Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Natural Born Storyteller - full transcript

Burgess and Roman find the body of an eight-year-old boy while pursuing a gang-banger.

Hey, Olinsky,

Michelle Sovana keeps calling for you.

- Who is this girl?
- My daughter.

I got to go see a man about a dog.

- Hey.
- Otis!

- Oh, that's okay.
- Sorry.

Roman won't mind.

You want to hold on to your
badge, there's conditions.

For starters, you're gonna live with me

and take weekly drug tests.

- I can do that.
- There's one more thing.

Bunny is the cancer in your life.

I want you to sever all
ties with your mother.

- Morning.
- Thank you.

You know, taken out of context,

a plastic cup's really just
a harmless little thing.

How you feeling?


marathon headaches are gone.

The last couple days, I feel rock solid.

Strange having you up in your old bedroom.

Oh, man, that window still
really shakes in the wind.

Bunny again.

I'll handle it.

There's nothing to think about.

You just take care of it.

- Stop!
- Chicago Police!

Squad, this is 21-13
responding to shots fired.

Chasing male, black,
on foot, white T, jeans,

headed west in the gangway
of 3400 May towards Carpenter.

- Copy that.
- I'm right behind you!


- Roman, get the back!
- Got it.


21-13, shots fired at the police.

- Roman!
- Keep going.

I only ran 'cause y'all started running.

Yeah? Why'd you shoot?

I want a lawyer.

You're gonna need a dentist.

Hey, give me your hands.
I'm not gonna ask you again.

Where's the gun?

Huh? Where is it?

Burgess. Burgess!

The offender apparently got a new piece,

went popping off at a cookout.

Got to love a heat wave in Chicago.

So we chased him in here, subdued him

using the minimal force
necessary to affect an arrest.

Jack-off tried to ditch the hardware.

He threw it in a yard four houses south.

I spotted the blood,
opened the refrigerator.

Never saw anything quite like that.

I sincerely doubt your
shooter wanted us to find this.

These are unrelated acts.

This is a black
neighborhood, always has been.

We're gonna find out
somebody moved that kid here.

That call that was on
the zone this morning...

kid went missing from Rogers Park.

I think this is him.

Hey, darling. Hey.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

We're gonna solve this...

whatever it was.

I know we will.

You know, I started a knock-knock joke

three blocks ago?


It's these cases with kids.

It's always the hardest.

seeing your own kid staring back at you.

I don't know, man.

You get used to it, you're either lying,

or you're giving yourself too much credit.


We owe this kid our
best, so what do we know?

All right, tender-age
white child found dead

in a black neighborhood.

We're still waiting on the ME,

but responding EMTs indicate that, um...

kid's neck was snapped.

He was stabbed in the abdomen three times.

And his wrists and ankles
were bound with sailor's knots,

for what that's worth.

His name was Jeremy Dolan.

He was reported missing 36
hours ago from Rogers Park.

He was eight years old.

His parents are Richard and Rochelle.

They're waiting at the
morgue to ID the body.

Rogers Park... that's three
miles north of that house.

Well, he was probably killed elsewhere,

transported to the scene.

We got no eyeball witnesses of
the body being placed, though.

Do we know who owns the house?

Yep, local real-estate investors.

It's one of 150 properties

that they're buying and
fixing up in that area.

I'll see if there's anything there.

All right, we start in Rogers Park.

I want to be there when they ID him.

- Yeah.
- Al, you come with?


That's him. That's...

He went missing Saturday.

He went on a bike ride.

He was gonna go see his friend.

We found him three and a half miles south.

Would he have ridden that far from home?

They found his bike a block from the house.

Why don't you know this?

We're getting up to speed.

- You need to find who did this.
- That's our intention.

I can't... I can't do this.

I can't do this.

Do you know, was he abused sexually?

Medical examiner hasn't
had a chance to work yet.

Was there a history of
abuse in the family...

relatives, family friends?

His life was perfect.

Same block I grew up on.

There's no problems on that block,

and when there is...

we deal with them.

If we need to reach you...

I'll be at home

trying to keep my wife from falling apart.

The night of the disappearance, yes, ma'am.

No, we didn't hear anything.

No screaming, shouting, slamming doors?

I would've gone and checked.
We watched each other's kids.

- These were good people.
- I understand.

Um, were your windows open?

This would've been 6:30,
7:00 Saturday night.

They were open. It was warm.

And my hearing's perfect.

Is anybody a little too nice,

like maybe extra candy on
Halloween kind of thing?

There's no one here who's too friendly.

They'd get dealt with.
We didn't hear anything.

So, uh, how well did you
know the Dolan's, Mister...

Boyd. Damien Boyd.

I've, uh...

I've known Richie my whole life.

I grew up down the block here.

I don't live here anymore, though, so...

I wish I could help you.

My friends are grieving, and
I got to get these inside.

Sorry. Our condolences.

Come on.

So no one saw or heard anything.

Nothing they feel like sharing.

Hey, I've been looking for you.

You got a way of saying that

where it never sounds like good news.

Regarding you and Lindsay...

All right, I don't know what
your relationship status is,

and I don't care,

but I need to know someone's
got her back 24 hours a day.

Yeah, I, uh...


Special Investigations Unit

sent over the files for
every registered sex offender

in the vicinity of Rogers Park.

The ME found tissue under
Jeremy's fingernails.

Little guy went down fighting.

Said no sign of sexual assault,

but that doesn't mean he
couldn't have been made to...

I don't know...

this block he was snatched
from, they're pretty tight-knit.

Seems like an odd pool
to pick your victims from.

But if it was about sex, there's no logic.

It's just impulse.

Hey, this guy moved
onto the block last year.

He's in from Salt Lake City.

His PO logged a complaint. He
never registered in Chicago.

- What's his name?
- Darren Woodhull.

So this is what corporate money buys, huh?

You want to take the lead on this?

I do, in fact.

Darren Woodhull?


You must be here about the boy.

Two child murders equidistant
from my condominium in Salt Lake...

this was 2012.

I was detained for nine hours by the PD

and told, in no uncertain terms,

that a confession was the
only card I had to play.

It's tiresome being the usual suspect.

I imagine your victims grew tired

of your abuse back in Utah.

I made mistakes. I sought treatment.


I know my rights, Officers.

I don't need a lawyer.
I have nothing to hide.

Except for the fact
that you didn't register

as a sex offender when
you moved to Chicago.

- Why not?
- I did.

Your city's computer system

created an erroneous problem report.

And I have an alibi
for 6:45 Saturday night.

I was here, stuck in a client presentation.

- You have a car?
- I do.

- It's been in the shop all week.
- What happened to your neck?

Did you maybe get attacked?

No more questions for today.
I have a meeting to get to.

This isn't Salt Lake, Darren! Sit down!

We got a kid down the street from you dead,

and you're on the verge of pissing me off.

Your injury... what happened?

I was sailing.

I rented a Sunfish, capsized
on some rocks yesterday.

We're gonna need the contact information

of everyone that you were
working with over the weekend,

and you should stay in town.

So a needle fell out of his gym bag.

Yeah, I know what I saw, Adam.

Plus, he is limping and sweating.

Well, you got to talk to him.

I can't, because he's gonna
know you sent your boyfriend in

to ask him what the hell's going on...

Sorry, your fianc?.

I would never ask you to do that.

I would, on the other hand,

ask you to help me break into his locker.

Only... it's only 'cause
we're worried about him.


All right, if Roman is using,

which, to me, sounds
like science fiction...


Then he's gonna need help,
and CPD has treatment programs,

and you, as his friend,
you got to talk to him

before he loses his grip.


You can do this. I believe in you.

You got to talk to him.

And, uh, you smell really good today.

Have we talked about that?

How about you tell me that

when I'm not, like, wrapped up
in semi-breathable polyester?

- Okay.
- Okay?

Okay. Go talk to him.


- Hey.
- Hey.



How long you been cooking that up?

- Look, I said I was sorry.
- I busted you out of lockup.

You took my cash, then you disappeared.

- It was juvie.
- Yeah?

- And it was 40 bucks.
- Okay.

All right, all right, all right.

- Where you been staying?
- With some friends.

Friends of friends,

but, you know, they got bills and stuff.

So, if you have, like, 80
bucks, that'd be awesome.

Not on me.

But listen, how about you come
by tomorrow, we have some lunch?

And then we need to get you on a plan.

A plan?

What was your plan when
you knocked up my mom?

Yeah, you know what?

Maybe you should figure out
your own plan first, okay?

This was a waste of bus fare.

Who was that?

Just a neighborhood kid
looking to bum a smoke.


Darren Woodhull, our
registered sex offender...

- guy had a gash on his neck.
- Okay.

Says he got it sailing.

Boathouse says none of their guys

administered first aid that day.

He's lying.

- You got his 20?
- Office says he popped home.

Hey, get back inside! I said inside, now!

Chicago Police!

Guy lied right to my face,

violated his parole by
not registering in Chicago,

in case you need a reason.

- Drop the weapon!
- Who are you?

We're the police. Who are you?

I'm Darren Woodhull's protector.

You want to die in a closet? Drop the gun!

Sh... show me a badge.

Right here.

Don't hurt me, please.

Aah! Oh, oh!


This is, uh, Rosie Dolan.

- Her brother is...
- My brother was murdered.

Officer Ruzek said there's no reward

set up to find Jeremy's killer.

Here, you should set one up.

Money makes people want to help,

and it seems like you need
all the help you can get.

Well, we're gonna find who
did this to your brother.

In the meantime, I need
you to keep saving, okay?


Hey, let's go. Your mom's waiting, okay?


I want a full workup on
this Vaughn Bash, you hear?

Vaughn Bash, registered sex offender

in the state of Illinois since '98.

I'm not the one you need
to worry about... Darren is.

You mean your roommate, Darren?

We're very worried. He disappeared.

You don't understand. He's in danger.

What did you do to that kid?

I didn't do anything.

You got the wrong guy, I swear.


Look at me.

Woodhull had a gash on his neck.

It was fresh.

I know.

We had a fight. It got physical.

I didn't call 911 because it's not allowed

for two people like us to live together.

I don't expect you to sympathize,

but we need each other.

If Woodhull told you where
he was going, believe me...

believe me, now is the time to speak up.

I'm trying to tell you, he didn't run.

They took him, okay?

- Who took him?
- I don't know.

He... he came home to take a nap.

I... I heard shouting. I hid.

When your team came in,
I thought it was them

trying to come back to rob us.

That's why I had the gun.

Antonio! Antonio.

Get out of here.

Right now...

the truth.

That's the truth.

I got nothing to gain by lying.


Almost lost you in there.

You're gonna tell me to toe a line?

I'll tell you how much
ice to put in your drink,

and right now I need you to relax.

Hank, Miles tried to ping
Woodhull's cell... nothing.

What about his car?

I mean, if he transported a body,

he left DNA behind.

Yeah, Woodhull said it's in the shop,

so Olinsky's on his
way to check it out now.

Well, get the Dolans in here.

I want to look them in the eye.

I mean, tight neighborhood like that,

they got a pair of sex offenders
shacked up four doors down,

they know nothing about it?

Caught the tail end of
that. You buying this?

Guy got kidnapped from his house?

I don't think we're
getting the whole story.

- Yeah, from who?
- Any of them.

Kurt Hollister.

That's me. Can I help you?

Yeah, we're the police.

We're looking for a car that
belongs to Darren Woodhull.

Yeah, it's out there... blue sedan.

You like him for the murder?

Guy always gave me the
creeps, to be honest.

Oh, yeah, how's that?

I don't know. You ever
just get that feeling?

All the time,

but then again, I work with this guy, so...

How well do you know Darren Woodhull?

Ah, keeps to himself.

Freak like that... got
no right drawing breath.

Think he knows it.

No secrets here in Rogers Park.

Hey, Jay!

Searched the interior. It's clean enough.

Pop this trunk, it gets real.

There's bloodstains under the mat.

It's Woodhull.

All right.

So we have an update for you...

person of interest.


The same person you thought of

before you set foot in my district.

You know, neighbors say
they didn't hear any screams

when your son went missing.

He didn't scream because
he knew Darren Woodhull.

At number 2336, yeah, everybody knows him.

He's a pervert, and he did time for it.

- He's missing.
- Maybe he's on the run.


where's your husband?

If he intervened, we need to know about it.

- I'm not following.
- I think you are.

- I lost my son!
- I'm being polite right now.

We know you lost your son.

You know what? You want answers. So do I.

We don't owe you people anything.

I'll tell you what you don't want.

You don't want to lose my sympathy.

Listen to me.

Whatever your husband did,

you're an accessory right
now right where you sit.

He did what a husband should do.

Now tell me where he went.

Answer me!

Answer me!

Chicago Police! Up against the wall, now!

- Are you out of your mind?
- Now! I got him.

Give me that. What's the matter with you?

We're gonna need an ambulance.

Damien Boyd...

going above and beyond
for your friends, huh?

They'd do the same thing for me

if something happened to my kids.

- Hey, this your building?
- No.

We do maintenance for the management.

Yeah, but you got the
key to the boiler room.

It's a nice place to
put a beating on a guy.

Hey, what do you know

that makes you so sure
Darren Woodhull's the guy?

Aside from liking little boys?

Aside from that, actually, yeah.

He followed Jeremy home from school.

Probably got a hard
drive filled with garbage.

The guy's demented.

I still lived on the block,
he never would've moved in.

He was gonna confess.

And after that?

I don't know.

We didn't get that far.

You know, you guys should
be thanking me right now.

We solved your case.

Well, we put the pieces together.

If they fit, then maybe.

- Until then, come on.
- Why?

Wild guess. You're under arrest.

- Let's go.
- Come on, get up.

Ah, you got my text?

Look, Mom, this...

I need this for work, okay?

I can't be getting calls
and texts and 911 messages

from you all hours.

I know, but I worry about you, sweetheart.

And I appreciate that.

I do, okay? But I'm good.

At least I'm... I'm getting better.

The truth is...

Hey, JoJo's coming over tonight for drinks.

They really miss you.

Mom, we need time apart.

It's not that you're bad for me.

It's... it's that we're bad for each other.

This is not you talking.

This is Hank Voight. He put you up to this.

No, Mom, it's not like that.

This is me talking.

Same old routine...

the minute we get close,

he has to drive a wedge through us.

Please don't make this
any harder than it is.

He's gonna get you killed.

He's gonna get you killed
like he got Nadia killed.


We have a case. I got to go.

When I'm ready to talk, I'll find you.

Roman, can we stop for a second?

Yeah, what's up?

You tell me.

Come on, man, you aren't yourself.

I'm worried.

Look, I... I saw that needle
in your bag, and I just...

Hey, I want you to know
that I'm here for you.

Whatever's going on in your life,

you don't have to hide anything from me.

I need you to tell me something,
so I know what's going on.

All right, Burgess, stop.

The needle...

I'll explain tonight.

I promise.

Hey, Antonio, we got a problem.

I just got off the phone with Area North.

His son is missing.

That's not possible.
I saw him this morning.

How old?

He's, uh... he's seven years old,

in the first grade.

He didn't make it home from school.

That's some timing.

You want to tell me what's really going on

or get charged for kidnapping and assault?

I swear to God. I don't know anything.

Hey. Hey!

You can't leave me in here!

What'd they say? Is he missing or dead?

- Damien Boyd.
- Yeah, his son's missing.

Snatched at 3:00 p.m.

While they're beating a
confession out of the wrong guy.

The whole damn unit thought
we had Woodhull dead to rights.

We saw what we wanted to see.

I want everything on everyone involved.

Yeah, I'm looking at it now.

Thank you.

Lab results got back.

The blood in Woodhull's trunk
is a match for Jeremy Dolan.

- The blood is how old?
- It's two days old.

He was transported in that car.

But the car's been in
the shop for six days.

Huh. All right, who had
access to the vehicle?

It's the mechanic. I'll go.

Hey, we're still missing
the big picture here.

We need to know why.

Take Alvin.

Hey, we're looking for Kurt Hollister.

He went out a couple hours ago.

- He say where?
- No.

We're gonna check in his office.

- Got the key?
- Nope.

- Hit it.
- Yeah.

Guess we got to knock it down.

We should check this.
We got to get in there.


Oh, okay.

Who do you think this is?

- We'll find out.
- It's Hollister.

He's on the run.

He's got a second kid with him.

Our main target is Kurt Hollister.

Last known location was his
mechanic shop four hours ago.

We got Tac guys sitting on his residence

and an Amber alert out on
the vehicle and the kid.

The body in the freezer
belonged to Ray Malone.

He was 38 years old.

He died a block from where he was born.

Malone is a knock-around
guy... misdemeanor priors.

Somehow, he's the nexus.

He went to high school with
the father of the victim

and the father of the missing kid.

So what's the motive?

Why brutally murder a kid,
take off with a second,

and then leave an
unrelated male body behind?

He's out there, and he's
holding a seven-year-old boy.

He's not some mastermind. We
should have him in custody.

We were right there. We talked to him.

We all missed this. Let's
just connect the dots.

Who was Ray Malone to this guy?
How's he end up in his freezer?


Ray Malone.

Ray, uh...

Ray was the guy with the
worst luck in the world.

He had lymphoma, maybe two months to live.

You know, when we grew up, we were tight...

me, Richard, and Ray.

Not quite a crew, but, uh...

We weren't exactly saints.

One night... this is
maybe, uh, 18 years ago...

they were hanging out behind Ray's house

checking out Ray's dad's gun, and

it went off.

They run down to the end of the gangway.

There's a kid...

that got shot.

Complete and total accident, but, uh...

that's not gonna help that kid, right?

So they, uh... they moved him

under the house at the end there,

run over to my place,

and, uh, I was studying for finals.

But I hid the gun for them.

Woke up, and the...

the whole neighborhood was one big funeral.

For Hollister's little boy.

Yeah, he snapped.

He, uh...

he started drinking, picking fights.

Wife took off, and poor Ray...

it wrecked him.

He couldn't hold down a job, so I, uh...

I gave him money until I couldn't.

So he stole.

We never told what we did.

Hollister, he... he... he had a temper.

And we thought, you know, he...
he's gonna kill us, all of us.

So, uh...

Now look at what's going on.

Listen to me.

If I could trade my
life for my kid, I would.

But you can't do that for me.

He's coming after you
now because Ray was dying.

He must've gone to Hollister
to clear his conscience.


Be honest with me.

Do you think my son's
still alive right now?

All-call message went out
on Hollister 30 minutes ago.

I want to be apprised of any sightings.

Sarge, Boyd's son, Conner...

most likely snatched on
his way home from school.

Got a team canvassing
the route home right now.

We just got nothing useful so far.

I flagged the plate on his car.

Troopers are shutting down the ramps.

Ah, we got to move. Just
got a hit on that plate.

Patrol's already down there. We got to go.

21-13 squad.

Hold us down on the Amber-alert vehicle.

Copy that.

Step away.

I need everyone to move away from the car.

21-13. Vehicle appears to be empty.


Sergeant Voight, we're here with the car.

It's empty.

All right, we're almost to you.


Hey. Hey!

Don't move! Chicago Police!

Don't move!

Where are they?


Go! Go!

Look out! Get out of the way!


- Out of the way! Police!
- Get out of the way!

Chicago Police!

Get out of the park, now!

- Get out of the way!
- Move!

Hollister! Hollister, stop!

Stop right there!

Take it easy.

Everybody fall back. I said fall back!

He's cleared the park out.
He's looking to die today.

Let me talk to him.

SORT and the negotiator
are two minutes out.

- It's safer that way.
- No, no, no.

I can talk sense into him.
I'll bring that boy back.

- Go ahead.
- Lincoln 15-21 emergency.

This is Detective Erin
Lindsay with Intelligence.

I need that chopper out of the sky now.

I'm Detective Dawson.

Why don't you drop that weapon,
Mr. Hollister, and let's talk?

You ain't the man I need to talk to.

I know. You want to talk to Damien Boyd,

but I can't allow that.

You know what he did.

I know what you think he did,
but you're making a mistake.

He wasn't there.

You got an innocent
man's child in your hands.

No, no, either he's lying, or you are.

It's the truth!

Now, look, I got two dozen officers here

that would love to take you out.

- Let's not give them a reason.
- They let him die!

Left him under a house
like he wasn't a person.

He bled out all night...

a little kid!

They took away the only beautiful thing

I ever had in my life.

I know.

Nothing you do is gonna
bring your boy back.

But you can end this story today,

or you can use that gun in your hand

and drag another family into tragedy.

It's up to you.

Come on.

Conner, he's gonna let
you go. Can you run to me?

I can't let him win!

There aren't any winners here.

It's over.

He doesn't deserve this. Toss the piece.

Come on, Kurt, let him go.

It's okay. Get down.


- Antonio, you okay?
- Yeah.

- Is he okay?
- Yeah.

Lincoln 15-21. Shots fired by the police.

Offender down. Tender-age child in custody.

Notify the Coroner...

I was robbed.

You know, now would be a great time

for you to try to be my dad, but...

I mean, that ship sailed
a long time ago, right?

Look, I really don't need
a lecture right now, okay?

I just need 100 bucks.

All right, you want my money.

You want my money.

Okay, here...

Go ahead.

Good luck.

Listen, I wasn't there for you before.

I'm... I'm trying here.

You want to let me try.

Things'll be a lot better.

Trust me.

So what's it called, like, officially?

Officially, it's called
acute myelogenous leukemia.

They don't want the dad's bone marrow,

for obvious reasons.

You mean because he drove his
truck through their living room?

That's a contributing factor.

I stay in touch,

make sure the restraining
order's working out.

She's pretty.

Boy, you have some taste for high drama.

Natural-born storyteller.

I can't believe you were a match.

It's my mutt blood... half
Irish, half everything.

Guess I'm a match for anybody.

Well, I'll bear that in mind.

My limp and low energy...

it's the shots I give
myself for the procedure.

I didn't say it, 'cause
I'm not doing this for me.

I don't need a gold star,

and I don't need Platt or
the Ivory Tower knowing,

in case they try to talk me out of this

or, you know, suspend me.

That kid...

he's dying,

and that... that didn't seem fair.

Sean Roman, you're gonna make me cry.

Nah, you're fine.

Come on, let's say hi.

He calls you "the pretty policewoman"...

little flirt.

Hey, Andrew, I want you to meet someone.

My name is Barbara Fletcher.
I'd like to report a crime...

false testimony

fabricated by a Sergeant Hank Voight

on May 6, 2001.

He put a man away for a murder

I personally know he
could not have witnessed.

I want Sergeant Voight's badge,

and I want him put in
jail, where he belongs.

So Lindsay's back, just...

Like that.

No, not like that.

What's it like?

I don't know.

I don't know what hand gesture to make.

She's back, and it's good.

And we'll see what that means for me...

and for both of us.

Hey, man, heard you guys
caught a nasty one today.

It wasn't pretty, but we saved a kid.

Yeah, I heard that too.

This one's on me, huh? Na zdorovie.

Oh, you owe me a vodka. Oh!

It's my son.

Little man, what's up?

You called before?

Yeah, I wanted to hear your voice.

What's that? You watching the game?

Yeah, fourth quarter. It's tied.

Tie game?

Want to do a little play-by-play?

- Just for you?
- Just for me.

Well, there's five
seconds left in the game,

and we're on the 10-yard line.

All we got to do is kick
a field goal, and we win.

The offense breaks the huddle...

Oh, no! The other team
called a time-out, Dad.

The crowd's going crazy.