the head.

Hey. Hey, hey,
ambo's on the way, stay with me.

Stay with me. Stay with me!


I think this is Juliana Parks's car.

This could be her friend's sweater.

Why don't you ask him?




You up to speed?

You mean on Austin's death?

He tried to kill two police officers,

then he did what he did to himself.

Look, we need to account for your
brother's whereabouts last week.

As I told Detective Olinsky,

I don't know what he did all day.

A little compassion. Girl's missing.

You think I know where she is?

Austin was messed up.

November, he shows up
looking for a place to crash.

We weren't really brothers.

He just didn't have anybody else.

Friends? Girlfriend?


You don't get it.

He was touched.

Yeah, the guy hardly slept.

Just played video games on this thing.

He lured girls in on Craigslist, right?

Could he have used that?

No. Austin didn't read or write.

So he must've had help.

Hey, I just gave him
a place to sleep, all right?

That's it.


Look, I'm telling you,
somebody tricked him.

Tricked him?

- It wasn't me.
- Mm-hmm.

It wasn't me!

Bad news. He tried to wipe this thing.

Who, the partner?

We need that digital search warrant.

No, we were actually able to recover

a couple gigs of data.

They couldn't write over everything.

Yeah, it's... we got their
whole Craigslist history.

Mostly people responding
to the caretaker ad,

Austin screens them.
It's pretty mild stuff

except for this one guy.

Anthony Ochoa.

75 angry emails back and forth.

This is five years ago.
He's a local cat.

Bring him in.

That's the thing. He won't come in.

Anthony Ochoa?

I'm Officer Ruzek.
This is Officer Atwater.

Can I see your credentials,
please? Badge and ID.

[scoffs] What, you want
my driver's license?

I need to make sure
you're not part of the game.

Okay. Hold onto that.

These people.

I didn't believe it was them
until I saw this.

I only want Shanee Wallis
returned to her family.

Exactly the kind of thing Austin does.

What are you saying,
Austin hired someone

to look into his own crimes?

[chuckles] It's all games.

When I met him,
I was on leave from law school.

I drive out and interview
for the caretaker gig.

I meet Austin and an older man.

Older man? Did you get
the older man's name?

No, but I got a bad vibe.

An evil vibe.

Said I left my inhaler in the car,

got out, and drove away, fast.

Okay, tell me there's more,

because you could've
told us that on the phone.

That was the beginning.

When I posted online,
"Stay away from this scam,"

they went to war.

They hacked my bank account,

sent private photos
of me and my boyfriend

to my parents, to my professors.

They were good at this.
They ruined my life.

Okay, real sorry to hear all of that,

but did you ever get
the other guy's name?

The Mastermind? No. I gave up.

Do you think you could
remember his face?

Would you remember the devil
if you met him?

Something's been bugging me.

This thing had to come from somewhere.

Well, that's safe to say.

Right, so I looked into it...

Hey, boss? Sorry to interrupt.

The witness who actually saw
suspect number two,

he's willing to help.
He's still a little freaked out,

but we're gonna have a sketch soon.

All right.

All right, I got somewhere
on the shipping container.

NICB sent over their file.

The shipping company
reported this thing stolen

five years ago.

Five years ago Forchette
would've been kind of young

to steal a box off a truck.

Right, but we know that
he had help from someone.

We also know that he purchased
the cabin from Darren Crane.

- Mm-hmm.
- This is where it gets weird.

Darren Crane was driving the truck

when this container was stolen.

All right, so talk to Crane's widow.

Could be she knows
who was helping the kid.

Or could be the husband was
a co-conspirator, Sarge.

No, but he died a year ago.

Those girls were abducted two weeks ago.

Look, we're missing something.

Go talk to that widow.

Let's go.

Chicago PD!

Stop! Please, you're hurting me!

- You hear that?
- Check the door.

Chicago PD!

Mrs. Crane?

Is someone there?

Is someone there? Help me!

Shanee Wallis?


We're gonna get you outta here, okay?

Hey! Chicago PD! Open up!

It won't work. We're trapped.

Phone's down.

Did we get a sketch yet?

Uh, Burgess is finishing up
with the witness.

Who's Abby?

She's been blowing up your
phone, sent, like, five texts

while you were in the shower last week.

I been waiting for you
to tell me who this chick is,

but it looks like
I'm just gonna have to ask.


Abby ran Cultural Support
my last tour in Kandahar.

About a year after I came home,
I saw her at a funeral in Vegas.

Was... was a guy in our unit,
he had redeployed,

and, um, he didn't...

Um, I was, like,
blacking out most nights,

and we were both pretty shook up.

And, um, we got married. [chuckles]

It was, like, a 24-hour thing,

it was a total joke,
and it is long over.

Jay, you married this girl,

and you never told me.

And you were never gonna tell me.

[knocking at the door]

Hey. Um, we got a composite.

We should get this out
on citywide, right?

Let me see that.

Are you seeing this?

Seeing what?

It's him. It's Darren Crane.

He's deceased.

As of a year ago.

Darren owned the cabin.

What if it was his corporation
he "sold it" to?

He stole the container.

Our witness met him three years ago

when he answered this Craigslist ad.

It's him.

Doesn't make any sense.

Maybe there's a third conspirator?

Did Ruzek get anything from the widow?

I mean, I called him 20 minutes ago.

There was no answer.

- [whispering] Go.
- Chicago PD!

- Oh.
- Two of my detectives

came here. They're parked
out front. Have you seen 'em?



- Hey, Ruz! Atwater!
- No.

Turn this place inside out.

You can't do that.

Geraldine, where are my detectives?

I have no idea what you're
talking about.

I'd like to speak with your supervisor.

- My Commander?
- Clear.

She's on her way.
You're not gonna like her.

- Hey!
- Kevin! Adam!

Hey, Sarge!

I've never seen that before in my life.

Me either. Open the door.

I wouldn't know how.

Open it!

My husband must have put that in.

I don't know anything about...

What's the code?

I'm telling you, I have no idea.

And I'm telling you I know you do know,

and I know that girl is in there.

Did you do something to my men?

I can't open that door!

- Come here. Come on.
- No.

Let me go! Where are you taking me?


You really think I'm not gonna
get through that door?


Shanee Wallis.

Is she alive?

I don't know who that is.

What's the code on the door?

I don't know.


- Listen to me.
- Huh?

Listen to me.

You do something to my detectives?

You wouldn't dare.

You don't have anything.

No proof!

What's the code on the door?

The code on the door.


No way, this is 2-inch steel plate.

I'll call CFD.




Adam! Kevin!

In here!

Hey. We need an ambulance, bro.

She needs help.

Incorporation documents
off your computer.

You created the LLC that
purchased your husband's cabin.

You put it in Austin Forchette's name,

and then your forged
his signature, like, 60 times.

I wouldn't even know how to do that.

You paid the hostage consultant

out of a bank account
you opened in Delaware

in Austin's name.

[groans] If anyone did that,
it was Darren.

He kept so many things from me.

Then how'd you know
the code to the door?


Darren's favorite number.

He uses it all the time.

This was just some game they made up.

Oh, so you admit you knew it?

You admit it. Yeah?

What was I supposed to do?

Yeah, I was trying to be
the perfect wife.

Geraldine, you like
blaming other people.

I like telling the truth.

Yeah, well, maybe Darren
started this whole game...

but you kept playing after he died.

And I think you hired
that half-assed consultant

because you wanted it all to end,

but then when we showed up
at your door...

you couldn't look us in the eye.

You were starving that girl
to death in your home.

And then you separated the two girls,

and you were only feeding one of 'em.

Help me understand that,
or no jury will.

Darren found that boy.

He gave him work to keep him
out of trouble.

He heard voices, he told me.

Darren tried, but that boy
is out of control.

He does not know right from wrong.

You can't put this on Austin anymore.

He shot himself in the head yesterday.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Yeah, this is the gun he used.

And this is him about... mm,
ten minutes after he bled out.

They aren't real.


They can't be real.

What are these?

Well, I'm confused.

Was the husband the mastermind,
or was it her the whole time?

Kid, what are you looking for?

They can tell you all day long
why they killed someone.

You're still not gonna sleep any easier.

You were worried about me
when I was trapped

down there, weren't you?

That's not even close
to what I was just thinking.

Yeah, it was.

It's this one.


I should have listened to you.

Cops don't like to admit
when their instincts are wrong.

Honestly, I wouldn't have
believed my story either.


- Hey, you.
- Hey.

Come here.


Wilson is running through the showers

wearing nothing
but a Kevlar vest, right?

[laughs] Well, the lieutenant said,

"All outdoor activities to be
conducted in body armor."

- [laughs]
- Do you remember,

he had his girlfriend's name
tattooed on his ass?

Did he tell you that was his girlfriend?

That was his dog's name.

[both laughing]

That actually makes more sense.

I know.

I could do another one of these.

Um, no, I shouldn't.

Gotta get to the barracks?

We didn't drink enough back then?

See, I think we could've
drank a little more.

Maybe fixed things.


It's good seeing you.

I didn't think it would be.


Um, I should probably sign
the papers and get going though.

I don't have 'em.

I don't have them.
There's no one in Philly.


I never told you that I loved you.

Even the day that we got married.

Didn't feel right.

But I did.

I really did.


you deserve everything good.

I'm just not the guy
that's gonna give it to you.





I'm gonna go stay at Will's
for a little while.

You don't have to do that.

I love you.

And I want to stay.


Who I was back then,
I'm not proud of it,

and... and I know you think
that everything's behind,

but it's not.

And I'm still married,
and I gotta sort that out,

and if... and...

and I just don't think
I should be here right now.

Whatever it is, I can handle it.

I don't know.

I guess that's what I gotta go
figure out now.

I'm sorry.