Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 18 - Kasual with a K - full transcript

The team investigates a kidnapping at a secret shelter for battered women.

[tires squealing]
- Get back! Move back!
Dispatch relayed the witness heard screams
- Store's quiet. No gunshots since we got here.
No movement, no sign of hostages.
Shooter might still be inside.
- Thanks.
Move in! Stack it up.
- Clear. - Clear.
- No.
- Whatever's up there, he died protecting it.
[women screaming] - Chicago police!
I need to see everyone's hands!
- Please! Please don't shoot us!
Don't shoot us! - Are you okay?
Is everybody okay?
- Is he gone?
- Who's he? - I don't know.
- Who's he? Hey, come on out of there.
Come on out of there. It's okay, guys.
It's okay. - Gunshot wound!
- 5021 Emergency. - Go ahead, 5021.
- We responded to that call of shots fired.
- Need you to roll ambulances to 1950 South Throop.
Multiple victims of gunshot wounds.
We'll put out a flash message as soon as we can.
- Sarge, offender's in the wind. We got patrol looking for him.
- Copy that. - Oh, my God.
Jess! Jess!
- Do you have a first aid kit here?
- I don't.
- Yes, okay. - What the hell is this place?
- It's a battered woman's shelter.
Secret location.
- Yeah, not so secret. - Hold on.
- [rasping and whimpering]
- You're gonna be okay.
- What can you tell me about Jess?
How long has she been here?
- She runs it. Is she gonna be okay?
- We don't know yet.
- She's strong.
She's the strongest woman I know.
- That'll help.
- Oh, God, is that Edwin?
- I'm so sorry.
- How could this happen? [sobs]
- Listen, none of this is your fault.
Not yours or any of the women who were seeking safety here,
you understand that?
When I tell you that we are gonna find the person
who did this and put him away forever, I mean it.
Did you see who did this?
- Just for, like, a split second.
White guy, average height.
Um, he was fit, kinda muscular.
He had his hat pulled down, so I didn't see his face.
- Okay.
Thank you. - Come on.
- The shelter's unaffiliated with any city services.
Got nine women, three children living here.
- Well, three of those women fled when the gunmen opened up.
So everyone here needs to be interviewed and identified.
So, ma'am, can you tell us the names of the women
who ran away when this all started?
- I don't know names.
Jess, she said everything's confidential.
First name's okay, but keep everything else to yourself.
- Okay.
Can you talk to us about what happened?
- I was asleep.
I heard gunshots.
Thought I was having a nightmare, you know?
Then another shot, louder.
I grabbed Darrion and hid under the bed.
He was scared half to death.
We just closed our eyes and started praying.
Poor Jess and Edwin.
- All right, let's get you with family services, come on.
of domestic violence prevention en route.
They've got placements for all the women and the families here.
- Good job.
- According to CPD Special Victims,
Jess Saxon takes on the most extreme cases,
- Yeah doing a job that must make a lot of enemies.
No indication of when we're gonna be able to talk to her,
but Sharon Goodwin says we will be alerted
as soon as she is in recovery.
Sergeant Platt already has a protective detail
on her room at the hospital.
- So, the three missing witnesses.
No logs? No contact cards at the shelter?
- We recovered a laptop, but nothing--nothing useful.
- Lady from the shelter said
that Jess wanted everybody to stay anonymous, so.
- There is a camera at the rear of the building.
Footage is stored offsite by a private company.
Judge just signed a warrant,
so we should have it in about an hour.
- Jess Saxon has an ex with a laundry list of violent priors.
Jarrod Ganek. Broke her jaw two years ago.
- Look at this jagoff.
- Yeah, he recently did 30 days in county
for violating a restraining order against her.
He was released from Division Six a couple weeks ago.
- Start there. - I'm gonna go with you.
- No. You and Al.
Your adrenaline needs to drop a little.
- That was scary.
- I mean, those poor women.
How're they gonna believe it
- They won't, not after that, not for a long time.
- You two. Over here.
- Okay, how can we be of service, sergeant?
- You see that guy over there?
Robbery victim. Kent Kosar.
You're gonna love him.
- Home phone.
- Can't you just call me on my cell?
- Okay. Leave that one blank.
- Shangri-La motel, but it is not what you think.
You took a hooker to a motel and she robbed you?
- What? No, we matched on Kasuall.
- I don't know what that means.
- It's a dating app. Short-term dating.
- Keep things casual, that's what they promise.
Her profile said she was looking for something NSA.
- No strings attached. - Yeah, I got that.
- And then what happened?
- You swipe diagonal.
That means, "Let's hook up." She texts me her address.
I go over there, lights are out.
A real nice time, right? Wrong.
Dude comes outta nowhere, puts a knife to my throat.
Big, huge, definitely a dude.
- Okay, you got the hair color, the eye color?
- I already told you the lights were off.
- Okay, just show me the profile.
- She--he already erased it. It's gone.
The name was Spanish. Carmela, something like that.
Look, I-I don't care about my wallet.
I just need you to get my wedding ring back.
- My wife, she had had back surgery six month ago--
- Yeah, no, no, no, no, we don't need that part.
- Yeah, we'll look into this, sir, all right?
Now keep your phone on. That's all.
- I signed up for it, like, four months ago.
Out of curiosity.
I never hooked up or anything.
- Okay.
[vehicle beeps]
- That's him.
Jarrod Ganek.
We need to talk to you about your ex-wife.
- What'd she say? - What would she say?
I go to talk to her about money she owes me after the divorce.
That's it, and I get arrested.
Haven't been within a million feet of her since.
So if she's saying different, she can kiss my ass.
- Where were you this morning?
- Why? - Answer the question.
- I'm not answering a damn thing
until you tell me what this is about.
- Why don't you take a step back there, Jarrod?
- I got up at 6:30, after that, Go Go Donuts, then here.
That's it. Okay?
So now how 'bout you tell me what this is about?
- Well, Jess is in the ICU with a bullet inside her ribs.
- Wait-- w-what?
- We're gonna need the address of the donut joint
or dig up the receipt.
And you better find somebody that can verify
when and where you were at.
- Is she gonna be okay?
- What do you care?
- Ganek's alibi held.
Supervisor and a handful of coworkers confirmed
he was on the clock during the shooting.
- And we've been digging through his financials,
just to see if he hired anyone,
and the guy doesn't have two nickels to rub together.
- You like him for it?
- Once a wife beater, always a wife beater.
- So Ganek stays on the board,
but we drill down on the other suspects.
- It's a long list, Sarge.
Lot of men with a lot of grudges.
- Hey, boss, we got the security footage.
This is the loading dock behind the store, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Ooh.
- All right, there's more.
This is two minutes later.
- Back it up.
- Who the hell is that?
[phone rings]
- Detective Lindsay.
Yeah, send her up.
One of the women
who fled the shelter this morning's downstairs.
- I heard gunshots.
And screaming.
So I opened my door and I looked out.
I saw the back of this man.
He was pointing a gun at Jess.
She had her hands up. She was--
She was trying to stop him from, I guess...
shooting one of the women at the shelter.
I looked over Jess's shoulder and I saw it was Val.
She was, like...
She was, like, curled up, crying.
- Can you tell us anything about the shooter?
- He was tall, white.
He had a ball cap. It didn't have a logo on it.
I think he had a beard, but I'm not sure.
- You ever seen him before?
Do you know Val's last name?
No, Jess didn't like us using last names.
Is Jess gonna be all right?
- She's hanging in there.
- Clarissa, can you--
can you describe Val for us?
- Brown hair. My height.
Brown eyes. Thin.
She went to school in St. John, Indiana.
I think--I think she played soccer.
- Okay.
- I pulled the virtual yearbooks
for both high schools in St. John, Indiana.
Now if this girl's about 27,
that means she graduated about 2007.
- Problem is that there are no girls named Val or Valerie
on either the JV or varsity soccer teams.
But I tried the next town over.
One high school.
And...two Valeries.
- Great. Give me a printout on both.
- You got it.
- Okay.
- That's her. That's Val.
- Great.
You've been really helpful.
Do you have anywhere to go?
No family in the area or anything, right?
- Not since I left my husband. I'm not gonna call him.
- Of course.
Don't worry. I'll get you taken care of.
Thank you.
- Valerie Holt.
She was our target at the shelter.
She's got a file with Special Victims
that names her live-in boyfriend, Reed Danzig,
as the abuser.
- Danzig beat her with a blunt object.
Responding officers reported he was not on scene.
and Valerie got an order of protection against him.
- All right, Mouse, what do you got?
- Looks like he's got a pretty deep sheet.
Possession, aggravated assault,
and domestic battery to his mother.
- That was the 34th Tactical Team.
They've been looking for Danzig for an outstanding warrant
for the domestic battery and failure to appear.
They, uh, already checked his addresses.
They can't find him. - Hey, hold on.
The last three times Danzig was arrested,
he was bonded out by a Matthew Markum.
Markum's another valedictorian.
He's got felony possession of drugs, battery.
- And an address. Everybody, gear up.
- Yep.
- Got at least one down.
- Get it.
- Clear! - Sarge.
- Got it.
- We got dope.
- I see it.
- Body.
- Reed Danzig. Val's boyfriend.
- Guy on the floor, that's Matthew Markum.
I counted 1/2 dozen shell casings for a Sig .357,
- Medford, you got an idea on time of death?
- Body temp suggests two hours tops.
- Whoever kidnapped Val came here after the shelter.
- Hey, got a hammer that we found in the bathtub
that was used to bludgeon Danzig.
Can you get that over to the crime lab,
- Looks like they were breaking down a load of heroin.
- Then why snatch Valerie?
- Trojan Horse.
No sign of forced entry.
Danzig opened the door for his girlfriend,
shooter pushes past, rips him off.
- Then she might have outlived her purpose.
Neighbors say they saw two cars leaving this place
and one of them was a BMW.
I noticed that he owned a late model Beemer.
- Huh. Well, maybe she was in on it?
- All right, tap your CIs.
This is gonna lead us to Val's kidnapper.
- What's up, Freddie?
- Hey.
- Reed Danzig.
- I heard he came into some serious weight.
- I already knew that.
- Did you know he was dumping it cheap?
Which means he probably stole the load.
In fact, as I see it, that's for sure what had to happen, right?
I mean, small time charlie like himself,
ain't no way he got a couple kilos legit.
Man, are you kidding me, man?
- There's a girl that's mixed up in this, Freddie.
She might not live long if we don't get to her quick.
You feel me?
Now come on.
- Danzig hangs out at this place near River North
called Club Volume damn near every night.
That's all I know on the guy.
- Look at me.
You get the rest if this pans out.
- Yo, are you--are you serious? You funny, huh?
- Yep, that's Danzig.
- Does Danzig have a beef with anyone?
I had him blackballed for knocking his girlfriend around.
- Her?
Val, something like that. Punching bag type.
- "Punching bag type"?
- Yeah, you know. - No, I don't know.
- More than once I saw her catch the back of Danzig's hand.
Led me to believe she got off on it somehow.
- She got off on it so-- She got off on it?
- Does Danzig come here often?
- A lot.
- Is he mixed up with any dealers?
- Reed was pretty tight with this guy,
Billy Shaw, nicknamed Pac Man.
Him I kicked out too.
Trying to sell coke in the VIP room.
Now, are we done here?
- [scoffs]
- Pulled up everything we had on Billy "Pac Man" Shaw.
Guy just beat a manslaughter charge
after running over a rival dealer
in a Taco Bell parking lot.
Here's the problem.
Silvar from Narcotics just called.
He hasn't left the house. He's no good for the murders.
Certainly didn't abduct Valerie.
- Okay, thank you.
That was Chicago Med.
Jess Saxon just got out of surgery.
- Run code. Go with.
- Sarge, we think that guy, Kent Kosar,
was targeted through a dating app.
- You get this over to Area Central?
Detectives Lopez and Lillard said add it to their pile.
- Great, so add it.
Go on the app, put in a profile similar to Kosar's.
Catfish the catfisher.
- Is that a Dr. Seuss book?
- No...what-- No.
There are two other cases this month with similar complaints
with MOs using the same dating app, Kasuall with a "K."
Spanish name, profile gets erased.
We'll draw them out.
Maybe Sean and I will get lucky.
- That didn't mean what it sounded like.
- Yeah.
- Okay, run with it.
- So we removed the bullet and managed to stop the bleeding,
but she's got a long road ahead.
- Thanks, doc.
- If you guys had been five minutes later,
she would have bled out.
- My mother tried to talk me out of it.
She called me Don Quixote.
But I couldn't let what happened to me happen to others.
I just couldn't.
- It was a brave thing that you did for those women.
A noble thing.
- [whimpers]
Is Valerie still out there?
- Yeah.
- When she came in,
she was broken,
scared of her own shadow.
The man who did this,
the man who shot me,
he knew her name.
- We think she got away or he let her go.
- [whimpering]
- Hey.
You are okay.
- [crying]
- You did nothing wrong.
- Do you have any idea where Valerie might be?
Anything that could help us?
- Did you find my safe?
- At the shelter?
- When the women arrive, they give me what they came in with.
Anything that can remind them of what they're hiding from,
or...what they're fighting for.
- They name parks and streets after politicians in this city.
Women like that are the real heroes
and nobody ever knows their names.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- All right, I'll call Voight.
- Got it.
- What's this?
- Valerie has a son? - How'd we miss that?
- Things are moving fast.
Different last name?
- Or he's deceased. Here's a prayer card.
In loving memory of...
- Mouse, is there a cemetery in West Chesterfield
where Danzig's car was dumped?
- [crying quietly]
- Valerie Holt?
- [sniffs]
It's all my fault.
- After he--
After he killed Reed and Matthew,
he got a phone call.
I grabbed the keys and I just ran out the back.
- Who is he?
- I don't know, I swear.
- The police officers that picked you up
said you told them that this was your fault.
- I...
He made me knock on the door
And when Reed answered the door, I tried to scream, but--
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I don't-- I don't--
I don't know how I got here. I'm not this person.
I've just been on a slide.
- Ever since you lost your son?
- Yes.
I guess I just gave up.
I stopped caring about what happened to me and sometimes...
sometimes I think these things I've gone through,
I think it's-- think it's punishment,
- I know what you mean. - No, you don't, you haven't...
just like the one you were in for three months.
I was 11.
And my mom was...
She was never very good at taking care of herself.
Always on something, always with a guy who hit her,
and I thought it was my fault.
I thought I didn't support her enough.
- But you came through it.
- Let us help you, Val.
Talk to me about how this all got started.
- Reed and I were hanging out at this club.
He told me he was gonna steal the owner's stash of dope
and I said that was crazy stupid,
but he wouldn't listen to me.
I told him that I was gonna tell them what he was gonna do,
thinking that maybe he would stop this insane plan,
but he got so mad, he hit me.
He k-kept hitting me.
I went to the shelter after that.
- And Reed stole the drugs.
- The guy who got me at the shelter,
I don't know his name,
but I've seen him at the club.
- What club?
- Volume on La Salle.
I've seen him talking to the owner,
this guy named Martin Ainge.
- So Martin gets ripped off
and he sends this guy to grab you this morning.
- He didn't know where Reed lived.
But he knew where to find me.
- Martin Ainge, club owner at Volume in River North
and apparent drug trafficker.
Didn't take kindly to being ripped off,
so he unleashed the wrath of God to get even.
- That name Ainge gave us
when we first interviewed him, Pac Man,
just a wank to get us to chase our tail.
- Clearly.
- Get Ainge in here.
- Oh, God, I mean,
this is depressing and desperate and lonely.
- Check this out. - Yeah?
- I know that face. - How?
- I read "Sports Illustrated," that's how.
She's a swimsuit model from Brazil.
Her name's Esperanza Ricupero,
to the Wildflower Motel in Chicago under a false name.
Check this out. - What?
- NSA.
No strings-- - Yeah, no, I got it.
Now what?
- Now we wait.
- You ever eat tickets?
- Yeah, for what?
- No, you're gonna laugh at me.
- No, I won't. - Yes, you will.
Fine, it's-- it's Shakespeare in the Dark.
It's, like, a medley of his comedies.
It's put together and, like, you're in a--sort of--
- Good lord.
- I had a fiancé when I bought the tickets.
- This is getting sadder by the minute, Burgess.
- Is it any sadder than you being on this site
and don't tell me you never followed through.
- Apps like these are a public service.
Relationships have an expiration date.
You and Ruzek, there's an argument to be made
for keeping things casual with a "K."
And for your information, Burgess,
I have never hooked up on this.
Wait, they hit me back.
We're in business.
[engine turning over]
- You seem like a reasonable man, Mr. Ainge.
- Well, I like to think so.
Which is why I'm here without my attorney.
That and I don't have to pay the $500 retainer fee.
How 'bout you guys? You guys reasonable?
- Absolutely.
- Then to quote Ezra Pound,
"Let there be commerce between us."
- Okay, we've been dealing
with a couple different parts of an investigation.
Spokes, I guess you'd call 'em.
Where they all lead to is your club,
which makes that the hub.
- Okay.
- Reed Danzig ever rip you off, Mr. Ainge?
- We've got a pretty reliable source says that he did.
- Guys, I am legit.
I'm good friends with the commander
of the 37th district, Eric O'Quinn.
Give him a call. He will definitely vouch for me.
I sponsor two holes at his annual golf benefit.
He runs his promotion parties out of my club.
- Where are you from? - Atlantic City, why?
- What brought you to Chicago?
- Opportunity.
- See these three men?
They're all dead.
Markum, Danzig, they're from your side of the street,
so I don't really care about that, but this man...
That's Edwin Sanders.
He died protecting innocent women and children at a shelter.
Six people are gonna be carrying his casket.
Four of 'em will be his own children.
There's a woman fighting for her life
at an area hospital for doing the same.
These are some of the spokes
Detective Dawson was talking about.
And it leads to you.
Not your club, you understand?
It leads to you.
I have no doubt in my mind.
So you want to keep doing business in this town,
give us the name that is on the tip of your tongue right now.
- I think you've been dealing with too many
of those women at that shelter, Detective.
- Okay.
Why don't you explain that to me?
- They like to get pushed around.
I don't.
- I don't think you really know
what getting pushed around is, Martin.
- Call my attorney.
Unless I'm being arrested.
- We'll be seeing you around.
- Jay.
Crime techs were able to get a fingerprint off the handle
of the hammer used to cave in Danzig's head.
We got a match. - Who is it?
on the hammer used to bludgeon your ex-boyfriend to death?
- You are gonna get straight with me, Valerie, right now.
- I didn't do it.
I couldn't. - Your prints are on the hammer.
- He handed it to me.
He had Reed on his knees in the bathroom
and he handed me the hammer and he said to do it.
He said to hit him, but I didn't.
He put a gun to my head
and said he would kill me too, but I still couldn't do it.
- Valerie--
- I wanted to.
After everything Reed's ever done to me, I wanted to.
But I didn't.
I didn't do it.
I didn't even raise my hand. I couldn't.
He laughed.
He snatched the hammer back from me, and he just started...
whacking the back of Reed's head.
He was wearing gloves.
He took the hammer from me. That's the truth.
And then he made me get on my knees.
And I thought for sure he was gonna kill me too.
But he got a phone call.
Ainge, probably.
I had seen Reed's keys by the front door.
My heart started beating out of my chest,
and I knew I had, like, a second to make a move,
and I just--I just grabbed the keys and I ran.
- Okay.
But you didn't go to the police.
- I knew they were gonna find me eventually anyway.
So I drove to Brady's gravesite.
If I was gonna die, I wanted to die with him.
- CPD. Get out of here.
[knocks on door]
- Francesca?
- [in a falsetto] Come in.
- Is this Francesca?
- Yes. Mike?
- Yeah, it's me.
- Come in.
- It's locked.
- Ah! - Let me see your hands!
- Son of a bitch! - Don't move!
- Ah! - What's your name?
- I didn't do anything. - What's your name?
- This is assault.
I'm just minding my own business.
- All right, turn over. Come on.
Give me your other hand.
- It's real interesting, Francesca.
You didn't have time to delete the profile yet, huh?
- Come on, big girl.
Come on, let's get up.
- [grunts] - Come on.
- These are the male employees working for Ainge
and we've extended it to vendors and supplies.
- Yeah, we hit off four.
- Burglary.
This guy's a car thief.
He's got assaults, but looks like your typical bouncer sheet.
This one though, he's interesting.
He was hired as a booze provider for the club,
although his company name appears to be fictitious
and there's absolutely no invoices
with his product being delivered to the establishment.
- Payout.
- Look at his record. Misdemeanor, possession.
Felony intent to distribute.
And five years ago, strong-arm robbery.
He beat a truck driver half to death with a tire iron.
Back of the head, just like Danzig.
- That's him.
I swear to God I'm telling the truth.
- All right.
Number three.
- Anything?
- Jeep's here. Engine's still warm.
- Take it.
- Greg Sutton! Chicago PD.
- Go.
- Chicago Police!
- Hold those stairs up.
- You guys okay? - Yeah, it's safe.
Cover the stairs.
- [grunts]
- Your team searched his nightclub and his condo
and you failed to uncover anything
linking Martin Ainge to these murders, am I right?
- That's right.
- You found the killer.
His weapon matched the shootings at the shelter
- We know that Ainge is behind the whole thing.
- Well, that's a very compelling allegation,
but I'm sorry, I'm not prosecuting based on this.
Ainge gets to go back to club life like nothing ever happened?
- No. He doesn't.
[R&B music]
[indistinct chatter]

If you have any further questions, call my attorney.
- Give us a little privacy, please.
Thank you.
You too. Take a walk.
- Well, now, there you did it.
You stepped right into a harassment lawsuit.
As of right now,
I am going to own your pissant pension.
- Huh.
What did I just say?
- Okay, okay. Let's--let's take it easy, huh?
- You know,
every once in a while,
a worm like you slips the hook.
You know, State's Attorney says
there's not enough evidence to prosecute.
So, you know, some patsy takes the fall.
Worse, he ends up dead, that sort of thing.
Me and my unit end up muzzled, even though we know who did it.
I was thinking about something.
See, a long time ago, they told me,
those little statues of Justice are blindfolded so she can...
What is it?
So she can remain impartial.
You know what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking I'm glad she's blindfolded, 'cause...
there are times...
I gotta do things she wouldn't want to see.
- You want to work something out, we can work something out.
- Listen.
Go back to Atlantic City, Ainge.
You got 24 hours, and trust me,
I'll come looking for you.
I mean, you're not out of my city by then...
you and me are gonna take a ride.
I'll show you parts of Chicago you never seen before.
You understand what I'm saying?
- Yeah, yeah, o-o-okay. All right, yeah, I get it.
- Good.
- You ready?
- She really asked to see me?
'Cause I don't think I can go in there.
- She did, and you can.
- But-- [inhales]
- Listen, you want to leave, the door's right there
and I can make up an excuse.
But this is a chance for you to start
taking control of your own life.
Right here, right now.
Okay. Come on.
- Jess.
[sobs] I'm so sorry.
- I'm just glad you're okay.
- Hey.
I knew you wouldn't eat those tickets.
- What are you doing here?
- I was taught to never let your partner go through a door alone.
Shall we?
- Yeah.
[laughs] Okay.
- You know what a millimeter is?
That's how close that bullet came
to nicking your victim's aortic artery.
- When it's not your time...
- Hey, another round, guys?
Extended happy hour for family and friends.
Just don't tell Herrmann. - I gotta run actually.
Conference at U Chicago tomorrow.
- Well, leave it. I'll take it.
Leave the bottle.
- Put it on my tab, Otis.
- You got it.
- You never told me you stayed in a shelter.
- Um...
- We don't have to talk about it, but...
- No, no, it's not a thing.
It's not, like, a bad memory.
It was summer.
Air conditioner rattled a lot.
It was, like, right next to my bed.
Bunny forgot my first day of school.
So the lady that ran the place,
she walked me all the way there.
She held my hand the whole way.
Actually drove by there a couple weeks ago,
and I saw her and she was...
walking another little girl to school.
- She recognize you?
- I don't know. I didn't stop.