Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - There's My Girl - full transcript

As District 21 is struggling to come to terms with the loss of one of the team they are forced to put their personal feelings aside when a café is bombed. The unit has several suspects and ...

Chicago Police Intelligence.

Do you want to keep answering phones?

I want to be a Chicago police officer.

Let's do it then.

- You passed.
- I did?


- Where's Nadia?
- Straight to voicemail.

We may have a hit on the car.

It's south of the Broadway bridge.

(Amaro) Hey, Sarge? We got her.


So the memorial stone's in motion,

and the etching's gonna go
around the side of the building.

I'm just waiting on the go-ahead

- from the Ivory Tower.
- Thanks for taking the lead on this, Sarge.

I keep wanting to buzz up there,

do our usual noon-time
visit to the fat box.

You know, the vending machine.

That's what they call it in England.

Nadia read about it.

[crying] I keep touching up
my mascara every ten minutes.

- I gotta get upstairs.
- Okay.

[exhales] [softly] Damn.

Yeah. We're all feelin' it.

Girl was going places, man.


Go grab some coffee. We got this.

It's just a desk, right?

How you holding up?

Same as everyone else, I guess.

Anybody we should be sending her stuff to?

Uh... her dad's in Indianapolis.

I'll make sure and get it to him.

(Voight) All right, Fischer just called.

Needs us in Tri-Taylor.

- Hey, Antonio.
- Hey.

- Sergeant.
- Cruz.

What the hell happened here?

Bomb went off at 8:42 a.m.

We're clear for radiation.

At least four injured,
two pretty bad shape.

Two fatalities. One female.

One looks like a male.

How's that?

We're still putting him back together.

(Antonio) Any idea what caused this?

IED of some sort.

We found screws in buildings
all the way down the street.


So where were you
standing when it went off?

You're the police?

Yeah, that's right.

Gimme a sec.

Do you live around here?

Did you see something?

Come on, Isabella.

She's 12. Got a vivid imagination.

Let this man do his job. Come on.

How many times have I told
you not to talk to cops?

(Ruzek) Hey, man.

Were there any victims
taken to the hospital

- before we got here...
- My wife.

Have you seen her? Nobody
will tell me anything.

Sir, we're still trying to clear the scene,

but we can take your name, information.

Mason. Uh, Brahmer.

We... we own the cafe, my wife and I.


Oh, my God, Elizabeth.

Go ahead and ride with your wife.

(Atwater) Nobody saw anything.

It was an explosion. Lot of glass.

Same inside.

Then we'll keep knocking on doors.

Hey, Al, you and Ruzek go question
the husband once he calms down.

[knocking] Police.

Detective Halstead, Chicago PD.

- Yeah, we met.
- If you wouldn't mind,

I just want to talk to your
daughter for a quick second.

She didn't see anything.

Two people died in that bombing, ma'am.

- Mom?
- Get back in your room

and finish getting ready.


Last year, a kid in Isabella's school

testified in a gang shooting,

and a week later, he was found
with a bullet in his head.

I get it... we're gonna put her
down as a confidential source.

Oh, yeah? Are you gonna
give her a lollipop too?

And the next thing you know,
she's compelled to testify,

and when word gets around, how
am I gonna keep her safe?

I can't afford to move out of my place,

let alone put her in a
new school and start over.

I understand your concern.

But how is your daughter gonna feel

knowing that her mother didn't
let her help get the people

who did this? I know she saw something,

and I know she...

Got started on a sandwich bar.

Now I'm making quiche and crepes,

European stuff I couldn't
even pronounce before.

How long you been working there?

Eight months.

Where were you when the bomb went off?

The kitchen. I threw out an order,

I rang the bell and a second later...


How's Ms. Brahmer holding up?

She's got some fighting to do.

I owe a lot to those two.

The Brahmers know about your
priors when they hired you?

Absolutely, they did. I came clean.

I let them know I did a little something

when I was younger, but I put it behind me.

Armed robbery's not a little something.

Well, I learned from it.

Well, so, having been
through this before, Brandon,

you'll remember, eventually the
cops get to the bottom of it.

I had nothing to do with
blowing that place up.

Period. But I do know who might.

So do you wanna hear about it,

or you wanna keep wasting
your time looking at me?

If you got something to say, say it.

This gangbanger named K-Trick's

been hanging around Brahmers for months.

He comes around back every week.

Two days ago, Brahmer goes in
the back to talk to K-Trick.

An hour later, Brahmer's
Suburban was destroyed.

All right, I'm gonna let Ruzek know.

Doctor said your wife went into surgery?

Yeah. I guess shrapnel came
close to hitting a major artery.

Every second is touch and go.

when it went off, right?

I work the kitchen.

My wife runs the front of the house.

My cashier called in sick,

so Liz was wearing a lot of hats today.

Your cook mentioned somebody
by the name of K-Trick.


Yeah. Him.

What was the nature of your relationship?

He's been shaking me
down for protection money.

Two days ago, I said I
wouldn't pay him as much,

'cause this winter really killed me


He beat up my SUV.

So this K-Trick made threats on your life

if you didn't keep up payments.

He never actually said that specifically.

He just...

said I'd regret it.

We'll call it in.

Hey, Sarge.


This can't be right.

- What's the matter?
- I just got an email saying Area Central's

not approving the purchase order

for the engraving job on Nadia's stone.

I am gonna attack somebody.

Well, we can... pass a hat around,

collect the money ourselves.

We may need to push the
memorial a little, but...

Oh, no, the only thing that's
getting pushed around here

is however wrote this... right off a cliff.

I got a cousin that does stonework.

He'll give it to us on the cuff.

I can't even believe what I'm seeing here.

Seriously, don't stress
yourself out, Sarge.

You got enough to worry about. We all do.

Stonecutting is what your
cousin does for a living?

It's not some side job he dabbles in?

It's full-time, legit. He turns down work.

Okay, great... if you can make that happen,

I'll get to the bottom of this.

K-Trick... otherwise
known as Kenny T. Reevis.

He's a gangster Disciple.
Not top of the pyramid,

but he's got some corners.

Brought up on racketeering charges twice,

but the cases fell through

when the witnesses dropped the charges.

Finally got the analysis on
the IED back from Bomb Unit.

Whoever built it used a pressure cooker.

They filled it with nails, screws, glass,

some small-grade explosive.

I think that's the same
kind those guys used

for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Yeah, see, you hook it up to a cell phone,

and ka-blammo... the
shrapnel projects out,

shreds everything in its path.

It's nasty, nasty stuff.

Halstead's working on a witness.

Little girl lives across the street.

Her mom shut it down the first time,

but he's gonna go at her again, so...

- No other witnesses?
- None willing to talk.

No security cameras in the cafe.

All right, Mouse,

run the victims for domestic disputes,

orders of protection...

make sure none of them
was the intended target.

The rest of you get a bead on Reevis.


Yeah, look who it is.

- The Celtic Tiger himself.
- What's up, my man?

This is my partner, Kim Burgess.

- How's it going?
- It's going.

Did you get my message?

Yeah. I didn't check it, though.

We need a stone engraved at the district.

Most importantly, it's gotta be done

by tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, wow. Listen, I got
three orders stacked up.

Frankie, when's the last
time I asked you for a favor?

The parking tickets I made disappear...

- Yeah, but...
- Hey, look,

we know it's short notice, but...

we lost a friend unexpectedly.

So could you please help us out here?

What the hell. For my cousin,

I'll move some stuff around.

Just let me know what you want it to say.

- Right.
- Oh...

Her... Sorry, I don't...

Yeah, it's cool. Just take your time, man.



Good to see you, Father McClosky.

- Thanks for meeting me.
- Yeah.

I saw something on the news the other night

about the young woman that
worked in your district.


I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'll say a mass for her.

Thanks, I... I appreciate that.

I really do.

Is that why you wanted to see me?

Actually, uh...

I was hoping you could
pull a few strings for me.

Let's take a walk.

You can do the talking.

Kenny Reevis?


Why don't we go for a ride, man?

I'm watching my son here.

Well, is that his aunt, his nanny?

- I'm sure he's fine.
- Aunt.

But I only got him four
days out of the month,

so if you got something
to ask me, you ask me here.

No. We gotta talk down
at the district, pal.

I ain't going anywhere unless
you got an arrest warrant.

You hear me?

You picked the wrong cop on the wrong day.

I will slap bracelets on
you and drag you outta here

in front of your son.

You hear me?

Get on your feet.


Keep an eye on Jackson. I'll be back.

You know why Teddy Roosevelt
won the Nobel Peace prize?

Russia and Japan were getting into it,

and Teddy was like, "I
gotta sit these fools down

before they blow each other up."

He also knew, to make it stick,

both countries needed to
feel like they won something.

That's how I operate.

Brahmer and I... we had a nice deal.

He kicked me down a little cash,

and I'd watch out for him.

He misses a payment,

and I blow up his restaurant
and kill a bunch of people?

That ain't win-win.

That ain't me.

Ask around.

We did.

We know you demolished his car

and told him he was gonna
regret not paying you

two days ago.

And you're gonna try and convince me

that those are actions

that are even in the same universe

as blowing up a building?

I don't need to convince you.

Prosecuting attorney just
needs to convince a jury.

Oh, man.

Kenny, let's say it wasn't you, right?

You were born and raised
in the neighborhood.

Damn straight.

You probably didn't
like getting pushed out.

You ever lose your neighborhood

to a bunch of rich people?

Why didn't you leave?

'Cause it's my block!

Okay, so it's your block...

You know who blew up the cafe.

Give us a name. We get help with the case.

You get off without a murder charge.

That's a win-win situation, baby.

Nobody I know.


Send a photo of Reevis over to Halstead.

See if he can get it
in front of his witness.



- How you holding up?
- I'm fine.

I just wish everyone would stop asking me.

I'm not everyone.

I miss her.

Like everybody else, I'm here.

I'm doing my job.

Job part I'm not worried about.

Don't let this turn into
a banana peel for you,

and I think you know
what I'm talking about.

Come too far.

I hear you.

So we looked into the guy

that actually owns the
building that got bombed.

Graham Norcross.

Guy's got ten lawsuits
hanging over his head,

each one a different tenant

claiming he strong-armed
them out of his properties.

He throws a single mother of three

out on the street and sells the place

for twice what he bought for.

Big jump... bombing your own property.

Worth a conversation at least.

Well, go talk to him.

[knocking] Mr. Norcross.

Detectives Dawson and... Orbinsky?

That's close enough.

Glad you came. Had you on my call sheet.

Oh, yeah, you were calling us?

Yeah. I was hoping to get
addresses for the victims.

I'd like to send some flowers over.

That's nice of you.

We can't give out their information yet.

It was terrible getting
that call this morning.

When you get any updates,

I'd appreciate you passing them along.

You've evicted a number of tenants

from the buildings you purchased.

That's correct?

Should I have my legal counsel join us?

Does he need to be here?

- You tell me.
- We're just here

for some background, Mr. Norcross.

A tenant four doors down
from today's bombing site

had to leave her residence
because of an electrical fire.

That's at 2315 Rockefeller.

She says you were responsible
because the building went up

a day after your crew was
inside working on the wiring.

Arson is difficult to prove.

And there are witnesses who state

that the tenants in question
were stealing electricity,

endangering their own family.

But as that is a pending legal matter,

I obviously can't comment further.

You know one of the victims
had their limbs blown off?

This is in your building.

How 'bout you don't hide behind your lawyer

and help us out on this one?

Jamie Weston. She'll be happy to facilitate

any further questions you may have.

Nice. Classy.


I've left you, like, ten message.

I wanted to tell you in person.

Wow, I don't like the
sound of this already.

Now, it's not just the purchase order.

George Baumgartner...

he won't approve the
stone for Nadia at all.

That's... unacceptable.

I'm sorry.

They don't think it's appropriate

since she wasn't a cop.
Hey, if it was up to me,

that stone would be done already.

Cover the desk, Garcia.

You got it, Sarge.


Look, Nadia Decotis wasn't a cop.

If we put up a stone commemorating her,

the next thing you know,

the janitor's gonna be asking for one.

Now, what kind of precedent would that set?

The precedent that we memorialize

those we lose in our district.

It doesn't matter whether
she wore tin or not!

It matters to some people.

It matters to the people I answer to.

Do you know what happened
to her in New York, George,

what she went through?

I do, and it's horrible.


I'll tell you what, let's
put a pin in it for now,

maybe revisit the issue next month.

No way! I know how it works around here.

It just keeps getting kicked down the line.

Nadia made the ultimate sacrifice,

and she deserves a memorial stone

at the 21st District,

or I will stand up

at the next FOP meeting

and I will tell everybody

that you blocked her from
getting the honor she deserves.

The answer's no.

And don't threaten me again.


- Leave.
- Not until you hear me out.

I'm gonna call the cops.

You'd be calling me, essentially.

King of Cross Academy.

Full scholarship for Isabella.

Just wanna ask her a couple of questions.

Show her a photo.

[paper rustling]

She doesn't testify.

Absolutely not.

I was waiting outside
while my mom got coffee,

and this guy came in with a blue backpack.

I remember it, 'cause my
friend's got the same one.

But when he came out, it was gone.

Okay. Is this the man you saw?

That's not him.

The guy I saw was white with a beard.

Okay. Do you remember
anything else about him?

His right hand... he had scars all over it.

That's it.

That's enough.


Thank you so much, Isabella.

You're welcome.

I cross-referenced all
recent parolees in Tri-Taylor

and the surrounding areas
with their known identifiers.

Yep, and we got Sam Carden.

Did a little time in Statesville

for assault and battery and
a couple weapons charges.

The scars on his right
hand's from burns he got

working as an electrician.
Parole officer said he's been

picking up day jobs here and there,

but apparently he had a
hard time going straight.

He do any work for or got any beef

- with Norcross or Brahmer?
- I say we go ask him.

His parole officer said he
lives right on the South side.

Go. Have everyone who's free

- meet you there for backup.
- Right.

Like I said, I'm constantly checking in

with my parolees, and
I've seen Sam's pay stubs

and he's been going to work.

All right, believe me,
if he was up to something,

I'd know about it.

All right.

Go ahead.

Oh. Huh.

I'd say he was up to something.

Ha. Can't be everywhere
all the time, right?


- [whistles]
- A few large right there.

Yeah, I'd say. That's a lot of money

to have saved up after just
getting out of the joint.


Do you have any idea where he might be?

Should be contacting me
about 20 minutes or so.

He normally uses the pay
phone downstairs, so... Yeah?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

(Atwater) Just keep an eye out for Carden.

Copy that... we got eyes
on the front entrance.

I still can't believe you let me drive.

It's my gift.

Well, it's... from Nadia.

I told her how you said you
feel like a house husband

riding shotgun all the time.

And she got all righteous and she goes,

"Erin, you need to let him drive a little."

You know what we need?

A Kuma's night.

Black Sabbath burgers.

That was Nadia's spot, right?


That's Carden.

Stop! CPD!


Out! Out, out, out, out!


5021 George, I got a
carjacked red pickup truck

heading north on the 7100 block of Paulina.

Halstead, location.

On Lake. We'll cut him off at Ashland.

[horn honks, tires screech]

We're approaching Ashland now.

Don't move! Don't move.

Put your hands behind your back.


Let's go.

Get up.


It's gonna work out.

Baumgartner's a bastard.

He's a heartless bastard.

And always has been.

It's a piece of rock on
the front of the building.

We can't even pay our respects to her?

It's times like this when
I... I... hate this job.


You wanted to see us, Sergeant?

Uh, yeah.

Want you to swing by Second City Storage,

locker number 8313.

There's a file box labeled "Summer 2005."

Pull the file for Operation Angel.

Bring it back here.

All right. Sure, got it.

What's that about?

It's all gonna work out.

You got my Jack too?

That ETD machine is good.

Only takes seconds to
detect explosive material,

like the trace amount of potassium nitrate

on your jacket.

We already got you for the bombing.

Just tell us who hired you.

Yeah. I'm really not seeing
a good reason to talk.

Yeah, well, I can give you a
couple good reasons to talk.

I'm going away no matter what.

I might as well go back not a snitch.

We found 3 Gs in your room.
Probably more you already spent.

Money didn't put itself in
there... means you got paid.

You got it all figured out. Why bother me?

You could be looking at two life sentences.

Now, we can think of a whole lot of ways

to make that time easy or hard.

It's up to you.

Yeah, you know what?

I really don't care.

It doesn't make any difference.


He doesn't give up a name,
take him down to the cage.

You two gonna rough me up a little bit?

Not gonna be any worse

than what you did to
those people at the cafe.

Whatever. It's out of my hands.


nobody out there is in the mood

to give your sorry ass a break today.

But if you give me a name...

life'll be a little better.

Let me think about it.

(Halstead) Carden didn't
have a burner phone.

He didn't call anybody from that apartment

except his parole officer.
Never even wrote a letter.

We should have his call records
from Stateville any minute.

Thanks for the phone call.

That was Chicago Med.

Elizabeth Brahmer just passed away.

What's up with Carden?

Giving him five minutes
to weigh his options.

I think he's gonna go.

Sam Carden did a couple days'
work with Melvin's Electric

which does all the wiring
in Norcross's buildings.

A few months ago,

Graham Norcross asked the County Assessors

for an updated property value estimate

on the Brahmers' cafe.
It turns out the land

is worth four times what
it was when he bought it.

The Brahmers have a ten-year lease.

So if Norcross wanted 'em out...

he'd either have to cut 'em a check

or make them leave.

So you hire someone who
says they can scare them out,

but the device over-delivers.

Maybe Norcross had Carden
do the electrical fire

up the block too.

Let's ask him.

Son of a bitch.

Call an ambo!

- Ambo's two minutes out.
- Guys, he's not gonna make it.

Who the hell left the can in here?

Just keep your mouth shut
until you talk to Voight.

Contact your FOP rep. Do it now.

(Roman) Wanna talk about it?


How you walked out of my cousin's shop.

You noticed that?

He's got a bell on the door.

My old district, we had
three deaths in one year.

It was spooky.

Naturally, you get people who ask,

and I don't lie when I say

I never had a bad day on this job.

We chose it.

And if I die doing what I love,

that's better than
croaking on a chicken bone

watching reruns on the couch.

Nadia chose this.

We don't have time to grieve.

We keep pushing and doing our jobs.

We're not forgetting the people we lost.

We're honoring them.

That's how I'd wanna be remembered.



[under breath] 8313.


Nice bike.

Summer 2005.

This is weird, right,
asking us to come down here?

What's it got to do with the memorial?

I don't know, but I'd hate
to be this guy right now.

(woman) Excuse me, gentlemen...

What the hell is this?

Turns out, Mr. Norcross, we
got a little more to talk about.

Fine. Through my attorney!

Yeah. You can call her after we process you

- down at the district.
- Process for what?

You can do this voluntarily or otherwise.

I don't have a problem with the second one.

(Norcross) Unbelievable.

(Olinsky) Three people dead.

I don't say anything until
my legal team gets here.

Like I told you, after
you've been processed.

Didn't think we'd find out
about you and Sam Carden.

Sam Carden?

He installed ceiling fans in that cafe.

I barely know the guy.

Until you needed him to
take out the Brahmers.

I didn't take out anybody.

A few million sitting on that property.

Why worry about nice tenants
when you got condos to build?

Yeah. People have killed for a lot less.

You're talking out of your ass.

It's real easy.

You hired Carden to throw an M80 in there.

You didn't know he'd up the dosage

about a hundred times more than necessary.

Most of this lands on him.

[door opens]

Let's talk outside.

(Mouse) It's Mason Brahmer,
the owner of the cafe.

(Olinsky) How come we
didn't find this earlier?

Some people cover their
tracks better than others.

Look, he spelled his name
one letter off on his ID,

making it virtually impossible
to find anything on him.

But I knew something was wonky,

so I kept trying different
versions until I found...

"Ross Montag."

Okay, see, he legally
changed it a few years back.

Clearly, he didn't want us finding out.

So now I'm thinking,

there's something up
with this guy, you know?

People don't go changing
their names willy-nilly.

So I ran the old names backwards, forwards,

financials, everything,

until I found 250K in
one of his old accounts.

It's a life insurance settlement.

The short version... I
think we got the wrong guy.

Pick him up.

[door slams]

Why am I here?

Because your first wife
died in a car accident

eight years ago in Portland.

I want out of here now.
My wife passed away.

- You have no right...
- Her car burst into flames

because of a steering fluid leak.

Detectives and the insurance company

liked you for it.

But they couldn't make the case.

I'm giving you one more chance.

Don't make me come in there.

I'm asking you nicely.

Just get straight with me now.

I'll help you with your statement.

Go to hell.

It was an accident. I don't care

what the Portland cops said.

Then why'd you change your name?

I wanted a fresh start.


See, I'm not buying any of that.

You're forgetting... I was there

when the bomb went off at the cafe.

Protected by a stainless steel kitchen

where you knew the blast wouldn't hit you.

Okay, well, just because
you don't believe me

- doesn't mean I'm guilty.
- That is true.

But what Sam Carden is
saying upstairs sure does.

You gotta be pretty desperate...

to hire an ex-con

who's doing electrical work for you.

I don't even know who that is.

Why did you do it? For the insurance money?

Or you just hate women?

That's for your wife who died today.

That's for your wife you
killed eight years ago.


There's a big part of me

who wants to walk outta here right now

and let you take the whole ride.

But I dislike Carden even
more than I dislike you,

so I am giving you this one shot.

Tell me what happened, A to Z.

If you don't...

I go upstairs, we go with Carden's version.

[sobbing] I didn't do anything.

I don't know who Sam Carden is.

Listen to me.

If I walk outta here,

that deal walks out with me.

All right!

All right what?

I'll give a statement.

All right, I'll notify the wife's family.

- That's always a fun call.
- I'll call Portland PD.

It's gonna be such a punch in the gut

- after all these years.
- The family deserves to know

what happened to their daughter.

Atwood. My office.

Leaving that can in the room

almost caused us the entire case, Kevin.

I understand, Sarge.

And I take full responsibility for that.

I appreciate that.

IA's gonna launch a full investigation

in the Carden suicide, though.

I can't have you up here
while that's going on.

What does that mean?

I'm bumping you back down to uniform.

- It's just for a bit.
- Look, Sarge,

whatever I gotta do...

This isn't a conversation, Kevin.

You wanted to see us, Sergeant?

Yeah, we're shuffling
things around up here.

Burgess, you're in Intelligence
until further notice.

Roman, you're partnered with Atwater.

I cleared it with Platt.

Looking forward to it.

Good. You're dismissed.


Kevin, this is not how I
wanted things to go down.

I'm sure if you give Voight some time,

- it'll all blow over.
- Burgess...



I don't approve some stone and
you think you can blackmail me?

That's an ugly word.

Who knows about this?

Just the two guys in this room.

Or maybe the prostitute I found you with.

I don't know if she remembers.

- If this gets out...
- Just sign the approval

for Nadia's memorial, and we're done.

Good to go.

I could just kiss you, Hank.


Right back at ya, Trudy.

It turned out real nice, Roman.



The, uh...

Deputy Chief sent this over.

I figured I'd share it.

"Ms. Nadia Decotis,

this letter is to commend
you on being accepted

as a recruit to the
Chicago Police Department."

She would have made a hell of a cop.

Certainly one of the bravest.

Hey. I think we're all
gonna head to Molly's.

Pour one out for Nadia.

I think we could all use
a drink right about now.

You in?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll try and make it.

There's my girl.

I was supposed to meet up
with everybody from work,

but... I can't be around them right now.

Yeah. I get that.

Times like this, you
need to be around family.

Baby, I'm so sorry you lost your friend.

When I met Nadia...

when I busted her...

I just saw something in her.

I wanted to be for her
what Hank was for me.

So I pushed her in the direction I'd gone.

But if I'd just left
her alone from the start,

none of this would have happened.

I didn't lose her.

I got her killed.