Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 23 - Born Into Bad News - full transcript

Retired Commander Perry enlists Voight and the team to help extract his cop nephew from a unit of corrupt officers who are robbing drug dealers. When things go bad Voight must take down a younger, more violent version of himself. Meanwhile, Lindsay struggles to stay clean. At the same time a woman from Olinsky past reaches out to him.

Who have you talked to since nadia died?
Well, she didn't die. She was murdered.
You win, hank. You were the better parent.
And you're gonna repay me by staying out of erin's life.
If you wanna talk, i am so here for you.
Hey, landon.
Mind if i sit?
[car doors opening]
How you doin', buddy?
Commander perry.
- Thanks for taking the time - of course.
This is my nephew, carter.
I don't feel right about being out here,
But our uncle swears that if anyone can handle this,
It's you.
All right. What ya got?
My cut. I had to take it.
If i didn't, they'd think i was a snitch.
Last week, we came into chicago,
Hit a mid-level supplier in englewood
Using a fake warrant.
Startin' to spill into your backyard, hank.
These guys are crazy, all right?
The last dealer we hit, they beat him so bad,
I thought they'd kill him.
Well, what about your chief? You go to him about this?
Like i told my uncle-- i don't know who i can trust.
For all i know, they could be payin' him off.
You gotta get carter from under them, hank.
It's just a matter of time before they bust this whole unit
And take him down the tubes with him.
[cell phone vibrating]
[male clears throat]
Why don't you just shut it off?
I can't. It's work.
What'd you talk me into last night?
Oh. Everything.
Remember when we went to rocklahoma?
I remember using a fake id to get in, and...
Limp bizkit opening.
After that, it's kind of a blur.
I got tickets for this year. What do you say?
Old road dogs reliving the good times?
We could forget all this nadia business.
I said don't mention her name.
Lock it when you leave.
All right, here's the deal.
Commander's nephew's caught up with some bad police
Out in jackson park.
This is sergeant dave roland and his narcotics unit.
Over the past year, they've been ripping off
Drug dealers in their jurisdiction.
Until last week when they crossed
Into our backyard-- robbed a stash house for 200k.
I got a buddy from high school
Used to work out that way as a sheriff's deputy.
He said the motto on the side of the jackson park patrol car
Should read, "to steal and neglect."
Sorry. Traffic.
Sir. Ahem.
Sergeant roland used to cpd.
Some of you may recognize his name.
His father was deputy chief.
He had his son placed in narcotics
Straight outta the academy.
Everybody knew he was bad news back then--
Got jammed up, excessive force charges--
Look, before he could get stripped,
His old man had him shipped out to jackson park
To save his career.
Carter. He's been a patrol officer
Out there the past two years.
Nothin' but high marks.
About six months ago, he got assigned
To roland's narcotics unit.
Thought it'd be a career changer for him.
Listen, it's just a matter of time
Before roland and his unit realize carter isn't one of 'em.
So how are we gonna play this?
My office.
- Listen, before you say... - Sit down.
Aaron, perry came to us with this case
Because he needs our help, okay?
It could get tricky.
I got a plan, but i also got a problem--
I don't know if i can rely on you.
I can't count how many times you've been late.
You look like you've been up all night.
The question is...
Can i count on you? Yes or no?
Well, you wouldn't believe it unless you were there.
Me and jackson took a halligan hook
To this giant's head.
The guy was no less than 6'5", 300 pounds,
Waving around his little derringer.
[all laughing]
Can we help you with something?
Yeah-- i'd like to know how
A bunch of cops from suburbia got the balls to cross over
Into the city, rip off a dealer,
And are eatin' burgers
Like they don't have a care in the world.
Who the hell are you?
Chicago pd.
What is cpd doing this far west?
Hank voight sent me.
We need to have a talk.
So you and voight are tight then?
I gotta be honest-- i don't wanna be here.
This place bores me, but we have a serious problem.
The dealer that you and your unit robbed
Was under voight's protection.
Whoa, you keep saying that-- robbed. You got any proof?
Don't waste my time.
You jacked our revenue stream, so now you owe us.
We have a target we want you to hit.
I wanna talk to voight first.
You're talking to me.
No offense, but i'm not doing business
With his messenger girl.
Great. His cut just went up 15%.
[engine starts]
Oh. What's up with chuckles, here?
[laughs] nah, i just got off the phone
With my fop rep.
The suspect who committed suicide in custody,
I'm officially cleared for his death, so...
I told him he shouldn't be nervous.
Well, i guess you won't be workin' mall security after all.
But don't get your hopes up
For gettin' back upstairs anytime soon.
I heard "golden girl" is shining real bright up there.
Yeah, well, you know, i started on the streets.
Now i'm back on the streets. It's all good.
Yeah, see, that's a winning attitude.
Yeah, he doesn't mean a word of it.
Hey, olinsky, do you ever check you messages?
Yeah, uh, how do i-- how do i do that?
How do--
A linda sovana keeps calling, twice today already.
You say sovana?
Yeah, do me a favor-- call the woman back
If for no other reason than to tell her
To stop calling me.
- Ready? - Yeah.
- Oh, hey, kev. - Hey.
I got a call from the ivory tower.
I appreciate that, sarge.
Hey we might need a little extra backup
On this thing we're working, so stand by.
Anything you need.
If i'm not out in, like-- ten minutes, you come in.
Sergeant voight, this is sergeant roland.
I don't know if you remember, but we met once.
Well, you're right. I don't remember.
How about a drink?
It's not a social call.
Well, i just gotta say,
I have nothing but respect for you.
A cop who ran the streets his way.
You got sent to statesville,
Gamed the system to be released.
I mean, when i was coming up in cpd,
I always wanted to get in your unit.
Now here we are, finally workin' together.
Not yet.
You're right. First thing's first.
Your phones.
Can never be too sure.
Nowadays, they got everything wired.
Here's for the phones.
I'm clean.
I don't think you fully understand this situation.
You come into my city, steal from me.
The only reason you're still breathing
Is 'cause i don't let debts go unpaid.
We're cool.
Target is a cartel stash house. No real security.
They pay a front man to shovel the snow
And pick up the mail.
He's sittin' on at least ten kilos and 200 grand in cash.
- In and out in five minutes. - You hit it, we'll split it.
35 your end, 65 us.
Sounds like me and my guys are doing
Most of the work, so, i'd say that's 65 my way.
You can have the whole thing.
But then you gotta get out of chicago alive.
35's good this time.
But 50/50 next time.
Let's just worry about this job. Goes good, we'll talk.
- Hey. - Hey.
You left without me this morning.
Yeah, no, i had some paperwork i had
To catch up on, so i thought i'd get an early start.
- You had paperwork. - Yeah.
Look, i'm upstairs now. You have to get used to it.
Don't read into it. Wha--i had paperwork.
[sighing] okay.
Hey, how much cash you got?
On me?
No, in the bank.
I'm lookin' for a few partners to go in on an investment.
What do you know about investing?
Zip. But i know boxing.
It's matador's gym, you've been there.
The owner and i, sergeant hopkins, we go way back.
He's on underwater with the place, needs to sell.
How much you need?
100k total. I already talked to roland,
So i figure if we all put in at least 25 for a down payment,
Do i look like a rockefeller to you?
Well, whatever you can come up with.
Narcotics have been sitting on a cartel stash house
For several weeks.
Sergeant mccants has been kind enough
To let us use it as our bait house.
So we take down a few bad cops
And get some dope off the streets.
Now we gotta make this look good.
So as soon as we move in, we cuff carter and lindsay
And take 'em to lock up, too.
- Got it? - Got it.
This is it.
- Why are you all dolled up? - Because voight says i go in.
Just to make sure you get the count right.
If it goes off, you better be ready.
Everyone in position.
Ready and waiting.
We got eyes.
- Don't you move! Don't you move! Hands up!
Papi! [yelp]
No! Baby! What do you want?
Don't play dumb. You give up the stash
Or you both die.
Please, just don't hurt her.
- Come on! - Where!
The oven.
- The cash! Where's the cash? - I don't know.
- I don't know! - Come on, chico, come on!
Okay. The fridge.
What, do you got it on ice?
- Got it. - Count it.
Uh, there's 100k, give or take.
- Where's the rest? - I don't know!
- Baby! Wait! Wait! - Whoa! Whoa!
Relax! Everybody relax!
- Get down. Get down! [indistinct shouting]
They always hide it in the kids room.
All right, tear it apart.
- Please! - Come here, baby.
- Hold her, please. Hold her! - On your knees. On your knees!
Guys! Maybe our intel was off.
Boss, there's no cash here.
- No, no, no, no, no! [girl screams]
- No! No! - Don't move!
We know there' more. You either tell me, or she dies.
There's no more! [woman crying]
No, there's more.
- Damn! - There is no more!
Let her go.
- What are you doin'? - Let her go.
- What, are you gonna shoot me? - We don't do it this way.
This is not your show. You take a step back.
[gun cocks] where's the money?
- Where's the money? - Sarge!
Shots fired! Everybody move in.
[engine roars]
- Drop your weapon! - Put your gun down!
- Stand down! - I will drop you.
- Don't move! - Stand down.
Antonio, you don't need to do this.
Drop your weapon.
Get up!
- You rat piece of-- - shut-up!
You're under arrest.
Get him out of here!
You're breakin' my heart.
You'll be shipped down to 26 and cal and put
In protective custody until the hearing, tomorrow.
If carter's the ace up your sleeve,
It won't be much of a hearing.
Hey, ask him about 219 westlake terrace.
Aah! Unh!
I already got a call from internal affairs
About you doin a urine drop.
Yeah, i'll do it after the hearing.
Well, it's mandatory you get tested within 12 hours
Of firing your weapon. I wanna make sure
Every t's crossed in this case, so...
Make sure you head down there first thing.
- Hey. - Hey.
Hey, you should probably lay low for a bit,
Until this whole thing blows over.
All right, he's gonna stay with me out in st. Charles.
Hey, what happened to 219 westlake terrace?
What do you mean?
You tellin' me everything i need to know?
I got nothing to hide here. I came to you, sergeant.
Tell me the truth, hm?
You stick your hand in the cookie jar?
Absolutely not.
So why'd roland mention that address?
To get your head spinnin'. Obviously it's workin'.
Sergeant hopkins sank his last 10k into this place.
Still needs to get out from under it.
How long you been coming here for?
I was 14 when i first walked in
On my way home from work.
Well, work was runnin' dime bags
For an sgd named hard boy, he lived upstairs.
He used to slap me around.
But after a few lessons, i showed him.
I was at that point, you know?
Fork in the road.
Than this place introduced me
To the police, youth boxing league.
Saved my life.
And it can do the same for a lot of other kids.
Listen, man. All i can do is 10 grand.
I can buy in for 5.
[sighs] that's not gonna be enough.
It's funny. I almost just called you frank.
Well, when did you find out i was a cop?
It's been 16 years.
No "good to see you"?
Well, i'm not totally sure
This is a good thing.
I saw my cousin jimmy a few days ago.
You remember jimmy?
He's out now and, uh-- he told me that he found out
You were an undercover.
Well, that case was only supposed to last
A couple of weeks, but instead it went a year.
Were you married then when we were together?
I was.
Why--why'd you call, linda?
You remember when i vouched for you that one time?
When cheero's crew was asking about you?
I saved your ass. Would you agree?
Yeah, i would.
Good. Just wanted to make sure
You didn't forget that.
Why did you sidestep the proper channels
When conducting this investigation
Sir, you know how my team works.
We dive in head first.
I had specific intel that sergeant roland and his unit
Was rippin' off drug dealers for their money and narcotics.
I would like to make it clear that me and my guys
Would not have been at that house,
Or anywhere near chicago for that matter,
If it hadn't been for detective linds--
Where is detective lindsay, who shot my client?
Detective lindsay got pulled into another case.
Until she goes on record and we get a sworn statement
From carter perry, you have no case.
Sergeant roland and his team are being released
Without charges at this time.
- Perfect. - Yes.
- Congratulations, boys.
Bathroom is right over there.
How'd it go?
Well, they hired joe the shark as their lawyer.
That should give you some idea.
So they're gonna walk?
For now.
We need to get carter and lindsay on record,
Or we don't have a case.
Can i help you with something, bunny?
Ah, i just dropped by to see erin.
- She's not here. - Oh.
Okay, well, i wanna leave here something.
I had this framed for her.
They look like sisters, don't they?
You're sick?
I'm sick?
Okay, hank. Tell me--tell me
What i did wrong this time.
Erin is grieving.
She's in a vulnerable space.
But that's exactly where you want her, isn't it?
Easier for you to get your hooks into her?
Listen to me--
Don't ever come back here.
Come on. I'll show you out.
You know who's sick? You are sick.
- Yeah? - They are best friends,
And you're making this about me?
Get her outta here. - Come on.
[telephone rings]
One sec. Hey, boss?
Commander perry's on the line.
Hank-- look, i'm with carter. Uh--
After what went down today, he'd having second thoughts
About going on record. He wants out completely.
Without his testimony these guys go free.
Look, man, they're free already.
(hank) look, i'll talk to him. Where are you?
On wacker. What about miller's pub?
(hank) i'll be there at 10:00.
Perry! [gunshots over phone]
All right, let's back it up, people.
Let's back it up. Right there behind the yellow.
Oh, man.
This is a tough one.
There were two shooters, approached on foot.
Spoke to several witnesses who said they were
They were wearin' red and black.
Hoodies pulled up, so nobody got a good look at their faces.
Red and black. Vice lord colors.
- Carter? - He's over there.
I haven't spoken to him yet.
Hey, how is he?
Well, we gotta take him to chicago med for surgery,
But i'd say he's pretty damn lucky.
- Give me a minute. - No, no, no. Hey, hey.
Sir, no, we gotta get him outta here.
I tried to get a shot off.
- It happened so fast. - Just listen to me.
The shooters-- were they vice lords?
No, no. One of 'em i recognized.
They call him "drug store". He rolls with the latin kings.
The colors they were flashin'-- it was just camouflage.
Why would he come after you?
I don't know.
You got something to tell me, you better tell me right now.
Westlake terrace.
It's the latin kings stash house out in jackson park.
The one time i set it up,
Drug store and his boys were dealin' out of it.
A couple weeks ago, we hit it.
Roland and them, they grabbed a few kilos.
It's the only time i took money.
You used your uncle to cover your own ass.
Now, he's dead-- because he want to bat for you.
You of all people have to understand, right?
We get a location on the shooter yet?
Still workin' on it.
Everything okay?
I came as soon as i got your message.
Which one? I left three.
I'm not your boss.
I don't care where you were.
But know that i am looking out for you.
Whatever you got goin' on upstairs...
You gotta face it head-on.
I just got off the phone
With commander perry's wife, jeanette.
[sighs] man retires after 30 years,
And a few months later, he's gunned down in the street.
I'll get you all details on the services when i get 'em.
- Thanks, trudy. - Yeah.
My office.
I still can't believe this is about perry.
I got a call from iad.
Detective karen o'toole says
You never took the drug test.
It's not optional, erin.
I take that test, i'm gonna fail.
I had a few drinks the other night and this guy--
I asked if i could depend on you, you said yes.
We got perry's killers out there somewhere,
And i gotta worry about you.
- Hank, just hear me out. - Every cop i know...
Eventually goes through a bad patch.
Some recover and get through it.
The ones who don't...
They walk around wondering what happened to their careers.
You're at the point where you gotta figure it out.
It was before perry came in, all right?
All i did was party a little too hard.
So you're back to your old habits.
The guy i was with had some pharmaceuticals, and...
The nights fuzzy, so, i'm thinkin' maybe,
At some point, i went to the bathroom,
And he slipped something in my drink, but i don't know.
I had a lot to drink, and--
You know who you sound like, right now?
Your mother.
Look, i'll reach out to a doc i know,
He'll-- he'll say you've been
Dealin' with depression and back date a prescription
For whatever pills you took.
But i can't get into it now.
Until this is solved, you're off the clock.
Reached out to a ci of mine.
Got a location on this latin king nicknamed drugstore.
All right. Round everyone up.
He's not at his spot in jackson park.
He's in the city.
Turns out he's hold up in the cave.
That club over on the westside?
Yeah, it's being protected by his uncle.
High up in the chicago kings.
This won't be our typical snatch and grab.
All right.
[overlapping chatter]
(male) we've got two guys on the roof.
I see 'em. Get ready.
[glass shatters]
- Hey! - Let's get out of here!
In the parking lot!
[woman screams]
Whoa! Call the fire department.
[dance music playing]
¶ ¶
- Everybody clear out of here. - Cpd! Get out! Move, now!
Get out! Get out!
You two, come on. Come on, let's go.
Gun! Get down!
- Come on, move it! - Hey, hey, hey!
Where do you think you're going?
Get out.
- [coughing] - on your stomach.
- Turn around, get down! - Hands behind your back.
You killed a friend of mine.
I wanna know why. I wanna know why!
Think you're gonna make it outta here, hey?
Give me the torch.
You think a little burn gonna make me talk?
You know what, bitch? You don't have to talk...
'cause your boyfriend's gonna do it for ya.
Come here.
You go after carter because he robbed you,
Or 'cause roland gave you orders.
You think i'm playin'?
Yeah. [screaming]
Okay, it was roland!
He made us a deal!
What kinda deal?
Roland said he'd put a drug case on us.
Bury us in statesville for 20 years.
All we had to do was take out that snitch, carter.
He said they'd take care of the other bitch themselves.
What bitch? What bitch?
Some lady cop he said set 'em up.
All right, get down.
[cell phone dialing]
Yo, erin.
Hey, landon.
Look, thanks for the fun time
The other night, but...
Do you see me on one knee?
I just thought we could do some shots.
It has not been a good day.
One beer. Come on, you can tell me all about it.
All right.
I gotta say-- a woman with a gun
Really turns me on.
Still got that ticket to rocklahoma for ya.
[erin grunts] you should come.
Yeah, maybe next year.
You should have never set foot in jackson park.
- Atwater. You anywhere near erin's?
Yeah, we're on 14th and wabash,
Like five minutes away.
Get over there, right now.
You see any of those jackson park cops
Anywhere near there, you take them out.
Get up! Get over there.
You really think you're gonna kill a chicago cop
And get away with it?
Keep your mouth shut.
There's an unmarked squad-- it's not ours.
This'll look like a bad domestic.
Drink it.
- Aw, come on, man. - Drink it!
[cocks gun] chicago pd!
Let me see your hands.
Hey, we're all on the same team here, officer.
If i don't see your hands, this is gonna get messy.
Roland didn't say nothin' about droppin' two bodies.
Don't be a punk, all right?
Let's do this think and get outta here.
Yo, sarge. Yeah, we got a problem--
- She's not alone - cpd!
[silenced gunshots] [gunshot]
You move, you die. You hear me?
Hmm? Do you understand me?
You straight, erin?
Thanks, kev.
[tires screeching]
Get on your knees! Hands behind your back!
Atwater's inside.
It's okay.
- Erin! - We're okay!
Hold this, hold this. Here.
You had us worried there for a sec.
Where's roland?
You call me an ambulance yet?
- I said... - [screams]
Where's roland?
[gun cocking]
I sent my girl out with a friend.
They like to play the slots at the river boat.
So, it's just you and me.
Looks like you had a pretty good run.
Over a million.
I was gonna wack it up with my guys, but it looks like
They won't be needin' it anymore.
So how about it, voight?
Let me walk,
And half a million dollars is yours.
You call a hit on two cops.
You come after one of my own.
You really think you can buy your way outta that?
I'm just takin' a page from the hank voight playbook.
You have no idea who i am.
Sure i do.
Back when i was a rookie, i heard all about how you were
The only cop who had the balls to make sonny gags and his crew
Pay street tax.
Everyone knew, you don't pay up to voight,
You end up in the river.
You were a legend.
If i was the cop you think i am, you'd already be dead.
There'd be no million on the table.
Come on.
You and me are the only ones in this room.
Take the money.
You're gonna dial 911
And you're gonna turn yourself in.
I'm gonna watch you surrender your badge.
You really think this is gonna redeem you?
I'm givin' you a chance.
You move your hand any lower,
You're gonna be breathin' outta your forehead.
Make the call.
Watch your head.
That was a hell of a save last night.
You and roman both.
That means a lot. It really does, sarge.
I'll let sean know.
I'll tell him myself when i see him.
Right now, i need you change
Outta that uniform. Get your ass back upstairs.
Damn, thanks.
I mean, sarge, what i did last night.
I woulda done regardless. It was lindsay.
I know.
Oh, i'm not piling on. You're a hero, et cetera.
Change out like the sergeant said
And let's get back to work, all right?
Copy that.
Don't think she came in.
So, how are things with matadors.
Ah. Between me, halstead, and roman,
We only have half of what we need.
Um, i put in a call to the credit union--
See about taking some money out of my 401k.
Courtesy of jackson park.
Hey. Police youth league...
Saved a lot of kids.
Keep it goin'.
Hey. Congratulations, kev. Voight just told me.
- Thanks. - Yeah.
You cool?
Look, i don't wanna lie to you , man.
You know this is where i wanna be.
It's too bad you're not good police.
- You'll never get another shot. - Oh, shut up.
- You'll be back upstairs. - [laughs] all right.
- Come here. - Thanks, man.
He's baaack!
- What's up? - Yes, buddy.
- Good to have you back. - Thank you.
- Hey. - Hi.
Well, you should be happy. I'm back on patrol.
I wanted to keep this informal, so i thought, you know--
What's more informal than the locker room...
Okay. Yeah.
So, listen, i know i've been a little weird lately.
It's got nothin' to do with you and i workin' together.
I just, uhhh... Been tryin' to figure out
Out how to tell you that i want to spend the rest
Of my life with you, and, uh...
You and i are freakin' awesome together.
I know this is quick,
But i don't care because i love you--
[cell phone rings] olinsky here.
(female) is this alvin olinsky?
Yeah, who's this?
My name's michelle.
- My mom said you could help. - Your mom?
Linda sovana.
I didn't know linda had a daughter.
Yeah, well, she gave me your number, so...
Look, i don't know what linda told you
Or how she thinks i can help.
I guess you're my dad.
Little early, isn't it?
I had a rough night.
Yeah, i think we all did.
Let's grab a coffee on the way back to the district.
Uh, hank, actually, i've been thinking.
I'm nothin' but bad news, you know?
I was born into bad news and i can't seem
To get away from it.
But it's the ones around me, the...
The people that i care about the most
Who end up getting hurt.
So, um...
You gotta stop being so hard on yourself.
I had a talk with my mom.
Where'd that get you?
Well, we decided that it might be a good thing
For you to give erin some space, you know?
So she can figure things out for herself.
Let's go.
I've talked to you as a friend, as a father.
Now i'm talkin' to you as your boss.
Get off the stool. Let's go to work.
Actually, i quit.
We're good, hank.
Any issues that erin is dealing with,
It's a family matter.
[door opens]
[door closes]