Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Life Is Fluid - full transcript

Intelligence pursues a heroin kingpin who has a member of the team kidnapped.

- Been trying to figure out how to tell you
That I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
- Olinsky here.
- My name's michelle.
My mom's linda sovana.
Said you could help.
- I don't know what linda told you.
- I guess you're my dad.
- Every cop I know goes through a bad patch.
- All I did was party a little too hard.
- Whatever you got going on,
Know that I'm looking out for you.
- Be a good thing for you to give erin some space.
- Let's go to work.
- Actually, I quit.
- [grunts]
- Bianca.
I came as soon as you called.
- Shouldn't have called you.
Don't know what I was thinking.
I just know he doesn't want me no more.
- If benji's cheating on you with someone else, forget him.
- I'm tired of this life, antonio.
- I can help you.
But you got to help me and tell me where benji is.
- Just so you can go after his brother?
Then what?
- Then they both go away for a long time.
We'll help you start over.
- You telling the truth?
- I swear.
That's it.
One step at a time.
- [crying]
- Good morning, ladies.
This is benji keyes,
Known on the street as benji bones.
Priors for possession with intent to distribute,
Concealed weapon,
And has been id'd as a street captain for his brother.
- Derek keyes:
Number one on chicago's most wanted.
Narcotics estimates
That over half the city's heroin comes from keyes.
Been after him for years.
Every time they send in undercovers,
They hit a wall.
- Ci of mine gave up a location on benji bones.
We grab him, he'll lead us to derek.
- This can't be a typical grab,
'cause if derek finds out we're onto him,
He'll dive deeper underground.
So we got to extract benji bones
Without anybody knowing.
That means everybody gets blacked out.
- Sarge. - Yeah?
- Curious, have you-- - no.
- We traded a few texts a couple weeks back.
You think I should reach out?
- She made her choice.
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
[device clicking]
[indistinct chatter]
- [whispering] chicago pd.
[toilet flushes]
- Who the hell--
[techno music]
¶ ¶
- Yeah, come on. Drink it.
[phone buzzing]
- Who's that?
- Nobody.
- You know what I see sitting there?
That's enough pure, uncut h
To send you downstate for a class x.
That's 30 years.
- You know what I haven't seen yet?
A warrant.
- Listen, benji.
I can put a case on you,
Make a lot of people who sign my checks happy.
You're a big catch.
We're looking to hook a whale.
- Your brother derek's a real old-school gangster, isn't he?
Doesn't use phones,
Only does business face-to-face,
And that's if you're in his inner circle.
- Like you are.
- You hear that?
Sounds like I ain't got nothing to say
Until my lawyer shows up.
- What about your companion?
Maybe he'll talk.
- Nah, man, he don't know nothing.
- Oh, aaron whittles.
You are 25.
Priors for possession and misdemeanor theft.
I'm a little confused.
These are bad decisions anyone could have made, aaron.
So why did we snag you up with benji keyes?
- We're just friends.
- Ah, well...
I think you're more than that.
I'm not one to judge.
You know, if I knew anything about relationships,
I wouldn't have lived in my garage ten years.
So there's no-- no need to feel ashamed.
- I'm not.
He is.
- Listen, benji.
I got no problem, you want to step out
On your old lady with another guy.
I only care--hey.
I only care about one thing.
You serve up derek,
I'll let aaron walk.
- If I serve up derek, you let both of us walk.
- Oh, man.
- Ah.
[indistinct chatter]
Let me guess, you had mouse ping my phone?
- You know voight put you on three weeks furlough, right?
In case you change your mind.
That ends tomorrow.
- What do you want, jay?
- I want to hear you say it.
- Say what?
- That you're no longer my partner,
That you're throwing it all away.
Look me in the eye. Tell me it's over.
- Are you done talking?
- I don't know who you are,
But tell lindsay she made me a better cop,
If you ever see her again.
- Hey, olinsky, you got a sec?
Okay, so I got my cup of coffee.
I got my "times."
And like every morning,
I like to read the sports page
Before the calls come pouring in.
But today I can barely read a word,
Because this girl,
Michelle sovana from juvenile detention,
Keeps calling for you.
- Just give me the number.
I'll take care of it.
- Al, she's been calling for weeks.
Obviously you don't want to handle it.
What's going on?
It can't be that bad.
- A long time ago, I slept with this woman
When I was undercover.
Turns out this michelle is...
My daughter.
- Wow.
- And the mom is about to do four years
For embezzlement.
And I don't know what to do with her.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
You have a friend who works in juvenile detention, right?
- Yeah, beatrice mulaney. - Good.
- I'll--I'll take care of it.
- What's up, sarge?
- Nothing.
Hey, I've been meaning to ask.
You and boy wonder,
You settle on a wedding planner yet?
- Oh, uh, no.
I mean, I've been asking around.
I haven't found anybody yet, so it's--
- Good, I'll do it.
- What the hell is that?
- My wedding planner from when I was engaged.
- To what?
- Tiger beat, go get some coffee.
This is girl talk.
- Have fun.
- Hey--
- Look at this dress.
Isn't it gorgeous?
- It's beautiful.
The ad says woolworth's.
I think they went out of business.
- Burgess, dreams never go out of business.
Go ahead, take this.
We'll talk later.
- I couldn't possibly-- - take it.
- No, I could--it's so-- - take it, burgess.
- Thanks.
- [exhales]
Okay, here we go.
Who is that handsome devil?
- All right, 100 grand in small bills
From the 1505 fund, baby.
- I look like mr. Uptown or what?
- You look the part.
- Yo, adam. - Yeah.
- How come I ain't heard nothing
About a bachelor party yet?
- Burgess and I haven't even set a date yet, kev.
- That's because you need a party.
The party's the most important part.
- Correction: Nothing happens
Without a best man.
What do you say?
- Wait, like, me?
- Yeah, why not?
- I'd be honored, bro.
- All right.
- For real, man.
- It's on, all right.
- Okay, here we go.
Benji just confirmed the location of the meet.
He's gonna intro halstead to derek as a potential buyer
Who can expand his market into the north side.
We get a deal on camera, we'll move in.
- Where's the meet?
- Main terminal at midway.
- That's a lot of moving parts.
Planes, trains, vehicles,
And the no-fly zone over the airport.
- Hey, it's derek keyes.
We'll make it work.
- That's right.
Let's do it.
- Your brother better be here.
- My man, he will.
- All right, let's go.
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
- Is that camera up and running yet?
- Yeah, sir.
We got audiovisual up and running.
- Who was that?
- Sarge, you want one of us to follow that guy?
- No, stay with halstead.
[indistinct chatter]
- Yo, this wasn't the plan.
- Listen.
You want to meet derek.
It could be now or never.
- All right, I'm rolling with this.
¶ ¶
[jet whooshing]
- This him? - Yeah.
Like I said, he got heavy paper.
- Benji says you used to ride with the belz brothers.
- For a minute,
Up in bucktown.
- Those crazy white boys still riding around
With chainsaws in their trunks?
- That's, uh, tradition.
But I'm looking to stake
A little piece of the world for myself.
- Where'd you disappear to last night?
- What?
I was home, man.
- This one told a different story.
[man groaning]
- Your bodyguard says you disappeared for a couple hours.
Funny thing is, you forgot to put your shoes on.
- Are we gonna do business here,
Or are we gonna settle a family dispute?
- Come on, man, what, are you gonna rob me?
- We got a gun.
- Come on, brother.
[silenced gunshot]
- Shots fired, shots fired.
- Everybody move in!
- This way!
[taser zapping]
[halstead groaning]
- All right, to the right, to the right!
[dramatic music]
- Hey, hey, hey! - Stop right there!
- Listen, listen, we're cpd intelligence.
We got a guy beyond this checkpoint.
- We got to get through now.
- Let them through.
- Body!
- Central cpd intelligence,
We got a doa.
And an officer's been abducted.
- Sarge.
- Yeah.
- This came from my ci.
I'll take the hit.
- Where we at with the suv?
- We've got all available patrol units searching.
Problem is, there's no plates.
- Well, what about the tsa badges
They used to get past security?
- The badges were stolen from several employees yesterday.
Tsa didn't report them missing until this morning.
- Keyes shot and killed his own brother.
What do you think he's gonna do to halstead?
- Man, this thing with halstead.
You imagine if it was adam?
- No.
Roman, why would you even ask that?
- Look, I know since you put the ring on,
It's been all high fives and congrats,
But you really think this is smart?
- So this is coming from the guy
Who fell in love with three ex-partners, right?
- Exactly, ex being the operative word.
You got to be half nuts to do this job to begin with.
Then you factor in egos, crazy hours,
Always worrying if the other person's
Gonna walk through the door.
You need to be realistic about what you're getting into.
That's all.
- You here with my check?
- We need to bring you into protective custody.
- What happened?
How long do I have to be here?
- As long as it takes.
- [crying]
- That one of benji's boys?
I seen him around.
- Yeah, well, you're gonna get a lot of answers
When this is all over.
Right now I need you to tell me
Where derek keyes is.
- I don't know.
- He put a bullet in his own brother's head.
He won't think twice about killing you.
- I didn't mean for this to happen.
- And yet here we are.
Tell me where derek keyes is.
- I swear, I never met him.
- Hank.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt,
But there's a very determined young man downstairs
Who says he wants to speak to you
And you only.
- Get this.
- That's him.
- You the sergeant? - That's right.
- I'm supposed to give this to you.
- All right.
Who told you to give it to me?
- I was on my bike when some dude rolls up,
Offers me a c-note to bring this to the district
And ask for you.
[taser zapping]
[halstead groaning]
[taser zapping]
[halstead groaning]
[thud, zapping]
[phone ringing]
- Voight.
- Your boy tough.
He won't talk.
You should be proud.
- What do you want?
- I want all of intelligence's ci files
In exchange for your detective.
Bring the ci files
To the corner of 39th and california.
Send a lone female officer.
No cameras, no wires, no weapons.
Just a girl with a file box.
You'll make this drop tomorrow at 9:00 a.M. In the morning,
Or detective halstead
Winds up fertilizer in some cornfield in indiana.
We understand each other, sergeant?
- What'd he want?
- Halstead's life for all our ci files.
- That's easy, right?
We hand over the files, right?
- Whoa, there's over 100 cis in our database.
A couple dozen are mine.
Half got wives and kids.
I'm not gonna have their blood on my hands
If their names get leaked.
- So you'd rather protect them and bury jay?
- Of course I wouldn't!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey. Just back off.
Back off, guys, come on.
- Yeah, well, it ain't gonna get that far.
Grab mouse.
Start creating false files.
- Where you going? - For a drive.
- Give it, give it.
Come on, just give it to me.
I paid you. I paid you. I paid you. I paid--
Give me--you know, you got 50 bucks in your pocket.
- How many times do we do this, bonnie?
- Oh, come on, just give it to me.
Give it to me!
[argument continues]
- Bunny! - Come on.
- I'm leaving. - No, you're not.
No, you're not. No, you're not. - Yes, I want to go.
I want to go. - Give it to me. Give it--
- What's the problem?
- Whoa, whoa, no problem.
It's just, your mom here thinks she's a math whiz.
- You said 50 bucks.
- I said 50 for 20.
You want 40.
I'll give it to you for 80.
- You got 30 bucks?
I'm good for it.
- [sighs]
- Thank you, baby.
Give me that.
Jo-jo's a jerk, but he makes house calls.
Nobody does that anymore.
Believe me, honey, waving that piece around,
You need to dull the edge.
Here you go.
You know jo-jo used to hang with your uncle ray?
In fact, they used to be in a heavy metal band.
Something like that.
It was tripwire, I think.
Or livewire, that was it, livewire.
They thought they were gonna be rock stars.
Hey, where you going?
- [sighing]
[cell phone ringing]
- Al, what's up?
- Hey, I know you're on the outs
And you got a lot on your plate,
But I figured you want to know.
Jay's been kidnapped.
- I'll be damned.
They told me hank voight was here to see me.
I said no way.
Look at you.
In the flesh.
- How you been, eddie?
- About the same as the last time you saw me,
Plus 600 days.
But you, you're good.
Got your badge back and everything.
- That's why I'm here.
I need to find derek keyes.
- Keyes is the kind of man that doesn't get found.
- He snatched one of my guys.
Well, any intel you can give me
From inside or outside these walls
Would be appreciated.
- Let me ask you something, hank.
When you put that star on every morning,
Do you thank god or me?
- I haven't forgotten what you did for me.
- What I did was make a lot of enemies,
Protecting a cop.
- That's why I figured you'd want more
Than a carton of cigarettes.
- I get out in a few months.
That thing that we talked about...
Does that still stand?
- It does.
- Okay.
Let me ask around,
See what I can dig up for you on keyes.
- Where we at with the ci files?
- All set, bogus ci numbers and criminal histories.
We used photographs of inmates
From detroit and indiana.
No way keyes can tell they're fake
Just by looking at them.
- No more waiting, sarge.
It's 8:00 a.M.
We got one hour till the drop.
- Okay, call burgess.
Tell her to come in.
- What for?
- Keyes requested a female officer
Deliver the files.
- No, you find somebody else.
- You got a funny way of saying, "yes, sir."
- There is no way I'm losing a partner
And my fiancée on the same day--
- I said, get burgess.
- Hey, I'll pull up rivera from patrol.
- I'll do it.
- Get her out of here.
- Hank...
- You gave your star back.
Or don't you remember?
- Can we talk?
- You know, you made it clear which direction
You want to go in, which is down.
I've accepted that.
Now get out.
- This isn't about me.
This is about getting jay back.
This guy wants a female courier.
You and I both know it should be me.
- You here as a cop or to save your boyfriend?
- Does it matter?
- I keep thinking--
I mean, I keep-- I keep thinking...
This never would have happened
If I had another pair of eyes at midway, your eyes.
Then I'm not watching halstead
Being tortured like an animal.
- I'm asking you.
Let me make this right.
I will do the drop.
- This isn't you reinstated.
You understand?
This is just for today.
Gear up.
- Hey. - Hey.
- It's ceramic.
It's not much, but, you know,
At least you won't be going in naked.
And it won't set off any detectors if they wand you.
- Al, thank you.
- Yeah.
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
- All right, target's on scene.
Stay cool.
- You got what derek wants?
- That's all of the intelligence ci files.
Where's jay?
- Let's say you hand over those files.
We verify them.
Then we'll cut your boy loose.
- That wasn't the deal.
Derek said the files for our guy.
He said a straight trade.
[gun clicks]
- Hey, we got a gun, passenger side.
We got a gun.
- Hold steady until I say.
- If I don't see jay alive right now,
I'm walking with the box.
- Guess you're going for a ride.
- Should we move in?
- Negative.
There's no halstead.
- All right, all right, copy, we'll pursue.
- No, I said we hold back.
Let her go.
- Talk to me, mouse.
- I was able to pick up the suv on several plate readers,
But because the vehicle is moving,
The updates are coming in five minutes behind.
- What about air one?
- They positively id'd the suv on mouse's intel,
But the signal got lost under the wabash l train.
- Look, it's not gonna be long before derek figures out
The files I made are fake.
[phone buzzing]
- Voight.
This is a call from stateville correctional facility.
Will you accept?
- Yes, I will.
- Go ahead, please.
- Tell me you got something, eddie.
- Turns out there's a guy in the next block
Named tyrell chase.
- Okay.
Con named tyrell chase.
All right, go ahead.
- Screws tell me that he used to be
A street captain for keyes,
Till he got popped for murder; now he's doing life.
Supposedly, one of keyes' men comes by every few months,
Drops a couple grand in his canteen account.
Payoff money.
- Thanks, eddie.
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
- Boss.
We got a guest.
She wouldn't hand over the files
Unless she saw her boy.
- Welcome.
- Tyrell chase.
Visitors list includes his mother, sister,
And a guy listed as his cousin,
A kris dunning.
- He was at midway.
- Okay, so he did three years for aggravated assault.
He skipped out on parole and went off--
- Mouse, do a deed search, see if he owns any property.
- Gotcha. Kris dunning deed search.
- We held up our end.
- Go get him.
Sure you don't want to do a little bit bump,
Put you in a better mood?
- I'm good.
- [grunts]
- Jay.
It's okay.
- Erin.
- All right, come on, we're getting out of here.
- Hold up.
Ain't no way
Either one of you is walking out of here,
Not until these files check out.
- You got his mother's name?
Cross-reference it with his mother's name.
- Okay, kris dunning, his mother is jill dunning.
All right, jill dunning.
Says here she owns a '96 four-door beige compact.
She had a house englewood
Foreclosed on a couple years back.
Hold on.
She bought a house in hyde park
For over $2 million less than a year ago.
It sounds a little rags-to-riches, don't it?
- Text me the address.
- I got you now.
- I just got to ask,
How did you think this was gonna play out?
You kidnap a chicago police officer?
It just doesn't seem like a smart business move.
- I got what I asked for, didn't I?
And what do you know about my business?
- I know that if you're worried
About a rat in your organization,
It's already too late.
- Derek.
You're not gonna like this.
- What?
- Been through a dozen of these so far.
Not finding much that lines up.
This guy, he's doing time in michigan,
But his photo doesn't match his name.
This one,
He's on parole in indiana for a dui,
When the report says he's supposed to be
Some heavy hitter with the cartels.
- So what, you thought you could bring me
A box full of lies?
- Look, I brought the box that they gave me.
If you want, I'll make a call.
- I'm done making calls.
Do him first, and make her watch.
- All right, it's two blocks over.
[engines revving]
- Hey, come here.
- [groaning] - all right, okay!
- [grunting]
- Chicago pd! - Don't shoot!
[all shouting]
- [shouts]
Don't move.
You're under arrest.
- [chuckles]
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
- Erin, you okay?
- Yeah.
[police radio chatter]
You okay?
- I'm just glad it was you that they sent in.
- I got to go wash this off.
- Hey.
I'm alvin.
- Hey... - Hey, um...
- Dad.
- Hey. Come here.
- Um...
- Uh, look, your mom's not gonna be--
She's gonna be out of town for a while.
- Yeah, I know.
Vacationing at a facility downstate for four to six.
- Yeah, so I got a place lined up for you to stay at.
- I'm--I'm good with all that.
But I do need 80 bucks.
- 80 b--
All right.
[horn honks]
- Michelle!
- All I got is, uh...
[gentle music]
- Hey, uh...
I appreciate you getting me out.
I'll see you around.
- Here, sign this.
It's your statement from the scene.
I got to kick it up to fischer.
That you acted in self-defense.
- I did what I had to do to get jay back.
- I know.
- Um...
Hank, I think I'd like to hang on to this.
Listen, I'm sorry if it took jay being taken
For me to realize how much this means to me, but--
- Listen, erin.
You want to hold on to your badge,
There's conditions.
For starters, you're gonna live with me
And take weekly drug tests.
- I can do that.
- And there's one more thing.
- What's that?
- I want you to sever all ties with your mother.
Bunny is the cancer in your life,
And we both know it.
Take it or leave it.
- How you doing, doc?
Got you a shot and a beer.
- Oh, too kind.
- Thanks, otis. - You got it.
- Hey, so... Jay's gonna be all right?
- Guys, don't worry. Jay's gonna be fine.
He'll be discharged from chicago med tomorrow
On medical leave, yeah.
- I tell you, what jay went through,
It's a hell of a way to get a week off.
[both chuckle]
- He knew it. He knew what he was doing.
- Hey. All right, to halstead.
- Mm. - To halstead.
All: Halstead.
- Get a couple more? - Sure.
- Listen, what I said to you
About you and adam getting hitched,
It was none of my business.
- No, I get it.
You know, you're looking out for me.
I appreciate that.
I mean, no risk, no reward, right?
- Right.
I got to go see a man about a dog.
- [laughs]
- Hey. - Otis.
- Heard somebody got engaged?
- Yeah, whoomp, there it is.
Ah! - Oh-ho-ho.
- Yeah, adam was so romantic.
He proposed in the locker room.
- Oh, nice.
- Oh. - Sorry.
- It's okay. Roman won't mind.
- Hey, you know... - Yeah.
- Simple is good, because last month I went on a call
Where a guy tried to propose to his girl
By parachuting into her backyard,
But he hit some power lines on the way down,
So let's say...
There was never a honeymoon.
Anyway, congratulations.
- Thanks. Thanks, otis.
- Let's party. - Okay.
- Indeed, indeed.
You kids look like you need some shots.
- Thanks. - There you go.
- Hey, to partners.
- To partners. Both: To partners.
- Whew!
[wolf howls]