Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 22 - Army of One - full transcript

Intelligence tracks down a group of vigilantes torturing and killing pedophiles.


Hi, I'm so glad I caught you.

What are you doing here?
Why didn't you call?

Well, because you've stopped
returning my calls.

I... I can't do this.
I have to go to work.

Honey, I have something
I want to give you.

It was my mother's.

And yes, the pearls are real.

What... What is this?

What angle are you working right now?

Nothing, sweetheart, I just...
I just want you to have them.

Mom, I'm... I'm late. I have to go.

Okay, okay.


Yes, you took the job.


- Temporary basis.
- All right,

welcome to Intelligence.
You owe me 20 bucks.

You had to take the job, didn't you?

- What's in the box?
- Loukoumades.

- Louko-what?
- Greek doughnuts.

Shameless attempt to curry
favor on my first day.

You're off to a good start.

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

- And then she gave me this.
- That's surprising.

- I know.
- No, I mean, it's surprising

that she hasn't hocked it yet.
Are you sure it's real?

I don't know, but she didn't
ask for anything.

Yeah, well, she will.

Erin, people don't change, all right?
Especially Bunny.

You gotta shut that door.
You gotta deadbolt it.

Jay, I'm not looking for advice.

I'm just trying to talk this out.

I know you're not
gonna want to hear this,

but I think you're getting played again.

Jay, I don't need you to tell me

- what to do with my mother.
- Okay.

- Please?
- Okay.

Lindsay, you're now partners with Upton.

Halstead, you ride with Olinsky.

- Are we clear?
- Yeah.

- Ruzek.
- So where do you want me?

Right here. Jay, you're over there.

Guys, guys, I'm getting
an emergency alert from CPIC.

Yeah, I'm on. Feed it to me.

All right.
OEMC received multiple 911 calls

alerting them to this
private Facebook user group.

Yeah, I got it. It's streaming live.

Yeah, we're watching it.

I'm gonna stay on the line
while you triangulate

the signal.

Who the hell are you?

You got me confused with somebody else!

I didn't do anything to you!

No, please, no!

No, please!

Ruz, tell them to work faster.

- No, no, no, no!
- Listen, we need

- that address now, now!
- No, no, no, no!

Yeah, what is it? 3200 block of Larimer.

Let's go, come on!

All right, fan out, this just happened.

He can't have gotten far.

5021, George, advise responding,

we got a bonafide homicide,
offender's in the wind,

description unknown,
direction of travel unknown,

- roll the crime lab.
- Copy that, 5021 George.


Hey, man...

That looks like blood.

All right, our victim is male,
African American, mid-20s.

We ran facial recognition, no matches.

His fingerprints
were burnt off in the fire,

and his wallet was torched, so,
in short, we can't ID this guy.

What we do know is that our
victim's blood type does match

the writing on the wall
in the warehouse.

It's B positive.

Someone thinks our victim
is a sex offender, or wants us

to believe that he was.

And the attack was well thought out.

They live streamed the torture
on a burner phone

that they dumped at the scene.

The gloves, the gas can...
they're all standard-issue

products available at every
hardware store in the city.

Two metal objects survived the fire:

This metal crucifix,
which matches the one

- in the photo, and a key.
- Yep, and this key

matches a Kia 2010 that was parked

right in front of the warehouse.

As we speak, the crime lab
is sweeping it

for prints and DNA.

The car's registered
to a Janice Hendricks.

She has an address in Inglewood.

Okay, why don't you go talk to her,

you and Jay?
Let's comb the neighborhood.

We gotta ID this victim if we're gonna

figure out who targeted him.

Hey, Sarge, um, are...
are we really doing this?

Get a box if you need it.

You know that thing
with Voight back there?

- Yeah, what about it?
- That's something he should've

done a long time ago.
I mean, there's a line, Jay.

- And it's there for a reason.
- Wait, hold on,

my relationship with Erin
never interfered with my job.

Well, you're not a good judge, man.

- You saying it did?
- Well, it's only

a matter of time, man.
I mean, every cop in this city

would kill for your job.

Why jeopardize that?

- Man, I blew it.
- Nah, you still got a job.

- You still got a desk.
- No, I blew it with Erin.

That looks like our victim.

I'd loaned Elijah my car.
He was trying to find a job.

Elijah was your nephew, correct?


He just moved here.

He was trying to put his life together

after all those years in jail
for something he didn't do.

Do you mean the rape?

It wasn't no rape.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend.

They were both kids.

They put him in jail
for having relations.

Because she was underage.

Because she was white,

and that don't fly
in Crown Point, Indiana.

Elijah was a star.

He had a football scholarship
to Purdue University.

They ripped his whole future away.

Who put up these flyers?

When Elijah moved in, he had
to register as a sex offender.

Neighborhood Watch got busy.

Do you have any idea who
might have targeted your nephew?

Well, I'd say the girlfriend
and her family.

They're the kind of Christians
that just love to hate.

They made Elijah out
like he was an animal.

Truth is, he was just in love.

The victim is Elijah Hendricks.

He's 25. He did 7 years

for statutory rape at Indiana State Pen.

He got out about a month ago,
and he registered

as a sex offender at his aunt's address.

Elijah was 18 when he was accused

of raping a 16-year-old girl.

The victim's name was sealed
under a plea bargain.

- The aunt gave us
the woman's name: Beth Murphy.

No DMV records.
The only photo we could find

was from her high school yearbook

from Crown Point, Indiana.

We got the phone records
from Elijah's cell.

On the day he was killed,
he got three phone calls

from Beth Murphy.
We've been trying to reach her,

but it keeps going to voicemail.

- Did you get an address?
- No, just a PO box in Crown Point.

All right, you and Upton,
head to Indiana.

- All right.
- Hey, but loop in

the local police.
We got no jurisdiction there.


I'll tell you what,
you guys got way nicer cars

in Intelligence.

I know, we just seized
this one from a cartel boss.


So you and Halstead,
you guys were partners

- for a while?
- Yeah.

I didn't mean to throw sand
in the gears.

No, don't worry about it.

It was probably time
for a change anyway.

They said two cops
were coming from Chicago.

- It's not what I was picturing.
- Well, thank you for your help.

Are these the case files
on Elijah Hendricks?

Yeah, you should've seen this kid play.

He was one hell of a tailback.

Tough background and whatnot.
Seemed to overcome it.

Real shame how it went sideways on him.

His aunt said he was railroaded.

Folks loved Elijah
when he was scoring touchdowns,

but they turned on him when they
thought he crossed the line.

You mean when he slept with
his white girlfriend?

Parents found out what was
going on, and they lost it.

Beth testified against Elijah.

For my money he never
should've been arrested,

much less put away.

Well, it says here you were
the arresting officer.

I don't make the laws, Detective.

I enforce them.

I'm sure you can appreciate that.


Does Beth Murphy still live around here?

I can take you there.

That's all right.
We just need an address.

Are you Beth Murphy?

We need to ask you a couple questions.

What's it about?

Elijah Hendricks.

Judge told me, if I testified,
it'd be over.

Nobody'd come and bother me.

Elijah was just murdered.


And, according to his phone records,

the last person he talked to was you.

Why'd you call Elijah?

To warn him.

About what?

My boyfriend went into my Facebook.

Saw that Elijah had sent me a message.

He told me he was out of jail.

To be honest with you,
I still had feelings for Elijah,

and Jake figured that out.

Is Jake the one
that gave you the black eye?

Where can we find him?

Whoa, whoa, I know you're
in a tough situation.

You feel trapped. I get it, but do

the right thing here,
and I swear we will do

whatever we can to help you.

- He's at the bar.
- Okay.

Thank you.

- Hey, is Jake Harper here?
- Pool table.

We need to ask you
a couple of questions.

Let me guess... my girlfriend sent you?

No, she didn't really want
another black eye.

Takes a real man, Jake?

Maybe you like it rough too?

Trust me, Jake, today is
not the day you wanna

start trash-talking my partner.

Let's step outside.

Give me that.

Elijah Hendricks, you recognize him?

No friend of mine.

He was murdered yesterday.

What? I'm supposed to shed a tear?

Well, are you aware that,
in high school,

Elijah was convicted
of raping your girlfriend?

I guess he got what he deserved.

Did he? To be burned alive?

That wasn't me.

No? 'Cause I've seen Beth.

You're clearly the jealous type.

How would you feel?

Man rapes a woman,
gets set free, and then

he contacts her?

"Hey, baby, you remember
the good old days?"

So you knock your girlfriend
around and then go after Elijah?

It wasn't like that.
I didn't know it was

gonna go down like this. I swear.

I found this group on the Internet.

I told them about Elijah.

They're the ones who made the video.

Whoa, hey, we might wanna
check this out.

This video dropped on YouTube
two days ago.

Elijah Hendricks, we heard
you just moved to Chicago.

- Who are you?
- We also heard

you're a pedophile.
You rape little girls.

- Get away from me.
- We don't want child molesters

in our city. The sick bastard.

Elijah Hendricks has now been
outed by the Perv Hunters.

"The Perv Hunters"? Who the hell
are the Perv Hunters?

Perv Hunters first hit the radar
three years ago in Toronto.

They're a loose collection

of vigilantes who are
dedicated to the public shaming

of pedophiles.
Their MO is to ID sex offenders

and then post videos of them online.

The tech guys are trying to
figure out who posted

the YouTube video. No luck yet.

So Toronto PD told us
the Perv Hunters, they've become

a real pain in the ass.

Technically, they don't break any laws,

but they've jacked up
a few investigations.

Okay, so who's the boss?

They don't have one.
They're more like a franchise.

Perv Hunters have dropped
ambush videos in Winnipeg,

Montreal, Vancouver.

The first one hit the States
in Chicago last month.

Yeah, but burning people alive?

That's not their MO.
They do public shaming videos,

- not executions.
- Maybe in Canada.

This is Chicago.

Okay, hey, hey, I got something.

This video just dropped
an hour ago on YouTube.

The cameraman sounds just like
the cat that was

in the Elijah video.

Alan Metcalf.

- What do you want?
- We want you to

- stop raping little boys.
- Just leave me alone.

- Leave our kids alone!
- Get away from me!

The sick bastard Alan Metcalf
has now been outed

by the Perv Hunters.

If you see him anywhere
near your children,

you know what to do.

That's Alan Metcalf. He's on the Chicago.

Sex Offender Registry.
He lives at 505 Larimer.

All right, Al, you and
Halstead go talk to Metcalf.

Find every Perv Hunter
operating in Chicago.

Hey, Mom, I need to talk to you.

Alan Metcalf?

Get the hell away from my house.

Chicago PD.

I'll take that.

These days, a stranger
shows up at my door,

I grab a bat.

Is that because of
the Perv Hunters?

Yeah? Can you describe the men

who ambushed you?

There was just one guy.

20s, shaved head, tattoos,
like he was late

for an Anthrax concert
and mad as hell about it.

There's some evil people in this world.

Says the guy who molested
a 10 year old boy.

And I did 12 years for it.
I paid my debt to society.

You know what?
That's cold comfort for the kid.

It's not like he can turn the page.


Look, I'm a pedophile, okay?

It's not something I chose.
I was just born this way.

But I go to therapy, I take my meds,

and I've learned to manage my urges.

I got a right to live in peace.

Okay, so, did you see
the car he was driving?

Gray Mustang. I got a picture

of his license plate.

All right, we're gonna have
a patrol car sit on your house

as a precaution.

Listen, I got enough problems
with my neighbors already.

They'll flip out if they see
a cop car parked

in front of my house.


You guys lost?

- You Craig Gorman?
- Yeah.

- What's this about?
- It's about your latest.

Perv Hunters video.

Familiar with the First Amendment?


Is that the 14? 14 words?

What would you know about it?

"We must secure
the existence of our people

and a future for white children."


Hey, he can count.

No, you're... you're doing great.
Say it again.

- Say it again.
- It's called free speech!

Hey, you know what?
One more word of free speech,

I'll kick your teeth
in the back of your throat.

Move, get out of here. Keep moving.

Black people, sex offenders.

I gotta hand one thing to you, Craig.

You are an equal opportunity hater.

I've got a constitutional
right to express my opinion.

You know, I don't get it.

What made you a Perv Hunter, Craig?

Did you get molested by a pedophile?

Hell no. I got a buddy in Toronto.

He told me about Perv Hunters.

Once I realized how many
of these sick bastards

were out walking
our streets... that's something

I couldn't abide.

Yeah, you took matters
into your own hands.

I'm doing your job for you.
You oughta give me a medal.

Let me tell you something, son.

They don't give medals for this.

In Canada, it's catch and release,

but you like to take it
all the way, don't you?

You torched the guy.

Whoa, I don't know
what you're talking about.

That's a black pedophile,
something you can't abide.

I swear, we just ambushed the guy.

Who's "we"?

We keep the names of our members secret.

We got followers from all over the city.
We're an army.

Yeah, the thing about that,
Craig, is that

all the IP addresses associated
with Perv Hunters in Chicago,

they all trace back to the same place.

That's your tattoo parlor,
which happens to be your house,

which makes you an army of one.

Sarge, you're gonna wanna see this, now.

You hold onto these.

Sarge, it's the same Facebook
feed that CPIC showed us.

That's Alan Metcalf.

Please, please, no, no, no, no!


No, no, no, no!

They're all watching this.

- What's going on?
- Don't talk, listen.

The guy you targeted? Metcalf?

He was just murdered.

But I was here.

You know it couldn't have been me.

Yeah, well, here's the thing.

Even if you didn't do it personally,

you incited somebody to violence.

And, because you admitted
to posting that video

that IDed him, I can charge you
as an accessory to murder.

Not if I take the Fifth.

Craig, look at me.

You're staring down the barrel
at three to five at Stateville,

or I can knock the charges down,
and all you gotta do

is put your little Perv Hunter
skills back to work

one last time.
Only now, you work for me.

Hey, you, sick bastard.

Like diddling little boys, do you?

Get out. Get... Get away from me.

- Sicko.
- Get... Get away from me!

You perv! Yeah, keep walking.

- We know exactly where you live.
- Back off!

Ambush video's uploading now.

It'll be live on YouTube
in less than 60 seconds.

Okay. For the profile name,

let's put Alvin Obolensky.

It's 14 letters.
You should appreciate that.


You'll tell your boss
I'm fully cooperating, right?

Yeah, regular Geek Squad.

- Hi.
- I need to know

what's going on here.

Why did you give me this?

Sweetheart, why do you always think...?

Just answer me.

Okay, I wasn't gonna tell you
this at first because, you know,

it always sounds like
the same old, same old

coming from me, but I've met

this really great guy...

Are you trying to get my attention?

Is that what this is?

Erin, we might be leaving Chicago.

Because you wanna leave
or because you have to?

If I have to leave,
then I'm saying good-bye now.

So how long am I in the penalty box for?

A week, a month, what?

Jay, if you wanna stay in this unit,

don't ask me that again.

Hey, hey, hey, Al.

Do not nod off on this bid on me.

Is there anything I can
take off your plate at all?

Up to, and including,
telling Sarge I need to

rotate out or whatever you need.

Thank you.

I really appreciate that.


I just have a lot going on right now.

Everybody, heads-up.

Got a westbound vehicle
heading your way.

All right, nobody does
anything till I give the order.

Waiting to see if this guy
commits an act of furtherance.

Got a bogie.

Just hold your positions.

- Come... come on.
- Whoa, whoa, hey.

- Come on. Sorry. Come on.
- It's okay, it's okay.

All right, grab him up.

Chicago PD, drop the bag. Drop the bag.

Ma'am, get that dog out of here.

Get that dog out of here.

Don't move.

Let's go.

Jeremy Pettigrew.

That's your real name?

Yes, it is. Do you mind telling me

what this is all about, Officer?

Sergeant, I'm a Sergeant.

How about you tell me what you
were doing at that house?

I was just leaving my business card.

I get foreclosure notices from the city.

I was just hoping for some work.

Okay, and you get these notifications

from where, exactly?

No, I just check for foreclosed homes

on the Internet.

They're cash cows. All of them

- are fixer-uppers, so.
- And then you go door to door

at 1:30 a.m.?

I was working very late on another job,

and I was just on my way home.
It was empty.

- It's not like I was disturbing...
- Jeremy.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Explain the stun gun
and the plastic cuffs

we found in your tool bag.

I go inside of strangers'
houses for a living, Sergeant.

And if you've ever been chased
by a South Side pit bull,

you'll understand what the taser's for.

And those aren't plastic cuffs.

Those are cable ties for pipe repair.

We ran Pettigrew
for any criminal history.

No record, never been arrested,
but his name was run through.

LEADS by an officer
and a detective in Detroit

three years ago.

Here's a printout of the inquiries.

We got the officers' names
and gave them a call.

The lead detective told us
that Pettigrew was

the person of interest
in a kidnapping and murder

of a tender age victim
that was sexually assaulted.

They brought Pettigrew in,
but could never arrest him.

They didn't have enough
physical evidence.

You're thinking this guy is a pedophile?

Detective in Detroit
thought he was good for it.

Said it's one of those cases
that'll haunt you

your whole career.

All right, we need
a psych profile on Pettigrew.

I know someone.

Hey, thank you for coming,
Dr. Richardson.

I've told you, Erin.
If you ever need something,

I'm here.

So what's going on?

You said to me
in a session that avoidance

is not a good strategy.

- I stand by my advice.
- Right.

I, um, I'm having
a hard time with this one.

When I was seven, I was friends
with a girl who lived

down the block from me
in my neighborhood.

Her name was Ashley.

And one day, she vanished.

I mean, just disappeared, gone.

And the not knowing what happened to her

is what always gnawed at me
and what gnaws at her family.

If this man is what I think
he is with kids,

this feels very personal.

Why don't you tell us about Detroit?

That was a false accusation.

That's not what the Detroit
Police Department has to say.

I was never charged.

That doesn't mean you didn't do it.

That just means
they couldn't convict you.

You were the person of interest.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.


What happened in Detroit...
It broke my heart.

What did happen in Detroit, Jeremy?

I was coaching a youth hockey team,

and there was this boy, Joshua,

who had a lot of raw talent,

but he was in foster care.

It was a terrible situation.

And so I took him under my wing.

His death was a total shock to me.

It was awful.

I miss him to this day.

It says in here
that you were in foster care.

Yes, I was.

Did someone hurt you there, Jeremy?

I learned to take care of myself.

What happened to your wrists?

It was an accident.

On both wrists?

I said it was an accident.

You're a shrink, right?

I'm a psychiatrist, yes.

What you do, Doctor,
I don't believe in it.

People should manage their own urges.

And what if they can't?

They should be punished.

So what's your take, Doc?

Is he a vigilante or a pedophile?

- He's both.
- Both?

The rigid moral code,
the suicide attempt,

the fact the he completed evaded
the whole issue about whether

he was abused as a child...
It's all consistent

with the pathology
of a self-loathing pedophile.

He feels a horrible guilt.

But he can't kill himself,
so instead he turns his shame

and his self-loathing
against people who are like him.

So you're saying Pettigrew
is killing pedophiles.

I think it's likely.

And my fear is that he's
in this frenzied state

because he recently kidnapped
and molested a child.

Which means he's got a kid out there.

Chicago PD!

Anybody here? Call out!


- Yeah.
- Let's go.

- Call out.
- Clear.


We found these in your bedroom.

Where is the child?

What child?

Where is the child?

What child?

I... I... I... I...!

I know what you think.
It's just... It's a fetish thing.

I'm not...!

- I'm not proud of it.
- You're lying.

I swear to God,
I know what it looks like.

- I promise.
- This is not Detroit.

You will not get away with this here.

I'm... I didn't...

All right, we're now
looking at a kidnapping

by a sexual predator.

Our working theory is this guy
is murdering pedophiles

to cleanse his own sins.

All right, I reached out
to the ME in Detroit.

Now, the juvenile that Pettigrew
was suspected of killing...

He was assaulted over the course
of a week before he died.

Which means that
there's a chance that our kid,

whoever he is, may still be alive.

So these tacks, they represent

every missing juvenile
over the past two months.

We're looking for a nexus
between Pettigrew

and any one of these children.

So Kev and I have found
Pettigrew's receipt book

in his truck. We got the job addresses

and cross-referenced them
to see which of his clients

have young children.
As of now, there's 17.

Yeah, we got patrolmen
pounding on doors right now.

Soon as they dig something up,
they're gonna let us know.

Tech lab pulled the
serial numbers off the phone

we recovered at the Metcalf murder.

They said it was a typical
pay-as-you-go throwaway model.

The phone was badly burned,
but they were able to track it.

It was sold out of a store
in Canaryville,

and it got activated the day
Metcalf was murdered.

Good, run it down.

Were you working on Thursday?

All day, worked a double
because Cheryl called in sick.

Do you remember selling a phone

to any of these guys, by chance?

Yeah, I remember this dude here.

He paid cash, which nobody
does anymore, and he asked

a lot of questions about the phone's

camera quality, yadda-yadda.

Something about him gave me the willies.

Did he have anybody with him?


Well, not inside the store, anyway.

He left his kid in the truck out front.

He was asleep.

Thank you.

We pulled the exterior cameras
from the business next door.

Tech lab was able to enhance the image.

Any luck IDing the kid?

No, it's too grainy
for facial recognition.

Missing Persons is working
a tender age case.

Derek Robbins, he's 10 years old.

He disappeared five days ago
on his way to school.

Last seen at his home at 4401 Burke.

He was wearing a light blue jacket.

Cross reference Robbins' address with.

Pettigrew's work orders.

Let's see if we can find 4400.

Negative, it's not on here.

Hey, 4300 block South Lowe.

That's a block away from Robbins' place.

You and me.

Did you find Derek?

- Are you Mrs. Robbins?
- Did you find my son?

Not yet, ma'am.
But we have a few questions.

I already told the other
detectives everything I know.

Don't you people talk to each other?

Do you recognize this man?

I'm not sure, why? Who is he?

Can you take another look, please?

My God, I saw him.

He was in the neighborhood last week.
He was... He was looking for work.

The mom IDed Pettigrew.
He's got Derek Robbins.


Should we wait for Voight?

There's a kid out there.

Whoa, whoa, Erin, your gun.


Come on.

What's going on, Detective?

Where is he, you sick son of a bitch?

- Who?
- Derek Robbins.

Where is he?

I'm sorry, I don't know who that is.

Where is he?

I told you. I would never hurt a child.


You have three seconds to
tell me where Derek Robbins is.

Erin, stop.

If you don't want
any part of this, get out.

- No, don't do this...
- Hailey, get out!

I need an address. Now.

Okay, I'm gonna get
Area Central up to speed.

Yeah, have them update the Amber Alert.

I'll... I'll put together
an attack team.


- Chief.
- I heard you made a pinch.

Where's the suspect in
the Hendricks-Metcalf murders?

You know what? I'm guessing they

brought him to the restroom.
I'll go check for you.

- The restroom?
- Yeah...

Get the hell out of my way.


You mind telling me what the hell's

going on here, Sergeant?

Look, I just got here myself,
but, from what it looks like,

this arrestee must have
attacked my detectives.

I think the boy's at 3400 Racine

in a car near the old stockyards.

We've got a missing tender age, Chief.

- We gotta move, let's go...
- You go, you're staying.

And you.

Over there.


It's empty.

Hey, pop the trunk!

Pop the trunk! Come on!


Jay, he's gone, man.

He's gone. He's gone.

He's gone.

Well, I spoke to the ME.

He'd been dead at least two hours.

There was nothing anybody
could have done, so.


Come here a second.

They want to see you
at the review board at 9:00 a.m.

Remember what I told you
when you were 16,

and you first came to live at my house?

I'm with you...

Until the wheels come off.

Come in.

Have a seat, Detective.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx