Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - In a Duffel Bag - full transcript

Intelligence searches for the culprit who left a newborn baby in a duffel bag.

I don't want to lose
again, so pay attention.

So Justin's in Signal Corps training?

Yeah, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

He's coming back in a month.
Got a four-day leave.

Him and his wife and kid are coming.

Come a long way. Just
like his old man, huh?

Yeah, I never thought of it like that

but I guess you're right.

Well, I'm happy for him.
Looks good, too.

When'd you see him?

Two days ago.


Here. He and Danny were hanging out.

I thought you knew.

I didn't.

Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

Units in 21 and units on the citywide,

we have a suspicious package
near North Avenue Beach.

Patrolmen requesting the ten
sector sergeant on scene.

5020, I'm a couple blocks out.

Hold me down on that call.

Copy that, 5020.


Hey, Sergeant.

- What you got?
- Thanks for coming out.

This is the lady who made the call.

Her dog wouldn't stop barking.


Do you want me to call
in the bomb squad?


Roll the crime lab.

And an ambulance.

3114, be advised.

Roll a crime lab and an ambulance.

Good to go?

- Baby's triple zero.
- Dead?

Yeah, but she's cold,

so we got to take her to the
hospital to pronounce it.

All right, we assigned a
patrol unit to follow you.

We'll stand by for missing
parents or an ID.


Crime lab's taking the duffel
for prints, hair, and blood.

As soon as the body's released from Med,

they'll start on the
blanket and pajamas.

Guess what else they found in the bag?


Looks like whoever did this
put them in to weigh it down.

How long's she been here?

Crime lab says preliminary
estimate's seven hours.

So 1:00, 2:00 AM.

All right, check the harbor for cameras,

run all the parking meters.

I'll check back with the officers, too,

see if they got anything on campus.


You know we can hand this off
to Area Central Homicide.


We're gonna find out who did this.

Take it down.

Crime Lab's still working on
the pajamas and the blanket

but the duffel was part of a promotion

by Punch Sports Club last May.

Guy I spoke to said they
gave out a hundred of them.

They have to fill out a
card in order to get one?

No, they were handed
out at a street fair.

You know, local band, tents
for area businesses,

and a radio station.

Okay, but what about video?

I called the radio station.

They had some for promotion.
Uh, street fair too.

They're sending it over.

And I'm searching social media
for any photos or video

tagging the fair.

Well, run everything you get
through facial recognition

as soon as you get it.

Jay, put together a list of everybody

who signed up on the heels
of Punch's promotion.

Run every name and address.

That was forensics.

The pajamas and the
blanket were mass market,

so they're still looking into that,

and the rocks were pulled up
from where the girl was left.

Maybe someone tried to sink her

but... chickened out last-minute.

Well, this isn't some abandoned baby

with the umbilical cord still attached.

She had a blanket, her own pajamas.

That means somebody cared for
her and I want to know who.

I want a doctor, I want
a birth certificate,

I want the parents.

I want to know what happened.

And I want to know why.

Hey, the morgue sent us
up here for that baby.

She's in Trauma 1.

I don't understand.

Dr. Manning, they're
here about the baby.

Working on her now.

Working on her?

That baby didn't even have a pulse.

Wait, she's alive?

Thing is, you have to
be warm to be dead.


Doc. Yeah.

Baby's alive?

In low temperatures, your system slows

to protect you.

A slower metabolism
needs less to survive

and the cold can actually
preserve your brain

and other organ functions.

So she could survive?

We're re-warming her, giving her fluids,

breathing for her, and doing CPR.

No promises, but when she warms up more,

we'll know a little bit better.

Keep a good thought.

Hey Doc, did you do blood panels on her?


- Hey.
- I already ordered it.


One second.

Listen, I want you to stay close.

Anyone comes in or out about this baby,

I want to know about it,

and I want any status
update on her condition.

Got it.


Blood sample to trace the DNA.


Dr. Manning ordered panels too

and we found something
in her blood work.

The baby's labs show she's anemic

and has sickle cell disease.

That means at least one of
the parents has it, right?

And it's usually an ongoing
treatment process.

You got a network of
hospitals for patients

getting treatment for it?

Well, here's the registry,

but there are few
hospitals in the region

that have sickle cell programs.

Thanks, Sharon.

All right.

Hey, Sergeant.

Welcome back.

I heard the Wisconsin Dells
treated you and Mouch very well.

The Wisconsin Dells is God's country.

- Hmm.
- Seven mornings of sleeping in,

seven afternoons at the
indoor water park,

the Ho-Chunk Casino.

It sounds like a dream come true.


Did anybody fill you in on the
baby we found this morning?

Mm, that's good. I'm good.

Look, I am in a mood the likes
of which have not been seen

since 1997, so I just
need a 24-hour freeze

on people getting shot, running drugs,

bashing each other's heads in,

and especially abandoned
babies on lakefronts, okay?

Okay, but the baby's not dead.

That is great.


Let's quit while we're ahead, okay?

Sarge, I got that photo
mock-up of the baby

to release to the press
with the hotline.

I just thought you might
want to sign off.

I'll take it.


Hey, Olive, it's Hank. Um...

Give me a call when you get a second.


- Hey, boss.
- Yo.

I got a guy I like off the
sickle cell registry.

Trey Butler,

Secretary of State has a
car registered to him

leaving Chicago on the
I-PASS toll road, 2:00 AM.

He's got a residence in Rockford.


His cell phone bounced off a tower

about a mile and a half from
where the baby was found.

Call Rockford PD.

You tell 'em what you got.

Ask 'em to sit on the house.

You and Al, update me as
soon as you get anything.

You got it.

- Trey Butler?
- Yes?

We need to ask you a few questions.

What were you doing in
Chicago last night?

I was at a medical clinic there.

You drove back at 2:00 AM?

My session was over at 1:00.

What is this about? Why is he...

Don't worry about him.

- You got kids?
- Ha.


You don't have a baby?

A brand-new baby?



Hey, right here.

I got another one. Where she's frozen.


What the hell?

Is this your daughter?

Okay... you got the wrong guy.

I don't have any daughter
and I think you should go.

Maybe we do have the wrong guy.

We got a DNA kit.

Why don't you come back to our district,

do the swab thing, talk,
and if you're right,

you'll be back here in a couple of hours

with a formal apology and a six-pack.

On me.



You got a big problem, Trey.

Your DNA's a match.

I'm telling you, that test is wrong.

There's no way I have a baby.

That test says you're lying.

That test is your fingerprint.

I was in Chicago to go to the clinic.

I come here every month
for treatment there.

That's why my phone...

We start calling the girls'
names in your contacts...

they're gonna say they weren't with you?

No one I was careless with, no.

They would have come to me.

- I would know.
- How?

Think back.

You didn't go to a bar, a nightclub,

meet up on Tinder?


I unzipped a bag this morning.

It had your two-week old baby in it,

stuck there like a piece of trash.


A piece of trash you hoped
would wash out to sea.

You're gonna tell us what happened

or I'm gonna do something
I won't regret,

not for one second.

I don't care if it costs me my job.

You are gonna talk, you understand?

I swear on my life, on my mother's life,

I would never do this.

Where were you ten months ago?

Last July, who were you with?

July... here in Chicago?

No. What? What?

The Blues Fest... first couple
days of July last year.

- There was a girl.
- What's her name?

Tana. Tana... something with an M.

Miller, Mailer.

- I need more than that!
- I don't know, I was high.

I was really high.

What does she look like?

Pretty? I don't know, small.

Dark-haired, white.

She had a bird on her shirt,
like a school jersey.

- It had a hawk on it.
- How old was she?

- I didn't check her ID, okay?
- I...

She was holding a beer. I
thought she was old enough.

It... it...

it was just a hook-up.

I didn't do this.

All right, run that name through DMV,

Secretary of State, public aid,
that Sickle Cell Registry.

And Chicago Public Schools.
If this Tana was underage,

she was pregnant in school.

I'll log a call for dropouts
that match the timeline.

I don't know. Hang on, hang on.

If you call CPS, they're gonna
give you the run-around.

I know a guy.

Hank, Olive called you back.

Thanks. Hey.

You hear from Burgess and
Roman about that baby?

I got a moratorium on bad stories today.

Baby could make it.

In your experience,

these stories ever end
happily ever after?

- Keep me posted.
- Yeah.

I got a few customers.

Uh, Lupe Murillo out of North Vincent,

Tamika Mayor at Chicago West Central...

no, she's African American.

The first one's Latina.

I got a Tana Meyer, 17.

Actually would have turned 18 last week.

Marked absent 35 plus days
out of Susan B. Anthony.

Okay, what's the mascot of Susan B.



Do you have a yearbook photo?

That's her.

That's Tana.

Have Halstead and Lindsay
visit the parents.

When I talk to that girl,

is she gonna give me a different story?

If she does, she's lying.

This is a terrible story,

but you have no proof

that Tana's connected to any of it.

The guy's DNA matches the baby's,

and he identified Tana as the
mother from her yearbook photo.

He picked out a rich girl.
I bet that never happens.

We'd like to talk to her.

- She's out of the country.
- Where?

That's none of your business.

And Tana is a minor.

Actually, according to
her school records,

she turned 18 a week ago.

And are you really trying to tell me

that if I go up to her
room, take a hairbrush,

and have that hair tested for
DNA that it wouldn't be...

You are not to go anywhere near...

- A match to that baby?
- Deborah.

Get them Martin Perry's information.

Do it.

He's our lawyer.

If you have any further
questions, you can call him.

Go ahead, call your lawyer.
Refuse to talk.

Just know that whatever
it is you're hiding

is gonna come back a
thousand times worse

unless you get Tana on
the next flight home.


Let me show you something.

A dog found her in a duffel bag.

She's two weeks old, and
she is your granddaughter.

This mystery sperm donor
you're talking about

is lying to you, young lady.


Look at her face.

You can see yourselves out.

Mothers like that make me wish

I could send Bunny a greeting card.

There's a whole section:

Glad You Weren't as Bad
a Mom as I Thought.


I'm gonna call Customs
and Homeland Security,

see if Tana's passport was swiped.

Yeah, they got to be lying
so I'll double back.

Check any properties they own.

See if a relative has her
tucked away somewhere.

Good call.


Is there someplace we could talk?

Tana had nothing to do with this.

But she did give birth to the baby.


All right, what happened?

Well, Tana was due for an annual checkup

but wouldn't go, and Deborah
realized what was going on.

We're an observant Jewish family.

Deborah's president of the synagogue...

The baby, Mr. Meyer.

We found a midwife who knew a family

that wanted another baby.

We decided Tana would
drop out of school,

and once the baby was born...

we would give it to a family

where it could have a good
life and so could Tana.

We need the name of the family.

I don't know it.

It's true.

We thought it would be best for everyone

if it worked like a closed adoption.

There's no paperwork.

Nobody signed anything.

We don't know what happened to this baby

after it reached the other family.

Okay, the midwife... we're
gonna need her information.

Mariela Hernandez.

She makes it, she'll know
she can fight anything

the world comes at her with.

Just don't get too caught up, okay?

I'm just saying, the odds.

Yeah, but what's wrong with hoping?

I mean...

Nothing, I've just been
in hospitals before.

Got to be realistic.

Hey. You're going to want to see this.

You see that?

Her heart is beating on its own.

That was Burgess.

She said the baby's heart's
beating on its own.

She might actually make it.


All right, where we at with the midwife?

Uh, Antonio's checking hospitals

where she might deliver.

Uh, Al's on birthing centers,

and Erin's en route to
her apartment right now.

Anything on her phone?

I... I put an emergency order in.

I've been pinging it for the last hour.

She must have turned it
off, but check this out.

So, the midwife's financials.

She made a cash deposit
on the 23rd for $20,000.

The 23rd... that was two weeks ago.

That was right around
when the baby was born.

That was enough money to buy a baby.

Or kill it.

Check on the Meyers' financials.
See if they're missing 20 grand.

And anyone else connected to them

who might have paid off that midwife.

Well, Sarge, Al just texted me.

He said he found the midwife
at a class she's taking.

All right, meet him there. Go.

I did some housekeeping for the Meyers.


But being a midwife was
all I wanted to be,

so I've been pursuing that.

They kept me on for one day a week

to help pay for my classes.

So you're not licensed or a nurse.

Not yet.


Where'd the $20,000 come from?

We can have this conversation
at the district if you like.


I knew a family that
wanted a baby very badly.


The Meyers wanted help
connecting to them.

No one pays 20 grand
for an introduction.

What else was the money for?

What did you do for them?

I helped Tana give birth.

That's it.

Then dumped the baby for the Meyers?

Dumped? N-no!

That's what the 20K was for?

Not for an introduction but
for you to get rid of it

and pretend there was another family?

I... no, I would never do that.

Then what is it?

Ms. Deborah wanted no
doctor at the birth,

no papers to be signed.

She gave me $20,000 to get the
baby to the other family.

I tried to refuse. I'm
studying for my license.

I want to do things right.

At first I turned down the money.

Then why did you take it?

Ms. Deborah, she threatened me.

Threatened you with what?
What's she got over you?

You're not legal.

I'm trying to do things the right way.

By handing the baby
over to another family

- who's also okay with this setup?
- We're going to need

- their information.
- Yeah.

Chicago Police.

Thomas Flynn.

Uh, yes...

A warrant to search your residence.

Just step inside.

Tommy, what is this? What's going on?

You know Mariela Hernandez?


She says she delivered a baby
girl here two weeks ago.

She didn't. She was
supposed to, but, um...

But what?

She said the other
family changed its mind.

We never got a baby.

Um... my wife has had
several miscarriages.

Last one was three months ago.

Mariela was recommended to us
because after the last one...

We can't have anymore children.

Hey, we have a baby room back here.

Was all prepped for the
baby, but, uh, like I said,

Mariela never brought her.

Who else lives here?

Uh, our son.

Hey, buddy.

What's your name?

- I'm Max.
- Hi, Max.

- How old are you?
- I'm six.

Six, cool.

Hey, Max, you mind if
I ask you a question?

Is that okay?

Was there a baby here with you?

No, we didn't have a baby here.

It's okay, Maxy. We'll try again.

Is that everything?

Stay here with the family.

We'll search the rest of the house.

Got it.

I need help in here. Get Dr. Manning.

- Dr. Manning.
- What is it?

What's happening?


Her heart rate's dropping.

- I lost the BP.
- She's VF on the monitor.

Get on her chest. Start compressions.

0.1 of epi now.

What is it? What's happening?

She's arresting. Wait outside.

Hold compressions. Check for pulse.

No pulse.

Re-start compressions.

She's holding her own.

Whatever you pray to, now's
a good time to start.

You get invested.

I know.

As a cop I need to be more...


It was a compliment.


There's nothing in the Flynn's garbage,

washing machine, or dryer.

No used diapers in the diaper disposal.

Wipes were still in plastic.

Husband vouches for the wife,

wife vouches for the husband.

We're missing something.

Nothing happened to that
baby for two weeks.

So someone kept it clothed and fed,

and then they got rid of it.

The only two who really
wanted nothing to do with it

are the grandparents,
especially that mother.

We can take another run at her.

Do it.

Mouse, I want you hit
the street cameras,

neighborhood security cameras.

See if you can catch the
Flynns pushing a stroller.

Rest of you canvass her
friends, neighbors.

You can't tell me that
the Flynns had a newborn

and nobody knew about it.

Since my husband decided to speak to you

without my knowledge,

I have brought along our attorney.

The Meyers told you.

They gave the baby to
a practicing midwife

who made every assurance

that the baby would go to a safe home.

They have no knowledge of
what happened to this baby

after they handed her to Mariela.

When did you hand her off?

Right after Tana gave birth.

Were there witnesses?


Me, Mariela...


The Meyers have answered
your questions twice

even though they didn't have to.

Your clients are looking
at felony charges.

That's absurd.

You paid a woman $20,000
to get rid of a baby.

Or was it so the other
family would do it for you?

That is not why we paid her that money.


No, no, no, no. I get to defend myself.

We gave her that money
because Mariela realized

we wanted to keep it quiet.

She blackmailed us.

10,000 to her to deliver
the baby and keep it quiet

and 10,000 to that other
family for their silence.

I bet she never gave
that family the money.

Did she even give them the baby?

You know what our search
turned up in your apartment?

Baby clothes, food, blankets.

New mothers sometimes come
to me for post-natal care.

They bring their babies.

Yeah, but you held on to
that baby for two weeks.

Were you trying to get more
money out of the Meyers?

Is that it? No.

Or you were trying to
find someone to buy her

from the other side?

The Flynns were too broke to pay you?

I gave her to the Flynns the
first day she was born.

You came across a rich family
with a healthy white girl.

You're not in this country legally.

- You need money.
- No.

So you figured you'd sell
her to the highest bidder

and when that didn't work
out, you dumped her.

I would never do that.

- Where were you last night?
- Home.

- Who saw you there?
- No one.

I had a test this morning.
I went to bed early.

I was at class at 9:00.

I only did what they asked.

I would never do this to a child...


Tana Meyer's downstairs.

Get Mariela down to lockup.

I want her photoed, printed,

and stuck in a holding cell.

Tana Meyer.

Is she okay?

Is the baby okay?

Follow me.

What did you know about
the other family?


Only that my mom said I
was going to give it up.

I made this horrible mistake,

and she was going to fix it.

You had no say in the matter?

This is your baby.

My mom said, "Do what I say,

"or we'll throw you out of the house

and sit shiva for you."

Meaning what?

I'd be dead to them.

So you got rid of her.

Me? No.

You and Mariela.

No, that's not what happened.

Mariela's the best.

She's the only one who was nice to me.

Anything else you want to say?

Is my baby going to live?

Please don't do this.

I didn't do this.


I would never do this.

You have to believe me.


Please. Please.

Ma'am, I don't want to
have to put you in there.

Come on.

I didn't do this.

I would never do this. Please.


Please. You have to believe me.

You have to believe me.


Got something?


This whole thing's just...

Did I ever tell you how Camille told me

she was pregnant with Justin?

I... I wanted to wait, you know,

when I'm a detective...

Anyway, I come home one
night, big dinner.

"I know you're not ready
for a baby," she says.

"But I hope you're ready for two."

- She messed with you.
- No.

Justin was a twin.

W... Wait, are you serious?

Camille didn't like to talk about it.

Yeah, Justin came out first.

The other was, uh, stillborn.

Oh, my God, Hank.

Yeah, back then, you just...

you know...

let the nurses do their
thing and they did.

I always regretted not, uh...

you know, a service.

Proper burial.

Was a girl.

- Hey. Boss.
- Yeah.

So, Tommy Flynn had a business
go belly-up last year.

He'd hire out personal trainers.

I called a few that he contracted.

They worked out of Punch Sports Club.

The duffel bag.


All right, call Olinsky.

Tell him to hold off on booking Mariela

and get an arrest warrant
for Tommy Flynn.

On it, Sarge.

Chicago PD!

Chicago PD!


Hey, cars are gone. The garage is empty.

They dumped that baby and
they know we're after them.

All right, call Mouse.

Have him flag all their credit cards.

These people got at least
an hour head start on us.

You got anything?

Troopers pegged a vehicle
heading north on 90/94

and stayed on it.

I think we got them.

Copy that.

I got a visual.

Plate is confirmed.

10-4, copy that.

All right, set up for a takeaway.

I'm gonna pull in now.

We'll get the main eye.

We can move in.

Stay out of sight.

Wait for my go.

The dad's pumping gas,

kid in the back, wife in the passenger.

There's no telling if
this guy will panic,

so no one moves till he
gets away from the pumps.

Copy that. We're in position.

Okay, he's rolling out now.

Do it now.

Show me your hands. Do it.

- Mommy! Daddy!
- Tommy! Tommy!

Slowly. Slowly.

It's okay, honey. It's okay. It's okay.

No, no, no, no. Max.

Hey, sweetie, it's okay.
Just look at me, okay?

- It's okay, Max.
- Max!

Step over here, please.

- Mommy!
- Okay, okay.


- No, no...
- Don't touch them!

Daddy, Mommy!

I'm the one who left the baby outside.

It was me, okay?

I did it. It was me.

I did it.

Uh, I was drinking last night,

and uh, I had too much.

And... and Janet and I fought.

It was a lunar eclipse.

Max loves everything to do with space,

and we put him to bed.

He begged us to wake him up for it,

but it was at 2:00 AM.

Being an astronaut is
all Max talks about.

Janet said that he was fighting a cold.

She and the baby...

they weren't sleeping.

Then she went off to bed.

And I was still drunk.

I woke Max at 1:30 and I
accidentally woke the baby.

So I took her outside with us.

Tommy passed out.

Max had a blanket.

When Max woke up at 6:00,

he couldn't wake the baby.

Maybe we just weren't
ready for another baby.

Maybe, you know,

one day we have a six-year-old.

We loved her.

We really loved her.

I panicked.

That's all. I...

I panicked.

He had a chance to save that baby.

Instead he stuffed it
in a duffel with rocks.

Yeah, he intended to throw her
in the water but couldn't.

He had some conscience.

Not enough to take her to the hospital

and not enough to report
it to the police.

How do we know his story is even true?

I mean, maybe him
saying "I wasn't ready"

was actually saying "I
wasn't ready for a baby"

so he took her outside on purpose.

This could be attempted murder.

Based on the evidence we have,

I could charge the parents
with aggravated battery

since they should have taken
the baby to the hospital,

or child abandonment

since the dad left the baby
at the lake still alive.

What about the midwife?

I could make abduction stick

since she had no court order
to hand that baby over.

She was totally worked and
threatened by Tana's mother.

Then she should have come to the police.

She would have got deported.

She's going to be deported anyway.

What about the Meyers?

They're the ones who started
this whole ball rolling.

That mother?

I'd like to see her get arrested
in a very public place.

I'd like to be the one who does it.

So Tommy Flynn's negligence

resulted in this baby's condition

and he disposed of her, so
either way he goes away.

Uh, the wife wasn't involved

and the kid doesn't
deserve to be punished

so let's kick the mom.

I'll put together charges

for Flynn, the midwife,
and Deborah Meyer.



So... it's called a space pen.

It's a pen that'll write in space,

it'll write upside down,
write in zero gravity.

You're big into space, right?

I just wanted her to see the eclipse.

You mean the baby?

You wanted the baby to see the eclipse?

I thought Molly would like it.

That's why I took her outside.

To see the eclipse.

You and your dad, right?

No. Just me.

Right in here, ma'am.



Let's go home, sweetheart.

Where's Daddy?

He has to stay behind a little longer.

Mrs. Flynn, I need you

to hold up here for a second, okay?

Stay right here, please.


We know it wasn't you who left
the baby out in the cold, okay?

It was your son, Max.

- You're doing this...
- No.

To protect him.

Look, I'm a father.

I... I've done what you're doing,

but you think that Max will go away

for something... a mistake?

A horrible mistake?

It was me, okay?

That... that's it.

But Max won't. He won't.

Tommy, he didn't know what he was doing.

The State's Attorney's going
to say the same thing

when he hears the story.

Believe me.

He'll get Max some help,
which he's gonna need.

He also needs his dad
more than anything.

Tell me what really happened.

Max took her outside.

We didn't know.

We didn't know what to do.

He never meant to hurt her.

We didn't mean to hurt her.


Peppercorn steak.

That'd be good.

And don't forget your wine.

Some butter.

Deborah Meyer.

What is this?

You're under arrest

for the kidnapping of
a tender age child.

Are you crazy?

Stand up.

Put your hands behind your back.

You did this.

Look at what they're doing.

Oh, my God. Are you happy, Ben?

Look at what you did.

I'll call Barton. I'll make sure.

Where are you taking her?

The 21st district.


Run for your life, pal.

I don't believe it.

The EG is good,

brain wave and heart
are remarkably okay.

It's gonna be a slow road,
but she's a fighter.

You can go in.

Thanks. Hey.

She should probably go in first.

What will happen to her?

She'll be surrendered to DCFS.

It's the Department of
Children and Family Services.

What if I want to keep her?

You never technically signed away

any of your parental rights.

And DCFS would always rather keep a baby

with its rightful parent.

You're gonna have to fight for her.

I will.

I heard Justin was in town.

Yeah, he had a training day.

Came up last-minute.

Then I wish he would have told me.

He was gonna. He just had
some friends to see.


He's doing all right?

He's got his head on straight?



There it is.


Who is making all that noise?

Oh, I figured it was you.

I knew the second we sat
down he'd be back up.

I'm so sorry.

That's all right.

Here, let me take him. Let me take him.

Hey. Yeah.


There's my man.



Top five days as a doctor today, easily.


I wouldn't have believed it if
I hadn't been there myself.

This is the kind of day
I buy a lottery ticket.

Hold them close, whoever's near to you.

- Love hard.
- Love hard.


Is this is a bad idea?