Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - If We Were Normal - full transcript

The team looks for a suspect who held a woman for months, physically abusing her and psychologically attempting to manipulate her into forgetting her identity.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Got you a coffee.
- Thank you.

And I don't know if you take
it black or with milk or soy

or anyway...
I brought everything.

Thank you. Look at that.

Here you go.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

So what's up?

So I wanted to get
your advice on something.

But I... like, I probably know
what you're gonna say,

Sorry, I need to hear you say
"Don't do it."

- Okay, I'm with you.
- Okay.

Last night, I went out with
Roman, just as friends,

but by the end it kind of
felt like more than that.


- You don't seem surprised.
- Oh, I'm sorry, you...

You wanted me... sure.
Oh, my God!

I mean, nothing has
happened at all... at all,

but last night
there was this moment...

Do you know what
I'm talking about?

Yeah, I do.

But having been engaged to
Ruzek, what you are saying is

that I should not be
opening the door, right?

You want me to
be the one to tell you

that you should not
date your partner?

- I...
- Oh, yeah, no.

You know why I forget?
I forget sometimes

that you and Jay are dating,

'cause you guys
make it look so easy.


Units in 21 and
units on the Citywide,

battery in progress involving
a male and a female

reported at
Kinzie and Dearborn.

First responding officers
please advise.

- Let's roll.
- 2113 squad, I'm responding.

Some guy just got stabbed.

Okay, slow down.
Get out of the street.

Where did it happen?
Over there.

- What did you see?
- This couple was arguing.

She was in her underwear.
She was high on something,

and she stabbed
the guy and she ran.

- Where did he go?
- He drove off.

And then some other guy ran
after to see if she was okay.

- Wait, what guy?
- Him.

I lost her.
She tried to stab me.

I was just trying to help.

Did you catch a plate,
a type of car?

It was silver,
I'm not sure what kind.

It was an Audi, A4 or A6.

We need to send out
a flash message.

Right that way down the alley.

Okay, I need the three
of you to stay here.

You're all witnesses.
Please stay here.

[car horn honking] Hey!

[tense music]


[alarm ringing]

- Down here!
- Go, go.



- Call it in.
- 2113 Squad,

requesting additional units.

Forced entry at
3233 South Princeton.

There is a plainclothes officer
on the scene.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

- Chicago PD, anyone in here?
- Burgess.

I got it.


Drop it! Let me see your hands!

Let me see your hands!

Help me.

Victim's name is Ruby Baker.
She says she was kidnapped.

She stabbed her abductor
with a screwdriver

she found in
the trunk of his car.

She got away. He drove off.

No, Ruby thinks
she was snatched

about two months ago, maybe?

She says she lost track.

Kidnapper drugged her.
Next thing she knows,

she's chained up in some room.

We ran her through

Nobody's reported her missing.

She's still traumatized.
You can talk to her.

But go easy. All right, thanks.

Can you get the evidence
over to the lab?

See if they can
put a rush on it.

Yeah, got it.

Done a rape kit yet?

She's refusing
medical treatment.

She won't let us touch her.

She's 19, so technically,
we can't force her.

- Thanks, Natalie.
- Yeah.

Ruby, this is Sergeant Voight,
and that's Detective Olinsky.

- Did you get him?
- Not yet.

We're hoping that you
can help us with that.

Ruby, the man you stabbed,
was that your kidnapper?


Just Mister.

That's what he
made me call him.

What else can you tell us
about this man?

He was tall.
He had sandy brown hair.

That's great.
Is there anything else?

His nose.
It looked like it'd been broken.

Like, a long time ago.

And he always parts his hair,
like a politician.

Did he force himself on you?

I'm sorry. Where were you held?

Was it a house, a building?
A room, with no windows.

He didn't want me
to know what time it was.

And he wouldn't let me leave,
not even to use the bathroom.

I used a bucket.

He... got off on that.

Ruby, do you remember
any other details of that room?

- Sounds?
- I heard kids playing.

Almost every day.

And yesterday I heard sirens,
lots of them.

I thought I was being rescued.

So how'd you end up outside?

Mister... or whatever
the hell his name is...

he said we had to move.

He threw me in the trunk.

I kept banging
till he pulled over.

That's when I stabbed him.

Listen, none of us can imagine
what you've been through,

and I'm sure you just want
to try to forget,

but we really need you
to do something for us.

We need you to let the doctors
give you a rape kit.

II can't stay here.

He said he'll find me.

I'm not going back
to that place.

Well, we'll have an officer
posted outside your door.

Can you stay?

Sure, yeah. I can stay.


Sarge, think I narrowed down
the location.

All right.

So Ruby said that
she jumped out the car

at Kinzie and Dearborn.

Told Olinsky that they drove
around for about ten minutes.

That would put
her approximate location

in this six-mile radius.

Ruby heard kids and sirens,
which means we're looking for

someplace near a school
or playground.

There's a bunch of them
in that area.

Has anyone read
Ruby's rap sheet?

In the last year alone
she's been picked up

for credit card fraud, retail
theft, possession of heroin.

Where'd she say
she was grabbed from?

Pin Pan Alley.

Pool hall on Ashland?

That's a hangout for runaways.

Lots of teen prostitution.

So she's got a history,
like everybody else.

All right, where we at
with the composite?

It just came in.

All right, so circulate
it to all hospitals,

urgent care centers.

See if anyone matching
this description

came in with a stab wound.

Antonio, you and Jay
hit that pool hall.

Hey, where's the thing,
requisition forms?

- Grab those too.
- Copy that.

Hey. Looking very official.

Drowning up here.
Platt's riding my ass.

Which I have you
to blame for that.

I'm sorry, who ordered
the last round?

Hey, heard you caught
a weird one.

Uh, yeah, it was bizarre.
There's a girl...

Cherish the anecdote, Burgess.

As of 11 minutes ago.
I am on furlough for one week,

preparing for
the wedding my father

always dreamed
he drop the ball on.

And you, Haircut.

Ivory tower's issued a district
audit, due by end of shift.

Sarge, this came out
a month ago.

This is desks,
computers, pencils,

everything in the building.

That is accurate.

And the serial numbers
on each item

have to match up with
the numbers on the list.

- By the end of the shift?
- It's okay.

We'll get it done.
I'll help you.

Yes, help.

Don't help. I don't care.

- Burgess?
- Yeah?

As you are well aware,
my wedding is 12 days hence.

I need someone to help
keep me on my feet

with respect to alcohol
and such what.

You want me to help?

Oh, are you inviting me?

I guess I am. But no plus one.

Yours is the last
salmon filet we have left.

- Take another look.
- Yeah.

I've seen her and 20
more girls just like her.

Don't be a jagoff, all right?

We think she was
abducted from here.

I'm saying a lot of girls
her age come and go.

I don't keep track.

You have surveillance
cameras here?

Think the guy who owns this
place cares about his employees?

Does he? I haven't met the guy.

He doesn't. Only thing he
cares about is his money,

so he has a camera right over
the safe in back.

- And nowhere else.
- That's him.

- No?
- Nah, sorry, man.

I haven't seen her.

- What about you?
- No.

You looking for Ruby?

- Who are you?
- We used to be tight.

That so?

Then what, Ruby was kidnapped.
You know by who?

No. Damn. Kidnapped?

Tell me about
the last time you saw her.

We, uh, got in a fight.
About money.

So she went to work.

- And by work you mean?
- Ruby went on dates, with guys.

- This guy?
- I didn't get a look at him.

Just his car. It was expensive.

- Like an Audi?
- Yeah.

Yeah, like one of those.

My brother.
This your normal route?

You lose your mail
or something?

We're actually looking for
a guy who lives around here.

Yeah, this guy look familiar?
He drives a silver Audi.

Yeah, you know,
yeah, yeah, yeah.

5381 Bristol. Next block over.

You wouldn't happen
to know his name?

No, there's been
a mail hold on that address.

I never delivered
a letter to the house,

but I seen him come and go.

All right, thank you, brother.

[children playing]

[knocking on door]

All right, watch out, bro.

Whoa, whoa, hold on, hold on.


My aunt's a realtor.
They all do it.


[tense music]

Police! Anybody in here?

- Hey, we're clear upstairs!
- Copy.

Hey, Kev, hey.

Looks like there used
to be locks here.

That's a lot of security
for an interior door.

Ah, we're clear.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

One, two, three.


You smell that? I hate bleach.

Yeah, he wiped the place clean.

Ruby said he had her
chained up to a wall.

[text alert chimes]

Yeah. Lindsay was right.

All right, Mouse says
that the house belongs

to Bill and Ruth Gainsbridge.

They moved to Florida
three months ago.

No sign of forced entry, so
somebody must've had the key.

We'll get Mouse to get ahold
of the real estate company,

get us a picture
of the listing agent.

What's that?

She was trying to get out.

My daughter loves these.

And I'm addicted to them too.

You have a daughter?

Two, actually.

One's your age, Lexi.
And Michelle.

You close?

Well, as close
as they want me to be.

What about you?
What about your parents?

My dad died when I was eight.

I haven't talked
to my mom in years.

What happened to your arm?


Can I see it?

Oh, man. He did this?

I did it to myself.

So I wouldn't forget
who I was in that place.

He kept repeating
how I was nothing,

that he was going to turn me
into someone else.

I had to "submit"

until I was "purified."

That's what he called it.

[knocking on door] - Detective?

- Can I talk to you?
- Yeah.

I'll be right outside.

We got the results back
from the rape kit.


Ruby's pregnant.

No. This can't be happening.

I can't have his baby.

We'll do an ultrasound to see
how far along you are.

You still have options.

Can you do a paternity test?

Prove what he did to me?

We can do an amniocentesis,

but there are risks.
It could harm the baby.

I know you got a million things

going through
your mind right now,

but I'm gonna need you
to look at some photos,

see if you recognize
any of these men.

Can you do that?


Oh, God.

Ruby, Ruby...

You need to say it.

Which one abducted you?
You need to say it.

That's him.

Drew Stommer, real estate
agent at Cermak Reality.

Business degree at Northwestern,

minor is psychology.

This guy looks like the
world's most eligible bachelor.

That's what they
said about Ted Bundy.

We got the results
of Ruby's ultrasound back.

She is seven weeks pregnant,

which means it's Stommer's.

I called the owners
of the house on Bristol.

They told Stommer to put it on
the market six months ago.

He didn't list it on MLS
till last week,

which means he's been
sitting on the house.

Yeah, to hide Ruby.

And he had to move her because
the house was about to sell.

Perfect, all right, thank you.
Ah, uh, guys.

Stommer, I just ran him
through the DMV.

He's the registered owner
of a silver 2004 Audi A4.

His office says
that he's hosting

an open house at
a property in Hyde Park.

All right, Antonio, you
and Lindsay go pick this guy up.

No, I'll pick him up.

Okay, you and Atwater.

I want you to search it
top to bottom.

- Ruzek, you got a sec?
- Yeah.

Platt has me doing inventory.

I notice you signed in
a laptop last week,

but it's not
in the evidence locker.

It says I signed it back in.

Yeah, it was on Wednesday.

Well, then it's got
to be there somewhere.

No, I checked twice already.
No laptop.

You really gonna bust
my balls about this?

I have to have
the inventory done

by the end of the shift, so.

Well, I got a case to work, so.

You ask about the laptop?

Look, I'm not saying
he stole it, but...

Adam once lost a pair of boots
while he was wearing them.

So it'll turn up. Don't stress.

All new flooring,
and did I mention

we are in an
A-plus school district?

Great place to raise children.

Excuse me.
I'll be right with you.

You're under arrest for
kidnapping and sexual assault.

Chicago cops. You believe this?

In front of clients?

Oh, I'm gonna have your jobs.

I'm gonna recommend
you use your right to be silent.

Chicago PD.

Oh, is something wrong
with the doorbell?

Chicago police.
Do you live here?

Of course. What is this about?

Ma'am, are you related
to Drew Stommer?

I'm his wife, Madison.

We have a warrant
to search the premises.

We're gonna come inside.

Excuse me.

Where is Drew?

And what is this all about?

Among other things,
your husband's

been arrested for kidnapping.

Kidnapping? Kidnapping who?

You know, I really
should call my husband.

Sit down.

He's not taking
calls right now.


You're gonna want to see this.

Come on.

Mrs. Stommer,
do you have a child?

Drew says we're going
to have one soon.

So you're expecting?

We're trying.

Drew says that
setting up the nursery

will help to manifest the baby.

He says if you can visualize it,
you can make it true.


And answer a few questions.

Recognize her?

We know you were holding her
at the Bristol Street house.

So you got two options:

We can get your DNA
and prove as much,

or you can come clean.

I mean, I can save you
the trouble.

The DNA will be a match. Mmhmm.

So you admit to sexually
assaulting Ruby Baker.

No. She gave me permission.

To rape her?

Ruby and I entered

a dominant-submissive

I paid for sex and
provided her a place to live.

In return,
Ruby submitted herself to me.

It was consensual.


Forgive me, but...

She stabbed you
and ran for her life.

That doesn't sound consensual.

Last week, Ruby started
behaving erratically.

She threatened to blackmail me.

I had no choice, I had to
terminate our agreement.

So I drove her back
into the city.

Did you know Ruby was pregnant?

Seven weeks.

Well, she's a prostitute.

I imagine that's
an occupational hazard.

[knocking on door]

Will you give us a second?

I don't know where
to put her, Sarge.

She says her name is Madison,

and not only is her marriage
to Stommer not official,

she doesn't exist as a person.

Secretary of State's got
no record of a Madison Stommer

so I ran the maiden name
she provided, "Madison Dodd."

The social matches
a woman in Mt. Vernon,

but the DOBs don't match.

You check Cook County?

I ran all cross checks.

She doesn't have so much
as a library card to her name.

I ran Madison's prints.

Her real name
is Jamie Lynn Stevens.

Says she went
missing seven years ago.

Dr. Charles.
Appreciate you coming down.

Isn't it about time we put
my prints on the palm scanner?

[chuckles] Yeah,
right after we finish

your personalized parking space.

I got to tell you, Hank.

I've never quite received
this call before.

Hey, Jay, it's inventory day.

I have you down for the receipt
of two lipstick cameras?

Oh, yeah, yeah,
the lipstick cameras.

I got 'em here somewhere.

We drilled these into
a vice lord's baby mama's house.

Here you go.

What we know he doesn't?
Mamacita's cheating on him...

With his sister.

- His sister?
- Yeah.

Nice. Thanks for these.

Yeah, man.

Hey, Ruzek.
Any luck with the laptop?


This is Sergeant Voight,

and this is
my friend Dr. Charles.

He's a psychiatrist
at Chicago Med.

We asked him to sit in with us.

A psychiatrist.
I need to consent to that.

It's just a conversation.

Do you recognize this girl?

Her name's Jamie Lynn Stevens.

This is you.

That's not me.

We know that it's you
from your fingerprints.

[tense music]

You have a younger
sister named Caitlin,

and she misses you very much.

I'm sorry.
I think you must have me

confused with someone else.

If it's not you,
than who is it?

Because Jamie Lynn is missing.

You know what I think?

I think maybe
seven years ago or so,

Jamie Lynn, a confused
young woman,

went looking for help.

Jamie Lynn is dead.

And what she
found terrified her,

and nobody could blame her
for that.

In fact, it terrified
her so much that

she convinced herself that
Jamie Lynn needed to disappear

so that Madison could survive.

II chose to be with Drew.

Well, Drew, your husband,

he just admitted
to hiring prostitutes

to be his S&M partners.

Drew said never
to trust the police.

Let me tell you what I think.

I think you and your husband
used Ruby Baker as a concubine

just so you could have a baby.

I don't know anyone
by that name.

You know what I think?

I think that you're
a good person,

and that you want
to do the right thing.

And we just want
to help you do that.

If my husband hasn't
already asked,

we would like a lawyer.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Yeah, you owe me a dollar.

Shut up. Okay.

So look at this.

I know we're down a laptop...
which will turn up, I promise.

But, uh, check this out.

Somebody owes the district
a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

- Wait, what?
- Yeah.

We are missing a $30,000 SUV.

Think Platt'll notice that.

And whose handwriting is that?

- Voight's?
- Yeah, Voight.

Voight stole a car,
nine months ago.

You said that.

All right, I'll go talk to him.

What, you think I'm scared to
talk to Sergeant Voight?

Shouldn't you be?

I'm saying he's got all kinds of
reasons for doing what he does.

But if he's got that car
assigned to some

whatever the hell it is?

You know what I'm saying.


Oh, yeah...

You left your scrunchie
in my car last night.

Yes, I did.

Okay, what do we got?

Madison Turner is actually
Jamie Lynn Stevens.

She was arrested in 2008
on solicitation charges,

and then she
went missing in 2009.

Who filed the missing
persons report?

Her mom. Then a year later she
overdosed and the case ran cold.

Hey, boss, we've been going
through Stommer's call logs.

His clients, wife, all check out
except for one short phone call

made three weeks ago at
2:32 a.m. on March 7

to a residence in Naperville

owned by a woman named
Marcia Harris.

Yeah, call outgoing
from his cell phone.

Call lasted two minutes.

Marcia has no connection
with Stommer.

What she does have is
an 18-year-old daughter

who was popped for solicitation

in the exact same place where
Ruby was kidnapped.

I'll drive.

- Hank?
- Yeah.

We need to talk.

Actually, Sergeant, we do too.


You want to know
the toughest part of my job?

Knowing somebody's guilty,
and not being able

to do a damn thing about it.

Steve, we're still
building a case.

So far, you've brought
me a witness

who won't identify
herself as a victim.

Without a victim,
I don't have a crime.

Actually, we brought you two,

one who's pregnant
with this psycho's baby.

Look, we're on the same side.

Reality is, proving
rape against prostitutes

is just shy of impossible.

Throw in her criminal history
and her drug abuse,

she doesn't stand a chance.

Just put her in front of
a grand jury, let them decide.

It's her word against his.
There's no physical evidence,

and everyone involved
is over 18.

You have to kick Drew Stommer.

That girl in the hospital,

she carved her name
in her own forearm

so she wouldn't
forget who she was.

That's what this guy's
capable of.

[sighs] All the more reason

not to press charges
on specious evidence.

Bring me something
I can prosecute.

That picture's
from a different time.

Like I said, I haven't seen
Jennifer for a while.

Can you be more specific?

It's been a year.

Jennifer is an addict.
Started stealing for dope.

Finally kicked her out
when she pawned

her own grandmother's jewelry.

When's the last time
you talked to her?

Was it March 7th at 2:33 a.m.?


She called a few weeks ago.

I was sleeping.
I didn't recognize the number.

What did she say exactly?

She, um, said she
was with some guy,

just had a bad feeling
about him, that was it.

Did something happen
to Jennifer?

Thanks for your time.

So Jennifer realized
what was going on,

grabbed Stommer's phone,
called for help.

Stommer's got
another girl out there.

Jennifer Harris. 19 years old.

History of drug problems.
Fits Stommer's MO.

Mother couldn't give us much.

Jennifer's been out of the house
a year, no fixed address.

She got herself together enough

and purchased $13 worth of
groceries on March 6.

Damn, March 6th?

Day before she called her mom.

Yeah, nothing after that.

All right, get a warrant for
this real estate office.

We're gonna hit every
property Stommer represents.

This girl could be
out there locked up,

starving, we don't know what.

I want to try something else.

[dramatic music]

Half day?

You know I called
a lawyer, right?

He's not here now.

Hands behind your back.

[handcuffs clinking]

Take a little ride.

You're out of
your mind if you think

you're getting away with this.

Get up.

They can't just drag us
out here like this.

We didn't do anything.

Madison, look at me.

Do not listen to them.
We're gonna get through this.

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

- No!
- Ruby, no!

That is Ruby Baker.

Your husband kidnapped
her eight weeks ago

and held her in a basement
and raped her.

No, honey, remember
what we talked about.

Everything they say is a lie.

We're gonna tie you
to all three abductions.

This is the last free air
you're gonna breathe.

Hey, we need your help.

He's holding another girl.
We don't know where she is.

It's the truth.

Another girl like Ruby.

He took her and he hid her
for one reason:

To give you the family
that you always wanted.

Your husband raped me!

Every night until I forgot
how long I was down there!

They are trying
to tear us apart.

We did nothing wrong.

We're just trying
to start a family!

Like you always wanted!

Madison, I think you knew what
was going on the whole time.

You might have had
your eyes closed.

This is what it looks like.

- No, I didn't know!
- Madison, listen to me...

- Shut up!
- Madison!

- Look at me!
- Madison!

Your name is
Jamie Lynn Stevens.

You grew up outside
of Rockford, Illinois.

[crying] No.

Your little sister's
name is Caitlin.

Caitlin is 25 years old now.
She's married.

She had a baby girl.
Madison, look at me!

She named her baby Jamie Lynn.

Look at me, Madison!

It's okay.

I know that you know
what the right thing to do is.

I can tell that
you're a good person.

I know that you want to help us.
I can see it.

Please, you are our only chance
at finding this girl.


[tires screeching]

Guy said the real estate
agent hired them

to lay floor in the basement.

- Keep 'em here.
- Yeah.

Down here!

I got dirt.

I got something.
We got something.

Got something right here.

There it is.

Is she breathing?

Let's get her out.

I read about this place.
The black site.

News said it's where you go
before you're read your rights.

I see there's no cameras,
so let me be clear:

You touch me, and that is a
seven-figure lawsuit that I win.

We found her.


You beat her,
and you strangled her.

Once he realized
Ruby was pregnant,

had no use for Jennifer.

You have no proof
of any of this.

GPS history.

We can put you at that house.

Jamie Lynn's giving
her statement right now.

She has the right
to an attorney.

She waived it.

There any other victims
out there...

now might be the time
to tell us.

I would like to speak
to my attorney.

You know, after 26 years,
I've seen

I don't know.

I mean, all this time
I thought if I...

put enough guys like you away...

the streets would be
a safer place.

And you're right,
there's no cameras down here.

So it's your word against mine.

You grabbed for my sidearm.

He can't do this.

And yet.

- Take the gun.
- Stop.

Come on. Grab for the gun.


- Reach for it.
- Help, someone!

- Help me!
- Reach for the gun.

Help, someone!

Someone help! Okay, please.

Please, please.


You smell that?

That's the smell of fear.

- Please?
- Yeah.


Please! Please!





Now you know what it's
like to beg for your life.




He was everything to me.

Now I have nothing.

You, um... you have
your life back.

And I think you're
a very brave woman.

Sergeant, this inventory thing
Platt's got me doing...

we seem to be missing
a maroon Jeep.

Seized on a narcotics bust?

I know it was rough today.

What you guys did makes us
all proud to be part of 21.

So what are you gonna do?

About everything.

Think I want to keep it.

I just... I want one good thing
to come from this.

You know, I was shot,

the day I found out my wife was
pregnant with our daughter.

I was wearing a vest,
and, uh...

I blacked out.

Patrolman found me,
gave me this.

It's yours now.

- The bullet?
- Yeah.

The one that didn't kill me.

You know, you remind
me of my dad.

Here, just call
this number, okay?

- Thank you.
- Hey.

So you know, no one calls them
"scrunchies" anymore.

Why not? They're scrunchy.

- True.
- Ruzek. Laptop.

- Seriously?
- Hey, I heard about

a copper getting stripped
for six years

over a stolen burner phone,
so, yeah, I'm serious.

You know what?
You know what I think?

I don't think this has anything
to do with the laptop.

I think it's about her.

You want to bust my balls,
look like a tough guy, right?

- Adam.
- No.

You must see what's
happening here.

I'm not making it up.

Dude's obviously into you.

So you know what?
You want to date her?

Be my guest.

Just get
the stupid laptop, Adam.

Hey, look.

I'm sorry you got
dragged into all this.

I just... I... honestly I just
wanted to get the laptop back...

Ruzek and Burgess.

- And Roman.
- Uh-huh.

That sounds like
a horror movie right there.

It'll probably be a PG-13 deal.

Nobody's gonna kill anybody.

Hey, shots on the house.

Just something that I created in
honor of Mouch and Platt.

Two great tastes that
taste great together.

- Hermann, thanks.
- Huh.


Why would you do
that to somebody?

I don't know. Stupid.

That's disgusting.

All right, what else?
[clears throat]

Burgess did ask me for advice
about dating a partner.

Yeah? What did you tell her?

You know, just...

That there is one thing
that's really hard.

What's that?

Hey, you can tell me.


It's just that, you know,
when you work together all day

and you got to be professional,

and you can't...

Tell him that...

You bought a new outfit and
it's sitting in the apartment,

still in the box.

Okay, we're out of here.
We got to go.