Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 22 - She's Got Us - full transcript

The team investigates a pyramid scheme operation that may be linked to a brutal murder at a family residence.

Last time I worked
violence reduction duty

I wound up chasing some tweaked
out Bonnie and Clyde couple

- across a roof...
- Right, the ones who fell

through the skylight.

- Oh, I told you that one?
- Yeah.

Point is,
we just became

two more targets
for them to shoot at.

A: Platt basically
made this mandatory.

B: We're getting overtime.
It's, like, a dollar a minute.

Time I'd rather spend
in that walk-in shower

with the dual steam heads
in the apartment I looked at.

- Uh-huh.
- Units in the 21st District,

we have calls of shots fired
at 1129 West on Madison.


4507 squad, show us responding
to shots fired.

- We're six blocks out.
- You want the new fancy shower

with the whatever
and the whatever,

you need to work the overtime.

Did I show you
the loft on Division?

The one with the toilet
next to the stove?

- You are not moving in there.
- It's intimate.

Yeah, so's prison.


Here we go.

Active shooter.
We'll clear downstairs,

- you go up.
- Copy that.

I need you to turn around
and go back, now!



♪ ♪

(SOFTLY) Squad 4507,
roll an ambulance

to our current location.
We have multiple GSWs.

Copy that, 4507.





Do you live here?

It's okay.

Can you tell us your name?

I'm Erin.
This is Jay.

Can you tell us your name?

Did you see who did this?


Oh... is she shot?

I don't think so.

We gotta check the others.

Morning, Sergeant.


Carlson family residence.

A family of six.

One survivor?

Five dead.
For what?

She saw the shooter?

Yeah, I think so.

EMTs woke her up.
She's just saying random words.


- You guys okay?
- Yeah.


They're gonna take her to Med.
I'm gonna go.

I wanna be there
when she wakes up.

I'll ride with you.

It's all right,
stay with them.

Work the case.

- Yeah, show me inside.
- Yeah.

Where was the little girl?

Crawled out from
underneath her older sister.

Played dead.

The offender
must have missed her.

And there's no safe
in the house anywhere,

so if this was a robbery,
it went way wrong.

Cases like this,
it's never who,

it's always why.

I'm Jerome Dougherty.
This is my son, Gerald.

You were on Neighborhood Watch
when you heard the shots?

Yeah, two blocks west
on Canal Street.

I heard the shots.
Maybe two dozen.

Sounded like a semi-auto.

You trained on handguns?

We're both
tactically certified.

Do you all carry weapons?

- Some of us do.
- Okay.

A lot of strangers moving in.

I'm liberal and all, but, like,

they don't get it.

It used to be
a family neighborhood

till they started moving
all the Section 8 people in.

They assigned
Violence Reduction patrols.

Doing what we can to fix it.

And what do you think,

It working?

If anyone from the Watch
saw anything,

we'll loop you in.


Thank you for your time.

Unlock your elbow, man.

I'm not locking my elbow.

I'm watching you
lock your elbow.

Look, perfect medial rotation
every time.

I'm like the Terminator.

- Yeah, right.
- Hey, Patrolman.

Oh, looks like you're
locking your elbow, huh?


I got a bullet lodged
3/8ths of an inch

into my scalene tissue,

Yeah, I know.
You're the original tough guy.

What're you doing here?

Look who I brought.

- Burgess, what the hell?
- Sorry, the door was tricky.

Hey, we brought you a card.

- I see that.
- Uh, to be clear,

this is not a get-well card.

It is a see-you-soon card,

'cause I got you
on the A&A sheets

for light duty
starting next week.

Ah, they still gotta
dig these fragments out.

Oh, did you get shot?
You haven't mentioned it once.

Ha ha.
I got a meeting

with the medical board at 5:00
to get the surgery approved,


Easy peasy... Doc patches you up,
you're back on patrol

as soon as your
Return to Work form clears.

All good.
And me and Burgess,

we'll be partners?

That's kind of
a sticky wicket.

HQ doesn't like the idea beca...
because you were...

because you know what you were
at the time of the shooting.

So we have to strategize.
Let's go get some pancakes.

Let's go.

All right,
Darren and Jeni Carlson.

Both 48 years old.
Lifelong residents of Chicago.

Both their daughters were
in public high school.

Their son,
he was 10 years old.

Tough kid.
Beat leukemia.

Lastly, their daughter, Polly.

She's 12 years old.

She's our only survivor.

Darren used to work for
the City Planning Department.

Jeni was a manager
at a commercial printer.

They had about a dozen LLCs
in their names.

Yeah, they were definitely

Darren manages
a few rental properties.

I got patrol knocking on doors
right now.

We might just be looking for
an aggravated tenant.

Yeah, Jeni was raising money
to buy a fast food franchise.

I'm looking into
their investors.

They also had a $50,000 advance
from a company called Horizons.


That's a pyramid scheme.

They do these seminars
to teach leadership skills,

but it's a total scam.

So, we got nothing
on the pod cameras yet, boss.

Neighborhood Watch
didn't see anybody fleeing.

We got the .40 caliber shells
left at the scene.

None of 'em match
the ballistics database so far.

So it's either
a single shooter

or they only discharged
the one weapon.

There was no sign
of forced entry,

so they knew who the killer was.

It's possible.

Look, what I want
to understand is

who exactly the Carlsons are
in business with.

These people are scrambling
to do right by their family.

Somewhere along the line,
it went bad.

And let's not assume the kids
are just collateral damage.

I mean, they got
two teenage daughters.

The surviving daughter
is our only eyeball witness.

She's on a three-day
psych evaluation at Med.

Her aunt and uncle

in St. Louis are
her closest family.

They're gonna be
on the first flight tomorrow.


12 years old.
Got nobody in the city.

Well, she's got us.

Change of clothes.

- Thank you.
- You need anything else?


To take your mind off.

Tell me I'm crazy,
but that is a perfect condo.

Check out that view.

Where's the bedroom?

Did you see the view?

There's no bedroom?

There's a dry cleaner
in the building.

You don't know
what dry cleaning is.

I'll learn.

I'll wait for Polly.
You get out of here.

No, it's all right.
I wanna be here

when she wakes up.

I know you do, but...

there's such a thing
as having too much empathy.

You leave nothing for yourself.

You want me to care less?

I want you to sleep.

I'll sleep when I've done
29 and a day.

Thank you for this.

I'll go change.


♪ ♪

Also noted multiple contusions
to rib cage

with blunt force trauma.

- Doc.
- Hank.

I know you like to be on hand
with tender age victims,

but these kids appear healthy.


- No sign of domestic abuse?
- No.

Then I run the fluoroscope
on the father.

That's a different story.

Due to lividity,
it was a little tough to see

until we cleaned him up.

Yeah, someone put a beating
on him.

I think you know
what I'm gonna say next.

No record of him
seeking medical treatment.

Liver isn't shot,

but it's consistent
with his self-medicating.

You got a timeline
on the beating?

I'd say three months.

Being part of
the Horizons family

has made me a better person.

Before Horizons,
I was pushing away abundance.

It was a pattern
of negative reinforcement.

Then I remembered
the Orlando assembly

and the skills we learned.

Let's step
in my office.

This is great stuff.
Keep going.


Graham Simmons.

This your shop?

Yes and no.

Have a seat.
You run Chicago for Horizons.

So what's that make you?
A life coach?

A priest?
I'm no different from anyone.

How can I help?

You can imagine this is
a tough day for our community.

Well, kept your doors open.

Darren and Jeni
were loved here.

They would have wanted us
to keep pushing.

They were also paying Horizons
22% interest on a huge loan.

Yeah, you gotta love
a guy like that.

I met Darren when he and Jeni

were living
in a van with four kids.

I brought him in
and he prospered.

Inside a year,
they were homeowners,

building a life of purpose
for his family.

Five years later, he was
on our Implementation Committee.

You prosper,
you pick up enemies.

Well, not Darren.

He put his darkness behind him.

What darkness?

His record was spotless.


I don't know
what Darren was into,

but it wasn't working.

With our help,
he turned it around.

Why'd he need 50 grand?

He achieved
a new leadership level.

He was an Emerald Tier Guide.

He bought a new level
for 50,000.

Yeah, so you put up the cash,

he's gotta pay you back
by signing in new members.

I can draw it for you.

Looks a lot like a pyramid.

We need the name of
every member Darren signed up.

I'm happy to answer

but I won't open our books
without a subpoena.

I have responsibilities
to our members.

Yeah, well,
you want to help us.

Someone killed your friends
and three of their kids.

Do you understand that?

Which one are you, Graham?


Victim or victor?

I'm still working to find out.

Work in progress.

Next time you come,
make sure it's with a subpoena.

Polly's awake,
but she's catatonic

or one click away from it.

I spoke to
the Neighborhood Watch again.

They're helpful.
Too helpful.

I'm afraid they're
spooking any eye witnesses

- because right now...
- Polly's the only one

who saw the shooter.

We need you in the psych ward,

I gotta go.


Down there.


Get security up here.

I need one Haldol
and a gurney with restraints.

Wait, wait, wait.
Let me talk to her.

- What're you doing?
- Stay back.

Clear the hall.

Clear the hall.
Let's go.




It's Erin.

Do you remember me?

Can you put the knife down?

Do you know where you are?


I'm at the hospital.

That's right.

Do you know why?

I don't know why.

I'm not hurt.

I need to help.

Okay, you can help.

You can help me.

But first, I need you
to put the knife down.

And then you can help me, okay?

Can you put it down,
maybe on the floor there?

And then you can help me.


Thank you.

Now listen... hey, hey!

No, no!


- No, let go!
- Easy.



What're you doing?

My job.

Make sure she gets
her own room.

Polly Carlson
is our only eyewitness,

and you just sedated her again.

She's in
a dissociative state.

She's not ready to talk to you.
Her family was murdered

and you're stalling
my investigation.

Detective, she's traumatized.

She attacked my staff.
She's not making any sense.

Every hour that I lose
makes it that much harder

to catch the people
who did this.

Polly said she wanted to help.

What if she can?

I need to interview her.

The problem with the police

is that wherever they go,
they think they're the police.

I will call you
when I've determined

that she's ready to talk.

I promise.

I'm sympathetic
to your situation,

Been shot in you squad car.

And while the department's proud
of the way you handled it,

once Roman returns to full duty,
you both get new partners.


we came to you as a courtesy.

I want them
in that car together.

They report to me.

And you report to me.

As I explained in court,

my actions following
my partner's shooting

were professional and correct.

you need to cool down.

this isn't the court.

This isn't any kind
of democracy.

It's a tyranny.

And I've made up my mind.


Five murders this morning.
You come in here with this?


♪ ♪

- Hey, boss?
- Yeah.

So Horizons won't give us
the members

- that Darren sold memberships to.
- Uh-huh.

We had a guy in the Assets
Forfeiture Unit look into it.

Yeah, we got him working
backwards through the bank.

The Carlsons signed up
everyone on that list,

and then those people,
they turn around

and sell to the other suckers.

We're thinking
there's a motive there.

Yep, and this guy here
stands out.

Allan Sloan.
Sent a few emails.

No death threats, necessarily,
but close enough.

"You people
cost me everything."

And he got popped
for a drunk and disorderly,

like, four days ago.

All right, find him.
Get him in a room.

All right.

Central, this is
Officer Adam Ruzek.

Hey, we're at 8322 South Shore.

Did you dispatch a unit
to Allan Sloan's house?

We got them held down
on a burglary.

Should we hold you down
as assisting?

- Yeah, yeah, okay. Yeah.
- Copy that.

Come on in.

Guess it's a party now.

He came in
through the back door.

Took the pins out.

(EXHALES) Guess this ain't
his first rodeo.

Took my tablet computer.

So when was the burglary?

Last night.

I didn't find out about it
until this morning,

to be honest.

Where were you at 4:00 a.m.?

At my brother's bar,

and then here
on this very couch.


Jeni and Darren Carlson.

Is that why you're here?
You think that was me?

We read your emails.
Anything you want to talk about?

They sold me a Horizons
seminar in Grand Rapids.

So I'm on stage there
in front of 500 people,

and they got this head shrinker
there trying to help me

"unlock my potential
to create wealth."

I mean, I knew at that moment
that this was total nonsense.

So I'm like,
"Okay, I'm ready for a refund."

Nothing doing there.

Mr. Sloan,
we're gonna need you

to come down to the District.
We're also gonna need a name...

- Nah, nah, nah, nah.
- Of anybody that can verify

your whereabouts last night.



It never ends, man.
They take everything.

No, I'm still waiting.

Ready for you.

I'll call you back.

Hi, Polly.


So, Polly, you said before
that you wanted to help.


I saw the man
who killed my family.

I just...

I can't see his face.

I want you to try.

Well, I need to go
to the house on the lake.

They said I couldn't go.

Is that why
you hurt the nurse?

I need to go to the house
on the lake.


Well, why don't we go
to the house on the lake?

So, this house...

she could be fixated.

You know,
it's a coping mechanism,

but the fixation could be
based in reality

or it could be entirely

Okay, which one
do you think it is?

I don't know.
You know, if it exists,

it could be she's got
some positive memory

she wants to relive there.

And that could bring her back
to reality.?

I mean, I assume you got

some other leads you're
working on here.

Leads, yes.
Witnesses, no.

Listen, about this morning.

I hadn't slept.
I'm sorry.

This is your shop.

I should not tell you
how to run it.

Erin, do not worry about it.

Everybody's just trying
to do their job.

So, this house,
you, uh,

you think it exists?

I have absolutely no idea,

but if it does,
we're gonna find out.

At this time,
this medical review board

regrets to inform you

that we will not be able
to approve

the surgical procedure
Dr. Calloway suggests.

What the hell does that mean?

You got a problem
with my doctor?

It's more complicated
than that.

The bullet... it's buried back
near the C5 nerve root.

You said you could
get it out.

And I can,

but removing it is unlikely
to improve

the sensory and motor deficits
to your arm,

and, well...

the surgery could actually
make them worse.

The damage condition is most
likely going to be permanent.

You can't work patrol
with a chronic condition.

I don't have a condition.

You don't know me.
Ask my Sergeant.

Ask the Commander.
I belong out on the streets.

You're unable
to use your firearm

or defend yourself physically.

You can't return
to the streets safely.

Can this be appealed?

Son, you gotta think
about your quality of life.

There's a lot of brave men out
there who never got the chance

to do what you're doing...

to walk away from a shooting.

The department will find
something for you

where you can be effective,

and you won't be in danger.


Sloan's alibi checks out.

His brother and four others
put him falling off a barstool

at the time of the murders.

It's right before
he was robbed too.

- Strange timing.
- Yeah.

What's even more strange is
that his neighbor called

about a car blocking
her handicapped spot last night.

Right after
the Carlson murders.

Plates belong to
a security consultant employed

by Horizons International.

Yeah, the guy's
a former Cook County Sheriff.

Francis Kruger.
Pretty big problem.

Got fired for a couple
excessive force beefs.

You see Horizons as the nexus?

Sloan said that the only thing
that was taken was

his tablet computer,
which he used

to film a Horizons seminar.

Their aggressive tactics,
et cetera, et cetera.

I mean, I think we got motive.

Sloan's a whistle blower.

The company breaks in his house,

they steal whatever
he's got on them.

I do want to tap the brakes
just for a second

because, I mean, are we saying
that a self-help group

robbed a guy,
slaughters a family

just to keep a lid
on how they operate?

So we grab this guy
and find out.

How's Lexi?

Uh, you know, threatening to
take a year off before college.

She's calling it a "gap year."

"Gap year"?

Imagine trying to get
that past your old man.

Imagine talking to my old man.

Hey, Francis Kruger.


If this is about that family,
let me spare you,

- I didn't do it.
- What about the robbery?

What robbery?

Come on, Francis.
You know this.

You tell us what happened,
everything goes good for you.

We got you on the neighbor's
security camera

going into Allan Sloan's house

20 minutes after
somebody murdered the Carlsons.

Your unit messed around
with one of these

back when you were
with the Sheriffs, right?

But it work for you?
I mean, you get confessions

with this thing?

How long before we place you
inside that Carlson house?

I mean, Sloan's gonna
blow the whistle.

Horizon calls you in to, what,

clean up, right?

I'll tell you
what we can't crack.

How does the family figure in?

Three kids are dead.
Not four.

You left the little girl alive.

And I'll tell you
something else...

she ID'd you.

Mm-hmm. From a photo array,
in one second.

No way.
Not possible.

Spark it up.

Hey, look, she's wrong.

Track my phone.
I was nowhere near that house.

They wanted Sloan's computer.
I got it.

You telling me
you had no dealings

with the Carlson family?

- Not technically.
- "Not technically."


Okay, okay.

Look, I did background on him

before Horizons loaned him
some money.

I found out Jeni Carlson
was a fighter.

She was in arbitration
for some loan gone sour.

She wanted the money back.

Not in any court records.

No, it was private mediation.

Them against some kid.


It's... it's in my files.




Thank you.

How much did they loan him?

- 800.
- 800,000?

No, $800.

- This guy?
- Gerald Dougherty.

We ran his FOID card.
It came back with nothing.

But his father is registered
to a .40 caliber handgun,

so, I guess that
could be the weapon.

Just so I got this right,
are we saying that

this kid killed 5 people
for $800?

We find that gun, we'll know.

Kicked out of high school
for attacking a teacher

in a parking lot?

Why didn't I know this

Couldn't make the connection
from a fight in a parking lot

to a quintuple murder, Sarge.

And I said, "Find out why."

I know it's just $800,
but it might have

meant something to that kid.

I wanna look him in the eye
and ask what.

Hey, I gotta find this house.

You don't have to do it alone.

You know I love a combo.

So what if the house on the
lake wasn't a vacation spot?

I went through
Darren's financials.

He managed a property
down on 47th St.

That's Hyde Park.

Right on the lake.

That's it.

That's the building
my dad worked on.

I helped him redo the floors
on weekends.

All right, well,
let's go check it out.

You know what?
This is gonna be great

'cause Erin might actually
let me drive.

That will never happen.

Come on.

Good luck.

Can I help you?

Where's your son,
Mr. Dougherty?

I don't know.

Neighborhood Watch
was canvassing.

I think he was out with them.

He's not.

We have a warrant
to search your residence,

but first you need to show us
where you store your weapon.


It's gone.

I don't understand.

Hey, yo.

They found that
in Gerald's room.

This your weapon?

It is, but...
I don't understand.

Are you saying my son
did this?

where would he have run to?


♪ ♪

My mom made cookies
while we were working.

My dad said not to,
but she did anyway.

Peanut butter chip.

That's good.

Can you remember anything else?



♪ ♪

He was here.

The man who killed my family.
He was here.


- Polly.

Hey, hey, Polly.

Hey, it's okay.

He cannot hurt you anymore.

- It's okay.

Listen, man,
you gotta dig deep.

The longer your son is missing,
the worse this looks.

Gerald, run!

Watch him.


♪ ♪

Go around!




Stay in the car.

Get up.
Get up.

- Get over here.

What's the deal, Gerald?
You don't like us no more?

You notice I didn't
ask for a lawyer?

It's 'cause I did nothing wrong.

Just tell us
about Katie Carlson.

We went through
your computer.

There's you and Katie.

She was 16.

And the rest of these,
I can't look at.

So five members of
the Carlson family are dead,

and you... you were sleeping
with their teenage daughter.

What're we supposed
to make of that, huh?

Forget that this is
statutory rape.

Just tell us what happened.

What, she break up with you?

Dad find out
what you were doing?


Look at me.

Any version of this
is motive.


No, no, no.
I would never hurt Katie.

Okay, what about her mom,

We know she was suing you.

So what... what was up
with that, man?

It's a long story,
but I needed some money,

800 bucks, she loaned it to me.
They were good people.

But I couldn't pay it back
and I couldn't tell my dad.

So we were in court.

I loved Katie.
I'm trying to help.

Gerald, we have
your dad's gun.

We know it's gonna be
a ballistics match,

so, hey, just tell us
what happened.

No, no, no, no,
I borrowed it to go on patrol.

It hasn't been fired.
Test it.

Then why'd you run?


My dad said "run."

Someone wanted them dead,
but I'm telling you,

it wasn't me.

Put him in the cage.

Get up.
All right.

So you can picture him?

You can see his face?


He was here.

It was cold.

It... it was January.

Do you know his name?

No, I don't know.


my dad went outside.


They had a fight, and...

he... he wanted money.

Someone called the police.

That's amazing.

I'm at the Hyde Park address.
I think I got a lead.

Yeah, so do we.

Gerald Dougherty.
He's in the cage.

That's great.

Let's, uh, corroborate
Polly's story.

Can you pull an in-service call?

There was an altercation
at this address.

Patrol responded.
The timeline works.

A fight would
explain Darren's injuries.

One second.

Okay, yeah, yeah, here it is.

Uh, January 12,
in-service call for a domestic.

Look, there was no report filed.

Fight broke up
before patrol could arrive,

so I'll play this for Voight.

Send me a photo array.

No, none of these are right.

The man who killed my family
was older.

He was, like, 50.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Wait, I know him.

He lives near us.

Um, he likes my sister.
His name is Gerald.

Okay, Polly,

would you try closing your eyes

and just trying
to picture the man

who came here
and argued with your dad?

We need you to be really,
really accurate.

He... he's big.

He... had a beard.
He had a brown jacket.

We need you to be positive,

because right now
there's other policemen

who think it was someone else,
someone younger.

No, I'm telling you.
He had a red truck.

The kind you can
zip the top off of.

Okay, a red truck.
We can work with that.

Good job.
That's great.

I got nothing useful
from the report on January 12,

so I pulled
up the original 911 call.

- Right.
- Check this out.

Do you know either man
involved in the fight, ma'am?

It's the building manager,
Darren Carlson.

He's on the ground.
The other guy is kicking him.

You don't recognize
the other man?

No, he just jumped
in his truck.

It's red.
I can't see the license plate.

Just J77.

All right, run that partial.
See if a plate reader

- caught him coming or going.
- Yeah, no, I'm on it.

Ten minutes after
the battery in progress call.

Puts him right in the area.
Full plate is J77-4089.

Hey, I got him.
I got him.

Uh, Lewis Barrow.
50 years old on the dot.

In Stateville for three years
for burglary.

Sarge, are you seeing that?

Darren Carlson.

Released without charges
from that burglary.

Right before he
turned his life around.

All right,
get a photo to Lindsay,

and then we roll on this guy.

That's him.



♪ ♪

Take cover!


This is my house!


Lewis, you want
to think this through.

Cover me!


smoke him out.



you don't want
to go down like this.

I'm ready to die!

Are you?

All right, listen to me,

Be smart.

Just come out nice and slow.

Drop your weapon.

Put your hands up.

I'm giving you one minute
to think about it.

(QUIETLY) Hit it.




Turn over!


Get up.

Before he forgot my name,

Me and Darren did a robbery.

He was out in the car,

I was in the house
when we get popped.

I took the charge.

He said he was giving me a ride.
Didn't know about any robbery.

I did three years for him.


He owed me.

He could have made this right.

I can't get a job.

I needed 20 grand
to get my life going,

so I go to see Darren,

and he hands me a pamphlet.

I didn't want a pamphlet.
I needed money, okay?

He didn't get that.

So first you beat him
half to death

and then you come back
and kill his whole family.

I went to talk


And he says he's put
that part of his life away.

Yeah, well, I didn't.

I never got that chance.


♪ ♪

Your aunt and uncle are gonna
be here any minute.


I've never been to St. Louis.

Have you?


I hear it's nice.

I think I'll like it.

I like most places.

We used to drive around a lot.

One time we drove
the whole summer.


My dad pretended
it was an adventure.

But I knew it was because
we didn't have anywhere to live.


♪ ♪

I went to bed in Colorado once
and woke up in Oregon.

Katie hated it.

She wanted to go to camp.

But I think my dad was right.

It was an adventure.

I'm gonna miss him so much.

Hey, Polly...

Have you ever met a person
and just known

that you didn't have to worry
about them?

Like, no matter where they go,

everything's gonna be okay?

I don't know.

I guess.


Aunt Nancie and Uncle Marshall,

this is Erin.

She's a detective.

She helped me a lot.

So, Doc, how did you know

the girl was gonna
remember the shooter?

I didn't.

Memory is
thoroughly unpredictable.

Uh, for instance,

what'd you have for lunch
on Tuesday?

Turkey wrap, avocado,
hot sauce.

Same thing every day.

Oh, fantastic.


I don't know.

Well, okay,

then how about the day
you graduated from the academy?

24-ounce porterhouse,

creamed spinach,
onion rings.

24 ounces?

With the bone, sure.

Point is,
memories imprint randomly.

Positive, negative.

Things you wanna remember stay.

Things you want
to forget disappear.

That's why they
invented whiskey.

I suppose.


Hey, where were you?

I couldn't find you
all afternoon.

Move to San Diego with me.


Why not?
I got a cousin there.

He lives a block from the beach,

he said I could stay
in his guest house.

So wait, wait, when did
this plan come together?

I'm still working on it.

Look, they're pushing me out.

No way I'm working
some office job.

I'll take my 75 and go.

I love you.

And you're the only thing
around here I'd miss.

I... I don't know what to... I...

Don't say anything.
Just think about it.


- Yeah.
- All right.

I'll call you later.