Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 23 - Start Digging - full transcript

A murder investigation becomes personal for Voight when his son Justin is attacked in the same manner as a widowed, single mother whose body is found in the trunk of her car.

all: ♪ Happy birthday
dear Daniel ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you

- Happy birthday, kiddo.

Come on, blow out that candle.

One, two...


Good job.
- Yay!

- I can't believe
he's a year old already.

- Ooh, wait.
Time for presents.

- Oh.

- That one's from me.

- [laughs]

All these years you kept this?

- Your mom did.

She kept all your baby stuff

upstairs in the attic,

just, you know, hoping one day
she could pass it along.

- Hank, it's perfect.
- Yeah.

Thanks, Pop.

I wish Mom was here too.

- Yeah.

- She would be so proud of you.

That I know.

- There you go.

- Just six more months

of getting top marks
in training,

and I'm eligible for
signal corps officer.

- I'm really, really
proud of you.

- Means a lot, Pop.

- So you were in town
last month, huh?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I was seeing a friend.

Only had, like,
a day and a half,

otherwise I would've
reached out.

- Mm.

- Don't.

- So who's this friend?

- It's my son's birthday, Pop.

I don't feel like being
interrogated, okay?

[baby babbles]
- There he is.

- Bedtime.

- And besides, I'm not
a kid anymore.

I can handle my own business.

- Yeah.


[dramatic music]

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Hey, Sarge.

We got one dead female--

found in the trunk.

- A park district employee
was closing the gates.

He was about to have
the car towed

when he noticed blood
on the rear of the car

and called the police.

- Victim's hands and feet
are tied with barbed wire.

Throat's cut.
Fingernails are gone, too.

I'm guessing she fought back
against the assailant.

He knew there'd be DNA,

so he yanked them off.

- Cartel hit?

- Or Russians.

They've been known to use
barbed wire too.

Car's registered to the victim.

Her name's Melissa Wilds.

She's 26 years old.

We got an address.

- All right,
call Ruzek and Olinsky.

Tell them to go over there
and do a knock-and-talk.


[banging on door]

- I'll call in for a warrant.

- What's going on?

- We're the police.
Who are you, ma'am?

- Tricia Reynolds.

I'm Melissa's friend.

Um, I've been waiting up
for her to get home.

This is her daughter, Tigan.

Did something happen?

[door opens]

- Where's Mommy?

- Tricia, is everything okay?

- Yeah, everything's fine, Mom.

- Tricia, you think your mom
could take Tigan inside, please?

- Yeah.

- When's Mommy coming home?

- She'll be home soon.

- Come on, sweetie.

- We found Melissa
about an hour ago.

She's been murdered.

- Oh, my God.

- Tricia, did Melissa say where
she was going tonight, or--

she had to meet someone,

so she asked me to
watch Tigan for her.

- Where's Tigan's father?

- Peter?
- Yeah.

- Um, he--he was in the Army.

He died, um, in an accident
last year.

- [sighs]

All right, we're gonna
need you to come down

to district,
just answer a few questions--

call Tigan's next of kin.

- But who would want
to hurt her?

- That's what we're
gonna find out.

[solemn music]


- Sir.

- Sergeant, please have a seat.

[door closes]
- This meeting's like

a coin flip.

Am I getting
a department commendation

or the firing squad?

- Sergeant, as you know,

the department is under
intense scrutiny.

Charges of racial profiling,
excessive use of force,

deadly shootings--

public trust and morale
are at critical points.

- The new superintendent's
trying to fix that.

- Good.
- Implementing new programs,

new strategies--

strategies that might not fit
with your "old school" approach.

- Well, I'm not a stats guy,
but I'm pretty sure my unit

has the highest clear rate
of any organized crime division.

- And we know the credit
for that goes mostly to you.

- It's a team effort.

- Which brings us to why
you're here.

We're promoting you
to lieutenant.

- I didn't take
the lieutenant's exam.

- It's a meritorious promotion.

- You're one of the most
respected supervisors

in the field.

Instead of a six-man unit,

you'll be in charge of 50.

Instill your years of knowledge
onto them.

There's also a substantial
salary increase.

- So all those times you guys
tried to put paper on me,

take away my star,
question my methods--

it's all forgotten?

Why don't we just call this
what it is?

Part of this new policy
is taking proactive cops

off the street.

- I think "proactive" is putting
it politely, Sergeant.

how you see this,

we strongly recommend
that you accept.

- May I please be excused?

- You have 48 hours
to give us your answer.

- Thank you, Commander.


- Melissa Wilds.

Her husband was
an Army private--

killed in a training exercise
last year at Fort Bragg,

along with three others,
when their chopper went down.

- She had an associate's
from Roosevelt

and worked as a paralegal for
the law firm Sawyer & Sawyer.

- Yeah, I've seen
those commercials.

They're just high-profile
ambulance chasers.

- Bigger than that.

They do seven-figure
class action lawsuits

against pharmaceutical companies
or schools with asbestos.

- Yo, except for a few
parking tickets,

Melissa has zero priors.

She's a working, widowed mom,

so the more I'm digging here,
I can't see any reason

why she'd be associated
with cartels or any Russians.

- Melissa.

This girl was tortured
with barbed wire.

That means the killer either
wanted something from her,

or it was personal.

So I want to know where she was
before we found her,

who she was with--
if she was seeing someone new.

Hey, look who's here.

- Oh, there he is.
- Hey, hey.

- Last day, huh?
- Yep, this is it.

Just clearing out my locker.

- Gonna miss you, man.
- You too.

Here, I know you never passed
a mirror you didn't like.

- Yeah, you know, I got to check
my fade out around the clock.

I appreciate that, bro.


- Here, for you.

Just in case they ever let you
loose in the street.

- [laughing]
Are you kidding?

Oh, I'm definitely using this

on these bozos up here.

- This is--this is a bad idea.

Hey, man.
- Hi.

- Sorry to see you go, Sean.

- Hey, if the job don't want me,

then I don't want the job.

- Do yourself a favor.

Just leave that at the doorstep
when you walk out of here.

You served this city proudly.

Just carry that with you.

- Yeah.
Thanks, Sergeant.


I know it wasn't
pretty between us.

But you're good police,
and I'll always respect that.

- Hey, you too, man.

Good luck.
- Thanks.

- Hey.
- Hm?

- Roger Simpson,
Melissa's father,

is downstairs.

- Al?

- We should start
drawing straws.

Roger Simpson?

All right.

Mr. Simpson,

I'm Detective Olinsky.

- Is--is what I heard true?

Melissa had her throat cut?

- Sit down.

Uh, she's with the M.E.
right now,

so we're still determining--

- Please, don't.

Don't give me the runaround.

I need to know.

[dark music]

- We found your daughter
with barbed wire

wrapped around her
wrists and ankles.

And yes, her--

her throat was cut.


- What kind of animal...

- Do you know why anybody
would want to harm Melissa?

- [sniffs]

She'd been acting...

different the past few months,

asking me to watch Tigan
a lot more,

but I'm two hours away,

so it was tough.

I asked if anything was wrong,

but she wouldn't say.

I always told her
I was there for her...

no matter what.


I guess I was wrong.


- I'm sorry.


- Hey.

- Hey.

- This suddenly feels real.

- Yeah.

- I've been thinking
about your offer.

- Me too.

I want you to stay.

Are you mad?

- No.

I just...

I've been trying
to figure out a way

to tell you the same thing,

'cause this is where I belong--

being a cop.

[solemn music]

- Do it for both of us.


- [whispering]
Hey, I found something.

- [whispering]

Why are we whispering?

- Just--just look at it.

- Are you kidding me?

- Yeah, I wish I was.

[knocks on door]
- Yeah?

- Hey, we got, uh,
Melissa Wild's phone records.

- Okay.
[door closes]

- [sighs] She and Justin, um--
they knew each other.

Looks like there's maybe
20 phone calls

and twice as many texts between
the two of them last month.

The last phone call she made
was a half hour

before time of death.

- He said he was in town
to help a friend.

Maybe it was her.

- Where is Justin now?

- He should be at home
with Olive and Daniel.

- Did he ever mention
this girl to you?

- Don't you think I would've
mentioned it if he did?

[dark music]

Straight to voicemail.


Where's Justin?

- He left over an hour ago.

- Have you tried calling him?
- He's not answering.

I texted him too.

Hank, I'm worried.

- We'll find him.

- Mouse, I need you to track
the GPS on Justin's car--


[suspenseful music]


Turn here.


- There it is.



- Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.

- Justin.
He's got a pulse!

- Lincoln 5021, emergency.

I repeat, emergency.
- Oh, my God, he's been shot!

- I need an ambulance
at my current location.

We have a gunshot wound victim.

Get me that ambulance now!

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Justin!

- We have incoming.
You're with me.

Talk to me.
- It's my son!

- GSW to the neck.

GCS 3, tubed in the ambo.

Pupils fixed and dilated?
- Yup.

- Sinus tachy on the monitor.

He was bound in the trunk
of a car.

- Rotate.

[dramatic music]

Get ready to transfer.

- Ready?
Three, two, one--transfer.

- Hank, let's step outside.

- Is he breathing?

- I need a CT head.

Someone call neurosurgery!

- Is he still breathing?

- Checking right now, Hank.

- Come on,
let them do their job.

- Oh, my God!
- Get me a head CT.


- Get everyone back to 21.

- Hank, we don't--
- Now!


[footsteps descending]


[keypad beeping]

[safe unlatching]


- Everybody needs to hold on
real tight,

and you all know what I mean.

If at any point you're not
comfortable with something,

you come tell me.

[bag lands]

- I want you to put word out
to all your C.I.'s.

That's 90,000

for any information
on who did this

to Melissa Wilds and my son.

- Hey, we got this, Sarge.

Think you should go
to the hospital?

- All right, let me be clear.

I don't need condolences.

I need commitment...

from each of you.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes
to find who did this.

Anybody not comfortable
with that...

should take the next
couple of days off.

- So, turns out Justin
went through basic training

with Peter Wilds
at Fort Campbell

before Peter got shipped
to Fort Bragg.

That's how they
knew each other.

They stayed close friends.

Melissa started reaching out
to Justin about four weeks ago.

- Still doesn't tell us how
they were mutual targets.

- Maybe there's a nexus
with her job--

the law firm.

- Check it out.

- Hey.

- What?

- You have a grandson now, okay?

Just remember that.

[bar music playing]


- Hey, jagoff.

- Hank.

- Come on, sit down.

- Mickey.

You said you saw Justin
a few weeks back.

I need to know--

was he with anyone?

- That's Aces around.

- Hey!
- Hank, hey, hey!

- Not in here.
- Get off me--get off me!

- Let him go!

- Justin's at Chicago Med.

I found him in the trunk of his
car with a bullet in his head.

- I'm so sorry--
- So I need to know.

Was my son with anyone
when you saw him?

- Yeah, a girl, but not Olive.

She waited for him outside.

- Justin came to you.

What did he want?

- To borrow some money.

Said the girl was in a jam.

and all three of them
got into an argument.

- What guy?
- I don't know.

- What guy?

- I heard her call him Ginger.

I told Justin
if there's trouble,

he should go to you.

I swear to God, Hank.

He said he had it handled.

- I may need a favor
at some point.

- Whatever you need.

[dramatic music]


[door opens, closes]


- Melissa used to be
a great employee.

Never complained about the hours
or working weekends.

But there was definitely
something off with her

these past few weeks.

- How do you mean?

- Her demeanor.

Melissa was always outgoing--

always had a smile
on her face,

even after losing
her husband, Peter.

But lately she'd
become withdrawn...


And to be honest, that's when
I started to get suspicious.

- Suspicious of what, exactly?

[door closes]

[dark music]

- We worked a class action
suit last year.

Several dozen plaintiffs
were awarded

mesothelioma cancer pay-outs,

all over a million dollars each.

three of the plaintiffs were
robbed in home invasions--

some of them badly injured.

- Was Melissa the only one
with access to this information?

- Well, no.

But the way she was acting,

and now what's happened to her--

it can't be a coincidence.


- Anything?

- I checked leads,

There is--there's no offender

who's been arrested
in the city of Chicago

- I'm waiting on a call
from my guy in the FBI.

See if "Ginger" pops
for anything federal.

- All right, thanks, man.

Uh, hey, that was Jay.

Sounds like Melissa Wilds
might've been involved

in a series of home invasion

feeding the addresses of clients
who got large settlements

through her law firm.

- She's got no record,
a four-year-old at home--

doesn't add up.

- Dead husband, a hungry kid--

the girl has bills.

- She's a paralegal.
She's not starving.

- Look, just call

Get the details on these
home invasions.

- Look, if she was involved
in the robberies,

it seems like Justin
probably knew about them--

you know, whatever that means,

but it's unlikely that Melissa
ran a robbery crew by herself.

[tense music]

- What are you saying?

- Just that he might've had
a different role in all this.


- Hank, come on.


You want me to be honest
with you, Hank?

I'm wondering the same thing
the kid is.


- You think Justin is part
of some robbery crew?

- I mean, it's not the first
time he's found trouble.

- I would've known.

- Well, you didn't even know
he was here last month.

You had to find that out





- [sighs]

Why didn't he come to me, Al?


- Hey.

Hey, come on.


All that matters is
finding who did this.

And however you want
to play this, Hank...

- [sighs]

- Hey, I'm with you on this,

till the end.

[knock on door]

- Just got a call from my Fed.

Carl Hearnes, AKA Ginger.

[dark music]

He's been on the FBI's radar
for the last few years,

suspected of home invasions in
Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Seems he's not so much
the muscle

but the talent
at cracking safes.

Feds have been dragging
their feet arresting the guy--

lack of evidence.

Sounds like it matches
the same M.O.

as the victims from
Melissa's law firm.

- Got an LKA?

- Hearnes hasn't paid
a utility bill

at any steady address
for over five years.

But supposedly when
he's in town,

he likes crashing
at a motel on Lincoln

where they pimp cheap girls.

- Everybody gear up.

[dramatic music]


This one we don't announce.

[woman screaming]
- Don't move!

- Right there!
- I'll blow your head off!

- Let me see your hands.
- Don't move.

- You, get your clothes.

Get out of here.

- You got a warrant?

- Melissa Wilds.

- Never heard of her.

- The stove.

- [grunts]
- Cover the door.

- Wait a minute.

- Justin Voight is my son.

- Ugh!


- You shoot him and wrap him
in barb wire?

- No, man, that wasn't me.

It was all Kevin!
- Kevin who?

- Kevin Bingham,
a guy I work with sometimes.

He...he used to bang
that girl Melissa

when they were younger.

started forcing her
to give up info

on who was getting big
pay-outs from her law firm.

- Yeah, and you did
the home invasions.

- Ugh!

I just do the safes, man.

He handles the people, then we
split it down the middle.

- Why did he kill her
and shoot my son?

- Melissa wanted out.

But Kevin wouldn't let her,

so she went to Justin for help.

wanted me to meet him
at that social club

to broker a deal for her safety
for five grand.

I told him, leave it alone.

He had no idea who
he was messing with.

Kevin knew Melissa
was gonna rat him out,

so he called Justin to meet

to tie up loose ends!

- Where's Kevin now?

- I don't know.
I swear!

He only calls me
when there's a job!


- Voight, we can do this
at the district!

- We're fine right here.

- [panting]

- Relax.

Where's Kevin now?

- Hiding 'cause he knows
you're after him.

I swear to God
that's all I know.



- Come on.
- Get up.


- Hank?

We are all here for you.

- Thanks, Trudy.

- Hey, uh, real quick.

- Commander.
- Sergeant.

I cannot imagine how difficult
this must be.

I want to express
my deepest sympathies.

But because of the personal
nature of this case,

I can't have you or your unit
actively investigating it.

- I am gonna find
who did this to my son.

- Think about your career,

the promotion you
were just offered.

- You think I care
about that right now?

- Then think about the officers
in your unit

and their careers.

You step outside policy,

as I know you will,

you take them down with you.

- You want to take me
off this case...

you're gonna have to put
a bullet in my head,

you understand?

[tense music]


- Kevin Bingham.

He's been racking up felonies
since he was 18--

armed robbery, assault,
battery, burglary.

Five years ago he got popped
for attempted murder.

A guy spilled his drink
at a bar,

so Bingham stabbed him 16 times.

- Yeah, and he got out of jail
three months ago.

- Melissa's father said
she and Bingham

dated six years ago
back in high school.

And after her husband died,

he started coming around again.

- So these were sent over

All of these are from
recent home invasions

where the victims were tied up
with barbed wire.

- That is definitely something
he picked up in prison.

- So Bingham's parole officer
said he stopped showing up--

violated him,
but he's got no LKA.

- Yeah, so we've been running
an extensive check

on all his known associates,

including those off his
prison visiting list.

- All right,
this is Dillon James.

visited him all the way up
until his parole,

putting money into
his canteen account.

He's got priors
for methamphetamine

and a thing for stealing
UPS trucks

and selling the stolen goods.

- Where is he?

- We got a possible house
in Rogers Park.

- Let's roll out.

Oh, Antonio.

You stay here.

Just call us if
you get anything.

[tense music]

- Hey.

Any word on Justin?

- Uh, Goodwin called.

He's being moved to ICU.

Said she'll call in an hour
with an update.


- We got two.

- Chicago PD!

Chicago PD!
Don't move!

Stay where you are!
Get--sit down!

Stay down!
- Don't move!

Don't move.
- Look here, look at me.

- Tear this place up,
top to bottom.


You brother, Kevin Bingham.

[silverware crashing]
Where is he?

- I-I don't know.



- The son of a police officer
was left for dead.

We know your brother did it.

So if I was you,
I'd be forthcoming.

- I ain't--I ain't seen him.

All right, he was here!

He came by last night.

He was picking up some--
some cash I was holding for him

and some guns.


- Where did he go?

I'm telling you, he said he just
needed to get out of town

until something blew over.


- Let me see your hands.

- Keep looking.
Keep looking at me.

- Get Bingham's picture
to every train,

bus station, airport,
and toll camera.

[phone buzzing]
All right, call an ambo.

Just tell them it
was a domestic.

I'm listening.


- Kevin Bingham, huh?

- That's right.

- So I'm hearing right?

That's who shot your son?

- You got something
for me or not, Rev?

- Well, that depends
on if the 90K bounty

you put on the street is real.

- It is.
- Cool.

'Cause I'm gonna need to throw
a little cash around

to find out where
Kevin's hiding out at.

- Spend what you want.
Keep the rest.

- Then I'll go do my thing.

- Hank.

Can we talk?

[clears throat]

- Just lay it out, Sharon.

- Hank, Justin's
not coming back.

The bullet caused
a catastrophic brain injury,

and it's inoperable.

Dead brain tissue
is not regenerative,

so he will be on a ventilator
and feeding tubes

for the rest of his life.

He won't wake up.

He won't recognize his family

or speak again.

[somber music]

- I, uh...

I got--I got to talk to Olive.

- Well, that's why I'm here.

I spoke with her.
She's at Med now.

Olive wants to withdraw
life support.

She wanted me to ask you first.



Look, I know what
happens to families

when they hang on too long.

I am so sorry.





- [whispering]
You did good.


- Hey.

I heard.

- [whispering]

- And you've been there for me,

so if there's anything
that I can do...

- Can you explain
why this happened?


I mean...

Justin pulled himself up,
you know?

He made a new life.
- Yeah.

- He had a baby,
a great wife--

- You can't do that.
You can't ask yourself why.

- When Hank and Camille
took me in,

he could've made my life
a living hell.

And he just...

he tried so many things
that didn't work out.

You know,
he tried being a tough guy.

And he tried to be his dad.

Tried to be a player.

[solemn music]

But underneath all that stuff,
he was just a sweet kid.

- Yeah.


- To...


To think that
what took him down

was just trying to
help a friend.

- Look at me.
It's okay.

- [sobbing]


- Commander,
you wanted to see me?

- Close the door.

I heard Sergeant Voight put
a $90,000 reward on the street.

Is that true?

- I'm just doing what I can
to solve the case.

- A case from which
the intelligence unit

has been removed.

- [sighs]

What would you do?

I mean, if it was your own son
who was left to die slowly

in the trunk of a car?

Would you step aside?

- If I was ordered to, yes.

What about you, Detective?

When your own son was abducted,

did you break any rules?

- All due respect, Commander...

[tense music]

We saved my son

and got him back unharmed.

In no small part,
that was thanks to Voight.


- We both know how this
is gonna end for Voight.

I'm gonna need someone
to run Intelligence.

You follow me, Detective?


- I'm been approached
before about this.

It was either someone
in Internal Affairs

or the person that had
your job before you.

But my answer was no.

Nothing's changed.

'Cause if you're
looking for a rat--

- I'm not looking for a rat.

I'm looking for an honest cop.


[phone buzzing]


- You got something for me, Rev?

- Yeah, I got a location
on Kevin Bingham,

but you got to move fast.

[door opens]

- I got an address on Bingham.

I want everyone
rolling there now.

First two to arrive, breach.

This guy's on the run--
could be leaving any minute.

Let's go.

[suspenseful music]


- [grunts]


- Clear.


- Clear.

- Basement's clear.

- Upstairs clear.

- I got nothing.


[phone buzzing]

- Hey, I'm two minutes out.

- Bingham's not here.
No one's here.

Not for a while.

- Is Voight there?

- Not yet.




[car honks]


[thunder rumbling]


[phone ringing]


- Got a package for you
in the trunk.


- I'm Justin's dad.


[dramatic music]

- [gasps]

Just hear me out
for two seconds, okay?

Two seconds.

I did not kill Justin.

But I know who did,

and I want that son of a bitch
as bad as you.

- From where Melissa Wilds
tried to fight you off.

- No.

- Right before you killed her

and pulled her fingernails out

to hide your DNA.

- Okay, look, I can get you
500 grand...


in cash!

Hey, you want to kill me?
I understand.

But believe it or not,
I liked Justin,

and I know he'd want you
to have that money.

- Give me your hands.


Start digging.


- Come on, Hank.


- He left a note for you.

I have it.

I mean, not on me,
but I have it.

- Dig.


- I told him a bunch of times,

"You're in over your head, kid."

You think I brought Justin
in on this deal?

Hell no, he came to me,

trying to be some hero
for Melissa,

and I told him,

"This don't concern you."


- Keep digging.

- But did you hear what I said?

He stuck his nose
in my business.

He was warned.

- Dig.


- Oh!
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Over here!


- Hank!

- Oh, thank God.
Thank God.

This guy tried to kill me.

I didn't do anything.

- Don't do this.

- Get back in your car, Erin.

- Do not throw it all away
over him.

- Get back in your car.

- Hank, please.

Please--Justin wouldn't
want you to do this.

- Get out of here.

- Justin wouldn't want this!

- Now.

- Hank.


- Erin.


- No, don't!

You can't!

Erin, right?






I did you a favor.

He's the kind of son
you worry about, right?

'Cause he don't have
the smarts to survive.

I bet you probably
waited up every night

waiting on that phone call.


Well, at least
the phone call's over with.

And I'm gonna tell you
what I told him,

right before I put
a bullet in his head.


Go f--

[gunshot in distance]

- [sobbing]