Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - The Silos - full transcript

Intelligence investigates a murder-arson case as Voight and Lindsay continue to deal with the aftermath of Justin's death.

[foreboding music]

♪ Happy birthday, dear Daniel ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

So you were in town last month.

Yeah, I was seeing a friend.

So who's this friend?

[tires squealing]

[somber music]



[whispering] You did good.

I'm gonna find who did this to my son.

- [gunshot]
- [screams]


I'm Justin's dad.

Start digging.

Please, Justin wouldn't
want you to do this.

Erin, get out of here... now.

I'm gonna tell you what I told him

right before I put a bullet in his head.



What happened?


You okay?


I got to go.

[tense music]


On the night the intelligence unit

was pursuing Justin Voight's killer,

I was monitoring the
team's radio transmissions

and geographical locations.

I had your cell phone
and Sergeant Voight's

triangulated the second
radio traffic stopped.

The two of you were both right here

at the Silos

while the rest of the team was
pinged clear across the city.

That's right.

We were here.

This is a place that
Sergeant Voight comes

to gather his thoughts.

And he was reeling after
you pulled him off the case,

so when I couldn't get him
on his cell or the radio,

I came here.

And did what?


about his unimaginable grief

over losing Justin.

It was a cop's son that was
killed that night, Commander.

I don't know if anyone
briefed you on that.

So you agree with what he did?

I don't know what you're referring to.

You pulled us off the case.

We complied.

As far as we know, Justin's killer's

still out there somewhere.

How much longer are you
gonna cover for Voight,

at the expense of your own career

and this entire department's reputation?

Does that matter to you?

Or have you been fully
absorbed into his world?

I know you're indebted to him.

He pulled you off the
streets when you were 15.

But it's time for you
to think for yourself.

[solemn music]

♪ ♪

[rescue radio chatter]

- Arson?
- No doubt.

Strong smell of gasoline, but
no ruptured fuel lines or tanks.

This was definitely a pour.

Victim was probably dead beforehand,

otherwise he would've tried
like hell to crawl out of there.

Man, what a way to go.


We have guys checking
the security cameras

- over by the containers.
- Keep me posted.

Copy that.


I heard about your son.

I just wanted to tell
you how sorry I am.

That means a lot, Matt.

Yo, Sarge.

Plates came back to a Ted Berner.

55, no priors.

All right, thanks.

- Hey, how'd it go?
- Not great.

Hey, check this out.

- What?
- Right here.

What's that on his chest?

Is that a police wire?

Well, let's find out.

Hey, is that my car?

- Whoa! Who are you?
- Is that my car?

- Uh... Ted Berner.
- Was it stolen?

No, my son Evan borrowed it.

I hadn't heard from him, so I
located his phone on the app.

Is... is Evan here?

Mr. Berner, there's an
adult in the front seat,

but we haven't identified him.


Evan wears my father's, um,
watch on his right wrist...

An old Omega.

Is it him?

No. No, please...


Please... please.

Did he owe anyone money?

No, he moved back home to save cash.

He was gonna do a semester
in England next year.

Mr. Berner, your son may
have been wearing a wire...

Like a police recording device.

Does that make any sense to you?

What? No.

- None.
- Okay.

All right, we'll get
you home now, Mr. Berner.

You read about all these
murders on the South Side,

but living in Edgebrook,
you think you're safe.

I can't believe this is happening.

He was...

[crying softly]

Are you sure you're all right...

Coming back to work so soon?


I need this.

How's your grandson?

[laughs] Yeah, well...

thank God for him.

That's the only blessing
in this whole thing.

He's too young to
figure it out, because...

I can't imagine telling
an eight-year-old.


You need anything else...

Anything else you want to talk about?

There seems to be
something on your mind.


Okay, then.

Sergeant, hey.

Hey, Burgess, didn't see you there.

So I'm getting a new partner today?

Yes, indeedy.

'Cause the thing is,
I heard she came from

the foot beat at 26th and Cal.


Which is the worst job in the city.

Where is this going, Officer?

I just want to know what
she did to get stuck there.

She a dog-ass cop or what?

Because with everything
that's going on around here,

I need somebody that I can trust.

Okay, look, this is the deal.

But you got to keep it
under your hat, okay?

Oh, of course.

- And there she is.
- Julie Tay?


Meet your new partner, Kim Burgess.

- Hi, nice to meet you, Kim.
- Oh, yeah.

I've heard a lot of
good things about you.

You too. I'm just, uh, wow.

I'm really looking forward
to working with you.

- Me too.
- Hey.

Stay alive out there.



"The Five People You Meet in Heaven."

He's got this underlined:

"The only time we waste

is the time we spend
thinking we're alone."

This is my daughter, Ally.

We're very sorry about your brother.

Ally, is there anything
that you could tell us

that might help?

Anything that he may have been into?


Do you know if he was
working with the police

or any other law enforcement?

Why do you say that?

Well, we think that he
may have been wearing

a wire that the police use.

CPD is so crooked, it's unbelievable.


I mean, why are you
asking us this stuff?

Shouldn't you know?

[sighs heavily]

- She, um...
- No need to explain.

Totally understandable,
and she makes a good point.

Now if we have to come back
and ask any more questions,

we'll make sure we have all
our ducks in a row first.

So I hear 21st is
getting body cams soon.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.

They're starting to roll them
out through the districts.

I personally think it's a good idea,

'cause, you know, it protects
us as much as the public.

So where you coming from?

Foot beat. 26th and Cal.

- The courthouse?
- Yeah.

Isn't that the worst job in the city?

Writing parking tickets to cops
that are just there to testify?

Yeah, yeah.

It sucked... completely.

Yeah, so how did you end up there?


Units in 21 and units on the citywide.

We have a person calling for
help at 115 West Pershing.

Dispatch, hold us down on that call.

We're two blocks out.

- [dispatch indistinct]
- [siren wails]

Down there! I don't know where!

- What's down there?
- Screaming!

I heard a woman screaming!

All right, you stay right there.

- [muffled scream]
- Tay, black SUV!

- Help!
- Chicago PD... open up!

[indistinct shouting]


Get out of the car!

[glass shatters] Put your weapon down!

- [tires squealing]
- Stop the car!

Stop the car!




Tay, are you okay?

Hey, hey, hey, are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Let's go.

2113 Squad. We're mobile.

Vehicle just spotted westbound
300 west block of Root.

We're in pursuit, turning south.

Black SUV, no plates.

Suspect is armed. Right there!

There she is! Right there.


Ma'am, don't move. Don't move.

We're here to help you.

Hey, hey, hey.

Who was that man who was hurting you?

I don't know.

I called an Uber, and he pulled up

and said the car that I
called got put on another job.

Hey, hey. What's your name?

- Tell me your name.
- Kate.

- Kate.
- He threw me out of the car.

It's gonna be okay.

[crying] Thank you for saving me.

It's okay.

[sirens approaching]

[woman continues sobbing]

Got incoming.

It's all right, sweetie, we got you.

We got you. It's okay.

We're staying right here with you, okay?

We're going to Trauma 2.

All right, Burgess, what happened?

Kate Chen, hit repeatedly, choked out,

lost consciousness twice...
that she remembers...

And sexually assaulted.

All right, we got this.

- [sighs]
- [cell phone buzzing]

Her Uber driver wasn't
pulled off to another job.

Offender probably saw
her waiting for a ride

and just bluffed her into his car.

You know, the temporary
tags on the SUV...

They weren't Illinois tags.

Those were yellow placards,

and they usually go on the rear bumper,

which means the car was
purchased out of state

or at an auction.

- Right.
- Maybe something to go on.

Yeah. Tay.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, thanks.

2113 Squad...

[exhales sharply] Hey.

How's everything going?


You can talk to me about anything.

You know that, right?

Yeah, I do.


[ominous music]


where we at with the
wire this DOA was wearing?

Tech lab confirmed
that it is CPD-issued.

And no one's stepped forward to say

they're working with this kid?

No, no one yet.

I want a full work-up on
the DOA's sister, Ally.

Something was up with her at the house.

- I agree.
- Okay, I'm on it.

[cell phone buzzing]

Okay, Ally Berner.

Uh, looks like an Officer
Ricci out of Narcotics

brought her in two weeks ago,

but there's no record of any arrest.

Must've been a catch-and-release.

All right, let's get Ricci on the phone.

- I'm on it.
- I'm stepping out for a bit.

- Keep me posted.
- Hang on. Sarge.

Commander Crowley's on
the 7447 line for you, sir.

Take a message.

- Okay, thanks.
- Thank you.

All right, Ricci's out
on a buy with her team,

so she's not gonna come up
for air until this afternoon.

All right, let's take a ride.

You know, that's the third
time that she's called

for him today.

Everybody just do your jobs, all right?

[tense music]

Hey, I'm sorry to have
to come back like this.

No, you're not.

Ally, we're sensing a little hostility

between you and the
Chicago Police Department.

What do you guys want?

Well, we're wondering

if maybe that has something to do with

you and Officer Ricci from Narcotics.

'Cause the only thing we know for sure

is that your brother
was wearing a CPD wire,

and you were brought in
two weeks ago by Ricci.

Then why aren't you talking to her?

We will.

But I have a feeling
that we'll get the most...

truthful version from you.

Ally, help us find who
killed your brother.

It's all right. It's okay.

I don't know.

But, um, Officer Ricci... She
arrested me for possession.

I had some molly.

I went to a concert, and
I got it from a friend.

She told me that because I was
within 1,000 feet of a school,

it was a Class X felony, and
I was gonna get ten years.

She said that the only way that
I could avoid doing jail time

was if I did a buy from a dealer

she was trying to bust.

I freaked. I didn't know what to do.

So I told Evan, because we're close.

He said that he would do it for
me so I could stay out of it.

He talked to Officer
Ricci, and she said...

She said that she
didn't care who did it,

but if it didn't get
done, I was going to jail.

And the next thing I heard,

he was found burned
to death in that car.


That's why I didn't come forward sooner.

I don't know who I can trust.

- Officer Ricci?
- Yeah?

Detectives Halstead and Lindsay.


Evan Berner.

What about him?

You tell us.

Uh, he was working a case for me.

He got cold feet; he took off.

He was found torched
in his car yesterday.

Are you messing with me right now?


You have anybody in custody?

No, we don't.

Oh, my God.

Uh, we went on a buy.

Evan went mobile with the target,

which he wasn't supposed to do,

but I just figured he boogied.

Happens all the time.
You guys know that.

Tried calling him couple times.

No dice, so I was just waiting
for him to come forward.

I think you're lying to cover your ass.



Who the hell are you
to talk to me like that?

You let his sister think
she was looking at ten years

and a felony charge on a dime bag.

And you let Evan step into her shoes.

I'm gonna talk to you however
the hell I want to talk to you.

You flip the minnows
to get to the sharks.

Do you even know how Narcotics works?

- Actually, I do.
- Yeah?

So where's your pre-raid
plan? I'd like to see it.

And I'd like to know
who was on your team.

Uh, my team got called into court

at the last minute.

That's why it was just me and
Mike Kendricks, my partner.

Interesting. What about
the 1505 buy money?

Where is it? Who signed it out?

And who wired Evan up?
They did a crap job.

- All right. All right.
- Okay, okay.

Let's, uh...

start over, okay?

We're all on the same team here, right?

Maybe I cut a couple corners, okay?

Look, I'm just trying to get my arrest

and my activity rate up, okay?

Who was the target? Let's start there.

Connor Wix.

He's a big MDMA dealer.

Ex-Marine. Owns a gym in Bucktown.

He's a piece of work, this guy.

And this is who got into
Evan's car before you lost him?

Yeah, that's right.


You know, I'll bet you knew
Evan got killed yesterday,

and you were just hoping no one
connected the dots back to you.

You work for Hank
Voight in Intelligence,

and you're lecturing me?

Save it.


- [baby babbling]
- Hey.

You going somewhere?


To Scottsdale, where my sister is.

For how long?

I'm moving there, Hank.


There's too many bad
memories around here.

Everywhere I look, I either see Justin,

or I see what killed him.

Olive, please don't do this...

Not right now.

Just, please...

I can't stay here.

I'm sorry.

[car horn honking]

That's my ride.

[baby crying]

Shh, shh, shh.

[baby wailing]

Hey, I tried you last night.


I feel a little, um...

Handcuffed here, because
I want to be there for you.

But I don't know what
you're going through.

Crowley thinks I know about Voight

and that guy who killed Justin.

Do you?

I know enough.

Now every step I take, I feel
like it could be a trapdoor.

Those are meant for Voight.

Do not go down with him, please.

It's already in motion.

I just got to let it play out.

Hey, there's one thing you can do.

Move in with me.

Cases come and go.

Bosses come and go. Jobs come and go.

I don't want you to come and go.

Is this Wix?

Yeah, that's him.

[camera shutter clicks]

Cigarette super set I guess, huh?

- [camera shutter clicking]
- Mm-hmm.

- Triggerfish him.
- I want that number.


Come on, call somebody, you nitwit.

Hey, Antonio, headquarters called me,

asked me to come in
and talk about the night

Justin Voight got killed.

Have your FOP lawyer handle it.

Handle it?

I mean, there's nothing to handle.

- I don't... I don't know anything.
- Well, good.

Either way, you don't talk to them

unless your lawyer's present.


But if I bring in a lawyer,

doesn't that look like
I'm guilty of something?

You asking me for my advice
or just to let me know

headquarters reached out to you?


Then let your FOP lawyer handle it,

and let's not talk about it again.

I can do that.

[camera shutter clicking]

All right, here we go.

- [device beeps]
- All right.

We got it.

Call that number in to Lindsay.

We need warrant for all
the the muds and tolls

off that phone.


- Hey, Hank.
- Yeah?

Father of the DOA, Ted Berner.

He just got here. He's
got some questions.

You know,

you could've taken longer to come back.

A lot of things I could've
done different, Trudy.

Mr. Berner?

So... [sniffs]

I'm hearing from my daughter

that a cop may have
pushed Evan into this?

We're looking into that.

Yes or no?


I tried calling her... Ricci?

That's her name?

She won't call me back.

Now's not the right time.

She got my son killed!

I understand what
you're feeling right now.

You don't understand a damn thing

I'm feeling right now!

Mr. Berner, do you want an investigation

as to what went wrong,

or do you want to find the
man who killed your son?

[breathing heavily]

I want to find the
man that killed my son.

I'm gonna do that.

Right now, everyone
involved in this case

needs to keep a real low profile.

You got to trust me on this.

[crying softly]


They took 60 years of
living away from him.

Falling in love, getting married,

holding his child in his arms...


Any updates?

No, but they've got an all-call message

going every half hour over the zone.

The offender's still out
there. Car's not been recovered.

Last time I fired my service weapon,

I got dragged into court.

Almost lost my job.

I maybe hesitated a
little back on the street.

I may have had the shot on that guy.

That won't happen again.

Everything was happening so fast.

And there was a civilian there,

so you made the right call not to fire.

- I'm glad you're my partner.
- Me too.



We'll just see how long it lasts.

How do you mean?

Two years ago, I was
working at the 24th.


And there was... is...

a Commander Fogel.

I ran into him at a bar after hours.

He seemed very nice.
Walked me to my car.

And then he tried to kiss me.

I pushed him off. Didn't report him.

I should've, because the next day,

he put a brick on me,

and that's how I ended up
writing tickets at 26th and Cal.

He assigned you there?


And then I met Sergeant Platt

at a Women's Police Association lunch,

and she offered to help me out.


There was a decal on the
back window of the SUV...

A White Sox parking sticker,

for residents living near the ballpark.

I think that can help us narrow
down where the SUV came from.

All right, according
to the phone records,

Wix had these four
women working for him...

Probably his couriers.

Three of them are strippers,
for whatever that's worth,

but one of 'em stood out...

Nikki Culler.

Looks like she did
some smurfing for Wix.

Hit multiple currency exchanges,

but kept everything under 3K

so as not to elicit a
Suspicious Activity Report.

The thing is, she did it so many times,

she got reported anyway.

Where's Lindsay?

She's working the case.

Ah, here we go.

Wix and Nikki have a
three-year-old son together.

Child Services has
been to their apartment

three times over the past two years.

Where's Ryder?

- With a police officer in...
- What?

Ryder? Come here, sweetie.

- Mommy.
- Hey. Hey.


He's a cute kid.

You ever want to see him again?

[dramatic music]

So these are copies

of what I submitted to the Ivory Tower.

My NPR and a To-From to my commander

and a closing report.

It lays out what I did...

And what I didn't do.

And it's not just to cover my ass.

I just feel responsible for
what happened to Evan Berner.

I can't make it right,

but I can face up to it.

Good luck, Officer.

Sometimes you get caught up in the job,

and you forget the real reasons

why you started doing it to begin with.

Okay, so we're looking for a nexus

between out-of-state temp tags

and White Sox residential
parking stickers.

Yeah, also check for any
registered sex offenders

in that district and the
surrounding districts.


Hey, turns out writing
all those parking tickets

at the courthouse finally paid off.

[chuckles] Yeah, let's hope.

Look for body shops in the neighborhood.

If the offender's from there,

he's gonna be looking
to get the windows fixed.

Oh. Girl's still got it. [laughs]


- Officers.
- How's it going?

Your name?

Oscar Flynn.

You the owner?

That's right.

Okay, we're looking for a black SUV...

Out-of-state temp tags.

Would've come in in the last day or so

to get his window fixed.

- I've seen him.
- When?

Came in earlier today.

I told him I couldn't
get it done till tomorrow.

He offered me double, and I told
him he could offer me quadruple,

but I wasn't gonna get the
parts here till tomorrow.

Sent him to Pinky's over on Roosevelt.

He took off.

You got security cameras out here?

Only out back.

- Kim.
- Put your hands on the hood.

Whose car is that?

You say nothing, it's yours,

and then you go down
for kidnapping and rape.

You like that? Give me a name.

Police! Freeze!

I will not hesitate!


I just feel like I'm being worked here.

You're shacking up with a drug dealer

who killed someone.

You're totally aware what
he does for a living, right?

And you've helped him launder money.

I don't know everything.

I didn't know that he killed that kid.

Exactly, and that's the only thing

that's gonna keep you out
of jail and with your son.

But you got to help us bring Wix down...



Okay, so located on your purse strap

is a tiny, undetectable camera.

- We can see everything.
- Okay.

Right in here is the transponder.

You don't need to do anything.

Just keep that in your purse.

I don't need to activate it or anything?

One more time: you don't
need to do anything.

Detective Olinsky's your ghost.

He'll be nearby with an
eye on you at all times

ready to move in if needed.

Do not make eye contact with him.

Well, how close?

I'll be close enough. Don't worry.

Look, if you're afraid for any reason,

take off your ponytail holder.

That's your visual
distress signal, okay?

Your verbal cue is "crazy."

That's all you got to say...

Like, "Hey, this is crazy," all right?

One of those cues or
both, we're coming in.

I... I wouldn't say, "This is crazy."

I would say, "This is bananas."

Okay, "bananas." That's all right.

Everybody hear that? New safe word.

It's bananas.

I'm freaking out a
little bit here, okay?

Hey, hey, hey. This is what we do.

And we do it better than anybody.

If anything looks like
it's going sideways,

we'll move in.

There's nothing in this world
worth you getting hurt over.

We have your back.

He doesn't.

Your boyfriend shot a kid in the head

and then lit him on fire.

Sorry if I'm not in a
hand-holding mood right now.

I had nothing to do with that!

You're gonna be fine, Nikki.

Just stick to the plan.

Let's roll out.

Why you calling me on my personal phone?

I saw the news, Connor.

- Good for you.
- I never agreed to this.

- To what?
- Burned alive?

If it makes any difference, Nikki,

he was dead before the car was torched.

What happened to you?

You're sick.

He was a snitch working with the cops.

[cell phone buzzing]

He was trying to put us in jail, Nikki.

- _
- Does that matter to you?

- That's what he said?
- No.

"I'm working with the cops."

That's what he said?

It was a hunch I got,

and I pressed him on it,

and he didn't have the right answers.

He made his choice. I made mine.


So you killed him?

Why are you asking so many questions?

- Bitch!
- Move in.

[tires screech]

[engine revving]

Got him.

Don't move!


Would you come with us, Sergeant?

[tense music]

Your gun, please.

At this point, we
have a pretty good idea

what happened the night
your son was killed.

Is that right?

Your brought the suspect,
Kevin Bingham, here...

and he never left.

We pinged your car to this location.

Look familiar?

Hank, you know how this works.

Save us the trouble of
having to dig up his body,

and we cut you a deal.

[dark music]

You got a kid, Commander?


Well, if you did, and
you held him in your arms

with blood coming out of his
head from a gunshot wound,

we wouldn't be standing here right now.

Dig it up.

You have to make so many death
notifications on this job.

I remember every one.

Now to be able to walk
up to someone's door,

someone who's lost so much,

and bring good news...

It's a blessing.

I hear you.


Are any of these men the
person that did this to you?

That's him.

Are you going to arrest him now?

We already got his ass.


Thank you.

Of course.

Thank you.

[low conversation]



Heard you were detailed at the 21st.

That's correct.

Good luck.



Can I get back to work now?

He's cleared.


[knocking at door]

Thank you.

You saved my life.

I would've been dead at 15
if you hadn't taken me in.

There's... no doubt
in my mind about that.

And I've always looked
forward to saving yours.

You're all I have left now.

[somber music]