Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - We Don't Work Together Anymore - full transcript

Lindsay is working with the task force to get the man who transports money for drug dealers. They think they got the man but he slips away. Lindsay asks Voight to help find the man. They also learn the girl who provided the task force with information is missing so they think the guy found out about her so they try to find her too. When Burgess returns, Platt has her man the desk while she goes on patrol with Roman. Voight asks her to talk some of the people she knows to help them find the guy.

You know why you're up here, roman?
Because i screwed up.
I've decided to take a spot on a federal task force.
Special agent david lang.
You obviously already know who i am.
Ordinarily, i don't allow for relationships in my unit,
But lindsay's spot's open.
It's yours.
You're not gonna miss this?
You know, it's not like
It's the last time i'm gonna put on a vest.
No, it's just the last time i'm gonna help you get it on right.
That's what, your fourth mag?
Task force isn't like intelligence.
I don't know.
So show them how it's done.
It's natural to be nervous on your first day.
You should've seen me at my first day
At the racing rapids snack bar.
I was a wreck.
This is the right move for me...
Hell yes.
Just keep your head down. Work hard.
There's a reason they recruited you so heavy.
You're the man for the job.
[both chuckle]
- Here's lindsay's files. - Oh.
Just see what we need to offload.
Have you thought about who's going to fill her spot?
Offer's been extended to burgess.
Big shoes to fill.
(lang) good morning.
Beautiful day for a raid, huh, boys?
Damian mendoza...
Money smuggler for the zetas cartel.
His operations moves millions in drug money
From chicago to mexico each month.
We take mendoza out,
We cripple the city's drug trade.
With the help of our informant, kylie rosales,
Mendoza's girlfriend and bookkeeper,
We've been able to pinpoint his chicago base of operations.
Mendoza runs his counting house
Out of the back of m & b sheet metal.
Kylie says this month's shipment
Leaves for mexico tomorrow.
So we hit it today, while the place is flush.
If there are no questions,
Do your final checks and kit up.
Hey, kylie.
How you doing?
I know this is a lot to process.
[sighs] honestly, i just--
I want this all to be over with.
If anyone finds out i snitched on damian,
I'm as good as dead.
Damian won't suspect a thing, all right?
You just go into work as usual.
And when we move in, we're gonna cuff you
Just like everybody else.
If anything goes wrong, just text that number we gave you.
I don't know how i got in this deep.
I started dating damian, and suddenly i'm running his books.
I never wanted to be this person.
Well, tomorrow you wake up with a clean slate.
We apprehend him, we drop all your charges,
And you walk.
And how you live the rest of your life
Is completely up to you.
[exhales shakily]
[sniffles] okay.
It's time.
(lang) you're over here.
Each vest has a body cam
That live-feeds video back to headquarters.
You guys rent satellite time.
I think we own one.
Helmets are mic'd up.
Every guy's got you right in their ear.
Swat's trained out of quantico.
Give me your weapon.
Oh, my 19 goes everywhere i go.
This is a federally assigned glock .45
With extended magazine,
Plus an additional 25 rounds.
- It's very nice, but i'm good. - I'm not.
Take the .45.
[tires screeching]
[tools grinding]
(man) get down on the ground!
(lindsay) get down on the ground now!
(man 2) get down! Get down!
(man) let me see your hands! Get 'em up.
(man 1) nobody move!
[alarm blaring]
(agent) fbi! Search warrant!
They knew we were coming.
And they have kylie.
What do you got for us today, sarge?
You're on light duty until you heal from your shooting.
My personal and my city doctors cleared me.
I'm fine.
But your sergeant says you're not,
So behind the desk until i say.
What desk? Ugh!
N--what? No.
What are you gonna do?
Commander fischer wants district supervisors
To re-acclimate themselves to the streets.
That's what i'll be doing today.
Oiled up my wheel gun and everything.
- Oh, heavens. - It's not--
Squad's gassed up, sergeant.
Sergeant, i don't know the first thing about--
No one spends more time
Drooling in front of this formica than you.
You've seen how it works.
But, burgess...
Uneasy lieth the head that weareth the crown
Upon the top of thine head.
- What does that mean? - She knows.
I don't, actually.
Let's roll.
You sure you're ready to be back so quick?
What? Yeah. Yeah, i'm fine.
Just don't push yourself too hard, all right?
All that surveillance, and we didn't know
About the secondary loading dock?
The blueprints we were working off didn't include it.
Cook county assessor's office hadn't updated the files.
God knows how long they were gone by the time we got there.
We're not getting a signal from any of the trackers
On mendoza's vehicles, and kylie's phone is shut off.
There's no way to track it.
We can put out an investigative alert,
But the plates have probably been switched by now.
Get homeland security on the line.
Make sure they got eyes at every border checkpoint.
Kylie played us, plain and simple.
How much do we really know about that girl?
We flipped her in some small-potatoes drug bust.
You know the type.
Two-month investigation with national jurisdiction--
We're back to square one.
Mendoza could be anywhere with that money right now.
This is his home base.
And if there's one thing i know about this city,
It's that there's plenty of places to hide.
Cpd has a fugitive apprehension unit.
Let's get them on the line.
Is there a problem?
I know sergeant howells over there.
Their unit isn't exactly careful.
Mendoza would hear us coming from a mile away.
You got a better suggestion?
Let me call my old unit.
No one knows their way around this city
Better than intelligence.
You can vouch for these guys?
You're sure?
No, no, no, no, no. I'm happy to help.
All right, erin, we'll head over now.
This should be interesting.
Really, burgess? I thought we were cool.
We are cool. We're totally cool.
Assigning me the only car in the district
Without a working heater? I'm gonna freeze my rocks off.
Last i drove it, it worked fine.
Last you drove it, it was june.
You want a new car,
You get a new car.
Okay, vehicle 4720, all yours.
I'll get r service to check out the old one.
You're true blue, burge. Thanks.
See? It's nothing but honey up in here.
Oh, check you out.
When did you pass the sergeant's exam?
Don't ask.
Uh, what's going on?
Lindsay's task force called us in.
How you doing, first day back and all?
- You all right? - Yeah, i'm fine.
- You sure? - Yes, i'm fine.
Come on, get out of here.
I don't care who knows it.
Our ci, kylie, was supposed to alert us
If anything went sideways.
Best we got is that she tipped off mendoza
Before we raided.
We think they're still in chicago, most likely looking
For alternative means to move their cartel cash to mexico.
And that's where our unit--
Your unit--sorry-- comes in.
You guys know chicago.
We need your help tracking down the key players
In mendoza's operation.
Sounds good.
We need intelligence to focus on mendoza's three lieutenants--
Emilio quentin, eduardo fuentes, and franco gamboa.
We find them, they'll lead us to mendoza and the money
And hopefully kylie.
Lieutenants it is.
You know, there are other guys in the cartel.
You look into any of them?
Mendoza is the only zeta member we were able to get eyes on.
But if you find a name, follow it down.
(castillo) we got a problem.
Kylie's brother just filed a missing-persons report.
Her brother? What's his story?
(lang) he's nobody.
Call oemc,
Have them redact that bulletin, bring the brother in.
We don't want any other agency touching this case.
One of our techs can get you set up
In a conference room.
Analysts are at your disposal.
We know what we got to do.
Prefer to run this out of our own shop,
If it's all the same.
Stay in contact.
Of course.
Good to see you.
Working with your old unit...
There's no problems, right?
Not at all. We're a family.
As long as you understand, they work for us now.
Got it.
(lang) officer lindsay, carlos rosales...
Kylie's brother.
- Hi. - Hi.
She yours?
Uh, no, this is kristina.
It's kylie's daughter.
Kylie dropped her off at my house two days ago.
She said she was gonna leave damian.
Now i haven't heard from her.
Do you have any idea
Where mendoza might have taken your sister?
No idea.
We were supposed to move in with our cousin in orlando.
We bought one-way tickets and everything.
Kylie didn't want her kid around guys like mendoza anymore.
[kristina whines] - please find her.
Her and kristina are all the family i got.
We'll do everything we can.
Get comfy.
The two of you aren't going anywhere
Until we catch this maniac.
- Leave something out? - What do you mean?
You've should told me that kylie has a daughter.
She's got a grandma in minneapolis
And a tree-nut allergy.
- Why does it matter? - Because the way i work...
Every detail about a ci matters.
Well, now that you know that she has a kid,
How does it change things?
It means she wasn't playing us.
There is no way she'd risk her daughter's life
And lie to the dea.
Wherever she is, she is there against her will.
[exhales deeply]
- You gave garcia a new car. - Okay.
But no mp3 jack--that's hardly a reason to switch out.
But you gave garcia a new car.
Walk. Leave. Now.
So how's it going, acting desk sergeant burgess?
All good.
Yeah, you know, a little velvet glove here,
A little iron fist there-- i think i've got it down.
So it's that easy?
You mastered my job in two hours?
No, no, no. That's not what i'm saying.
- No, i don't have it maste-- - trudy.
Cermak and pulaski.
Yeah, that's my old beat.
Task force raided m & b sheet metal this morning.
Place was a front for damian mendoza.
He's a money smuggler for the zetas.
Talk to your cis,
See if they saw anyone coming in or out.
I'll go see a man about a horse.
Thought about what we discussed?
Hell, yeah.
Well, let's talk after shift.
I wouldn't mind the federal paycheck.
It would be a lot more than i make now.
I wouldn't mind some of those flat screens.
Take this place out the '70s if you put them in here.
They got nice offices and all,
But i don't totally understand lindsay going there.
Why not?
I don't know. It's too uptight. She's all rough and tumble.
I mean, maybe she's more of a ladder climber than we thought.
- Ambition ain't a crime, kid. [cell phone vibrating]
Fair enough.
Hey, hey. The task force put trackers
On three of mendoza's work cars.
They all came back registered to a cassie thomas.
Cassie thomas.
There, cassie thomas.
Girlfriend to emilio quentin.
Isn't that one of the lieutenants?
(halstead) yeah, it's him.
All right, jay, you read, i'll drive.
How much do you think one of these condos sets you back?
A stick and a half, at least.
I thought you were the delivery guy.
Wish i was.
Nice cat.
Emilio quentin,
Works for a guy named damian mendoza.
I haven't seen emilio in years.
That right?
So, cassie,
How's the nail salon doing?
You work part-time, right?
I do nail art.
You must have really scrimped and saved to afford this place.
[halstead chuckles]
Excuse you?
You can't come up in here and judge me.
Having nice things isn't a crime last i checked.
No, but buying things with drug money is.
Second time now-- where's emilio?
No clue.
One of the cars mendoza used in his operation
Is registered in your name.
Emilio bought me a car after our first date.
It was that good.
Mm. Too bad that same car
Matches a partial plate ripped from a homicide last month.
Makes you an accessory to murder.
- Turn around. - Let's go.
Wait! W-w-wait. Okay!
I swear on my life, i don't know where emilio is.
But i did--i-i did let him buy some cars in my name.
And some of my coworkers too.
How many cars?
Like, 34.
I don't know what he uses them for, and i don't ask.
Look, cassie,
What car is emilio driving now?
Atwater, grab a pen.
We're looking for a dark-green suv
Belonging to emilio quentin.
34 cars?
That's how they move the money.
That's our boy.
[tapping phone buttons]
Yeah, ruzek, i just got a pop on the nvls plate reader.
The last reading puts quentin on the 5200 block
Of chicago, in traffic, moving northbound.
(ruzek) all right, we got him, we got him.
He's at laramie and division. We got a visual.
Put the gun down.
[gun cocks]
Don't be stupid, honey!
Lady, put the gun down.
Ma'am, lower your weapon. We're police.
Make him put his gun down first.
No way.
All right, both of you, put your guns down now!
Get on your knees. Get down.
So it looks like you'll be needing a new partner
Now that burgess is moving upstairs.
Man, you go through 'em like cheap drawers.
Yeah, make sure the next one knows i'm cursed.
Willy! You changed seats.
Rodney and me, we switched back in, like, '08.
He got tired of the laundromat.
Mm. You still choking back cherry vanilla?
Hey, don't go messing with perfection.
Officer roman, meet willy,
- Official mayor of this block. - Mm-hmm.
So you heard about the raid on pulaski at the sheet metal shop?
Do tend to hear things.
We're a little more interested in what you saw, willy.
Always people coming and going.
Better to look the other way, you know?
But i did recognize some young guys
Who make runs for urbina.
Esteban urbina, works for zetas?
That's your last pack, right, willy?
- Oh, after this, i quit. - Yeah.
- For good. - [chuckles]
Thanks, willy. We'll see you around.
[sighs] hey.
- Hey. [kristina fussing]
Here you go. Coffee.
And for miss kristina.
Here, want it?
She loves these things.
Kristina... [gasps]
He practically jumped into the bag.
He wanted to meet you so bad.
It's for you.
Uh, thank you...
Intelligence got one of mendoza's lieutenants--
- Emilio quentin. - I'll be right there.
I will get kylie back.
I promise you.
I mean, mendoza ran his operation
Out of a sheet metal shop.
Got everything you need to run
A successful trap car operation.
Let me at this bitch.
(castillo) [clears throat] excuse me.
Oh, that's one of those backscatter things, huh?
It sure is.
I've read about those.
[device humming, beeping]
Money's in the gas tank.
Go ahead.
[tool buzzing] - hey, uh, i got it.
You might want to back up.
One way to do it.
[tool buzzing]
(atwater) damn, you can barely fit anything in there.
Probably had to fill up every 30 miles.
[impressed whistle]
Hmm, well, just eyeballing,
Looks like 2 million there.
Oh...In mexico, they'd call that
"lotto dinero." [laughs]
[drum and cymbal sounds]
(ruzek) never mind. It was a joke.
Ruzek stole my chair.
Ha! Voight and antonio
Have quentin in interrogation right now.
Is he talking yet?
Not yet, but...
Voight hasn't had time to stretch.
You know,
We no longer work together,
So a lot of the old rules and regulations,
They don't apply anymore.
Interview room.
This way.
(antonio) calculated criminal drug conspiracy,
Aggravated assault, just the tip of the iceberg.
We can go round and round like this all you want.
I don't talk until i get my deal.
You didn't see that.
Where's mendoza?
I ain't giving up my boys
Until i know i got an agreement.
(quentin) seven years max.
And protective custody.
You pull a gun on cops,
There is no agreement.
I know how you guys work.
I don't think you do.
You two.
(voight) you make a deal,
You put that piece of trash
Back on my streets in no time flat.
He's a minnow.
And we need to move.
Look, the guy is dead to rights.
They'll get him to talk.
Anybody has a problem with my decision-making,
Take it up with the a-usa.
I'm making the deal.
Hey, come on.
Come on.
Don't undercut me again.
You got your deal.
Now tell us what you know.
Come on, you're his guy.
He trusts you.
He doesn't trust us.
I sure as hell don't trust him.
Mendoza's messed up on all kinds of stuff.
Strip searched us!
He said he found some federal number
In his call logs.
What call logs?
Dude monitors every call
Out of his shop.
If somebody's talking to the feds,
Whoever it is not gonna be breathing long.
The plan was we drive the cash to laredo,
Split four ways-- mendoza and us three.
Then this morning, he calls an audible.
Says we all gotta meet at some scrap yard
In ashburn because he wants to drive the money in himself.
You were on your way to meet him.
Hell no. I'm trying to get out of town.
Give us the location of the scrap yard.
Got an address.
Great. Let's hit it.
Listen, hank, i'm sorry about the--
Don't even think about it.
Lang's your boss now.
That's who you need to make happy, all right?
We'll follow you.
Schmansky and i used to come here all the time.
Who's schmansky?
Kip schmansky, my first partner.
Always ordered carne asada
With extra onions.
[shudders] should have
Bought stock in pine fresh.
We get a call to this robbery one time...
Couple of guys ransacked a jewelry store.
We get there,
And from the jump, guys are shooting at us.
Schmansky's got the first guy covered.
I go for the second guy,
And my gun jams.
Schmanksy gets a round off and puts the guy down,
But, oh, my god, i felt terrible.
What are you gonna do? Your gun jammed.
That is not how i saw it at the time.
I started second-guessing myself.
Lost my edge.
I was a liability.
Every cop knew it.
So schmansky gets me this.
Cobra revolver. Never jams.
Slide never locks back.
Hell of a partner.
Best one i ever had.
You heard that saying,
"ballplayers need a short memory
At the plate"?
Same goes for cops.
What happened to burgess happened.
Let it go.
Get your ass back in the game.
Done with these?
Actually, theo...
We have a few questions about your boss,
Esteban urbina.
[car door slam]
(antonio) looks like mendoza and his lieutenants met up already.
They could be halfway to mexico by now.
(lang) hey! Over here!
(lang) fuentes and gamboa,
Mendoza's two other lieutenants.
(lindsay) this was a setup to take all the money.
No wonder quentin wanted out.
Mendoza's burning it to the ground.
Who know what he'll do to kylie
If he finds out she's working with us.
And we gave quentin a reduced sentence for this.
So you're one of those "i told you so" guys.
Am i?
Hey, everybody chill out, all right?
I'm talking to you too.
[cell phone rings]
Yeah, trudy, talk to me.
(trudy) got something you may be able to work with.
I'm listening.
So, a ci of mine
Saw a kid making runs to mendoza's counting house.
Turns out he works for a cartel player
Named urbina.
She broke this kid down like a cardboard box.
Stop it.
Urbina's a mid-level zetas guy,
Works with mendoza.
We never got eyes on him.
Also got a watering hole for you.
Green mill.
It's nice work.
All right, we did it your way.
I mean...
Now let us do it ours.
What do you say, erin?
What's the call?
I'd say we let sergeant voight and his team do their thing.
And we keep looking for kylie on our end.
Do it.
Castillo, we're outta here.
Guys, we're not open yet.
(voight) urbina. Hanging out in al capone's old joint.
Got a high opinion of yourself.
Well, i'm a fan of history.
Mm-hmm. - We'll deal you back in.
Damian mendoza...
Tell us how to find him.
Name doesn't sound familiar.
We already got his lieutenant, emilio quentin.
This is some of the money he was driving down to mexico.
All i see is some cash.
I don't think he understands.
Bro, there's a 10% finder's fee.
That's $800k.
We don't want you.
We just want you to tell us
How to find mendoza.
We'll give you 24 hours to get out of chicago.
Or the people you work for,
They're going to hear all about
How you led us to their money.
I'll make sure of that.
Does that cash have something like this in it?
(voight) no.
Means the tracking card
We put in the shipment
Is still in there.
Gotta keep tabs on a guy like mendoza.
Not that i know him.
Lang, how long's it take you guys
To track an rfid card?
About six seconds.
(hawkins) what's the rfid tracker say now?
Copy that.
Lindsay said mendoza's 50 meters away.
That's gotta be him up ahead in this scrap metal truck.
Mendoza's in a flatbed truck
Heading eastbound on 18th street.
(lindsay) got it.
Take the next left.
[siren wailing]
[car honk, swerving]
Block the intersection of orson and 16th.
[siren wailing]
(ruzek) halstead, we're on your six.
Antonio, he's heading toward randolph!
[sirens continuing]
Get out of the truck!
Put your hands behind your back.
You okay?
Come on. Come here. We got you.
There we go. It's okay.
Come here. Come on.
- It's okay. - [muffled coughing]
(hawkins) get up!
Are you all right? Come on.
This is it.
Open it.
Watch out, dawg, i got it.
That's gonna photograph real nice.
I'll take your word for it.
- Hey. - Hey.
Glad i caught you before you left.
You, uh...Doing okay?
Oh, maybe a little carpal tunnel
From being behind the desk, but
I'll pull through.
Really, god, i'm fine.
Not that anyone believes me.
I should have been there to cover you at that house.
I don't blame you, okay?
I don't blame anyone.
Well, aside from the nut that rigged up the shotgun.
Hey, you can't carry around this guilt anymore, okay?
I won't allow it.
So tomorrow's your first day?
Oh, yeah.
Big shot in intelligence.
I'm gonna miss working with you.
You're a hell of a cop.
They'll be lucky to have you.
Come on in, burgess. Sit down.
Sir, i'm--i'm gonna respectfully
Decline intelligence.
Wasn't the answer i expected.
I know intelligence is this...
Huge opportunity...
It's just i'm not ready to be off the beat yet.
My partner and i, we went through something
With that shooting.
And, you know, i'm just--
I'm not going to leave him until we can both
Put it behind us.
My heart's in uniform.
At least right now.
I couldn't ask for anything more
In one of my patrolmen.
Kylie, you got a sec?
- Hey. - Hey.
So damian's going to prison for the rest of his life.
So you never have to worry about him again.
I hate to ask this, but, um,
That, uh, ci money's coming, right?
I really need it.
Like, uh, right now. [laughs]
I'll take care of it.
You did great.
- Thank you. - Yeah.
So i know how intelligence gets their cis money,
But i don't actually know how we go about it.
Everything you hear about washington is true.
It's inefficient, bureaucratic,
And a pain in the ass.
[chuckles] well,
If there are hoops i have to jump through,
I'm more than willing.
Kylie needs that money to get back on her feet.
Doj still needs to review the case.
Hell, they may not award her any money at all.
I gave her my word.
Look, we reunited her with a daughter
And took nearly 8 million in dirty cash off the streets.
It's time to celebrate.
Let's talk about this after the press conference.
You ready for this?
Actually, i'm gonna sit this one out.
You kicked ass today.
Big things ahead for you.
We successfully dismantled
[knock on door] a major drug money
Smuggling operation within the zetas cartel.
With the help of the chicago police department,
We were able to apprehend damian mendoza,
One of the most wanted fugitives in the country.
Am i interrupting anything?
Uh...Just your own press conference.
- Do you wanna come in? - Yeah.
So this is how you're spending your evening.
You must really miss me.
They didn't let you do any of the talking.
No offense to lang,
But you're a little easier on the eyes.
It's not really my scene.
Plus, you know, voight's got a rule.
You never get your picture in the paper.
You wanna talk about your day?
Not really.