Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 22 - Push the Pain Away - full transcript

When multiple people are shot inside an athletic club intelligence work to find and take down the shooters before there are any more victims. When they discover that all the targets were from the same law firm its apparent that it is a case of corporate revenge. Now they need to find out what the motive for these killings. Atwater is dealing with his new assignment, while doing so he plays a key role in locating the shooters. Meanwhile Platt and Halstead are trying to approach Lindsay to see how she is coping with a recent death.

(voight) who the hell left the can in here?
Almost cost us the entire case.
I'm bumping you back down to uniform.
You wanted to see us, sergeant?
Burgess, you're in intelligence till further notice.
How you holding up?
Same as everyone else, i guess.
Don't let this turn into a banana peel for you.
You know what i'm talking about.
Times like this, you need to be around family.
I'm so sorry you lost your friend.
I didn't lose her. I got her killed.
[phone chirps]
You turned off the alarm on my phone?
I let you sleep in.
You tampered with my phone.
[bunny scoffs]
(bunny) everything's a conspiracy with you.
You tied one on last night and i let you sleep in.
You know, it was really nice,
You talking about what's on your mind.
But...What happened to nadia is truly terrible,
And if you want to talk about it, i am so here for you.
Whatever i said last night,
Chalk it up to a whiskey neat.
This coffee is insane.
Did you heat it with a flamethrower?
Never complained before.
I guess my tastes have changed since middle school.
It's late. I've got to go, but thank you.
You're not gonna eat anything?
You are tiny.
Maybe next time.
[door buzzes]
Sergeant, a little help here?
How's that, burgess?
The palm scanner didn't work.
I filled out the thing.
That is not my concern.
Sorry, i can't really see you. Did you say something or--
No. Call up.
Sergeant, i don't call up anymore.
I scan in.
And yet.
Darlin', hey... Your voice really carries.
Hey, so, listen, i know you know the drill up there
And everything, but it's your first day.
You're gonna love it. Just keep your head down.
Do the work.
Don't try and draw attention to yourself.
He kind of hates that.
What, are you afraid to say his name?
No, i'm not afraid to say his name--
Multiple shots fired at lakeshore sports and fitness.
We gotta go.
- No. - Um...
- Sarge, do i go upstairs, sir? - There's nobody shot upstairs.
[sirens wailing]
[indistinct chatter]
Responding officer says five victims so far.
Last shot fired two minutes ago.
Shooters could still be inside.
- How many? - No idea.
(antonio) witness says they're wearing balaclavas and tac gear.
Swat and deputy are en route.
- Should i initiate a plan 4? - Yes.
On my authority. And contain this crowd.
None of these people can leave.
Go! Go! [fire alarm wailing]
What, now we got a fire alarm?
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
[alarm wailing]
Clear up top.
¶ ¶
(woman) [whimpering and crying]
(olinsky) cpd. Get outside.
(woman) oh!
¶ ¶
Hey, stay right there.
(olinsky) chicago pd.
There's three of us and one of you.
¶ ¶
Let me see your hands.
- [grunts] - stay down.
¶ ¶
[door opens]
We're clear. They're gone.
Antonio, basement's clear.
I hope your perimeter's in place.
(antonio on radio) copy.
Three got away. We have one in custody.
Why don't you guys grab a soda?
[tense music]
¶ ¶
[clears throat]
- There's four shooters. - Mm-hmm.
I took a position on the guy behind.
I discharged my weapon twice.
- All right. - He didn't fall.
He swung his rifle on me.
You id the guy yet? Is he local?
We're still working on it.
I'll ask you again. What's your name?
¶ ¶
I'm gonna id you.
And we'll id the rest of the shooters.
They'll have this wrapped up
Before the papers come out tomorrow.
[keys jingling]
You got a choice right now.
Play it smart.
Tell me who they are.
The others.
I'm not gonna fall for your cop tricks.
No tricks here.
[inhales sharply]
Who are they?
Where did they go?
¶ ¶
Where are they?
Man, what are you trying to prove?
Where are they?
If you have to ask,
You're already too late.
¶ ¶
At 8:23 am, four shooters entered
The lakeshore sport and fitness and started killing.
We have four confirmed dead males
And one female vic in surgery at chicago med.
Now we have one shooter in custody.
He remains unidentified.
Three other shooters are at large.
The fbi is looking for a terrorist link.
Intelligence will be coordinating the ground game.
The fusion unit's tapping area cameras.
Air one is scanning rooftops. Who here is cta?
All right, stop all trains out of state and lake.
- And i need all buses rerouted. - Mm-hmm.
- Cfd. - Yeah?
We need four ambos on standby in case of another incident.
Now, they burned their suits and masks,
So we don't know what they look like right now.
Patrolman spotted four guys wearing all black
Park a car two blocks east.
Ran the plates, car came back hot.
Inside were 400 rounds of m855s, armor piercing.
All right, i'll redirect patrol and set up a grid search.
Move fast, move smart.
Let's find these guys and keep those ambos empty.
All right.
- Hey. - Yeah?
Um...Do you have an extra shirt in your car?
I didn't get a chance to run home.
- Yeah, sure. - Thanks.
Am i the last one to say welcome to intelligence?
The first, actually.
Crazy day.
What's up, burgess?
I pieced this together.
It's the bad guys' route through the club.
Now you see how fast they clear that space?
They cover every avenue, every point of domination.
And they go down the stairs...
Send everyone running...
But they don't fire a single shot
Until this guy gets in their way.
Then they don't hesitate.
Single shot to the head.
Now, let me ask, what's this look like to you?
- Their formation. - It looks military to me.
Yeah. That's where we lose 'em.
No eyes on the squash courts.
[suspenseful music]
These guys, they throw wild shots into one court.
[camera shutter clicking]
Then three hits over here.
[camera clicking]
One, two, three.
Three shots, three bodies.
This isn't random.
¶ ¶
(nick) i was here on my friend's guest pass.
She, um...
She was one of the ones... Who...
She's got the best doctors in the city working on her.
She's gonna be fine.
It's okay if you need a minute.
I'm good.
You were on your way to the locker room.
When they came up... Four of them.
Sh--she panicked and...
And they shot her.
Just 'cause she was in the way.
We'll need to test you for gunshot residue.
It's just a formality.
And then they came down to my court.
To court five.
Directly across from court two?
That's right.
And then he opened the door and he just started shooting.
I dove to the ground.
When i looked up, i could still see into the other court.
- Into court two? - Yes.
It was...
Hey, hey.
It was awful and i just keep seeing it.
I--i'm sorry.
[somber music]
We were supposed to have lunch together.
You knew the victims?
Um, we worked together
At elkarn and associates.
We're a law firm.
They were senior partners.
Well, what do you got?
Well, we ran the, uh, unknown offender's prints
Through ncic. He's not in the system.
We thought these guys were army,
But i struck out there, too.
Is he on a watch list?
You know, homeland security? Fbi?
No, but something weirder popped.
See, his prints matched a set lifted from a homicide
Two days ago in paoli, indiana.
(ruzek) the victim's name was richard davis.
He worked for lancaster chemical as an engineer.
He was shot point blank.
I got a call in to the lead detective.
Then today's shooting spree, what's the nexus?
Lancaster chemical, sir.
Engineer worked there, elkarn and associates
Represents them.
Four of their partners were killed today.
Yeah, three in the squash courts,
And one on the stairs.
(ruzek) he was running late.
The four lawyers, they were targeted.
We just don't know why yet.
We still need to identify these killers.
Well, run them through the indiana dmv
If that's where they came from.
You know, snap a picture,
Try and get a visual match.
Maybe we can id them that way.
Yeah, mouse can't do facial recognition.
Not without official access to the indiana dmv servers.
Not legally anyway.
Get it done.
Let's go.
Made a mistake killing that engineer in indiana.
Indiana's got the needle.
So here's the last good deal you're gonna get.
You tell us where your friends went,
We'll try you in chicago.
Spend the rest of your life playing tonk
In the yard at stateville.
Otherwise, we ship you back to indiana,
You die strapped to a table.
[tense music]
Are there other targets?
You don't know anything, do you?
I know one thing.
You're running out of time.
(atwater) gotta meet with the ia tomorrow.
(roman) yeah? What's your fop rep say?
(atwater) very little.
Making me real nervous, man.
Meantime, i'm getting headhunted by this corporate security gig.
I had a good interview.
Yeah, you don't get to wear the blue, though.
Got a feeling somebody in headquarters
Might be real happy about that.
Who cares, man?
Always going to be some moron with stripes on his sleeve
Doesn't like the way you work.
[dark music]
¶ ¶
They were here.
¶ ¶
We got eyes.
¶ ¶
Hold on, atwater. We're searching.
How long?
I'm pulling from, like, four different
City departments here.
All right, we got it. We see you.
Okay, scroll back.
Was there just a vehicle parked here a few minutes ago?
Play that.
That's a warning shot. We got him.
They're in a street and sans truck.
- This is--when is this? - Three minutes ago.
- License plate mary-84307. - Oh, damn.
I can check with oemc, see if there's a gps.
Just find the truck. Atwater?
[suspenseful music]
It was just here!
¶ ¶
(atwater) no, no! Stop that truck!
Stop the truck!
Give me your keys.
Give me the damn keys.
¶ ¶
[police siren blaring]
2113 emergency, we're in pursuit
Of a blue city of chicago garbage truck,
Headed westbound on madison.
- 2113, copy. - Use caution.
Offenders are armed and extremely dangerous.
[tires screeching]
[police siren blaring]
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
- Freeway. - Roger. Offenders are headed
For the on-ramp to 290 west. We're in pursuit.
- Copy that. - Wait, cancel that.
(woman over radio) canceling.
[glass shattering]
[police siren blaring]
[siren silences]
¶ ¶
2113 emergency. The truck we were pursuing
Crashed into 224 west randolph street.
Shots fired. Send us help, squad.
(woman over radio) copy that. Backup on the way.
He's shooting the cameras out.
- Antonio. - Move it!
- Go for dawson. - Cancel the manhunt.
We got the shooters, and they're taking hostages.
Come on.
You want to give this up?
[sirens wailing]
(lindsay) five shooting victims.
Now five fatalities.
The one girl who got in their way died in surgery.
Uh, leanna palomo, she was 30.
Those four were the targets.
Lawyers from elkarn and associates.
Oh, yeah, i spoke with the managing partner at the firm.
All four of them worked on lancaster chemical
And had contact with the engineer last month.
I'll find out why.
(voight) i don't think this is terrorism.
This is some kind of corporate revenge.
You should alert the fbi.
And the motive is what, exactly?
We don't know, but we'll dig it out.
Who knows about this?
- So far-- - no one.
And no one can until we identify these shooters
And get them off the streets.
No press, no other units.
I'll run interference as long as i can,
But i want these killers identified.
Sir, the ceo of lancaster chemical
Is in chicago today.
The company's being acquired.
I-i reached out.
Find out how their company's wrapped up in this, all right?
And id the shooters, we're on it.
I don't need you to cover for me.
I'm not covering. I'm protecting you.
From what?
Listen, erin, we're the only ones
Who know about this lancaster chemical connection.
No weak links today.
So i'm the weak link.
You're distracted.
Sergeant, something happened at the scene.
[siren wails]
That's your ride.
[dark music]
¶ ¶
[indistinct chatter]
- Excuse me. - Yeah.
(man) i have 12 hostages and four automatic rifles.
Who am i speaking to?
This is sergeant hank voight.
(man) pleased to meet you, sergeant.
I'm sure.
What do i call you?
(man) you want a name?
I want to insure every citizen in that building
Gets out alive.
You cooperate and maybe you can join 'em.
(man) you on the roof yet?
Two four-man swat teams should be in position by now.
Lights are still on in here, so i'm guessing
You didn't figure out how to cut the power.
You a cop?
(man) found a police manual at the library.
Well, you and your friends walk out of there,
I can give you a private tutorial.
(man) we're not walking out of here until we get what we need.
We need a cta bus with blackout windows,
$500,000 cash denominated in 20s,
And a safe route out of town.
You have 30 minutes, sergeant, or i start killing hostages.
And i will kill one for every lie you tell.
- You voight? - Yeah.
Carson hicks, swat team leader.
You got three shooters in there?
That's right. One in custody and three inside.
You got two teams on site,
Two snipers looking for a side way in.
All right, let's move. No more casualties.
Mr. Mclelland, mr. Hastings, thank you for meeting with us.
It's a sad day.
Our hearts go out to the elkarn and associates family.
They lost brilliant minds this morning.
Listen, mr. Mclelland, we're a little confused.
Hoping you can help us.
Four of your lawyers were killed.
Assassinated, really.
We tied the very same shooters
To the murder of one of your employees
At lancaster chemical.
I'm sorry, your question is?
- Well-- - these men were targeted,
And we think you know why.
[tense music]
Richard davis was an engineer at our paoli facility.
He was fired for cause four months--
What was the cause?
As, uh, legal counsel, all i'm prepared to say
Is that's a confidential matter.
With all due respect, mr. Hastings,
We've got a situa--
Five men tied to your company are dead.
See this? Go ahead.
Take a look. There's no cameras in here.
You can speak freely. Really look at them.
Davis stole trade secrets.
Right. And we know he signed
A $2 million settlement with lancaster chemical
A week before he was murdered.
Managing partners found this highly unusual.
Why would you pay off a thief who you just fired?
And what did he steal, exactly?
Officers, this settlement included
A non-disclosure agreement.
Do you understand that the men who did this
Are holding hostages right now?
And more people are gonna die.
So what is going on? What the hell are you hiding?
This is an emotional day for all of us,
But to suggest that my company
Has anything to do with what's happened--
You've said enough, mark.
If you'll excuse us, we have a meeting across town.
I'm sure you do.
[tense music]
¶ ¶
[faucet running]
[faucet shuts off]
How are you feeling, detective?
Oh, no complaints.
'cause i was thinking maybe you should go home.
[locker closes]
Because i misbehaved in front of a rich guy?
Because you look sick.
(platt) let me ask you a personal question.
Because i feel like it and i outrank you,
So just shut up for a second, okay?
Who have you talked to?
I mean, really talked to
Since nadia died?
Well, she didn't die. She was murdered.
Erin, the guy was unhinged.
No one in this building,
Or anywhere else for that matter,
Blames you.
Thanks, sarge. I'll take that under advisement.
[somber music]
Their bus is ten minutes out.
That's ten minutes off their schedule.
Cash? 500 grand?
We're waiting on hq. You want to chip in?
[phone ringing]
Hit it.
This is voight.
(man) time's up.
We're working on your demands.
(man) i don't believe you.
Yeah, well, i don't believe you're going to kill anyone.
We lying to each other now? That doesn't work.
(man) we don't tell lies.
Look, i need more time.
The cta is working,
But i can't get you what you want by magic.
How about you send out a hostage
As a sign of good faith?
(man) if i send a hostage out,
It'll be with a bullet in the back of her head.
You're out of time.
That's it, we're going in.
No. No, hold on.
Something ain't right.
Something ain't right.
Get halstead on the roof.
I'm going in alone.
[dramatic music]
Let's go.
¶ ¶
All right, i got it.
¶ ¶
Chicago police!
This is sergeant voight.
I'm coming in.
No line of sight to the shooters.
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
Turn around.
Nice and slow.
¶ ¶
Okay, you can lose the hardware. I'm unarmed.
- Isn't for you. - He's clean.
No one's coming in. You have my word.
Yeah? And where's my bus?
[shotgun cocks]
¶ ¶
We don't start trusting each other,
None of us are leaving on our feet.
¶ ¶
All units, stand down.
(voight) no one moves without my say so.
Copy. Be advised, no shot.
Ten yards north, we'd have an angle.
He'll have to draw them out.
¶ ¶
It's just me.
Thought it was time we speak face to face.
You said 12 hostages.
They're in the back with a gun on them
Just like this one.
Well, what i gotta say, you all gotta hear,
- Including your man in back. - We've heard enough.
But i don't think you're listening.
We warned you what'd happen if you jerk us around.
Take a look out there.
I got half of cpd begging to come in heavy.
Now i can get you what you want,
But you gotta help me keep swat out of here.
Show me the hostages.
I gotta make sure no one needs medical attention.
None of them hurt so bad they can't wait a day.
That's your plan? Hunker down here all night?
Don't worry about our plan.
I'm not asking.
Show me the hostages.
¶ ¶
Don't move.
- Come on. - [sobbing]
Over here.
On your knees.
Don't kill me!
- What's your name? - Don't kill me.
Please answer the question.
(man) anyone hurt you, rebecca?
Mistreated you in any way?
- No. - What about the others?
We're okay.
(man) get her out of here.
- Let's go. - [sobbing]
¶ ¶
- Hey. - Hey, you guys got something?
The facial recognition on our unknown shooter.
I finally got a hit off the indiana dmv.
Meet evan kozelek, 32, from paoli, indiana.
It's a local paper, about a year ago.
(ruzek) that's evan serving as a pallbearer for the funeral
Of an eight-year-old girl, his niece.
She died of lymphoma.
Read the next part.
It what this is all about.
(ruzek) yeah.
Mouse, patch me in to voight.
You've seen the hostages. About that bus?
- It's on its way. - Not good enough.
Voight, can you hear me?
I hear you.
Oh, do you?
Do you?
'cause if it don't come soon,
My man back there starts shooting.
(lindsay) one of the shooters is owen kozelek, 44 years old.
He's an ex-marine.
The offender in custody is his brother.
How many you think he drops
Before your jackboots breach my house?
Owen lost his daughter last year.
Hank, the family blames lancaster chemical's
Test facility for making her sick.
I understand.
Then what are you still doing here?
He called the engineer 11 times in the weeks
Leading up to his murder.
This is about your little girl, owen.
That's what this is about, right?
We know about lancaster chemical.
It took us a while to figure it out.
Lawyers at the club, engineer in indiana, but we know.
You don't know a damn thing.
So help me.
What else do i need to know?
Owen, don't listen to him.
First some adults get sick.
Then the mckenny boys across town.
I've got a shot.
Next thing i know,
I'm burying my eight-year-old girl.
Kids don't just die like that.
Someone had to pay.
Lancaster's been dumping waste for years.
It got in the water table.
Poisoned a whole town my people been living in
Since pioneer days.
Owen, i got a son of my own.
I've done things i never should have done to keep him safe.
I get it.
You got a story to tell.
If you walk out now, you got a chance to tell your side.
We're not going anywhere.
[suspenseful music]
You all going down together?
(owen) he knows what he signed up for.
What about the guy in back?
(voight) let's bring him out here. Let's see what he's made of.
(owen) not happening.
I'm starting to think maybe i'm talking to the wrong guy.
I'm starting to think maybe you don't call the--
- Shut up! - [grunts]
All units, breach, breach, breach!
[grunting] [gunfire]
[both grunting]
(antonio) chicago police!
- It's okay. - Move, move, move.
Hey, i thought we were being honest with each other, huh?
[dark music]
[indistinct chatter]
- [grunts] - hostages are safe.
But the last shooter's in the wind.
No, there never was a third shooter here.
They were playing us the whole time.
So where the hell is he?
¶ ¶
So, area central id'd our third shooter as ray kozelek.
He's evan and owen's brother.
(lindsay) he's got priors for battery, illegally concealing a handgun.
Up until today, he was the bad egg.
Owen's a former marine,
Served everywhere from kosovo to kuwait.
We think he probably trained the family for this.
So we got these two in custody.
Our last shooter's still out there.
Well, if it's a family affair,
Let's shake the tree.
Maybe another kozelek falls out.
It's a... It's a big tree.
Look, i pulled the brother's financials,
Looked into known associates,
Anyone who would make sense as a co-conspirator.
A list of siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
I mean, it's a mile long.
They're like jackrabbits, the kozeleks.
(olinsky) well, get indiana state police
To account for every one of these folks.
This guy.
Nick sutter.
He was there, at the athletic club.
We took a statement from him.
He was with the woman who got shot.
He was a witness.
He was posing as one.
I cleared him.
Nicholas sutter is ray's son.
He goes by his stepdad's name. 19 years old, no priors.
So his cousin is the little girl who died.
(burgess) i followed protocol. I had him swabbed
For gunshot residue. Came back clean.
I cannot believe this.
I mean, we had him.
So nick's dad and uncles
Draw our attention away from the club,
While he falls in with the witnesses and slips out.
So they aren't finished?
They have another target.
We've got to locate mclelland
And the legal counsel, hastings, now.
[tense music]
¶ ¶
Hey. Mind if i borrow this?
- It's all yours, al. - All right.
¶ ¶
Tuck in your shirt, lose the badge.
Come here.
¶ ¶
Ambitious plan.
Hiding your nephew in plain sight.
Diverting police resources so you could finish the mission.
¶ ¶
This is the asa who's gonna handle your case.
Show him, kim.
¶ ¶
This is it.
The files the engineer was gonna give you.
This is what you were after, right?
Call your nephew.
There's nothing for nick to do now.
It's over.
Davis wasn't the enemy.
Davis was an employee.
He had enough proof to bury lancaster.
Toxicity studies.
Internal communications.
He was gonna give it to us.
Help us get justice for ellie.
Until they bought his silence for 2 million.
You need to help us bring nick in
Before anybody else gets hurt.
Mclelland's on a plane right now.
You're never gonna get to him.
Then it doesn't matter.
Does it?
Come on, kim.
Let's go.
¶ ¶
Did you see that?
- Yeah. - He didn't even flinch.
Mclelland was never the target.
They're going after hastings.
Our shooter knows how to hide in plain sight.
He proved as much this morning.
Check stairwells, garages, any place he could be laying low.
Got it.
All right, the rest of us,
We're gonna wait for this maniac to come to us.
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
And i am excited about this prospect.
Chicago pd. Please stay calm.
Everyone stay in your seats.
We need to talk.
Sorry, but this is not the time.
Five people were murdered today
In retaliation for actions you took on behalf of this company.
Now they're coming after you.
(voight) what do you say to that, hastings?
(hastings) this is business interference.
Let's talk elsewhere.
Sit your ass down.
(halstead) no one can leave
Until we ensure safe passage out of the building.
(hastings) you can't hold these people here.
(halstead) want to walk out? You should borrow my vest.
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
Not a word.
¶ ¶
[tense music]
¶ ¶
I'm gonna put this down.
¶ ¶
Hastings deserves to be punished.
But this isn't the way.
You don't think we tried everything else?
Profits over people.
And now the whole world is gonna know.
It's not enough.
Hastings has to die.
¶ ¶
Sometimes people we love get hurt,
And there's nothing we can do about it.
It makes you so angry
That you'll do anything to push the pain away, right?
Except it won't bring your cousin back.
¶ ¶
Ellie was so small.
Even before she got sick.
She was like my little sister.
I was supposed to look out for her.
I know.
Get back!
Don't. Guys, don't!
Don't shoot.
Nick, look at me.
Nick, look at me.
Look at me! Nick.
Look at me.
I'm not gonna let them shoot you.
This morning, you tested negative for gunshot residue.
The only way that happens is if you didn't fire a shot.
You're not a murderer.
You people don't understand.
Hastings killed her.
Not a company. One person.
He covered this up. He killed her!
I know.
And we can prove it.
The truth is gonna come out.
But if you really need to get to hastings,
You're gonna have to shoot me first.
I'm not afraid.
[hammer cocks]
[tense music]
¶ ¶
Then do it already.
¶ ¶
Then shoot me. Come on.
How many people have died already?
What's one more, right?
Shoot me.
Come on, nick.
Do you want to kill somebody that bad?
Do you?
You want to kill somebody that bad?
Then shoot me!
Come on!
Get it over with, man!
Shoot me!
Do it!
Come on, nick.
Shoot me.
Is that what you want? Come on.
¶ ¶
Shoot me.
(lindsay) come on.
¶ ¶
[poignant music]
¶ ¶
Just sign right there. That'll complete your statement.
No problem, detective.
Thanks again for your efforts today.
There's a press conference in an hour.
We're going to announce the closing of the paoli plant
And a memorial fund for those kids.
I'd like it if you stood next to me.
- Hm. - Show a united front.
Our company, law enforcement,
The entire chicagoland community together.
The day i stand next to you is the day i walk you into a cell.
Until then...
(platt) you two, nice work today.
Keep this up, people might start confusing you
For the real police.
Thanks, sarge. It was definitely all kevin.
Mm. Did kevin also
Hijack the squad from the 31st?
'cause the patrolman beefed to his commander,
Said you damaged his vehicle.
Oh, well, the thing with that, sarge, is that--
It was on me. I...
I bottomed it out on the median.
Okay, save it, braveheart.
It was the right call.
Besides which,
A bunch of snobs over at the 31st.
Yeah, they'll get their car back...Never.
So am i off the hook?
Oh, god no. You're gonna hear about it
From the commander tomorrow.
But, you know, live and learn.
So go?
Go. Go.
Hey, bro, you didn't have to do that.
Taking the heat from me, i appreciate it.
Why not? You're gonna get back upstairs.
Don't give 'em any more ammunition to say otherwise.
Want to give me another lecture on how to grieve, or...?
I'm gonna apologize.
Starting when?
I just finished.
Go get some rest.
- Come on. - What are you talking about?
All right, now, hold on.
Just take this toast...
All right.
To you.
Oh, kevin, you don't have to do this.
- Oh, yes, we do. - Yeah, yeah.
- I believe so. - [laughs]
Burgess, i just want to say congratulations
On your first day in intelligence.
[whistles] whoo!
All right.
And that's my speech.
- Great talk, yeah. - Yeah.
- It was a good one. - Oh, okay.
- It's a good speech. - All right.
I'll drink to it.
You'll drink to anything.
Ah, indeed i will.
Next round's on me.
(ruzek) can you grab us a couple beers?
- Uh, four. - Please.
[bar music playing]
Hi. [laughs]
You were good today.
- Thank you. - You know?
Although i kind of wish today never happened.
Yeah, it was a little intense.
No, i mean, um...
Thank you.
Now that i got a taste, i can't--i can't go back.
I want to be upstairs, adam, permanently.
I know you do, darling.
Nobody deserves it more than you.
But, you know...
Kev's gonna get cleared by the board of inquiry,
And he's coming back up.
Yeah, well...
They're gonna have to make room for me.
[bar music playing]
You will not believe what happened this morning.
I woke up hungover at your place,
'cause i'm still trying to wrap my head around it.
No. I was at the jewel on des plaines,
And this guy comes up to me,
Arms outstretched, saying, "remember me?"
It's landon vanick.
The scrawny kid from down the street?
He used to try to pick a fight with me every day after school.
He bit me once.
[bunny laughs]
(bunny) well, he has definitely done some growing up.
[laughs softly]
¶ ¶
Hey, landon.
Been a minute.
Yeah, i'd say.
Well, i'll let you two get caught up.
[dark music]
Mind if i sit?
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
Ow, you bit me.
Now we're even.
¶ ¶
[drama¶ ¶ music]
[wolf howls]