Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 21 - Fagin - full transcript

Intelligence uncovers a surprising crew of suspects in a series of bank robberies.

So, it's your birthday tomorrow.

You remembered.

How could I forget?

It pops up on my Google calendar.

Yeah, supposedly the guys
are throwing me, like,

a surprise party at Molly's.

You should come.

So, I read this article, okay,
about this married couple

that bought houses across
the street from each other,

and the guy would go over
for dinner every night,

they'd eat, they'd have sex,

and then he'd go back,
he'd work on his hotrod,

and they made it work like that
for, like, 42 years

without getting divorced.


If that's your ideal situation.

I never said ideal.

Units on the City Wide.
We have a hold-up alarm

at 680 North Michigan,
North Schiller Credit Union.

We're getting multiple calls
of shots fired.

Bank robbery in progress.

That's five blocks away.

5021 George, plain clothes
officers responding.

What happened?

They just went down Grand! On bikes!

What do you mean? Like ten-speeds?

- No. Motorcycles.
- Go, go, go, go, go.

Lincoln, 5021 emergency.

Witnesses say that the suspects fled

westbound on Grand Avenue
on motorcycles.

- Are you all right?
- They shot him multiple times.

Hey, Erin. He's gone.

Are there any other offenders
in the building?

No, but they shot the guard
and they shot Jackie.

Come this way.

5021 George, we're inside the bank,

Roll multiple ambos.

Copy that, 5021 George.

- Okay, give me some room.
- I've got a female, white.

50 years of age,
gunshot wound to the leg.

She's bleeding pretty bad.

Let go. I got you.

Look at me. Breathe. Just breathe.

You're gonna be okay.

An officer will meet you
at the hospital,

and he'll take your statement
when you're ready.

You are gonna be okay.

- Thank you.
- Hey, follow this rig to Med.

- Copy that.
- So, one wounded, one dead?

Yeah. Security guard didn't make it.

Whoever did this came in
heavy. They hit the tellers.

They hit the vault. Vanished on
motorcycles with over 150 grand,

according to the manager.

He say whether they handed
out dye packs, GPS trackers?

Haven't gotten that far yet.

Sergeant, a witness saw
one of the offenders drop this

when they were fleeing.

I got no idea what it is.

It's a cell jammer.

Bag it as evidence.

And make sure you got a copy
of everyone's ID

- that you interviewed so far.
- Yes, sir.

I need you outside to move
the yellow tape back 50 yards,

and roll in the crime lab.

- All right, but...
- Now.

Detective Upton. Robbery-Homicide.

Hank Voight. Intelligence.

Well, I appreciate the help, Sergeant,

but as of now, this is my scene.

My team recovered evidence,
saved a woman's life.

We're running point.

Make sure those shell casings
are photo'd,

bagged, and tagged.

I've been after this crew
for the last three weeks.

Then why did my team respond first?

I'm from Robbery-Homicide.

There's been a robbery
and a homicide here.

So, I'd appreciate it
if you vacated my crime scene.

All right, what we know so far:

We got a four-man takeover crew
armed with Sig MPXs,

dressed to the nines in Kevlar
and motorcycle helmets

with blacked out visors
to conceal their identity.

As soon as this crew enters a bank,

they shoot out the security cameras,

which is why there's
so little footage of them.

In this latest robbery,
they killed a security guard,

and they shot a female teller
who was going for an alarm.

We know they also use cell jammers

so that nobody in the banks can call 911.

And this crew comes in heavy,
demanding all the money

in the drawers and the vault.

They use dirt bikes as getaway vehicles,

easily cutting through traffic,

which is how they've eluded
responding patrol cars.

All right, I talked to an
ex-burglar C.I. buddy of mine.

He said the cell jammer came
from Bucktown.

This is Jimmy Rickert.
Old-school tech guy.

He illegally imports cell jammers

from China into the US and sells them

through his electronics
business to burglars.

I was able to track the serial number
from the supplier in Beijing.

It was delivered,
along with other jammers,

to his storefront a month ago.

Is there any sort of pattern

to the types of banks
that they're hitting?

Credit unions.

They're targeting them downtown.

Lots of daily on-hand cash,

but less security
than the corporate branches.

In the last few weeks,
this crew's hit five banks

and done over half a million in cash.

Sorry for the interruption, Sergeant.

You get lost on your way back
to Area Central?

You got balls, trying to steal my case.

Detective, that's enough.

Your office.


What's your pitch? I've heard hers.

This crew is hot.
They're getting more brazen.

They're not just shooting cameras.

They're killing people now.

They need to be put down ASAP.

And where are you at with this again?

I've been with this crew since day one.

I feel like I'm getting close
to identifying...

Close? You're five banks
and two bodies behind them.

Look, the solve rate
in Intelligence is 90%.

What's Robbery-Homicide? Maybe 20?

You're gonna throw stats at me?

All right, Intelligence is
taking the case.

Because he flexes his stripes?

You want me to flex mine?

I said what I said.

Get your files to Voight.

You know, I always heard
you were a son of a bitch.

Now I know it's true.

Yeah, getting me those files
would be great.

Jimmy Rickert.


I've used one of these before.

But the thing is I'm allowed to by law.

But you, on the other hand, are not.

So, who'd you sell it to?

You see anything
that fancy on these shelves?

Well, you know, I'm sure
that if we tossed this place

hard enough, we'd find a box
that says "sent from China,"

but then you and me... we'd have
all these trust issues.

Listen, man, we need you
to cooperate, all right?

Otherwise you're gonna have
to spend the night

in one of our luxurious
overcrowded holding cells.

Come on.

Well, last guy who bought this model...

he came in a few days ago.

- Calls himself T-Rod.
- T-Rod.

Black, maybe 30.

Corn-fed fella who...

might run a burglary crew
on the Southside.

- All right.
- Okay. Okay.

- Is this a Betamax?
- Yeah.

I got a JVC that doesn't rewind.

You think you can fix it?

Sure. Bring it by.

All right. Thanks, man.

- Al, it's 2017.
- Yeah.

All right, well, next time
we get an overtime check,

I'm buying you a Blu-ray player.

Dog, this report won't load.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you.
The rig's got built-in wifi.

Just get on it.


You got to let me
drive this rig sometime.

- I'm gonna forget I heard that.
- That's not right.

All right, this is Thaddius Rodgers.

They also call him T-Rod.

He's got a long sheet for
home invasions and burglaries.

That's T-Rod's ride right there.

We had a tac team sitting on the house,

but before we could get there, he left.

They tracked him here. Bouncer confirms.

- Rodgers is inside with his boys.
- Let's move.

- Champagne room.
- Copy that.

CPD! We need to see everybody's hands.

Hey! Don't move.

Keep your hands where I can see them.

Hey! Hey, no need to get rough, players.

I'll take it, man. Get your
hands on the rail, player.

Hands on the rail! You too.

Thaddius Rodgers, you're under arrest.

Come down here. Come down here!

All right, put the bracelets
on all of them

and confiscate this money.

Come on. Let's go.

Okay... this is a lot
better than a trash pull.

There you go, miss.

I'm sorry about this.

So, you graduated
from pulling burglaries

to bank robberies?

I got to respect that kind of ambition.

I already told you I wasn't talking.

You killed a guard.
You shot a teller in the leg.

What happened? She didn't put the money

in the bag fast enough,
she reached for the alarm?

I never ripped no banks.

I'd never catch a federal charge
and go away until I'm gray.

You know, what I'm disappointed about is

you and your boy snatch
half a mil tax-free,

and you drop it on tail?

You might've gotten away with it, too,

but you left that behind.

Y'all got a second?

We traced the serial numbers
on the bills

confiscated at the club,

and they don't match any from the banks.

They do, however, match
the bills that were confiscated

in a home invasion robbery
two days ago in Gold Coast.

This older woman named Ellen Prager.

This lady was so paranoid
that her sons were gonna

dip into her lottery cash

that she marked all of the bills.

T-Rod and his boys must've
used the cell jammer

to block her security system,

which works on a cellular signal.

They tied Prager up, cracked her safe,

and stole 200K in cash.

So it's not the same tracker
that the bank crew used.

- Afraid not.
- All right, get her down here,

set up a lineup. Let's get T-Rod ID'd

and charged with that crime.

Sarge, been doing a little research

on Upton's files from Robbery-Homicide.

Think I found something.

All right, these red pieces are

the banks that have already been hit.

So, this is the crew.
Now, what do the banks

that they've already hit have in common?

They're all credit unions
that don't have

counter-to-ceiling bullet-proof
teller windows.

- Okay.
- All right, so I've

narrowed it down...
these green pieces signify

the last three banks downtown
that don't have teller glass,

and they're all within a few
blocks of freeway entrances

or Lakeshore Drive,
which makes it real easy

for a motorcycle to just disappear.

All right. Get Jay and Erin hip to this.

Break up into teams.
Check out these banks

and their surveillance cameras,
see if anyone's casing them.

We only have access
to the latest 24 hours

worth of footage; Anything
older than that is stored

off-site at our security firm.

Stop there. Stop there.
Will you zoom in on that?

Looks like our suspects,
but only two of them.

That's all they need to case the place.

They're clocking the crowd,

clocking getaway routes, even you.

We need a copy of this footage.
Can you put it on a flash drive?

Wait... what?

Stay in this office.

You lock the door behind us.

5021 George, shots fired, 10-1, 10-1.

Kinzie & Hubbard Credit Union.

Put the money in the bag! Hurry up!

Chicago PD! Drop your weapons!

Move it!


Let's go! Come on, come on!

Go, go.

Go, go.


- Hey!
- Don't move!

Stop! Police!

Stop! Drop the weapon!


Hey, I heard you got one.

Couldn't have been more than 15.

Well, 15 or 50, trigger doesn't know
the difference who's pulling it.

You got a name?

So far, it's "go to hell."

Hank, this whole crew's just kids.

I know your mama gave you a name.

Your prints didn't pop up in any
criminal system that we got,

so what did you do...
you just wake up one morning,

decide you wanted to rob banks?

Okay, what about your friends

who beat feet and left you
holding the bag?

What are their names?

Look at me.

We are trying to help you
get out of prison

while you still got a life to live.

Fine. Don't talk.

Just look.

That's on you.

This is all on you now, son.

I want a public defender
and a juvenile advocate,

and until I get both,
I'm not saying another word.

I know bank robbery is a federal crime,

and they'll never charge me as an adult.

I'll be released when I turn 18.

Well, it sounds like you know
more than we do.

Someone coached that kid on what
to say in case he got caught.

All right, call
the public defender's office

and get a Juvenile Advocate down here.

- Done and done.
- Upton's files...

found one of interest.

He look familiar to you?

That's Corey Jenkins, 14.

Upton got his prints
from Child Services.

He's a runaway foster child from Harvey.

From Harvey?

Yeah, one of your hometown boys.

Got anything else in that file?

Actually, yeah. This guy, Lavar Spann.

He was in the same file as Corey.

She wrote a bunch of notes on the back,

but her handwriting's worse than mine.

Ran the DOA's prints.

Your dead offender's name is
Curtis Jace.

Date of birth says he'd turn 15
next week.

That's Curtis.

My baby boy!

Ma'am, um,

I'm Detective Jay Halstead.

This is Detective Erin Lindsay.

We're so sorry for your loss.

If you're able, we'd like to ask you

a few questions about Curtis.

Which one of you killed him?

Ma'am, I'm sorry.

Your son was armed, and...

It was you!

He was only 14!

- Okay, hold on, hold on.
- And you took him from me!

You killed my child!

What right do you have?

If it isn't Detective Goldilocks.

There haven't been
any robberies or homicides

this morning,
so let me guess why you're here.

- Sergeant...
- Wait. I'm good at this.

You're here because you can't let it go.

Voight called me down here.

Heh. Well, then,
let me just buzz you up.

Sure. Great. Thank you, Sergeant Platt.

Trudy Platt?

Worked Robbery-Homicide
like 15 years ago?

That's right. Why?

Hey, Sergeant Voight's
waiting for you.

- Yeah, we got him in custody.
- I knew it.

This kid was robbing for Spann.

Yeah. How does he fit into it?

Ex-bank robber from the Westside.

Did time in federal lock-ups.

Last time he pulled a heist,
he was shot in the back

by an FBI agent,
left partially paralyzed.

Did a dime in the infirmary wing
in Leavenworth,

and was paroled a year ago.

Obviously you've got a theory
linking him to this kid.

Spann can't physically
rob banks anymore, so I think

he recruited teenagers
from his old neighborhood

to do it for him, like Fagin.

From the Charles Dickens novel.

Yeah, I get the reference.

Spann won a lawsuit against
the feds because he was shot.

After he got out of prison,
he used his settlement

to buy a used car lot.

Let's hit that lot.

Hey! Where's your boss?

Hey, round up all these pups,

get paper on every one of them.

Everybody bring it in,
bring it in. Come on.

Like I said,
make sure the rims on every car

don't have water spots.

Now get out of here.

Kids these days. They don't want
to work hard for their money.

Why don't you do the honors?

Lavar Spann, we have a warrant
to search your business

and all records found within.

All right, fellas,
any gang affiliations?

No? No?

Take that hat off.
You all like robbing banks?

All right, these are
gang affiliation cards.

I want you to fill these out.
Each and every one of you.

Don't leave anything blank.

You're not gonna find anything.

I did my time.

These days, I'm just a working man.

This kid, Corey Jenkins...
he works here?

He was arrested for bank robbery.

That right? Corey?

He's a good boy.
That don't sound like him.

I agree.

It felt like somebody else
put him up to it.

You implying something?

Kids mess up, that's on them.

And being from the hood,
I'm just trying to help out,

give these kids jobs
and instill some discipline

instead of them earning money
on the corners.

I think the job skills
you're teaching is bank robbery.

Listen to her. She's all fired up.

So, here's the deal: If I find out

you put a pack of boys
up to robbing banks,

I'm gonna come back here,

and it won't be nearly as civil.


You gonna... beat a cripple?

I'll sue, like last time.

Make me a fortune.

We need a warrant for Spann's
home and his multiple vehicles.

Could've hidden that bank's
money in any one of them.

You have no proof that Lavar Span,
who's physically disabled,

conspired to orchestrate these crimes,

and zero evidence he's set foot
in a bank since his parole.

I know he's making these kids
do this for him,

and we have one of them
in custody: Corey Jenkins.

He's only 14 years old.

When Lavar Spann was shot
by the FBI and went to prison,

he read law books nonstop.

He filed a lawsuit,
dragged on for years.

Sorry... are you saying the
State's Attorney's Office is

afraid of a lawsuit?

No. I'm saying this case is a mess.

You shot an African-American teenager,

who, from the reports I've seen,

never actually fired his weapon.

Are you kidding me?

Have you ever looked down the
barrel of an automatic weapon?



Got a real velvet touch there, Steve.

I'm not trying
to win a popularity contest.

Show me a direct link
between Spann and the robberies.

All right, let's get eyes on Spann.

We're going around the clock
on this one.

Hey, where are we at ID-ing these kids?

They all got juvie records...
underage drinking,

possession, assault.

And they're the future leaders
of tomorrow.

All right, Al, gas up the van.

It's you... call Halstead...
hey, you want in?

All right. And Upton.

We're gonna start surveillance on Spann.

Got to admit,
there's something inspiring

about this guy not letting his
bum leg ruin his American dream.

Sense of humor? Don't get that
much on my current unit.

Rumor has it
you were meritoriously promoted

to detective... is that right?

Yeah, that's right.

What, you shake your feathers
in front of the right commander,

or is your uncle an alderman?

I was undercover for a year.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Would you like to elaborate
on this UC case for us?

I would love to,

but I'm under a gag order
from the AUSA's office.

It's still being adjudicated.

The US Attorney's Office
made it very clear:

If I talk, I get fired.

And no offense,

but this is the first time
in the back of your van.

Hey, check it out.

That's Sammy Ray. 17. He was
one of the kids at the car lot.

Kawasaki. That's the same motorcycle

the other kids used to rob the banks.

We got to go after him.

We're not following
a dirt bike in an Econoline van.

First thing that kid's gonna do
is lose us down an alleyway.

But I admire your enthusiasm.

So, what are we looking at for Corey?

Armed robbery. Plus murder.

When can we get him in front
of a judge to talk bail?

I don't think you understand.
Corey and those boys

killed a security guard.

On top of that, he's skipped out
on every foster home

he's ever been a part of,

so I can guarantee no bail,

and he's gonna be remanded
into the state's custody.

I didn't kill that guard.


I didn't shoot that guard.

I'd never shoot no one.

Okay. Then who did?

Who did, Corey? Curtis Jace?

One of those other boys who got away?

I need a name up out of you, dog.

No, let's pick this up later.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, you look at me.

Look at me.

You got two feet in the hole.

Okay? The next four years
of your life are buried.

For what? For what, Corey?

For some guy to cash out on you?

If y'all want to work something
out, right now is the time,

because if you give me Spann,
with his record,

he's going away
for the rest of his life.

He won't be able to touch you.

If anyone talks,

he'll find a way to get to us anyway.

Officer, I have to insist
that we take a break.



Just got a call
from the state crime lab.

There were spent shell casings
recovered at all six banks,

but any fingerprints on the
casings burnt off in the chamber

before the shells were ejected.

However, a dozen rounds
recovered were from misfires,

so the lab sent these to AFIS,

and they analyzed the partial
thumbprints left on the primers

by whoever loaded the clips.

They got two hits:

Bobby and Darren Wilkes.

The brothers got printed two years ago

when they were arrested
in a smash-and-grab robbery.

And they both work at Spann's car lot?

- Thank God for cheap ammo.
- Exactly.

Okay, so, what do we got on these two?

All we know about the boys is
that they took off

from their foster home a few months ago.

Now they supposedly crash
at a foreclosed home

that their real family
used to own West Monroe.

Good work. Grab them.

Kid is scared out of his mind.

Yeah, I heard. Go back them up.


- I'll go around back.
- Okay.

Sounds like a hell of a party.





Good lord.

12 gauge. Double buck.

It's the Wilkes brothers.

Just a couple kids.

This happened 15 minutes
before we got there.

Had to be a hit.

- Spann is tying up loose ends.
- Yeah.

- Any idea who the shooter was?
- No. Not yet,

but we got patrol
canvassing a ten-block area.

That teenager we saw on a dirt bike

when we were in the van, Sammy Ray...

I ran his plate
and got a hit on a POD camera.

Guess where he was spotted earlier.

A block away
from the Wilkes brothers' house.

Not only did the POD spot him,

but a neighbor
from across the street stated

he saw Sammy run
into the foreclosed home,

jump on a loud bike, and take
off like a bat out of hell.

- All right.
- When Ray was 12,

he used a baseball bat
to put his stepfather in a coma.

Did two years in juvie,

ten months in a psychiatric facility.

Now he runs errands for Spann
from time to time.

Double murder.
That's a hell of an errand.

- You got a location?
- License plate's actually

registered to a Tana Pearson,
Sammy Ray's girlfriend.

Her LKA is in there.

- Hit it.
- You got it, boss.

That's good work.

Chicago PD!

Show me your hands! Show me
your hands! Get out of bed.

Whoa, whoa, wait.
You ain't got no business here.

- This is my home.
- Take her, too.

For what?

Get dressed, Sunshine. Let's go.

You hit the lottery, Sammy?


Did your old boss ever let you
do interviews?


Come on.

The 50 grand we found
at your girl's place

matches serial numbers
on missing cash from the banks.

That's bad news for you.

You're facing a murder for hire charge.

And you're 17 years old.

That's close enough for the
state to charge you as an adult.

But we don't need to go there.

You can tell us what we already know.

Lavar Spann hired you
to kill Bobby and Darren Wilkes.

That was smart, using a gauge.

We couldn't trace the ammo.

But we did recover a 40-ounce
bottle with your prints on it

from the murder scene,

and we have a witness
who saw you fleeing that scene.

I had a 40 with Bobby and Darren.

That don't mean I killed them.
We was friends.

Yeah? What about Spann?
Are you guys friends, too?

'Cause from where we're sitting,
it sure as hell looks

like he set your ass up.

I want a public defender
and a juvenile advocate.

I'm not saying a word
till I get them both.

Why do you want to protect Spann?

For money you're never gonna
get to spend

and a double murder charge
you will not beat?

Come on, Ray.
We know he put you up to this.

Lay it on him.


Bobby. Really?

That's Spann.

The guy who was supposedly
looking out for you.

He did that.

He got them killed.

D and B.

We was supposed to...

go to a...

beach in Michigan...

this summer, to kick it.

You know...

Some of us has never been
outside Chicago.

All right.

Be smart, Corey.

Okay? You can do that.

You can have that opportunity.

After what Lavar just done?

I won't make it past next week!

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Listen.

That's not gonna happen to you.

All right? I'm not gonna
let that happen to you.

I can protect you.

I will protect you.

You're not alone in this anymore.

Corey agreed to give a statement.

His juvenile advocate
signed off on that?

Yeah. She's alerting
the State's Attorney as we speak

so that she can witness
the written statement signed.

- Well played, brother.
- Good job, man.

- Good work.
- How'd you get him to turn?

I mean, he saw
his best friends shotgunned.

That hit him pretty hard. And,

I told him we'll take care of him.

We got Spann.

What's the problem?

You know why I brought you down here?

- No.
- This is the only place

in the station
that doesn't have cameras.

Aren't I supposed
to have my advocate with me

if we're gonna talk?

She doesn't need to hear this.

Have a seat.


if you give us that statement,

you're gonna have to testify
in open court

in front of Lavar Spann.

And we both know what he's capable of.

But Officer Atwater said you
all would be able to protect me.

Yeah, well, I wish
I could guarantee that.

Listen, I am sure
your whole life you've been told

not to trust the police.

Just, please, trust me on this one.

You do not want to open your mouth,

'cause it's gonna end bad for you.

Wait, wait, so you're
telling me not to talk now?

Listen. You agreed to help us.

That's all that matters to me.


But I am telling you,
all your friends are dropping.

I don't want you to be next.

So, what do I do?

Just tell them you changed your mind.

And don't talk to anyone, okay?

Not your advocate,
not the State's Attorney,

not the police.

Come on. Let's go.

I was told we had an ironclad case,

that this kid was signing a confession.

Apparently this all changed
in the last few minutes.

Corey Jenkins retracted his statement.

- And why is that?
- Who knows?

He's 14. He's scared.

Come on, Hank.

Look, Lavar Spann is the bigger catch.

He brainwashed and recruited these kids.

He orchestrated these robberies.

We've been through this, Sergeant.

- You don't have anything on...
- Yes, we do.

We've got him contributing
to the delinquency of

and distributing alcohol to a minor.

These were taken by Detective Olinsky
on a surveillance operation.

Let me get this straight.
We're sending Lavar Spann,

the man who masterminded
all of this carnage,

back to prison on a parole violation?

Either way, if we can
get Lavar Spann off the street

for however long,
I'd consider that a win.

Might not be worthy
of a press conference,

but it's a win nonetheless.

We should take another run
at Corey Jenkins.

- Won't talk.
- Well, make him.

That's what you do, isn't it, Sergeant?

You were banging co-eds in law school

when I was in the Gang Unit,

so I understand how this works.

That kid snitches, he's dead.


So, his testimony's not an option.

Well, we killed one, one wouldn't talk,

and you got the other two.

That's a hell of a theory.

But I only had two years left on
my sentence when I was paroled.

Even if I'm violated,
and they make me do every day,

it ain't gonna be nothing
but a vacation for me.

I'll be out in 18 months.

Yeah, and I'm gonna have
a unit sitting on you

every second.

They're gonna be waking you up
and tucking you in,

and when you...

when you spend the first dollar
of that bank's money...

and you will...

you'll see me again.

Come on.

Listen, when you get in there,
keep your head down, okay?

Do your time. Get your GED or something.

Just... just make a plan.

Hey, look at me.

When you get out,
me and Sergeant Voight will

make something happen for you, okay?


You're mad I didn't make a statement.

No. I get it.

Believe me.


Halstead said you wanted to see me.

Well, I got three bank robbers
dead, one going to juvie,

and only $50,000
of the bank's cash recovered.

I'd love to give you your case back

to run through your typewriter,

but I'm not sure
there's much of a case left.

I'll be happy to type it up either way.

What you did for Corey Jenkins,

protecting him by denying
his confession,

I don't know many,

if any, cops that would do that.

You know, I got an officer on furlough.

Could use another hand around here.

I'm saying I got a spot open
in Intelligence if you want it.

Open or closed?


You don't remember me, do you?

I try my best, but I can't remember

every copper that comes through here.

Don't take it personally, Detective.

February 9, 2003,

you answered a call
at Nico's Diner on Adams.

This guy came in with a .357,
pistol-whipped the owner

when he was closing up,
almost killed him.

All for $272.57.

In Greek Town?

Well, yeah, I was working

Sergeant, I've never met you as a cop,

but I did meet you as a little girl.

The owner was your father,

and you were with him.

I used to work the register
after school,

help my parents close up.

The offender broke
my father's eye socket,

gave him 96 stitches,

and then stuck a gun in my face
and stole the night's receipts.

Yeah. I remember this.

I spent the whole night at your desk

until you caught the guy.

I was so scared through all that,

worried if my dad was gonna make it,

but you made me feel safe.

I became a cop because of you.

Discount in there somewhere.

Pace your pesos, dog.

- Lindsay!
- Hey.


Just wanted to say happy birthday.



- Jay.
- You didn't have to.

That stuff's, like, two bills.

- Lucky guy.
- Yeah, most days.

Gabby, we know the policy
about outside liquor.

I'll be opening this at home.

No way. You bring that
in my bar, I get a pour.

- I love the way you think.
- That's my girl.

All right, this is stuff
you sip. Don't chug.

- Okay?
- Just take a little longer.

Do you want some or not?

- Yes.
- All right.

- Um...
- All right.

I'm actually all right.

I'm exhausted. I'm gonna head home.

But happy birthday.

See you guys.

Hey. Erin, wait up.

You okay?

He was only 14.

I'll see you.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx