Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Shouldn't Have Been Alone - full transcript

With Burgess (Marina Squerciati) in the hospital after suffering gunshot wounds, the intelligence team is determined to find the people responsible. Lindsay (Sophia Bush) delays her start ...

- 15 years ago, you're a girl barely surviving on the street.
Now you're being courted by the feds.
I'm proud of you, erin.
- Imagine how heartbroken you'd be
Not seeing my smiling face every day.
- It's her. - Her who?
- My ex-partner, jenn cassidy.
- Heard a lot about you.
- How did we break up and just two weeks later
You're engaged? - Just shut up!
- I put just as much of myself into this job--
[doorbell rings] [gunshot]
- Here, put pressure on this. - Okay.
- Press, press! - I got it. I got it.
- 10-1, 10-1! Shots fired at 3316 west 21st street.
My partner's been shot!
- She's losing a lot of blood. I can't tell where she's hit.
- Put pressure!
- Go! - You got no cover.
- Go!
How long on that ambulance?
I got an officer in bad shape here.
- [over radio] bus is 3 minutes out.
- No, that's understood. Yeah, copy.
Halstead, get back upstairs,
Get voight. - What's going on?
- Burgess was shot, condition unknown.
Go get your sergeant down here now!
[gate beeps, buzzes]
[wood creaks]
- [coughs]
[thrash metal music]
♪ ♪
[siren blares]
- Kim! - She's nonresponsive.
Struck her head on the fall.
Offender shot through the front door.
- Where's roman? - Inside.
He went after the shooter. Patrolmen are locking down
The street. [gunshot]
- Hold here. Stand down!
[music continues blasting]
♪ ♪
- Sarge!
- Roman!
- The whole damn house is rigged!
- Where's the shooter?
- Huh?! - Shooter?!
- No, there's no shooter!
I don't know what happened.
[music stops]
I entered the room and stepped through that tripwire,
Which is rigged to that thing.
I got low and triggered the device.
There's a body in the tub.
It's--it's dissolved.
- You need medical attention?
- Stay out of the house! Get everyone across the street!
- Copy that, sarge.
- Hold on.
This is sergeant voight.
Advise patrol to evacuate the block.
Dispatch bomb squad and forensics.
I'm initiating a plan one.
Roman. - Copy that, sarge.
- Yeah?
- Are you all right?
- I'm good. Let's go.
[police radio chatter]
- Hey, i want two cars escorting that ambulance to chicago med.
- On it.
Ruzek, stay here. You're inside.
- Hey, adam, listen--
- I'll get the particulars later, just--
House is owned by luther markov.
- Yeah. - We gotta roll.
[siren blares]
- No, we don't know yet.
Just get all available officers over to ogden and shut it down.
- Can you hear me?
[siren blares]
- 4-inch laceration to the back of the head.
Possible broken humerus.
Gunshot wounds to the left side. Can't find an exit wound.
Could have a pierced lung.
- Get her to trauma bay one.
Prep her for ct. Call x-ray.
- You were at the scene? - Yeah. She's my partner.
- You know what i'm gonna find? - I dunno--looked like birdshot.
I don't know what the hell that was,
But i gotta find out who did this.
District will send people.
- Then i'll wait till they get here.
We shouldn't have been scrapping.
We should have been at that door.
- I want you not to be here when i come back.
We're bad luck, jenn.
My partner doesn't need you here,
And i sure as hell don't wanna see you again, not tonight.
- Hey, sean.
- Yeah, bomb unit did a sweep of the place.
Back door was linked to an improvised napalm grenade.
- I thought you were officially detailed to task force.
- I pushed it a day.
Shooter was waiting for her here.
- There was no shooter.
- No shooter? Who pulled the trigger?
- The buzzer was rigged to the trigger of the gun.
Burgess depresses the button...
- So our killer is what, some kind of brilliant tech whiz?
- Don't give him too much credit.
It'll only disappoint you when we catch him.
- How do you let this psycho get the jump on you twice, huh?
- Freak had a tripwire. - Yeah, we saw.
- You found the sensor in the bathroom?
- No, let's see it.
- There are some unique compounds in the acid.
This wasn't store-bought.
- If it's something exotic, we can trace the purchase.
How long to i.D. The body?
- We assumed it was the owner of the house.
- It's this tile right here.
Are his teeth intact? - Gone-zo.
- It's a weight sensor.
- So the way this goes is i enter, i step on that thing,
The music starts blasting in the bedroom.
I go to turn the music off,
And that's when i trip the shotgun rig.
- And the homeowner's on a person of interest list.
We got mr. Unidentified taking a bath.
This nut knew we were coming.
He wanted to hurt cops.
- Hey, guys. - Hey.
- Hey.
[monitor beeping]
- Agent lang, did you get my text?
- I was expecting you at task force today.
- A patrolman in our district was shot.
- I heard.
- I need to see this through.
I don't expect you guys to wait for me.
- This guy you're going after--
You need help on the federal side, just reach out.
I want him caught for what he did
And then i want you on my team.
- Thank you.
- You wanted to see me.
- Yeah.
You know why you're up here, roman?
- Because i screwed up.
- You're up here because you're the real police.
Look, i wasn't at the scene,
But i know that you did all you coulda done.
Look, this is how you make it up to her--
You take down the guy who hurt her.
- Thank you, sergeant.
- You can leave the door open.
- They took three pellets out of her chest.
No internal damage, so that's-- that's good.
They left two in her arm. I guess it's in a safe position,
Whatever the hell that means. - Well, she's tough, that one.
But she'd want you focused right here, okay,
So let's-- let's get to work.
- Positive i.D. On our victim in the tub--
Luther markov, 73 years old.
Retired dean of psychology at central chicago university.
He's divorced. Family isn't local.
Nothing in his background. He was a model citizen.
- Well, what about the political connection,
The bulgarian embassy?
That's how we ended up at his door in the first place.
- I sent his blog to a contact at the fbi
To do a threat assessment.
Yeah, i know. I'm all fancy now.
For what it's worth, i don't think the politics is related.
- This murder was vicious.
It's not a robbery. It's something personal.
- Oh, sarge, i ran the plate on the victim's vehicle.
Nothing matched--make, model, vin number. Nothing.
- Someone swapped his license plate.
- That's what i'm saying. - Whose tags are they?
- Registered to a travis webber.
A meth-head with multiple drug cases,
Typical burglary arrests.
- Maybe he broke in, killed the old man, rigged the house.
- I don't know, man. He doesn't sound that clever.
I mean, why bother going through all that trouble in the house
And then leaving your plates behind?
- Let's ask him.
- Well, he lives in portage park,
Works at a bike shop nearby. - All right, we'll split up.
Lindsay, halstead, ruzek-- we'll check his work.
Whoa. Whoa.
We're knocking his door down,
We're doing it with the bomb unit.
Halstead, go around the back.
How you doin', ray?
- Hank.
- So are we crazy here? - I don't know yet.
We ran an rf scan with the spectrum analyzer--
Picking up some radio activity in the shop.
We need a visual.
- Well, let me take a look.
- Yeah, just--
- My hands are steady.
- Yeah, he's good.
- Everybody get low.
- It looks like the same setup from the house.
- There's no doorbell.
- All right, hold up.
Uh, okay, nobody move. - What is it?
- It's a vibration sensor on the back of the door.
Just, you know, don't move.
- Back door's clear.
- Stand down. Nobody goes till i say so.
- Copy that, sarge.
- Hey.
What do ya got? Back door's covered.
- Another shotgun rig, same kind that took burgess down.
- It's gonna take a while to disable.
- Get your shields.
- Should do it.
- All right, here we go.
- Police! Search warrant!
- All right, let's go.
- Travis webber? - Yeah, looks like.
- Spoke to our victim's wife? - Yeah, shauna webber.
She's in there right now. Says her husband's a saint.
How he can't change a light bulb.
- She doesn't think he was our mastermind.
- No, she does not.
- Why don't i believe you, shauna?
- What are you asking?
Did travis kill someone? No way.
- Why was his license plate on a car we found
At a murder scene last night? - I have no idea.
- All right, where was he last night?
- We went bowling. I rolled a 168.
- Help us connect the dots.
The first murder led us right to travis's door.
- He ever mention the other victim?
Luther markov, older guy, psych professor.
- We had dinner with luther two weeks ago.
Luther works with travis's dad. They're friends.
- He was killed.
Who's travis's father?
- You shouldn't have. - Yeah.
You know, it's to remember us by.
You know,
There was a time when this thing
Was my closest friend.
Used to take her out on stakeouts.
- Different rules back then.
- Well, same rules, just different coppers.
Sterilized it for you.
- Dr. Isaac webber,
Professor of psychology at central chicago university.
- The first victim we found was webber's mentor,
Lifelong friends.
- Can't be a coincidence that his mentor and his son
Both wind up dead inside 24 hours.
- It's not a coincidence. The son's license plate
Was found at the murder scene. - Right, but his prints weren't.
- We recovered two shotguns. Both had defaced serial numbers
And no ballistic matches.
- The liquid in the tub was homemade nitric acid,
And victim had been in there for two days.
Then all of a sudden outta the blue,
We get called to the house to do a spot check?
Come on. There were no mistakes.
Someone wanted to link travis webber to that murder.
That license plate was planted. - Hold on. Hold on.
I got something. - This is a restraining order
Webber took out against one of his students.
Kid named spencer york.
- Let's get him down here.
I wanna know where he's been the last two days.
- Excuse me, we're looking for dr. Webber's class.
- Found it. I'm abby. I'm his teaching assistant.
He was late, so i canceled class.
- Did he call in today? Did he e-mail you?
- Uh, no. Is something wrong?
- Do you know a spencer york?
- We're both getting our doctorate degrees
Or, he was, until he cracked up.
- Cracked up? - Yeah. He--
Here, i have a video.
Three weeks ago, spencer was defending his thesis.
He'd been spiraling for months--
Untreated bipolar disorder, he wasn't sleeping.
I heard dr. Webber took out a restraining order
After the...Meltdown.
- Your inabilities to follow my notes
Have everything to do with your mental capacity
And nothing to do with my research or my notes
Or anything like-- don't interrupt me!
Isaac, i need you to understand
Because you somehow can't get it through your head that this--
- Sir, calm down. - Don't touch me!
Don't touch--
Isaac. Isaac! This isn't-- i wasn't finished, isaac!
- Spencer's thesis was titled spheres of influence,
How one person can transfer psychic trauma onto another.
- So now he's trying to finish his thesis in the real world?
- Yeah, sure. York gets booted outta school,
Decides to take it out on his old professor.
- Only he doesn't attack him.
- He attacks the people in his sphere.
First webber's mentor. - Then, his son.
- Dr. Webber was a father figure,
Or spencer wanted him to be.
- [sighs] so who's next in his sphere?
- I mean, his wife's the logical answer,
If logic is applicable here. Thank you.
We gotta get to york's.
I'm gonna have voight track down dr. Webber.
- "mayor emanuel"?
Pfft! Jeez, moving up in the world.
- Hey, sarge.
[sighs] they took her back to the o.R.
She was developing compartment syndrome or something.
So they had to release some pressure.
- Two surgeries in one day?
- Yeah.
- Third one gets you free toppings.
It's really good you're here.
- [sighs]
- You know i got shot in the ass, right?
Sure, you tell people it's the hip,
The lower, lower back side of the hip,
But i got shot in the ass.
- Jeez, i'm sorry to hear that.
- Well, it was different, being a lady police.
They didn't want you, a lot of guys.
So when i woke up, no one was there.
Dawson was interrogating the jagoff that shot me.
Interrogating. Broke his jaw.
I understood this,
But when you're waking up...
I shouldn't have been alone.
[cell phone buzzes]
- They're closing in on a suspect.
- Hey, if you can help find this guy, go.
- You'd stay?
- They'd have to drag me away.
Plus, you know, they got, like, five hbos here.
- Thank you, sarge. - Yeah.
- Hey, how's burgess?
- She's great. Great. Just a little follow-up thing.
- Okay. York's got the second floor unit.
Everybody look sharp.
[step creaks, car alarm blares]
- I'll check it out.
- What is it?
- This step is loose.
- Oh. - That's it.
We need to call the bomb unit.
This whole place could be rigged.
- There could be hostages inside.
- Are we going or are we waiting?
- I'm gonna call the bomb unit.
- Ruzek!
- [groaning]
- You okay? - Yeah. You?
- Yeah.
- You okay? - Yeah, we're okay.
- The car was rigged.
- I know, that's why i yelled, "ruzek, no."
- So now you're johnny on the spot.
- What's that supposed to mean? - What do you think it means?
What happened last night? - Hey, man, what's your problem?
- I'm not gonna hit you. - Hey, i might hit one of you!
Same team, guys. Come on.
- Ruzek, take a walk. - Come on.
- Take a walk!
Hey, we gotta check the building for victims.
- We gotta get the bomb unit out here first
And crowd control.
- Halstead. Thank god.
Hey, isaac webber turned up.
York had him tied up, but he's fine.
Antonio and olinsky are headed over there now.
- Hey, jay. - Yeah.
- Don't look now...Behind us, there's a guy watching.
- Shaved head, tan jacket? - Yeah.
- I knew spencer was unwell.
I should have done more, but he was lost in his work.
He was fixated on it.
- He indicate where he was headed?
- No, he came here, he tied me up. He had a gun.
He was nonverbal. He was muttering.
He's in a schizophrenic state. He's paranoid.
- Isaac, where's your wife right now?
- Susannah? Why? - Is she at work?
- I-i don't know. She went to meet a client.
She left and--i don't remember-- you think york when after her?
- Hey, slow down. Where was she headed?
- I don't know!
- Where you going, spencer?
You've been busy.
Two bodies we found so far.
How many more are we gonna find?
- We also found your fingerprints
At both crime scenes.
We have you on video at radioshack buying wiring
And transmitting devices.
- You can't put the house back together.
- Uh-huh. Where is susannah webber?
You didn't run,
So you wanted to be caught?
Tell us where she is.
- Your father died when you were a kid.
That right, spencer?
Dr. Webber, he was like a father figure.
Only he let you twist when your mind went.
That's cruel.
That musta hurt.
But, spencer, if you think that hurt,
If you think that's real pain,
You keep ignoring us.
'cause either you're gonna tell us or we're gonna find her,
And i hope for your sake that when we do, she's alive!
So where is she?
Where's susannah webber?
- You can't put the house back together.
- Still no leads on susannah webber's location.
- No, we pinged her phone, got no response.
I checked with her client-- she missed their meeting.
- All right, so he makes it in the big city
On a professor's salary.
She looks expensive to maintain. How does that work?
- Makes her own money. She flips high-end houses.
Sold this one for 4.2 million last year.
- York isn't finished, okay? He planned all this.
If we caught him that easy,
It's 'cause there's something else he wants us to find.
- Well, he wants to break his old mentor.
So where'd he stash this guy's wife?
Where's he leading us next? - And what's with the number?
- The sole contents of the wallet
We pulled off spencer york. Hazard a guess.
[telephone rings]
- Untraceable, unlisted, unhelpful.
It's a weird one.
- All right, i'll be right there.
Boss. - Go.
- You have reached a nonworking number.
- Sleeping beauty still awaits true love's kiss.
- How'd you know about us anyway?
- I passed the detective exam twice
In my storied career at the police, you know.
- You didn't, like, tell anyone?
- I detest gossip of any kind. Abhor it.
This was bought out of desperation.
I plan on billing the department.
- [moans]
- Hey.
- Hey, i'm here, too.
- I'll come back.
Burgess, next time, little tip from a superior.
- That's great advice, sergeant.
- Oh, no, i think-- - take this off.
- Let me help you.
- Hey. - Hi.
- How ya feeling?
- I feel like a--like-- like a puppet
Who someone else is making talk.
How long was i out?
- Well, the doctor had to take you back
And get those pellets outta your arm.
You remember you were shot?
- What? I was shot?
What year is this?
Who is the president? What is the internet?
- You are very funny.
I'm not strong enough to be messed with right now.
- Hey.
You were worried about me.
- You have no idea.
- It's okay.
- I love you, you know?
- I love you, too.
- Well, we have that in common.
- [laughs] yes.
- Yes.
- We tried communicating with york.
We're not getting anything.
- He kept repeating the same thing.
Maybe it means something to you.
"you can't put the house back together."
- Look, he killed my son. My wife is missing.
I have no idea what that phrase means.
Is it a clue? I don't know.
That falls under your purview.
- A guy comes to me, wants me to help him find his wife,
Usually he can't stop talking.
Every little detail he thinks might help.
You're saying very little, professor.
- We need to know everything.
Even if it's something you don't want to talk about.
- 25 years of marriage, things--
She was having an affair. With a client.
I don't know his name. I didn't want to know.
- A client.
She was building a house for him.
- Ha. - [sighs]
We've been trying to figure out where york would take your wife.
If he knows about the affair, he could be trying to expose it
To shame you.
- We need the address of every project your wife is working on.
Thanks, bro.
Hey, should i expect ruzek at some point?
- Well, i talked to him.
Uh, burgess is, uh...
I told him to stay with her.
- Come on. You're not gonna miss this.
- I'm moving to the task force.
- There's, like, a silent "up" there.
It's like moving up to a task force.
- No, i'm saying, they see action.
It's not like it's the last time i'm gonna put on a vest.
- No, it's just the last time
I'm gonna help you get it on right.
- Chicago police!
Woman: Help me, please! - How long till the bomb unit?
- They're five minutes out. - Help!
- It's open.
- He knew we were coming.
- We gonna wait for the bomb squad?
- Help! Help!
- Wait here until they roll up.
If we're all still here.
- Chicago police! - Up here!
- It's clear.
[crying] oh, god. Oh, god.
Oh, god.
[woman continues crying]
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's susannah, right? - Yes.
He taped a bomb to my chest.
- Susannah, we have the bomb squad on their way.
Take a couple deep breaths, okay?
- Please hurry! There's a timer!
I don't know how much time is left! Please.
- All right, now listen to me. - Please hurry.
- You saw the timer or he told you there was a timer?
[opera music] - [screams]
♪ ♪
[opera music continues]
♪ ♪
[walkie-talkie chirps] - what the hell was that?
- I don't want anyone else coming up here.
- The bomb squad just rolled up.
- Keep 'em there.
- Dwyer, it's rigged.
- [sighs]
- Now what?!
[music stops]
- [cries] oh, god. Oh, god.
- He's messing with us.
- It was another trick.
Is dwyer there?
- I'm here, hank. Tell me what you see.
- I got c-4 taped to her body.
He set up this whole-- this whole perimeter around her.
- Okay. I need you to find the trigger.
I'm showing no receivers or transmitters checking in,
So it's either on the bomb or it's wired to it.
Now, can you get past the perimeter?
- We can only get so far.
- He put something on my back.
He--he taped something to my back.
- Could be the trigger.
- Yeah, just...
Watch your step.
- No.
- Susannah, right here.
It's okay.
Right here, attagirl.
Right here.
- [sobs] oh, god, no. No!
- Susannah. - No!
- Susannah, look at me.
Susannah, i need you to stay still.
You gotta try to relax. Just breathe.
- No, no, no, no. God, no, no, no, no.
He said--he said-- oh, god.
- Attagirl, right here.
Look at me.
- Oh, no, no, no. - Shh.
- Oh, god.
- Sergeant dwyer, it's detective halstead.
I don't think it's on a trigger.
It's on a timer.
The phone number we took off spencer york--
We triggered the thing.
Or i did. I-i called that number.
- Yeah, that's possible.
- So how do we turn it off?
- You turn it off.
- That's it?
- No, first i want you to pull the detonators out of the c-4.
[susannah whimpers]
- So these things are here just to scare us.
- No, that's not what he said.
- Halstead. - Yeah.
- You got this?
- Yeah, i got this.
Susannah, i need you to stay really still.
- Don't! No. We're all gonna die! Oh, no!
- Hey, look at me. No one's gonna die.
Just sit tight. Hey, look at me. - Oh, my god.
- Look at me. No one's gonna die.
You just sit tight, okay? - [sobs]
- [whispers] on three.
- No. - Two.
- [screams]
No! - Susannah, please.
Please, see, it's okay. - No, no, no, no.
- Just stay still. - No. No, he said--he said--
He said no! No, no, don't.
- Just stay still. - He said--
He said there was a trigger.
- Okay, shh.
- Right here. - Oh, my god...
- Look at me. Hey, hey. You're with me.
We're gonna be okay. - Oh, god.
- Just look at me.
- Just don't move, okay?
All right, you got it? - Yeah. Just sit tight.
- All right. Okay, okay. Okay, okay.
All right, don't move.
- [sobbing]
- You got it? - It's over.
All right, it's okay.
It's okay. - [sighs]
- [sobbing] - shh.
Shh, okay.
Okay, it's all right.
Here, cut these. - Yeah.
- Hey.
- Oh.
- Ugh.
Two glazed and a maple bar.
I'd get rid of one of those before that animal comes to.
- I would have gotten dressed. I would have...
- Oh, please. - Gotten dressed.
- You look great. Really.
- Mm-hmm.
Both: [laugh]
- Gotta tell me what it feels like sometime,
You know, catching all that lead.
Never had the pleasure.
- Feels lucky.
- Yeah, maybe. - Mm-hmm.
- Cpd is a funny place.
Don't always get it right,
But when you get shot...
Your next position is up to you.
Ordinarily, i don't allow for relationships in my unit,
But in this case,
I'm willing to make an exception.
Lindsay's spot's open.
You two think you can handle it...
It's yours.
- I don't even-- - [laughs]
- Thank you, sir. Sergeant, i--
- Burgess, just rest.
Think about it.
- Okay.
- Are you talking to somebody?
- To--
Yeah, just, um, one of the nurses.
- Is everything all right?
- Yeah, everything's-- go back to sleep.
- You sure? - Yes. Go back to sleep.
- All right.
- You got company at your 9.
She a friendly?
- I gotta take slayer to the park to run him around.
You can join if you're free.
- Think he understands where he's going?
- Mental health department can explain it to him.
He's all theirs till the trial.
- I just hope he does his time.
- He'll do it.
If he knows where he's at while he's doing it,
He's got better doctors than i do.
You can't stay away, can you?
- What?
I forgot something.
You did run outta here pretty quick
When i told everybody i was taking the new gig.
- You wanted a good-bye hug.
- That is not what i'm saying.
- Hey, it's okay to admit that you're losing sleep
Without a good-bye hug.
Come here.
I'm gonna miss you.
- [winces]