Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 20 - Grasping for Salvation - full transcript

Voight uncovers a connection between the murder of a teenage boy and a 17-year-old case.

- Boss.
- Hey.

Got a male, white,

17 years old, took a shot to the head.

Victim's been ID'd as a Richard Dowd.

Son of Frank Dowd? I don't know.

- Everyone here seems to know him.
- Defense attorney.

If you went to court on a
major case, you'd know him.

Handed me my ass on the stand
on more than one occasion.

Well, tonight he lost his son.


We've got stippling on the forehead,

but no star-shaped entry wound.

- This was close range, but not contact.
- Okay.

And a .22 Smith & Wesson was found

over where Atwater is searching.

Well, let's bag his hands and clothes.

Check for GSR. And get a
round-robin on that pistol, Kev.

No, no, it's okay.

You can't go there, okay? You can't go.

Stay right here. Stay.

Honey, I've got you.

- I'm Detective Olinsky.
- Not now.

Just give us a minute. Not now.

- I got you.
- Yeah, okay.

You can't go there.

- Intelligence.
- Yo, what do we got on the victim?

Richard Dowd, he went by Richie.

He was a senior at Lakeside.
Captain of the lacrosse team

and winner of the dean's
award for academic excellence.


Not unless getting early admission
to Yale is a crime these days.

Okay, I'll tell him.

That was Maury down in Ballistics.

He says that when the
techs turned Dowd over,

a bullet fell out of his hoodie.

- Run down, check it out.
- Maury says

he wants to speak to you in person.

Right. Run point till I get back.

Hey, Maury.

Hank, thanks for coming.


What's up?

Um, first off, your
DOA from this morning

was killed with the .22
recovered on the scene.

- Okay.
- I ran it through IBID,

the gun, the wound, the
round, they all match up.

But here's the thing, it
also matches up perfectly

to a case that you worked 17 years ago.

- Right, what case?
- The Ruffalo murder in Bridgeport.

No, that's impossible.

We recovered that murder
weapon from the shooter's home.

I went over the report
six times before I called.

Seventeen years ago, you recovered a gun

that was the same
caliber, make and model.

But the bullet itself

was too disfigured for a conclusive ID.

Luckily, microscopy's gotten
a little better since then.

So I pulled the original slug

and I tested it against the
one in the killing today.

The ballistic markings,
they're identical.

Six lands with a right hand twist.

The guy we put away
for the Ruffalo murder

- is doing life at Stateville.
- I'm sorry to hear that,

but ballistics don't lie.

You had the wrong gun.

No abrasions, no contusions,
no defensive wounds.

The only injuries were
consistent with a dead man fall

and on top of that,
his hoodie was zipped

and his jewelry was intact.

Any other physical
evidence at the scene?

Richie's iPhone was found in his pocket,

but it needs a thumbprint to unlock it.

We can subpoena the provider,

but it's gonna take a
while to get the call logs

and the texts, the emails.

No exigent circumstances,

that's what the phone guy's gonna say.

There's no imminent
threat, no flight risk,

that sort of thing.

Can I see that?

Hey, where's Voight?
He still at Ballistics?

Haven't heard from him.

That three digit code
on his account number,

that's a family plan.

So if it's in his father's name...

Yeah, he can give us access to it.

Al, you still got it.

Everyone, Al's still got
it. Did you hear that?

Erin, tweet that out. Al's still
got it. The world should know.

You think Frank Dowd's ready to talk?

Let's find out.

We're so very sorry.

I still can't believe it.

Where are you at on this
case? Any suspects you like?

Well, that's actually why we're here.

Do you know if anyone
would wanna hurt your son?

- No!
- Everybody loved him.

When was the last time you saw Richie?

Last night. We had dinner at Rosebud.


- How did he seem?
- Good.

Happy. He was talking about

which dorm he wanted
at New Haven, right?

Did he say where he
was going after dinner?

He didn't. Why isn't
Area Central Homicide

investigating this case?

You're in good hands, Mr. Dowd.

- Don't worry.
- If we could get access

to your son's call logs,
it would really help

with the timeline.

You pay the bills, Mr. Dowd.

So you're in control of the account.

All we need is your written consent.

Let me look at the language.
I'll get back with you.

It's your standard, boiler-plate
consent to search form.

You've seen a million of these.

I'll get back to you.

Again, we're very sorry.

We'll let ourselves out.

Well, he's looking to get
this settled on the street.

My man.

- There he is!
- Hey.

Denny, how are you?

- You look good.
- You too, brother.

Little bit older.

Yeah. Maybe a little more than a little.

You're buttering me up. Look at me.

Looking to borrow money,
my layabout brother-in-law

- beat you to it.
- I'm good on that end.

Thank God. So what you got?

I just wanna run something by you.

Look, this gun we recovered

at a homicide we were
working last night.

They ran ballistics.

Apparently the same weapon

was used in the Ruffalo murder.

- That's impossible.
- Yeah, I know.

That's what I said, but...

- Well, who ran it?
- Maury Kerr.


The only reason he
hasn't been let go of,

his old man was tight
with the deputy chief.

He's certain about this, Denny.

We got the right guy.

Look, the gun you recovered

was in Valentine's closet.


In a cigar box, upper right hand side.

- Like it was yesterday.
- Okay, your CI

who ID'd Valentine, I
mean, how reliable was...

We're not doing this.

What, is Maury bucking for a
promotion or some damn thing?

I got no idea. Valentine killed Ruffalo.

He's doing time for it and that's it.

The gun doesn't match.

You look like a cop

who's been on the
hamster wheel too long.

Come on, now, go park it
on the beach in Florida

for a couple weeks,
man, and clear your head.

I'm serious.

It's good seeing you, Hank.

I need you to pull a file for me.

It's a cleared, closed
homicide from 2000.

Victim's name is Ruffalo,
offender is Valentine.

- Denny Woods, case officer.
- 2000?

That could be an issue.

- Why's that?
- Couple years back,

when we merged all the areas together,

a number of boxes from
2000 and 2001 went missing.

A lot of Detective Woods'
files were in that group.

- They were?
- Yep, you're out of luck.

But if it's any consolation,
you're not the only one

- asking for that file.
- Who else?

There's a notation from nine months ago.

A Sharice Valentine put in
a public records request.

- Offender's daughter?
- Same last name, anyways.


Hey, Jane.

- What can I do for you, Kev?
- How you doing?

- I'm good. How are you?
- Okay, so,

you know, I'm going down
for my detective badge

and I've been taking
these night classes.

Just trying to get ready for the exam.

Two of these are a
suicide, one is a murder.

The assignment is for me
to identify which is which.

What, you're asking me to tell you?

- Yeah.
- Isn't that cheating?

- No, I don't think so.
- Hey, guys.

Sorry to interrupt.

I need a few more shots of our DOA.

- You mind if I...
- I'm done processing him.

He's bagged and tagged. Go ahead.

Yeah, Jane, I wouldn't
even consider that cheating.

I think that's just me
just knowing the right

smart, beautiful person to ask to...

to ask to help me out a little bit.

That one, there, is the murder victim.

You're so smart.

How'd you know that?

The name's Charlie Perkins.

I cut his ass open three years ago.

We found four 9mm slugs inside.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

Well, I appreciate you.

I don't think people
give you enough credit.

You know what? They don't. They don't.

Our DOA Richie Dowd's

got quite the photo
collection on his phone.

Most of them are this girl, right here.

In very few of the photos
does she have any clothes on.

Her face is partially
obscured in all these.

Yeah, that's about the
only thing you can't see.

Yeah, so me and Ruz
haven't ID'd the girl yet,

but we did a reverse
Google Image search,

found out that somebody's been
posting the exact same pics

on a revenge porn website.

Looks like our golden boy's
not so perfect after all.

Well, so now we have a motive.

All we need to do is
find out who she is,

where she's at, who she runs with.

I'm wondering if we can take
the partial shots of her face,

put them together,
make a composite image,

and run it through facial recognition.

Yeah, that's definitely worth a shot.

I got a buddy at OCD Tech.

- I bet they'd help out.
- All right.

Guys, I got something.

Seventeen years ago,
Voight worked a murder case

in the neighborhood he grew up in.

The victim was a friend of his,

owned a corner store in Bridgeport.

Nick Ruffalo.

At the time, they thought
the shooter was this guy,

Terrance Valentine.

Ballistics just confirmed

that they had the murder weapon wrong.

The gun that shot
Ruffalo is the same gun

that we recovered from the
Dowd crime scene last night.

- Where's Valentine now?
- He's in prison.

- Voight helped put him there.
- We gotta figure out

who killed Richie Dowd so that Voight

can figure out how that gun was used

in the Ruffalo murder,

which is starting to look like

a real wobbly conviction right now.

- Yes?
- Hi. Sharice Valentine?

- Yes.
- Sergeant Hank Voight.

Okay, what's wrong?

Actually, I'm looking back
into your father's case.

Are you serious?

I am.

- May I come in?
- Yeah.

My dad wasn't some angel
before he was sent to prison

but, you know, sometimes
I think we got lucky.

I mean, at least he's still alive.

Tyson's Discount Dresses.

The same date and time
that the murder happened.

Almost to the minute. It's
printed there, at the top.

What happened to the original?

I gave it to the other detective, Woods.

Never heard back. And then when

I requested the file
from the police last year,

they said it was gone.

This... this doesn't prove

your dad's the one
who made the purchase.

- You understand that, right?
- My mom passed

giving birth to me, Sergeant Voight.

There wasn't anybody but my dad

to buy a dress for my first communion.

Thank you for your time.


Please don't open this up

unless you're gonna
follow through with it.

I don't think I can deal
with another false hope.

All right, my connect at OCD.

ID'd the girl from Richie Dowd's phone.

This is Jo Jo McKinnon. She
goes to Kennedy Park East.

She's 18, no criminal
history, parents are divorced.

Her dad has primary custody.

His name's Raymond McKinnon.

He lives at 4044 North Saber.

All right, the sooner we
move on this the better.

A CI just texted me.

Apparently Frank Dowd's put
out a reward on the street

for information on his son's killer.

- How much?
- 15 grand.

Guys are coming out of the woodwork.

All right, Adam, Kev, you guys go see

- if Jo Jo's willing to talk.
- Yes, ma'am.

4044 North Saber.

- Hi, Raymond McKinnon?
- Yeah.

I'm Officer Ruzek,
this is Office Atwater.

We're from CPD. Is Jo Jo in?

- Why?
- A young man by the name of

Richie Dowd was murdered last night.

- We believe your daughter knows him.
- She was home last night.

Okay, well, that's fine. We're just...

we'd still like to talk to her.

Are you aware of the whole photo thing?

- Yeah, we are.
- Well, when that bastard

first started putting those
photos of Jo Jo out there,

no one gave a damn.

Yeah, well, we are
very sorry about that.

She had to drop out of high school

because of the humiliation.

She was contemplating suicide.

And we're still dealing
with it every day.

And it could have been stopped.

But because his dad's
some big wig lawyer...

Sir, this is a homicide investigation.

I heard you.

And am I sorry Richie Dowd got killed?

No. Far as I'm concerned, he's a bully

who got what he deserved.

She was home last night. Up in her room.

You wanna know more? Get a warrant.


So I ran all of Woods' arrest history,

including any case where he was listed

as additional police personnel.

This is every pinch he's
ever been involved in.

So a couple years before the murder,

Woods locked up Valentine
on an unrelated robbery.

Valentine had a BB gun, so
he gets off with probation.

Did you know any of this?


Hank. Do you really wanna
lock horns with Denny Woods?

All right, I ran Jo Jo
McKinnon's phone records.

She made three calls to Richie Dowd

the week of the murder,
all ten seconds in duration.

Yeah, about the time it takes
to tell someone to go to hell.

Yeah, I also dumped her
GPS data for the last month,

just looking for any shared
way-points with Richie.

The only breadcrumb we got
is that she met with Richie

at 2200 hours the day
before he was killed.

We still can't put her at
the crime scene night of.

Jo Jo doesn't leave the house much,

except to go to a
private tutoring center.

She attended class as
recently as yesterday.

And I got the address and
her schedule right here.

- Let's get that to Adam and Kev.
- All right.


Who's the case officer

- on the Richie Dowd murder?
- I am.

Area Central Homicide's
taking over the case.


This has been Intelligence
from the jump off.

We worked the crime scene.

Yeah, well, Frank Dowd doesn't
want you working it anymore.

Apparently, he's got enough juice

with the brass above me
to have it transferred out.

This case goes over
to Area Central Homicide,

it won't be a trial, it'll be a funeral.

- You're saying what, Detective?
- Well, plenty of Dowd's clients

are into him so for some big cake.

And more than one will be willing
to settle it on the street.

- All they need is a name.
- We got word

that Dowd's throwing money around.


I'll delay the paperwork
until end of shift.

But then Area Central's taking it.

It's the best I can do.

What the hell are you doing here?

I'm looking into your case.

Yeah? So you can add some more charges

for something else I didn't do.

Listen, new information has come up.

Yeah? What?


Please, sit down.

Let me ask you something.

Did you have a beef with Detective Woods

before the Ruffalo murder?

Look, it's more like he had one with me.

- Okay.
- Look, I had the balls.

I tried to make a beef against him

for knocking me around in the district.

But that went nowhere. Big surprise?

But Woods, yeah, he found me after.

And he told me to my face
that he'd settle the score.

Is there anyone who
can back that story up?


Hell no.

You bring somebody else in here.

Look, I'll talk to
them, but I ain't about

to trust your lying ass.

My friend took a bullet
in the forehead over $122.

You're lucky they didn't
pull you out of the...


Look, I've been rotting in here

like meat for 17 years.

You know what? I'm glad you came by.

So I can finally tell you
in person to kiss my ass.

Now get me out of here.



Hey, Jo Jo.

How you doing?

Who are you?

I'm Atwater. This is Ruzek.

- Chicago PD.
- Hey.

My dad told me not to talk to you guys.

Is that who you're calling right now?

- And if it is?
- That would be a mistake.

Yeah? Why's that?

I mean, chances are, he's
gonna give you bad advice.

Like telling me not to talk to you?

- That would qualify, yeah.
- Yeah.

And that's bad, how, exactly?

'Cause you'll get arrested.

As opposed to us just giving
you a ride to the station

and letting you answer
some questions voluntarily.

Listen, it's your call.

And tell us about your
relationship with Richie Dowd.

To be honest with you,
I'm not in any big hurry

to revisit what happened, okay?

It's upsetting to me and my family.

We understand that.

Okay, we do.

But the fact remains
that Richie was murdered

and you were one of the
last people to talk to him.

We started dating about six months ago.

We met a couple weeks
before that, I guess.

And what was your relationship like?

- Normal.
- How did it end?

I told him it was Senior
Spring and I wanted to be free.

How'd he take that?

Freaked out.

What did you do when he
started posting the photos?

I begged him to stop, but he didn't.

Then he started posting
them again the other day,

which is why I called him.

Do you have any idea who
might've killed Richie?


You don't think it was
anyone who was upset

about what he did to you?

- Friend or a family member?
- Look...

in spite of everything he's done to me,

when I found out what happened,

I cried.

He was my first boyfriend.

I loved him. He loved me.

Just too much.

All right, where are we at
connecting the two cases?

We're plugging away,
but we still don't know

how the same gun could've
been used in both murders.

- Well, find out.
- Hey, boss...


Someone's here to see you, Hank.

Have a seat. You might
wanna get that door.

I've got a theory.

You wanna hear it?


You fell in love with the tight-bodied

school teacher 20
years younger than you.

First woman you been
with since Camille died.

And she throws a hump into you.

Makes your eyeballs roll
back like a slot machine.

Then she starts taking you
to her church, you know,

where they clap their
hands and shake their butts.

And now, you're grasping for salvation.

Am I close?


I'm just making sure we
put away the right guy.

This has nothing to do
with the Valentine case.

This is about you.

Standing on the ledge of your career,

looking down at all the outlaw moves

you pulled in the gang unit
and being haunted by them.

Which is not my problem.
You would be well advised

- not to try and make it...
- Denny, don't you want to kn...



don't you wanna know what happened?

Already do.

And I'm exceedingly comfortable

with the case we presented,
as is the deputy chief.

And the Conviction Integrity Unit.

But the gun doesn't match.

I trust my CI on that
case more than a damn gun.

In fact, he helped me put
away a whole lot of bad guys.

Hank, you go pulling a thread,

there's no telling what all unravels.

Quit digging into this.

Or... what was the line you
used to say all the time?


We're going for a ride.

So where we at with the Dowd case?

There was a 911 call
from Frank Dowd's house

the day after the sexting
pictures hit the Internet.

But the day before Richie was killed.

The housekeeper said she
saw an adult white male

trying the front door handle.

Patrolmen responded to the scene.

They couldn't find anybody,

but the housekeeper ID'd

Raymond McKinnon

from a photo array. That's Jo Jo's dad.

It's enough for a warrant.

Where you going?

Just run the case. Keep me posted.

- Hank...
- Let him go.

Hank Voight?


How you been?

Good. Busy.

I'm sorry it's been so long.

A lot of Nick's friends
sort of faded away

- after he got killed.
- Yeah.

I guess they didn't want to be reminded

he's not here anymore or whatever.

What do you need?

I'm actually looking back into his case.


I think we may have
put away the wrong guy.

Listen, I remember
catching the tail end of you

talking to my partner when he told you

that we caught the guy who did it.


And you said it felt like
you were seeing things.

Remember that?

I mean, do you remember
what you meant by that?

I was walking back
to the storage room

and I saw this guy walk in,

approach Nick at the counter.

I barely got a look at him.

But I could tell that he was white.

And five seconds later, or...

what felt like five seconds anyway...

I heard the gunshot. I came running out.

There was nobody here
except Nick, bleeding.

So when Detective Woods
showed me Valentine's photo,

I was surprised because he's black.

Because how could he have gotten
into the store that quickly?

And what about the white guy?

Detective Woods said
that happens sometimes

on the heels of a trauma.

The mind plays tricks on you.

- I'll see you soon.
- Yeah.

Mr. McKinnon.

You better have a damn good reason

for bringing me down here.

I already told you everything I know.

You left out the part where you went

to Richie Dowd's house the day after

Jo Jo's pictures showed up online.

I wish you people
would've worked this hard

- when I needed your help.
- No, man.

Now's the part where we
move on to you telling us

why you went to Richie Dowd's house

the day before he was murdered.

I was looking to have a
conversation with the young man.

Wanted to hurt him a little bit?

Can't say I really had a plan.

Was Richie home when you got there?

No. I got back home, my
blood stopped boiling,

- and that was that.
- Mr. McKinnon,

- do you own a gun?
- I don't.

So Richie was shot?

- I'm asking.
- Don't play with me.

You know Richie got shot.

I've had three surgeries on
each hand for carpal tunnel.

I can't squeeze a tube of toothpaste.

Does it look like I
could pull a trigger?

My dad's here?

- That's right.
- Why?

Because he wasn't
completely honest with us

the first time we spoke.

- Well, he didn't kill Richie.
- How do you know that?

Because we were watching
"The Voice" together

at the time Richie was killed.

Can you tell that to
whoever he's talking to?

You can tell them yourself.

- Dad!
- Sweetie. Hi.

It's okay, it's okay.

Have a seat.

Guys, we know somebody's lying to us.

And we're done being jerked around.

So whoever wants to
step up to the plate,

I suggest you do so now.

It was me.

I killed Richie.



We'll call down to the
State's Attorney's office,

have you do a videotaped confession.

No, no, he didn't do it.

Sweetheart. Don't say another word.

No, I didn't do it either.

But I know who did.

I didn't wanna say anything

because we've been best
friends since we were kids

and this whole thing is because of me.

Okay. Slow down.

- Who's we?
- My friend Eric.

He said he was gonna tell
Richie to stop with the photos.

Then he came back with this look.

Like something went wrong.

So you're saying that Eric
went and confronted Richie

- and killed him.
- I mean, I wasn't there.

So I didn't ask Eric that question.

But I mean...

I have a feeling that's what happened.


Jo Jo, I need a last name.

Chief Lugo called twice.

- What do we got?
- Nothing iron clad yet,

but Jo Jo gave us the name
of a boy we want to talk to.

Eric Scalise. Turned 18 two weeks ago.

No priors.

His father Mark Scalise?

- Correct.
- Yeah.

Mark Scalise was Woods' CI
who helped put away Valentine.

Scalise killed Ruffalo.

And then he kept the murder weapon.

Seventeen years later, his son uses it

to kill Richie Dowd.

Eric Scalise either knew
where his dad kept the gun

or it was given to him.

He panics after he pulls
the trigger and he tosses it.

We need to get this kid off the street

before he winds up dead.

That bounty's still out.

All right, notify the
ASA. Get a search warrant.

- Hey, and keep it under wraps.
- Yeah.

Okay. Where does Eric hang his hat?

4032 South Lafayette Street.

Same place he grew up.

Hey, boss, his father still lives there.

- Yes?
- Chicago PD,

- I'm looking for Eric.
- He's not here.

- What's this about?
- Carol, what's going on?

Hey, Mark, it's been a while.

- Do I know you?
- Well, he's looking for Eric.

Actually, I'm looking for you, too.

- For what?
- Hey, look, you can't do this!

Yeah, you wanna get locked up, too?

It's clear. No Eric, Sarge.

Okay, come on.

Mark Scalise. Man, it is odd seeing you.

I mean, this is how I remember you.

Seventeen years ago.

A spineless, drug addicted snitch.

Still, there was a kinship there.

I mean, we both worked for Woods.

He'd snap, we jumped.

I turned my life around.

Yeah, so did I.

You know who else looks
different these days?

Terrance Valentine.

The man you put in prison
for a crime you did.


The gun...

the one you kept all these years...

your son used it to
murder somebody last night.

So here's what we're gonna do, Mark.

We're gonna make things right.

You tell me why you killed Nick Ruffalo,

and I'll pull back charges
on your son when we find him.

Where's Woods?

I'd like to talk to him.

See, there's no more
hiding behind Woods.

No more pinning it on other people.

No more lies.

- I don't know what you're talking...
- Yes, you do!

And you're gonna tell me.

- Sarge, we need you to...
- Not now!

- It's gotta be now.
- Not now!

Boss, damn it, I need to talk to you.

- This better be good.
- Sarge, hold up for a sec.


Let's go, Sergeant.

We're headed to the Review Board.

- Regarding what?
- Insubordination.

And failure to respond to a direct order

of a superior officer.

Chief, I'm just working
the Richie Dowd murder,

- wherever that takes me.
- Whoa, whoa,

you're talking to me, Sergeant.

And there's no more tap dancing.

Move. Now.

Pull everything you
have on the Dowd case,

get it over to Area Central Homicide.

Intelligence is done here.

Hey, so kick Scalise. Yeah?


Wait, wait.

This text message just came
through Scalise's phone.

- There's no name attached.
- Saying what?

"What's going on? What's the plan?"

That's gotta be Eric.

His dad probably bought
him a burner phone.

Well, we can triangulate the signal.

See if you can pinpoint his location.

Do it.

- No.
- No.

It's that one, down there.

Second floor, apartment
25, end of the hall.

Eric Scalise, Chicago PD.

Who are you?

I already told you.

Son of a...

Look, Eric, as far as we know,

you were just defending Jo Jo's honor.

I mean, you don't have a record.

You probably didn't mean
for anything to happen.

I mean, we're thinking you went home,

you dug up one of your dad's guns

and you went to see Richie.

And that's when things fell apart.

Okay, so, now here's the problem.

This is your dad's gun, right?

All right, so see, him and your mom

they're responsible
for providing a weapon

that was used in the
commission of a crime.

Just because it was in the house,

where you could have access to it.

Unless they drove you to see Richie

and they put the gun in your hands

and they said, "Go kill him."

Is that what happened?

Jo Jo's a good girl.

And... and she just made a mistake.

She didn't deserve to have
those photos posted online.

I mean, she was talking about suicide.

I went to Richie and I
told him to quit doing that.

And... and he laughed.

And turned to walk away.

And so, I pulled the gun out.

Just to, show him I was serious.

And, and he said,
"Bitch, you gonna bring a gun?"

"You better be ready to use it."

And I don't even remember
pulling the trigger.

But after it went off,

I dropped it and ran.

- This is what?
- Your son's confession.

For the murder of Richie Dowd.

Voight's offer still stands,

but only for about two more minutes.

What decides this is
whether or not you're willing

to clear up what happened 17 years ago.

And Eric will get
charged with what then?

Involuntary manslaughter.

Not murder.

Meaning he still gets jail time.

Yeah. He'll do three to five.

But that's not life.

Your son says that Richie came at him.

He brought the gun to protect himself.


Nick Ruffalo.

If he'd just given up the money,

nothing would have happened.

But I was high, and...

he just... didn't move fast enough.

I called Woods after to clean it up.

I was so wigged out, I
couldn't find the pistol, I...

The gun that you and
Woods put on Valentine,

- where'd you get it?
- He's a cop.

You're a cop. You can
get anything you want.

And why'd you ID Valentine?

Woods fat fingered
him in the photo array.

I worked a lot of cases with the guy.

He had no problem cutting corners.

Why'd you keep the gun?

I didn't know it was the same gun.

Otherwise, I would've
thrown it in the river.

How do you not know that?

You ever been addicted to heroin?

Lieutenant Woods?

As you can see, the historical record

shows 56 complaints of excessive force

against Sergeant Voight.

That's the kind of officer he is,

has been, and always will be

until someone finally does something.

And now, Sergeant
Voight is chasing ghosts

on a 17-year-old case,
disobeying direct orders

and neglecting his duties as head of

the Intelligence Unit.

You're gonna wanna see this.

Lieutenant Woods,

you are stripped of your
police powers immediately.

And you are placed on a no-pay status

until a full investigation is conducted

into every case you have ever worked.

You are dismissed.

I would like to express
my gratitude to my family.

In a stunning development,
Terrance Valentine

was released from
Stateville Prison today

after being wrongly convicted
for the murder of Nick Ruffalo

17 years ago.

With the Chicago Police
Department citing new evidence

that showed that Mr. Valentine
could not have been the killer.

The family has refused
comment at this time.

- Sharice?
- Hello.

I was just hoping to talk
to your dad for a minute.

Hey, who is that, baby?