Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb - full transcript

Halstead and his co-workers get caught up in a violent shootout with bank robbers while on his off-duty job at the dispensary.


I gotta say, you run
a very nice operation.

Oh, come on, you've never got
food catered to the district?

Yeah, once.

This old man, he left
his inheritance of $530

to the district, so we got
Al's Beef for everybody.

Oh, gosh.

Being cops, I would hope

that you wouldn't have
to pay for anything.

Used to be that we didn't.

Now you get written up
for taking a stick of gum.

- Lis, Brianna and Jay.
- Hi.

Listen, I just came from Chicago Med.

We're having a boy.

Oh, wow!

- Congratulations. Congrats.
- That's amazing.

- Thanks, man.
- Congrats.

That's beautiful. Oh!

Thank you.


Thank you. You have kids?

No, I haven't really
found the time for that.

Are you married?

I haven't really found
the time for that either.

Well, you should find the time.

I gotta steal him and do a bank run.

It was very nice meeting you.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Congrats again.

Thank you.

- I'll see you.
- Bye.

Hope Lissa didn't corner
you about being a bachelor.

No, it's all good.


Let's roll.




You're the only one with
the safety deposit box key.

I don't know what you're
doing for dinner later,

but if you want, we can do Maestro's.

Um, so I'm kind of...


It's just dinner.

I'm going through a complicated divorce,

so we can keep it simple.

Playing "hard to get"
with the boss lady, huh?

All right, just concentrate on the road.

Crazy, right?

Couple years ago, I was a DEA agent,

putting pot dealers in prison.

Now I'm driving their cash to the bank.

For 100 bucks an hour.
It's a brave new world.

Do you know how many 12,
13-year-old corner boys

I've seen die over a dime bag?

In my opinion, the faster
they legalize it, the better.

I hear that.

What the hell is this guy doing?

Iowa plates. They must be lost.

Let's just get to the bank.

Reverse! Reverse!

Move! Move!

Terry, leave it! Leave it!

Terry, no!


Terry! Terry!

It's gonna be okay.

Hold on, hold on,
brother, hold on, hold on.

10-1! 10-1! This is
Detective Jay Halstead.

I'm at Canal and Van Buren.
We're taking heavy fire.

Shots fired! Shots
fired! We got a man shot!

Get up. Come on, come on.

Go, go, go.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.
They're coming, okay?

Terry, stay with me.

Stay with me, stay with me.

Not like this, brother.

Hey, Terry, you're good, bro.

You're good, stay with me.

He's still got a pulse,
just get him to Med.

Were you able to see a
license plate on the truck?

- There's wasn't one.
- Okay.

- Now, what...
- Where the hell were you?

I was pinned. My piece jammed.

It jammed? How the hell does
a DEA tough guy run and hide?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

- Huh?
- Hey, Jake. Hey, easy, easy.

Hey, I don't want to see your
face again, do you understand?


- Just calm down.
- Well, he was...

he was ducking, man.

I don't care about him. Are you okay?

I'm fine. I mean, I
hit him, but I'm fine.

All right, just take a breath.

Looks like they left behind
a .40 caliber breadcrumb.

I shot one of 'em. He
must have dropped it.



- I'll get this to the lab.
- Yeah.

I heard on the scanner.

Erin, I'm okay. Is there
word from Med on Terry?

Not yet.

Come on.

You're not taking me off this.

I'm gonna do whatever I feel
is right for this unit, Jay.

This is Terry's blood.

I saw the guy who shot him.

You need me.


But anytime I tell you
to sit on the sidelines,

you're gonna sit, you understand?

My family warned me about
getting into this business.

- You're a lawyer?
- I am.

Where'd you practice before
getting into the marijuana trade?

Corporate law.

Bit of an unconventional
jump, wouldn't you say?

I was under the impression
you were investigating

a robbery, not me.

We have to check every box.

The federal government
classifies marijuana

as a controlled substance,

so I don't have access to
our country's banking system.

That's why every week, I
deposit a quarter mil, cash,

into a safety deposit box at Chase,

so I really don't think I'm
gonna steal it from myself.

Who else knows the bank route?

Just my security team,
and since one of your own,

Jay Halstead, is in charge of that,

I think we can rule out that angle.

We're gonna have to
run background checks

on all of your employees.

I already do that.

We understand, but we haven't.

What about disgruntled employees?

I pay three times the minimum
wage to all of my workers.

- Hey.
- Imagine a lot of the gangs...

Got a call from Med.

Terry, he didn't make it.

Massive hemorrhaging.

Listen, man, why don't you take

some of those vacation
days we never use?

Get your head right.

I don't have one.

That's perfect.

That's hilarious.

It's not like, you know,
I need to do it, right?

You guys get anymore
eyewitness statements

from the shooting?

We gave everything to Detective Olinsky.


All right, well, you get anything else,

you run it upstairs.


Who put stripes on his sleeve?

Oh, what shenanigans am I
missing here on the playground?

Uh, nothing.

Sean and I, we were just gonna follow up

on a burglary on Roosevelt, so.

No, you are detailed to intelligence.

Great, loaned out once again.

You got a problem, Roman?

I got cars in the
motor pool need washing.

No. No, we're good, right?

- Right.
- Yeah.

That's what I thought.

Hey. I just heard about Terry.


I can't help but feel responsible

for what happened to him.

You're not.

I am.

Please tell Terry's wife

that I'll take care of
all the funeral costs.

He was a marine, so he'll
get a military send-off.


Jay, we got something off the gun.

You should stay low
until we find these guys,

just in case.


If there's anything I can do...

I'm sure we'll have more questions.


I got the lab to do a rush order,

and they managed to pull a
partial print off the clip

inside the .40 SIG that
was left at the scene.

Now, it came up matching to
a one Joseph "Joey" Ortiz.

Ortiz? Yeah, he's a known member

of the Insane King lick
crew. They don't sell drugs.

Their M.O. is to follow cartel mules

with large amounts of
money after big drug deals,

then they rob 'em.


Sound familiar, Jay?


Right, put out an
investigative alert on Ortiz.

Have patrol saturate all known areas

him and his crew frequents.

So I gotta ask you.

You sleeping with this woman?

- Brianna?
- Mm.

No, and even if I was,

what would that have
to do with anything?

All right, one more time.

You sleeping with her?


2113 Squad, be advised
we're on patrol in the area

of the investigative alert
lodged by intelligence.

Can you hold us down?

Copy that, 2113.

- No.
- Okay.

- Nothing?
- No.

Whoa, back up.

What is it? It's Ortiz's car.

Roll back, keep eyes on it.


So, what's Ruzek's problem?

I don't know. He's got a short fuse.

And he gets jealous.

What's he got to be jealous of?

We're partners.

Yeah, I know, right,
that's what I'm saying.

Forget it.

J... no.

That's him, that's Ortiz.

2113, be advised we are on-scene

and located our robbery offender.

Advise intelligence we'll
throw an anchor down.

Copy that, 2113.

Get your guns on the front door.

Kevin, get the Chicago bar.

Got it.


All right, go, go.

Tell me!

Chicago police! Drop it! Drop it!

Now, do it! Back away.

Back away! Turn around.

- Turn around.
- Turn around!

- Clear.
- Clear.

What's good, big homie?

Come on, get down,
get down. You too, bro.

- Hands behind your head.
- You're gonna wish

you never saw my face,
you understand me?

Seems your pal you were slicing up

is too scared to talk. Who is he?

Sasso. Mi primo.

That's how you treat your cousin?

Just settling a little family feud.

What, you didn't want to give
Sasso his cut from the robbery?

You keep talking about some
robbery I never heard of.

But 260 Gs?

Hell, I wish I had known about it first.

.40 caliber with your
prints was left at the scene.

That's some coincidence.

Talk to Sasso. He's my alibi.

Your cousin you had

on the table, he's gonna cover for you?

You understand, mijo.

We got our own way of dealing
with family in Humboldt Park.

Get up!

We know how you make a living
ripping off drug dealers.

Now you're looking at murder!

Yo, I'm telling you, man!

We got our own way of
dealing with things too, mijo.

All right. We got our own way
of dealing with things too, mijo.

All right.

All right!

I had a bag of guns stolen
out of my car last week,

so somebody's gotta
be trying to set me up!

You're gonna tell me the truth.


You're gonna want to see this.

Turns out Ortiz's cousin Sasso
is a runner for the cartels

and was gonna give Ortiz up
for robbing their cash drop,

so it looks like Ortiz
was just giving him

a gentle reminder to
keep his mouth shut.

Okay, so, I pulled this
from a Zac's Beef parking lot

up on Clark and Ridge.

Now, if you look at the time code

on the actual footage,

it's just six minutes
before Jay got lit up.

I don't know, bro, I don't see
Ortiz and his boys making it

from Ridge down to Van
Buren in that kind of time.

Ortiz still could have set it up.

No, that .40 SIG was left
there on purpose to mislead us.

Well, the DNA from the blood splatter

at the robbery scene
came back inconclusive,

doesn't match any
offenders in the system,

and the '96 Chevy that was lit on fire,

pushed over the overpass,

stolen from a junkyard a week ago.

We didn't get anything
from the shell casings?

No, all clean. No
prints, every last one.

All right, kick Ortiz.

No, I'm not done talking to him.

Well, he's not our guy,
his cousin isn't gonna

press charges, so kick him.

Jay, talk me through this route again.

There's nothing to talk through.

We change it up every week.

All right, what was last week's route?

Al, man, we've been over this.

Did you or your guys discuss
the route with anyone else?

For the tenth time, no.

Well, they found out somehow,
so someone must be talking.

Or listening.

Hal, go down to your basement,
dig up your old equipment.

I want you to sweep that dispensary.

Sweep for bugs? We should be
taking a harder run at Ortiz.

Jay, take a step back or
go home, it's your call.


Lissa, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

You know, when Terry got
back from his last tour,

he was no angel to deal with.

Yeah, I know how that goes.

It was so hard on him.

Booze, pills, and
then even harder stuff.

His father and brothers tried,
but I nursed him through it,

helped him find a therapist.

It sounds like you really saved him.

This came last week.

He got into the police academy.

To report next month.

Terry, he...

he didn't even mention he took the exam.

Maybe he was too proud to tell you

until it was official.

One thing I know, he
really looked up to you,

said you went through a
lot of the same things.

Do you mind if I keep this?

I wouldn't know what else to do with it.



Is that a
reel-to-reel recorder?

Yeah, I worked Mayor
Daley's protection detail

back in the day.

Swept his home and office
for bugs once a week.

I didn't know that.

Learn anything interesting?

How a city really runs.

Al, have you seen Roman
sniffing around Burgess lately?

Well, they're partners.

I thought you two split up.

Well, yeah, but I mean...

So what do you care?

What do I care?

Al, she was my fianc?e
not two seconds ago,

and it seems like she's moving on

a little fast, wouldn't you say?

Listen, you gotta decide what
kind of cop you want to be.

You want to chase tail, which is fine...

Al, it's not tail. It's Kim.

Listen, man, kid that I
pulled out of the academy

and assigned to intelligence,

a unit that any young cop
would give his right nut

to be a part of, needs to
figure out his priorities.

So what exactly are you looking for?

RF signals, transmitters.

Are you suggesting that someone

has hacked into my security system?

Well, we gotta cover every angle.

Hey, I found something.

What? What'd you find?

It's okay, I'm gonna
show you. Follow me.

I want to know, what is going on?

Ma'am, I understand, with
everything that's happening,

you're upset,

but I need you to keep
quiet and follow me, please.


Come here.

Stay here, stay calm.

If the phone rings, just answer it.

Act natural. Okay? All right.

Those bugs aren't
cellular. They're older.

They run on radio frequency.

So what does that mean?

Means whoever's listening
is within a two-block radius.

All right, I'll take
north, you take south.

Keep your phone on.

Yeah, you got it.

All right.

Yo, man, what the hell?

Al, I think I got something.

Got serial numbers off the bugs we found

in Brianna's office.

Called all the spy shops in Chicago.

Guess who paid for 'em?

Brianna's soon-to-be
ex-husband, Jason Logan.

Got his work address here.
JMC Fittings on West Augusta.

Go pick him up.

Hey, make sure he
doesn't break anything.


- Right there.
- Thank you.

Can I help you?

We need to talk.

I had nothing to do with
Brianna's dispensary being robbed.

The dispensary wasn't
robbed. The cash drop

I was in charge of was, and a man died.

You think I'd pull an armed robbery

for over 1/4 mil and show
back up here for shift?

We know you're suing her for alimony

in your divorce settlement.

I admit, there's no love
lost between me and Brianna.

I mean, the whole idea for
that dispensary was mine.

Oh, okay, so you think you got
squeezed out of a business deal

that would've put you in
a much higher tax bracket?

Maybe that's why you bought the bugs

that we found in Brianna's office.

That's illegal wire tapping.

More importantly, that means you heard

our cash drop routes to the bank,

So along with your partners in crime,

you're looking at a homicide.

Whoa, I didn't bug her office.

I hired a P.I. to help
me with the alimony case.

He's the one who's watching Brianna,

to get her to pay up
for sexual abandonment.

For sexual what?


I wanted her bugged 'cause I
knew she was cheating on me.

So this P.I., he's monitoring the calls?


I maxed out my credit
cards 'cause he promised me

I'd get a better settlement
if he found dirt on her.

We're gonna need the name of this P.I.

And until that checks
out, we're detaining you

down at the station. Get up.

- You got cuffs?
- Right here.

Put your hands behind your back.

- Thanks, Jay.
- Yeah.

Your first name is Jay? Jay Halstead?

Yeah, why?

Heard too many times on the tapes

how Brianna wants to screw you.

Let's go.

This is Frank Amerson,

he's 51, he used to
work as a bail bondsman.

Now he's a P.I. making his
bones spying on cheating spouses.

You know, I read that
something like 73% of men

mess around on their wives.

Where'd you read that?


They took out the centerfold,
right? What's the point?

Look, my point is,
Amerson lives in Oak Park,

makes a good living
destroying marriages,

I mean, why get into armed robbery?

I've seen a 65-year-old woman killed

over a $2 lotto scratcher.

We're talking six figures here.

Yeah, we need to grab him up.

I think we should take a breath,

do our own counter-surveillance,
see if we can make

a concrete connection to this robbery.

Look, I can be up on his
phone in, like, two minutes.

Right, won't take long.

Antonio, you and Ruzek,
get eyes on this Sam Spade.

You got anything yet?

No, just...

A couple of calls from some
lady who thinks her husband

is actually cheating on her...

with her own sister.

And the Hawks are down by two

with six minutes to go.

So... there's that.

That robbery is...
it's pretty crazy, huh?

Bet it brought back some memories.

Mouse, I'm good.

That fireworks show you guys
put on, it's all over the news.

Yo, it's Amerson.

Well, things went as planned.

Planned? You know I almost
got caught last night,

listening to see what the cops knew

at her dispensary?

Hey, I'll... I'll call you back.

I want my cut.

You'll get yours.

- Let's call Voight.
- Yeah.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Who are you?

Why so jumpy, Frank?

I'm watching a husband.

I get made, you never know
how they're gonna react.

I got a concealed permit for that.

All right, fantastic,
we'll figure that out

down at the district.

Why don't you step out of the car?

You know I almost got
caught last night,

listening to see what the cops knew

at her dispensary?

Hey, I'll... I'll call you back.


Sounds like you need protection

from the guy on the
other end of that call.

I want a lawyer.

Glad to call one.

By the time he gets here, you'll
be looking at homicide charges.

You were hired by Brianna's ex-husband

to help his divorce settlement,

so, you illegally plant
listening devices in her office,

but instead of scandalous
gossip to help his case,

you overhear how much
cash Brianna's moving

and you think, "Hot damn,
I've won the lottery."

Now the guy you sold the
score to is icing you out.

Uh, If I tell you, I want protection.

You give us the guy on
the other end of that call,

I'll rig something up
with the State's Attorney.


Uh, guy I tracked down years ago...

when I was a bondsman. Collin Briggs.

I sold him the score
for 20% of the cash.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Who are the others in his crew?

I don't know any others in the crew.

I just know that Briggs
put the crew together.


Call Briggs, tell him you need to meet,

and if he doesn't show up with your cut,

you'll go to the police.

Or you're facing murder charges.

Come on.

Collin Briggs.

He's done time for
manslaughter, aggravated robbery.

According to an FBI
database, he was kicked out

of an anti-government
militia in Indiana.

Recognize him, Jay?

Not off the screen.

Come on, I'm freezing out here.

How about you just think warm thoughts?

Our target has arrived.

How ya doing, Frank?

Nice night.

Uh, yeah. You got my cut?

You like trains?

What is Briggs doing? Should we move in?

Negative. Wait till we see the money

or they talk about the robbery.

Hear that clatter?

Reminds me of prison gates being shut.

You got my 50K or not?


It's in the trunk.

Show me your hands!

Do it, now!

- You got it?
- Yeah.

Put your hands behind your back.

- Get up.
- Trunk.

Let me outta here!

Easy, easy!

You all right?

Come on.

It wasn't you,

but a guy on your crew killed my friend.

He had a baby boy on the way.

We all need some pain in our life.

I'm gonna testify
against you at your trial.

I'm gonna make your life a living hell.

Inside a cage or on the street,

I'm doing time wherever I stand.

I'll never rat,

so how about you just
go get my jungle juice

and bologna sandwich
ready in my holding cell?

Think you can manage that, pretty boy?

It's kind of funny,
the only reason I'm here

is to keep him from getting to you.

I'm standing over there
thinking about what the hell

I'd do to you if you
talked to me like that.

If there's one thing I hate...

It's a hypocrite.

You got five minutes.

Take off these cuffs, let's see.

Hey, we found them... rest of the crew.

Yo, you might want to hear this.

So the car that Collin
Briggs was driving

belongs to 61-year-old Jacob Seeley.

He lives in Will County, has a
house right outside of Joliet.

And I did a search,
figuring the car was stolen,

but it wasn't reported,

and guess who Jacob
Seeley's the father of?

Brendan Seeley.

He did a stretch in Pontiac

for a string of strong-armed robberies

where he used a hammer.

Guess who his cellmate
was? Collin Briggs.

These are the Seeley brothers.

Both have priors for
weapons violations in Joliet.

That's him.

That's the guy that killed Terry.

Looks like we got our crew.

Want me to call Will County Sheriff?

Tell 'em we're on our way.

That's the truck.

You do anything stupid,
that hole will be for two.

Step towards me, step towards me.

Slowly, nice and slow.

I tried saving him.

- He just kept bleeding.
- Shh.

Where are the others? Where's Brendan?

Inside sleeping.

Antonio, cuff him, get him outta here.

Keep your ass down.

Give me a reason.

Police! Stop!

I guess I'll call an ambo.

Yeah, take your time.


We recovered your money,

minus about ten grand

that Briggs and his crew burned through.

I don't care about the money.
I'm just glad you're okay.

And the guy that shot
Terry? Did you get him?

Where he's going, he's never
gonna see the sun again.

Good. Terry's wife...

whatever she needs, any medical expenses

around the baby, I'll take care of it.

That's great. She'll
really appreciate that.

Um, hey, so...

that dinner at Maestro's,
it still stands, the offer.

Could use somebody to talk to.

I'm have somebody waiting for me.


Well, she's a very lucky girl.

You're gonna need this.
I'm gonna get you the names

of a couple really solid cops...
guys that need the extra money.


Thank you.

Hey, if you change your mind,

my door is always open.

A time to remain silent
and a time to speak.

There is comfort in the memories

of how Terry Egan impacted our lives.

He was a son, a husband,

a friend, and a marine.

So I'm using my belt as a tourniquet

on this poor Marine's arm

where his brachial artery
was severed by a sniper round,

and I'm twisting as hard
as I can to staunch blood

and he's throwing up all over me,

so I say, "Grunt, I'm trying
to save your life here.

Anyway, that was a
typical day in Kandahar.


Well, me and Jay, we was in Korengal.

There was not a day...

day went by without a firefight.


The thing is...

firefights never scared me.

It was coming home.

Having to look into the faces
of the wives and the families...

of the guys that didn't make it back.

I gotta go, guys.


Yeah, come in.

Um, I just wanted to come in...

and say thank you for
keeping me on the case.

Well, right now, you're gonna
take a week's medical leave.

I appreciate it, but I'm fine, really.

It's not open to discussion.


Hey, I been meaning to tell you...

I'm lucky to have you in my unit.

- resynced by smanoli -