Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 19 - Last Minute Resistance - full transcript

Burgess's sister becomes a sexual assault victim after she's encouraged to spend a night out with friends.

Where's Mommy?

Hi. She didn't sleep with you?


Okay. Nicole?

I already checked. She's not here.

Well, we're just gonna have
to figure this out, won't we?

Go get dressed, hon.
I'll take you to school.

Nicole, it's 7:00 in the morning.

Where are you? I need to get to work.

Can you call me?

It's just not like her.

Nicole would never just not come home.

Maybe she got lucky.

My conservative sister?

She's been married to that
pretentious idiot for ten years.

She deserves a little luck.

Okay. Okay, fine.

Then why isn't she answering her calls?

It keeps going straight to voicemail.

Kim, when people go out
all night, their phones die.

Happens to me all the time.

Happened to me one time.

Just once.

There you go.

Where the hell are you?

Help me. I'm in trouble.

Nicole? What's the matter? Nicole?

- Kim...
- Nicole?

What happened?

She said she was in trouble. I don't...

Hey, it's Nicole.
Please leave a message.

Nicole, where are you? Call me.

What's the matter, Kim?

It... it keeps going to voicemail.


My sister. She went out
with her girlfriends last night

and never came home.

She just called.
She said she was in trouble.

The call cut out,
and now she's not answering,

and she sounds really scared.

Well, let's ping her phone.
Take somebody. Go look for her.

- I'll go.
- Thanks.

Come on.

Okay, the call logs show

she made three calls from Lake Street,

two to 911 that were disconnected,

hitting off two different
towers... there, there.

Like she was in a moving car.

Yeah. Or a train.

Her call to me this morning...
it had the weakest signal.

The weakest signal would be
from inside of the station.


Nicole! My God.

Hey, no... hey, it's me.
It's me. It's just me.

It's just me. Are you hurt?

What happened? Nicole, what happened?


I was raped.


She's losing a lot of blood.
Call an ambulance.

Okay, I'm here. I'm here.
I'm here. It's okay.

I'm here, okay?

The X-ray showed free air
in her abdomen,

which means her bowel was perforated.

It's why she's in so much pain.

- From a rape?
- We haven't gotten the results

from the SART exam,
but everything I've seen is

consistent with a vicious assault.

- Kim!
- Yeah, yeah, I'm here.

- I'm here.
- I'm scared.

I know. Trust me.
You're in really good hands.

They're gonna fix you up, okay?

- Where's Zoe?
- She's at school,

- and she's fine.
- Does she know?

No. No.

Nicole, can you remember
anything that happened?

Even the smallest detail would help.

I can't remember.

I'm sorry. They're waiting in the OR.

I love you.

What do we know about Burgess' sister?

Yeah, Nicole Silver.

She's in surgery right now

with injuries sustained
from what appears to be

a brutal rape.

She has no recollection of
the attack or who attacked her.

We do know that Nicole was out
with girlfriends last night.

They were celebrating
a friend's birthday.

Burgess said that her sister's
going through a nasty divorce.

She's fighting for custody
of her daughter.

- We look at the husband?
- Jordan Silver.

He's flying back
from Pittsburgh right now.


How's Nicole?

She's still sedated.

The doctor said she was sodomized.

That's why the blood...

Tox report came back.
Her blood alcohol was .12,

which is not enough
to make her black out,

but she had enough ketamine
in her system

to knock out a horse.

All right, get the names of
the women at the birthday party.

Find the bars they hit. Let's go.

- Sarge?
- Yeah?

Thank you for taking this on.

An attack on your family is
an attack on our family.

So, you're the kick-ass sister.

Nicole was bragging about you
last night.


It's one of the few things I remember.

My head feels like a
World War II documentary today.

What's this about?

Well, Nicole was sexually assaulted

sometime late last night
or early this morning.

My God. What happened?

She doesn't remember.

Jasmine, can you walk us
through the evening, please?

I don't know what to tell you.

There were six of us.
We had dinner at the Pump Room.

It was my birthday.
Lots of wine, lots of laughs.

Did any men come around?

You know, there was this one
kind of creepy guy at the bar.

Nicole swore he was giving her the eye.

Can you describe him?

White guy, wore a hat,

but he never came over.

And then what?

I went home.
But they all went to Jinx's.

I'm too old for Jinx's.

I'm so sorry, Kim.

Nicole was having such a good time.

Yeah. Thanks. Al?

Thank you.


Nicole Silver. She was here last night.

the volume of ladies in here...

they all start to blur.

Well, kind of a blur for
the ladies, too, though, right?

I mean, this bar's got a reputation

for serving them shots
until they can't see straight.

- Serving drinks is my job.
- Over-serving drinks is

a violation of the Chicago Liquor Code,

and we know at least one girl
who was over-served last night,

so take another look.

Let me see it again.

There was a group of ladies
that came in late.

- She was one of them.
- Was she with a man?

From what I understand, she
was trying to get away from one.

All right, can you describe him?

No, but the bouncer got a good look.

Hey, Hector!

That's him. The old guy.

Okay. What was the problem?

Lady complained
some creep was following her,

so I told him to get the hell out.

What did he say?

Ooh, Hector.

I didn't expect the old dog
to pack a punch like that.

All right, well,
we're gonna need all the tapes.

Yeah. We won't show anybody.

We were able to get one clean image

from the surveillance footage

to run facial recognition,

and found Arlen Pfister.

Got two priors for domestic abuse.

He beat a man into a coma
in a road rage incident

on the Dan Ryan Expressway,

did a year for aggravated assault.

We showed a photo array to Jasmine

and the bouncer at Jinx's Bar,

and they both ID'd Pfister.

Any other women at the birthday party?

We spoke to everyone
except for Denise Miranda...

we left her a message...
they all said that they saw

an older guy wearing a hat
at the Pump Room.

All right. Call the State's Attorney.

Get a sneak and peek warrant.

We do not want this guy to know
he's on our radar.


Chicago PD!

I thought you were trying to rob me.

My bad.

You good?

Yeah, I guess.

- Clear.
- Clear.


Nicole Silver. You've been
following her for two weeks.

The last I checked,
taking pictures wasn't a crime.

Aggravated sexual assault...
last time I checked,

that's a Class 1 felony.

Yeah. It's sad news. It wasn't me.

We've got witnesses saying
that you were stalking her.

And this picture looks like it was taken

from inside her apartment.

I know how it looks.

Looks like you're obsessed with her.

Looks like you attacked her last night.

That's how it looks.


I was hired to find things about her.

I do opposition research.

So, you were hired
by Nicole's estranged husband

to dig up dirt on her?

Well, let's just say
the gloves had come off.

Now, look, since we've
cleared this matter up...

Yeah, I'm not buying it.

Well, I've got a check to prove it.

You see these pictures?

They're really flattering, aren't they?

I mean, I think you're into her.

She's a lovely woman.

Did you follow Nicole after Jinx's?

I'd already been made. Had to giddy-up.

Do you have an alibi?

Yeah. Massage therapist

by the name of Candi Tempte.

Pretty sure that wasn't her real name.

Yeah, so where were the rest

of the women?

They'd left at that point.

It was just those two right there.

Sarge, can I see you in the hall?

What's up?

Sarge, that is Denise Miranda.

She's one of the women
who was at the birthday.

She's the only one we can't reach.

When was the last time
you spoke to Denise?

I've been calling her all day,
but she doesn't answer.

Something bad has happened to her.
I know it for a fact.

- What makes you so sure?
- Hercules.

Her dog.

It's like her kid.
She hates to leave him alone.

And she sent me
this video message last night.

- Hey, Eric!
- Hi, Eric!

Eric, will you put Hercules inside?

We're going to a party in Wicker Park.

We'll come home right after.

- Come on, let's go.
- I'll be right there.

What time was that at?

Around 1:30 this morning.

She never came home.

All right. We've got a possible
second rape victim.

This is Denise Miranda.

She's 34 years old, works at Macy's,

did not show up to work today,

and we're pinging her phone...
so far, nothing.

After Jinx, they went to Thirsty Raven.

That's where they did
the video message at 1:42 a.m.

The car's a black Audi Q7.

The license plate isn't visible,

but somebody's motioning
to get them inside.

Can't see his face,
but it's a white male.

What about Mr. Shutterfly?

Arlen Pfister's alibi
checks out.

He put $500 on a Visa
at Gentleman's Choice,

and the... therapist confirms
he had a treatment at 1:30 a.m.

Plus, he drives a Pontiac Aztek.

All right, lodge a BOLO,
file a missing person's report

on Denise Miranda, and get the DMV list

of all black Audi Q7 owners
in the region.

Run it against known sex offenders.

Look, Nicole was attacked
and she was left for dead.

Let's hope her friend is
still out there.

Whoa. Hey.

We got a ping on Denise's phone.

She's at 1227 Langdon Street.

Real strong signal. It's not moving.

Hit it.

So, she should be

a few meters around this spot, right?


Hear that?

I remember it was last call.

These guys bought us drinks.

Can you describe them?


Twenties, I guess.

They looked like every other guy
in the bar.

One had dark hair.

The other was kind of blond.


He invited us to a party.

There was something about balloons.


Yeah. There were all these balloons.

The whole thing is like
a nightmare I can't remember.

Do you remember the train station?

Okay, how'd you get there, babe?

It was... it must have been later.

We were... we were in the car.

I was waking up. I was sick.

There were sparks in the sky.

They were coming from the train.

Denise was screaming.

That's what woke me up.
She was screaming,

and she was pulling me from the car.

Okay, so you and Denise...
you got out of the car.

No. I couldn't move.

I think she ran away.

You... you have to talk to Denise.

Nicole, Denise is missing.

She never came home, and, um,

we can't find her.

How could I have been so stupid?

Look at me.

You are not stupid.

You were drugged and you were assaulted.

Nicole and Denise were
at the Thirsty Raven

at roughly 1:30 a.m.

They were approached
by two white males: 20s, 30s,

one dark hair, one blond,

which doesn't narrow it down much.

Atwater and I found Denise's phone

about a mile away
from the Thirsty Raven.

It was wiped clean. No prints.

Patrol's canvassing the area
looking for witnesses,

but they got nothing yet.

Yeah, they tossed the phone
so she couldn't call for help.

Burgess, your sister said
that she saw sparks

- from a train, right?
- Yeah.

I worked a beat on Lake Street,

and the L train there throws sparks.

It's the same line
that runs to the station

where we found your sister.

All right, run all in-service calls

around Lake Street.

We got anything on those cars?

Yeah. The DMV lists
18 black Audi Q7 owners

in Wicker Park... one was accused
of aggravated rape last year.

Guy by the name of Rex Goldwin.

Goldwin. No, I've read
about that douchebag.

He's like a local pickup guru.

He teaches guys how to get laid.

Well, he was arrested by Area North.

The victim said that Goldwin
approached her in a bar,

slipped ketamine in her drink,
and then took her phone.

- Same MO.
- Yeah.

State's Attorney couldn't make the case,

so Goldwin beat the rap.

All right, dig up everything
on this Goldwin.

I want to pay this guy a visit.

Any man is capable of having any woman

at any time.

All you need is game.

Who wants to know a dirty secret?

- I do.
- I do.

What, are we in second grade?

I said, "Who wants to know
a dirty secret?"

Yeah, okay, okay. Well, here it is.

When a woman says no, it does not mean

that the game is over.

It means that the game has started.

And my program will teach you

how to break through a woman's
artificial resistance

and bring her to
her desired state of consent.

We're gonna get into that
right after we break for lunch.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Hey, you got a second?

- Yeah. Want to go back here?
- Yeah. Thanks.

So, every one of those guys
pays 500 bucks?

Heh. I got a message that
the men of today need to hear.

To what do I owe this visit?

I'm just... I'm just curious.

I mean, this whole "consent"
thing is a mystery to me.

I mean, how do you tell if a woman's

just pretending to resist?

You're asking as a cop?

No. Man to man.

Well, if that's
all you're interested in,

stick around for the seminar.
I'll comp you.

I can tell that you're intrigued.

But even for an expert like you,

the line's got to get fuzzy.

You were accused of rape last year.

The woman said that you drugged her.

That doesn't sound like consent.

Yeah. That woman said a lot of things.

None of them were true,

which is why the case
never made it to trial.

You drive a black Audi Q7?

Yeah. You a car guy?

Only when they're involved in a crime.

So, where were you last night?

My car's parked in the garage.
You're welcome to check it out.


You recognize them?

No. I'm not into cougars, my man.

No offense.

I was at the hotel last night

with her.

- Wow.
- She's 21.

Get out.

Hey, can I keep one of these?

Knock yourself out.

Hey, thank you.

Thank you very much.

Hey. Any luck?

I showed Nicole the photo array.

She couldn't pick out Goldwin.

But she doesn't remember any faces.

I got something here.

So, I ran all the in-service calls

around the Lake Street L station.

Patrol responded
to a distraught woman wandering

the 4300 block of Maple
at 3:22 in the morning, okay?

They showed up. She was already gone.

Um, it's mostly abandoned
warehouses in the area.

Hardly any surveillance cameras,

but they were able to pull POD footage.

Is that Denise?

That's her.

There's no cameras after that.

Gate's open.


All right, the ME came back
with the preliminary exam

on Denise Miranda.

Unlike Nicole,
no signs of sexual assault.

No defense wounds. But, like Nicole,

alcohol found in her blood,
and high levels of ketamine.

- How'd she die?
- Hypothermia.

She got knocked out by the ketamine,

and then she froze to death.

Hiding from the predators.

I'm telling you this has
Goldwin written all over it.

I've been reading blogs

written by other women
who have been victimized,

and they all have the same story.

They get taken to apartments, drugged,

their phones disappear,
and after they're assaulted,

they get dumped at subway stations.

I hear you, but the crime lab
went through Goldwin's car.

It's clean, and his alibi
checks out for last night.

Right. I'm not saying
he's personally responsible

for this assault,
but he's trained an army

at these seminars of his.

Whoever assaulted Nicole was
following Goldwin's blueprint.

Put a microscope
on Goldwin's organization.

Get a list of all the men
who have attended his seminar.

Burgess, Zoe's father is downstairs.

- Where's Zoe?
- I kept her in the back.

- Thanks, Trudy.
- Hello, Kim.

I came as soon as I heard.
It's just awful what happened...

what the hell?

You hired a private eye
to spy on my sister?

Hey! Hey.

You think she's having affairs like you?

She's the one who started this.

I wanted to mediate,
but she hired a lawyer.

Because you are a scumbag.

You think your sister's a saint?

Just look at what happened last night.

- Last night?
- Yeah.

She's getting wasted in pickup bars.

What kind of a mother puts
herself in that position?

Get out.


Where's Zoe? I'm taking her with me.

Zoe stays with me until her
mom gets out of the hospital.

But she's not your daughter.

She is my blood,

and I've got 85 cops in this building

who have her back.

- This isn't over.
- Yeah?

It is for you.

So, we went through the
Effective Pickup online forums.

Some really dark,
nasty stuff on this thing.

I should've been typing
with rubber gloves on.

It's really just a bunch
of anonymous guys bragging

about they got women
to have sex with them.

So, a lot of this might be bluster,

but there is this one post:

"At the Thirsty Raven
at closing time last night.

"Cougars running wild.
I pulled a drunk one,

"dragged her back,

took her anal virginity."

Which sounds like
what happened to Nicole.

When was that posted?

This morning... the blogger's
handle is "Manslut."

We can locate him
through his IP address.

Get an expedited warrant.
Let's find this guy.

Harry Klinsman?
Chicago PD. We need to talk.

- About what?
- Manslut,

and what you were doing last night.

I'm sorry.
I'm in the middle of something,

but if you leave your card,
I'll get back to you.

Sorry about that.
Yes. It's like I said...

Are you sure that's
how you want to play this, man?

I went to law school, okay?
I know my rights.

A thousand apologies.

Um, excuse me. Chicago Police.

Was anybody here with Manslut
last night?

Anybody? Manslut?

- Who's Manslut?
- It's, um...

what do you call it...
it's like his alter-ego.

- I will give you a call back.
- Anybody? Manslut?

All right, all right. Let's talk.

Just don't do that.

- Do you know these women?
- Yeah.

Well, not their names.
I didn't get that far.

How far did you get?

"Can I buy you a drink?"

That's all the game you got
for 500 bucks?

I spent a lot more than that.
I hired two instructors

- for a field session.
- Personal coaching?


Yeah, my assignment was these women.

They told me I needed
to push through the resistance,

but I couldn't get there,

so they swooped in
and showed me how it was done.

After that, I went home.

You posted online that you
took a woman's anal virginity.

That just gets the most points.

What are the instructors' names?

Andrew and Keith.

They'll be at the Thirsty Raven tonight.

Keith Tasker and Andrew Latimer.

We got their names off
the Effective Pickup registry.

Latimer is a barista,

and Tasker works for a tech startup

and leases an Audi Q7.

Yeah, just like his hero, Rex Goldwin.

The Effective Pickup organization

only has four official employees.

These guys are not among them.
But they acknowledge

that so-called "graduates"
take on side jobs

mentoring other men.

Hey, thanks for coming, Ana.
You all know Ana Valdez.

I brought the State's Attorney's
office up to speed.

We want to make sure
we can make this case.

Wait a second. We own these guys.

Why don't we just grab them?

You could certainly question them,

but short of a confession,

it's a very high bar to prove rape

- when alcohol's involved.
- They were drugged.

Or they willingly took a party drug.

Willing? My sister wasn't willing.

- She didn't...
- Hey, Kim, she's on your side.

Look, this whole case turns my stomach.

I'm just making the argument
their lawyer would make.

We have two victims. One of them's dead,

and the other one can't
ID her attackers,

and there's no physical evidence
tying them to Nicole's rape.

Okay. This is not a first time
for these two.

I mean, they have an MO.

Great. If we can prove an MO,

it's easier to hang
assault charges on them.

You know, one thing about these guys is

they don't know that Denise is dead.

I mean, she ran from the car.

As far as they know, she went home.

That's true. I mean,
these guys can be out right now

or tonight on the hunt like
nothing ever happened, Sarge.

Erin, go down and talk to Platt.

Find a female officer
to partner up with.

The rest of you meet in the roll up.

We're going undercover.

- Thank you for coming.
- I'm sorry I couldn't do more.

- Sarge?
- Yeah?

I want to go undercover with Lindsay.

I don't think it's the right fit, Kim.

It's the perfect fit.

I know the case,
I work well with Lindsay,

and I'm the right gender.

You're too close to this.

Like you were too close to Justin?


Just because it's our family
does not mean

we can't do our job.

So, go get changed.

All right, we just need to make sure

the camera's always facing out.


Okay, we know these guys like
to come in at last call,

target the most available women.

Their MO is to slip drugs
into cocktails,

so nobody drinks anything
under any circumstances.

- We clear?
- Copy.

You want us to grab them
after they spike the drinks?

No. We're gonna wait for them

to cross the line of consent first.

Till that happens,
we just keep eyes on them.

All right, choose a safe word.


It's my sister's favorite ice cream.

Bluebell. We're ready outside.

- You okay?
- I'm fine.

You might not believe it,
but I used to go undercover

as a streetwalker 20 years ago.

Okay, 25 years ago.

I don't know if this is
really my shade, Sarge.

Yeah, but you might just need
a little touch-up.

Good luck.


I want to buy you a drink.

We're good.
We're waiting for someone.

Okay. Cool.
Well, I will keep you company.

She said we're good.


Is this what single life is like?

On Division Street at 1:00 a.m. it is.


Have a good time.

Thanks for coming tonight. Thank you.

All right. Enjoy yourself.

Hey. What's up, fellas?

Lot of talent here tonight.
Thanks for coming out.

Frick and Frack just walked in.

Yeah, man, might have to try that out.

They locked onto somebody else.

I got this.

- Jill! Jill.
- What?

Hey, I haven't seen you in forever.

What are you doing? I'm not Jill.

Hey, listen. I'm a police officer.

Those guys you're talking to...
you don't want to know them.

All right?

Take this, grab a cab,
take yourself home.

I'm doing you a favor. I promise.

You girls look lonely. And thirsty.

- Is it that obvious?
- Contact.

What have you been up to tonight?

We had our girlfriend's
bachelorette party.

Cheers to being single.

What's up?

Last call!

If you two are still at the bar,

I'm guessing that you don't
want the night to end.

Am I right?

I don't know. What do you have in mind?

We know a party in Wicker Park.

That's close.

You girls down?

I don't know. We've had a lot
to drink already, so...

You're fine. Come on.

We can keep this party going
all night long.

- Do you wanna?
- Kind of.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- All right.

Party's on the move.

- Is this your place?
- Share it with some friends.

Let me take your coat.

Wait, where's the party?

We're the party. We got drinks.

We got music.
We got whatever you may need.

Go ahead. Why don't you
make yourself comfortable?

Okay. All right.

All right. I'll make the drinks.

He took the phones.

- What are those?
- Kamikazes.

Well, aren't you guys gonna have one?

We just did. They're awesome.

Why don't you try one for us?

What's the matter?

Nothing. I think I'd rather smoke pot.

Do you guys have any pot?

Come on. Drink it for me.

I'm not getting a good feeling
about this.

What's going on, guys?

Do you girls want to party,
or don't you?

Yeah, totally. I just...

That's my girl.

What is she doing?

On my order.

That was, really strong.


- You okay?
- Yeah.

Do you have, like,
a bathroom or something?

Yeah, yeah, just down the hall.

Okay, we've had so much to drink.

I was wondering where you went.

Let's have some fun.

- I don't want this.
- Sure you do.

- Hey.
- Stop.

What? Why are you so uptight?

Didn't you hear me say no?

I heard you. I just don't believe you.

Aah! Bluebell!

Let's go.


Chicago PD! Get down!

Stay down!

- Where's Kim?
- She's in the back. Go.


Kim. Kim. Kim.

Kim! Kim, Kim, Kim!

We got it. We got it.

We've got it. We got it. We got it.

Kim, hey, are you all right?

I need to get to Med.

She's got to have her stomach pumped.

This is entrapment.

And just so you know,
I'm gonna sue the CPD.

Getting stabbed by a cop...
what's that worth?

A few million?

You're here about last night.

These two women.
They were at your apartment.

Look at me.

What happened?

They came over. We partied.

She was raped.

Just 'cause she woke up
feeling guilty about it

doesn't mean she was raped.

She woke up in the hospital
with internal injuries.

She was in surgery for 2 1/2 hours.

Me and her were both drunk.
She wanted rough sex,

and there's no way
anyone can tell me she didn't.

I'm not saying another word
without a lawyer.

There was no plan.
We met two girls and we partied.

What's wrong with that?

You separated them, and then
you took their cell phones

so that they couldn't call for help.

It was a joke.

Look, I admit that I was drunk,
but I didn't hurt anybody.

Did you drug their drinks?

It's called a kamikaze. Women dig them.

So, they asked to be drugged?

Look, the reason
they came back with us is

'cause they wanted to party, okay?

Can someone tell me
what's going on here?

Nicole was raped.

Well, n-not by me.

No, no. She was with Tasker.
They went into the bedroom.

Did you know what was going on?

Look, whatever happened in
that room... it wasn't me, okay?

I never touched either one of them.

Her, okay? Ask her. She'll tell you.

All I did was drive her home.

You sure you drove her home?

We were gonna
drop them off at the L,

but she... she jumped out of the car.

Do you have any idea why?

You'll have to ask her.

Yeah, we can't ask Denise Miranda,

because she died this morning.



She had a really bad reaction

to that kamikaze you gave her,

and after she escaped your car,

she froze to death,

so you're not
just an accessory to a rape.

You're looking at a murder.

No. No, no.

I... I didn't do...
I didn't do anything.

No. She wanted...

She wanted what, exactly?

She wanted to be kidnapped?

She wanted to be drugged
without her knowledge?

What she wanted was
to get away from you,

- so badly that she died!
- Erin.

I'm fine.

It was just supposed to be fun.


Why are you in a hospital gown?

It's a really long story.


We got the guys who attacked you,

so they're never gonna
hurt anybody ever again.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.


what am I supposed to do now?

You're gonna get better,

and you're gonna put it behind you.

How? How?

And how am I supposed
to take care of my daughter

when I don't even feel safe
leaving the house?


I'm gonna help you through this.

I will.


- Mom?
- Hi.

Hi, sweetie.

Knew I'd see you again.

We arrested two of your
disciples for sexual assault.

Wow. That's horrible.

But that has nothing to do with me.

You teach men how to rape.

I teach men to find their power.

Apparently these guys took it too far,

but here's the thing:

Men... we're wired to conquer women.

It's our animal instinct.

That's how our species endures.


Here's how I see it:

Men and women...

we endure because we care
for each other.

We need each other.

When we find predators
who seek to prey on us,

we eliminate them.

You teach another one of
your rape seminars in my city,

I will find you,

and we will settle this like animals.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah. Come on in.

You feel better?



Now, what the hell
were you thinking out there?

I gave a clear order. You went off-book.

But those guys were getting suspicious.

I mean, I could feel
everything was going south.

I had to do something; I had
to do something to make sure

that they went far enough
that no lawyer could save them.

Sergeant, I did what I had to do.

You know what?

You think like a cop
that belongs up here.

And I've been doing a lot
of soul searching.

Ever since we were kids,
Nicole has looked out for me.

She has always had my back
no matter what.

And now it's my big sister...
she's the one who needs help.

Sarge, I'm all she's got.


I have comp days I can add
to my furlough. I can...

Take all the time you need.

Thank you, Sarge.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx