Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Actual Physical Violence - full transcript

A man goes to the station to report his daughter is missing. But when he says she's 18, they tell him there's nothing that can be done. That's when he pulls a gun and takes Mouse hostage and demands they try and find his daughter. He tells them that her credit card which hasn't been used since she went missing is now being used. They look into and discover it wasn't his daughter who used it. The person says he got it out of a car. He tells them where and they go there and discover funny about the house and go in and find girls in cells. Evidently they stumbled across a human trafficking ring. One of the girls tells them the man's daughter was there but she and another girl was taken away, When the brass considers sending in SWAT to get the father, they bring the girl who knows his daughter to him to talk to him into surrendering. They continue to try and find the girl. And Voight learns that because of Bunny a man he sent to prison might be released.

I don't know what your
relationship status is,

and I don't care, but I need to know

someone's got Lindsay's
back 24 hours a day.

- Always.
- Hey, Olinsky?

Michelle Sovana keeps calling for you.

You know, now would be a great time

for you to try to be my dad.

I'm trying here. Trust me.

Look, Mom, it's not that you're bad for me.

It's that we're bad for each other.

We need time apart.

This is Hank Voight.

He put you up to this.

I'd like to report a crime
by a Sergeant Hank Voight.

I want him put in jail.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

So when does the new
wing at Chicago Med open?

November 17th,

but we got pushed a week.

Something concerning,
uh, sconces, I believe.

Cool. Can I ask you a question?

I... do they still call
them "emergency rooms"?

Because I heard that now

they're calling them
"emergency departments."

The latter, though I believe I'm the one

who's supposed to be
asking you questions, no?

Look, how 'bout I tell you

what your sergeant conveyed to me,

as to what you've been going through?

And please let me know if
I'm off base in any way.



Okay, so you were working with a young lady

who was killed, which I
was very sorry to hear.

You took some time off,

maybe partied a little bit
too much with your mother?

Got your job back, uh,

in the words of your sergeant,

by the skin of your teeth.

Sounds about right.

Well, that's a lot to live with.

You know, I mean, to carry around?

So I don't know, instead of, you know,

trying to swallow the
elephant in one big gulp,

we just, I don't know,
go at it a bite at a time?

[phone vibrates]

This just isn't for me, okay?

No offense, but...

I got a case.

Take care.



Barbara Fletcher showed up at
the Ivory Tower the other day...

your mother, correct?

What did she want?

The name James Beckett ring a bell?

Heroin dealer, moved major kilos.

Picked him off on a
murder rap 15 years back.

Her mom is saying you lied
about witnessing Beckett

kill the buyer that night.

Said you were never on the scene.

She's a drunk.

I'll take my chances on a he-said, she-said

with Bunny Fletcher any day.

Yeah, well, she says she has proof,

so you might want to deal
with this before I have to.

I'll talk to her.


You know how long I've been waiting?

Every second that I'm
here, I am wasting time.

I am wasting money...

Everybody shut up and calm down!

I'm getting a ticket when his cab hit me.

You slammed on your brakes
in an intersection, lady.

Of course I...

What'd she just say?

Sarge, I got no problem
locking 'em both up.

- Excuse me, Sergeant.
- Hey, I was here first.

- One second.
- If I have to tell you

to stay calm again,
you're gonna be doing it

handcuffed to that chair over there.

- Unbelievable.
- I'm sorry.

Buddy, you're gonna have to wait.

And you, Lady Pants,

the citation is for leaving
your insurance card at...

let me guess, the yoga studio.

But if you want, we can impound
the vehicle and, you know,

conserve paper, save the planet.

Look, I don't mean to be pushy...

What do you want?

It's my daughter.

She's missing.

How old is she?

She's 18, but she's never
been away from home...

Then technically, she's an adult,

so you'll have to go to Missing Persons.

That's Area Three, Belmont and Western.

I already did that. They
sent me to District 30.

District 30 sent me over here.

Can we get this over with already?

Oh, I'm sorry, is your meter running?

It's not. That's the problem.

Will you please take a look at this file?

Sir, Belmont and Western, or take a seat.

Hey, Sarge.

I need your signature
on this requisition form.

Voight wants new pinhole cameras.

- Not now, Mouse.
- Still not running.

He was very clear about his instructions.

You gonna send me back empty-handed?

My daughter is missing!

Sarah Frazier.

She's been gone three months.

Sir, lower your voice and back up.

Okay, it's really not that big a deal.

You just take that little pen... [shouts]

[people scream]

You gonna listen to me now?

[people screaming]

You drop that gun, or we drop you!

I don't think so.

No one is dropping anyone.

Get these people out of here.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Go with him. Stay calm.

Sergeant, I got a shot.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Easy, easy, easy. Easy.

Sir, whatever this is, we can work it out.

I tried to do the right thing,

but no one would listen!

That's far enough!

The cops in Iowa... the cops
in Iowa, they laughed at it.

They said my daughter ran away.

I know my daughter.

She didn't run away.

So you walk into a police district,

pull a gun, and take a hostage?

You can't expect to walk out of this.

I don't.

And I don't give a damn.

I gave my daughter a
credit card for emergencies.

Now, someone here in
Chicago used it last week.

That means she's here. I know it.

I know it.

Everything's in there.

All right, good.

Now you gotta release my guy.

Find Sarah.

That's not how it works.

That's how it works today!

Anybody makes a move, he dies!

I'm cool.

Everybody's cool.

Keep a bead on his forehead.

He stops holding up his end
of the bargain, you drill him.

You understand?

No problem.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


Thought you weren't
allowed to come near me.

This Beckett thing... you got to stop.

You have no idea what you're doing.

You know, Hank lied about
where he was that night.

Said he was at a stakeout or something.

You and I both know that's not true.

Right, and why do we know what's true?

Tell me. Or can you?

Is your memory of that
night a little fuzzy?

I had it under control.

Which part?

The part where your
boyfriend was about to kill us

with a sawed-off shotgun
before Hank showed up?

I've lived with this long enough,

knowing that Hank's lies put
an innocent man into prison.

He's not innocent, he...

Neither is Hank Voight!


I am asking you, please.

It's too late.

I've already contacted Beckett's attorneys,

and they deposed me this morning.

Are you kidding me? Do you...

- [phone vibrates]
- [sighs]

You need to fix this.

I don't need to fix anything.


District is on lockdown,
and OEMC's been advised.

I've rerouted all
in-service calls to the 26th,

and I've got five patrolmen sitting

on the downstairs office.

Have those officers hold fast
until they deploy a sniper team

and draw up an assault plan.

- Yes, sir.
- What do we know?

Name's Jeff Frazier.

He's 44, lives in Ankeny, Iowa.

No criminal priors, no
history of mental illness.

Last July, his daughter,
Sarah, disappeared.

Three days later, they found
her car in an Amtrak parking lot.

No record of her ever buying a ticket.

Boss, credit card story checks out.

Three months of inactivity,
then Sarah's card

bought five flat-screen TVs in
Little Village just last week.

- Run with it.
- Got it.

- Sarge.
- Yeah?

That's my friend downstairs.

Time comes for someone to pull the trigger,

it should be me, not SWAT.

If we're lucky, nobody's
pulling the trigger.

[phone vibrates]

- Justin.
- Pops, hey, yeah.

We just got in right now. I was, uh,

I was actually thinking about
stopping by the district,

showing little Daniel
where his grandpa works.

Yeah, now's not a good time.

I was hoping we could
meet for dinner tonight.

Yeah, sure. You good?


I'm really looking
forward to seeing you guys.

Close the door. Close the door.


We already have our
people following up leads.

You all good, buddy?

We're cool. Everybody's cool.

Shut it!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Move that desk in front of the door.


Let's go. Let's go, come on.

Close the blinds. Close them. Shut them.

Sit down.

Sit down, sit down.

Somebody keeps pointing a gun at me,

I'd at least like to get his name.

What do you care?

Oh, that's an outrageous question to ask?

My name's Greg Gerwitz.

Everybody calls me Mouse.

See... see, no big deal.

Frazier, Jeff Frazier.

Now shut up.

Listen, I can help you if you let me.

You're supposed to get
me to talk, right? Right?

Build a rapport with the hostage taker?

Do some of that cop psych
crap they trained you for, huh?

- No, I'm not a cop.
- You're not?

No, I'm a civilian employee with the CPD.

I got, like, zero tactical value,

if that's what you're thinking.

Shut up.

We're cool.

[siren wails]

Secure the window and
all other points of entry.

Greene, I want every squad out
of that lot and on the street,

and move the bystanders
beyond the perimeters.


There was a guy who walked
into the 31st years back...

bad domestic.

He had a .32 in his sock,

killed his wife, a cop, and then himself.

The district, the front desk,

it's a sacred place.

If people don't feel
safe walking in there...

Trudy, this isn't gonna end like that.

You make sure, Hank.

Had a problem with shrinkage the last year,

so we had this thing installed.

Done the trick so far.

Pause right there.

Transaction at 1:53
p.m., that's gotta be it.

Who's behind the register?


Come here.

Come on, come on, let's go.

This guy, he ever come in here before this?


Your boss tells us you're
supposed to require ID

on any transaction over $100.

This was over 3 grand.

We were busy.

So busy you followed him
out to the parking lot?

He needed help with the flat screens.

Hey, hey. Look at me.

Here's the deal, Randy.

I can't save your job.

What I can do is keep you out of Stateville

for credit card fraud.

Just tell me where we can find your boy.

- Oscar Mena?
- Yeah, what... hey!

Come on, bro.

Sit down.

You too.

Where's Sarah?

Who the hell is Sarah?

Sarah's the girl

whose credit card funded
this little shopping spree.

Man, I busted my hump

for six months at Jiffy Lube for all this.

I'm a shift manager.

I swear, if you be stepping out on me...


Your homeboy already told us

that you rolled through the
shop with stolen plastic.

So where'd you get Sarah's card, dog?

I'm telling you, I don't know no Sarah...

Listen, man, we don't have time for this.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

Just come clean, now,

or we're gonna turn this place inside out,

and I will find a felony
to shove down your throat.

You too, honey.

Oh, hell no, I ain't going to jail for him.

Bitch, don't say a word.

Here, talk to me. Talk to me.

Oscar broke into a car last
week out in Humboldt Park,

and the credit card was
in a purse he grabbed.

All right, where?

Said the car was parked
here... white 4Runner.

There's only a hundred in the state,

none registered to this block.

No record of a break-in either.

Someone doesn't call in a
break-in or a stolen purse,

sounds like someone doesn't
want to deal with the cops.

Let's check the pods, knock on every door.

If somebody gives off
a bad vibe, we close in.

Hey, does this look weird to you?

It's dry as a bone. These
are brand-new sprinkler heads.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Is that a periscope?

Burgess... Burgess, Roman, take the back.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪





That's the one you found,

plus views of the front and back doors.

Over here!

♪ ♪

Don't hurt us.

[indistinct chatter and sirens]

When did you serve?

Your sidearm... it's military issue.


When I asked you your name,
you said your last name first.

I was Rangers.

75th Regiment.

I did...

two tours in the Korengal Valley.


Gunnery sergeant, sixth Division.

Took a few strolls through Baghdad.

I was gone pretty much from the time

Sarah was born till she
got her learner's permit.

That's... that's got to be hard.

You did it.

You got me talking.

Your sergeant looking for Sarah...

can I trust him?

Hank Voight?

Picking his district

was about the only thing
that you did right today.

Yo, ambos just left.

Patrol's on their way to Chicago Med

with the girls right now.

They give you anything on Sarah?

Honestly, with all that dope pumped in 'em,

they didn't remember their own names.

Asset Foreclosure says the place is owned

by a Nevada shell company,
operated by a Bahamian trust.

Means it's gonna be days
before we get the owner's name.

- Yeah.
- All right.

Have a covert car sit on the
house in case he comes back.

Okay. Got it.

When we find this guy...

I want five minutes alone with him.

You're gonna have to wait in line.

Ligature marks on their wrists and ankles

indicate they were bound.

Contusions on their legs and back,

along with vaginal tearing.

These girls have been through hell.

All right, thank you.

Hey, um, what's up at the district?

Voight's keeping a cap on.

I, um...

you know, when Jay came back,

I wasn't there for him.

The only friend he had was Mouse,

who, believe it or not, was
the one who dragged Jay home

when he was going through...

Through what?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You guys brought them in?
- Yeah.

- Did you notify the parents?
- She's saying don't bother.

She hasn't spoken to either in years.

But she had us call her sister.

All right. Thanks, Will.

Come with me.

Listen, I know that the last
thing you want to do right now

is relive any of what you've been through,

but anything you can tell us
is gonna help us catch this guy.

His name's Trevor.

We met through Facebook of all things.

He was older.


He sent me a bus ticket,
and I came to be with him.

I know guys like Trevor.

They prey on you,

and they know just how to
make you feel special, right?

Any details you can remember

are gonna help us make sure
he never does this again.

He picked me up at the station.

Took me to dinner, said
he knew a great steakhouse.

Then we went back to his place.

He put something in my drink,

because next thing I
know, he's on top of m-me.

Uh, was this girl...

was she one of the ones with you?


Just got word from Voight.

Commander's getting itchy with SWAT.

Frazier's not backing down.


Frazier, I have someone
here who knows your daughter,

and she wants to talk to you.


Just open the door.

You have my word.

I'm being straight.

You were right.

Sarah didn't run away.

She was kidnapped, along with this girl

and at least three other girls we know of.

Frazier, just open the door.

She's alive.

She was.

How am I supposed to believe...

Blue Lake.

She told me about Blue Lake.

She said that there was a cabin there

that her family would go to, right?

They couldn't break her.

What did they do?

And I feel bad,

because sometimes I would just
tell her to do what they wanted,

so they wouldn't hurt her.

But she wouldn't do it.

She's alive?

We think so.

We're close.

If you have a shot, take a shot.

If you found her, why
didn't you find Sarah?

We're following leads.

It's like peeling an onion.

We're close.

On the ground! Don't move!

On the ground!

Down on the ground! Down on the ground.

Put your hands behind your head.

[handcuffs click]

What took you so long?

I believed him.

We still got a missing girl to find.

All right, let's go.

Three girls found in Humboldt Park

were all lured to Chicago via
this Romeo's Facebook page.

Trevor Dunn, sometimes
Crowhill or Donnelly.

The accounts go dark
once the girls disappear,

but we pulled this photo
from Julia's cloud storage.

No hits off NCIC or the DMV.

Sergeant Benson in New York

says that Trevor is likely
using these videos he shot

as selling material to
pimps that are looking

for girl-next-door types
for their organizations.

I took the photo we got from Julia,

ran a reverse image search on it.

Found an online dating
profile using the same pic,

so I accessed it.


All right, I had the tech
lab at Organized Crime do it.

Anyway, I'm scrolling through
his messages right now.

Looks like he's picking up
another girl, a Lacy Collins.

Bought her a bus ticket.

She gets into downtown
on the 946 from St. Paul.

Hit it.


I... I tried talking to Bunny.

She already spoke to Beckett's lawyers.

Can't help but think that this is on me.

This is all Bunny.

No sign of Trevor.

Anyone got eyes?

Anyone see Trevor?


The 946 is here.

Anyone see Trevor?

Yeah, we got eyes.



Hey... oh, excuse me.


That's the girl.

- Trevor?
- What's up, Lace?

Hi. Uh, yes.

[both laugh] Uh...

Uh, you must be starving.

I have reservations at the Signature Room.


96 stories above the city.

- Okay.
- You'll love it.

- Okay.
- Allow me.

Best meat you've ever tasted.


I'm with the Chicago Police. Are you okay?

- Yeah.
- I need you to come with me.

Come see Chicago. See Chicago. Come on.

Where you going, pal?

- Trevor Dunn?
- Nope.


I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Trevor Dunn?

Y... y... yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, that's me.

That's me.

- Where's Sarah Frazier?
- I... I don't know, man.

I swear to God.

Ah! Ah!

That dungeon we found?

It's a little slice of heaven
compared to where you're going.

Let's go.

You the medic?



Look familiar?

I'm telling you, these
girls, they come to me.

They don't like the path they're on.

I give 'em a chance to
start over, make some cash.



so what's this for?

Scare tactics.


Yeah, I've heard of those.


I prefer actual physical violence.

[both grunting]




Look at me.

Hey, look at me.

Where's Sarah Frazier?

I'm just a middleman.

I bring in the girls, but I don't run them.


[screams] I don't run them!

Give me a name.

If he knows I've been pinched,

she's gone already.


A name.


Steven Ulrich.

Priors for distribution, agg assault.

Been linked to a few missing girls.

Now Vice likes him for
involuntary servitude

and sex trafficking.

He holds on to girls
until they're worn out,

then trades them to
networks across the country.

Trevor says Ulrich is operating a brothel

out of a club in Bridgeport.



I got a state's attorney downstairs

who says he needs to talk to you right now.

I got this. We'll gear up.


Sergeant, I know you've had a busy day.

Well, it's not over. Let's make it quick.

James Beckett's being released from prison.

Figured I'd tell you in person.

Beckett's attorneys petitioned a judge

based on Ms. Fletcher's testimony.

Conviction's been
vacated pending a retrial.

So try him again.

It's not gonna happen.

My boss was the lead
prosecutor in that case,

and I'm not exposing him to the blowback.

So this is politics?

Oh, this is a lot of things,
not the least of which is

you risking a Rule 14 violation
for making a false statement.

You really want to end your
career in the property room?

To keep a scumbag like
Beckett off my streets,

you bet your ass.

Well, you should've thought about that

before you ditched a
three-week-long surveillance

to deal with a domestic.

Ink's dry.

They're releasing him in an hour.

We're not gonna stop
looking for your daughter.

I just wanted you to know.

I lost my house after the first tour.

Wife left after the second.

I could handle all that.

But not being there for my daughter...

If this is the one thing I can do

as a father,

the one thing...

Then here we are.

We're gonna find her.

I give you my word.

I'm sorry... for dragging you into this.

Man to man.

[intense music]

♪ ♪

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey,
come here. Come here.

The party, it's over.

It's all right.

I got her. I got her.




Move up.


- Clear.
- Clear.

Ruz, go.


- Whoa!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Chicago Police! Who are you?

That bitch... she shot me.

- Where's Ulrich?
- He's out back.

It's Ulrich.

Chicago Police! Sarah, is that you?

[sobbing] Help me!

Help me!

It's okay.


It's over. It's all right.

You're safe now. It's over. It's over.

It's over. It's over. It's over.

Sarah Frazier.

Was she here?

What happened? Is she hurt?

Ulrich... [cries]

He was gonna dump us off somewhere.

But Sarah, she grabbed his gun.

She shot him.

CTA just reported a
female, white, late teens

boarded an L train at Lake
and Ashland with a handgun.

Let's go.

[crowd commotion]

Come on, everybody. Come on. Come on.

Go, go, go.

Intelligence. We got it from here.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[indistinct PA announcement]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


My name's Erin Lindsay.

I'm with the Chicago Police Department.

I'm gonna come in, okay?

We're here to help.

There's a lot of people
that are looking for you.


You know my name?

I know all about what happened to you.

No, you don't.

I know about Trevor,
and I know what he did.



Listen, he's in jail. Okay?

He's never gonna hurt anybody again.

It's too late.

It's not.

Sarah, I need you to do
something for me, okay?

Can you put the gun down?


These two officers behind
me are a little nervous.

They're afraid you're gonna hurt someone.

I can't live with this.


Sarah, I just need you to hold on, okay?

Can you do that for me?

Can you hold on for just ten minutes?


[whispers] Call Voight.

We have the girl, but we need the father.

She has a gun, looking
like she wants to end it.

You have my word, the situation

will be contained the whole time.

All right.

You want to see your daughter?

- She's alive?
- Yeah, but we got to move.

Turn around.

Come on.

- Are they on their way?
- What's happening?

Nothing, they're just doing their jobs.

Keep your eyes on me.

You're gonna arrest me!

We're not.

I won't go in another cage!

You won't! Sarah, wait!


♪ ♪

This way.

Sarah, listen to me.

You're stronger than this,
and I know you know that.

The girls that you were with, we have them.

They told me that you're the
only one that never broke.

You're a fighter, and you know that.

Sarah, just hang on.

♪ ♪

Can you look outside for me right now?

Go ahead.

Sarah, look outside.

Your dad's here.


It's okay. You're safe.

It's all right. Everything's gonna be okay.

You came for me.

Of course I did.

I never gave up. Never.



♪ ♪

Give 'em a minute?

Yeah, maybe a couple.

You wanted to see me, sir?

You did good in there today.

He wasn't a killer, sir, just desperate.

I stared down the barrel of that gun

when he first took you hostage.


Which is odd,

because when you turned it in to evidence,

it was unloaded,

no bullets in the magazine,

which reduces his charge
to reckless endangerment.


You never saw Frazier
load or unload that weapon.

No, Sergeant.

It must have been empty the whole time.


Then, go ahead and reflect
that in your write-up.

Yes, Sergeant.


Wasn't loaded, huh?

You, uh... you remember when Hollingsworth,

he got kidnapped by those hajis?

When we finally tracked
'em down, what did we do?

A lot worse than put a
gun to someone's head.


Hey, to extenuating circumstances.


[soul music playing]

Hey, you Antonio?


You know, do yourself a favor.

Don't ever open a boxing gym.

Hey, my dad told me to, uh, stop by here.


Alvin Olinsky?





You ever do any boxing before?

Well, nothing, you know, like, official.

All right.

Let's see what you got.

He didn't tell you he was my dad, did he?

Uh, you know, the thing you need
to know about Al is, he, uh...

sometimes it takes a while.

Does his family know?

Wow, okay.

Come on, do that again.


Come on.

Ah! Nice.

There's a young girl, 15 years old,

and she's my daughter.

Her mom was going away to prison.

She has nobody else.

And... and this was a long time ago,

back when I was working undercover.

I was lost.

You need to leave now.



Lexi, please...

'cause I can't lose you.

I can't lose you.


I can't.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

[alternative music playing]

♪ Remember the silence ♪

♪ Remember the day ♪

♪ They burned all
the lights out ♪


♪ And they came
to take us away ♪

♪ So sing it out loud now ♪

My mom...


You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

If it's any comfort,

I guarantee you I've heard worse.

Well, maybe someday I'll bore
you with all the sordid details.

Where's your dad?

I don't know.

He was in and out of
prison a lot, and then...


I don't know.

I didn't... I didn't
come over here to talk.

I... I just wanted to apologize for
cutting out on you like that this morning.

You reached out to try to help me,

and I appreciate that, so thanks.

We don't get to choose our parents.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

Sometimes we do.

I want to thank the people
who never lost faith in me

and assure the citizens of Chicago

that I look forward to
getting my life back on track.

I found God's grace in that prison cell,

and even though I kneeled down
a sinner, I got up a Christian.

For that, I'll always be thankful.

- Thank you.
- One more question.

[reporters chattering]

[baby cries]

Sorry about that.

Little quick change, and
now we're ready to rock.

Appreciate you taking us to dinner, Hank.

I hope you don't mind
someplace family-friendly.

Are you kidding?

I'll take Rainforest
Cafe anytime I get to see

my only grandkid.

Hey, Pop, after dinner,
I'm gonna bounce, okay?

Leave you with Olive and the little nipper.

I'm gonna meet up with the fellas.

Be there for him.

Yeah, of course, Pop.

Of course.

[soft music]

♪ ♪


Get down!