Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Called in Dead - full transcript

A huge drug bust puts Olinsky's family in danger. Meanwhile, the team digs up a common thread with the drug suspects, and Burgess and Roman are paired with a K-9 officer, who is Roman's former girlfriend.

- Called around on your ex-partner, jen cassidy.
Word is she's a great cop.
- I fell in love with her.
Like an idiot.
- I want you so bad right now.
- My place. One hour.
- How does running your own task force for the feds sound?
- Task force?
- Which i'm keeping confidential.
- You can go after any cases you want, erin.
You could be going places.
I'll need to know by next friday.
Then i move on.
[tires screeching]
- Nadia? - [crying]
- Hey. Nadia?
- Watch where you step.
I didn't know where else to take her.
- Why didn't you call 911?
- Because the paramedics would've called the cops.
She's gonna be fine, i found this in your first-aid kit.
Look at me, i need you to look into my eyes. Okay, elisha?
Look at me. - What did she take?
- She's a friend of mine from n.A. Meetings.
She didn't show up for two weeks
And then she called me a half hour ago,
Tells me she just shot up.
You're starting to spiral.
I got you, elisha. I'm right here.
- This is detective erin lindsay
I need you to roll an ambo to 1601 south indiana now.
- Copy that.
[knocking on tub] hey, elisha.
Hey, look at me.
You're okay. You're gonna be okay.
Look at me. Tell me where you got this.
It's all right, you're not in trouble,
I need you to tell me where you got this.
- You can tell her.
It's okay.
- Tell me where you got this.
[overlapping chatter]
- Everybody down! - On the ground!
[screaming] - don't move!
- Keep your hands on the table! Don't look at me!
All right, i want everyone to stay where they are.
- I got ten grand in the safe,
Just take it and don't kill anyone, okay?
- Downstairs!
- I don't know what you think you've heard,
There's nothing down there.
- Do it!
Open it!
- You know this is suicide.
- On the floor! - Everybody get down!
Get down! - Hustle!
Get down on the ground!
Get your hands behind your back.
Don't move.
- There's no way you're getting out of here alive.
- All right, we're good!
- Let's go.
- On this side.
- [laughs] - woo-hoo!
- Did you get it?
- Everybody good?
- [laughs] - everybody in one piece?
- 20 kilos of pure passion.
- Oh, yeah, it's been a while since we pulled a rip.
I forgot how much fun it was.
- I've done some pretty crazy recon missions,
That got my heart pumping.
- You two!
This, uh, confidential informant of yours--
Elisha nicotero.
Why is she not registered in our files?
- Sir, elisha's a dancer at that club.
And she's the one who told me about the heroin lab.
She said they were getting ready to move a big shipment
So we had to go quick.
- This brand, passion,
Has killed over a dozen people the last few months.
Some of them, kids.
We just poked the hornet's nest.
As long as these guys think it was a rival crew ripped them off
And not the cops, they're gonna keep talking
Until they take us right to the top dog.
- [sighs] do me a favor?
Get a thumb print on your c.I. So we get her in the books.
- Done.
- That club manager? He's talking.
- Yo, yo, sarge. - Yeah?
- Got a wire up on trenton's phone.
And we got eyes right there on the club
Through the mini-cam that we planted across the street.
- Blue. - That's him.
- Yeah, man. We got hit.
- The police?
- No. A crew.
Dudes were all blacked out.
They had on masks. They got the 20 keys.
- All right, put on a street award.
Ten grand to any hype who coughs up this crew.
You don't got a name by morning, it's on you.
- All right, keep listening.
Make your overtime. - I can do that.
- How's she holding up?
- Nurse said she's finally stable.
- When elisha comes to i need you
To get her thumb print and signature on
These forms for me, all right?
- Yeah. What for?
- It's a technicality. Just do it.
- Hey, are you mad at me?
I got elisha to tell you about the club, didn't i?
- I don't appreciate getting tips from girls
That are overdosing in my bathtub.
- You're acting like it was me.
- [sighs]
When she comes to,
Just get her thumb print for me, all right?
- Hey. Um, sergeant.
I heard intelligence pulled a rip on
Some major dealers last night.
- Let me guess who leaked this amazing story,
Your boy toy, ruzek?
- [laughs] - boy what? No.
Just, if any--if any back ups needed
We're volunteering our services.
- You didn't get upstairs, burgess, so give it up.
But, i do love your can-do spirit, so
I am assigning you two to "psycho squad" duty.
- Come on. - The bulgarian consulate
In chicago forwarded a list of whackos who've made
Threats against president pla-no--
Pla--pre--president pla--
President whoever, who arrives in two days
For some trade conference. You're gonna do spot checks
On all persons on that list, see if they pose a danger.
- Yeah. Can't you put garcia or sikora on this one?
- Roman, be grateful i don't park you at a desk
Doing traffic reports.
So i called around for an available k-9 officer
With a bomb sniffer mutt to escort you two,
She's on loan from the 31st so show her a good time.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- What's wrong?
- It's her.
- Her who?
- My ex-partner.
- The one that you fell for?
- Really? I had no idea.
- That's her? Turn around.
- This is your new partner?
- Yeah.
- Kim burgess. Jen cassidy.
- Hi, heard a lot about you.
- My rig's outside. I think i'll feed slayer.
We roll in five.
- Slayer?
- I should've called in dead.
- Trenton bostaph, the club manager,
No priors. Not even a parking ticket.
- So, aside from operating a heroin lab,
He's also a boy scout. - Yeah.
- That's 'cause trenton's low level.
He answers to this guy, blue.
Which is an adorable nickname i've put through
The known offenders database.
The most popular nickname is "shorty."
Second most popular nickname is...
Blue. - Blue.
- So it's gonna take a little while
To narrow it down. - Okay.
What do we got on the wire?
- Hey. I couldn't fit these in the locker.
They're for meredith.
- Oh, they're beautiful - thanks.
- I'll put them in some water. - Oh, here.
Pick up a card. Something that says, uh...
- Romantic. - Yeah.
- What's the occasion?
- I'm moving out of the garage into the house.
- So, like i was saying.
What do we got on the wire?
- Trenton's been making a lot of calls to this blue cat
Trying to buy himself some time.
- Those 20 kilos are almost two million street value.
Trenton's got two choices.
He could hop a bus and disappear or get dead.
He knows it.
I say we bring him in now, flip him,
Have him reel in blue.
- Bring him in.
- So, when'd you get in the k-9 unit?
I hear it's pretty rigorous.
- Yeah, a few months ago.
After a year of training.
- You must really love dogs.
- Yeah. Dogs actually listen when you say something.
- Good one, jen.
- How's the 21st going?
Hope you're controlling your anger better
Than you did back in 31.
- I only get angry when my girlfriend locks me out
Of the apartment for two days because some chick
From high school facebooks me.
Remember that, jen? - Oh, that wasn't the only time.
- Guys! - When was the other time?
- Listen, it's still early,
Maybe you should conserve your energy.
Just...A little bit.
- Drugs? All i deal is fantasy.
I'll give you guys coupons, you can come check it out sometime.
- Oh, yeah? - Maybe get you up on stage.
You'd win amateur night hands down.
- Would i?
- Hey!
- We heard you got robbed last night.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't report any robbery.
- Think you're gonna find the crew who ripped you off?
Those 20 keys of passion.
They're on ice in our evidence locker.
- Feel like talking now?
- Man, i-i just manage the joint upstairs,
I-i make sure the stuff gets cut downstairs
And blue breaks me off a salary for both.
- Who's blue? He running the show?
- I don't know his real name.
From what i know, blue's their street captain.
Muscle. I got problems, i call him.
- You're gonna set up a meet.
Tell him you were robbed by some outlaws.
- Bikers?
- Sounds like a great cover story to me, he'll buy it.
The outlaws are the only ones crazy enough to rip you off.
Besides us.
- We cut you loose, nobody's gonna believe your story anyway.
You got robbed by a bunch of cops?
And then you owe some very bad men two million.
Make the call, bring us blue,
And we'll talk to the state's attorney for you.
- All right, we have some company.
- This is the outlaw's garage.
I heard they were cutting it up.
- There better be outlaws on the other side of this door
Holding a lot of h, or i'm leaving you on the pavement.
- Bad guys have heavy hardware.
Everyone move in with caution. - Geez.
- Copy, coming around.
- State pd! Drop the-- - drop the gun!
- Get on the ground! - Drop the weapon!
[everyone yelling over one another]
- Put the gun on the ground.
- Stay there. Stay down!
Stay down! - You gotta put it down!
- Stay right where you are. - Stay down.
- Don't move. - Get your hands behind your--
- Let him go.
- Okay. Okay.
Okay, officers.
Take me to jail. - Get up.
- Put your hands behind your head.
Don't move.
- So...
Blue. You got a real name?
- Barack obama.
- [laughs]
- Ha, oh, i wasn't prepared for this. It's an honor.
Mr. President, we know that you're part of a heroin ring.
Runs out of angels strip club.
- What heroin?
- Come on, man. We got you on a wire.
Trenton was the front man, he got ripped off.
He was on the hook, and you had orders to either get back
The dope or you were gonna kill him.
What we wanna know is who gives you the orders?
- Or, that 20 kilos we ripped from the club.
What do you think, jay?
We say we found it in his trunk?
Send you up for 30 years.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm not some corner boy that's just gonna flip.
What i am is hungry.
So how about one of you go fetch me a sandwich?
- Get comfy.
- Tell me.
- He's not gonna flip. - Hmm.
- I'm gonna call the state's attorney, get an i.D.
And charge blue with attempted homicide.
- No. Not yet.
You charge him, word will get out on the street.
Just keep him chained in the cage,
Make sure his cell phone's charged,
We'll wire tap it, see what we get.
You got that?
- I'll get a warrant. - All right.
[knock on door]
- You seth morgan?
- Uh--w--what did i do?
[dog growls]
- We were told you sent a threatening letter
To the bulgarian president.
- The letter wasn't threatening.
I just needed to make sure that
He knows svetlana is mine.
- Svetlana?
- I've sent her marriage proposals.
She hasn't responded.
- Mm-hmm.
- All clear.
- Seth? Seth!
Hey, we have to ask. Are you planning to harm
The bulgarian president?
- No.
As long as he understands that
Svetlana and i have a special connection.
- We'll make sure to pass that message along.
Just stay away from the bulgarian consulate.
- Uh, may i have your card?
I case i ever need your assistance.
- Oh, sorry. I'm fresh out.
- Oh, hey. - Oh, no, i'm good. I'm good.
Thanks. Have a good day.
- You wanna tell me the full story on this new c.I.?
- We met at an n.A. Meeting,
Three months ago.
Had dinner a few times.
She was working the program.
- Did she have a score to settle with the manager?
Trenton? At the club?
- She never said anything to me, so...
- If it turns out there is a beef between elisha and him,
This whole case could be tossed
For entrapment.
- I called erin for help because my friend was dying,
I wasn't thinking about an investigation.
- Elisha was overdosing and nadia brought her to
My apartment.
That's how i got the intel.
- Give us a minute.
- I'm sorry.
- Were you gonna tell me?
- I didn't want this to come back on nadia.
- Now it might come back on us.
And what if this girl died in your apartment?
Internal affairs would've been all over it,
Especially because you're tied to me.
If your head is someplace else, i need to know.
- What does that mean?
- This offer to join kot's task force,
Maybe it's got you distracted.
- My head is where it needs to be.
- Hey. Where we at on the wires?
- Nothing. Radio silence. Even the strip club is dead.
Honestly, i think somebody tipped them off.
- There's no way we got made.
Blue and trenton are the only ones who know.
They're on ice.
So go back downstairs, keep listening,
And don't leave that chair.
- What about the bathroom, sarge?
- [sighs]
- Hello?
- I'm in here.
- Where are you?
- Alvin.
- Toss the piece.
Do it.
- It's okay, baby.
Just breathe.
- We're gonna take a ride down to your district house
And get what's ours.
- What are you talking about?
- Why don't you refresh his memory?
- Alvin, they say you stole their drugs.
- 20 kilos of h.
And you're gonna be a good husband
And go and get them back for us.
- My brother's got a fully-auto to your wife's head.
I got a text ready to send to him.
You walk in there and try to warn anyone,
I press send and she's dead.
We understand each other?
- We do.
- Al, how's your night going?
- Good. Just gotta grab something for court tomorrow.
[door buzzes to open] thanks.
- Open it.
See? Just that easy.
- Yeah.
[shotgun blast]
- Okay.
[cell phone vibrates]
- Looks like your man did what he was told.
We're not gonna be needing you no more.
- Drop it.
- Where's my brother?
- He's not coming.
- I'll kill her.
- Drop it.
- Get on your knees.
He doesn't have to walk out of here.
- Alvin!
- [grunts] - ah!
- I wonder how dumb you gotta be to think you can get away
With stealing 20 keys of my dope.
- Your dope? [scoffs] that's a good--
- Al, hey, you good, man? - How's meredith?
- She's shaken up pretty bad.
How'd they get my address?
Where i live?
- It's like i told voight, man, nobody's talking.
- Well you're not gonna hear a thing, because
That wire's blown. They got eyes on us.
- You three.
Take blue for a ride.
- I wanna know who tipped you off.
- Yesterday i had seven kills under my belt.
Today, i got eight.
They had this look on their face when it happened.
I mean, it just lasted just a split second,
But i can see it.
They were scared.
Because, well...They knew.
It was over.
And as tough of a guy as you think you are,
I want you to know that your brother...
He had that look in his eyes when i killed him.
He was scared.
- So, you guys, who knew there were so many weirdos
With grudges against bulgaria?
- Sean ever tell you why he disappeared from the 31st?
- Disappeared, jen?
It took three weeks for my transfer to clear.
You know that! - [laughs] when you leave
Without so much as a goodbye... People talk.
- I said goodbye-- - um, did you know that
The capital of bulgaria is sofia?
That's kinda pretty, right?
- Fascinating.
I got some tele-marketer calls to return.
I'll see you out by the truck. - Great.
- He ever hit on you?
- T--sean? No...No way.
He's been a gentleman.
And i'm involved with someone anyways.
- He ever tell you the real story,
Why he transferred out? - Listen,
It's really none of my business, so you--
- Even though we were partners,
I knew better.
Me and sean had a fling.
It was, uh--it was hot.
It was crazy, it was fun.
But i moved on to bigger and better things.
- Hm. - Yeah.
Sean ever talk about me?
I mean, like, not that i care.
- A little.
- How you holding up?
- I'm okay.
I want to thank you.
- You don't need to thank me. Thank nadia.
She saved you.
Listen, we really appreciate you helping us take down that club.
So...You stay clean.
I'll see what i can do to help.
- I'll be back.
Hey, erin.
Voight's still really pissed at me.
Should i be looking for a new job?
- Honey, i know you think you were just doing your best
With elisha.
If you wanna be a cop,
You gotta start thinking like one.
You gotta make smarter choices.
- I know.
- Get her to a meeting. I'll talk to voight.
- He give us anything?
- No.
- Hey, man, um...
I used to be on patrol with this guy,
Big dude. Sparred with him all the time.
And then, he was involved in two fatals.
In two months.
And he stopped going to the gym,
Shriveled up--
- What are you saying?
- I don't know if--if you ever want to get anything
Off your chest, you know?
I'm here.
- I'll live. - [laughs]
- But i appreciate you asking.
- Okay,
These guys got protection.
The question is, how high up?
- I think i got a pretty good idea.
Prints came back on our offenders,
Blue's real name is carl johnson.
Guys that showed up at al's house,
They're actually brothers.
A.K.A. The gary brothers. Jamal and jesse seeley,
Originally from gary, indiana, known psychopaths,
All three of these guys.
Rap sheets a mile long.
Manslaughter, assault,
Possession of narcotics with intent to distribute,
They should've been put away a long time ago.
- Who defended them?
- Now that's just it.
They all had public defenders.
One thing that they have in common
Is a judge. Judge darren lachlan,
He presided over all their cases.
- Lachlan? - Hmm.
- He was named in an fbi sting a few years back.
Taking bribes to fix cases.
Two judges went down, but he escaped.
- All right, taking bribes is one thing
But are we saying we think a judge is the silent partner
In a heroin ring?
- I mean, i know it sounds like a conspiracy theory
So i called to the state's attorney's office...
Guess who requested to review our wire tap just yesterday?
- You know, my name was on that paperwork for that seizure.
So he'd have access to that and my home address.
- Now, hold on, if we're going after a judge,
I'm gonna need a hell of a lot more than speculation.
- I looked into his financials.
Actually, i didn't...Uh, graffiti artist i busted
Works at kinko's, total hacker.
He did. And it looks like our judge has a, uh,
Stash house, boss.
It's a two million dollar brownstone.
Purchased through a shell company owned by lachlan.
Pretty sure his wife doesn't know about it.
[man and woman laughing upstairs]
- What are you doing?
- I don't gotta tell you how interrogations work.
Got your muscle.
Your suppliers.
They get probation instead of prison time.
In return, kick profits back to you.
That's how you bought your little love nest.
- Did my broker make some smart investments? Yes.
Am i protecting a narcotics empire?
You're out of your freaking mind.
- Why'd you put in a request to check our wire?
- All signs point to you selling us out.
- Both of you, outside.
I just got off the phone with the superintendant.
You realize the mess you're making?
- Judge lachlan is our main suspect.
- Judge? Suspect?
Only the feds use those two words in the same sentence.
- If you buy us some time, we will hang him.
- Not only are you out of time,
But you're out of an investigation.
I want judge lachlan released immediately.
- Uh, excuse me, commander.
I've been running the call histories
On the gary brothers' cell phones.
One of them had a call to a hard line
At the superior court on 26th and cal yesterday.
- Were they calling judge lachlan?
- No, sir.
The branch clerk, evan lormer.
- We roll in five.
- Hey. There's some guy outside asking for you.
- Did he say what he wants? - No.
But he's got d.E.A. Written all over him.
Either that, or he's the marlboro man.
- Special agent david lang.
- You obviously already know who i am.
- Heard you guys had a big win today.
- Yeah, we're still working it. So can we make this quick?
- I would've made a proper house call earlier,
But i'm not sure your sergeant would be happy
If i were in his office poaching his best detective.
- State's attorney kot tell you to say that?
- Kot doesn't know i'm here.
I respect what intelligence does for this city.
But if you join the task force, you won't be taking dope
Off the street.
I'm talking about shutting down cross-border drug networks,
And that's making a difference across the country.
Not just in a few neighborhoods.
Don't make a decision you'll regret.
- Here we go.
- Hey.
Y--you can't just barge in here.
- Evan lormer.
- Mr. Lormer just left.
Said he felt sick, was going home early.
- Where is he parked?
- Show me your hands!
Show me your hands!
Do it!
Keep your hands where i can see them, you understand?
Turn your head to the right.
- Hey.
Check this out.
- Huh. Looks like we found our kingpin.
- Blue. The gary brothers.
Judge lachlan sends them to prison but you forged
The order of incarceration papers and gave them
Probation instead.
- That's how you were able to get the paperwork
On our wire tap.
- You see what we're up against in this city everyday,
And you see the victims firsthand in court.
So tell me how a lifelong civil servant decides
To work for the other team,
And gets into the heroin game.
- You know what else i see firsthand?
For years, i've seen officials on the take.
The gary brothers, they came to me.
Made an offer.
I keep them and blue out of prison,
They give me a cut.
So i forged court documents for the three of them.
- The felons you let off.
Their dope killed kids.
- If it wasn't me, it would've been someone else.
- Hey.
One last name came in from
The consulate, sounds like a real winner.
Some guy upset at bulgaria 'cause they're trying to
Join the e.U.
- Maybe after this we can get back to real police work?
- Hey, how's that k-9 girl working out for ya?
- If i have to do another day with her, i'm gonna transfer.
To milwaukee.
- Oh, don't kid yourself, roman.
You're so in love with that girl it ain't even funny.
- Hey.
How's it going? - Hey.
Riding with roman and his ex.
I don't know, driving me crazy. - Oh, ouch.
Well, on a bright note, i've missed you.
- Do you think--wait.
Do you think that could happen to us?
- What?
- Like if we broke up
In--in secret-- - wait a sec.
- Hey. - Hey.
- Hey, greg. - How you doing?
- In secret, i mean. And then we had to see each other everyday.
Would we hate each other?
- Burgess.
- Now that i think about it, i would transfer too--
- Hey, we're not breaking up... - No, platt might come--
All right? Don't even--
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
All right, i just clocked out.
I'm thinking you, me, beers at molly's,
Then back to my place for a romantic microwave dinner.
- [laughs]
All right, i'm almost off, i'll meet you there.
- Yeah? - Oh, yeah.
I wouldn't miss it.
Just go.
- Hey. - Hey.
- About nadia. If you're gonna be mad, be mad at me.
I should've been straight with you.
- As long as she understands, i give her a chance,
She only gets one.
- She does. Believe me.
- Yeah, i know.
- And, uh...
As far as chances,
You're right.
I've been thinking about this task force.
A lot.
- And?
- And i've been cleaning up after people my whole life.
This feels like my chance to get out in front of it.
- Wow. 15 years.
15 years ago you were a girl barely surviving on the street.
Now you're being courted by the feds.
- [chuckles]
- I'm proud of you, erin.
And whatever decision you wanna make,
I'll back you.
- All right. Molly's, you in?
- Um, actually i need to tell you guys something.
A lot of you know that i-- i've had an offer to
Take a spot on a federal task force.
And i've thought long and hard about this.
And i've decided to take it.
- You got plans tonight, burgess?
- Uh, molly's. Yeah, i think everyone will be there.
- What about you, jen?
You gonna take a long, moonlight cruise
Around the lake with peter the boat cop?
- Roman. - Peter's no longer with
The marine unit.
He has ambition. He just made sergeant.
- You know what you're gonna do after this, jen?
You're gonna pack up that little doggie of yours,
And you're gonna go back to your own district.
- Guys, can't we just-- - you show up smashed
And uninvited to my engagement party
And start taking swings at my fiancee
And you end up knocking out his father.
- I apologized.
- You know what? Stewie.
You stuffed an "i'm sorry" card in my locker
But you never apologized to peter or his father.
- He swung at me first.
- He's 60 years old! - I had to protect myself.
- Okay, this is what we are gonna do!
We are gonna go check this last house
And then we're gonna go home. - Fine.
- You wanna know about your new partner, burgess?
After we broke up, he couldn't take it
So he goes on a jealous rampage and he transfers out.
- How did we break up and just two weeks later, you're engaged?
Unless you're looking to climb the ladder, jen.
- You know what? Don't even go there--
- Can you two just shut up?
Just shut up!
- I put just as much of myself into this job--
[rings doorbell] [gunshot]
- Burgess! - 10-1, officer down!
3316 west 21st street.
- Okay. Move her. Here!
Put pressure on this.
10-1, 10-1. Shots fired at police
At 3316 west 21st street,
My partner's been shot.